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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm CST

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to set an estimated cost of the recount at three-point- five million dollars, ?instead of nearly four million.julia fello is live with the latest.. after just speaking to jill stein jill stein just told me she's going to do a wire transfer of at least three point five million dollars right now through her madison bank. ...computing errors that apply to the votes. here's the latest timeline on the election recount.. stein has a half hour left before the end of the business day at 4-30 to pay the elections commission 3.5 million dollars. we also dont know if that number will be higher.. if a hand recount takes place.a court date has been set the same time the money is due, to
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department of justice will represent the state. along with stein's lawyers, we hear a lawyer from hillary clinton's camp will also be there.all 72 clerks would then learn the recount rules tomorrow. the recount would then begin thursday. the elections commission wants to get done by december 12th. you'll hear more from jill stein including why she is so adamant about paying for a hand recount in our state, coming up on live at in the newsroom julia fello
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meanwhile.. house speaker paul ryan says the election was "pretty fair." ryan spoke with w-c-l-o in his hometown of janesville today and he said he didn't see any evidence of systemic fraud in wisconsin. trump has claimed, without evidence, that millions voted le democrat hillary clinton won. president-elect donald trump has selected former labor secretary elaine chao as his transportation secretary.chao was labor secretary under george w. bush and the first asian-american woman to serve in a president's cabinet. she's also the wife of senate majority leader mich mcconnell. storm team 4 now.. today is probably the best day if you
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meteorologist jesse ritka tells us what we can expect tonight and the rest of the week.. a cold front is on the way so enjoy the 50s and sunshine while we have it. tonight a few more clouds will roll in but they will not help trap in much warmth as temps will drop
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new berlin police have released the names of the couple shot and killed inside their home last week. police say william and karen krueger were married and both lived at the home on hickory trail. police say the incident was related to health issues and was not a domestic violence case. they are not looking for suspects and no charges are being pursued. old and outdated - the shorewood school before it can move forward... the school district has to find out what students, parents and staff want... and what taxpayers are willing to pay. pete zervakis explains. the shorewood school dist. is discussing how to modernize its old, historic buildings without losing their character. we have three buildings between 90 and 100 years old superintendent bryan davis says community feedback - stemming from a summit last year - led the shorewood
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facility upgrades. a study - by an architectural firm - named more handicap accessibility... and building security... as two areas where shorewood schools could improve. flexible classroom spaces was another one. how do we put students in smaller groups discussing ideas being able to dialogue, debate in classes in order to do that stationary desks sometimes aren't conducive to that type of environmentschool officials are now gathering feedback. trying to nd students, staff and parents want... and what they're willing to pay for. so davis says a "big ideas" planning phase will start in january and run through march. from that will emerge three or four specific , renovation proposals that will be put forward to the public... which he stresses will have the final say on any improvements. pz... today's tmj4 davis says some upgrades could be part of the
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budget. bigger projects might require another referendum. he expects the plans to be presented to neighbors in the after many months and about six-hundred thousand lights, it's mallet is in the newsroom with a story new on live at 5... shannon--- charles--- grinches be gone!because tonight, we have your first look at miller valley's annual holiday lights display... this year's theme and how you can experience the dazzling display in person. plus, we'll chat with metrius harris, the former u-w milwaukee basketball catch in nearly a month-- but was all money on the two point conversion that allowed the kansas city chiefs to beat the denver broncos.that's coming up on live at 5... packers extra now.. and finally some relief for fans after the pack's win over the philadelphia eagles last night. aaron rodgers went all out passing for more than 300 yards and two touchdowns.. both caught by davante adams.
