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tv   Today  NBC  November 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning. breaking news. anti-trump protests break out again in cities coast to coast overnight. one demonstration in portland, oregon turning violent. flash grenades on the crowd. donald trump back to tweeting. what he's saying about the protesters this morning. making peace. >> if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> the president and president-elect meet for the first time in the oval office. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president. >> the first lady and first lady to be sitting down over tea. this morning, what was said behind closed doors.
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who could fill key positions in the new administration? the trump transition team submits dozens of names to the federal government to be granted the nation's highest security clearances. an inside look at a list with more than a few surprises "today," friday, november 11th, 2026. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it is a friday morning. not just any friday morning, it is veterans day. happy to have lester here for matt. and our plaza is filled with some wonderful members of our military. we've got navy, air force, marines. we'll hear from the west point band in a little while. >> great to have them here. thanks to all our vets. let's begin with our breaking news this morning. new protests erupting against
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we've got complete coverage of all of it. we're so happy to have andy card here. of course, he was involved with president george w. bush's transition team, served as his chief of staff and he'll tell us about what it is like to plan a government in a few short days. but let us start with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah and lester, good morning to you. the anger still boiling over after an oval office visit that donald trump described as a "really good meeting" withat chemtry. still, trump's election remains jarring to millions of americans. thousand is of protesters overnight chanting, among other things, "we reject the president-elect." >> reporter: a second night of protests across the country. tens of thousands taking to the street in at least 25 cities with some demonstrations held outside trump properties. the out west in portland, oregon where police publicly declared a riot after protesters smashed car windows and hurled objects at officers.
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and successful presidential election. now professional protester incited by the media are protesting. very unfair." earlier in the day, president-elect trump who won the white house by campaigning against washington as an outsider has become the ultimate insider. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> reporter: welcome to his new office by its current occupant, president obama. after a f amplified during a bitter campaign, their first ever visit face to face lasting 90 minutes. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times. >> reporter: sitting for tea and touring the residence, first lady, michelle, and melania trump, first foreign born first lady in more than 190 years. and walking the south lawn, jared kushner, trump's son-in-law and one of his
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before takeoff, trump getting a preview of his new life. what it is like to be at the center of the nation's capital and the leader of the free world with the senate's top republican, mitch mcconnell. earlier, getting a view from the capitol where he'll be sworn in as the 45th president. his guide -- house speaker paul ryan. >> i think we are going to do some spectacular spectacular things for the we can't get started fast enough. >> reporter: ryan during the campaign refusing to defend trump. now praising him. >> the donald trump we saw at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning on tuesday night was a president. >> reporter: among the issues topping president-elect trump's to-do list -- immigration, health care and job creation. still, trump may face strong democratic opposition. bernie sanders on twitter pledging, if trump takes people's anger and turns it against muslims, hispanics, african-americans and women, we
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at the same time, dlining to say whether he would have beate trump. >> what good does it do now? youknow? election is over. >> reporter: less than nine hours after attacking those protests as unfair, president-elect trump struck a more conciliatory tone -- love the fact that the protesters have great passion for our country. we will come together. one of president-elect p' toughest immediate challenges obviously means making those uncomfortable with him comfortable that he will be the president of all americans. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. meantime, nbc news is learning more this morning about th people being considered for key positions in the trump administration. some of them, high-profile. others highly controversial. nbc's hallie jackson is in washington with more on that. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hi there, lester, good morning to you. today the transition team will
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picks for each top administration post, and then getting ready to present them to president-elect donald trump. it means that starting today, we'll start to get a better sense of who he will pick to run this city and this nation. donald trump's white house taking shape. his transition team working fast to figure out who goes where. multiple campaign sources tell nbc news high-profile people are in the mix for high-profile positions. like gingrich, and rudy giuliani who didn't rule out attorney general rumors. >> i certainly have the energy and there is probably nobody that knows the justice department better than me. >> reporter: former congressman mike rogers giving a "no comment" to word he could be cia chief. all on a specialist for special security clearance. nbc's cynthia mcfadden reports exclusively that the president-elect's team has named nearly 30 people to whom they'd like to give access to the most
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foreign policy. the list includes current and former members of congress and the military, like senator jeff sessions and retired general mike flynn. maybe not outsiders, but some are outspoken. like john bolton, an ambassador to the u.n. under president bush. political insiders hunting for clues in trump's every move. like his decision to bring son-in-law jared kushner to the white house thursday walking the south lawn with president obama's chief of st he's not allowed. federal law prohibits relatives from taking paid staff positions. that rules out ivanka, donned junior and eric, too. but overnight, trump staffers submitting ideas for other names as the transition team puts together a list of up to five options for each cabinet position. aiming for geographic diversity, not all from new york or d.c. trump values loyalty and that will likely be rewarded with
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campaign ceo, reportedly one option for chief of staff. another, rnc chair reince priebus. >> i would be honored to continue to help him in any way that i can. >> reporter: trump's transition team has an official government website, not only intended to try to draw in some folks for names for political appointee positions, but also, in true donald trump fashion touts his many trump properties, hotels and golf courses around the world. andy card was president george w. bush's chief of staff. of course heavily involved in the bush team's transition to the white house. mr. card, good morning. you are the perfect guest to be here this morning. let's talk about the tone of transition before we get into the mechanics. you were there. the outgoing president really sets that tone. we've seen how president obama has responded. and he gave a lot of credit to your boss, former president bush, for setting a proper tone as well.
