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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  November 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CST

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and taking a live look outside-- you're watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm susan kim.and i'm vince vitrano. brendan dassey's family hopes to have him home for thanksgiving. that's the word from his lawyers this morning. live in columbia county where dassey remains behind brendan dassey was 16 the last time he was a free man. he remains imprisoned here at columbia correctional institution in portage. dassey was convicted of killing teresa halbach in 2007... after he confessed to participating in the rape and murder of halbach at his uncle steven avery's home in
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case was spotlighted on the netflix series "making a murderer." over the summer... a federal judge ruled dassey's confession was co-erced and tossed out the conviction. this week... the same judge called for dassey to be released - saying he's not not a flight risk. the state has appealed the judge's ruling... and yesterday filed an emergency motion to block his release.on dassey's end... he must now give the court the address where he hopes to live. th afternoon. once that happens... a probation officer will look over the residence and meet with dassey and his family. according to dassey's lawyers... he'll initially move in with his mom in northern wisconsin... then transition to an apartment in brown county with the goal of going to school to learn one of the trades. people don't really like to talk about it but they want
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they feel they do belong in prison." :news of brendan dassey's possible release has mixed reaction from the town of manitowoc.. causing dassey's family worried about his safety. they hope he is protected because some people might target him after he gets out. kathleen zellner... the attorney overseeing ?steven ?avery's appeal says: "it's very disappointing that the wisconsin attorney general is seeking vindication rather than justice. ... brad schmiel's decision to seek that emergency motion to keep dassey behind bars. schmiel declined to comment. for complete coverage on the brendan dassey case, head to our website t-m-j-4 dot com. live look from athens greece.. where president barack obama is walking up to the home of the president of
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let's get a check of your weather and traffic together... after some ground fog this morning we'll see another mild day here in wisconsin with high temperatures in the 50s, again 5-10 degrees above average for start with skies that are mostly cloudy but they will eventually become partly cloudy with a light wind from the northwest. tonight there will be more clearing as a weak area of high pressure brings a southwesterly wind back to help keep temperatures close to 40 degrees along the lakefront with upper 30s
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fog causing minor delayslight traffic incident free drive times the controversy over a pipeline in north dakota will be playing out in cities around the world today, including here in milwaukee. ann sterling is live with a look ahead at the local protest planned over the that project. these protest are planned across the united in milwaukee -- people are gathering right here at the wells fargo this is suposed to be the largest protest since the u.s. government halted the project in september. we caught up with one protestor.amy thomas is expecting to stand with a few hundred people in milwaukee today to protest the pipeline. she says -- the point, is to educate the community.the pipeline would transport oil across four states. those in
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thousands of jobs. those against the pipeline say... it threatens a tribal water source and their sacred land. the project is halted right now --- waiting for a final permit. construction of the nearly 12 hundred mile pipeline is about 85 percent complete,protests are planned in chicago, dc and even as far as london. menomonie police have released pictures of these two women ... who may have information about the deadly beating of a saudi student from uw-stout. investigators say they want to question the women. "hussain alnahdi" was beaten halloween weekend outside a pizza restaurant near campus. police are investigating the death as a possible hate
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suspect. a 20-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest . today, the little girl killed by a suspected hit and run driver -- will be laid to rest in milwaukee.5-year-old rickyia langham was hit by an s-u-v while on her way to church.police say the driver -- lesheba crow-der lied about the vehicle being stolen.the criminal complaint says her boyfriend was driving it when he struck the girl and drove off. he's been arrested. this morning we are elect donald trump's new administration might look like. the president-elect's team has asked whether it's possible for trump's family members to receive temporary security clearances before the inauguration. this would be an unprecedented move and a sign of just how important donald trump's children will be in the next administration. some trump critics argue the election could affect los angeles' bid to host the 20-24 summer games?the association of national olympic committees
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qatar. the main concern is that trump's comments about muslims and mexicans could hurt the countries standing. the vote for the host city is next shop while you work? wait until you hear how many people will actually work on cyber monday. plus... aaron rodgers talks contenders and pretenders .how he thinks the packers can get back to winning. more live at daybreak-- on today's tmj4 is
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wednesday will look better with mostly sunny skies and the mercury continues to stay in the 50s. a warm front rolls a breezy southerly wind at 10- 15mph to help bump temps back into the low 60s with increasing cloud cover in the
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live with larry mccarren" speaking about the remaining schedule .. the q-b says this is where the contenders separate themselves from the pretenders. ((aaron rodgers says this is the type, the time of year when teams start to separate themselves. and we need to be one of those teams that's moving in the right direction. i'm confident in our guys and our leadership in the opportunities that we can create for ourselves but we gotta go out and execute and put together a 60 minute performance and get this thing moving direction.))you can catch that interview tonight at 6-30 on today's the jewish community center is getting a one-point-five million dollar upgrade for its aquatics facility at the rainbow day camp in fredonia. the grant from the daniel m. soref charitable trust will be used to pay for a new pool, splash pad and a new locker room designed for campers with special's expected to be ready for the 2017 summer
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coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4: a story that will interest anyone who plans to fly over the coming holiday season. we're showing you the dramatic new upgrade that delta's rolling out that'll
