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tv   Today  NBC  November 12, 2016 2:37am-3:30am CST

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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. is that sting? >> sting. >> two great surprises. sting is performing on our show on this friday, november 11th. >> yep. >> and our second surprise, look who's filling in for kathie lee. hilarious andrew rannells. >> that's correct. that's correct. >> look at you just sitting here like a talk show host. >> pretending to be kathie lee gifford. hanging out, pretending to be kathie lee. >> let's see. so far -- >> hoda woman -- tell me what you got, hoda woman. this is so great. thank you so much for having me. >> a little weird sitting here. >> it does feel like -- like an elaborate prank. like i do feel like someone will come out, you're not doing anything.
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>> punked, maybe. >> yeah. >> do you feel nervous in situations like this, or not really? >> if i think about it. trying not to think about it. >> you've done a lot of things i think are incredibly brave in your professional life and seen a couple of them. talk about, you know andrew, refresh your memory, from "the intern." >> yeah. >> i like to live here. >> there i am. >> stop it. >> talking to anne hathaway. >> yes. she was very, very sweet and kind and i remember i was rehearsing "hedwig" on broadway for a little while. and i was in rehearsals when we were filming that. opening night she sent me a huge, lovely bouquet. she's very thoughtful. >> do people get like pals? when you spend all that time on a movie set, do you end up having a bond that goes beyond -- >> movies are -- not that i've done a ton of movies or television.
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that's a really -- you become a family really quickly. you're together all the time. >> 24/7. >> my new family now is with falsettos. >> i'm sorry, what? >> casually mentions my job. >> so you are on broadway. let's listen to a second of this. what's your role in this, andrew? >> well, i play a character named whizzer. >> whizzer? >> yeah. not the best name in the world, but the show is -- it's a really fantastic sort of very dynamic. the first act was written in 1980, and it sort of centered around this character marvin played by christian borle who leaves his wife and child to be with me. >> you. >> and that -- that's tough. then the second act deals with sort of the continuation of them sort of continuing to be this sort of unconventional, unexpected family. >> do you feel comfortable on a broadway stage? when you step out, do you feel like, i'm home? does it feel like that for you?
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with this show in particular. yes. i feel like this is such a good -- it's a great fit and i love my cast so, so much. >> ever seen "hamilton" everyone's jonesing for a ticket, most haven't seen. this guy played the king. that must have been -- look, that was the hottest ticket on earth and that must have been one of the most nerve wracking -- >> it was. i did my first performance, i forgot my words onstage. >> oh, my -- >> and in the show all i had to do walk out sing one song, stand out in the middle of the stage and sing it, and i forgot my words. not my best moment. >> what did you do? >> i move my mouth so hopefully people think my microphone went off. >> it didn't go well. didn't go well. turns out, didn't fool anyone. >> you are also on "girls." >> and all the girls, i'm noticing a trend. >> a trend.
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>> your master plan. >> it is. >> should we make a toast? it is try day friday. these are movember cocktails. >> cheers. i have what is called the burt reynolds. >> you do. >> you have the tom selleck. >> inspired by the refinery hotel in new york city -- oh, my gosh. take a sip of this. >> it has coffee in it so you can drink it in the morning. >> you're going to die right here after it. >> look, right where my lipstick was. >> it's that's what i like about you. >> i like a lot of color. >> that's strong. >> now, the proceeds -- >> i didn't flinch. >> -- go to the movember foundation which is a charity that is tackling men's health issues like prostate issues.
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>> we want to blame chelsea handler for that. >> oh. >> she actually came on our show and was that hello vodka, and we decided to give her a drink. so we did and then a few weeks later brooke shields said, where's mine? we're like -- where's your what? >> i guess we should -- >> just kept it going. isn't that pretty cool? >> that is -- >> not a bad deal. >> not a bad gig. >> so we would like to make a toast to the newest kardashian baby. >> oh. dream. >> right. dream rene kardashian. rob and his fiance blac chyna had a baby. >> i didn't see rene coming after dream. >> you didn't? >> no. >> there's that little baby born yesterday morning at cedars-sinai in l.a.
