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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2016 7:00am-8:40am CST

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good morning, ambassador haley? nald trump pks h first female cabinet meer, ambassador this as trump acknowledges he won't be following throu on some of th proms h made during the key to the caaign. prises likehis one. >> i am going to instrt my attorn generalo get special procur to look into your tu disturbing past, authorities are learni more about t-year-ol
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leymentar childr. another accident and a suspsion all ie las few ars. >> i've been calling and compiningut this bus driver since august. >> so should he have been behind the l? turkey trot, 48 milonanamer, rails and skies o this thanksgiving holiday. will you be onef them? this mornin we're spread out across the country to help you get where you're going as smooly as possible. and wt aroom. >> this is like class. >>resident oba award h lasidestre medals of freem to aup of who weren above posin fo a mannequin challenge to end all mannequin challenges. toy is wednesy, novbe 23rd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from
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>>d rning,evyone o "tay" on wedne morning. an you know the exprsion, can you smell what the roc cooking? >> i've never heard that expression in my life. >>ake a look at whate ha w gog on rockefeller plaza. >> this is who's who 30 celebrithefs a here on o plaza all armed with one tip for your thanksgiving dinner. we canno wai tt started. it's le the superowl our top story, donald trum ma key feignoly pi. his one time critic, south carolina govnor nikki haley also happens to be his first female cabinet member. kristen welker has details on this. >> reporter: good morning t you. a source confirm for nbc news th m trump has tapped his rmer critic sina
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of asref inteiesddg new l on t president-elecs polici we'r aing -- want ishat >> this moing, transition urces tell nbcews president rump h askedouth carokkhay to be his ambassador to the uted immigrants is considered a risitar in the republican party. haley would be the first woman appointed to trump's cabinet. trump touching down in florida esday nig after a dayf stoking questns about whether he's moderating some of his key campaign positions. most notably, his vow to take action against hillary clinton over her e-mails. >> if i win, i am going to inruct my attorney gener to get a special prosecutor to look
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appear to go l the matter go, a decision first reported by nbc. trump elaborating during an hour-long interview with journalists at the "new york times" saying i don't want to hurt the clintons. i really don't. she went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways .i am not looking to hurt theat all. the campaign was vicious. it's a stunning reverl from candidate trp. the blowback swift. consveerti new outlet trump a a candidate lashing out, cling ts a broken promise. on the trail, trump sd wantear up the pis climat agreement, a multi natinvironal emental accord. but esday, he told the "new york times," i have an open mind to it. on torture, mr. ump once touted waterng, bodit ter nsulti witet arineneraamma, coenr der fonse sey, conclud tc is not
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are in disturbi vid capred whiteationaliup groathered in washingn, d.c. celebrating trump's victory with nazi-like sates, the pde-elect nouncing hate groups in his strongest terms yet, telling the enmes it's not a group want to gize.f andy eengized, i want to oknto and find out why. mr. trump was alsoefiant when it ce to questionsbout bwith hiness, telling the tis theaw is on hisside. he als boasted to the "new york times" the trump brand is certainly a hter brand than i was before. meanwhile, asor sectary hillary clinton, a group of computer scientists urging h mpaio ask for ecount say the found votin r irregularities there. but there is no indication tha the clinton team consing king that course of action.
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>>risten wker mak us jealous with her location with, thank u. >> thank y. there are new details this morning after that deadly school bus crash whe residents are reeling from the sck after five elementary school children were killed,ome of them injured and some of them critically. kerry sanders is in chicago for us. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, 12 of the children from the school bus accident simain herethe hospital. are in intensecare. because some of them lost brothers and sisters and close friends, their parents and doctors have decided it's still too early to tell them not everyone survived the accident. pushing forward withhis investigation, a team of ntsb investigators getting its first close up look at the mangled wreckage of the school bus, trying to determine what went so horribly wrong. and this morning, new disturbing details emerging about the bus
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the stemming from the crash that killed five elementary school children and injured 24 more. nbc news has learned walker has a less than perfect drivinger record. state records show he received his license to drive a school bus in april. five months later, he was involved in a minor bus accident. no one was injured. and in 2014 he had his personal linse suspended for 25 days for failing to show proof of insurance. >> every they complaining about the school bus. >> jasmine's daughter died in the horrific crash andwo of her older kids werehurt. >> i've been calng complain backnd this bus driver sce gust. deled the board of edation. i done cald the. >> nbc ns reached out to both the board and tschool, b we haeave not back.
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she would have tned 10 in three weeks. her older brother was not on the bus,ut he's scared now. ion't want toidehe no more. >> you just don't feel safe? >> reporter: last night, hundredsurned out for a solemn standing room only prayer vigil. there wereal for the children and hope. >> god is goi to turn this situation around for the good. and i think that's what the falies captured gh along with the federal national transportation safety board say that they hope to review video from the bus that may help explain what happened here. but they say at this point, clearly the bus driver was operating this large bus with children on board faster than the posted speed limit. savannah. >> it's just awful. kerry sanders, thank you so much. we're going to look a little deeper into this. we've got a lot more in the next half hour on school bus safety. and we're goi to take a closer look at why most states still do
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we want to turn now to thanksving travel. me 48 million americans on the move. we have our travel center rea to helpou make the most of your holiday. we've got it covered this morning, start, steve cornaki. steve, what is going on here? >> a specializing gridlock, i guess you could say. this is the number of americans who are hitting the roads. let's see if i can get this to work. here we go. it is up this year, the number of people who are traveling. the vast majority of them are ing to be driving this year, some flying, some taking trains. why is the number up this year? well, the economy is a little better and also, these are some of the lowest gas prices we've had in a while. some people taking advantage of that. the question of where people are going? here we go, the most popular destinations, a lot of people treat this like a vacation, orlando, new, san francisco, las vegas. this is a driving holiday when you get down to it.
