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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000 Saturday  NBC  November 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CST

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leading to wind chills in the teens. wind chills remaining to 10 degrees. we'll let you know if there is a bounceback in temperatures. >> reporter: today's strong winds fan the flames of this car fire. it happened on i94. you can see the wind shake the d.o.t. camera. deputies had to close three southbound lanes while the fire was put out. thol conditions for the first day of the gun deer hunting season in wisconsin. last year deer hunters got 200,000 deer. the expectations are high this year because of a late deer mating season. the hunt runs through november 27. these two men and women have been arrested on fell any charges for possession or
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>> several neighbors tell me they were not surprised when they saw the arrest go down on their block. now they are hoping the punishment fits the alleged crime. according to the criminal complaints the biggest heroin deemer in sheboygan is behind bars. >> a person making a living off other people's misery i have no use for. >> reporter: he says he was oblivious to the alleged heroin this house. those who live closer say they saw a lot of the foot traffic and a constant flow of vehicles. >> if he's in jail he put himself or she put herself there. >> reporter: multiple informants told investigators that robert will born had been dealing cocaine and heroin for the past 6-7 years.
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past few months. during a search at this home investigators the found 11 grams of heroin, 2.5 grams of cocaine, paraphernalia and items to package and distribute. >> i hope the judges will start getting tough on some of these things. >> two of the four have been arrested on six they could face 70 years in prison. >> reporter: an increase in violence among young people has inspired a local woman to go for positive change in they are community. jackson established the learning sessions or souls organization three months ago. the group met today to discuss a
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>> we are going to hit the streets. we'll touch people's lives. feed them, clothe them, do whatever we can to make sure they know we do care. >> she is looking to get more churches on board. talk in police officers played a friendly game of football with kids and adults. the feast and football event is a great way to get to know the people they serve. >> it showse though you may not see it because of everything going on. we definitely are around. and we need to be getting out here more. >> there was barbeque for everyone. 50 families received thanksgiving turkeys and meal cards from the hunger task force. >> green bay fans holding their breath tonight that this will be the week the pack gets it together. they will take the field on
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>> getting back on track and finding an office of rhythm is what the packers want to do against the redskins sunday night. it all starts with the quarterback aaron raj is. >> we talked about situational football. our third down and red zone percentages have been down from where they need to be. we have to find ways to score touchdowns and start faster. we have been behind for few games too many times. we need to give our defense some confidence. >> the packers go out and pick up chris continue michaels on waivers. >> a guy out there right on. we have different terminology here and there. but i don't think there is too much i can't handle. i have got to do my job.
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will play against the tread skins, but james stark is expected to get more carries against the skins. >> reporter: thanks, rod. you can see the packers and redskins on tun day night football on tnj4. kickoff is at 7:30. pope francis speaks out about what he call as virus of polarization and hostility in the wor. charge to defeet donald trump. mitt romney and the president-elect bury the hatchet. but first here is a live picture from the set of "saturday night live" that you can see in a little more than 20 minutes.
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>> reporter: president-elect donald trump has moved from trump tower to his golf club in new jersey. the man getting a face to face* today the man who ran for president in 2012 and lost. >> here is what i know. donald trump is a phoney, a fraud. >> but today the pair buried the hatchet in an hour and a half long meeting. romney has been mentioned as a potential pick tore secretary of state. but they characterized the meeting as an exchange of ideas. >> i appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration.
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tweet saturday morning, taking aim at the cast of the broadway musical "hamilton." vice president-elect mike pence attended the play. from the statement cast urged him to represent all americans. >> we are diverse america who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us. respond that conversation is not harassment. poem francis warned against what he -- pope francis warned against what he calls. hostility in the world.
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against animosity creeping into the church as well. the most advanced rocket ever built rocketed into space. >> reporter: it's part of an $11 billion effort to revolutionallize forecasting and save lives. it resolution with more accurate weather forecasting and warning. scott is back with our forecast. the far it after green bay packers player fulfills the live long dream on the field. here are tonight's powerball
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reporter: there is a sight to warm everyone up on this in downtown milwaukee thousands gathered for the 90th annual holiday parade where with the cheer came quite a chill. some wore snow suits, others brought every blanket they own. i don't think this baby could see a thing. even pets wore an extra coat. the crowd snuggled close as the
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sharing hot chocolate or something stronger. the wind was the hardest part. this streetlights even shook. possibly the hardest job of the day? carrying the flags as they blew. we found visitors from the south of france enjoying the parade. >> it's very, very cold day. despite the day, marching bands played enthusiastically. hugs and george mallet smiemed and waved through it all. even though they like everyone else wished they could have taken refuge inside the oscar mayer wiener mobile. >> there should be more hot chocolate.
