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tv   Today  NBC  November 14, 2016 7:00am-8:59am CST

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good morning. trump's challenge amid protests for the fifth straight night. the president-elect speaks out in his first interview since the election, opening up about the future of his controversial campaign promis, >> probably 2 million, could even be 3 million. we're getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate. >> -- to abortion. >> i'm pro life. the judges will be pro life. >> to that wall. >> i'm very good at this. it's called construction. >> mr. trump also delivering a message to his supporters being accused of racism and hate crimes. >> i will say this. i'll say it right to the cameras. stop it.
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the trump administration. this morning, his just-named chief of staff, reince priebus, will join us. breaking overnight. a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake in new zealand. several killed, others trapped if debris. a tsunami triggered. we're there live. and big, bright, and beautiful. the supermoon lighting up the sky this morning with closest path to earth since 1948. and you've got one more chance to catch it "today," monday, november 14th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i said you have another chance to see the supermoon today.
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"tonight." >> i was going to say. i missed the supermoon because i go to bed before sunset. >> 6:00. we'll talk more about that and see more beautiful images in a second. let us get right to president-elect donald trump speaking out in a wide ranging interview as his white house staff begins now to take shape. new protests over his election erupt yet again. we'll talk about all of it with the man who will serve as president trump's chief of staff, reince priebus, in a moment. but first, nbc natio the white house. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. president-elect trump is starting to map out what his administration may look like. beginning with his inner circle. including two top aides meant to appeal to different factions of the republican party. one who has long antagonized the establishment, the other who represents it. donald trump revealing his first presidential pick. for chief of staff, rnc chair reince priebus.
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bannon, former head of the conservative news site, breitbart. the reince priebus pick celebrated by republicans but not likely with trump's base. one source telling nbc news, instead of draining the swarm, we just put in the head el gator. bannon's a bomb throwing seen as having controversial views light lining up with the alt-right and nationalists. but associates are defending bannon saying he has personal views despite breitbart's provocative ones. on "60 minutes," trump's first tv interview since his surprise victory, the president-elect vowed to crack down on undocumented immigrants beginning with criminals. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers -- we have a lot of these people. probably 2 million, maybe even 3 million. after the border is secured and
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determination. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan insists there won't be mass deportation. >> we are not planning on erecting a deportation force. donald trump's not planning on that. >> reporter: as for his signature campaign pledge, that border wall with mexico, trump now says in places he'll settle for a fence. trump's also promising to appoint supreme court justices who are antiabortion acknowledging roe v. wade could eventually be overturned affecting women's access to >> then some people won't be able to get an abortion. >> no. it will go back to the states. >> no, but -- >> perhaps they'll have to go to another state. >> reporter: on another campaign pledge, trump is refuing to rule out appointing a special prosecutor to look into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. >> they're good people. i'll give you a very good and definitive action the next time we do "60 minutes" together.
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denouncing those supporters targeting minorities with racial slurs and personal threats. >> i am so saddened to hear that. and i say stop it. if it helps, i will say this -- i'll say it right to the camera. stop it. >> reporter: this weekend asked if he thought his rhetoric had gone too far on the campaign, president-elect trump said, no, i won. this morning he's also pledging not to receive the $400,000 a year presidential salary and not to take during his time in the white house. in his words, there's just so much to be done. matt and savannah? >> peter, thank you. another big person until pick, steve bannon, will serve as donald trump's chief strategist and senior counselor. it is a pick that immediately caught some controversy. nbc's hallie jackson in washington with more on that. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hey there, savannah, good morning to you. steve bannon, the former head of breitbart news, has been a controversial figure in the president-elect's orbit from the
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his supporters are now applauding his new white house role. critics are growing very concerned about what kind of world he might bring to the west wing. often on stage with his boss, steve bannon now in the spotlight after helping to propel donald trump to the presidency, promoted to chief strategist in a position to shape the future president's policies. ban be, one of trump's first appointments, and already his most controversial. before joining trump's campaign news, a site with often offensive headlines like this one calling a conservative columnist a renegade jew. bannon saying this summer he wanted breitbart to be the platform of the alt-right, a conservative extremist movement with ties to white nationalism. the appointment of breitbart drew immediate fire. "the racist fascist extreme
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office." his wife claims in a 2007 divorce filing he did not want to send his children to school with jewish students. a claim he denies. politically he's a flame thrower. >> you may own these buildings but they're occupied by a permanent political class that is out for your destruction. >> reporter: house speaker, paul ryan, brushing off any issues with bannon. >> i've never met the guy. i trust donald's judgment. >> reporter: but ryan's congratulatory tweet praising reince priebus, the next administration's chief of staff, never mentioned the chief strategist. >> are you ready to elect donald trump president of the united states? his long time relationship with ryan, two men representing two factions, now under one west wing. the antidefamation league has come out against bannon's appointment. a couple of his friends and
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by phone defending his character, flatly denying any charges of anti-semitism, acknowledging breitbart's provocative but calling bannon a champion of diverse voices. they describe him as an intense and focused leader. >> hallie jackson in washington, thank you. reince priebus, chairman of the republican national committee, will join the trump administration as chief of staff. good morning, congratulations. >> hey, thank you. very nice of you to have >> you were on our set wednesday morning after donald trump won the election. you said you hadn't talked to trump about a position in his administration. you hadn't even thought about it. so this came together rather quickly. did you have any reservations about accepting this position? >> no, not at all. i mean other than making sure that it was good with my wife and the kids and getting that piece of my life straight. we've had a great partnership
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bannon and the whole team, and it has worked and it has been a great partnership and he really wants everyone to understand out there that he wants to be a president for everyone. >> right. >> no matter your background, your race, your gender, your faith. he wants to do well for every american across the board. >> but to some, you're an odd choice for chief of staff because they've been watching this campaign over the last year or year-and-a-half. they've heard donald trump say we want to bring chang swarm, we're going counter to the establishment. you are the establishment. you're the ultimate insider and dealmaker. why are you the right fit for this job? >> well, first of all, it's about an advisory role. it is an operations role. but also, i was elected by the grassroots members of our party across the country. i get elected by the people that are making the phone calls and putting up the yard signs and the people doing the work.
