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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  November 16, 2016 4:00pm-4:28pm CST

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today on live at 4 ... the fight continues over brendan dassey's release from prison. the man connected to steven avery case was ordered out of prison, but the state of wisconsin says his release could cause more harm than good.our casey geraldo joins us live in portage. casey - this case has had a lot of moving parts to it - what's happening today? the state has challenged pushed back against dassey's release, but the eastern district court reaffirmed their order for dassey to be released- saying he should be out of here by friday at 8 the state is taking their case against dassey's release to the seventh circuit court of appeals- they said filing an emergency motion today to stop him from getting out before that friday deadline. so dassey will remain here in the prison as the state and his attorneys hash out these issues. his attorneys have said they won't speak to us yet about his release.i talked with dassey's brother this
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having we'll let you in on that conversation- including who could pick up brendan here at the prison tonight at 5 and in portage, casey geraldo, today's tmj4. second degree man-slaughter charges have been filed against a minnesota po officer in the shooting death of a black may remember this cell phone video philando castile's girlfriend streamed live on facebook the day he was shot to death during a traffic stop in july. officer jeronimo yanez stopped the vehicle for a broken tail light. castile told yanez he had a handgun... shortly after castile was shot.prosecutors say castile never reached for his gun and yanez's use of deadly force was not justified. oklahoma city police have now
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responsible for a deadly shooting outside the main terminal of will rogers wld airport.the suspected gunman, 45-year-old lloyd buie, was a former employee of southwest airlines who had resigned in april 20-15.investigators say buie killed another southwest employee before taking his own life.the motive for the shooting is still unclear. today is the last chance for anyone with outstanding municipal warrants to have them waived for's the final 'waive warrants wednesday' in milwaukee. half before the walk-in session ends at the municipal courthouse.hundreds showed up at the last two sessions. pack up family to hit the road and give thanks to cheaper gas prices. across the country nearly 49 million people are expected to travel this thanksgiving. ann sterling breaks down how many drivers are heading to grandma's house here in wisconsin. you're going to have a lot of company on the road, if your planning to travel this thanksgiving. nearly one million drivers in wisconsin
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and friends next week. nick jarmusz / aaa wisconsin 9.57.44 theres a 1.8 percent increase in the number of wisconsinites traveling 50 miles or more from home. 9.57.519.57.20 more folks are feeling confident about where they're at with their finances in terms of incomes being higher and feeling a little more secure in their employment situation. . 9.57.30 another thing travelers seem to be thankful for this thanksgiving cheap gas prices. 9.58.29 here in wisconsin we're almost a quarter below this time for gas prices.and last year we were significantly below where we were the year before that. 9.58.38debbie schnake's (sn- hockey) advantage of the prices at the pump. she's cooking the big turkey dinner this year in milwaukee and is expecting family from chicago -- sheboygan and madisondebbie schnake 8.27.58 they would come if they were higher like i told you bc they get a free meal. and they bring there tubberware and they get to eat for the weekend. 8.28.08triple a predicts across the country this will be the highest thanksgiving travel since 2007. and according to the auto club it appears most travelers are heading west. drivers say vegas -- san francisco -- and san diego are the most popular destinations. kerrry nelson is going that far.she's taking her 3 kids to madison and she's prepared for
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electronics. 0310.25.40- 51 stand up: to avoid travel snags, googles travel expert says leave the sunday before thanksgiving.the worst day to travel the day before thanksgiving. aaa also expects 3 point 7 million will travel by air -- that's nearly a 2 percent increase. storm team 4 now....a typical november day, but a warm up is soon in store.meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the weather....
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weather continues and a light southeasterly wind will keep overnight temperatures closer to our average high than to our average low. there is the chance for some patchy fog to form under partly cloudy to
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college and high school students are wrapping up a challenge tonight to see who could raise the most money for charity.tonight marks the grand finale of the kapco charitable challenge.judges will determine which students made the biggest impact with local charitable groups and people in need in the area. students will make their final presentations at 6-45 at turner hall. putting emergency help at the fingertips of members of the military, veterans and their the new "hero care app" from the american red cross.the free app helps identify and access both emergency and non-emergency red cross services from anywhere in the world for military members, vets and their families. you can own a piece of milwaukee history and help local animals at the same time. the riverside theater is auctioning 60 sets of its red, velvet chairs. they've been in the theater since 1927.the theater group will put 100
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the auction toward the milwaukee area domestic animal control center, better known as madacc. "because we're a municipal-run shelter a lot of people think the taxpayers pay for everything but what they really pay for is bringing the animals in and not necessarily the next step which for us is moving the dogs into adoptive homes, medical care, behavior stuff, things like that." the auction website is "save m-k-e highest bidders will get the chairs. a big debut coming to milwaukee's betty brinn children's museum.they're unveiling the new "big league" fun exhibit on friday.the educational exhibit, is making its world debut in milwaukee before traveling on a four-year national tour. it features fun activities, simulated game experiences and trivia challenges. the big league exhibit will be at the museum through january 8th.
