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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  November 14, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CST

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now at 4:30 - preparing for winter-- it may be nice outside now-- but snow is just around the corner. weather... but this week marks "winter awareness week" here in wisconsin. emergency officials want drivers to prep their cars for the coming months. pete zervakis explains how. it doesn't feel like it today but snow is coming and this winter awareness week is the time to make sure you're prepared for its arrival it happens every year in wisconsin. but deputy jennifer wallschlaeger says some drivers will have to re- acclimate to winter
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are a little tricky as everybody gets used to what they need to do again according to wisconsin emergency management... about 18-thousand crashes occur during the winter months when roads are messy. on average... 50 people are killed... and more than 49-hundred are hurt. the cause of most accidents ... is this: too fast for conditions is what we mainly see if you get stuck... or in a crash... stay in your car and buckled up. walking around can be dangerous. and turn off your engine ... ts into your exhaust and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. run the car for just 10 minutes an hour. keep a window cracked open to be safe. the sheriff's dept. also says vehicle slide-offs slow down plows trying to clear the roads. in waukesha county pz tmj4 it's also good to keep a safety kit in your car with a flashlight, non-perishable snacks, extra hats and gloves... as well as a small shovel and sand or kitty
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snow. it's only monday, but many hunters are looking towards saturday and the start of the gun-deer season.meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with what kind of weather they can expect. another mild day with temperatures roughly 10 degrees above average as we continue our warmest start to november in milwaukee. tonight will be mild as temperatures will only drop to 42 degrees in milwaukee and 38 inland, keep in mind that typical mid-november mornings
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we're just days away from the start of gun-er this saturday and is expected to be a warmer start the season than most hunters are used to.while they might not have snow to help them track... experts say deer are going to be more plentiful this year.the gun deer season runs until sunday, november 27th. it's official... people living in milwaukee county will now have to pay a "wheel tax" come next year.the county board of supervisors voted one final time on the budget this
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will have to pay an extra 30-dollars when registering their cars.the county expects the tax to raise more than 13 million dollars. this week governor scott walker will take on his new role as chairman of the republican governors associationthe governor says he sees an opportunity for republican governors to push their wish lists.walker says he is hoping responsibilities for education, transportation and medicaid can be pushed back to the states. this week marks national apprenticeship week. governor walker proclaimed declared november as career development month. there is an apprenticeship presentation and lab tour today at fox valley technical college. it's going on now and runs until six tonight. tonight is your chance to weigh in on a new early start date for milwaukee public schools.under the proposal... the 2017 - 18 school year would start the second week in august and end in late may. students would go to school
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minor changes to the current calendar. the meeting runs from 6-30 to eight tonight at the milwaukee high school of the arts. you don't have to have super powers to be a superhero. milwaukee has plenty of them already and the milwaukee press club is looking to highlight some at the city's 171st birthday party.whether it's a firefighter, police officer or someone in the community working to make milwaukee a better place... you can nominate them.we've put up a link at tmj4 dot com nominate your can do so until friday, december 2nd. two legendary comedians are coming to milwaukee.steve martin and martin short host "an evening you will forget for the rest of your live" next october at the riverside go on sale this friday at noon. a popular local grocery store is about to make a big expansion.. coming up new on live at 6..
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which grocery store is planning five new locations and which area's you'll find them.. that's new on live at 6.. still ahead on live at 4-30... the service amazon is offering that is now coming to milwaukee.also ahead...the good new for those suffering from arthritis.the drug doctors say patients can take without worrying about the
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reassuring news for those who take celebrex to relieve arthritis pain. a new study finds no evidence celebrex is riskier than two other prescription strength painkillers. "everybody has worried that you know celebrex might have the same risks as vioxx. and we simply didn't see that." without risk and it's important to speak with your doctor to find what's right for you. experts suggest people take the lowest dose of pain medication you can, for the shortest amount of time. depression rates are on the rise among young adults and teens. researchers found that episodes of depression increased in adolescents from nearly nine percent in 2005 to just over 11 percent in 2014. the greatest increase was found among teenage girls.