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wisconsin who was elected through that process. but secondly, i would just tell everyone that the reason we had an electoral landslide in this country is that donald trump was able to bring different pieces of our party together. the reason why he did as well as he did is that he appealed to people like me. he appealed to people in all respects of our party. and so that -- it takes a talent and an ability that president-elect trump had. but it was his delivery that created that incredible night. >> can we talk about steve bannon? in some ways he is the flip side of the coin here. a lot of people are concerned because they look at breitbart news. as one paper put it, recently accused president obama of recruiting more hating muslim,
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steve bannon will bring to the white house? can you let them know anything about him that would be contrary to the website he ran? >> sure. and that wasn't his writing. that was some articles in breitbart. it wasn't him. >> okay, but he is the head. the buck stops with him. >> the guy i know is a guy that isn't any of those things. the guy i know is the guy sitting in an office all day yesterday talking about the last few months, that's a guy that exhibited none of those qualities. here's a guy who's harvard business school, is he a ten-year naval officer, london school of economics, i believe. he is a guy who is pretty -- he's very, very smart. very temperate. and together we've been able to manage a lot of the decision making in regard to the campaign, along with kellyanne
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if you watched that "60 minutes" interview last night, you saw a president ready to be president for every american so that in 20 years people are going to look back at president trump and say, wow, this guy did every single thing he said and he led this country with honor and dignity. that's the donald trump that people are going to be talking about in 20 years. >> let me just follow it this way, in the west wing will you or steve bannon have more power and influence in shaping donald trump's agenda and policies? role. the chief of staff is generally responsible for the day to day operations of the white house. in regard to advising the president, i think if people understand president trump, he likes taking opinions from a lot of different people. he's not a person that just listens to one person and does whatever that one person says. he decides. so in advising the president, i would suspect that me, steve bannon, i think jared kushner,
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going to be very involved in decision making. that's the kind of president donald trump is going to be. i think you are going to find that in a few months, as people see the agenda roll out in the first 28 days, the first 100 days, that he is going to be a president for all americans and he is going to make you proud. >> reince priebus, again, congratulations. >> you bet. >> talk to you soon. thank you. well, what is next for the democratic party? still reeling from a stunning loss. president obama set to hold a news conference this afternoon. nbc's part of the story this morning. hi, kristen, good morning. >> hi, savannah. in addition to that press conference, president obama will also call members of the democratic national committee today as hillary clinton reaches out to house democrats to discuss next steps in what went wrong. the outreach comes on the heels of clinton placing part of the blame for her loss squarely on the shoulders of fbi director james comey. >> reporter: democrats looking for the way forward with president obama and hillary
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top democrats today. their goal -- to figure out where the party goes next and who its leader will be with the president leaving the white house. it will likely also be a rallying cry, not to give up on key party policies like obamacare and immigration reform. what did go wrong? in a phone call with donors on saturday, clinton said she's heartbroken, blaming fbi director james comey for stopping her momentum after he revived the issue of her e-mails in the 11th hour of the race. >> i just always somebody else's fault. >> reporter: but on "meet the press", kelly anne conway blasted clinton for the finger pointing. >> sometimes you have to reflect and figure out what went wrong. we saw the polls before the announcement on october 28th. >> reporter: rudy giuliani claimed obamacare played a role. >> we put up front in all of donald trump's speeches for the last two or three weeks not the
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world there is also an acknowledgement the campaign failed to aggressively reach out to white working class voters in places like michigan, ohio, and pennsylvania. a source familiar with former president bill clinton tells nbc news he was pushing for more outreach to those communities. other realization -- the obama coalition just didn't turn out in the same force without president obama on the ballot. >> even though we didn't get those turned out, it is not time to give up. >> the president typically holds press conferences after the election. today he is talk about the transition of power and how the country can move forward even as thousands take to the streets to protest the election of president-elect trump. also this morning, strong aftershocks are rattling buildings and a lot of nerves in new zealand where a powerful earthquake hit overnight.
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>> reporter: good morning, matt. this was a powerful earthquake, magnitude 7.8. there have been hundreds of aftershocks, several of them strong. a tsunami alert has been lifted but people are still being warned to stay away from the shoreline. so far two deaths have been reported, though rescue teams are only now getting a clear picture of the damage. another the earthquake's epicenter there are huge cracks in roads and landslides have cut off towns. the focus of the relief effort now is trying about two hours north of here where a state of emergency has been declared and it is accessible only by air. experts believe the earthquake was actually two separate quakes along different fault lines. new zealand lies on the so-called "ring of fire" where
7:17 am
the quake this time was stronger than the one in 2001 but it was also deeper. the physical damage doesn't appear as dramatic but nerves are seriously rattled here and there is, of course, concern that the death toll could rise as rescue teams begin to clear the rubble. >> janice, thank you very much. let's turn to al with a first check of the weather. the supermoon? >> this is really cool. the video and pictures just amazing. as you look -- not just in this country but all ad the weather's been spectacular. you look at these pictures of the supermoon and you just have to be in awe. look at it just balancing on top of the arch there in st. louis. and all over the world we've got some gorgeous video and pictures. you can see. you beauty of this, the orbit around the earth of the moon is not exact will i round. it is more elliptical, more
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closest the moon gets in its orbit. the furthest away. the average distance. around the country tonight, the best places to see the supermoon going to be in the rockies, the southwest, southern california, on into the central plains. gulf coast, into the mid misspp here in the northeast we may have some clouds and some showers and that may obscure your view but a lot of places are going to see a beautiful supermoon here in the united states and around the world. (mom) hurry up, honey! we're going to be late! ?? ugh. like this! woah! (knocking at door)
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(younger sister) it's beautiful! (avo) the real magic of the holidays is when we all give a little more. . back in college, didn't you do some super mooning? >> i could have told you you were going to do that. >> i couldn't help it. >> that wasn't a denial, by the way. >> exactly. statute of limitations has long
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al just ahead, how big a role did social media play in the election of donald trump. what mark zuckerberg is saying about misinformation shared during the campaign. and mix of saturday night life spin spin.