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beginning to heal the split in america that created wounds that are awkward. i happen to think we celebrate our democracy by best showing that we can transfer power without being ugly. president obama certainly did a good job. president bush created the good precedent. he allowed for the transitions to be done actually before the election. there was a lot of work done. president obama continued that tradition and actually got some support from the congress. so this year, both teams that were competing -- trump and that had been working since may. so there's been more groundwork done for this transition than any time in history. >> i know you believe that the chief of staff job is the first one he should address. tell me why. >> well, the chief of staff -- the only bureaucracy in washington that is not kind of dictated by congress happens to be the bureaucracy at the white house. the president gives definition to the country and certainly to the world who about the united
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discipline to the white house. i think it is important for the president to name a chief of staff very, very early on. president clinton when he came to office, about the last person he named to be on his inner circle meant most of the people in the cabinet or the white house had already been identified and a matt didn't really have the gravitas given to him to help manage the daily operations of the white house. so i think it is important to name a chief of staff very early. it should be someone who can ea speak truth to power. it should be someone who is there not to please the president, even though they serve at the pleasure of the president. they've got to tell the president what he needs to know, no the necessarily what he wants to know. even though the little piece of paper that is fancy that hangs on your wall that you all brag about, it says that you serve at the pleasure of the president for the time being. it is redundant and it is insecurity on purpose.
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president's pleasure. it's to tell the president what he needs to know to do the job. >> a lot of people have observed that this time of transition before january 20th and the days and months after, in some ways the country is at its most vulnerable because you have new people coming in and learning these jobs, and everybody thinks about national security. tell me what's done -- give some reasrance about how the new administration will be ready. >> the new administration -- first of all, they will be very organized and an they'll probably have a 100-day plan and everything will be expected to happen click,click, click, perfectly. but the reality is the world doesn't follow the 100-day plan. something bad will happen and someone will test us, one of our enemies will think they have a vulnerable opportunity for the united states to expose iself and they will do something. you have to be ready for that. you have to plan for it but you don't have to broadcast it. but yes, on day one, the president is the president. it's not like the transition to
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the responsibility and you have to be prepared for bad things to happen. >> president bush even implemented -- they called it a table read, almost a drill to have that new team meet with the old team so they'd be ready for anything. >> president bush, george w. bush, did a great job of preparing the obama incoming team with real kind tabletop exercises about a disaster. and it was very helpful. >> andy card, great to have you here. when it became clear on elec on nightha immediate jitters on wall street. but thursday the dow surged more than 200 points to close at a record high. ali velshi is nbc's chief business correspondent. he's at the stock exchange. ali, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. good morning, savannah. important to note that the dow was actually doing pretty well, so the idea it hit a record has a lot to do with the idea that markets generally go up. they don't go up in a straight
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starts. the concept of a trump presidency combined with the se and house is making a lot of industries think they'll do very well. industries like coal where donald trump says he will bring it back and banking and finance. it is not really market, it is investors finding companies and industries that are likely to do well under this administration and buying up lots of it. futures this morning indicate that the dow may open lower but again, it is larger sentiment. it means that people have been waiting to sell some stocks and now that the market is at a reco they'll do so. that's basically what's going on on markets today but i'll be here to follow it. >>ali, thanks very much. hillary clinton meantime getting much needed peace and quiet after a long, grueling campaign. take a look at this photo. a woman actually spotted her out on a hike on thursday near clinton's home in chappaqua, new york. man behind that shot, former
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was gracious and kind and she post odd the photo hoping it brings clinton supporters some hope or some comfort. newly released video shows the horrifying moments from inside and outside the pulse nightclub at orlando during the shooting rampage in june. body camera video shows police storming the building. you can see officers running in all directions with their weapons drawn looking for survivors and for the shooter, omar you can hear cell phones ringing. much of the video was blacked out to protect the victims. 49 people were killed, 53 others wounded during that rampage. erin shock was indicted on thursday on 24 counts, including wire fraud and theft of government funds. shock was criticized for spending thousands of dollars redecorating his capitol hill
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abbey." in a statement, shock said he never intentionally did anything wrong and that he is eager to defend his name a reputation. secretary of state john kerry has gone where no high-ranking u.s. official has gone before. he's in antarctica for a two-day trip to talk about scientists about the impact of climate change. during his visit, kerry is going to a research station that the u.s. government operates near the south pole. that's kind of a cool adventure. >> and a nice transition to al and the weather. good morning. >> good had a lot of talk about el nino earlier this morning. now we are talking about la nina. that is when we start to see a cooling of the pacific waters, closer to the get we get la nina. it pushes the polar jet stream up to the north. from december to february we're looking for cooler, wetter weather from the pacific northwest into the great lakes. warm and dry through the southeast, gulf coast and the southwest. not good news because we've got
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through the south. in fact, take a look at these three cities. birmingham's gone 53 days without's appreciable rain. wildfires going on from tennessee on into the carolinas. that smoke making its way all the way down into central
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>> and weather. >> thanks very much, al. just ahead, first ladynd a the first lady-to-be. and why was donald trump a businessman from new york city so successful with voters in the heartland? what they are saying about the message behind their ballots. but first, this is "today"
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coming up, the surprising plhereac wrince harry's girlfriend, meghan markle, was just spotted. we've got that for you on "trending." and we could not be more excited because the legendary sting is here to celebrate his new album with a concert live here in studio 1a. but first, your local news and weather. most people know the four c's of a diamond. now, kay jewelers brings you...the newest c: only levian, masters of jewelry design for centuries... ...makes jewelry with rare chocolate diamonds. save up to 20% on select levian styles, with dazzling designs that she's sure to love. at kay, the number-one jewelry store... america. levian chocolate diamonds... for the sweetest thing in your life. ? every kiss begins with kay. ? technology is useful. i just bought a book.