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often people take pictures in the delivery room. they took a video doing the mannequin challenge. look what's happening. wait. >> oh -- oh. >> oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. a lot happening. >> oh! >> oh -- now this, as we discussed before, the mannequin challenge is something -- no one really knows where this came from. >> what do you think of the whole idea? >> well, it's -- i mean, it's -- does it benefit someone? >> no. there's no money that goes anywhere. just people seem to be enjoying it. >> at least so we're clear. >> right. >> yeah. it's just for fun. that's great. >> easy, low maintenance, anybody can do it and rob on instagram, he wrote, thank you blac chyna for having our baby and for being so strong. i love you so much and can't wait to see her get older day by day. wow. >> dream rene. >> they had a baby. >> babies. >> so, all right, do you know the kind of couples, andrew, that are, like, the perfect couple and you happen to be in their orbit and it's a little annoying? a little annoying? you do? >> all the time.
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farris are apparently that kind of a couple. >> yes. right, i saw jennifer lawrence talking about this very thing. what did she say? >> thought it was gross. was it gross? >> her quote. >> annoying? >> let's listen. i think she said it on "ellen." let's look. >> you shot in atlanta and ana and jack came to the set, right? >> yes. >> how great that little family. >> god. it's so cute. his son is a genius, and ana is nice, hilarious, they're in love. look like a nicholas sparks novel. you see people so happy, it just makes you miserable? >> yeah. >> miserable. >> are you in love, by the way? >> yeah, yeah. >> you are? >> yeah. i have a boyfriend. >> aren't you so happy? >> i am so thrilled. aren't we so -- i don't think you should ever ask in a relationship, aren't you so happy? >> are you happy? >> how's it going? generally i think -- so how's that going? pretty great. >> if want to be in a good mood
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song on the "hamilton" mix tape, or whatever you call it. >> yep. >> you like this one, right? >> when i was there last year a full year ago, i guess, they were putting together some tracks. so i heard a few things. i believe one of the sia tracks and snippets. it's exciting that it's all coming out now. >> the new one out is the sia track. why don't we listen to the one that andrew loves the most. ? i just might regret i remem those soldier boys ? >> i mean, what they do in the show is also, like, so incredible. >> but it's -- ? i'm living again ? >> it's pretty fun. and you're learning history. >> i know, that's the crazy part. >> do a kelly clarkson. listen to that one. this is kelly. >> what's she up to? >> the quiet one. ? i could trade his life for mine ? >> oh, dear.
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a lot of people crying on treadmills working out to this. feeling a lot of feelings. >> pump it up? busta rhymes and the roots singing "my shot." >> that's got to be good. ? my shot just like my country ? >> you can't go wrong. >> you really can't. they're all great. >> was he a nice guy to work with, by the way? >> he was awful. he's just the worst. everybody's like, oh, man. he's not super smart. he's not that nice. i h i wish he had a better work ethic, quite frankly. can he juggle more? could he do more things? he's amazing. really inspiring. between that and working with lena dunham. i have no skills and do nothing with my free time. >> a lazy -- >> lena wrote a book and lynn was writing all these other projects. and i was patting myself on the
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not even writing one, reading one. >> reading one. >> right. >> and end with a little bit of laughs. a young boy who has to take out the trash. >> i'm skeptical but let's check it out. >> had trouble with the trash can. courtesy of "america's most funniest home videos." the winner this -- oh, no, no. that's not. >> yep. >> not the smartest little dummy. >> oh -- >> oh, no. >> maybe turn it around, dumb-dumb. >> a child! wait. he's doing it. hi >> first of all, where is this? that driveway is -- oh, wowser! this is -- >> what's funny -- >> he's fine though, right? they're not going to cut to him in a body cast now? >> he's fine. he's all good. >> that's not great. >> and by the way, usually when i see videos like that i feel terrible and usually don't laugh. so i feel guilty laughing. >> i always laugh, please. >> she was on tv once, and now
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look who's here? >> sela ward is here. loved you since "sisters" sela ward. she's going to give us the scoop on her juicy latest role coming up right after this. up right after this. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. "credit karma, why are you checking your credit score?" "you don't want to ride the 13l forever, do you?" "credit karma huh?" "yeah, it's free."
