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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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new surveillance video of a man police say shot a cricket wireless customer while robbing the west allis store. in the video from last night you can see the guy run out of the store, gun in hand. he leaves behind a trail of money. if you recognize him, call police. the injured customer is expected to be okay. brendan dassey will stay in prison throughout the appeal process in his case...a federal appeals court made that ruling today. casey geraldo is live in manitowoc where dassey would have we came here in search of dassey's father- he wasn't home when we tried to talk with him, but we've now heard from the department of justice and dassey's attorneys after this final decision in week full of back in forth. dassey remains in this portage prison...almost 100 miles from home in manitowoc county.while yesterday his family hoped he'd be back with, their hopes were shattered by this appeals court sides with
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stand up: so after more than 10 years in prison, brendan dassey will stay here in portage as his lawyers continue to fight the state's appeal of his overturned conviction.a federal judge decided in august dassey's confession was involuntary... and through out his conviction. which the state has taken to a higher appeals court to fight. dassey's attorneys and that same federal judge feel dassey should be out of prison during the appeals process, the state and now the seventh circuit court of appeals, would rather see him stay here. out to the department of justice for further comment. they responded... "the court's decision speaks for itself." earlier in the week, dassey's attorneys believed he'd be back with family by thanksgiving.they don't intend to stop their efforts... writing on their website... "the seventh circuit court of appeals has ruled that brendan dassey must stay in prison until his appeal is resolved. we are disappointed more than words can say. the fight goes on."
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over dassey's conviction... a decision in that appeal will likely come in the first half of the next year... which will again bring up the possibility of his release from prison. live in manitowoc, casey geraldo, today's tmj4. in the wake of the election-- some wisconsin schools are reporting an increase in derogatory comments directed at students. one of the schools is middleton high. the school's principal teachers and staff to make themselves more visible to students. they are also working to engage the students more. (("we're going to have the antenna up, we're going to be paying extra careful attention, we're really hoping to reassure students that this is the place that they can come and be who they are and speak their truth and that, to the extent possible, we're going to make that environment possible for them."))in verona, the superintendent sent a letter home to
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in derogatory and discriminatory type comments directed at students of and the lack of civility is, by no means, limited to schools.madison police are investigating a threatening and racist letter sent to a multi-racial family who belong to a madison swim club. the family is of indian descent--it got the letter in their mailbox tuesday. it included profanity and said.. referring to the recent election, "we need to stay seperate, not equal." the club president is shocked: (("you hear about it, but to actually read the words and to see how vile they were was completely overwhelming. i was shaking."))chesnik and other club members have gone on facebook to condemn the letter, which has been shared nearly three-thousand times. now for the latest on the transition to a donald trump white house... sources say retired general michael flynn is trump's pick for national security advisor.and the president-elect may be closing in on a choice for secretary
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us with the very latest, charles: flynn is already a top adviser to the president-elect. he would offer trump the guidance of a combat veteran. but he's also a man who has courted controversy. michael flynn at trump tower again. donald trump's close aide. now reportedly his pick for national security advisor. sot: gen. michael flynn :09-:12 "the president-elect is in full control, believe me."the retired 3 star general is controversial, appearing on russian t-v. and with vladimir putinalso in trump today, trump aides confirm, was south carolina governor, nikki haley, under consideration for secretary of state. as a source today reports trump' will talk this weekend to mitt romney about that job.president obama stood today with germany's angela merkel, urging that nato not be weakenedafter trump questioned ...on the stump... if the u-s would defend nato allies against russia ... trump, flynn, and haley making the former head of u-s intelligence nervous sot/ john negroponte, former director of