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negative texting experiences may play a role. children born by c-section may be at risk for obesity. researchers at johns hopkins followed over 14-hundred babies born at full term. c-section delivered children were 40-percent more likely to become overweight or obese. experts believe that's because c-section babies are not exposed to microbes in the birth canal that help boost metabolism and train the immune system. benefits of omega-3 fatty acids being an essential part of your diet. it may help prevent high blood pressure. a new study of about two- thousand young, healthy adults found those with higher blood levels of omega-3's ... had lower blood pressure. fewer people are developing coronary heart disease. researchers at duke university say between 1983 and 2011 ... heart disease rates fell by 20- percent. and although the prevalence of diabetes
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diabetes-related heart disease decreased as well. coming up shop or not to many people are planning on heading out on black friday.but first, here's a live look from the airport. meteorologist jesse ritka is back with the latest on our
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partly cloudy skies will still remain for tuesday and temperatures will remain above normal, in the mid-50s. more sunshine and a light southerly wind will help keep temperatures in the mid-50s. the wind will increase on thursday from the south to bring in warmer air on a breezy wind, boosting temps up into the 60s with increasing cloud cover.friday will be warm and windy with highs in
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front will pass through late in the day, bringing our first chance of accumulating rain for everyone in nearly two weeks. behind this cold front it will be much colder as temperatures drop into the 40s for the weekend with rain showers morning. there may even be some snow in extreme northern wisconsin on the back side of this cold front for hunters heading up north for the
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with thanksgiving a week from thursday, most people already have plans on what they'll be doing that people will be celebrating with family and friends-- others are waiting to do some shopping. several retailers have announced that they'll be closed thanksgiving day. but other stores say they'll be open for business. but not everyone will jump on holiday bargains on thanksgiving. "you know they'd have to give me a free porsche and that would be okay. i'd go out and pick that up. but other than that, no...i have no desire to be out there on thanksgiving day"retail experts are still expecting a sizable increase
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thanksgiving one of the big questions many shoppers have-- to gift card or to not gift card. according to bankrate dot com, just 27 percent of people prefer to receive gift cards, yet half say they plan to give a gift card this holiday season. the study found one security feature on the rise this year is the use of a pin... with 67 percent of gift cards now having that option available. what about this gift idea-- a smartwatch completely powered by your body heat.check out the new "powerwatch" by matrix industries. it uses thermo- electrics, which converts temperature differences into electricity. it has the basics of fitness trackers, but it also tells you how many watts
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through the day. the watch cost about 100-bucks. the company plans to debut watches for women in the future. hoverboard retailers are trying to make another surge following last year's popularity.many of them were recalled last year due to fire hazards and a banned from airlines, but they could be a hit once and target offering hoverboards as a "black friday" doorbuster with 100 dollars off. amazon is expanding its service that connects customers with local handymen. amazon home services will be offered in 20 new metro areas across the u-s, including indianapolis, las vegas, san antonio and here in milwaukee. the service allows customers to browse, purchase and schedule hundreds of professional services... from assembling a treadmill and
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still ahead on live at 4-30... remembering a veteran journalist who lost her battle to reason toyota is shelling out billions of dollars to its
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first it was gift certificates. then gift cards... now, it's wisconsin lottery's $15 holiday scratch game, unwrap the cash. ironically elf-themed, this festively-fun gift put a bunch of us into early retirement. old-school gifts can't compete! so on my 400th workaversary,
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okay! what a gift! the family of an ohio man shot and killed by a university police officer calls retrial. the judge declared a mistrial saturday, when jurors couldn't agree on a verdict in the case against ray tensing. tensing was charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter for shooting sam dubose during a traffic stop in july 20-15.prosecutors say they'll decide before the end of the month whether to re-try tensing. veteran journalist and p-b-s newshour co-anchor gwen ifill has died. the 61-year-old passed away today while in hospice care --after battling
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newspaper reporter who eventually switched over to t-v... working for both n-b-c news and p-b-s. she moderated two vice-presidential debates and most recently moderated last february's democratic presidential primary debate here in milwaukee. toyota will pay up to 3- point-4-billion-dollars to settle a class action lawsuit brought on by pickup truck and s-u-v ownersthe settlement covers one and a half million vehicles.the lawsuit argued the vehicles lacked rust will now inspect vehies f twelve yea from the iniasales or lse date de if ths eligible for a replaced frame or reimbursement. ( toss to weather ) in southeastern wisconsin it will be breezy and cold
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sunday especially with mornings starting out near 30 degrees with an afternoon high barely making it up to 40
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. breaking news next.. making a murder's brendan dassey could may soon be a free man.. the plan to get him reacquainted with society if released. live at 5 starts now.. that breaking news.. a judge has ordered the nephew of steven avery, brendan dassey,
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but it may not be that simple. that order comes from the federal bench--- but the state of wisconsin takes issue with the ruling.casey geraldo joins us live to pick up the story. casey? we have very limited information as to when dassey could walk out here- the attorney general has filed an emergency motion to keep him from doing so... but as of right now he can walk out as soon as the u-s probation office approves his plans post- a key factor in brendan dassey's release... this confession. the federal judge points out quote "various assertions and assurances the investigators made to dassey amounted to false promises that he would not be punished." he says that along with dassey's age, intellectual deficits, lack of prior record and the absence of an adult or lawyer... this confession was involuntary.that's how dassey's attorneys were able to satisfy the two ways for an
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proving that the state court that last reviewed the conviction went against or wrongly applied laws... and that the state's decision was based on an unreasonable determination of facts.the judge writes "extraordinarily the court granted him relief on both grounds."but- quickly after the order went public, the state's attorney general said he plans to file a motion to prevent dassey's release. that could keep dassey here. we do know the motion is filed with the seventh ui casey geraldo, today's tmj4. lawyers.. along with dassey's family have come up with a release plan for dassey to be re-integrated into society. dassey will live with his parents for the first three months following his release. then on his own in brown county. under the terms. dassey must also go to school and get a job. so how did we get to this point?brendan dassey was
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april 25th, 2007. he was sentenced to life in prison with no parole on june 1st, 2007. in december of 20-15.. netflix released the popular series "making a murderer." then on august 12th of this year.. a judge threw out dassey's conviction.. saying investigators coerced a confession-. head to our website tmj4 dot com for more on our continuing coverage on this case. high school students in california walked out of class this morning to protest the election of donald trump. held up signs as they walked peacefully down the street. the l-a-p-d says the walkout was planned and encouraged parents to preach peaceful protests. the walkout is one of many protests around the country in the wake of president-elect donald trump's victory last tuesday. back here in milwaukee.. thousands of undocumented immigrants are anxiously awating the decisions our next president will make on immigration reform.this weekend president- elect trump said he plans to immediately deport two to three million people who are here illegally


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