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i'm susan kim alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of
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it's 7:30 now on this friday morning. it is not just any day. it is november 11th, 2016. it is veterans day. we see the flags flying on our plaza as honor the brave men and women who have served, who make our democracy possible. we have a number of veterans here with us on our plaza this morning. operation men which is a great organization that helps wounded warriors. we've got marines, we've got air force. we'll hear from the west point band in a little bit. we're feeling so thankful and grateful this morning and happy to have lester here. >> you did an all-nighter for me on tuesday with the election. the least i could do is come and get up early. >> i made you.
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friday. let's get a check of the headlines. for a second straight night, protests over the election of donald trump erupted in cities across the country. a rally in portland, oregon became so heated, police describes it as a "riot" with objects being thrown at officers and a number of cars damaged. president-elect trump is back on twitter this morning responding to those demonstrations. two tweets. last night he wrote, just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very but then he tweeted again this morning, and it was a different tone. he said, love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. >> of course that all followed mr. trump's visit to the white house where he met with president obama to begin the transition of power. their oval office meeting lasted for 90 minutes and they spoke with reporters when it was over. >> we discussed a lot of different situations, some
7:32 am
important for all of us, regardless of party, and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face. >> while the president and president-elect were meeting, their wives got togethe for a chat of their own over tea. nbc's kristen welker is at the white house. she's got more on what was discussed there. hi, kristen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. like their husbands, michelle obama and melania trumpad the first lady campaigned vigorously against donald trump. but also, like their husbands, they tried to bury a bitter past and look to the future. >> reporter: the first glimpse -- two women with two very different backgrounds about to share one famous title -- first lady of the united states. a cordial tea to break the ice after a bitter battle. >> he demeans and hue mill yates women as if we're objects meant solely for pleasure and
7:33 am
beings. >> reporter: a warmer tone as the two women found common ground touring the white house and discussing their number one priority -- raising their kids. >> i'm a full-time mother to our son, barron. an incredible boy. >> reporter: 10-year-old barron trump is the first young boy to live at the white house since john f. kennedy jr. michelle obama all too familiar with challenges of raising a child that young at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> i will never forget that winter morning as i watched our girls just pile into those black suvs with all those big men with guns. and the only thing i could think was -- what have we done? >> reporter: mrsma.baot advice from her predecessor, laura bush, during the transition in 2008. kate anderson brower author of "first women" says children are often the ties that bind. >> i think the fact that michelle obama and melania trump are both mothers makes it easier
7:34 am
each other and even given a of the vitriol in this campaign. >> reporter: they are also both reluctant political wives. the first african-american first lady, michelle obama, was a chicago-born lawyer with working class roots who brought a new perspective to the white house. melania trump is a former model and the first forgn born woman to fill the role since john quincy adams' wife, and like their predecessor, a fierce defender of her husband. >> i said to him, you cannot just. n you run, you will win. >> reporter: and like many spouses, she wants her husband to kick b h habits. what's the one habit you wish he'd give up? >> let's see. tweeting. >> reporter: melania has even said she admires michelle after coming under fire for lifting parts of her 2008 convention speech. >> you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond and you do what you
7:35 am
made children's health and veterans key issues, largely staying away from thorny policy fights. melania trump has already talked about her desire to focus on cyber bullying. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to gr with eot to respect each other. >> reporter: in one of president-el trums tweets last night he indicated the eting went well, writing, "melania liked mrs. o a lot. white house officials say husband, a smooth transition is essential to the country's democracy. savannah? lester? >> kristen welker at the white house,hank you. al roker is here with another check of the weather. >> that's right. they had a nice warm meeting. we have a chilly start this morning for parts of the country but it will warm up as well. big area of high pressure pushing in cooler temperatures. look at this, we've got some frost and freeze advisories out for the midsection of the country. chattanooga, 33.
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temperatures from 10 to 15 to 20 degrees above average for today, from portland, on all t way down to san diego, lsa, nashvill chicago, four degrees above average. as we get into the weekend, minneapolis, will see temperatures 11 degrees above average. denver, 69. boise, idaho, 64. as we head into next week, look how warm it is from new york all the way across to phoenix. 's what's going on
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donald trump's stunning victory came as a surprise to a lot of pundits and pollsters. >> he managed to win several battlegrounds once consider locks for a democratic tick. one reason -- bigoter turnout in small towns. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in canton, ohio with that part of the story. >> reporter: lester, good morning. this is stark county, ohio, about an hour south of cleveland. back in 2012 the vote was split about evenly here between mitt romney a but this year donald trump crushed hillary clinton by 17 points. >> reporter: mor thisng across the heartland, there is one word ing in the air. >> a change. >> it is time definitely f a change. >> reporter: change. a word no longer whispered but shouted in rural america. >> out of a revolt. just tired of the government the way it's been. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump flipped much of the rustbelt, the same voters from supported barack obama four years ago. pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin
7:43 am
turning red. even the ones reliably democratic michigan still too close to call. >> of its small vehicle production to mexico. >> reporter: trump's message on jobs and trade resonated here in starke county. who are the voters who propelled him to the white house? this man is a republican, a retired city worker who is now an entrepreneur. >> a lot of the things that i've seen happen in this county here in the last 20 years, 20-plus year has obviously nafta had a huge thing to do with that. >> this woman is retired teacher who volunteered for the trump campaign. >> he's a people's candidate. he's not the establishment. >> reporter: trump won over small towns by muchider margins than the previous republican nominee. in rural michigan, a19-point victory compared to mitt romney's seven. in small town wisconsin,rump was up 29 points. romney again jt seven.