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here you go. these are the five worst places in the country if you're hitting the roads. and i can vouch tore one of these personally. i grew up here using i-8el 4 boston going down to connecticut every thanksgiving and that thing can be a parking lot on a day like this. >> steve proving once again he can do it all. >> thanks, steve. >> happy thanksgiving. as you pointed out, travel by car is going toe kicking into high gear toy. we have ts abouthe best time to hit the road to andma's how. >> so far, so good. we're on the west de highway in new york city. figured we probably shouldn't travel too far from home at this point. but if you have toravel for thanksgiving, you might want to consider leaving right now. the worst times to travel are 3:00 this afternoon and 4:00 p.m. on saturday. if you can't leave todayefore 3:00 p.m., though, you might want to consider leaving on thanksgiving day itself. it's actually considered one of the best days to travel. if you need an app to help you
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best app is waze. it's community driven and it uses users' drive times to reroute you based on those reports. trust waze. download it and follow it. aaa says their top reasons for road rescues are flat tires, lock outs and dead batteries. so make sure your car is serviced before you get out on the road. have a good play list, make sure you're just in aoo mind with patience. you don't want the drive itself to ruin your thanksgiving. i also recommend not driving anywhere near us because we are certainly slowing things down on the road this morning. >> good tip. thank you. nbc's tom costello covers aviation. he's at reagan national airport. tom, there seems to be some renewed talk about possibly long security lines. we all talked about that backn the summer. what's the status? >> yeah. so far, so good. here at reagan national airport,
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if you go all the way down to where that american flag is hanging, that is on the end of the line. on precheck today, we're looking at about 10, 15 minutes or so. the best way to get this infoion realtime is othe tsa app. you type in your actual airport you want. it gives you aealtime status update. what you can't control is the weathe of course, but the tsa l of chepointhoke points we saw lt sing with les running one and two hours,f o're, dfw and them t be jfk. we're expecting nationwide volu systemwide, 2.3 million people per day, but 2.5 to?t 2. million today and sunday. these will be the busiest days. and the ha opened up aew command center at its headquarters office where they track the status of the 30 busiest airports down to the
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so they can tell you how long the lines are at a specific checkpoint at a specific airport. they're looking at what they call hot spots, thoserobl p eas that pop . theye hadne pop up tay in louisville, ntucke, becau of a power outage, but that's alad ty say been addressed. alsoorking with the airports and their lines, ty project passenger volume that can respond, they can staff up if necessy. nationwide tim average background 30 mutes on the tsa relarli, und ,n ct, unr 10 o lines. they've also got dog teams run, 165 dog teams nationwide. if ty can clear a line of passengers with gs, those people can move that much faster. so nowhey're lookingho they can move these lines throughout the day. they've staffed updramatically. they've really recovered from what they hadack in the spring with those long lines. the advice today if you're traveling over the next few
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pack them in your hard body, if you win thll, i ceshat you check. also, make sure you remember that you're going to have to take off your shoes, te out your laptops. the more that you're prepared and ready,ou can speed tngs along. guackys, bo you. >> tom, as always, thank you. only one other x factor, the weathe ocki. r posing. >> oh,sorry. >> what are we looking at? hard spotsooking at a couple of r ather iscerned reallight now, as far as the airports here in the eastern half othe untry, minneapolis,chicago, det, some minor delays att. lou and also for housn. t chicago o'hare, pds of rain,ty wind it should car up later this evening. out west, seattle-tacoma possible delays due to showers and storms. hot spots as far as the roads, i-94, i-80, i-65 is going to be problematic from chicago to nashville.
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better eugene to seattle. we're going to be looking at rainey travel throughout the day. sunday for your trip back, the eastern half of the country is not too bad. the only problems going to be boston. some minor delays in minneapolis, st. louis andown intodall . boston logan may see probms. san francisco, se probls as fa as showers and thunderstorms. and then on the road to i-80, i-5, i-90 out west causing problems as far as tral part of the untry, we're looking from i-35 minneapoliso dallas, gusty winds, a lot of wet weather. san francisco to l.a., you're going to ha some problems, as well, guys. >> al, thank you so much. > and it was a very emotional day at the white house on tuesday as presint obama arded his final medals of freem. 25 people recved the nation's highest civilian honor as the
7:16 am
r inim of hi presidaen,ark atincelebr american legends. >>his is like a reay good cls. ladi and gentlen, i want you all toet ip f the recipients of the 2016 presidential med of eedo >> from sportstar michael jordan -- >> he's more than just alogo, mo than jt a internet meme. ere is a reason you call somebody the michael jordan of. chael jordan of neurosuery theichael michael jordan is the michael jordan of greatness. >> to music icon bruce ringst >>e was sprung from a cag on he outhway 9.quietid fm jers i the psihe ithdent, >> kg of comedy, laun michaels. ve," created a world where band ofno-names become co's ggest stars, where our
7:17 am
ozen cavemanyer show up and tom hanks is on black jeopardy. >> actor tom hanks. >> america'sad has stood up to ncer with his belovede, rita. he's championed our veterans, supported spa exploration and the truth is, tomas always saved his best roles for real life. >> and fellow film star, robber >>ro synonymous with touguy. >> the yup including bill and melinda gates. >> the gates foundationas rkedo provide lye saving medical care to millions. these have donated more ney tohataeauseshan anyone ever. >> and one of the funniest women kht to tes. >> ellen degeneres has way of making you laugh a some
7:18 am
to s somebody so full of kindnessnd light, somebod we ke so mu, someby who uld bur neighbor or our colleague o ourister chlenge r n assumptions. re us that we have me in comm than we realize. >>id you have a chance to e is? i didn. iust g to the ecxpt did ee it?>> no >> iatch thi f a hour ayve yndats poignd emoal and funn >>sk personal >> ye. e sawllen gting choked upere. wh a refi t oom wh al thosepeople. >> a hough he id he doe't laugh atne pers >>yeah. me pretty well. ias a wrfwondfu event. >>un wah t thi wholene an byhewa allenn't ke it into the ene s dend acces ,ouwwhat
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about a hou made call becaus s n onns thehi hs, adeost of pollening ne c it's asho o arica such?w rnoro, bl gatesng hers. dr ke >> youannot top at. >> thas amazing. >> mr. roker,ou hehe r tre down to the gulf coast. rain andou snown e pacific northwest. highurfisor sther cafornia. y ithrtheast,ut we'll g to yourocal forecast cong up next second is kohl's blacfriday. stores open thursday at 6pm iay doorbusters get the aystation 4 or a9 ch 4k hd tv for ju249.99. 9 af get $4r rebateion 4 tcn electrics.
