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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  December 1, 2016 9:00am-9:59am CST

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good morning today it's the 12 days of badness. we're breaking the mold in exist ideas. speaking of those on the naughty list we'll meet extreme wrestler tommy dreamer. >> and laura kaeppeler fleiss and the unprecedented move she made to help a g from kenosha next on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? good morning everyone. molly is off today, but our good friend and trustee host denise
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>> i picked a good day there is a lot going on right now. >> tons a brass quartet from the milwaukee symphony over there and extreme wrestler tommy dreamer is here somewhere. >> i hope he didn't bring his bat. he has a spiked bat i think he is known for. >> that's what i heard. i bet he brought it. >> and a huge motorcycle over there in the studio we're chatting with the former miss america. >> that's right. and we're going to start off right away with laura kaeppeler fleiss. after being and miss wisconsin she went on to win miss america. she's doing something exciting. good to have you back. >> thank you so much for having me. >> how does it feel to be home? >> it's good it feels like the holidays. cold weather, christmas lights make sense in the cold. >> cold weather because you are not living in wisconsin now. where do you live now?
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>> why are you living there? >> because we love it. it's small and simple and whole. we want to give that childhood to our son. >> have you a little one i was going to say. >> look how cute is he. >> that was on his first birthday. >> he is how old now a year and a half. >> yeah about a year and a half. >> he's adorable look at you. how do you like being a mother? >> it's the best. et cetera changed me for all the better. it's the world, but, he's the best. there is nothing like it. >> how cool for a kid to grow up on kuai. >> he want him to be a great surfer and great waterman. >> you know what else is cool bringing him home to kenosha. wisconsin vibes. >> where i'm from he has got to come and all of my family is here so we visit a lot. >> it's exciting speaking of we,
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creator of the bachelor and the bachelorette. pretty darn cool. do you get to know things or does everything get kept a secret from you. do you have to tight lip yourself? >> i mean, yes. [laughter] >> but no i can't share things. >> no of course. >> no i'm really proud of him he works really hard and nick is the bachelor. >> he has been on our show. his sister maria comes on all the time. i have heard, he is doing really well and hopefully he finds love and is happy in the end of it. >> that's what we hope for him right? >> of course he seems like a great guy. >> it's about time for him right? >> yes. three times now the fourth time we're excited for him to come back on the show too. that's exciting. i want to know because your husband created the bachelor, bachelorette which is a huge romantic series.
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>> he is. >> is he really? >> yes. >> is he big into roses too? >> i get a fair amount of roses yeah. >> give us an example what is something romantic he is known for? >> um, well we, this is kind of on the spot. >> he is wonderful. he's a great dad and you know we take a lot of really great trips and we go to a lot of really beautiful places he is the one who introduced me to kuai that's where we fell in love. >> i love that. >> you know what is cool i was telling tiffany i was very young we won't say how young when terry was crowned miss america. from wisconsin. and when you were crowned i remember thinking it was so cool and about time that we had another miss america from wisconsin. >> thank you. thank you. that's what we're hoping to do with miss kenosha pageant. >> this is kind of unprecedented for a miss america to come back and work on the local level.
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state or the national pageant. you're coming back there you are wins miss america. we're coming back and working on the local level in kenosha. you took the pageant over. the pageant was going to potentially go away. what did it mean to you to come back and do that why did you make that decision? >> it was in danger of cancellation and kenosha is my hometown. it's where i'm from. it's a wonderful community of people that have given so much to me and so much to my family. it's a very small w give back to my community, but the kenosha pageant is also where it started for me. and a lot of people don't realize it does start at the local level. hi a great experience and i am excited to hopefully give you know great experiences to the contestants and the future miss kenosha. it was kind of a no brainer for me. >> we're out of time, but how often will you be back with that program? >> i will be doing a lot from a distance, but i will be back for
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ready for miss wisconsin. i will be back quite a bit. >> exciting. we'll have to have you come back on the show. i know you're looking for contestants. it's saturday april 1 at 7:00 p.m. in kenosha. you can find out more by visiting their facebook page as well. if you win or compete you will have a chance to work with laura, how cool to work with a miss america. >> thank you for having me. before show we're sure everyone is going to love today's art's cameras plus picture of the day picture of the day. first time proud grandma debby shared this photo of her twin grandsons grant and parker. debby's daughter jessica took this photo as a possible christmas card. the twins were born 12 weeks early at a pound and a half. 2 1/2 pounds sorry. spent the first 11 weeks at the nicu at children's hopsital of wisconsin.