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just ahead, how life has changed in a big way for her relationship with prince harry has gone public. reselling your old smartphone and laptops. could the personal information you thought you deleted still be on that device.
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it is 7:30. monday morning. november 14, 2016. it is beginning to look a lot like the holidays around here. rockefeller christmas tree arrived over 94 feet tall. norway spruce. fun fact. second tallest tree ever to adorn or plaza. >> always look forward to that. nice perk for people who came down to rockefeller center. get out to say hi in a moment. headlines from this morning. in first wide ranging interview as president elect, donald trump addressed concerns about how he
7:31 am
leader. >> i'll conduct myself in a very good manner, but depends on what the situation is. sometimes you have to be rougher. when i look at the world and you look at how various places are taken advantage of our country, and i say it and i say it very proudly. it's going to be america first. >> as for his controversial campaign promises, trump again promised to build a wall along the mexican border, but said it may actually be a fence in some places. he also vowed to 2-3 million undocumented immigrants he characterized as having criminal records. working to suppress wildfires across the northeast. sparked several fires from mississippi to north carolina. so smoky in some areas. residents are being urged to wear special masks if they go outside. >> yesterday was a good one.
7:32 am
down to the final seconds. fourth and goal, the patriots looking to tie the game, but brady's pass falls incomplete. the seahawks hang on for a win. meantime, mark zuckerberg is fighting back against accusations facebook helped spread misinformation during the presidential campaign. >> good morning. facebook now under fire. critics say it allowed fake news to spread on the platfor people creating echo chambers and unfairly influencing presidential election. deciding what is allowed to be shared or not is not his job. >> it's been called the viral victory. >> it's where it's at. i do believe this, i really believe that the fact that i have such power in terms of numbers with facebook, twitter,
7:33 am
>> president elect, donald trump with his more than 14 million twitter followers and growing now crediting social media for propelling his campaign over hillary clinton. >> i think it helped me win all of these races where they're spending much more money than i spent. >> while trump praises social media, facebook founder mark zuckerberg now being forced to fend off criticism that the site allows fake news articles to be shared online. >> i think there is a certain profound lack of empathy in asserting the only reason someone could have voted the way they did is because they saw fake news. >> some of the most viral examples, pope francis endorses trump was shared 97,000 times. another bogus article saying clinton bought $137 million worth of illegal weapons. even trump target instead an imagine that wrongly quoted him as saying republicans are the dumbest voters.
7:34 am
using it every month, facebook is the world's biggest social media platform. far more influential thad twitter. zuckerberg insists facebook didn't influence the election. taking to his own page the 32-year-old posted a long defense to facebook saying he did you want want the company to become the arbiter of truth. saying quote, all the content of facebook, more than 99% of what this makes it extremely likely it changed the outcome of election in one direction or the other. when one facebook user replied to zuckerberg it is the responsibility to sfrat fact from fiction, he disagreed saying facebook is a technology company. >> we're always going to have fake news. always going to have lies. always going to have idiots out there. only way to deal with that is to
7:35 am
information, true information, reasonable and fact based information. >> a new debate on and offline about social media's role in politics as president elect trump heads to the white house. >> now facebook is declining to comment further on the issue. zuckerberg says there's more facebook can do and will work to improve tools to flag fake news. goes way beyond that. single most important platform ro for fund raising as well. probably just ignored the results. >> just moved on. >> go to tam ron in the orange room. so al roeker was quoting the entire monologue over here. snl all over the company. their take has everybody talking. post election show pulled in
7:36 am
season. here perhaps is why. snl did not start with usual funny business, rather a more somber note. kate mckinnon played a tribute to leonard cohen. other highlights host dave chappelle. his edgy monologue giving classic dave chappelle and cake m also embraced the tension and surprise a lot of people felt with viewing party sketch. take a look. >> this says florida is too close to call. >> no, no, it says too early to call. only 1% in. >> i'm going to go ahead and call it. florida is going blue, to latinos. >> well, of course he's going to win ohio. we knew that, but if we can get pennsylvania, florida, north
7:37 am
from the bedroom. >> will you grab me six. >> he says trump is going to win florida. >> i guess the latinos didn't hear about your toast. >> special surprise guest, chris rock, joined the party. and everyone is raving about it. trending on facebook well after the show. here are some tweets. celebrities tweeting out i woke up to kate mckinnon the emotions and hope so many are feeling. dave chappelle is killing this snl. simply amazing. one for the record books. >> funny stuff and also very poignant. >> thank you very much. >> having a great season. also not seeing the season we should be in. fall. i mean, where is fall? we've got all these temperatures that are way above normal from coast to coast with the exception of the pacific northwest.
