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tv   Today  NBC  November 28, 2016 7:00am-8:37am CST

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good morning. sore winner? good morning. for backing recount is there any proof of illegal voting? at this point, does any of it really matter? bidding farewell cuba can bids nine days of tribute to fidel castro. not everyone is mourning the . gunfire between two men erupts in the french quarter.
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wounded. >> we will go to the ends of the earth to make sure we bring them to justice. americans shatter online holiday shopping records to the tune of nearly $3.5 billion. retailers are hoping for a huge cyber monday as shoppers get set to point, click and buy. today, monday, november 28th, 2016. matt lauer studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning everyone. welcome to today. you know the definition of calm before the storm? i want to show you some video right now. this is a live look at the amazon distribution center in new jersey. it will be jumping. >> i have been limbering up my fingers. >> rumor has it you're done with
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i might be overtaken in a couple of weeks. president-elect donald trump busy on twitter slamming hillary clinton blasting efforts even claiming that fraud cost him the popular vote. halle is at trump tower. >> good morning. the president-elect is back hom york and tweeting accusations of voter fraud all of it as the drama over his cabinet selections heats up. his elections allegation unsub stan shated and unproven tweeting he won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people. a claim spread by some web sites without evidence.
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fraud nationally. the president-elect's transition team has not clarified what exactly he is talking about but it is clear why he is talking seemingly irritated by set in moment by the presidential candidate in wisconsin and maybe two more battlegrounds soon. hillary clinton's campaign now joining in making clear they didn't start the battle for did they expect it to change the results. tweeting overnight we are getting attacked for participating in an by the man who won election but thinks there was massive fraud. the president-elect trying to use clinton's own words dwens her in another tweet siting this moment. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. >> it is a complete joke that the group of people that thought
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people conducting recounts in the states we won by over 68,000 votes. >> one of president-elect's top aids referencing a 45 minute conversation between donald trump and president obama this weekend. >> there is a respect for the process and peaceful transition of power which is why this recount is so confounding and disappointing. >> kellyann conway mitt romney, a former never trump leader now one of the contenders for secretary of state along with rudy giuliani. >> i'm all for party unity but i'm not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. >> the president-elect is fur
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are baffled with that discussion. donald trump will be having more meetings here at trump tower here today. >> can we go back to this recount situation? what's the likelihood it happens and what's the likelihood it makes any deference? >> reporter: okay. let me take that in two parts. recounts are state by state, not nationally. you a series of local clerks who are figuring out how much a recount the green party can cover those expenses you can see the recount set into motion in wisconsin with a possibility of two other states, maybe pennsylvania and michigan on the way. as far as the likelihood that it changes everything extraordinarily slim if you look at the odds. the other part is even if something were to flip in wisconsin you would need two other state to flip as well for hillary clinton to for example
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>> and also a tight time line, right halle? >> reporter: yeah, wisconsin has a deadline of december 13th to get this recount finished. you're seeing municipalities they will have to work nights and weekends if it does happened. today is the deadline to trig a recount in pennsylvania. >> all right. thank you very much. also this morning the official tribute are leader fidel castro. andrea mitchell is in havana this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. cbans will begin lining up to pay their respects to fidel castro honoring the founder and
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before his remains are carried more than 500 miles to their final resting place monday in a moz lee yum built for this day. . he always fought for the right of cuban people. >> reporter: across the >> across the city human rights protesters saying state security police warned them to stay home this week instead of hol >> so will things change now that fidel is gone or is everything the same? >> she says nothing will change. the dictator raul castro will continue his war. fidel's castro's passing was noted in strikingly different ways by obama.
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the enormous impact of this figure of the people and world around him. trump blasting castro with a legacy of firing squads, death, poverty and fundamental human rights. the white house sees it as a centerpiece of his legacy. district commercial flights starting this week. credit cards and banking, internet service, cracks in the 50-year trade embargo like the first cruise ships who drives a 1950 red chevy convertible. president obama made these changes by executive order. president-elect trump can change all of that when he takes office. today his aids are sending mixed signals about how much he intends to roll back.
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thank you. i want to tell you now about major developments in syria where government force recaptured a part of eastern aleppo. sire yan forces put nearly 30% of aleppo underovernment control. thousands of civilians fled to escape what is very heavy fighting. here at home they forcible removal of demonstrators officials notified tribal leaders they would need to leave by december 5th. the core sited increased violence between protesters and law enforcement and increasingly harsh winter conditions there.