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10 pounds. later in the show we'll hear more about the great things children's hospital does. we wanted to share that beautiful picture. >> that's an adorable picture. >> isn't that sweet? >> so sweet. >> thank you for sharing. well today we are breaking the mold on gift giving. >> going on right now at harley davidson dealerships throughout the area, they are celebrating the 12 days of badness. >> uh-huh. >> goran zadrima is here with some of their great ideas. >> y little closer. >> how are you today? >> good. how are you? >> i'm great. this is a whole christmas for people on the naughty list right? >> pretty much. we like to say, this year santa busted the doors down and unloaded 12 days of badness promotion on us. so um, from black friday through december 6, well, we have cool
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something special we post on our social media so you can see it and pick it up for the ones good or bad. >> this is going on right now? >> 12 days of badness. >> this is so great. let's talk about some of the things you brought today. you brought really cool stuff. everybody here loves harley so what can people get for the holidays? >> we have a couple examples here. ladies and guys leather jackets. these are lightweight jackets. >> i'm going to hold it up. >> you can use them to ride your moto around too. >> is it lightweight? >> they are extremely light yes. >> isn't that beautiful? that's fantastic. so light. >> the best thing about these jackets during the promotion, these jackets actually are up to 40%. >> i was going to ask. >> less than usual. this is why. december 6 you have time to get good stuff. there what else did you bring here? >> well, you know, if somebody already has a jacket or a mike
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setup it's called boom audio. you can attach it to a motorcycle that doesn't have an audio system. water proof speakers plug in your ipod, iphone whatever you want to. >> so you have music. that's a great idea. all motorcycles don't come with audio systems right? >> that is correct. >> i didn't know that either. >> we have touring bikes that come with navigation all of that which we might show you later. >> that sounds good. >> how about these bags here? >> this is one of my favorite it's a messenger bag. can you carry it to go to work and back also you can attach it on the back of your motorcycle. >> how nice. it's a full open right there. there it is extremely nice. >> very nice. >> you can slide it over the back rest and attack it to you don't have to carry it on your back when you ride. >> really nice travel bags as well.
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you notice for safety. so you can be noticeable when you ride the motorcycle. >> wonderful shirts. >> we brought you a few shirts. we have a lot more cool stuff, but i was limited to what could come with me. >> people need to stop in and see everything that is going on to really be able to do their shopping and experience most of the things have a steep discount. >> yes. also, which i like to mentions that you know, if you can't see something you really like in the store there is always that you know certificate for riding academy. >> oh, the lesson. >> we can teach you how to ride a motorcycle by the best instructors out there. after that you're good to go get yourself a bike and enjoy it. >> think we should get rid of this table we have something behind there we need to show. get rid of it joe. come on joe. >> there you go. this is what we've got hiding back here what have you got for
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street light special in a hard candy paint. it's hot rod red flake. this is also all new engine called milwaukee 8. it's quite a big deal. >> somebody on the naughty list is going to get this? >> um yes. yes. yes. >> how many of these do you have? is this something you have very few for people to purchase? >> the model in general it's pretty available. this particular amount of them made. and um, they are still around, but not as frequent as the other ones. but yeah. >> what do you think of this you like it? >> cameraman dave wants it. >> i don't have to take it back with me then it's fine. >> this paint if you look at it has so much flake in it it's beautiful. also milwaukee 8th which is a huge improvement over previous the best bike. >> we have heard people have been talking about the milwaukee
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>> it's amazing it's huge for, harley hasn't done a huge engine upgrade for over ten years this is a really big deal for us. this one comes with audio and naive fashion. comes witha brand-new suspension system. -- comes with audio and naive fashion. comes with a brand-new suspension system. 12 days of bad you have to go visit to take advantage of all of these great gifts. thanks. appreciate it. we've got a great show coming up including this amazing story of survival. one of these twins wasn't expected to live. we'l you what the hospital staff did that went outside of their normal protocol to save her life. a brass quartet from the