7:38 am
look at today, las vegas 13 degrees above arch. oklahoma 70. 60 degrees in chicago. 14 degrees above average. new york, boston also about 14 degrees above average as well. as you can see unseasonal bli warm weather today with a lot of wet weather in the pacific and keep track of your weather 24/7 with our friends at the weather channel.
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lear calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar. this morning, "rossen reports" and a new privacy alert. >> "today" national investigator correspondent jeff rossen and his team went undercover to look at this. >> our station in washington, d.c., wrc, tipped us off to this story. so many new phones and laptops coming out.
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ones? you delete your files, post an ad online. turns out these deleted files that you think are deleted are likely still there. you're actually handing over ultra personal information to a stranger. in just a moment we're actually going to show you how to really delete these files for good. but first we are going on a shopping spree. just wait until you see what we found. >> reporter: we text, e-mail, shop, even do our banking. all on our cell phones and laptops. right there. >> when i delete stuff on this thing, i assume it is gone. >> yeah. a lot of people think that. but it is not. all of that information is still there, easily accessible by anyone, even thieves. >> reporter: richard hickman is a computer expert. how hard would it be for a thief to get my city of out of that phone? >> anybody with a means and motivation can do this and wreak havoc in somebody's life. >> reporter: we want to see for
7:45 am
my producer poring through thousands of ads online, buying dozens of phones and setting up meetings to pick them up. >> got another phone. >> laptops, too. >> just got a laptop. let's see what's on it. >> reporter: we bring them to be analyzed and right away we get hits. >> this would be an identity thief's gold mine. >> reporter: this laptop we bought for $75 giving us full access to the family we bought it from. >> home address, phone personal family pictures. >> that's scary. >> we found tax information. social security numbers of the kids and the parents. >> reporter: right down to their bank routing numbers. even account numbers. who does it belong to? this suburban a mom named traci. no, no, jeff rossen from the "today" show. i'm sorry. we're doing a story. how you doing? nice to meet you. how are you?
7:46 am
attica. my producer who works with us. we were doing a story about heem people who sell used computers and actually think they've wiped everything off of it but haven't. i want to show you all the personal things you pulled off your computer. >> my taxes. all of my financial information. social security numbers of everyone. >> people could do some damage with that information. >> yeah. >> but you don't want a stranger having that. >> no, i don't. absolutely not. >> reporter: think that's bad? on this next device. a sell phone belonging to areah, a college freshman. >> we could steal every dime this girl has. >> reporter: 3,000 private text messages, her phone call log, secret passwords to her student scholarship, social media accounts, and shopping apps. even when and where she goes to class. we set up a meeting to tell her what we found. jeff rossen with the "today" show. how are you? >> i'm good, how are you? >> you're probably wondering
7:47 am
i want to tell you what we got off your phone. your bank information, your college information. the code to the lockbox with the key to your house, plus your home address. now if i'm a bad guy -- luckily i'm one of the good guys -- could break into your house. >> that's just scary. >> look at all those passwords to amazon, pinterest. your student scholarship. >> crazy. >> that's her cousin. >> never thought you could get all of that just off a phone. >> you can lose everything just from a phone because i have all my information o >> every single thing. >> yeah. >> reporter: as for all of that sensitive data, don't worry, we took care of that, too. we've wiped this phone completely clean from a professional service so you can have it back and resell it now safely. please take all your personal information because i don't want it anymore. >> thank you. >> reporter: and of course, we also do it for traci. >> well, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> i appreciate that.
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>> reporter: we all learn something today? perfect. >> they were good sports. how do you really wipe your phone clean? we'll show you right now. start with iphones. the first thing you want to do is go to settings. then scroll down to general. hit general. then you go all the way down here on the bottom down here to reset. you hit reset. then this is what you want to look for right here. erase all content and settings. you hit that. it says erase iphone? you say yes. it is going to ask you again. boom. it is going to reset. all your data is gone. for android devices, i know a lot of you have android devices. first of all you want to encrypt all your information on an android device. once you do that, come to settings, do a factory reset so come to settings. oh, my lord. it went better in rehearsal, guys.
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, donald trump speaks out. >> i will say this -- i'll say it right to the cameras -- stop it. >> addressing supporters accused of racism and hate crimes. as he tries to heal a divided nation in his first interview as president-elect. is he now walking back some of his more controversial campaign promises? the wall, abortion, even indicting hillary clinton. >> i don't want to hurt them. i don't want to hurt them. they're good people. then, stepping in to the royal spotlight. >> for want of a better phrase -- perfect princess material.
8:01 am
actress meghan markle has her relationship with prince harry went public. and superstars in studio 1a. anna kendrick, bill by bob thornton and andy cohen all joining us live "today," monday, november 14th, 2016. ?? >> all the way from indiana. >> from oklahoma! >> hello to our kids in honolulu -- >> and san francisco. woo! >> all the way from anchorage alaska. >> to celebrate my 60th birthday. >> from the ohio state university. we're back now, 8:00 on this monday morning. it is the 14th day of november, 2016.
8:02 am
kind of a chilly morning but we're happy to see all of you. >> looks good. >> the tree is here. >> before we get to the tree, we have thanksgiving. al is going to be hitting the road for the turkey trot. >> "today's turkey trot." >> but meanwhile, we're going to have two master chefs here to put a new spin on chestnuts. of course, chef daniel ba lewd and marcus samuelson putting a spin on chestnuts. >> we're going to be taking that bus all across the country. >> are you driving? >> i'm not driving. it is a really cool bus. >> awesome! first, let's get a check of the headlines. time for your "news at 8." good monday morning, i'm peter alexander here at the white house. president-elect trump's making his first presidential picks beginning with his inner circle.
