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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  November 29, 2016 4:30pm-4:59pm CST

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several dozen people showed up this morning outside of a mcdonald's on 9th and ann sterling shows you it's all part of a nationwide effort to expand the 15 dollar an hour minimum wage. fast food workers in milwaukee started their morning -- not at work -- but fighting for more money on the city's north side.nats 7.26.09 for the past 4 years there has been a nationwide campaign to raise the minimum wage to5 an hour. the push has worked in some states -- like new york and california -- but right now in wisconsin, the minimum wage is 7 dollars and 25 cents an hour.jasmine bell 7.42.50 im currently making 7.25 an hour and i feel like i desearve more. i do my job. blood sweat and tears and all.. and as a female expecialy an african american female, i feel like we desearve more. 7.42.58airport workers at major u-s hubs joined in the fight for 15 today -- but most passengers flying into mitchell didn't experience any delays.10.52.33 we didn't have any problems. there were no delays at all.
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oh no nothing we didn't notice a thing.the sperry family is from chicago. they fw into mitchell international from atlanta... and avoided the strike at chicago's o hare. hundreds of workers at ohare are not just protesting -- they're striking in hopes of better pay. john10.58.34 i hate airport delays. 10.57.56 this airport is a lot easier than o hare anyday anyway, parking coming and leaving so . 05 the work stoppage at o'hare was planned during the thanksgiving holiday, one of the es the country's busiest airports -- but the strike was delayed a few days ... a tatic to gain public support.ann sterling todays tmj 4 the fight for 15 campaign is organized by the service employees international union. at five o'clock tonight.. another fight for 15 protest is scheduled. this time outside the mcdonald's on miller park way. this is all part of a nationwide effort for a 15 dollar an hour minimum wage.
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it may be the last time it's this warm for awhile. meteorologist jesse ritka tells us when the cold is coming and just how cold it could get. a cold front is on the way so enjoy the 50s and sunshine while we have it. tonight a few more clouds will roll in but they will not help trap in much warmth as temps will drop
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a reminder you can buy a macc star and help cure childhood cancer. this year's today's tmj4 macc star was designed by bailey dove. she was diagnosed with leukemia in 2015.the star costs 10 dollars and is available at balistreri sendik's food markets and buddy squirrel stores. animal health officials say a strain of salmonella bacteria resistant to several drugs bull calves purchased in wisconsin. state and federal officials are investigating 12 human cases of infection in 8 counties. state veterinarian paul mcgraw is urging dairy farmers to take precautions to protect people who work closely with animals. official numbers are in for the wisconsin gun deer hunting season.. and hunters killed nearly 197-thousand deer during the nine-day hunt.the northern part of the state was the only region where hunters
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last. nearly 600-thousand gun- deer licenses were sold this year.. down more than 13- thousand from this time last year. the domes task force schedule to have their second meeting tomorrow night to discuss a long range plan to repair the milwaukee treasure.earlier this year the mitchell park domes were closed because of safety concerns. the county board passed a resolution to create the domes task force and to allocate 500 thousand dollars to install protective netting the wait for some local road work, just got longer. it's all thanks to a driver who ignored the construction barricades! coming up at six, the new damage to this stretch of moreland boulevard, and just how much longer it'll take to fix. that's new at 6:00. newsradio 620 w-t-m-j presents "it's a wonderful life" tonight at the turner hall ballroom. all your favorite radio voices will be performing in front of a live studio audience. even our own
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meekins will make an appearance. the doors open at six and the show starts at 7. up next.. a new method of treating breast cancer.. how it works and why it could mean relief for cancer patients. plus.. a california couple reunited with family after a
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method of treating breast cancer. the non-surgical procedure where surgeons freeze the tumor.. killing it. according to one breast surgeon... surgery may be ?overtreatment? for certain small breast cancers. janet zappala explains. (sot: dr. dennis holmes, breast surgeon)"many women do not require something as extreme as surgery for treatment of a very small cancer that's not aggressive." in fact, a recent national study that dr. holmes participated in, found that cryoablation was nearly one re killing tumors the size of one a half centimeters or smaller. (sot: dr. dennis holmes, breast surgeon)"in the experiences that we've had thus far, in every single case we've found there's no living cancer remaining at the cryoablation site." cryoablation is an ultrasound- guided procedure... which allows the physician to direct the insertion of this cryoprobe into the tumor, and to monitor the tumor freezing process. (nats: doctor)"i'm going to use this egg to represent the cancer." the probe is passed through the
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surgeon)"this is the cryoprobe entering the tumor, and you see this blue ice ball forming around the tumor. that's the ice ball that actually does the killing."at a temperature of minus 181 degrees... and the tumor is actually frozen... not once, but twice... currently tumor freezing is available to participants of the frost trial... comparing freezing instead of removal of small breast tumors. (sot: dr. dennis holmes, breast surgeon) "the purpose of the trial is to demonstrate at without removing them when they're properly treated."dr. holmes adds that some studies have found that leaving the dead tumor in place in the breast may allow the body to form an immune response to the dead tumor cells... which might help the body to fight off any recurrence in the essence, strengthening the immune system. could doctors treat pneumonia in kids with fewer antibiotics? a large research team says