7:44 am
whopping 45-point trump win compared to romney's 19. christe dye is a life-long democrat. a steel worker for 30 years who lost her factory job in 2015. >> manufacturing in the northeast ohio has been decimated. mr. trump is really great with finance and business person. i think he will help turn this country around. >> reporter: another reason they feel their voices are being herd, the rise of social media. facebook saying it had more than facebook posts. twitter more than 75 million tweets on election day alone. lester and savannah, this is an area where many people had deep concerns about free trade and immigration. they long those thought concerns had fallen on deaf ears. not anymore. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. just ahead, an icon lost. tamron's in the orange room remembering the remarkable life and music of the great leonard
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? hallelujah ?? we are back at 7:49. this morning we're remembering the life of a legend, singer/songwriter leonard cohen who passed away last night. tamron is in the orange room with more on that. hi, ta. >> good morn some beautiful tributes coming in, guys. the news was shared on leonard cohen's official facebook page saying we've lost one of music's most revered and prolific visionaries. the canaan artist best known for his poetic and lyrical music penned a number of popular songs including, of course, what you hear in the ckground -- the often cover and coveted "hallelujah." people are taking to social media to remember cohen's influential work. take a look at what prime
7:50 am
no other artist's music felt or sounded like leonard cohen's. >> justin timberlake. and one of our favorites around here, lin-manuel miranda wrote this is heartbreaking. can't help but feegrateful for the tower of song he leaves behind. cohen just released his 14th album a few weeks ago, a memorial for the artist will take place in los angeles a little later today. reading and talking over this song almost seems blasphemous. it is just beautiful from kindergarten students who might sing it in front of their parents at the end of their year, to a famous celebrity. it is just one of those songs. we talked about it, there is no bacover it. >> i bet you if you ask any major musician the song they wish they wrote -- they'd say "hallelujah." sting is right over there. >> i was thinking of him, too. it is just beautiful.
7:51 am
cohen. tamron, thank you so much. coming up, the valiant effort to save bald eagles trapped in a storm drain. and then we'll take a turn anasthe question, do you ever wonder what is pet really thinking? onrossen reports" wel lighten ings up and talk to some psychics who claim they can ta to animals. and we're gearing up for a ve concert from sting. after your local news. live conce from sting. after your local news. ye, so mom got ts cold. shtag "stuy no hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag brer.""mouth yep. we've got a mouthbreather. hashtag "no sleep." well, just put on eath right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to8% more thanold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... a sleep. shut youmouth d say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up -- >> hey hey ho ho donald trp has got to go! >> anti-trump protests erupt again across the country overnight. ousands marching in the streets intl after president obama and president-elect trump sit down toer forhe first time. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facitate a transition that ensures our president-elect his success. >> we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. plus, ever wonder what's on your pet's mind?
8:01 am
fear not, there are psyccs who claim they can talk to animals. >> is she a happy dog? >> very happy. >>he's telling you all of this right now. she looks like she's sleeping. >> i'm do telepathic communication. >> our hidden cameras are rolling as we put their skills to the test. and he's all we want. ? all i want is to get next to you ?? >> sting joins us live in studio 1a. thc icsi kicking off the weekend with his brand-new bum. he'll perform his new music and friday, november 11th, 2016. ?n you dance dance dance ?? >> good morning, minneapolis! >> go holy cross! woo-hoo! >> all the way from montgomery, alabama celebrating our big ten in the big apple! ? can't stop feeling ? ? so just dance dance dance ? ? i can't stop the feeling ?
8:02 am
>> thanks to our veterans! >> army! >> marines! >> navy! >> air force! and good morning, everybody. it's verans day, guys. it is 8:00 today on nomber 11th we are honored to be in the presence of some of our great veterans this morning. we said good morning to em. i've said it before, our democracy is great and ts is who makes it possible. we just want to say thank you so them. so happy to have them. and we have lester along for matt this morning. thanks gore for getting up this morning. >> who's not growing out the facial hair. >> i mean you can see by al's growth, the men are almost two
8:03 am
it's the whole nightly thing. i don't have an excuse. >> we've seen pictures of you with a mustache back in the day. >> that's right. i used to have a 'stash. >> it conjures up other images but we won't go there. according to our state of men 2016 survey, 58% of guys say only go to the docthen ofourse that makes it harder to catch certain diseases before they become major issues. so it is really important to get those yearly check-ups. >> absolutel we're happy to see many of our viewers joining in along with the beards in the king. please keep the pictures coming. to share them just use the hashtag "noshave today" you always go for the goatee. i'm peter alexander at the >> it's kind of a bonus. >> you and your bare face. >> let's get a check of the
8:04 am
>> i'm peter alexander at the white house. after a presidential moment that only a few days ago seemed unimaginable, donald trump describing his first visit to the oval office with president obama as a really good meeting with "great chemistry." trump appearing notably subdued even as new protests erupt in reaction to his election. >> reporter: overnight, more outrage over the election of donald trump. across the country, tens of thousands taking to the streets in at least 25 cities. the worst in portland, oregon where protesters smashed car windowd police publicly declaring a riot. trump tweeting in response, "just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very unfair." this coming after the handshake seen around the world. president obama and esident-elect trump face to face for the first time. their meeting surpassing expectations lasting 90 minutes. >> we're going to want to do everything we can to help you
8:05 am
>> mr. president, it was are honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times. >> reporter: among topics discussed, foreign policy and domestic issues, a far cry from the fiery attacks they exchanged during the campaign. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit to the commander in chief. >> you're lucky i didn't run last time when romney ran because you would have been a one-term president. >> reporter: now president obama vowing to a smoothnsition to a man who once questioned his legitimacy to hold the country's highest office. >> he may not have been born in this country. >> reporter: a country trump will become running in less than ten weeks. another meeting with a former political adversary, house speaker paul ryan. >> we had a fantastic meeting about getting to work, rolling up our sleeves and going to work for the american people. >> reporter: and a tour and view from where he'll be inaugurated.