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conditions. panic on crowded bourbon street. police are searching for two suspected gunmen. >> reporter: this morning stunning new video capturing the frantic moments when a spray of gunfire on one of the most popular. >> we need ems, all three. >> suddenly the big uneasy. a night of fun turning into bloodshed on the world famous bo >> somebody shot over there on the ground. >> i got one shot someone else i can't tell right now and i need that ems asap. >> reporter: the mass shooting leaving one dead and nine others injured. >> we don't believe that any of the . >> we don't believe any of the victims who were shot were the intended targets. >> reporter: an argument between two men escalated into a shoot
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their lives. they managed. >> this is a very active robust investigation. we are continuing to work everiage very aggressively. >> police identifying the victim. his tragic death serving as an early reminder of the 2014 shooting that killed one and injured nine others. >> it continues to exclamation point on the death and destruction that gun violence has played on the streets of new orleans. >> promising to increase police presence to keep new orleans safe during the holiday season. and this morning as people are starting to wake up the shooting still fresh on everyone's mind tlchlt is a makeshift memorial near where that shooting
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people who were shot recover from the shooting and from their gunshot wounds and shooting they are continuing to investigate. they will spend monday and and are also asking for people in the public's help. anyone with information is asked to come forward especially if they have cell video and the aftermath of of that shooting. >> all right. thank you very much. it is cyber monday. as the even more. customers were on the internet. tens of millions will head back online and look for some deals. we are at a very busy amazon warehouse. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. amazon is preparing millions of packages. not everything you see on sale
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122 million americans are expected to log on and shop today making it potentially the biggest online shopping day in history according to the adobe digital index. the break down 99 million shoppers headed out to the stores chls more than 108 million shopped online according to the national retail federation. preparing for a wave of spending on mobile devices. walmart and target reporting that 60% were made with smart phones and tablets. some of the deepest cyber monday discounts apple offering the apple iphone 5s for $149 and at
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larisha campbell plans on doing all of her holiday shopping this year. >> i don't have to deal with the crowds and chaos. >> if you're planning on splurging today make a list and check it twice. it will help you avoid overspending. search the internet for coupon codes and always be skeptical. >> do your research ahead o best possible quality for the lowest probable price. it doesn't mean going for the cheapest item you find. you may think or see that cyber monday sales are stretching through the entire week. a lot of stores like target and walmart are hoping to cut into amazon's real estate of all of that online shopping. >> thank you.
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all right. if you didn't stay up late last night you missed a really exciting finish between the broncos and the chiefs. let's start with the game winning kick. kansas city lines up for a 34 yard field goal. watch this. the ball bounces off the inside. goes through. chiefs win 30-27. now, let's rewind a bit. another moment a lot of people are talking about. second quarter chiefs kick tu watch this. he is going to go all the way up the sideline but watch this. at some point he slows down enough so that he can high five one of his teammates before he goes into the end zone which is a great thing unless someone catches you from behind. luckily he did not. >> are high fives allowed? i know you can't do the dance. >> i'm not sure about high fiving. >> i like that.
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football. we have a lot of interesting stuff to start the week off. your home state savannah in flagstaff. look at all of that snow. it was a mess. all part of the same system. ahead of this system violent weather being spawned as you look at nebraska we had tornados reported. fortunately no real damage but we have talk about today. right now we have a marginal to light risk. isolated tornados but we have also got an enhanced risk from indiana to mississippi. tornados can't be ruled out. cold front ahead of it. strong storms chirks cleveland into late tonight with heavy rain and scattered strong storms. we move into tomorrow.
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the northeast and also down south where they got drought conditions. here is what happens next. we have got a secondary low that develops it. it brings another round of rain into the southeast and eventually into the northeast as we move on into wednesday. rainfall amounts any where from 2 to 3 inches locally could be up to 5 inches. we need that rain. that will be good news. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. ?? this is for you. did you really? didn't have too! ?? getting the gift you almost kept for yourself, now that's a holiday mini miracle. and it is easy to create your own at walgreens, with 50% off the gifts of the week just around the corner.
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>> that's yourat that'ss your latest weather. >> you said rain on wednesday. that's when we are lighting the tree. coming up the search intensifies for whoever kidnapped a california mother and held her captive for weeks. three years after leaving scientology leah opens up about
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side. we'll talk to her about her new
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we're back now 7:30 on monday morning, 28th of november, 2016. christmase for its big debut. the star studded debut will be wednesday. we'll be there rain or shine. >> don't say that. you know the best thing about this job, you get to wish your kids happy birthday. tice happy birthday. >> happy birthday, tice. president obama questioning the results of the popular vote.