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pl only once a year evetyo g5 kohl's cas thfirst place to stop and the best place to shop kohldon't miss iday. >>nd tt's yourates her, guys. >> al, t youery much. comg how safe is your child's schoobus? jeff rossenoot why millns of americs soo kiequiren'td wear . pinsoumanner
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'l you how tl n
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i'm susan kim alongside brian gotter...lets g a chk of
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?? okay. it's contagious, this mannequin challenge. it's 7:30, 23rd of november. 30 celebrity chefs all turkeys and give us some tips as soon as they reanimate from the mannequin challenge, they are going to tell us how to get thanksgiving done in style. >> although i can tell you bobby flay you do not want to see dance in actual motion. >> he just broke the challenge. it only takes one. only takes one. back inside studio 1a let's take a look at some stories making headlines. police in venice, florida, saw
7:31 am
a fire ball streaking through the sky. the brighter than usual meteor was spotted up and down florida's gulf coast monday night, some people as far away as georgia and alabama also said they saw it. donald trump has offered the position of u.n. ambassador to south carolina'sgovernor, nikki haley, who was once a critic of the president-elect. this is, by the way, also his first female pick f his cabinet. trump also gave a revealing interview to "the new york softening his position on several of his campaign promises, sothemme of uite controversial, iluding seeking prosecution of hlary clinton. trump is now saying that the clinave been thrgh enough alrdy. mr. trump offered his condolences to the families o five childn kild in that tragic school bus crash in tesee. auorities areow learning mo about the 24-year-old who was at the wheel during the accident. his driving record revealing a separate accident as well as a license suspension.
7:32 am
charges. in the wake of the accident, there are renewed calls for seat belts on school buses, so why aren't most kids buckled in? today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with more on that. jeff, 's such a sad story and such an important question. >> it certainly ie othor to watch.e devtating th sch busn chattanooga did not haveeat bets. some of the kids were actually ej upoected im without seat belts. federal officials say seat belts would make school buses safer, so whyren't they required? this morning we are going straight to the top for answers. the scene in chattanooga is devastating. the bus split in half by a tree. >> a school bus flipped off the roadway. it is occupied with children. they believe there's ejections. >> reporter: inside the children weren't wearing seat belts. why? because their bus didn't ve
7:33 am
>> i fee very strongly that we should have seat belts on every hool bus in the united states. when you loo at children from the age of 0 to 5, they are correctly restrained in the back seat of their vehicle. that's their habit. they know that's safer. they get on the big yellow school bus, where are the seat belts? >> most states don't require seat belts on school buses. only six states do, and there is no federal requirement. the consequences can be school bus accidents keep happening across the country. wapello, iowa,he driver of this bus losing control. kids sent flying out of their seats, injuring all ten on board. tulsa, oklahoma. another bus swerving off the road. four students sent to the hospital. experts say seat belts can make all the difference between life and death.
7:34 am
belts on. now look at the dummies that do. big difference. they stay in their seats. last stember i went to see the administrator of the national highway traffic safety administration. >> would safety belts make them even safer? absolutely. >> so why not mandate that right now? >> that's really the question we've been looking at. there's no question that the safety belts would help, but the issue is beyond just that, how transportation safer. >> with all due respect, they have been looking at this for a long time. what do you say to parents putting their kids on buses today, they don't want to wait? >> putting them on that big yellow school bus is still the safest way to get to school. >> reporter: there is still no federal law requiring seat belts. experts say until that happens, we could see more tragedies like the one this week. >> a great example is the bus driver. he has to wear a seat belt.
7:35 am
behind him haveo wear a seat belt as well. >> so it is the burning question, why don't most school buses have seat belts. let me show you. the seats, as you know from all of us on school buses, are high and padded. the thinking is this would keep the child in the seat, the tall seats keep them from flying out but as we see that doesn't always work and there's always a cost. it comes down to money. it would cost between $7,000 to $10 the country and that would take millions if not billions of dollars and take years to do. but they still say, they stand by it, that there should be a 3-point belt buckle on every single school bus in the country. >> why not start today. >> i agree. now let's turn to the weather and mr. roker. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by soma, the best gifts for her this season. still have a lot going on
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stng -- we've got storms from houstonll t way up into mphis and se messy weather, a mix of snow, rain and ice from saginaw on into green bay today. it's part of a storm system pushing through. it will weaken as it moves to the east but snow will develop into interior parts of the northeast and new england as we get into thursday afternoon. out west we've got a 1-2 punch of the storm. one system coming online already bringing rain and snow from seattle all the way but then this second system moves in as we move into thursday on into friday. back-to-back storms bringing a real mess into the weekend for the pacific northwest and some of this will make its way all
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we're back at 7:42. tomorrow millions of american families will gather but wit the country so deeply divided, we just had a really tough election, a l of people wondering how do you manag sticky conversations. >> here wh vice mr. manners himself, mr. thomas farley. who's more dapper tha seously. alright, politics, nation's divided, going to gather family members and friends, the noty' all going to ben the same side of the political spectrum. what are the rules? >> we want to aim for more gobble, less squabblehis thanksgiving. so it starts with the host. the host is the one who really sets down the ground rules. ideally in advance today, today is the day, e-mail, text, phone call, we're going to create a politics-free zone and that's the dinner table. so you're putting it out there for all of your guests.