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we'll share some of the fun things they have planned for the holidays. that's right up next, give the gift of glam from skincare to makeup unique packages for
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welcome back to the morning blend where we want to know if what is in your makeup bag is holiday ready. >> there is a gift for every glamour girl this holiday season. >> whether you want to give her the gift of beauty or you're like me and plan to buy a little something special for yourself. our guests can hp with all of that. debby and vicky are back to tell us how they do christmas from merle norman. >> good morning guys. >> i think i agree anytime i holiday shopping i have to pick a little something up for myself too. >> how can you not? >> i know. we have great gift sets perfect for gift giving or yourself. >> absolutely. let's talk about some of that. holiday season everybody wants to buy something for the girl. glamour girl. my nieces they love getting products. introducing it to people who are young is important, but all the way to my mom in her 70s to have
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>> i think our gifts collection is very universal. there is something for all ages. one of the things we came out with that is just amazing, is our brush set. >> the brush set okay. >>i love that case to start. hold that case up. >> the case is just, it's like wow. >> beautiful. >> and the brushes are, hold it up a little bit there you go. >> they are all regular size brushes. >> this is my favorite brush ever. >> i use it every day. >> can you pull one out a >> our regular brushes have a little longer handle. like the shorter handle because since my eyes aren't as good as they used to be i need to sit a little closer to the mirror. [laughter] >> the shor shorter handle realy does work well. >> it's supposed to be a travel pack is that why it's shorter? >> yes. >> you have to get the foundation brush. if you tip it up a little bit you can see how it is angled here.
9:18 am
application of your foundation. i use it every single morning. >> once you use good makeup brushes verses the bad ones. >> and there are so many bad ones. >> it's such a difference on how the makeup goes on. if you take good care of your brushes they last for years. it's really a wonderful investment. >> are these washable did i read? >> you can wipe it off. there is a blush brush, eye shadow and eye l everything you would need for travel it's wonderful. >> perfect what else do you have for sets? >> we also have our two skincare sets. >> we have the wrinkle smoother in there which relaxing the fine lines stops more fine lines from coming. vitamin hd and e in it. time release moisture. apteand the new antiaging the fl
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>> i love that dry oil serum. that's in your perfect advanced skin set right? >> yeah. >> there you have the antiaging complex products. the dry oil serum. i love it. >> it's so wonderful. it's fantastic. it doesn't feel greasy you can wear it during the day or at night and it really republicans. -- helps. >> using dry oils it's an where you would think you can't use something oily on your skin, but it does penetrate and very effective for winter dryness. >> that has your eye cream and night cream. that is usually $150 it's now for the holidays only $70. >> that's great price point. >> you have another kit. a starter kit tell us what that's all about. >> the skin essentials has the skin refinery cleanser, the
9:20 am
it was a pep tide that helps relax the muscles around the eyes and mouth so it softens the fine lines. the other one the advanced one with the dry oil is going to be a little more kind of a getting out the big guns. >> yeah. >> antiaging. >> when you need them. >> so the skin essentials one which we're looking at there as well is an $86 value and right now it's just $50. >> that's a wonderful deal. >> that is. >> it's really great. tagged and ready for purchase. >> got to have sparkles for the holidays. >> those are cute. >> one is the shimmers and one is kisses. >> the shimmers are, it's a gold and like a pearl eye shadow. can you mix it with your body lotion, you can put it on your face, your eyes. >> this one is the lipstick and they have a shimmer in the middle of it. there hold that real still.
9:21 am
it's got another little color inside. >> one has the core of silver one a core of gold. >> how fun. >> really fun. >> those are just $30 for the ornaments. >> yeah. so great little gifts perfect stocking stuffer perfect gift for the little one in your life or someone that would love a little update in their merle norman. >> or yourself. >> or yourself. you can get gift certificates as well. here's where you can stop in to a merle norman near you. there are merle norman studios in brookfield corners, west bend, and oconomowoc as well. so, make sure you stop by merle you can stop in to get express facial do all of the fun things they offer around the holidays or upupdate. >> thanks ladies. >> happy holidays. appreciate it. still ahead on the show today the incredible story of these twin girls. one of them was not breathing when she was born. coming up we're going to tell you the special requests their dad made that may have saved their life.