7:31 am
illegally. trump also labeled clinton's campaign hypocritical. jury selection begins again today in the federal trial of dylan roof. the trial was postponed earlier this month. last week he was declared confident to stand trial. they hope the latest jackpot winner will come forward today. sold in lafayette, tennessee. now mysterious abduction. we have the latest on all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
7:32 am
kidnapped right here. now it says found. thank you. welcome home. they held her for three weeks and dropped her off over 150 miles away. this is the dark stretch of california highway where drivers saw a frantic sherri waving, shackled and begging for help. the 34-year said she had been kidnapped and held by two armed women described as hispanic. over the weekend detectives combing the area trying to find any surveillance camera of the dark suv. the clesest building was this church where members say there wasn't much video to see. >> did they find anything? >> they didn't find anything.
7:33 am
spoken to her once in person. >> she was transported to the hospital, treated for her non-life threatening injuries and then released. >> released to her husband who was ruled out as a person of interest after passing a lie detector test. her family grateful and her sister asking for privacy. >> i am just concerned with the healing of my sist. since she was found no new descriptions of the the kidnappers and no new information on their possible motives. >> have you seen anything that would make you think this was a kidnapping? >> at this point, absolutely not. >> reporter: at last check 20 search warrants. meanwhile 400 tips have been investigated. they are asking anyone with information to please come
7:34 am
back to al taking a look at the weather. looks like a messy drought over there. >> we also have droughts here in the northeast as well. so far little rock has only gotten about 1.6 inches. look at that. only 18% of the rain they should get. birmingham and little rock a third ofha drought. we have got a frontal system. it will bring showers in here. it will be our first shot of showers and thunderstorms. wednesday there's a secondary system coming up. low pressure moving from the south bringing strong gusty winds and heavy rain likely on wednesday. look at that. through friday talking about 2 to 3 inches of rain from central new york on into pennsylvania
7:35 am
lighting on wednesday. 9:00 p.m. rain likely but as sava >> don't forget, always get your forecast when don't forget to always get your forecast. speaking out about her escalating war or words with the
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actress leah remini famf thea agoce experiences.y vocal about her now she is out wit a docuntary tt mes accusations about the church's alleged k??o lea moment, but first her story. >> these a just some things the church said about me. >> reporter: leah remini takg thehurch ocientoo o whad >>n u ] livher former relion. >> s wdvs i'l for church early in her career but more than three years oef has it blld and since thenn' om makingerims . >>e belie in something andtv.
7:41 am
the rk of sin pales in comparison to what happened to other peopl. how people are bullied into silenc protectvegh so wha i hs spk. rhe deeah remi move on wither le c a st o. l, s needs to quit prom hattolerance as a means to h ets.pock eptef words amiou. betweenremini and the church of
7:42 am
you are dk this d serihi with scientology.y plic why? >> well, i think it is important.i sat bacn k wu left the chch i wyrote m book and i thgh w do. d i justel i hrengchury. w a ban of bullies,o it is pt of who i am and i was a fighter in th th.y tan so ioing to m fight. but i'mp on the right s at justan to mesge that i'must not goi to s a ito.
7:43 am
who do you hope sees this? who is this for? well, it is for theviim oken ou b it alsoght, feel the
7:44 am
dedicated their lives, money and families to this. now they're suffering for speaking out. >> i think that's something that a lot of people who hear about this think, i don't understand. like if you're in any other church, you don't want to be in it anymore, you just leave. >> right. well, that's the difference here is that if you speak out, you're labeled an enemy to the church and the church has policies on how to deal with its enemies. and they go after them. it's in their own policies. so they don't know any if the church. so i understand this. i have compassion for it. because you do become a person who's very hateful and you're very judgmental towards anyone who isn't a scientologist. and a critic of sign tollby is dealt with in a very specific way. and that is unlike a real church. >> the church says it doesn't disconnect families or encourage people -- >> well, they're sly.