8:03 am
appeal to different factions of the republican party. one who has long antagonized the establishment. other who represents it. the trump administration quickly taking shape. rnc chair reince priebus tapped as president-elect trump's chief of staff and steve bannon on leave from the ultra conservative breitbart news, the chief strategist. breitbart is known for white nationalists and anti-semitic views. one campaign source describes the reince priebus pick as an olive branch to the establishment. another underscoring concerns about trump's base telling nbc news, instead of draining the swamp, we just put in the head alligator. he spoke with matt and savannah earlier today. >> the reason we had an electoral landslide in this country is donald trump was able to bring different pieces of our party together. >> the message of your campaign -- >> reporter: in a new interview with "60 minutes," trump dismissed fears of how he might
8:04 am
glimpse into what kind of president he'll be. >> you know, i'll conduct myself in a very good manner but depends on what the situation is. sometimes you have to be rougher. >> these are the most corrupt people. >> reporter: refusing to say he'll stray from the fiery language he often used on the trail. >> sometimes you need a certain rhetoric to get people motivated. i don't want to be just a little nice monotone character. >> can you be? >> sure i can. >> reporter: as for his signature campaign promises, trump's pledging to deport millions of undocumented immigrants beginning with criminals. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of these people. probably 2 million, could even be 3 million. we're getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate. but we're getting them out of our country. they are here illegally. >> reporter: the president-elect
8:05 am
overturned. >> it would go back to the states. >> but then some women won't be able to get an abortion. >> it will go back to the states. >> well -- >> perhaps they'll have to go to another state. >> and that's okay. >> well, we'll see what happens. it's got a long way to go. >> reporter: as for appointing a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton -- so far, no verdict. >> i'll have to think about it. i don't want to hurt them. they'rod i don't want to hurt them. >> reporter: for his part, president obama is set to hold a news conference this afternoon where he is going to address donald trump's election. both the president and hillary clinton will speak to top democrats today as they plot the party's path forward, even as clinton blames the head of the fbi, james comey, for stopping her momentum by reviving her e-mail issue in the waning days of the race. matt back to you. >> peter alexander, thank you. there are still protests, anti-trump protests, almost a
8:06 am
lauderdale, florida for us. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for the fifth straight night protests erupted across the country. the one that started here drew several hundred demonstrators and we spoke with many of them who accepted donald trump's victory but they were outraged over his policies and wanted to make sure that he paid attention. >> not my president! not my president! >> reporter: overnight more protests against donald trump. this one in ft. lauderdale. peaceful but passionate. >> this is not about democracy. this is about a bigot winning. that's the point. >> reporter: since the election there have been anti-trump demonstrations in at least 82 cities. >> we are the popular vote! >> reporter: the heightened tension comes as the southern poverty law center is tracking an unusual spike. more than 300 reports of hateful intimidation or harassment since the election. for his part, the president-elect told "60 minutes" he had not heard about any racial harassment in his name.
8:07 am
>> i would say don't do it. that's terrible. because i'm going to bring this country together. >> reporter: during a tweet last week, trump had at first said that these demonstrators were professional protesters. then hours later said that he was glad that they had passion for our great country. more protests are expected throughout this week. matt and savannah? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you so much. coming up next -- meghan markle, prince harry's and fame. check out the orange room. anna kendrick, billy bob thornton and andy cohen. we'll get to all of them.
8:08 am
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8:12 am
. it's 8:12. we're back with how life is changing in a very big way. >> she's already well known of course in her own right. now her fame is really skyrocketing because she's official the girlfriend of
8:13 am
imagine a princess megan. pierce morgan at daily mail said he met up with her earlier this morning. they shared a drink. she said he was being pursued by a few guys. the question he's asking himself now, was that prince harry. >> spotted shopping in london then heading to harry's place, megan hit show "suits." the couple apparently wearing identical bracelets when they're not together. pierce morgan met megan in june. >> very intelligent, great sense of humor. very want of a better phrase, perfect princess material. >> the american actress facing
8:14 am
prince harry, who's mother diana died in a car crash slamming the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls. >> i think there's a massive difference between being famous a tv show in america and sudden le being propelled into the massively bigger lime light of going a royal girlfriend. >> blogging about fashi food with style advice and ideas for the kitchen. and sharing with harry a passion for charity work. vising ra wanda. while prince harry has been look for a long-term partner telling britain sky news last year he wants children. >> it would be great to have someone else next to me to share the pressure, but time will
8:15 am
>> if that someone is megan, it won't be easy. a long-distance relationship and both her busy schedules, but some folks in just a whisper are wondering about the possibility of another royal wedding. some people are pointing out she is older than harry and she is divorced. this is 2016. surely she would bring a breath of fresh air to the royal family. you know megan. she's a really good girl. >> she's i see you're marrying them off already. getting ahead of yourself. let them date and enjoy one another. >> that's my job. >> thank you. >> actually going to be on the turkey trot with me. let's get to some other stories that are actually trending today. >> this is a doozie. do i get a good night's sleep? if the answer is no it turns out it could be because of your person.
8:16 am
turning. researchers are offering a solution. don't sleep with your partner. 29% of people blame their significant other for keeping them awake. they're also suggesting sleeping apart as a way to get some sleep and boost your health. >> i have a friend who does that. >> they sleep in separate beds and they come back together in the morning and they have a great relations >> they don't feel like roommates? >> they still have their moments. they just sleep separately. you know what i mean? >> occasionally they spoon is what you're saying? >> i mean, it's a big deal to share your space with somebody who snores. >> even just this. just this little moment here. >> separate studios? >> can we talk about lindsey vaughn for a second.