9:22 am
symphony orchestra is going to be busier than santa's elfs this holiday season. after the break we'll tell you all about the family friendly event they have coming up. but first -- >> here is a brass quartet with a sample of their holiday cheer. take it away you guys.
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helping people live healthier lives. call and see why so many medicare beneficiaries choose plans from unitedhealthcare. don't miss your opportunity. medicare open enrollment ends december 7th. call now and see if the benefits of an aarp medicarecomplete plan are right for you. ?? welcome back. this may look like a show right out of las vegas, but it's just one of the many family friendly events planned with milwaukee symphony orchestra this holiday season. >> that's right the mso has a month full of fun filled shows here to tell about it is president mark niehaus along
9:26 am
chafetz and also we have david cohen. wave and megumi kanda. thank you guys. they are going to play for you in a bit. that's why they have their instruments here. this is huge you have a whole holiday season filled with so much cool stuff. >> we pack the month of december filled with music. music is very important to people during the holidays also one of the best times if you have not been to the symphony before it's a perfect gateway. bring your kids bring yr parents it's for everybody of all ages we have something for everyone this time of year. >> everyone gets stressed out you go to the symphony you probably have the lights. >> christmas tree, the bells, the chorus. it's s spectacular. >> you have three things right? >> this saturday in the afternoon we're going to have
9:27 am
above the orchestra it choreographed with the music. all weekend, stu maestro stu will be conducting. >> it's exciting talk about being here back to the mso why did you want to come back and work with our program here? >> i was resident here and it feels like coming back to family. what is this month all about family. the spirit of giving and what is the best gift the gif >> i love that. >> yeah so we've got a fantastic show. there is so much talent on stage between the symphony chorus, the hand bell ensemble, fantastic broadway singer you're going to love her. >> this is all the holiday pop show. >> yeah that's just the holiday pop. there is something for everybody and it is family friendly. you get to sing a little bit you get to have a good time and all of that holiday cheer. >> the audience gets to sing along right? >> absolutely how could we stop
9:28 am
>> so the holiday pops going on through the 4th at the marcus. >> that's right. >> that's going to be really exciting. we saw a picture this is going on is it one day only? >> it's saturday afternoon for families. >> arielists. act crow bats. jugglers. >> guys who hold each other up in their gravity. the hardest thing is to keep looking at your music while something incredible is happening above you. it's really neat. >> yeah all of those contortionists, all of that stuff going on the strong men that is going on just on saturday. it's at 2:30 p.m. and that's where? >> that's at the marcus center as well. >> right at the marcus center. >> and the messiah later on, the week following the orchestra splits in half. half are playing the harry potter movie at the riverside
9:29 am
raiders of the lost ark over new year's eve. and the orchestra will be playing handle's messiah at st. joseph basilica. >> that is december 14 through 18th. these are great shows. so exciting i know you brought along some of the people here. we have the phone number for the milwaukee symphony (414)291-7605 is the number to call for tickets. visit online at mso .org now you guys the brass quartet will be playing for us. take it away you guys.
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john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. honey, you got another present. no thank you, dad. who says no to more? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 50 megs. that's 8x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 15 meg internet starting at $39.99 a month. call now. and with home wifi, the whole family can be online at once.
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you'll also get our exclusive 1-hour arrival window, a money-back guarantee, and there's no contract to sign. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. plus, free installation and access to over 500,000 twc wifi? hotspots nationwide. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so. say yes to more. call now. welcome back. even before morgan rebholz was born her parents knew they would be in for a bumpy ride. for starters morgan is a twin much doctors also discovered she a life-threatening heart problem. fortunately, morgan and her twin sister were born at children's hopsital of wisconsin. the leading hospital in the country for treating babies with this condition.