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our next guest is a multiple emmy award winning actress and an all around total girl crush. her name is sela ward. >> you probably fell in love with her as teddy reed on "sisters." >> and we love those. now sela is taking on a powerful role in "graves" starring opposite nick nolte dealing with her crisis. take a look. >> oh, my god. i love you so much, but you are driving me crazy! and whatever it was that was happening and whatever it was that happened the day that made you snap out of it, i'm really happy for you. now let's see if after 40 years you can find a way to do the same thing for me. >> oh! oh! >> you missed the best part. >> give us the rest! no. we don't know why this -- >> a bleep.
2:52 am
okay, that scene is what -- >> tell us. >> -- the therapist and the whole family is on the sofa. and i mean, it's brilliant. that was -- an unfortunate cut. >> cut off a little too soon. >> cut off a lot, but -- it's that kind of show. you have to watch it. it's really racy. >> it is. >> kind of language and so fun. >> were you concerned at all about, first of all, that it's a comedy, but dealing with political themes and also kind of not exactly ripped from the headlines but a lot of parallels could certainly be drawn? >> i mean, first and foremost it's about a wacky, dysfunction family. >> totally. so we got love, and the political world just the backdrop and makes for great comedy, because it's nick nolte's character plays the former president. you know, 20 years before, who's sitting there looking at his
2:53 am
and he's going right all of his wrong decisions and it's really hysterical. and the -- it's a composite. it's a composite white house family. >> yeah. >> nick nolte. >> yes. >> what is he like to sit across from and work with day after day? >> you know, i wish i had a bottle of wine and, like, four hours to listen to him. >> we actually do have -- there's probably a case stashed on here somewhere. oh, my lord. he is -- he is so sharp still and shows up as an actor with 180%. >> wow. >> energy and focus and a very giving actor and -- i love him. i'm having the best time with him. we laugh. >> funny to see him do something funny, too. >> yes, yeah. >> we love that you're back in new york. you moved here! >> i'm back in new york. i love new york. oh, my god.
2:54 am
>> i feel like i'm home, because i lived here in my 20s. that's such a formidable time. i was modeling. first drawing things on a story board for, like, as an artist for $6 an hour. >> what? >> and somebody said, you should model. you could make $100 an hour. my god. >> what is that? >> and schlep my book up and down in manhattan in betweens and 20s to photographer's lofts. and i really got to know the city. >> what neighborhood were you living in? >> i feel i'm home. back then, upper east side and west side and now downtown and i don't know downtown and happy i'm here. >> so much fun. wow. >> sela, we -- we love you. had you on my sirius radio show. one of my favorites i've ever done. you're such a great person. thank you for coming to see us here. >> welcome back to new york. >> andrew, i'm going to see you in "falsetto" i'm so excited. >> the show is called "graves"
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this morning on "today style" in honor of veterans day, melissa garcia shows items that aren't just fashionable but give back to organizations and charities that support those who have served in our military. >> melissa is here with two veterans to help show off the goods. jose garcia here from 101st airborne. >> yay, jose! >> and served in the marine corps and the air national guard. >> yes. >> thank you both for your service and thank you for coming we have models here for a reason. >> yes. jose served in the vietnam war. how adorable? my father-in-law. i'm a little bit biassed. >> is he! >> yes. so excited. models an outfit from the awareness line sold exclusively at men's warehouse. and to date which is almost a year now they have donated over $870,000 to charity through this line. when you make a purchase through this portion, it goes, portions go directly to veterans.