8:17 am
is one tough cookie. training last week she crashed very hard. she broke her arm. she shared some x-ray images. that is a break. you can't take that, you might want to turn away for this. she also shared a photo, it's a little graphic, those are the stitches after the surgery she had to repair that broken arm. she said she was in incredible pain, but she joked. she's going to need a lot of cocoa butter to get rid of that scar. maybe because you ski 80 miles an hour. that might be the reason. she is a fighter. she said she'll be back at it soon. >> i believe her. to never bet against lindsey vaughn. >> amazing. >> best to her. first to the cast reunion 16 years in the making, the scars
8:18 am
again. all reuniting over the weekend. shannon doherty brave battling breast cancer and her co-stars pay tribute to her. fight like a brenda. that brings together stars the tv and music from the '80s and the '90s. brad pitt his major buzz. plays an assassin. >> here's a clip. >> my wife sent a spy. >> if she is we need to keep -- >> no.
8:19 am hits theaters november 23rd. finally sometimes the boss needs a little help too. bruce springstein was stranded. bikers came to his aid. the guys didn't know it was bruce when they stopped. they just saw a guy stopped and jumped in to help. afterwards bruce brought the guys a his ride arrived. you don't know it's him. then let's go have a drink. >> the universe rewards you. you did a nice thing. and it's bruce springstein. >> let's get you started for your monday. we've got some wet weather. we've got a little low pressure going to be making its way up to the coast for today. bringing showers to the outer banks and by tomorrow we're going to be looking at more wet weather moving into the
8:20 am
although there could be some coastal flooding at high tides. then as we move out west, a lot of wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest. showers and thunderstorms pushing in as another round of showers come in. two to 4 inches of rain along the washington, oregon coast. >> and that's your and that's your latest
8:21 am
producer and bet selling author andy cohen. this book picks up where the last one left off? >> a week after. >> 2014 to 2016. give me two words to describe those years of your life. >> funny and very dramatic. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> let's start with se things you write. when you write these in your diary, do you realize that people are going to eventually read these things? >> well, you know what? i had a little bit of a sleepless night last night. oh, man, did i go too far? i'm going to write this. i'm going to put everything in it. when i edit it i'm going to take stuff out. >> let's be honest. there are some things you write
8:22 am
off some christmas card lists. >> that's probably true. you know what? i feel like i want to be transparent and people are expecting this to be real and it is. >> let me talk about real, because it's real but it's also personal. at one point in the book you talk about feeling lonely. >> yep. >> and about wanting more out of life. you write this quote. i know there's something deeper for me in my future. i need there to be. can you remind me of the period of your life you were going through that created that though in my life and we all have moments of extreme happiness and loneliness and a lot. that was a moment that i was having. i am the least introspective person. three years has made me think of things in a different way. i think it's opening myself up to love and a relationship and
8:23 am
closer to that spot than i ever was. >> you talked in the book about feelings about wanting to be a parent. >> yes. >> do you feel you need to be in a relationship, a lasting relationship to take that leap? >> i don't. i don't. i feel like i can just do it. >> at the point the book ended, you were in a relationship. >> that's true. >> but i believe that ended -- no. i mean the diary entry ended six month ago. >> yes. is there something i don't know? >> i'm not breaking news so the relationship is -- >> everything is great. i put the pen down in may thf -- of this year and i was sitting there writing and i started to get emotionally exhausted reporting on my life kind of and i said i have to go live it, i've got to go do this, there's this great guy here. >> you write about your mom and dad a lot. something your mom said in this book caught my attention. she comments on people on tv and she said this to you.
8:24 am
hair. why does he do that? >> matt, my heart sunk when i saw you today because i'm going to have to hear it yet again on thanksgiving morning. you're doing the macy's parade, right? >> i thought she meant matt damon. me? >> she's like what is on his face? every november i have to listen to it and i have to explain the no shaving. >> all that sort of thing to your mom. i love your mom. no third stallment? >> i don't think so. this is funny. i really went there and i name names and i want people to love it as much as i do. >> just because you may not do another book, you're still writing in your diary? >> i'm not. i'm tired, dude. >> i was going to ask what would you write in your diary about your experience here today? >> i would say i tried to cross my legs like matt because you're the best at crossing your legs on tv. >> if there's something to be
8:25 am
>> i would say matt access rises a little more than i expected with the bracelets. i don't know what's happening there. and i would say it was pretty good. good moment with hoda. i would say i didn't tell her about the inappropriate dream i had her. >> you told me about it. >> it's in the book. >> the book is, but you aren't, "superficial." don't "watch what happens live" on our sister network bravo. >> look who i'm with. anna kendrick and billy bob thorn ton. he just looked at my belly and
8:26 am
imagine a world where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
all right, we're back. it is 8:30, it is monday, november 14th, great crowd on our plaza. it is nice and warm. we are getting stars in our studio. anna kendricks. she acts, she sings, she writes. is there anything she cannot do? we'll catch up with her on her new book called "scrappy little nobody." >> look at her. i will tell you, one of my favorite actors, billy bob thornton is here, he'll tell us about a new amazon prime series and about bringing bad santa back to the big screen. and check it out. we've got a big bus on the plaza ready to whisk al away on
8:31 am
but first he is going to do some holiday cooking. and friday we gave you a peek at alicia keys' brand-new music video. here is a little bit more for you. take a look. ?? ?? >> we are already loving that deeply personal song about blended families, what you do for love. over weekend, a chorus of celebrities added their voices to alicia's call to bring people together. you can see the full video at don't miss alicia keys on "the voice" tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central. it is just a beautiful song.