7:45 am
right about there is no "policy" of disconnection as it's categorized in the press. because if you're not in it your whole life you don't actually know the inner workings of their policies. and their policy is very specific about how you deal with someone who has spoken out about the church of scientology, and there is no option but to disconnect or you will get kicked out of the church. now for members who were in it their whole lives, this is every day proposition. this is a quarter of a million dollar proposition for just average parishioners. the dedication it takes to be a scientologist is a lot. and it's not easy to just walk away. because most people say, why not just get up and leave? well, you're leaving everything you've ever known. you're giving up your whole life because that is what it takes to be a scientologist. then you're going to be losing your family because most of your family and friends are
7:46 am
statements about this documentary. i know you're familiar with them. in fact, your lawyer wrote back to them and said, you've inflicted damage on leah and ask for $1.5 million. the church said that amounts to extortion. >> sure. >> we put the whole statement on, in fairness. what do you say to that accusation that you're in it for money? >> well, i'm not going to get a dime. i've given millions to the church and they have amassed $3 so i think that speaks for itself. i also think it says a lot about the organization, how they respond to its critics. it's not just me. it's anyone who has spoken up. everyone is called a liar. everyone is called an apostate. everyone is called the same thing. and i'm in good company. they did it to anderson cooper. they did it to an award winning
7:47 am
im's in good company. >> did you ever think i don't know if i want to do this? >> yeah. every day i'm like i don't know if i want to do this. it's not an easy thing to do. but i think it is the right thing to do. and i'm not talking about myself. i'm talking about its victims and i feel it is important message and i feel this is the path that i'm supposed to be on at this point in my life. >> leah remini, thank you so much. again, the premier of "scientology and the aftermath" airs tomorrow nig you can read the church's full statement at what you should never bring to work if you want your
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coming up, cyber monday deals. after a record setting black friday, retailers are gearing up for what could be a huge day online. we'll show you where to fine the safe while you're at it. plus, can't stop t beat. ?? sit dow with the all-star ca o "hairspraylive," nbc's ne live mul,?z the lowdoweveryone's nge holay spirit. ? have yourself a merry littl christma
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1a to perform a new take on a christmas classic "today," monday, november 28th, 2016. ?? >> celebrating our honeymoon on the plaza! woo! >> from alaska -- >> and maine -- >> because we love al roker! woo! >> hello to north dakota. >> hello, nashville, tennessee! >> we're from florida and we're freezing! woo! nice to meet you. thank you. how are you? we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning. it is the 28th day of november, 2016. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas around here.
8:02 am
the tree in the background. >> getting ready. >> little tree trivia for you this morning. by the way, we'll save you some money on the holidays. your complete guide to cyber monday bargains. and jill martin has a special "steals and deals." >> and a little snowball fight. first though let's take a look at some headlines. here is "the news at 8." >> reporter: i'm in havana where cubans are already lining up to say good-bye to fidel castro, many roads here already blocked off. he may have turned over his power to his brother a decade ago but in this country, he is still larger thanlife. this morning, final preparations are underva relusq cubans are expected to payir respects to fidel castro, the man who started the revolution. and one of the world's most
8:03 am
really didn't like that ma iet,ter:anil s aclst ,n nine-day stretch o u?cmo gd a fought for the rigs >>orter: the fst sunday in 13, tlingurchnbc's a miami a major question is whether donald trump will reverse recent opening president bush has made in cuba when he takes off. >> is it possible he keeps some of these changes in place? >> nothing is definite. he'll be speaking with his advisors. >> reporter: this as several u.s. airlines are launching new flights to cuba in the coming weeks. >> are you hopeful for the future? >> yes, i am.
8:04 am
kick off a week of public memorials. starting on wednesday, the military will escort castro's ashes through the countryside. it is expected to be buried on sunday. >> gabe, thank you very much. now to wisconsin where officials are expected to meet today to consider a specific timetable for recounting that state's presidential votes. the recount was set in motion by green party candidate jill stein with hillary clinton now joining in. other recounts areos pennsylvania and michigan. president-elect donald trump says this won't change the outcome of the election. in addition to winning the electoral vote, trump is claiming he won the popular vote if you deduct, in his words, the millions of people who voted illegally. he provided no evidence supporting that claim. new orleans police are looking for two suspects in connection with a deadly shooting that happened in the french quarter. police say an argument escalated into gunfire on sunday
8:05 am
bourbon street, sending people running for their lives. one person was killed, nine others wounded. that shooting took place in
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time for what's "trending" today. first of all, may i wish you all a happy cyber monday. >> thank you. >> it's called getting nothing done at work day. >> i just ordered a dozen illuminators. toilet bowls everywhere. we all know we do it, right? a new survey shows 65% of workers admit to changing their computer screens when online shopping and the boss but you don't need to hide because that same survey says 55% of managers say they're all right with it if their employees shop online at work. they're cool just as long as the habit isn't excessive. i think it depends on the kind of work you do. >> are we talking about today or in general? >> when you ask to clarify the question --
8:10 am
traffic controllers doing it. let's talk about something else that happens all the time in the office. you're sitting at you're desk and then your co-worker sits down at the desk or cubicle next to you. maybe it is pizza, maybe it is popcorn. maybe it is the fish they just took out of the microwave. in a separate survey office workers said foul odors from a co-worker's lunch actually preven job. >> if you're going to put fish in the microwave -- >> what would be the worst offenders? who brings sardines to the office? >> who cooks them? >> cheese and eggs. >> eggs. >> honestly, who eats sardines? >> with aite mustard. >> on a cracker? >> i'm wrong. i admit.
