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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  November 29, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm CST

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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. green party presidential candidate jill stein is using the wisconsin recount to push for more donations. she's asking supporters for nearly 2 and a half million more dollars. wisconsin elections officials told stein recounting wisconsin's three million ballots will cost about 3-point-5 million dollars and she needs to foot the bill by 4-30 this afternoon. hundreds of workers at chicago o'hare international airport walked off the job this morning. workers demanding higher pay and union rights. about 500 workers have joined in on the effort. the chicago doesn't expect service to be t disrupted during the strike. the domes task force scheduled to have their second meeting tomorrow evening. the mitchell
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concerns. the county board passed a resolution to create the domes task force and to allocate 500 thousand dollars to install protective netting inside the domes. yesterday was mild with highs in the upper 40s, but it was windy with southerly gusts to 30 mph and rain showers. most of se wisconsin got about 1" of rain in the past 24 hourif cold enough that snow. the rain moved out of here after midnight, and this afternoon is sunny, breezy and mild with highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s, and a sw breeze to 20 mph. tonight is mostly cloudy with lows in the
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animal health officials say a strain of salmonella bacteria resistant to several drugs has been linked to infected dairy bull calves purchased in wisconsin. state and federal officials are investigating 12 human cases of infection in eight counties. state veterinarian paul mcgraw is urging dairy farmers to take precautions to protect people
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a recall of about two-and- a-half million dehumidifiers has been re-announced-- following 450 fires and 19 million dollars in property damage. the recall by manufacturer "gree" involves dehumidifiers sold in varying shapes, sizes, and colors-- under 13 different brands-- including "frigidaire," "g-e," and "kenmore." you can log on to "gree dehumidifier recall dot com" to see if your dehumidifier is covered in the recall and to get a refund. more news now- the chattanooga, tennessee school bus crash that killed six children last week-- appeared in court today. johnthony walker faces five counts of vehicular homicide-- as well as charges of reckless endangerment and reckless driving. walker's attorney says he will likely plead ?not? guilty if a grand jury indicts him. "as he sits in the jail right now, mr. walker is an innocent man. in the eyes of the law he is an innocent man and he will remain so until proven
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parents, students and school officials had expressed concerns about walker's speeding in the weeks before the crash. this was the second time in two months that walker was involved in an accident while driving a bus a state senator plans to reintroduce a "non-partisan" redistricting plan. dave hansen's announcement comes after a court decision declared the current districts-- drawn by republicans-- to be unconstitutional. now both sides are accusing the other of "disenfranchising" wisconsin's voters. su about fairness and making districts that are more balanced where they are not stacking democratic or republican districts allowing the republicans to be in such total control." hansen's proposal would put the power of drawing legislative districts in the hands of a non-partisan panel.he plans introduce it in the next legislative session in january. we're preparing for what could be an important day in politics.vice president elect mike pence teased that a big announcement was in the works.
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tower monday.yasmin amer reports. "i look forward at being back at it first thing in the morning and there will be a number of very important announcements tomorrow."the promise of a big day in washington.president elect donald trump expected to announce more cabinet picks including - and according to a source - georgia representative tom price as health and human services secretary.price is a former orthopedic surgeon and an ardent obamacare critic. "ever since president obama and the democrat-led congress passed the law six years ago, that law's failures have been piling up."the appointment could be a nod to his campaign promise to repeal the affordable care act.price helped write plans to replace obamacare.the most recent bill includes tax credits for buying private policies...and putting money in health savings accounts.trump has tempered his stance on obamacare since the election whereas price has been steadfast saying this after the supreme court upheld the
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court ruling that it's constitutional doesn't mean that it's good policy for the country."trump is still meeting with contenders for secretary of state...including retired general david petraeus. but questions have swirled since the former cia director is currently on probation after he pleaded guilty to removing and retaining classified information.i'm yasmin amer other contenders for secretary of state include former republican nominee mitt romney. trump will have a second face-to-face with romney today. also on the list former house speaker newt gingrich and former trump back on twitter this morning-- calling for a penalty for flag burning. he tweeted "nobody should be be allowed to burn the american flag." he went on to say "if they do - there must be consequences - perhaps loss of citizenship or year in a jail." the supreme court has twice affirmed the right to burn the american flag as a form of a free speech-- "the president-elect is a very strong supporter of the first amendment, but i also think
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that and burning the american flag which has place in our society."it's not immediately clear what prompted trump's tweet. national discussions about respect for the flag have regained traction after a u-s flag was burned during a post-election protest at hampshire college in massachusetts. still ahead - we'll get a look at the markets this afternoon. and -- need holiday gift ideas--- the wisconsin made products you can get for family and friends. ??
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right now...dow:nasdaq:s and p: with the holiday's right around the corner, it's time to start planning your holiday meals and shopping for the perfect gifts. here to tell you more about foods and gifts that are uniquely wisconsin is wisconsin's agricultural ambassador, 69th alice in
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you can find more information on products made here in wisconsin at our website. that's t-m-j-4-dot-com. here's a live look outside at... meteorologist brian gotter is back with the storm
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afternoon is sunny, breezy and mild with highs in the upper 40s to lower 50s, and a sw breeze to 20 mph. tonight is mostly cloudy with lows in the upper 30s.the first of 2 cold fronts arrives tuesday night, and will cool us down into the mid 40s for wednesday, thursday is mostly cloudy with a few morning sprinkles and flurries, and highs in the lower 40s. the second cold front will be here thursday night, and despite sunshine, only warm up into the upper
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ash sounds) this winter, pay attention, go slow, and stay in control while driving.
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on tmj4. packers live with larry mccarren at 6:30. followed by "the voice" at seven-- "this is us" at eight-- and "chicago fire" at nine. then it's more local news on live at ten. sand sculptors wowed crowds during the international sand art competition in the florida keys this past weekend. artists from the u-s, canada, and singapore were challenged to create their sculptures with only water, a few hand tools, and about 15-thousand pounds of sand.
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>> victor: only reason we have that damn cranberry concoction is because sonny likes it, and he doesn't even show up. >> maggie: his mother is facing a major life decision. and depending on said decision, his parents might reconcile, so he decided to stay with them instead of his grumpy great-uncle. the lout. >> victor: choosing between justin and lucas is not an earth-changing decision. it's a no-brainer. it's like trying to choose between beirut and the bahamas for a fun weekend. >> maggie: victor just loves thanksgiving. it always brings out the best in him. >> philip: it's easier to be mad at sonny than scared about brady. >> victor: oh, don't try and analyze me. >> maggie: even if he's right? i'm worried too. >> victor: he should be with his family.


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