3:00 am
>> he looks amazing. how sharp does he look? amazing. >> do you like that outfit? >> yep. so handsome. and delilah, gorgeous and tough. in the marines. wearing a gorgeous outfit from brooks brothers, who also gives back. been involved since 2012 and donated almost close to $1 million worth of new suits to a program called dignity you which gives new clothes and suits to veterans. >> delilah iro >> great. gorgeous, and, yes, we have a surprise for you. >> we do have a surprise for both of you. you are going to keep everything that you're wearing. >> a little thank you for everything you have done. >> thank you, both. >> what have we here? >> also tons of brands. you know, who knew that all of these brands, a lot of brands give back to veterans, so important. this is from a brand called n philanthropy giving 30%, helps
3:01 am
stress disorder. they give them service dogs. we just talked about that today. we saw that today. and giving 20% to charity through these special spread eagle wing charm bracelets. >> beautiful. >> this brand i love. this is sword and plow. this is two sisters who were born into a military kind of family. they repurposed military surplus. so these are all from repurpose. also bullet casings, jewelry. >> you're kidding? >> how cool is that? >> repurpose. >> beautiful. >> they give 10% back all the time to veterans. >> so important, and then operation hat trick, in combination with 47, a big hat brand based out of boston, they are donating portions of this line always go to charity. given almost $500,000. >> sunglasses. >> given $10 of sales to veterans, bomba socks give a
3:02 am
>> from a blogger. zero blog 30. a pod cast, humorous veterans podcast. they have these shirts. half of the proceeds for these shirts which are $25 goes to charity. >> all great things. it's a great day to honor veterans as every day is, jose and delilah. thank you. thanks a lot. >> thank you so much. >> for more information, that's me. on all of these, go to and hitmaker and legendary
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3:05 am
i'm so excited. back with an actress who dazzles us from one role to another. her name, thandie newton. >> kristine in "crash" kicking serious butt in "mission impossible: 2 "and on the hit show "e.r." >> very busy. >> now thandie is back on the small screen in a thinker called "westworld" playing maeve millay a robot madam who is slowly becoming self aware and realizing her thoughts might not be her own. i'm noticing a band between you and andrew -- no, no, no. a weird thing. in the commercial break, like you've known each other. >> do you know each other?
3:06 am
>> there is a weird connect that is happening. >> i think it's happening. >> i'm preprogrammed. >> loved her forever, maybe? >> in a past robot life, maybe. >> i'm a fan of "westworld" and love it. those scenes, because you do have to bounce back and forth between -- now i'm playing a character but you also are the sort of robot who plays the character. so where did you start? >> it's giving me a headache. >> how did you launch into that? sort of stick with one thing at a time? >> s and really clear. and so obviously, we had a lot of advisors to remind us where we were. and each scene was so fantastic that -- i was just -- i think my enthusiasm for playing the role would give me all the, you know -- >> information. >> information. >> you seem to pick great projects. when we were listing them, i was like every single one is a winner. >> uh-huh.
3:07 am
>> do you have a special trick? when you look at a script does it hit you, you say, yes, i don't care what anybody says? >> true. >> i don't look at character's individually but the whole piece. if i feel the whole piece will be a valuable contribution. you mentioned "crash." that was a small film, none of us thought it would be even seen and it just caught everyone's imagination. similarly, i just tend to -- and with "e.r.," a time when a film actor shouldn't really do television. this is a long time ago. because it was a story line that was focusing on the congo. and i just thought it was a wonderful role. i did it despite being told it wasn't necessarily the right thing to do. >> and noah wyle's girlfriend. >> that -- >> that was the bad bit. [ laughter ] >> i got to see the coming episode for "westworld." >> i haven't seen it yet! >> yep. i got the seat. it's so -- it's a very, a very special episode. >> getting really serious now. >> what does it mean when it's special?
3:08 am
have been turning on that show every week. there's been some big reveal. >> episode seven. >> this is a big one. >> nearly a pinnacle. >> when did you finish filming? a long time or -- >> ouch. ooh, my brain. last year. >> so do you remember, like, when i was -- episode seven. oh, i remember what happens? >> i do remember having made it, but i haven't actually managed to watch the episodes. >> are you -- >> are you naked in a lot of it? >> it's hbo. we all have to be naked. >> no, it's not -- it's not just for the sake of being naked. >> no. >> like your show. that nudity is justified. >> and not always sexual. >> and much like "westworld" it's not a sexy nudity. >> being naked in the corset with the boobs up here. >> why is that? why? >> the saloon outfit. >> looking at that --
3:09 am
objectify women sexually. i would never that in real life because i think it's distracting. i want to have a conversation with your eyes. i felt more empowered naked and also the nudity is about the character's vulnerability. these robots are treated like cattle. >> i think you two will be working together soon. a feeling base and your conversation before. i look forward to that. >> a "westworld" spin-off. >> "westworld"/"girls "spin-off it's likeli >> i could do it. it would be easy. >> she could do it. >> "westworld" airs sundays on hbo. >> hbo! coming up, a performance from sting. >> what? >> a repeat performance, very exciting. >> yes. plus family friendly destinations for holiday travels coming up right after this. "why are you checking your credit score?" "i think we can finally get a bigger place." "bigger place?"