9:35 am
today along with mom kelly and dad chris. hi you guys. >> how are you? >> thanks for being here. i think this is a wonderful story. but let's go back a little bit because about 17 years ago you were pregnant, morgan and her twin are now 16. first and foremost you were pregnant with twins. that in general has got to be news and a little stressful. then you find out one has a life-threatening condition. >> right. you are absolutely right. parents you're going to have twins is a little scary in and of itself. but you get through it you say we're just going to have a lot of sleepless nights, few years of chaos and you say we'll make it through. i think it's our human nature we're optimistic. we're not going to just have one healthy child, but two. all of that changed pretty quick. >> at what point in your pregnancy did you find out? >> i was in for my first
9:36 am
>> okay. >> we had just gone into our ogbyn's practice. there wasn't anything abnormal at that point that we thought. the technician noticed a very small water sift on the back of morgan's neck. to l lay people like chris and i didn't think this was that big of a deal. at that point we were taken to children's hopsital of wisconsin and realized what was to come >> and you gave birth at children's hopsital of wisconsin. you had the twins. talk about the first hours with morgan. immediately after giving birth she was whisked away. >> they arrived 5 weeks early. they were 3 pounds each. and so, alex came first and they were able to stablize alex and get her into isolet and whisk
9:37 am
breathing they attempted to resuscitate that didn't work and they had to intubate and intubation on a 3-pound child is a little more complicated. >> at 3 pounds are they almost fitting in your head? >> they are basically the size of the coffee mug there. >> look t at them holding hands. >> kelly was in recovery we got the twins safely into the nicu. at that point and time, stablization just wasn't occurr s tenuious couple of hours morgan's vitals started to decline rapidly so, i w went and grabbed kelly from recovery and i said we've got to go down i don't know that this is going to happen. we did that we were all sitting around the isolet the medical staff and i'm not sure what inspired it, but at some point and time asked the medical staff
9:38 am
with morgan. they spent 8 and a half months earlier together perhaps that would give peace and solace to morgan. they did that and almost instantaneous alex assumed the position she put her hand on morgan's shoulder. within 15 to 20 minutes we witnessed our first miracle. pressure came up, it was down to 6 and her heartbeat stablized. that was the first of many hurdles we crossed, but it was very vital one obviously and so. >> do you still have that same sort of bond with your twin sister? >> yeah. >> how do you feel today? i know you had three heart and eight other surgeries that saved your life. doctors made these decisions to do all of these things and against norm they brought you in with your sister at that time,
9:39 am
>> good i'm a junior and i'm very active now. it's way different than it was before. >> you can do sports now too even? >> the doctors said i can even run a marathon if i wanted to. >> really? >> yeah. >>, but gym class is not my favorite thing to do so i doubt if i will be doing a marathon anytime soon. >> talk about, right now you do things like tennis, you enjoy golfing with your dad occasionally. >> yeah. >> all of those great things. how have you stayed in the children's hospital family. i know that has been important for you after what they did for you and for morgan. >> i would say we're involves in lots of ways. we thought it was important to give back to children's hospital. as you can imagine we are so thankful to have them here. the expertise with morgan's particular heart defect, kids
9:40 am
just 12 years before morgan was born, with her defect did not survive. they d died typically within hos or days. the doctor developed a way to reroute her heart. we were so thrilled we didn't have to leave home. we felt it was really important to give back. in the early days of her life we weren't able to, we were pretty consumed with keeping morgan on track. the foundation. morgan volunteers and her sister at children's hospital. >> that's wonderful you guys. i want to make sure everybody has the information for children's so they can donate help save other lives and give the gift of a miracle of life as well. chw .org/wtmj to donate to children's hospital where kids deserve the best. thanks so much for being here. i'm glad you are living a wonderful happy life. all right after the break world wrestling champ tommy
9:41 am
and look, guess what, he's got denise in a head lock. does he? nowhere is he? [laughter] >> sneaking up on her. >> all right. after the break maybe we'll give
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9:43 am
9:44 am
welcome back ifhe dreamer live and in person. >> tommy dreamer is here with us now. i showed him a thing or two though. along with bret euhlberg with brobert haack diamond here to tell us >> what should we do first? the blizzard event first? >> saturday in waukesha i have my own company called house of hard core. i'm bringing professional wrestling to the wisconsin area. i feel it's the greatest form of sports entertainment and you know it is better than the movie you can't yell at the movie screen and ask them to leave. at wrestling you can yell.
9:45 am
wrestling. i just want to give back to the business i love so much. >> what does hard core mean to you? let's talk about it a little bit tommy here? >> in wwe they promoted it as blood, guts and violence. it's a work ethic. it's going out and performing to the best of your ability. she's hard core because she beat me earlier this morning. that's not in her job description. >> he wasn't that tough. he was asking for it. >> it's a work ethic and just going out and entertag >> you have him at your store tonight? >> yes 5:00 to 6:00 he is doing a free meet and greet. come in and get a picture with the dreamster. >> the dreamster i like that. >> he is a little nuts. he is a hard core wrestling fan. he has this big deal coming out on christmas which i told him he shouldn't be doing, but he doesn't want to listen. >> tell us about the deal.