7:43 am
you designate a room in the house where it's okay to talk about politics. >> the bathroom? >> it's like the smokers room and nonsmokers room. >> outside, down the street. >> if you think there are two who are really going to go at it, you're going to set a place setting for everyone so you're not going toit the two other asrohheies nexth t e >>owenfoe? thos sets the rules you say. >> bo,ll,his ishe tou the sheriff. so you designate some people to help you out. so the kidsan be designated to give a blessing. i like the idea of having the childrenftyf t create little paddles that s things like no squble to ll aut gobble so ty hold up the paddlesn people start talking ux oe likep
7:44 am
other. what do you dothen? >> this is the elephant in the room, right? u definitely wan to acknowledge that privately. i would call the person aside i don if kw this was a mistake but i notice we'reot ies on facebook anymore. how did this happen? allow the person to weigh in. it may be that for se of the friendship you want to wait until after the inauguration to become virtual friends again. if you wan to save the iendip i rl life. >> let's table. sometimes there are old scabs that people pic when ies to family feuds. >> thanks for puttingto we. >> itppens. it's liken oldmethin nt bert she bsup ign the tabl p>> wg ball through dinner so whahod youolve o ven e ni o . i'ayyes,ork w ons t but work on it privately. haheonion itva with everybody around.
7:45 am
because a little -- be careful thebooze. someone else's house, someone else's kid disruptive and unruly. do you say something? >> unless the child is in danger or unless your belongings are in serious danger, stay out of that. it's a tough thing t tell somebody how to raise their own children. steer clear of it. >> if you're a guest at someone else's thanksgiving, is it rude to ask the host >> l you leave? >> asking for a friend. >> i think it's a compliment. if you want to earn the leftovers, you better be the one helping clear the places and wash the dies. that person gets fst dibs on ftover. >>o you bring ppre? >> that's a little presumptuous. peoe donant te that >> unless they're good abo returning it. >> bring it back clean. ies annt tlen, >> happy thanksng, everyone. >> there you go, happy thanksgiving.
7:46 am
leav don't forget to catch the 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade -- othmo segue. >> al is going to be there, savannah wile ere,l b therewomormornin >> tt's right. t's almost like thathig five. coming up ,next president backbama preres for his nal predential turke pardon. taon hashe very lates on th ky before fibromyalgien my doctor movin hibroea falgia. pain drained my energy. heo escred la. fibromyalgia is thought to be e resultf ertive nerves. lyricalievo ca these nerves. r ,?c lyrica can significantly reli fiomiaain and prove function, so ieel bett.lyrica may c seact
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cherished white house tradition, the presidential turkey pardon. so the white house has taken to social media to introduce us to this year's turkey. here are their names. savannah, you were asking me during the commercial break, tater and tot. complete with detailed bio cards for each one. what we know about tater is he likes to listen to meghan trainor and walks with a swagger. as for tot, he's a bigger fan of justin he gobbles with confidence. while only tater or tot will be the title for national thanksgiving turkey, both will get the big pardon. choosing two turkeys is a tradition that started with obama at the request of his daughter, look how little they were, sasha and malia. they have been at their dad's side at every turkey pardon starting all the way back 2009. look at that, then and now. kids do grow up. through this year they'll be
7:52 am
eighth and final pardoning ceremony bringing his own brand of humor to the event. remember, he did a lot of dad jokes last year, to his daughters' dismay. so there you have it, guys, tater and tot. >> just a suggestion, tater feldman? >> oh, my gosh. did i already tell you? no, i'm just kidding. no, i'm just kidding. >> all right, tamron, thank you. america's beverage companies have come together to no, i'm just kidding. >> all right, tamron, thank you. bring you more ways to help reduce calories from sugar. with more great tasting beverages with less sugar ar calorie labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar.
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? t for black friday. starts thursday, 6pm.
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?? it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, turkey whether you're hitting the road or takingthe skies, we've got all the info a plu today's all-star thanksgiving. we're kicking off the3@ holiday with not one chef, but 30 of the best to prepare for your big feast. and jumpstart your shopping. we've got a special edition of steals & deals with items for everyone on your list, with mega discounts to be thankful for. today, wednesday, november 23rd,
8:01 am
good morning! >> we're from florida. >> we made it on the "today" show! >> we're from cincinnati celebrating our 20th anniversary. >> we're from texas. >> all the way fm tennessee, happy thanksgiving! and welcome back to "today." it's now 8:00 on a wednesday morning. 24 hours to go until thanksgiving day. if you're feeling a little bit overwhelmed,e've got 30 experts. 30 of the best culinary minds in the country getting ready with quick tips to make your thanksgiving a little smoother, a little tastier. >> they have been trying to do
8:02 am
at, come on. >> it's like the "star wars" bar of celebrity chefs. >> wow, that's unbelievable. >> it's awesome. by the way, you can get those 30 tips online, you could watch with a pen and paper or you can check online later. >> we're going to make them available for you just in time for the holiday. >> speaking of thanksgiving traditions, if you do not feel like moving after watch the parade tomorrow, you don't have to. you can actually just enjoy a spectacular family friendly parade of annual national dog show. john o'hurley. >> great to be back with you again. >> and he brought some friends we'll meet in a minute. what's going on with the show this year? >> we have a record number of breed entries. last year 26 million people watched. we're expecting an audience even larger this year. it keeps growing. >> talk to us about some of the friends you've brought along with you. >> in addition to your civic
8:03 am
one of our new breeds we'll be introducing. this is the pumi. if you mated a koala bear with four-ply carpeting, this is what you'd end up with. >> what's it called? >> it's a pumi. it's a hungarian hunting dog and it's won our hearts. one of the new breeds and one of the best and top winning golden retrievers you'll ever meet, that's tracker and a beautiful belgian dn at the end also in the competition. grt dogs. it's goi a ar. that's fantastic. >> how many years havyou be doing this? >> this is our 15th consecutive year. i can't believe i've kept a show alive that long. >> the dogs might have had something to do with it. >> how do you think charlie would do in that competition? >> charlie is a black lab so he'll have an awful lot of competition because that's the most registered dog in the akc. but just for civic responsibility, he's best in show for me.