8:06 am
meeting with senator mitch mcconnell. nbc news has learned trump's transition team is forming a list of three to five names or each open cabinet position but sources say the list hasn't been presented to trump. they could include retired general mike flynn for national security advisor. texas congressman michael mccall for homeland security. newt gingrich for secretary of state. senator jeff sessions for department of defense. reince priebus or chris christie for chief of staff. and mike rogers, former chair of the house intelligence committee, for cia director. those just a han o 4,000 positions that now need to be filled. and far from washington in chappaqua, new york, hry clinton taking a break for a walk in the woods. this photo of her and a surprised hiker thursday shot by none oer than bill clinton. a striking contrast to her rival's photo-ops in the place the clintons used to call home. in less than nine hours after attacking those protests as unfair, president-elect trump
8:07 am
love the fact that the small groups of proteste last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. savannah? >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. thousands of firefighters in the southeast are struggling to control raging fires burning from mississippi to north carolina, and firefighters are battling at least 18 fires in western north carolina alone where a state of emergency has been declared. there have been some evacuations. tens of thousands of acres have burned. severe drought conditions are making the difficult fire siation even worse. an american eagle store was where the wild things are on thursday. a deer got inside the store last night in stillwater, oklahoma. it wandered the aisles for a while, then made its escape by smashingough a window. shocd bystanders caught the whole thg on cera. once it got outside, they the buck just kept on running. >> he went antlers first.
8:08 am
coming up next, e first lady tries her hand at the mauin cenge with an assist frosome pretty famous faces. then, meghan markle,nce harry's girlfrieteps out. she s just spotted in london. and can people really talk to animals? >> hi, good morning. i'm jeff rossen. coming up, ever wonder what your pet is thinking? turns out there are pet psychics out there who say they can read your pet's minds and tell you all about it. our hidden cameras are rng. wait until yee whathey're when things went wrong? because r every tornado... there's a twister. for every crash... an even bigger collision. for every tailspin... well, tailspins. state farm understands that getting the most out of life doesn't just mean being there when things go wrong. it's about being here... in all of life's moments. when things go perfectly... right.
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re's a little healthy advice. are ofmake what you, you. righwn to your ski for healthier looking skin lotion in just one day.rients aveeno?. naturally beautiful results? ?? i'end an sos tohe world ?? i hope that someone gets my ??
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8:11 am
what about this guy? this guy's... been through a lot. dogs bring out the good in us. pedigrees ou bringthe good in them. feed the good. we're back, 8:11. i'm out i'm like this is all going off the rail. let's look at a great video perfect for veterans day. a navy dad from connecticut coming home early to surprise his sons. take a look. this is senior chief petty officer. look at his son's reaction. he's saying no way, this is not true. the officer has been stationed in africa for the lastht months. usual lip just sends in a video forhe vet day ceremony at
8:12 am
wiie say this and think it is so true. if there was a cel that only owed verans homecomings, i would watch it all day long >> beautiful. let's show you the usual scene that captured the attention of social media on thur. two bald eagles trapped in a storm drain near orlando. officials believe the birds plunged into the drain after having a mid-air fight over teor escape bhe oth one had to be freed after spending 90 minutes in the drain. online some people call this situatn a metaphor for america getting back on its feet after a bruising election. i call it a bird that got stuck in a drain. but that's me. whatever works! >> you see a bird in a drain. as we know, president obama has just a couple of months left in office now. you know what he's probably
8:13 am
perks of the job? having all-star athletes to the white house. this is cool. the president got one of his last opportunities to do that on thursday. cleveland cavaliers visited celebrating their world championship. the team gave the preside a personalized jersey and the cavs did not leave the white house -- >> that's amazing! >> -- doing the manikin challenge. this is lebron james, first lady michelle obama, whole team freezing their moment in time. i've seen. >> that's a 3-d experience. >> i was afraid al was going to do his frozen face again. we lost him for a good ten minutes the other day. lester, we love having you here, you know that. especially when you get into the spirit of the "today" show. you read the morning papers.
8:14 am
and you plank with the staff. take a look at -- >> what? >> here's the story. "nightly news" is on the fourth floor. "today" is on three and i have to go down the stairs every day to shoot headlines for "nightly." they've been saying, hey, plank with us. apparently a group of folks on the "today" show like to plank. we do a three-minute plank. thiss about an hour before "nightly" last night. >> this is a trend. i worked in our los angeles out there as well. in the middle of daylight. come on, everybody, let's go plank. >> you know what's weird, lester? they never ask me to plank. >> little difficult for you. >> not lately. they don't believevy atrong core. >> i can tell you something? i know exactly how long i can plank because i try it every day. you know what myest b is? 45 secos. and i start shaking. so the fact that you do three minushat's crazy, lester.