8:11 am
>> don't get me going on anchovies though. >> next time you are makinay lamb, dissolve three or four anchovies in the panheb in that. >> post it online, al. post it. >> all right. we done with this topic? >> we're hungry now. who do you guys love to follow on >> kevin hart. >> who do i follow? i follow everyone at this table on instagram. you have some good owith vail. i follow all the musicians. >>well,y "rolli h?? rdhe 0 bes instagram accounts.
8:12 am
orbeyonc>> s. ok allhe cra banes. dra t checked baggage.
8:13 am
>> unless you are behind the guy. tamron, save us. >> here we go, guys. if you saw john mayer on an airplane recently, here's why. he started watching nbc's hit show, "this is us." the family drama winning rave reports for beautiful story telling. over the weekend john tweeted this, just saw first episode of "this is us" crying and hooked. not even wiping away tears for the next episodes. just gonna let this first ones create tracks for an even more -- >> what's that mean? >> one of the show's stars, mandy moore, spotted the tweet and wrote back, glad you're digging it.
8:14 am
i'm about to attempt one of the most emotionally reckless things ever -- watching it on an airplane. >> you and "the notebook." >> one weak moment. jennifer lopez, another favorite around here. over the weekend j. lo hit the town in miami with her friend and jennifer got caught dancing. like no one was watching. ?? >> stop. >> moment of silence. >> what do you got? >> happy thanksgiving. >> i love that we were like no one was watching. who wouldn't be watching j. lo in those pants? come on.
8:15 am
>> nope. nope. i'm going to go do weather. seems like a very good idea. listen, this is not anthony's fault. they put him back there and you -- what are you going to do? that's my man. we've got the tale of two countries depending on where you are, the jet stream. up to the north, detroit, nine degrees above average. new york city, 52. city, 4 degrees. phoenix, arizona, 60 degrees. tomorrow, more of the same. minneapolis, ten degrees above average. tucson is about ten degrees colder. you look later this week, temperatures start dropping. omaha, memphis, charlotte, philadelphia, by friday you're down to 52 degrees.
8:16 am
>> where am i going xt anthony? orange room? okay. >> there you go, al. now to more on the cyber monday rush. retailers are rolling out a new batch of bargains to win your business. check it out. they're already business filling orders at this amazon center over in new jersey. so where should you look for the best deals and maybe more importantly, how can you protect your information while you're shopping online? here to break it all down is "today" financial editor jean chatzky. good morning. happy holidays. >> you, too.
8:17 am
record are sales. so there are two schools of thought then. either shoppers are just getting warmed up or they're all tapped out there are. >> i think they're just getting warmed up. they are projecting 122 million people will shop online today. that's a bump from last year and they're expecting $3.36 billion in sales. that would beat black friday which came if at 3.34 billion mr. but it is a tight race. >> so when you go online today and you are looking for prices that are better thanou couldave found on black friday? >> it depends where you're shopping. we've got different sales today. some of them are not quite as good. o atap hem arete extra buck. 50ff at banana republic. the one people are most excited about is 15% plus you get the extra bumpyouf
8:18 am
>> again, it depends. we'll talk about the site apps in just a second. but there are different sales that will roll out through the day, particularly on sites like amazon. >> let's say i'm going to do some shopping. what are the items that i simply have to buy today? >> if you are looking for one of those 4ktv, deals are pretty good again, like on black friday. same with computers. you'll get slightly different mo. very important to check reviews and features just to make sure you are getting a good one. we're starting to see really deep dives on winter apparel. boots have been very big this holiday season. books. and lots of travel deals. >> airfare, hotels, those sort of things. >> particularly airfare if you are trying to fly overseas, deals to europe. expedia is rolling out a lot of deals on its app. >> say i go online, buy an item, i think i've gotten a great price. how do i know i've gotten the lowest possible price?
8:19 am
camel camel. >> why? why? why? >> because it tracks historical prices on amazon which is a very good barometer. you'll see if it's ever been sold at a lower price. but you also want to make sure that you're doing all of these things, because people are contacting you in different ways. they're rolling out their deals through e-mails, on social media, and on their own particular apps. all about downloading their app. >> we can't talk about the good without talking about the possible bad. inion a there today, there's fraud out there. how do you make sure you're not caught up in it? >> let's talk about those apps specifically. in the app store we've had a big problem this holiday season with fraudulent apps. you want to make sure that when you download an app to shop at a particular merchant, you're getting the real app. you can tell because the real app won't have reviews or faulty english. it will have reviews. if you've got no reviews on an app at all, that's a problem.