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sunday against the houston texans at lambeau. the milwaukee brewers have signed free agent first baseman eric thames to a 3 year deal. to make room for thames.. the team released chris carter who hit 41 home runs last year. thames has spent the last three seasons playing in korea. you can hear his thoughts on joining the crew coming up on live at 5. still ahead.. why today is all about giving back following a plus.. a major recall of dehumidifiers.. find out how much destruction they've caused and what you can do to
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of business today.... more money headlines now.... two-and-a-half-million dehumidifiers have been recalled due to a fire hazard. 450 fires and 19-million dollars in property damage have been reported. the dehumidifiers are made by "gree" and sold in various shapes, sizes and colors. you can log on to "gree
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affected. after the long holiday weekend of shopping and deals, today is a day we are urged to volunteer or make donations to local, national and international charities. since most charities generate a vast majority of their contributions at the end of the year, giving tuesday has opened the door to a more organized effort on a specific day. time now for call 4 action.. black friday and cyber monday have come and gone. but, before you wrapth that you thought were a steal, you might want to check a few things out.karen stiles of our call for action office joins us in the newsroom with some tips on how to be sure... the deal was a deal... so karen, what kind of things do we need to check out? even though you thought you got a good deal, it is not a bad idea to keep checking online and in store for a better price or package. as the holidays get closer, stores may offer even deeper discounts. also, check over your purchases to be sure that they
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pieces or features . the longer you wait to address a problem, the more difficult it will be to get satisfactory resolution, especially if the store sells out of an item that you need to replace. and, hang on to and review your receipts to be sure that you were charged the price that you expected to pay. register errors do occur, but it may be up to you to notice the problem and ask for a correction. what can you do if you bought an better price, and you cannot find your receipt? if you paid by credit card, the retailer may be able to find your purchase by scanning the bar code of your item. if this does not work, you might still be able to swap out the item or get an instore credit. if you have difficulty getting a retailer to work with you on a return or adjustment, what can you do? many retailers have corporate customer service departments that you can call or e-mail,
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action office for help. charles and shannon? need help with a consumer problem? our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495. or request help online. just click on the icon, on the front page of tmj four dot com. storm team 4 now....we hope you enjoyed today.. because it's not going to get any better for the rest of the week.or joins us to tell us when we could possibly see some flurries. the clouds continue to stream in on wednesday behind the cold front and a few sprinkles and flurries are possible as an area of low pressure slowly makes its way across the state late in the day and into thursday morning. this will
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highs dropping from the mid-40s on wednesday to the low 40s on thursday. little to no accumulation is expected but the precipitation may be a nuisance on the roadways. friday will be dry but mostly to partly cloudy and temperatures will be seasonal for december with s struggling to hit 40 degrees. saturday will be the coldest day with temperatures staying in the 30s under partly cloudy
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time now for ask the expert.... today we're talking about the very serious topic of reporting animal abuse and how to recognize if an animal is being abused. joining us live this afternoon... is vice president of communications at the wisconsin humane society.. angela speed and 4-year-old
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got a question for our experts? email them at ask the expert at today's tmj4 dot com. you can also leave a voicemail. the number is 967-5253. still ahead.. find out which state is cleaning up after a series of severe storms overnight.. coming up at 4:30.. the fight for 15 campaign disrupts travel in one of the busiest airports in
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storm team 4 now.. a line of severe weather swept through northern iowa last night. when people emerged from their basements, they found fences broken... cars flipped over... power lines knocked down... and tree branches all over the place. so far.. no injuries have been reported. another storm system starts to
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will bring rain changing to a wintry mix sunday night, changing back over to rain as the temperature warms up on monday into the low 40s. still ahead.. the death toll continues to rise in a deadly plane crash in colombia.. what officials say may have caused the plane to go down. plus.. what thousands in tennessee are forced to do following a
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a devastating scene in colombia after a plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashes.. killing more than 70 people.aviation authorities said the plane declared an emergency and lost radar contact just before 10 last night because of an electrical failure. six people
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raging wildfires have killed three people and forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes in gatlinburg, tennessee. wind gusts up to 70 mph frustrated fire crews battling at least 14 fires burning close to the resort towns' hotels and popular tourist attractions. many who have evacuated are left wondering what will remain when they return to their homes. the driver in last week's tennessee bus crash that killed six children made hi 24-year-old johnthony walker is charged with six counts of vehicular homicide. he has been behind bars since the accident on a more than 107- thousand dollars bond. he'll be back in court december 15th.. this video allegedly shows isis positions being attacked by iraqi government air strikes. the ministry of defense said in a statement that isis suffered heavy loss in men and equipment following
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offensive to free mosul of the terrorist group is now in its second month, and progress has been slow. before we head to break let's take a live look at the
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