8:15 am
>> if there's doughnuts involved. >> we should have planked for this whole segment. >> is there time? >> if i was in charg of this show. >> is there time for lester to plank for all of -- >> let's go plank. >> they're going to plank while you read "popstart!." >> here we go. >> start the clock. >> let's do it my friend >> i'm watchingyou, too. >> and, go! >> he's she just released a hot new album. now the grammy winner is giving us the first look at her brand-new music video, all about bringing people together, thankfully. it is called "blended family." "what do you do for love." >> keep plankin'. you're at ten seconds. you're doing great. ?? ?? >> oh, al!
8:16 am
zblk. >> alicia s the song is inspired by her own family's personal journey as a mixed family. she hopes to showcase other families of different races, genders, cultures and beliefs. to see the whole video at al roker had surgery recently, disclaimer. prince harry and meghan markle. she was spotted wearing his hat and doing a little grocery slopg kensington palace. she's staying in a cottage onc shared by prince william and kate. >> the timing is 1:15 seconds. >> no one thought to clean this floor. >> take it from jennife lawrence said on ellen.
8:17 am
right? >> howreats that little family? >> god. so cute! and his son is a genius. >> he is. >> and anna is nice and hilarious and they're like in love. they look like a nicholas sparks novel. you know when you see people like that? just makes you miserable. >> okay. they're at 1:36 seconds. that is your "popstart!"! >> , >> you guys are awesome! >> i just can't get up. >> you're supposed to do the weather. >> all right. >> do you want me to do it? >> no, that's okay. >> all rit. hold on. hold on. no, this could be good. >> al roker! >> all right. looking at some wetter with
8:18 am
gorgeous day, great lakes all th way into the mid-atlantic states. sunny in the southwest. nice andwarmook at these temper --atures0s throughout much of california into the southwest. 70s texas into the gulf coast. 30s in northern new england. in fact, you may see a little bit of snow this weekend. tumbling temps -- ? tumbling temps ?? sunshine through the great
8:19 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> okay, studs. that's like roker-thon 3 and lester, at 8:30, we're going to bounce a quarter off your ass. time for "rossen reports." ve youver wondering what's my pet really thinking? >> i have, as a matter of fact. "today" correspondent jeff rossen found special psychics that claim they can read your pet's mind -- for a price. >> lester, you will love this. go m in the orange room to hang out with our "today" puppy, charlie. what areou thiing rightnow? do you like me? probably the sam for your pet at home. do you like me? turns out there a pet psychics who say they can talk to animals and tell you exactlyhat they're thinking. this morning, you know how we do it, we're puttinghem to the test. ridden cameras are rolling and you're about to see them in action.
8:20 am
a french bulldog livin a happy and healthy life with my producer, josh ateast that's what josh thought. >> i also want to ask her how she's feeling. a sadness. she needs a cleansing and she needs to wipe away all the negative energy. >> reporter: hoping to get a glimpse into jolene's mind. we book appointments with pet psychics and wire this house with hidden cameras. we're watching it all from a secret control room in the basement. right away, these two psychics read jolene's mind. >> jolene had a past life. that's why she's a very old soul. there's a sadness. >> is there a feeling of neliness or iness? >> she thinks that i'm lonely? can i that uk tal to jolene through you? >> yes. >> i love you and i care about
8:21 am
you, too, and she's very connected to you but she wants you to be aware that she's aware. >> hi, i'm jeff ros from nbc wews. e actually working on a story about pet psychics. why are you able to communicate with animals? >> because i was born with the gift of intuition. my purpose is not to make nonbelievers believe in my work and in my ability. >> reporter: this n pexchic takes it up a notch, using cards. >> she's a lover. >> like a boyfriend? >> yes. play dates are fun but she's ready foore tn that. >> jolene, i had no idea. >> but this reanguily turns dire. >> well, i kw she wants help to be healed to be better, to be more positive. >> should i be worried about that? >> yes. she needs a cleansing she needs to wipe away all the negative energy. >> reporter: and it doesn't come cheap. this sessions alreadyti
8:22 am
and now she wants even more. >> i have to buyhe candle wax and then mold the wax into the form of that person or that animal. >> so what does that cost? >> it's $130. >> reporter: she later told us she doesn't care what people think. those who believe in it believe in it. but no one spoke to jolene quite like this last woman. susan calls herself an animal communicator. price tag for our reading -- $250. dog. i can understand dog. zp really. >> so i'm going to translate it to you. >> okay. >> reporter: okay. she speaks dog. now she's tuning jolene in. >> i'm asking her what she wants me to tell y about herself. >> yes, please. >> she sees the beauty in almost everything. >> what does her voice sound like when she talks ow? i've always wondered. >> let's see.
8:23 am
jolene again. >> i want to say amy poehler from "saturday nig live." >> really. >> yeah. >> so she's funny. >> yes. >> is she a happy dog? >> yes. >> very happy? >> yes. she's telling me you're not a bad guy. she says there are a few things you into ed to grow up on but you're growing into your own very nicely. >> she's telling you all this now? she looks like she's sleeping. >> i'm doing telepathic communication mind to mind. >> , >> my name is jeff rossen. >> i had a feeling this was going on. >> how do you communicate? >> you can doit. we areorn with these innate abities and those innate abilities help us communicate with the world around us. >> some would watch this and say this is hocus-pocus. >> some people would say this is just bs. >> and you're just trying to get money out of pet owners telling them what they want to hear. >> you're going t have a skeptic. it is not an easy concept to
8:24 am
until i knew i had the ability. >> reporter: okay. so jolene is either reall hap or really sad. or maybe she's thinking -- can i just go home? happy to report jolene is resting comfortably at home this morning. by the way, speaking to your pet doesn't come cheap. we found prices anywhere from $100 up to $1,200. >> wow! >> we have a statement from jolene. jeff, thanks. up next, a lot of music. sting is here for a live concert in studio 1a. >> can't wait to talk to him about his new album. and we have the west point band out on the plaza on this special veterans day morning. ?? ??