8:20 am
previous versions of an app, that's also a sign. >> going online, i'm going to be putting a lot of personal information on to websites. how do i protect myself? >> no matter what device you are shopping on, your phone lap to be, or tablet, if you haven't downloaded the latest version. don't shop on a public wi-fi. debit protection. it is a hassle. just stick to one credit card. it gives you a place to track all of your shopping. >> a lot to think about on cyber mourned. jean, thank you very much. guys? >> we're just shopping online. >> you're on some gamer website over here. guys, the next big musical on nbc that's live is one week away. >> this time it is the cult classic "hairspray." it is set back in 1962.
8:21 am
dance program, then works to integrate the all-white show. >> nbc's joe fryar sat dn with what you'll see is a star-studded cast. >> repter: "hairspray live" promis to be a musical flurry of big hair, bright makeup, lou. >> everyone sounds amazing, everyone's funny, everyone's happy. ch. >> everyone is excite it's inspiring. like we have bounce off each >> reporter: the all-star cast features jennifer? hudson, ariaa grde, derekhough. >> they kept nca, i >>epteheered what? sneak peek at the macy's thanksgiving day parade peng rfmi"you can't stop the beat." ?an't stop the beat you n't speat ?? this groupas so muc experience performing in front of crowds, whether it is on
8:22 am
but this i one night, one show live withillions anyone ougee, when you put it that way for us. w it so special is at ilive. so i think that any pe ig see wil??&l actually enjoy. >> reporter: joining these familiar faces, newcomer maddie ballio. a fewts momen ago she was a ll opened and open casting call with >> the role of tracy in nbc's by maddi ballio.lready performed >> do you feel like you're dreaming? >> every dayake up and i can't believing i'm actually here. >> he said i just have to say that i think maddie was born to
8:23 am
you, girl. i know. >> thanks for telling mth keep it coming. hich one is maddie? madddad whicho mls hd firestein's husband. >> absolutely. and i was going tt%)e? t icendhen i readve had that voice. so i had to -- i've h to rethink the entire charr. very much so. >> so this must be an incredible opunity? tru like inspiring and exciting and elecyi. it wakes you up. yeah. >> i'm seeing one of the biggest poptars in theorld excited about theater. it is so cool for me. >> reporter: it is set in 19 baltimore. for all its upbeat music a
8:24 am
>> jennifer, y bou mdow relative this story is today. >> it is. yo kn like even in this, we are marching. we'repetitioning. you're trying to find a way to me together, trying to go against the odds of diversity and, you know, like bng e her toer. now to be here today to like, geez, ts is too familiar. >> to c on the da i am moved to tears every single time. >> what's the message you hope people get out of this? >> i think thenderstanding that we're all different. that's what makes us brilliant as a race, as a country. >> i hope people remember, too, that the arts have the power to change lives. that's really what the message is, i think. >> reporter: powerful ideas three-hour spectacle.
8:25 am
news, los angeles. >> just like here, live. no net. >> i was thinking like my stomach hurts -- by the way, what we do is not like that. we use a prompter. but can you imagine? >> but they've got kristin chenoweth. they've got a bunch of broadway stars. they'll be great. >> catch prlive" wednesday, 8:00 eastern, 00 cent reren nbc. >> you just ahead, two more talented singers.
8:26 am
8:27 am
i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. the wisconsin elections commission meets this morning to officially lay out a
8:28 am
votes in the presidential election. the fourth place finisher in wisconsin... green party candidate jill stein... is seeking the recount. stein barely got one percent of the vote... and will have to pay for the recount. she's been raising millions of dollars in order to do so. the hillary clinton campaign is now joining the effort. officials will set a timeline for coordinating clerks offices across the state... which are expecting to begin counting ballots all over again...
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome to "today," everyone. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. >> you may be thinking, there's something a little different about these two. >> that's because we got animation illumination. >> i like the look. >> you look good. >> they made me a stork. >> they made me a bull. they didn't tel us what they were going to make us. >> that was fun! we'll tell you more about that. >> we'll tell you what it takes to pull off that animated movie magic. josh groban is here. we're already taking in his beautiful sound.