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inforced"on capitol hill, v-p elect mike pence urged quick action on the trump agenda sot/mike pence, vice president elect 1:03-1:06"going to rebuild our military, revive our economy"trump promised to rebuild highways and bridges to put people to work. democrats like the sound of thatsot/ rep. nancy pelosi, house minority leader, (d-ca) 1:13-1:18 "and we hope that we have the biggest and most robust infrastructure legislation"but a request for big spending could wipe the smiles off republican faces house speaker paul ryan says to expect ot keep government going until trump is in the white house... and republicans have a shot at the spending and tax cuts that they've dreamed of. hillary clinton, last night, made her first public appearance since her emotional concession speech. it came at an an annual gala for the children's defense fund. she was very open about her disappointmenet over losing the election: (("there have been a few times this past week when all i wanted to do was just to curl
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again."))clinton called on her supporters to keep fighting, saying "america is worth it." there's word of a strike that ?could? affect holiday travel through chicago. the story, just ahead. and the video is horrific... but the people inside this car walked away. why they're now wanted by police. milwaukee hit 71 degrees this afternoon, breaking the old record high temp of 69 degrees set back in 1953, this is also the 4th 70 degree day in november, most 70s recorded in the month of are tied th temperatures degrees as well with nine days of today, we will likely break that record from 2015 tomorrow when we reach degrees in milwaukee. ..and a live picture now from pere marquette park in downtown milwaukee. the holiday lights festival gets underway at 5:30... capped-off by the lighting of the city
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investigators are still trying to figure out what led to a massive gas explosion that rocked the central illinois town of canton last night. it happened as utility workers were trying to fix a gas leak. one worker was killed. twelve people were hospitalized. near boston, surveillance video shows a car driving around the barriers at a train crossing. you know what
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passing train. amazingly, two people walked away, unharmed. authorities are looking for them... because they think the driver was fleeing an earlier accident. the u.s. surgeon general is calling for a major cultural shift in the way americans view drug and alcohol addiction. dr. vivek murthy released a report today that finds one in seven americans will face drug or alcohol addiction during their lifetime. but only 10-percent of those now addicted receive treatment. murthy says our culture needs to treat addictas ?not? a moral flaw. companies that make car booster seats are getting better at designing them to protect kids. that, from a new report by the insurance institute for highway safety. the non-profit tested 53 new booster seats and gave 48 of them its highest rating. when the institute first began rating booster seats about eight years ago, only a quarter of seats earned the highest rating. hundreds of workers at ohare international have voted to go on strike ahead of the thanksgiving holiday.the
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handlers, cabin cleaners, janitors and wheelchair attendants. they're all seeking a 15-dollar-an-hour wage. it's not clear how the strike would affect operations at o'hare. local world war two veterans honored from overseas.. shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole.four brave soldiers are being recognized for doing thier part to liberate france from nazi control.. tonight. the high honor their recieving form the european country.. that's coming up new on live at 6. enjoy this weather while you can. chief meteorolgist john malan with big changes on the way, coming up.and they're getting set to flip the switch on the holiday lights festival in downtown milwaukee. a preview of the dazzling
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"check this out": are celebrating the release of this year's beaujolais nouveau at a resort in japan, that included taking a bath in the french wine. beaujolais nouveau traditionally hits store shelves at midnight ahead of the third thursday in november. they're about the throw the lights on this year's milwaukee holiday lights festival.things get started in about 15 minutes. brian niznansky has a preview of the
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the lights officially turn on downtown around 7pm this eveninbut we were furtunate enough to get a sneak preview this morningthe holiday spirit is the air at pere marquette park with the twinkle of lights and music.. "there's a lot of energy in the park. you can tell everyone is really fired up about the activities and of course the weather helps so thanks a bunch for that"along with the official flipping of the light switch, there will be fireworks and local entertainment, including the girls from the dance academy of mexico. "we actually prepared specially for that's christmas music, which is not something that's typically danced, but we incorporated our dancing just to show a little bit of our culture."pere marquete park is just one of 3 parks that will light up downtown..each with a different theme. cathedral square is meadow of 70 personalized & unique christmas trees "we have over 25-hundred milwaukee area school children who through their ciriculum in their classrooms developed themes to decorate their christmas tree."