8:04 am
is there a favorite this year? in the days leading up -- >> it's going to be a really tough show. we have more of the number one of their breeds in the show than weeverbefore, so we're going to be looking at the best dogsn the country tomorrow. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> and you have your assistant with you? >> he's here every year and he gets a little bit bigger. >> how well you feed him. >> john, we can't wait. thanks for bringing these adorable dogs. you'll be back with kathie lee and hoda a little later on. the n tomorrow after the parade at noon. by the way, catch the winner friday morning, best in show, right here on "today." now let's get to the news at 8:00. good morning, i'm tom costello at reagan national airport. we begin with the prethanksgiving travel and we are off. 49 million americans expected to travel over the course of this thanksgiving day period. as it relates to air travel, we've got some long lines here at reagan national airport here in washington, but things are still moving along pretty
8:05 am
most part lines of under 30 minutes at a regular checkpoint across the country, under 10 to 15 for precheck nationwide. but we could today and sunday see the heaviest record volume ever for airport travel. so if you are traveling today or sunday, get there early and plan to be prepared for the checkpoint experience. on the roads, of course, that's where most people are going to be traveling over the course of the thanksgiving day period, more than 45 million of us, the vast majority i shod say, since 2007 or so. they are fueled by cheap gas. aaa right now saying that the average is $2.13 a gallon. with that and a better economy, people are hitting the road and off to see grandmother or wherever they're going on this thanksgiving day period. for the most part roads are good. for the most part good weather today. two areas to watch, chicago o'hare and sea-tac in seattle. now some breaking news from
8:06 am
haley, has accepted a key cabinet level role in the trump administration as united nations ambassador. that is according to a source familiar with the trump transition process. haley met with the president-elect at trump tower last week. she is the first woman picked for his administration. if confirmed by the senate, haley would succeed samantha power. meantime his transition team confirms that president-elect trump offered the job of hud secretary to dr. ben carson, now to a major blow to the obama administration's plans to give millions of federal workers a potential raise. a federal court has blocked the start of a new rule that would have made an estimated 4 million more american workers eligible for overtime pay beginning december 1st. the court said the rule exceeds the authority of the department of labor. the administration wanted to shrink what's called the white collar exemption, which allows employers to skip overtime pay for salaried or administrative
8:07 am
well, the department of labor says it is considering all legal options. and on this wednesday morning, we have an important recall to tell you about, especially if you're about to hit the road for thanksgiving. toyota recalling more than 700,000 siena minivans in the u. because their sliding doors could open while the vehicles are being driven. the recall involves sienas from model years 2011 to 2016. toyota says if a circuit door is unlatched, it could open unexpect. toyota is working o f and will be notifying owners in the next few weeks. coming up, our all-star thanksgiving team ready to go. 30 chefs and foodies have 30 tips that will make thanksgiving one for the ages this year, helping you save on everything from the turkey to the tableware. and enough about saving time, how about saving money?
8:08 am
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we're very excited. >> and now just one day to go. we've got 30 chef all-stars in our studio and out on the plaza. they're on hand with their 30 must-have tips. first, how we got here. we began november by pledging to help make your traditional thanksgiving meal memorable and delicious. >> thumbs up, right? >> talking turkey with the greatest culinary talents in the country. >> sprinkle it on the >> and our duo teams delivered. >> you're going to stir that around. >> dozens of recipes, from buns to the bird. and pies to potatoes. >> buttered biscuit. >> we mixed, mashed, and baftd. >> this is going to be so good. >> honoring the season's biggest and best. >> how does it taste downstairs? >> mmm. >> are you ready?
8:13 am
chefs. these are real tips that will help you with your thanksgiving dinner and holiday. let's get started with our top ten thanksgiving trips -- tips and tricks. starting at number one, kate is apparently talking about getting better reception on your television. >> this is for your television set if you can't get the tv show. if you don't have a roasting rack, take aluminum foil, twist it into a coil, put your roasting pan, set your turkey on top of it and there you go. you also don't have to wash it, just throw it away at the end. >> katie lee, very good. number two, lydia, what do you have? >> the most asked question is how do you get t skin on the turkey nice and crispy. you want your turkey to look good and the secret is you glaze it with balsamic vinegar. glaze your turkey in the last
8:14 am
you have a mahogany finish, nice and chris -- crisp. great italian way for turkey splendor. >> that's a good one. >> okay. let's go to number three, duke. >> dry brian is ten times better. essentially it's salting your chicken one to two days before roasting it. it's really easy. no clunky containers that don't fit in your fridge. just salt it two days before and let it g you're ready to roast. >> it can i ask a question on that. are you supposed to rinse that dry brine off? >> no. whenever it's ready or turkey day, just put it right in the oven. >> someone just gave hoda that question. she doesn't even know where the kitchen is. >> she doesn't have an oven. >> she's like what is that? >> anyone can do it. come on.
8:15 am
white. >> good morning. when roasting for large groups i like to do two turkeys. one for presentation for your rockwell photo and the other one so that you can break it apart and do the breast and leg separate for equal cooking times. >> wo yes. gd one. >> perfect. and number five, adam richman. tamron's date. >> hi, boo. >> so take your butter and it into those holiday molds, great way to make the table look great, to get kids involved with the cooking process. looks good on the bread or rolls you serve, even on the mashed potatoes. >> super cute. two minutes left,ive more tips daniel, you're up. >> for thanksgiving, you want to cook a storm and you might run out of dishes. perfectly for bowl oror dishes, for your salad, for your
8:16 am
cheese pumpkin like this and it looks so good on the ble. you can even prebake it and scoop inside of it. >> it looks fancy. >> delicious. >> yeah. that's great. >> marcus, what have you got? >> so the holiday season, you want to save a little bit on the sweets. instead of marshmallow, we're going to throw the marshmallows away -- >> no! >> and we're going to substitute them with a little bit of spices instead. much more savory, much more delicious on top on y potatoes. >> michael. >> instead of using mixing bowls and plates to hold all of your ingrients, i use the plastic ziploc bags. i do it a day ahead of time. they take us less room in you refrigerator and once you're done, you can toss the bags after you've cooked your food. >> it's a fancy way of saying
8:17 am
your stuffing or your soup. >> thank you. sunny anderson, in english. >> we love calling something what it actually does. i don't know why we call this thing a cooler because it's also a heater. yes. if you're going somewhere for thanksgiving, it will keep everything that you have hot, nice and hot for you as you travel. >> hey, sunny, decaf, okay? >> what's up, looking good with that beard, matt. >> thank you very much. >> i love to pick my platters in advance, it makes live a lot easier. so this is for stuffing, this is for pie and i put post-its in anything so i don't forget. done. we have time left. >> do you take the post-it out? >> way to go.