8:31 am
then we'll help you with your holiday shopping. not online. jill martin has you set up with all the "steals and deals" all week long. bargains for the women in your life. gorgeous! >> come on, super man. bring the weather. al roker's got the forecast. for the week see strong storms midsection of the country. plains got some heavy snow. wet weather in the pacific northwest. a lot of wet weather along the eastern seaboard but we need the rain. rain in the pacific northwest. showers in the plains. by thursday, things dry out though we do see rain returning through the gulf coast and snows in the mountains. now temperature wise, much above normal in the eastern half of the country below normal as you get into the west. midweek it stays warm in the
8:32 am
the rockies. latter part of the week, much below normal out west. above normal great lakes, into northern new york and new england. >> that's your latest weather. get the forecast any time you need, head to our pals at the weather channel on cable. tamron? >> announcer: "share kindness" is sponsored by the y. supporting kids, families and
8:33 am
al, thank you very much. in honor of the holiday season here at "today," we are launching our second annual share kindness campaign. so together with our sponsor, the y, we'll be shing a spotligh on stories of empathy and generosity throughout the month all while working toward the goal of inspiring 1 million acts of kindness. the y, of course, is a great organization that helps strengthen communities year round. we'll kick things off by committing 10,000 acts of kindness at ys across the country. but, of course we need your help, too. in order to reach that 1 million, go to and use the #sharekindness. let's get the kind in mess conversation started. head to "today's" facebook page and share the kindest thing someone has done for you. we'll be tracking your responses. each one bringing us closer to that million acts of kindness mark. let's do it all together. all right, tamron. thank you so much.
8:34 am
"steals and deals." all week long, we are going to help you achieve a stress-free holiday. >> every single day we're going to have a bargain for every single person on your list. today we begin this amazing segment. for your moms, sisters. >> all the girls in your life. i have you covered. start first with the hat and gloves and scarf. everything's 100% cashmere. the retail $160. you either get the hat and the gloves, or you get the different colors, different patterns. go on >> either the hat/gloves, or the starve. >> how do these fit? >> try that on. >> i actually have a big head and it fits. >> oh, you do? >> yeah. 7 3/4. >> i'm just going to try one on. >> the neiman marcus and sax, retail $160. >> oh, it fits.
8:35 am
>> jewelry department. >> jewelry always big. >> one of our favorites! jennifer miller. >> retail $225. this is a choice again. the "it" bangle which you can stack. retail $225 for either, or this delicate drop necklace. it is 14-karat white gold or yellow gold plating. the necklace is you can wear it as a choker, longer, you then the -- these are great, again, stacked. i love mixing metals. >> what's the price? >> retail $225. this deal -- $59 for either. >> what! $59 for one bangle or one necklace. let's go to the handbag department. >> retail $498. it is called the joy bag,
8:36 am
you can take the strap off which is adjustable. >> i like a shoulder strap. >> it's cute. >> $498, the deal $99. 80% off. >> what! that's crazy! >> bear with me here. these are french. it is a basket of retail, $56.50 to $58. you either get oneand soap, hand and body lion and a hand cream -- or, the second set is two soaps. the deal -$17. up to 71% off. >> wow! >> what's great about this, you can split it up into different gifts. >> your mom always does that.
8:37 am
then you can like split them up. >> it is very efficient. the retail$425. classic cultured pearls, either white or pink or peacock black. it's almost like ombre here. celebrity fans of the brand include taylor swift and micheloba. retail, $425. the deal, $79. 81 off. >> i love this. >> so pretty. coaster. a beautiful coaster. these candles, retai l$112. this is two pieces. you get two, and mix and match. retail $112. the dl $33.50 for two. >> thank you so much.
8:38 am
miller. handbags from naon ehrlich. candles from ni little h and xela aroma. coming up next, we're going to get animated. ill w take you bind t and show you how they do it.
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome back, everybody. we kick off this half-hour with this great animation of matt and savannah. transformed into cartoon characters by the folks at illumination. >> they are the makers of this upcoming movie "sing."
8:41 am
making animated movie magic? >> they told me i was going to be the duck. we sent keir simmons to find out. >> everyone in this city gets a sh at being a star. ?? ? darling stand by me ?? >> reporter: "sing" is a movie about, as you might expect -- singing. ? ride like the wind ?? >> reporter: featuring stars like matthew mccau witherspoon, scarlet johansson. ?? yeah ?? >> are you okay? >> oh, yes, i'm fine. thank you. >> reporter: are animals. >> thank you. >> reporter: and i recognize those voices. to find out how matt and
8:42 am
unlikely place. ah, paris. ?? >> reporter: paris. yes, paris. where i met the director of "sing" on his way to work. matthew mcconaughey, reese wierspoon. >> they're amazing. but the real divas, if i'm honest, matt and savanh. yes this is where the magic happens. >> reporter: movie magic.??-? blockbusters like "despicable me"nd illumination studios by an?)$e imators. bonjour, everybody. >> bonjour! >> reporter: the secret of a great animated character. is a really great vocal performance. >> you know what's great about hitting rock bottom? there's only one way left to go -- and that's up! >> reporter: and like the stars of the movie, matt and savannah need to deliver. little pressure, guys. >> let's do it. >> take one. >> this is take one.