8:32 am
now let's send it over to al in the bus for the weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by novo. millions are at risk of diabetes. are you? visit and we are so excited. we've got two of today >> you guys like chestnuts? >> yeah. >> you are in luck because these guys are going to prepare chestnuts two ways. we're going to take this bus and surprise people with famous celebrity chefs. >> this is a nice bus. >> chef danielle said, hey, did you check out the mirrored ceilings?
8:33 am
why do you love thanksgiving. >> the holiday brings out some of the best food and it brings families together and with our restaurant, too, we do a lot of charities. we give out on thanksgiving turkeys for the whole community. >> that is great. chef, i first met you -- gosh, my golly now -- it's got to be 26 years ago. >> 27. >> 27 years ago on thanksgiving. we were working -- >> in my home. >> in new york. thanksgiving is very special to you. >>y every thanksgiving it is about of course gathering family, friends and now with the restaurant being all open, we are also enjoying cooking for everyone who wants to gather together. >> you ladies are gathered together here to help us do all this. >> yes. >> again, thank you very much. again, "today's turkey trot"
8:34 am
>> sammy g., this bus is just we've got plastic on the carpet. we just have to put some on the couch and it would be just like home. >> al, thank you so much. anna kendrick is a woman of so many talents. she was nominated for an oscar for her role in "up in the air" but probably most recognized as becca from the "pitch perfect" franchise. now she adds a new title to her resume. author. in her first look called
8:35 am
shares a collection of brutally honest short stories that can have you laughing outloud. i can vouch for that. >> thank you for having me. y'all can't get rid of me. >> we love you. and now you are an author but as i understand it, not a memoirist. >> i don't know. that word sounds so pretentious, doesn't it? like if you like live the storied life. but i do feel a little silly calling it a memoir as though i've experienced so possibly impact wisdom. i don't know what you call a book of embarrassing and slightly incriminating stories. >> you call it "scrappy little nobody." i actually love that title. let's discuss it. >> it is one of those titles that i knew that some people might take it as me trying to be like, little old me? that's disingenuous. it was about this conversation i had with my brother. do you ever just have that
8:36 am
did i used to be a better version of myself. i had this conversation with my brother. i was like i think i was more capable when i was this scrappy little nobody. he's like you're still scrappy, you just get more e-mails now. then i found this photo of me when i was like 3 years old looking really feisty and really angry. i cannot imagine about what. it just kind of made me feel happy to know that like that drive that you have at any point in your life you can access that no matter -- oh, >> i just love it. she's adorable. we'll get back to that picture in a moment. you started -- people might know you from "up in the air" or "pitch perfect." you started on broadway as a young girl. but i love what you write. you say i get embarrassed about being a child actor probably because i spent a lot of time around child actor when i was one and they're crazy. >> it's funny, like my knee-jerk reaction was to go, yeah, i'm
8:37 am
>> this kind of goes to the "scrappy little nobody." you say even now i worry every job i get is going to be my last. >> me, too. >> just in an alley, chain smoking, talking about my glory days. i can't wait. >> you tell little tales about hollywood here and there. one of my favorites had to do with when you were just getting known for "up in the air." then are you at the and people think it is about style. they just make you buy really expensive shoes. >> it is one of those funnily things it is the great irony once you can afford the shoes, somebody will lend them to you which is lovely. but at that point, the movie wasn't out yet and nobody really knew who i was. and my stylist was like, well, you still have to be wearing the expensive shoes. otherwise the world will end.
8:38 am
available in book stores tomorrow. next, billy bob thornton is bringing back one of his most popular roles. bad santa. that's next. but fir first it was gift certificates. then gift cards... unwrap the cash. ironically elf-themed, this festively-fun gift put a bunch of us into early retirement. old-school gifts can't compete! so on my 400th workaversary, i moved on to greener pastures! see you on the green! okay!
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are back at 8:41. "bad santa" has been a holiday movie mainstay for more than a decade now. now willie and his badmouth are back f billy bob thornton is here to tell us all about it. but first a little preview. >> that's great. that's great. i don't know. >> grand theft auto 5. >> i don't care. what can i get you?