8:18 am
that's the first ten. we have 20 more tips to go. they're all going to be on we're covering everything this morning from decoration to dessert tips and all kinds of stuff. >> and you can g that on our website. but first, a proud "today" show tradition, thasgiving tradition. we told you about weoping starting back in 56 with dave garoway, we would invite a high school marching band into our studio and onto the plaza the day before the wayside a few years ago. this morning, it's back and better than ever. so let us welcome the green valley high school marching eagles from green valley, missouri. >> all right. ?? >> while they're doing that, i'm going to walk over and do the
8:19 am
a.m., they're going to be performing, it's going to be 42 degrees with a 20% chance of showers. that's good news, so not too bad. oh, the winds east at 3 by around noon time, looking pretty good. >> hi, guys. oh, they can't talk. >> keep talking, al. >> that's it. >> that's all you have? >> no, i've got more. we've got more to show you. forecast around the country, heavy rain in the pacific northwest, plenty of sunshine through the south. we're looking at a few snow showers in the northern plains. light snow in northern new england and interior stions ofp0 upstate new york. the gulf coast looking pretty good. we've got plenty of sunshine through the mid-plains. all in all not a bad one.
8:20 am
and we want to thank the grain valley high school marching eagles. matt, savannah, hoda, look at them there. that's a good-looking band. >> al, thank you very much. time now for thanks and giving. we learn about?i the great work happening inside the walls of st. jude children's research hospital. >> hoda recently caught up with a young patient who she actually first met many years ago. >> she is such a sweetie. it was 2008 when i traveled to memphis and visited a group of really special kids who we
8:21 am
was like to walk in their shoes, from treatments to the times when they could have fun just like regular kids. one seho min tour gdes was a 6-year-old girl namedbby a geyser. today abby is . en she traveled to new york city cently, i got a chance t learn how her life has changed since then and iepd the favor and showed her around stio1a. this isbby geyser. the florida native is 14 and the second child of eight. she looks lik right? in many respects, she is. she plays the piano, reads a lot and writes h own short stories. heayr mom she has great sense of humor. but what makes abby uniquero most is that much of her childhood has been spent at st. jude children's research hospital in memphis. countless family photos show just how much of her life has been inteoven w hospital stays, but the good news is after battling two different
8:22 am
cancer-free. >> she's a hands-down success story. >> and this past october she had reconstructive surgery at st. jude to insert an adult prosthetic bone in her leg after bone cancer hadavag it eight yearsago. >> that cancer required chemotherapy and surgery to remove the bone. >> what do we like about school the most? >> i first met abby back in 2008 along with a pnt nam amber. aeebby h diagnosed with eye cancer when she was only four months old, but doctors at st. jude had successfully treated abby chemotherapy and laser eye surgery, saving both of her eyes. later, though, the disease developed in her bones. >> go, go, go, go. >> seeing a typical day at st. jude through their eyes was life-changing for me. now eight years later, i was
8:23 am
s doing and happy to reconnect with her and her mom in studio 1a. >> where are you from, abpensac >>oh, ni. >> what a pleasu, abby. >>iecoer charlie. >> hi, charlie. >> we have guys on computers doing incrediblynt clickety clack. >> this is simple. >> paula abdul, this is abby. >> hello, sweetheart. >> aft thetour, weatown to catch up at the famed rainbow room here arock. i showed abby the video from 2008. >> how manyids do you wa to 8& have? >> 14. >> 14? that woulde too much for me to handle. >> so tell me how you see your future. how many kids? >> 10 at t. >> 10 at >> isn't t too much for you
8:24 am
ttingim keep m leg and my eye. >> thankful for that basic reminder to be grateful, so i gave abby some "today" show swag and made sure she new - you cane back any time you o and we'll be here for you. all right? >> thank you so much. >> you got it, abby. >> we love that little girl. you can see she's doing really well and we're hop off those crutches pretty soon. she said i'm just thankful to have my leg and my eye. when you think about what kids are thankful for, you can't imagine what she is. >> you've told us for years it's not only about treating cancer, it's about trying to get these patients back to a normal life. >> and the quality of life is our priority. instead of amputaing her leg, st. jude pioneered a procedure
8:25 am
cancerous bone and put in a rod that grows when she grows by putting a magnet on top of the prosthesis. now that she's an adult leg, we've put in the adult prosthesis and she can walk and run and dance like any other normal teenage girl. >> she's darling. we got to meet her last week, but it's really a lifetime of care. that's what i took away from this sto. >> we're going to watch her the rest of her life like we do with all of our children, but it's te two cancers. we saved her eyes and we saved her leg. >> wow. >> such great work. >> marlo, thanks so much. >> tomorro wll catch up with a pnt who beat cancer despite the odds and now she is a little fashionista. >> let's see what's going on outside. al? >> all right, guys. we are out here with our all-star thanksgiving team getting you ready for the best and easiest thanksgiving ever.
8:26 am
8:27 am
i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
?? 8:30 now on a wednesday morning, t day before thangir, 16 the greatest culinary talent in the country, 30 experts, 30 tips to make your thanksgiving great. our all-star thanksgiving now rolls on. >> by the way, this is pretty epic out here. while it's not all we have to be thankful for, savannah happens to be inside for a special small business steals and deals with up to 86% off everything from clothes, ties, jewelry, pant suits, all on discount.
8:31 am
>> we'll show you what we have for you. you can see on thanksgiving day, some light snow in northern new england. we're also looking at wet weather making its way into the pacific northwest. plenty of sunshine out through the gulf coast into the mid-mississippi river valley. tomorrow -- friday, i could say for the shopping, you're going to look at wet weather back throug the northeast. heavy rain into the pacific northwest. sunny from the plains all the way down to the gu. some showers making their way through southern texas. sunny through this is a good-looking family. where are you guys from? >> cleveland. >> cleveland, ohio. >> there you go. what's your name? >> the sheelors. >> they had to think about it for a second.