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wisconsin's bed and breakfast association says air b-n-b is making it tough to compete... it wants property owners who post their homes on the website to be regulated, like real bed and breakfasts. since so many people on air b-n-b don't follow standards, they're able to offer the service at a much lower cost, making the competition unfair. the topic will be discussed at this week's wisconsin bed and breakfast association conference amazon announcing it's bringing its amazon home services to the milwaukee area... through home services, you can order any of 12-hundred services, like bike mechanic, handyman and movers... after your request is made, a local service provider goes to your house to do whatever you've requested. you can purchase and schedule services online at amazon dot com slash services. everyone loves a good deal.. and in the matter of a week retailers will be announcing
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story surrounding cyber monday and this year is no different. new survey results from retail me not dot-com show that 94- percent of employed consumers who plan to shop this holiday season intend to shop at work this year... on cyber monday.. which is on november trending today: it's a $50-million upgrade that most passengers will never see! right there - embedded in the delta luggage tag, a tiny microchip and antenna that bag a thing of the the moment the bag is checked, the tag transmits its constant g-p-s location.all the while, the information then sent in real-time to passengers' phones!nation-wide, nearly 2- million bags were mishandled in 2015... delta thinks it can get that down to one! there is a new screening process in place at chicago's o'hare airport.the new system uses what is called "innovation lanes." they use
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with automated belts and cameras. return bins and additional screening are also automated. so far the new technology is being used by american and united airlines. something new is coming to the cereal aisle for kellogg's frosted flakes fans.. it's cinnamon frosted flakes. the kellogg company says the new flavor was 100-percent driven by fan demand. the new cereal will begin to hit store shelves this jesse has look at your weather and traffic together... wednesday will look better with mostly sunny skies and the mercury continues to stay
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through on thursday, bringing a breezy southerly wind at 10- 15mph to help bump temps back into the low 60s with increasing cloud cover in the evening.a big storm system moves through the midwest on friday, milwaukee late in the day after a high of 62 degrees. this system will not just bring our first chance of
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weeks, it will really kick the wind up again with gusts topping 35mph. rain will be exiting on saturday but colder air moves in front responsible for it, some spots in the northwoods may even catch some snowflakes on saturday. here in southeastern wisconsin there will just be a cold rain remaining on saturday but that will wrap up and the chilly temperatures
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weekend with a high of 44 in milwaukee. sunday will see more sunshine but temperatures will barely climb into the 40s but at least the wind will be lighter than saturday.the cold air will stick around for next week with high temperatures staying in the low 40s even with the sunshine hanging out for the first three days of the week. beyond wisconsin now - president obama is finally sharing his thoughts on the new elect.obama expressed concerns about donald trump's presidency, but he sought to reassure americans that he is hopeful for trump's success. the president also credited trump for tapping into an enthusiasm that propelled him to the white house.. and offered some advice on how to balance his campaign promises with the reality of actually
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a michigan police officer. has now resigned... after being suspended from the force. this after the officer flew a confederate flag during a "love trumps hate" rally last week.the man behind the wheel was identified as traverse city police officer michael peters -- an 18-year-veteran with the department who was off duty at the incident. the n-y-p-d is responding to an article in an isis magazine that calls for a lone wolf type attack on the macy's thanksgiving day parade. tactics" directs lone wolves to rent a truck and drive into a crowd.a former f-b-i agent says the article is troubling, but nothing new.he said police will use a multi-layered security strategy to keep people along the parade route veteran journalist and p-b-s newshour co-anchor gwen ifill has died. ifill passed away in hospice care in washington d-c.. suffering a battle with cancer. she was 61-years old.
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daybreak on today's tmj4:a sneak peek of the milwaukee rep's production of a christmas carol.what is new, and how to get a big discount
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the milwaukee rep's annual holiday favorite, 'a christmas carol' kicks off november 29th and this year, the audience will notice an all new production. the rep is putting the finishing touches on its new show, complete with a new script, costumes, even a new set. the set sits on two turntables, that can be rotated together, or separately, to bring the story of scrooge and the cratchits, to life. ((it's an amazing group effort to work in this theater and see the number of people over the past three years, who have put their all into this production. that's what's me."))a christmas carol starts november 29th and runs through christmas eve. i am honored to have a vip walk on december 9th. tmj4 viewers can get 20
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"tmj4" at check out. much more is happening at six-- on live including... a plan to replace aging lead pipes in milwaukee.what it could cost homeowners... and who is first in line for repairs. i'm tatiana cash.fog causing minor delaystraffic building on the roads this morning
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reporter: you said you are excited for him to come home? peter dassey "yes i am, yeah." happening now: surprise and excitement from family members of brendan dassey. the ruling that could set him free as early as
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and the search is on for a murder suspect this morning. the new information ?we got about the case overnight--- and an update on the victims. welcome to live at daybreak. i'm susan kim. and i'm vince vitrano:happening this morning... one-time convicted murderer brendan da awaiting release from prison. he's been behind bars more than 10 years. a federal judge tossed out his conviction earlier this year... and just ruled dassey should now be released. pete zervakis is live in columbia county this morning-- with a look ahead at what we're watching today. 27-year old brendan dassey remains in prison this morning here at the columbia correctional institution. it was back in 2007 when he


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