8:25 am
?? ??
8:26 am
8:27 am
i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ?? good morning, everybody. we are back. it is veterans day morning. what a treat we have, a special performance from the west point band as we honor the veterans and service members who are here on our plaza stationed all
8:31 am
we say thank you. >> definitely, thank you. and our puppy with a purpose, charlie, is working one day to become a service dog for a veteran. so just ahead, we're going to talk about the big strides that he has made this month toward that goal. also ahead, we've been talking about him all morning. his big moment is almost here. sting is in our studio getting set for a live concert. and we have thanksgiving and football on the brain in "today's kitchen." a game dayea not just sliced turkey. >> talking turkey subs. the good stuff. but first let's get a check of the weather. let'sookt the weekend ahead. we have unseasonably warm weather saturday through the plains, wet weather in the pacific northwest. eastern two-thirds of the country looking darn good. as we go to sunday -- sunday -- we are looking at more heavy rain in the pacific northwest. look for showers making their way through the southeast and gulf coast. wet weather making its way in
8:32 am
pretty pretty kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. >> announcer: "today puppy" is created with our sponsor, pedigree. dogs bring out the good in us. pedigree brings out the good in them. feed the good. ??
8:33 am
>> woo! >> loving having the west point band on this special veterans day. by the way, the last time the west point band was here we were welcoming our good friend, charlie, introducing him to the world. >> we were. he arrived when he was just 8 weeks old. now charlie's 5 months old. he's gained about 30 pounds and stolen everyone's heart around here. >> we remember that day. it's been a big month for charlie. he made his first visit to central park. ride and he made his first road trip to the united states naval academy in maryland. he even got a chance to tour the "sunday night football" bus, al roker. >> charlie's living the dream. olivia is charlie's puppy razor. she's with america's vet dogs. it is also our honor to introduce two military veterans. we met you before, joe.
8:34 am
rizzo with his dog amos. olivia, start with you. i know have you a progress report on our charlie. >> he's doing amazing. all of these environments and modes of transportation that he's been doing will hp him to exude confidence to his veteran. >> learning new things like touch? so when charlie does learn to retrieve in a couple of months when his adult teeth are in, he going to have to bring that item all the way to my hand. do is target my fist with his nose. touch. yes! good boy! good job! charlie, touch. yes! very good! >> you know what's fun? >> this is lps foundation for like pushing buttons, pushing closed doors, getting on and off lights. >> what's funut charlie is he so fun to cuddle with f us. but when you turn the vest and things, he becomes a different dog. >> yeah. he gets really focused and he just takes all of his enthusiasm
8:35 am
opposed to just people all around. >> ant he is being raised to be service dog for a veteran. i adore amos and benjie. in your life?mean to have amos >> went from living restricte to go anywhere. stairs. walking distance. wherever. he actually helps me with my gait. up and downstairs is not an issue where it used to be little bit rocky. feeling. really is. >> incredible to see how much of a part of your life. joe, tell me your dog, how mh it's meant to you. >> he's a part of my family. he's a part of my support system. he's helped mitigate my disability to the point where i'm a completely different person than i was when i first got him. i got him back in 2008. this has just been dedicated my entire time since then to helping america's vet dogs. it's just something i believe in so strongly.
8:36 am
it is so amazing. i am sure you are enjoying how it came to be. >> it is amazing. we know your service dogs are such a big part of your lives and as a thank you for your service, our friends at pedigree are donating $25,000 to america's vet dogs. olivia, we'll ask you to hold on to that. and also, you guys are going to get a little something extra. pedigree is year supply of dog food. and -- and they're doing the same for the entire america's vet graduating class. we are really, really happy to help facilitate that. >> thank you to pedigree. joe and anthony, thank you for your service. thank you for being with us. we really appreciate it. olivia, keep up the good work. you too, charlie. good job! coming up next, the ultimate
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
. we are bact's 8:39. we have "today loves football." the new england patris and seattle seahawks facing off for the first time since super bowl xlix. it's like i've been all i did was run up the stairs. >> using ground turkey because thanksgiving is alm here. missy robins head chef at lillia here in new york and ryan and savannah, take your positions. you guys are up. >> what are we making? this is like awesome football food. >> we have a couple different ways to do turkey today. it's kind of fun and it's thanksgiving and that's a big, key thing.
8:40 am
weather food even though it's not super cold outside. >> here are our ingredients. some sausage and turkey and tomato paste and vegetables. >> what is this? >> this is fennel. you know, it's a vegetable. >> i'm not known for my culinary expertise. >> we're going to cook all this together and we do it with homemade pasta at the restaurant and you can do dried pasta or whatever you like. >> what is our first step? >> browning the meat. we have turkey and sausage here together. we'll put in the oil and cook that a little bit and remove th t >> okay. >> and we're going to put in the vegetables. here igo. >> you're just browning right there. >> just browning the meat. takes ten minutes to brown the meat and if y're good, pour it all overhe sid of the table, as well. put in the oil. little extra virgin olive oil and chopped vegetables. >> use the bits and parts at the bottom of the pan. adds the flavor. >> we'll get that going. that will cook for about, come on, lester, get in here.