8:32 am
don't forget whenever you need that weather, tune into weather channel on cable. oh, >> announcer: small business steals and deals is sponsored by american express, founding partner of small business saturday. shop small this saturday. >> all right, time for a special edition of jill's steals and deals. we're gearing up for small business saturday with exclusive deals on items to jump start your holiday shopping. maybe you need to treat yourself. jill martin is here with the deals. i love it because these are all family businesses, s coations.
8:33 am
unbelievable stuff today. so gifts or most of usre shopping for ourselves at this point. >> exactly. >> let's start with the barrel poncho. the retail, $565. these are 100% italian cashmere, so comfy and cozy. we're showing two here, but available in six colors. spotted on fans like sarah jessica parker and rihanna. the deal is $75, 86% off. >> that is an amazing deal. and there's six ixco cs and you can see them all on >> including black. tell me about this for the guys. >> the peter blair ties that retail $60 to $100. matt wore the bow tie that time so maybe this could be my holiday gift there. these are all hand sewn in the u.s. the retail is $60 to $100. the deal is $20 to $25. up to 75% off. what i love about this brand, there's really bold, fun prints. if you know someone with a different bby, you can see there's sailboats. >> they pop but adds a little something. i like that.
8:34 am
wouldn't be steals and deals if we didn't get some bath stuff. >> so this is always super popular, the retail $160. this is a five-piece set so you get everything that's grouped right there. you get the large candle, difuser, room perfume, travel candle and lotion available in four scents. the retail $160. the deal $48. that's 70% off. >> oh, great. >> you can also split it up into two gifts if you wanted to give, so it's one of those gifts -- my mom is aig and gets0 gifts in one gift. ok. the scr se retail $70. it's a two- you get two of the same e but there'se nin fragrances. >> oh, it's a scrub, aody scrub. >>ou get two of the same scent but you can pick from nine. i want to make se everyone knows you get two of the same. retail $70, t deal 2. 60% off.
8:35 am
great for winter. and you get two. two for $22. again, you can split the gift. >> ts is one ofy favote, th necklaces. the retail $150. so this is 14 karat gold plated, the zodiak pendant necklace. i gave you leo so you see the little diamonds in there. it's a 20-inch chain so it's super nice because it's long and i know you usually wear that could layer it. the deal is $45, 70%off. it's really pretty. very special. do it for yourself or with your kids initials or whatever. the trays are cute. >> if you go to there's so many different ones, ent pieces.sions andun you can u the f jewelry, change coffee table. the retail $49 to $119.
8:36 am
i want to put all my rings in there. it adds a little pizzazz to your table. >> and we also have a special web-only deal so if you go to, it's exclusive deal and you can find out what it is there. oh,'r ne going to tell us. you've got to get on the web an. okay, let's run through the products one more time. the ponchos from barrel, the ties from peter blair, the candles from acquiesce, the body scrubs that la trays and the secret deal online. we have a whole week of steals and deals next week ending with the biggest ever. i'm just learning this, and it's an hour long. >> next friday. >> friday, december 2nd, that's going to be awesome. coming up next, some more tips from our foodie extravaganza. but first this is "today" on
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
we're back, all-starh? thanksgiving extravaganza continues. we have 30 chefs. last hour we had the first ten tips, the next ten are up. missy robbins, explain what this is. >> this is for brining your turkey. it keeps it moist, there's herbs, spices, salt and sugar but we all have really small refrigerators and there's so much food on thanksgiving so i do it in a garbage bag in a cooler. >> i love that idea. alex, what's your tip? >> a quick truss on a turkey, we don't want to deal with the string too much. wrap it around the back, come around the front, tie and it literally comes together in a few second and it's nice and beautiful but you've still got that wing exposed because my dad and i, we fight over the wings.
8:40 am
pronounce. ed brown is here. ed, what's your tip on stuffing? >> my tip is dry the bread. if you dry the bread when you make the stuffing, it will be fluffy instead of soggy. also i like to use the combination of rye and pumper nickel. also cut all your vegetables a day or two before so you're ready to be eating on thanksgiving and not so much cooking. >> so stale bread, fluffy stuffing. look who's here, curtis stone is here >> now that you've made the beautiful stuffing, i put a little gravy on my actually because that's going to help keep it nice and moist. in terms of stuffing the turkey, you're literally going to pick it up and stuff the cavity like that. if you have a little left over, make sure you stuff it the day of, not the day before. you take that stuffing and get like a little cupcake mold or muffin and y these little cupcakes of stuffing. >> thank you very much, curtis.
8:41 am
you have an essential tool that you need for the perfectly cooked bird. >> the biggest question is how do you tell that the turkey is re if you invest a little money into one of these instant read thermometers with a probe, instead that down i between the thigh and teg l and forget about it. you can get one of these nty littlehings here and you can yourishe other or sid dishe and this will go offndet y know when the turkey is ready. >> le being at aestaurant g a table. a y >> i've got brian hardy. you say a rested turkey is a happy one? >> exactly. mine is a little more low tech but if you want to have moist turkey on the holiday, everybody asks me that, give it a break, let it rest. take a little timer, costs a little bit less. when you take it out of the oven, you'll have the moistest bird ever. >> i've got seamus making the perfect gravy. >> obviously turkey gs a little dry and gravy makes it nice and moist.