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the holidays are fast approaching meaning now's the time to book travel when kids are off school you're ready to go. >> here to tell us more about family-friendly destinations -- that are fun for the whole family is mark elwood. >> family vacations in the u.s. >> they are. gifts. >> oh. >> underneath each one of these gifts is an all-inclusive package for a family of four that will hit about $100 per person per night. >> okay. food and everything? >> everything. >> wow. >> all righty, then. >> are you ready to go? >> hit it. hit it, babe. >> where are we going? >> to south carolina. >> okay. >> nice. >> to wild dunes. you can't get bored there.
3:14 am
>> great. all-inclusive meaning -- talking food? >> even food. >> wow. >> what? all right. so bring the kids. we're going golfing. >> we're skeptical. >> and this is amazing. >> what's next, honey? >> get ready. >> i'm ready. >> what? >> that what is this? >> it's a head! [ laughter ] >> we're going scuba diving. >> no. >> skiing. >> yes. do you ski? >> no. >> no. >> anyway, move on. no, no, no. tell us. >> it's too dangerous and cold. >> >> people love skiing. >> beautiful $19 million resort trying to compete buy vale in aspen. it's about two hour's drive from boston. 200 bucks a night for the room. add on spa passes, lift passes. great value. >> by the way, a lot of people i know love, love, love. all right. let's go, nice and slow, and reveal the next one. >> this is my favorite. i must admit. >> i can't wait. >> what do you think we're doing? >> we are -- going to the beach!
3:15 am
>> yes. >> oh! >> water park. >> this is -- exact. thank you. i love water parks. >> did you read your notes? >> he's prepped. >> this is, talking about great wolf in southern ohio. which has an 80,000 square foot indoor water park. you have 84 degrees year round. >> wow. >> 52-foot tall water coaster. so much to play with and food and drink all included. >> that is great. are these trips you can take between now and christmas or -- when -- >> these are trips for right now. remember, you don't have to go for a week. take a long weekend. very budget friendly. you can adjust and think i just want a couple days away. >> yeah. >> pack my wallet. >> make it easy. all right. >> remember the kids. >> here we go. >> okay. you're ready? >> i can't wait. >> and one of you -- go on. honey, go on. >> where are we going? adorable boots. >> i want a little country music. >> where are we going? yes! memphis? >> nashville. >> almost.
3:16 am
>> another good one. yeah. >> which is basically, i think of it as the little las vegas. the vegas of the midwest. we've got fantastic deals here in grand country which is a resort which offers you to dixie stampede. >> i would see that in five seconds. >> a local, mini golf a theme park, and you've got frozen custard, missouri's -- i must admit i would get fat eating the frozen custard. >> i've been to nashville and memphis is branson is one of the spots i want to go to. >> my co-star used to work there. >> what did she do? >> a singer, i believe. >> maybe she sang there. >> i'll ask about the custard. >> shall we? grand finale. >> ta-da! >> "westworld." >> it's a call back. a little bit like a real-life "westworld." dude ranch near tucson, arizona.