8:43 am
>> and i'm savannah guthrie. >> garth did the old, that was perfect, but we need to change some things. >> could do better. >> you may be thinking there's something a little different about these two. >> that's because we got animation makeovers. >> savannah definitely giving us some options there. trying to inspire matt.r mae. >> could you do hand thing >> i co>> welo oday,"veryone. i'm matt lauer and i'm savannah gu >> where's my s.a.g. card? >> oe matt and savannah had chosen their animal characters, this guy working with just her voe, s of thart software and a $20 mir to get expressions right, it is bringi savannah, the stork, to fe. where's ma?
8:44 am
another team is at work. so half the performance is being done by moses here. the other half is being done by nicholas over there. >> welcome to "today," everyone. >> he's gotten laid-back, in-control die dialect. >> welcome to "today," everyone. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie. >> you may be thinking there's something different about these two. >> that's because we got animation makeovers. by ill i like the new look. >> he looks good. we'll be right back. >> reporter: it took just five guys less than a month to do 20 goes into a whole movie like "sing"? >> it is very much a celebration of music. of all music. ? oh my gosh look at her butt ?? >> reporter: and there's one la. jan, siirlike
8:45 am
>>ter: reporo you're recording the matt and savannah singing sequence when? >> we decided not to do that because we're worried that they would ma our cok. makthe movies, er ng there's a guy across the pond who's waiting for your call. for "today," keir simmons, nbc >> i don't remember choosing our al don'taved i docen'th fit with a raging bul >>hafun! looks like an inmoe. >> i cannot wait to see that. >> "sing" from illumination entertainment and our sister company, universal, opens on december 21st. ming up next, spking of singing, a special live holiday performance from josh groban.
8:46 am
>> i did something once. "the sysm simpsons" once.
8:47 am
8:48 am
ted toou by ci.roba ghas soldllo recordnds ou rlwo now he taking erre and thereatet he. >> gtoreadway. admitted to . musit experience of my le. but to finale gettg maomnity and be doing it with a show i love this as en an
8:49 am
performae, "as f mr. groban making his broadwadebut, hs not merely adequate. he's absolutely nderfu >> that's great. the music is so i get to grow a ard fothe first time really in my life. when i d in juniohigh i cld n grow i' f you m >> is been a while since i en me i rerded anythingoliday. tdbmy foron granjo ppyo hav you here. ladi a g entlemen groban.?d?
8:50 am
? have yourself???erryittle rists let your heart be wise ? ?rom now on our troubles will ut of sight ? have yourself a merry little christmas keep the yuletide gay ?
8:51 am
? have yourself a merry little christmas keep the yuletide gay ? ? from now on our troubles will be miles away ? ? here we are?@ as in oldedays happgolden days of ye ? ? faithful frie who are dear to us gather near to us once more ? ? through the years we all will be together if the fates allow ? ? hang a shining star upon the highest bough ? ? and have yourself a merry little
8:52 am
? through the years be twellilether if the fates allow ? ? hang a shining star upon the highest bough ? ? and have yourself a merry little christmas now ?? nowoo!
8:53 am
the single is out now. don't forget, catch josh on broadway in "the greatmet" d wing the treeer in rockefeller center. >> tt's right. >>hank so mu happy holidays. >> up ,heouinne of >> up ,heouinne of "acad whe ysbout jdainre fild magic in. +? we'veve crazy sales.ays this way for des's we never make you clip coupons.? +? we'veve crazy sales.ays anyse alwapricdes's we
8:55 am
at just 12 years old, grace vand vanderwaal? captured our hearts on her way to winning "america's got talent." >> she's about tease rel her w ep, "perfectly imperfect." i loved seeing you at thanksgiving. was it fun being in a parade? >> absolutely. it was freezing but it was so it. >> i want to thank yo too, beca mys onef up to me, youere like i saw you thehanksgin? day i was like, i know.we >> howr thving? >> real nice. we haveeal thank we absutely h real like thanksgiving. but t lik?e went -- i think we went to like stouse. cool. >> nicexco hite this mu coming out?
8:56 am
it >> you nervous? ove youukule. can u the bak is. >> >> yeah. ? i don't?' know my name ?
8:58 am
ste lawmakers are laying the ground-work for a budget batt over transportation funding. wisconsin facing a potential 1-bin budget shortfall. governor scott walker proposed borrowing... or cutting... in order to move forward without raising taxes. republican lawmakers may be willi to challenge the governor on this... suggesting hikes in the gas tax or registration
9:00 am
good morning. today the inventor of a new kitchen gadget that's getting lots of national attention. plus, easy ways to bring the chmapirit toay from their famil. and not every evergreen is >> next on the morning blend. ? it's a great day to make it ? everything you want it to be ? it's yours and it's mine ? it's a great d to shine? ? moving for two reasons. first, holly is in for is off.


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