8:41 am
okay. >> billy bob thornton, good morning. why did you make us wait so long for a sequel? it took 13 years. >> you know, in a lot of ways it helped waiting that long because you got to see the kid at 21 as opposed to the next year where it is the same people doing the same stuff. >> he has not changed very much. >> it is unbelievable, isn't it? >> he was adorable then and he looks exactly like what you would think. >> it is like they took the 8-year-old, put air him and just blew him up. >> it's true. you wait 13 years. your character willie, i think it is fair to say, has not had a season of personal growth. he has not evolved. he's as bad as ever. >> yeah. he hasn't changed a lot. i think the one thing though in this second movie is that you do see more of willie's heart. i mean it is a little more
8:42 am
little bit more of an actual christmas story. a lot of reason for that is because you get to see where he came from. >> we see his mom. kathy bates plays mom. >> it is not pretty. >> apple doesn't fall far. >> i'm telling you. >> when you think about this movie and why it resonated so much with people and why they loved it, it's kind of a raunchy movie. it is a little bit wrong. but in the right way. is that what you think? this sort of being kind irreverent was the thing? >> i think people wanted an alternative to the more sentimental movies. a lot of people get really grumppy at christmas. some people don't have fun with their family. over at our house we have a traditional christmas and we love the whole season. but some people really wanted to not just have to watch "miracle on 34th street" or whatever. and also i think people live vicariously through people like willie. sometimes it is like all the things that they'd like to say
8:43 am
so, yeah, it's definitely the alternative christmas movie and the thing became iconic in its time. and so it was our duty to at least get close to as good as the first one. so hopefully we did. >> the profile you did for "gq." you did a very cute story about you and your little daughter and how you love my little pony. i love that. >> oh, yeah. i watch it every day with her. and this is the more grown-up version. it is not like theit one. she's 12 now. bella. and she watches this one called "equestria girls." they're girls, not horses. we watch that one quite a bait. some of the stories are kind of heavy. underlying theme. you know? it's heavy sometimes. so she actually learns a lot from it. >> you're giving me a whole new perspective on my little pony. >> absolutely. my little pony is the on the
8:44 am
>> i'm going to contemplate that. billy bob, so good to see you. thank you so much. "bad santa 2" is in theaters soon, november 23rd. coming up next, another holiday favorite. two unique ways to enjoy chestnuts. but first, this is "today"
8:45 am
imagine a world where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy
8:46 am
was the family room. at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. so excited. it is "turkey trot" expert chefs together to make your holiday meals. thanks to our friends at feather light, we're going to be rolling around in this big bus all across the country, surprising foodie fans. best part, we are bringing celebrity chefs like bobby flay, katie lee and sunny anderson along for the ride. we have two more faous chefs
8:47 am
use. guys, good to see you. >> thanks for having us. >> what is it about chestnuts that say the holidays? >> the smell. you go christmas shopping, holiday shopping, you want the smell of roasted chestnuts. >> right after the harvest, thanksgiving comes. >> we've got it two different ways. marcus, you are making kind of a cool soup. >> we have the ingredients. onions, leek, apples, celery root. i also celery root because it is also very fall and wintry. >> how do you prep them? >> i have pre-cooked chestnuts. fantastic. add some fried chestnuts.
8:48 am
little bit on each side. then you fry them. then you peel them. or you roast them. you just roast them also in a wood fire that is even better. here i'm sweating all the vegetables and putting the chicken stock so everything sweats together. chicken stock, very simple. then i put some heavy cream in it, seasoning. salt and pepper. here i have the soup. once the soup has cooked -- >> how long would you cook that? >> about -- i mean you sweat it for about 20 minutes and you cook it for 20 minutes. you blend as well. >> we've got our tasters. >> the soup is unreal. just delicious. >> i possibly might lick the bowl. >> then once the soup is blend well, roast celery root like this. i grate a little bit of fresh apple like that.
8:49 am
>> guys, terrific. >> can you smell this? >> i can smell this. what are you making? >> i'm making biscuits. apple jam and caramelized chestnuts. little bit brown butter. i'm going to pour in the buttermilk. then a little bit of butter. a little bit of butter. right? just a little bit of butter. >> does the butter have to be then we make the dough like this. you see the color coming from trt brown butter. right? that's going to help make -- it is going to make it taste just a little bit different. more nutty. with this i'm going to add in pomegranate. and a little bit of maple syrup. some bourbon. >> i can smell the bourbon.
8:50 am
whoa! whoa! >> right? we got to done. now i'm going to give you the first biscuit here. otherwise, matt is taking all the biscuits. >> so good! >> right? >> and nice together actually. >> there is a little bit of a chutney. >> absolutely. you have your chestnut chutney. you have a little bit pomegranate. voila. look at that. >> just a little soup and the biscuit. >> delicious, right? >> oh, my gosh -- this is fantastic. >> you need to send over little jars of that apple butter. >> soup, biscuit and butter. this is fantastic. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for helping us kick off "the turkey trot." all thanksgiving recipes are on tune in this week to see where
8:51 am
we could be knocking on your door. we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on
8:52 am
as andy cohen mentioned, our "no save today" campaign is going on. >> consider this, this comes
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survey. 64% of men have never seen a mental health professional. that number jumps up to 89% when you ask them do you rarely see one. so, don't forget, professionals are there to help men. if you're a woman who loves a plan, make sure you get that information across. >> and remember, if you're taking part in our campaign from home, we want to see pictures of your beard, your mustaches, your goate goatee. #noshavetoday. all right, now let's do birthdays. >> let's show you who we are honoring this morning. wishing a happy 100th birthday to johnnie cochran. this tech savvy guy is from los angeles, california. loves to use google every day and keeps up with current affairs. love that. mary garcia of half moon bay, california. today is super half moon bay california celebrating 100 years.
8:54 am
happy 100th birthday to monica macgyver of elizabethtown, north carolina. participated in water and chair aerobics until she was 95. we've got birthday to bernice hagg. when she was 100, she went on a cruise. call all november babies. if you've got someone special in your family celebrating a birthday this month, want to hear about it. just head to >> any birthday or 100th birthday? >> i guess any birthday. >> november babies. wow. >> any. i'm told any. okay, cool.
8:55 am
hattie is a great name. >> isn't hattie short for harriet? >> love it. what do you have coming up? >> donald sutherland. we're cooking. we've got the cast of "hidden
8:56 am
taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
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summerfest already announcing headliners for the 50th anniversary of the big gig... the red hot chili peppers will hit the stage at the marcus amphitheater on opening night of summerfest 2017. that's june 28th. announced pink will play the amphitheater on sunday, july 2. celebrating half a century of what is now the world's largest music festival. tickets for the red hot chili peppers... and for pink... go on sale friday. although keep your eyes on the summerfest website... and social media accounts... for pre-sale opportunities wednesday and
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good morning today this year's milwaukee christmas tree the designer is here with a preview. being divorced and raising kids. we have two experts with advice on how to better coparent. we'll show you a piano player you have to see t ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? and good morning everyone. are you decorating for the holidays or getting ready to soon? i know how it goes you have to


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