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a 40 minute narated tour. it will take you to all 3 of our decorated parks to see all of those fabulous fabulous sceneslong with the beautiful chandeliers up and down wisconsin avenue." if you can't make it down here this evenindon't worrthe milwaukee holiday lights festival will illuminate downtown parks and streets through new years dain downtown milwaukee brian niznansktoda ..and a live picture now from festivities get underway at 5:30... capped-off by the lighting of the city christmas tree and a fireworks display at looks like a fine night for the festivities downtown.chief meteorologist john malan joins us with the storm team forecast. tonight will be very mild with
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(that's above our average high temp for this time of the year)! the wind will be increasing overnight from the south and the clouds will begin to roll in as well. friday the clouds will eventually take over the sky and it will be warm with light rain showers possible in the afternoon hours as a cold front sweeps through. there isn't much moisture for us to see with this as most locations will pick up less than a quarter of an inch, if even that much.
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this front and low will be close to freezing overnight, allowing some snowflakes to mix in with the light rain showers overnight and into saturday morning. little to no accumulation is expected here in southeastern wisconsin but places up in northern wisconsin could pick up 1-4" of wet amounts possible in extreme northwestern wisconsin if you are heading there for the gun- deer opener. highs on saturday will not even hit 40 degrees in milwaukee despite some clearing in the afternoon hours, and the wind will be wicked from the northwest at 20-30mph, gusting up to 45mph to make the will still sunday with a high of 37 degrees in milwaukee and it will be lighter northwest 15mph, though that will still give us wind chills in the 20s at times.40s return for monday with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies but it looks like more typical november be here
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christine michae traveled man. seattle for two years, washington one offseason. dallas, seattle, and now green bay in less than four seasons. and there is the new guy. special teams coordinator ron zook making sure he hits the ground running.the running back talked about how he always seems to bounce around. ((christine michael says i've done it before. it's definitely the business side of it. you know what i mean? like i said man, you just gotta adjust. you gotta get up and gotta feed your family. you know what i mean man? so whatever it takes man,
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the milwaukee panthers, started slow and fell at memphis last night 68-54.not bad, considering that uwm lost austin arians, akeem springs and jordn all three transferred with the firing of rob jeter.cody wichmann asked why he stayed. ((cody wichmann says my teammates...100 percent. and coach vall. i mean, we didn't know who it was for a little bit there but we kind of all stick together and like i said before, i've built great relationships with every one these guys. even the new guys already. and it's all about my put that in there too. school is a pretty big part of that too.)) it's the final frenzy, as the wiaa football championships are underway at camp randall in madison.we can't show you highlights in progress, but cedar grove-belgium trails amherst 28-14, just entering the third quarter. the frenzy starts on thursday, a day early for divisions four through 7. the smallest, d-7. edgar rolls over shullsburg 36- 6 but after the game, alec
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school superstar with his thoughtful quote. ((alec hafferman says just going a 110 percent every single day. and i love each and every one of those guys. and wish i could do what the pros do and take those guys out to a steak dinner but they definitely deserve it.)) i love it! i'll take that steak dinner. in division six, wisconsin walk-on hunter johnson flips into the end zone. he led the state with 45 touchdowns but it's not enough as darlington falls to eau claire regis 27-14. our team of the week, competes for a gold ball tomorrow. find w
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your estimated jackpot for the badger five lottery is 51- thousand dollars. and thursday night football returns to n-b-c tonight. it all starts at 6:30 with football night in america. then, it's the saints and the panthers ?live? from charlotte. we'll be back here after the game... with live at ten. the n-b-c nightly news is
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choosing your plan. network health. we're local, we care, we're person to person. tonight, romney surprise. a stunning turn. events as two bitter rivals prepare to meet and mend fences. also, raw emotion opens up about her devastating loss. "your money." why the price you pay for everything from your credit card bills to your mortgage might be about to go up. fire and ice. dozens burning across the south as the first blizzard of the season's about to hit. caught on camera, outrage as video shows an officer punching a woman in the face. what police are saying about it tonight. and thanksgiving text message mixup. how a grandmother's mistake is bringing


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