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book.the book chronicles simone's journey to the summer games in rio where she won five medals, four of them gold. she sat down with today's hoda kotb to talk about it. simone her sights on the 20-20 olympics in japan, but right now she's touring the country with some her u-s gymnastics teammates. a young woman arrested for a young woman arrested for dealing drugs in dodge county.. carole meekins is in the newsroom with a story new on live at 5... thanks charles and shannon the 27 year is facing more than a dozen charges.. tonight.. why police say her arrest, is a major break in the drug supply chain.. that's coming up on live at 5... still ahead on live at 4... which big bank has passed wells fargo as the number one bank for customer satisfaction. also ahead...the one thing you
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of
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cheese lovers beware... a possible salmonella contamination has lead to the recall of some nationwide grated cheese brands.the recall involves 4c grated cheese, homestyle grated cheese, and cento grated cheese brands.the recalled grated cheese was sold in six-ounce glass jars with "best by" dates between november 12, 20-16 and november 12, 20-18. when it comes to the best american bank for customer service... citi-group list.they just passed wells fargo for the number one spot. in a recent annual survey... banks across the country just received their highest customer satisfaction score in the study's more than 20-year history.and smaller banks scored higher than larger banks as in years past... excelling in staff courtesy, transaction speed and website quality. for all you tech geeks out there... you'll be interested in apple's newest's
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filled with 450 photographs of thcompany's pa 20 ars ofg product design... anis decated to apple's late founder,steve jobs.the book is on sale at apple dot com and in select apple retail stores. we have an alert for anyone planning a holiday or spring break getaway. that low package deal you see may be nothing like the final bill you receive!consumer reporter john matarse shows what to watch out for when booking, you don't waste your money. this is the time of year many of us start booking our springtime vacations. and so ads are popping up everywhere for crusies and resort packages. but beware: a new report says many of those packages come with hundreds of dollars in hidden fees. so you saw an ad for carribean getaway for under 500 dollars? a new report in "about travel" say better pack some extra says package deals typically don't include the: carribean arrival tax: as high
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hotel high as 18 percent in the dominican republic. resort activi fees of $20 a day at many resorts. d a lue aded tax on things you y, abuch as 15 rct in jaica.doat ink file, the fact thavacation paes are t rered noto ow yl fees upfront, unlikeairline fits. federal law requireso nclude all u a flight.' butthat is nong requried for hotelsr resorts: don' price that pops up. my advice? did deep in the websites fine print, or ask the agent, abo exa fees before you give your credit card number. that way youre not hit with a 500 surprise and you dont waste your money. i'm john matarese, today's tmj4. storm team 4 weather now.... lets get a check on the forecast with meteorologist
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thursday will be much warmer as the wind increases from the south at 10-15mph to boost our highs into the upper 60s under mostly sunny skies. the record high temperature is 69 degrees set back in 1953 and the forecast high will be close: 68 degrees in milwaukee.friday will be warm and windy with highs in the mid-60s but a cold front will be approaching to increase the cloud cover and bring the chance f light rain showers and sprinkles late in the day. a few snowflakes may mix in with the rain overnight as the mercury drops behind the front but there is not much moisture with this system and most locations won't pick up much rain and no of snow if you even see all.any precipitation exits on saturday morning and even though the skies will gradually be clearing temperatures will not respond to any sunshine we see by the end of the day. highs will not even reach 40 degrees across most of southeastern wisconsin and it will feel even colder with a blustery nw wind. saturday night and into sunday
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20s under clear skies. sunday will be breezy and cold with a high of 37 degrees in milwaukee but at least the
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storm team 4 now....drought is impacting christmas tree farmers in georgia.after nearly 2 months of no rain, the trees at busy elves trees at busy elves christmas tree farm in lee county are suffering.jesse... how has the weather been for trees here in wisconsin. next week looks slightly warmer with 40s returning will bring an end to temperatures that are well
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outgoing vice president joe biden meets with incoming vice president mike pence.they met at the vice president's official residence at the naval observatory.this comes as governer pence spent tuesday in transition meetings at trump tower. on the other side of the election, former democratic presidential candidate hillary public appearance tonight. tonight mrs. clinton will be honored by the children's defense fund in washington, d- c, where she once worked as a young staff attorney.the c-d-f calls hillary clinton a "life-long champion of children." coming up next...the staggering price a pair of earrings just went for at a jewelry auction in switzerland. plus...the uninvited guest rushing the stage at an adele
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gift... a pair of diamond earrings just went for 17- point-6-million-dollars at the "magnificent jewels" auction in geneva, switzerland. "fifteen-five then, i'm selling it now for fifteen million, five hundred thousand (swiss francs), all through in the room, (++french++) fifteen million, five hundred thousand, (++english++) sold for you jean-marc, fifteen million-five (swiss francs)." while that's more than least... the buyer actually got them for a bargain. the pre-auction estimate had the earrings going for 20 to 30-million-dollars.the earrings are said to contain the high quality pear-shaped diamonds in the world... at
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singer adele had an unexpected visitor at her mexico city tour stop last night when a bat suddenly flew into the audience when she was on stage. she reacted by running and flapping her hands like a bat herself, as she tried to point the bat out to the concertgoers.the rogue bat eventually flew off and the show went on. thanks for joining us today at ahead... on live at 4:30. including milwaukee county executive's trip to the white house dealing to talk about finding a solution to a big
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