8:42 am
cinn i saute some apples, add my gravy to it, add some clove, cinnamon, mulling spices, strain that off and you've got a nice beautiful gravy. >> how about seamus mullen, huh? >> we're moving over to my pal, brian lewis. you like a little spice m on the outside. >> absolutely. i like to takeinnamo as well, on, sage, orange peel, black pepper and let it cook and take the same spice mix, add some seasoning salt, a nice coarse salt over the top of the turkey and really lifts that flavor out. >> love it. everybody gets a little anxious about carving the bird, bobby. >> you know, al, every family has that uncle that grabs the carving knife at every thanksgiving and messes the bird up. i like to take the entire breast, both sides of the breast
8:43 am
thick slices, put it pack together in shape and put it on the platter like this. take the dark meat, the thighs and legs and put those out hole. >> just put your half cup broth, half cup gravy and put it in a skillet and it makes it nice and moist. >> spectacu >> really well done, tha >> 10 to go. >> 10 to go. remember, you can find this advice at up next, timely tips for trimming the rest of your meal from sides to desserts. but first, this is "today" on
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are back with more of our thanksgiving day tips. i lost my glasses there. here we go. >> we have our guys in place. we're doing centerpieces, side dishes, the last ten tips are here. we've got elizabeth, jocelyn, martha stewart, ryan, let us start with you. what tip do you have? >> okay. so you need all you need is a glass of water. put it in the microwave until it starts bowling. dry it out, put it directly over the stick of butter and in a few minutes you have perfect room temperature butter.
8:47 am
>> so we're going from store bought to spectacular. we have our store bought pumpkin pie, very pouring and average but we're going to make it fantastic. we're going to make a cut here with a biscuit cutter. we're going to pull it out and press it right here. and then we've got a little bit of bourbon whipped cream. honey, you could put this on dirt and it would be good. look at that. >> it looks genius. elizabeth, i love your lieu sipped sinneda, what have you got? >> this is a can of sweeten condensed milk, some cocoa powder and salt, then you have a sticky chocolate spoonful and serve it on the spoons. >> just like this? >> just like this. >> i'm going to have to taste this. the baby needs it. >> nancy is here. nancy is looking great. >> i'm looking greater. >> see what you did there?
8:48 am
>> so for the flakiest pie crust ever, freeze your butter, grate it on the largest hole of a box grater. take the butter, toss it with the dry ingredients, add your liquids and bring it together until it just comes together. >> i love that. nancy, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. what do you have for us? >> what happens on thag when you forget an ingredient? don't panic. these are some replacements. if you forget your vanilla parts maple syrup or liqueur, like kalua. and if you run out of granulated sugar, you can replace it with one cup to one and a quarter cup of confectioner's sugar. >> for the forgetful people. hey, martha, how are you? what's your tip? >> well, you can't have thanksgiving without a beautiful centerpiece. and you can have an edible
8:49 am
little bowl and you just layer on your persimmons, your pears, your walnuts. make sure you put a nutcracker on the table. >> leave it to you to make it look beautiful. >> all right. i have jeffrey in the house too. jeffrey, you say say no to fried onions. >> you can go to your pantry. and by the way, martha, that is beautiful. so go to your pantry if you don't want to fry some onions and put them on top. fresh herbs, some dried herbs, pulse it, sprinkle it on, bake it and eat your brains out. >> you're daring me to taste that. moving on to andrew. a lot of people like the canned cranberry. you say no way, jose. >> if you want to impress someone with thanksgiving, bring out the homemade cranberry sauce. cranberry juice, cranberries, orange zest, a little maple syrup, bring it out and they're
8:50 am
it takes like 15 minutes to make and you're good to go. >> ryan, so you're talking a quick kind of semi homemade gravy. >> think outside the can, mr. roker. what happens is if you do thanksgiving and forget to make your gravy, you can use cream of mushroom canned. a little sauted bacon and onion. a little turkey stock. put it on top and that quick-minute fix that you needed goes right on top. >> and jordan, last but not least, kind of a quick sauce for you. >> all right. take your dessert game from here to melt ice cream. that's all you have to do. then you get your nice little glaze and pour it over your cakes, pies or strudels. >> fantastic. what a great idea. >> savannah. >> okay. hand me that microphone. i had to put down the chocolate just one second. once again, folks, the 30 tips are all at we have a lot of information. it was so good. by the way, this is a game-changer. coming up next, everybody sits down for our big thanksgiving meal and we give
8:51 am
ine a world where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. at t.j.maxx, marshalls d homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. bring back the holidays. lor oking lance in your dve stitem? try align probiotic. for a n-stop, sweet t hold on to your tiarkindf digesor wl
8:52 am
all right. it's great to have our 30 all-star chefs around one thanksgiving table, which is amazing. don't forget their tips are online, but we thought we would get ready to wrap things up with some holiday thanksgiving
8:53 am
holidays? >> yes. >> would you like to share it? >> you know what, great food and lots of friends and family. >> martha? >> i think of friendship and family and fun. >> that's how i feel at this table. we've got marcus samuelson here. we love having you all year long. what does this mean to you? >> thankfulness and deliciousness. look at this, all of the chefs and all the great friend. >> i love sitting next to you. i know thanksgiving means a lot to you. tell us. >> stretch pants. i'm very thankful for an elastic waistband. >> we feel you, me too. >> all right. so should we propose a toast? >> yes. >> everybody raise a glass. i want to say that you guys bring so much to us all year long. food, of course, but so much of your talents. you remind us that as has been
8:54 am
about a meal, it's about family, it's about friends, it's about love and it's about community. and food brings people together. so here's to more food. happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> thank you so much. >> cheers, cheers. >> this is amazing. >> this is the most epic table. >> thank you, everybody, for being here. we loved having you. it just means so much to have your biggest crowdn thanksgiving? shout out numbers. >> 25. >> 42. >> how many are you doing, michael? >> 600. >> by the way, those of you who have restaurants, who's open on
8:58 am
brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. new this morning - hales coreners police are investigating a driver for speeding, driving the wrong way, and a h car on fire. this is 76th and layton. the incident started when police attempted to stop the driver for speeding. police told us he fled... drove the wrong way on layton avenue, into greenfield, and crashed into another car.. that started a massive fire. the driver is recovering from injuries at the hospital.
9:00 am
good morning everybody. today film critic ryan jay reviews the movies coming out this holiday weekend. and get ready to add a little kick to your thanksgiving celebration. a great crink from the inside-out next on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? every friday i send our producer katie a picture of me right when i first wake up in bed.


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