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chocolate. >> reporter: tomorrow there will be the waukesha christmas parade. >> reporter: perfect weather for a christmas parade. oh, man. you can seat look on george, carole and john's face. a little chilly, but you expect that when you get a 30-degree drop in temperatures. 4:00 yesterday afternoon, 64 degrees. by 5:00 you 41 degrees, and then by 4:00 this afternoon 35. an incredible change. clear skies up above. a lot of stars allowing the temperatures to plummet. a bitter breeze is white strong for this time of the night.
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much. look at the high temperatures. 40 degrees in milwaukee. when you consider the fact that the high temperature of the day took place at midnight last night, that's pretty cold. this is the first below average day all month long. we are finally colder than we should be. outside right now just about everybody dipping into the mid 20s. 26 degrees in burlington and watertown. st degrees in milwaukee, racine and kenosha. colder than we were yesterday at 10:00 at night. one of the big reasons a strong northwesterly breeze rushing here from canada into southeastern wisconsin, the winds sustained between 12 and 22 miles an hour. we had peak wind gusts near 50
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milwaukee's mitchell international at 40 miles per hour in west bend. you combine the cold temperatures with wind chills in the middle teens across the area. 22 in the northwoods. 18 degrees on the thermometer. here is a look at the satellite-radar combination. mainly clear skies with a northwesterly breeze. breezy and clear conditions. when you get lake-effect snow, 4 inches in 3 hours in twin lake across the lake from us. high pressure will mean crystal clear skies until monday. and that's the way it will stay mainly clear as we start the workweek. a starry sky, but yesterdayy and cold with temperatures down here
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with highs near 34 degrees. that's about 10 degree below and. more sunshine monday. we creep up to 38. back to seasonal readings tuesday. looks as though we'll see increase in clouds tuesday. tuesday night into wednesday. it should be a cold rain then for turkey day, quiet but cloudy
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turning to both of his quarterbacks to get the job done. bangers trail early in the game with an 8.5 to play in the first half. alex makes sure this is a touchdown. he muscles his way into the end zone. the play of the day. t.j. watt interest accepts the pass. the first pick.
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he gets his second touchdown of the day. the last time he had a two touchdown day was against purdue. >> i was a flashy player today. not normal for a fullback. we just got the ball rolling a little bit in the second square and offense is rolling. that was a big part of it. they nearly the buckites at michigan state. they go for 2. it's intercepted. joe state survivors michigan state 17-16. clay matthews questionable. they signed cars bradford and released just continue fur low. continue --
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>> it doesn't get any easier on sunday night football. >> they have a slft weapons. it comes down to playing fundamental football *. we have to tackle better and not giving up big plays. we'll get some calls to beat our coverage. but we have >> it's going to be a good test on prime time television. now is better than ever to start with a win and get back in the win column. >> reporter: the play maker and the defense need to make big plays on sunday night football
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streak. >> what i have before the game, i had a bag of chee-tos and two foot-long meatball subs. >> reporter: that's running-back sam lloyd. i asked him what he had before the game because he had three touchdowns. yesterday he helped with five-touchdown effort. i followed up with the running-back and found out what he ate before that game. >> we got catered olive garden. i downed a couple meatballs and 10-13 bread sticks. >> reporter: last year bucks fans called it when they wore their 21-4 shirts.
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early you missed a good one. green takes it to the house. a monster jam makes it 35-48. bucks pull within two. misses the jam, last chance. the bucks lose a thriller by 3. the marquette women's basketballr basketball team take on 8th march quet beat arizona state
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>> reporter: 55 is the new 20. the father of joe thomas builtal life-long dream. four years ago he decide to
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revive his. he became the soldest walk-on? school history and division 1 college football. you i have been working on this dream for 36 years. thank god it happened today. >> reporter: after the game thomas was carried off the field only shoulders of his teammates. he doesn't look like nor does he play like it. >> it's spectacular. mr. trump? [ cheers and applause ] mr. trump, are you ready for your first meeting? >> kelly ann, what are people


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