3:17 am
>> like a little boy. >> it means you can go for a cowboy cookout. horse riding lessons. it's basically fun for the whole family, but outdoors, lots of nature walks and anything you want to do. >> wow. >> make it like a "westworld." >> all great and all affordable. and all on our website. details, we have them for you. thank you, honey. andrew, tell you, guess who's performing here? >> ah -- sting. >> sting is! we're going to have t performance coming up right after this. it's amazing out there means to me the wonder and the wow of weather. >> everything is amazing. it could be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm
3:18 am
it means looking up and being inspired. >> even if it's just straight up blue skies. >> i mean, how beautiful is that? that burst of red that happens when the sun comes over the ocean in the morning. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky from one side to the other. >> and the roll of the thunder it's just one of the most amazing things. >> that's what it's amazing out there is, and what it means to you mentally and the memories you take away from that weather. >> how that absolutelyff what's is in the stores, what is everything going to cost? all those interactions of the weather has real influences on that's why it's amazing out there. >> what it means for me is it lets the world know what's ppening at the weather channel. >> i think what makes the weather channel's coverage unique is that we are meteorologists, we know what is going on with the weather. >> someone walks up to you in
3:19 am
being here. we are so glad you were here to take us through it. >> we have a charge. we have a responsibility. we have a drive to provide information to people, to help them, and help the communities and help their families stay safe. it matters so much. >> when you start linking the people side up to the weather and the science and the data, it makes a real connection and starts to drive home the importance of what we do. >> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather. and you with people who love the weather. this is what we love to do. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular. it is truly amazing out there. k onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. now to a legendary performer who's been topping the charts for more than three decades.
3:22 am
>> of course we are talking about -- >> all: sting! >> yes. mr. sting is here with his latest album called "57th and ninth" and later greeting fans at the nbc shop, the studios at 30 rock. >> he's such a good guy. but for the first time he is the ten-time grammy winner with a brand-new song called "one fine day." sting, everybody. ?? ? oh, can i say the future's just a place we've never been ? ? histories say we're doomed to make the same mistakes ? ? between the two i can't decide really i must choose a side ? ? i guess i'll wake up smarter
3:23 am
? a father can say the weather's just a cycle we can't change ? ? scientists say we've pushed those cycles way beyond dear me please do something quick ? ? time is up the planet's sick ? ? and we'll all be grateful one fine d? ? today a northwest passage just got three penguins and a bear got drowned the ice it lifts up and disappears ? ? seems things are worse than some have feared ? ? it's progress but who knows what else we've gone too far ?
3:24 am
when things all seem to fall apart ? ? i guess we'll wake up smarter one fine day ? ? one fine day ? ?? ? and in between the dogs and cats rabbits jumping out hats ? ? and now i've got us all all i've got tomorrow is a flavor for us ? ? we must do something quick or die ? ? when snakes can't talk and pigs will fly we'll all be so much wiser ? ? one fine day ? ??
3:25 am
? one fine day ? ? one fine day ? ?? ? one fine day ? ? >> all right. that was sting. and this is "today" on nbc. woo! ??
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it's judgment day. back seat chefs peer inside your oven. but you've cleaned all baked-on business from meals past with easy-off, so the only thing they see is that beautiful bird. go ahead.
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wasn't it fun having andrew
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>> so you're going to leave here and you've got another job tonight. what are you doing tonight? >> doing "falsettos" tonight running through january 8th. >> a matinee? >> just one. two tomorrow. matinee sunday. >> good. >> crazy schedule. >> do that and then when does "girls" kick in again? >> starts in february. not an exact date but back, final season. final season of "girls." >> is there another show that might be coming up? some sort of job for me and thandie newton together, maybe. >> what's it going to be called? >> "girlsworld." too hard to say. thandie and andy. >> thank you for hanging out. kathie is back on monday. >> is she? >> this is all on monday. james brolin. >> katey sagal. >> country star justin moore.
3:30 am
>> all on monday. >> i'm coming back. stay home, kathie lee. >> have a great weekend, everybody. see ya! >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for tai cheng, brought to you by beachbody. >> wow, joy, look at these people! they love you! [ cheers and applause ] thank you! it's regis, joy, and i've got big news for you. balance are slowing you down, keep watching this show because we're gonna tell you about an incredible new program that's gonna fix everything. [ cheers and applause ] yeah! >> announcer: the facts are frightening. 1 out of 3 people over 65 fall each year, resulting in expensive hospital stays, loss of independence, or worse. >> i broke my hip. "oh, my god. what in the world am i going to do now?" >> announcer: the major cause -- aches and pains, which lead to


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