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the infection... rather than the standard 10 days. antibiotic resistance has been a well-documented problem... and using the lowest possible dose that's effective can help keep antibiotics strong. a new study finds people without diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure at age 45 have a substantially lower risk of developing heart failure ... regardless of gender or race. people without diabetes lived eight to ten years longer before developing with new research links depression in soldiers to brain disruptions caused by head injuries. scientists used m-r-i to scan 130 soldiers with a traumatic brain injury. they found brain circuits connected to emotional control were disrupted in patients with depression. experts say these findings could lead to new treatments for injury- related mood disorders. a happy ending for a california couple trapped in the snow.. we hear from their
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look from madison... the court
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in on wednesday behind the cold front and a few sprinkles and flurries are possible as an area of low pressure slowly makes its way across the state late in the day and into thursday morning. this keep it mainly cloudy with highs dropping from the mid-40s on wednesday to the low 40s on thursday. little to no accumulation is expected but the precipitation may be a nuisance on the roadways. friday will be dry but mostly to partly cloudy and temperatures will be seasonal
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struggling to hit 40 degrees. saturday will be the coldest day with temperatures staying in the 30s under partly cloudy
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a happy ending in the case of a couple who went missing over the weekend in california. shortly after telling their son they were stuck in the snow.officials say the two were found alive. and their family couldn't be happier. "thank you very much for all the hard work. you guys do not know how much goes on behind the scenes, and how many people are involved that are
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they just are awesome. and they were so helpful. and i'm so thankful that they're both okay."authorities authorities say despite the cold temperatures.. the couple is in good condition. still ahead.. the officer being heiled a hero for stopping what could have been a deadly attack at ohio state university.. plus.. a police officer goes beyond the call of duty.. what she did to help a new mother. larry mccarren followed by the voice at 7. at 8 it's an all new episode of "this is us." at 9 it's chicago fire.. then
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more news now.. a former south carolina police officer who shot and killed a man during a traffic stop took the stand today.michael slager told the jury he had no malice when he shot walter scott. scott ran after being pulled over last april. cellphone video captured the shooting. slager faces 30 years to life if convicted. officials at ohio state university believe the man who attacked students on campus yesterday was inspired by isis. an ohio state university police officer is being
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artan.. who plowed his car into a group of people and then began attacking them with a knife. 28-year-old officer alan horujko shot and killed him when he failed to follow orders to put down his weapon. eleven people were injured and taken to the hospital. a police officer in kentucky goes above and beyond the call of duty to help a woman in labor.elisha thompson was on patrol when she found a woman on the side of the road waving and screaming. when she labor.. she put on rubber gloves, helped get her comfortable and delivered the baby. "so i pulled over to the side of the road and opened the car door and there is a partial head sticking out and we just went from there. we just pushed and there came the joy of life." a world trade organization ruling goes against plane builder boeing, calling a
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the w-t-o says the eight- point-seven billion dollar tax incentive the company got from washington state, must be revoked within 90 days. that subsidy was key in boeing's move to build its new 777-x jet and components in
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at happening right now, county clerks throughout wisconsin, on standby. will a judge order them to recount each ballot, by hand? live at five starts now. right now at five: two big decisions on recount in wisconsin. will it be ?paid? for? and ?how? will it be done? this is a live picture from madison...where a dane county judge is holding a hearing right now on the green party's request to have ?all? the ballots in the state checked by hand. the computer science professor who raised the possibility of voting machines having been tampered with... is testifying right now. he's
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the judge says the hearing could go ?late? into the night. also today... the clinton campaign filed a motion to ?join? the green party's lawsuit. and the independent party ?withdrew? its request for a recount.the green party met the 4:30 deadline to pay for the recount. the state today ?increased? the estimated cost to three- point-8 million dollars. that's three-hundred-thousand- dollars more than ?yesterday's? estimate. we're monitoring the hearing, and we'll bring you any new developments as they the recount is scheduled to begin thursday morning. county clerks around the state are preparing. ben jordan begins our coverage from jefferson county. roughly half of the counties planned on a hand count - including here in jefferson - others were planning on machines to lighten up their load. as the clock ticks down to the start of the recount - the jefferson county clerk's
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workers for thursday "a lot of people have been calling us and volunteering."nearly all of the ballots "tah dah." will be emptied from these bins. "these are locked." jefferson county clerk barbara frank says back on election day the ballots were counted by machine - however starting thursday - they will be recounted by hand. "the petition requested that it be a hand count. we are fortunate, we have under 44 thousand ballots. but the costs reflect the time it's going to take - more than 131-thousand ar part to pay 20 poll workers - for one shift a day. "it's just really hard to predict how long it's going to take." over in much larger waukesha county - a larger task is at hand.. "it's not impossible that we'll have to go to three shifts." more than 240,000 thousand ballots need to counted in just 12 days to meet the deadline. "we have a very tight time frame and that's really a concern." waukesha county clerk kathleen novack says her first option is using machinescosting


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