8:41 am
everything turns translucent and what have here are the vegetahatbl tave now cooked down with all the meat trimmings and we'll add safron which gives it great color and really some terrific fragrance. >> little tato paste. >> little tomato paste and kale. it's great farmers market and helps to get your veggies in there. >> i knew that was kale, just to redeem myself. >> we put some wine in and we'll >> okay. i want to leave minutes the subs. so, show me. the vegetables and eveg rythin cooked together. we'll put the meat back in and cook the tomatoes and add our stock and let this cook for about 45 minutes unt we get it down to a little ragu. toss it with our fresh pasta, which we have here. and -- >> beautiful. we have our tasters downstairs. >> save me some. >> lester andissy do their thing. >> can't handle ow good this is.
8:42 am
heroes. this is bread that has been soaked in milk which is the key to very, very tender meatballs. this is just turkey meat, wch is a little heahier than some of the rest of meatballs we see out there. and to make it taste awesome, we do parmesan and chili flake and garlic powder and fennel seed and these are onions that have been cooked down, which also add a little moisture. and that's, to me, the key to >> everything helps them bind together. >> once they're really mixed up here. you can do this with your hands, too. >> tasters, what are you thinking down there? >> and then they just go --ou ball them up here. you can pop them in the oven 450 for ten minutes and once they're cooked, we have a p o really tomato sauce and they just go right in re. and finish cooking for another ten minutes or so. >> this is very quick.
8:43 am
little quicker than normal. >> ten minutes, ten minutes and then you have toast hero bread really great, awesome bread. chili, basal and you're good to go. >> looks amazing. tasters loving it? >> we love it. >> when they respond -- that's always a good sign. missy and ryan, thanks to both for of you. for the recipes head to patriots host t seahawks sunday night on nbc. coverage begins with football night in america at eastern. >> this was delicious. straight ahead, the food and now concert time. sting is live in our studio. but, first, this is "today" on
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> announcer: citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. sting has ten grammy awards, a golden globe, an emmy and
8:46 am
>> let's face it, we are busting in this room! now he's getting back to his rock roots with the album "59th and 9th." but first, classic sting. take it away. thank you. ?? ?? ??
8:47 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ??
8:48 am
?? ?? ?? ?? ? all i want i to be next to you ? ? all i want is to be next to you ? ? all i want is to be next to you ? ? all i want is to be next to you yeah ? ? all i want is to be next you
8:49 am
? all i want is to be next to you let's go baby ? ? all i want is to be next to you ? ? all i want is to be next to yo ? ? all i want is to be next to you ? ? all i want is to be nt to you yeah ? all i want is to be next to you ? ? all i want is to be next to you ? ? all i want is to be next to you ? ? next to ? nex to you ? ? next to you ?? >> o! s! >> do not go anywhere. sting is just getting started. but first, this is "today" on
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> announcer: we are so happy to have sting here celebrating the release of his album. >> again, it is called "57th and 9th." >> i love that. that's the intersection you walk by all the time on your way to the studio and where i'll be moving now. this is a real return to your rock roots. >> it really is, yeah. for the past ten years i've been making kind of esoteric records kind of just following my curiosity and my whim. i like to surprise people. everyone that's heard this record said, wow, i didn't
8:52 am
success. >> i know you are heading from here to paris. it's been a year since the terrorist attack in paris. >> i'v been asked to re-open on theivernnry of the attack the bataclan theater. that's my job. i wanted to do that. we will honor those people who lost their lives and also celebrate that wonderful historic venue an bring it back to life. >> wha are you going to singo us? >> my new single wbl of course. it's called "i can't stop thinking about you." >> she thinks you're talking to her.
8:53 am
?? ?? ?? ? i can't stop think aut you ? ? i can't stop wanting you this way ? ? i can't face living without you that's why i'm searching night and day ? ? this heart's a lonelyunte h ? ? these hands are frozen in fear ?
8:54 am
?? do ir laughter in the night ? ? wt are you hiding from in winter ? ? ?? ? i can't stop thinking this way ? ? i can't face living without you that's why i'm searching night and day ? ? this heart's a lonely hunter ? ? these hands are froze in fear ? ? i can't stop thinking about you i don't care i you exist ? ? do i hear laughter in the
8:55 am
? i know you're hiding in the frozen winter ? ? that night church bell tolls ? ? i can't stop thinking about you ? ? i can't stop wanting you this way ? ? i can't face living without you that's why night and day ? ? this heart's a lonely hunter ? ? these hands are froze in fear ? ? i can't stop thinking about you i don't care if you exist ? ? i can't stop thinking about you i can't stop wanting you this way ? ? i can't face living without you ?
8:56 am
>> all right! >> sting! thank you so much. the album is called "57th and 9h." >> that was awesome. we can't stop thinking about you. >> we'll hear some more mus later on. >> and the baby was kicking all hey, willie!. >> sting is so good, the unborn child was dancing. coming up on sunda
8:57 am
8:58 am
check of the weather.. there is no indication this mornign that more protests are wake of the election... ...after hundreds shut do parts of the city last night milwaukee police estimated the crowd at more than 500. protesters inally rallied at red arrow park... upset over the eletion of donald trump. many anted... "not my ident." the demonstratio remained peaceful if not disruptive. demonstrators spilled into the streets during rush hour... ...tying up traffic. milwaukee police did not report any ars.
8:59 am
9:00 am
good morning today how wisconsin winters just got more glamorous. on this veteran's day preserving the memories of the honor flight. their mission is to help veterans in need. >> hi everyone. >> hi guys. >> how they do it from the seat of theirot morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? we got a packed studio today. the parking lot was a little full of motorcycles too. [laughter] >> here's a question i want to ask you tiff see if you can


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