9:46 am
are $199. the neat thing is starting december 5, >> i love them. >> december 5 through the 18th make your jewelry purchase and if if it happens to snow 3 inches or more on christmas your jewelry purchase is refunded. >> so go into that a little more. >> make any jewelry purchase, >> any no matter how much you buy? >> we're probably going to cap it on $85,000. >> that's a big cap. >> make your jewelry purchase everything is on sale. and then, if it happenso just 3 inches or more and the snowfall is at mitchell airport too. the neat thing is you might have lake effect snow that day too because typically it snows a little more there. >> so you're hoping to give away the jewelry. >> i want the advertising absolutely. >> you are nuts. >> he is totally crazy. >> we have done it four years in a row. last year we had al snow. i'm going to be managing him too. >> are you? >> yeah we're doing a cage
9:47 am
first ever cage match. >> have you had to pay out yet? >> no. >> uh-huh. >> i have had to pay out to the insurance company, but not the customers. it came real close the wisconsin badger one. >> i think this is going to be the year. >> i heard it's going to snow get out and buy your diamonds. these rings each are $199. >> it also includes the contest too. >> this is huge these price tags say $415. each one of these says $415 and they are now $199. i want all of them. >> i do too because they look so good together. >> the nice thing about stacking bands they do stack well with other jewelry so you can make your, you might have a ring already he add a band to each s. >> gorgeous. are you going to be sporting any bling? >> i'm bling free usually. >> no bling in the ring?
9:48 am
the silver chains and all of that stuff. i unfortunately have broken myer times which because you only have 10 i don't know which one i broke more than once so rings don't fit my fingers. i have broken my neck, my back, i have probably had more concussions than you want. messed up knees i broke every bone in my heel, but ionicly i have never had a surgery yet. us >> knock on that wood. >> did you say you had a concussion? >> i once had three concussions in a week. >> you guy are insane both of you. you're both insane. we're going to tell everyone why. you have again on saturday, the blizzard brawl going on at the waukesha exp then the meet and greet tonight at greenfield from 5:00 to 6:00t through the 18th ihe?zore on chs
9:49 am
>> >> robert haack the phone number on the screen. th ao a glealndion.
9:50 am
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y26zqy yvpy the holidays mean gathering with friends and family from cocktailti togethers. hereiths is tia leslie. >> thank you so much for having me. >> i have friends that oftentimes they see themselves in the pictures they are close mouth smiling because they don't >>heir s tid a loo a feel our very best. you he yellow or stained teeth that ceallaffect your appearance not to mention
9:52 am
get there with white bright teeth and it's a revolutionary product clinicallshown to whiten your teeth on anvera, two shes in jus fe minutes, six shaden 7at yr own home. people always say does it work? look at these pictures. think the before and afters really speak f themselves. >> the before and afters really speak for them services. it's five minutes from the comfort of your own home. we don't really use models or actors these are testimonials of our customers that have sent in these pictures. i think that is a testament of how the product works. >> you said in bnd viewere even senng pictures like this is how it's working. [laughter] >> i think that's really cool. especially when the alternatives are strips for your teeth, from the drug store which can be time-consuming, costly. i like this because you're in control of it five minutes and you are on your way to a whiter brighter smile. show us how it works.
9:53 am
ones, the blue ones and how do they work? >> it's a two swab system. you're going to take the first swab which is called stain out. you're just going to swab it on, get in the nooks and crannies. what this does is two things helps lift the stain first aotf teeth whitening lt it is ft helps to rehydte your enamel to help with thateeth sensitivity th a l of people have. there absolutely especllyteu a d glass of water you don't get that with this. >> exactly. >>ow about caps and veneers i have a cap molly has one too. we always worry about it not working and having one wonky tooth. >> this helps to restore the caps, crowns and veneers. maybe you don't need to whiten or brighten your smile, but you have someone in your household that has caps, crowns veneers and needs to restore them wonderful. this is the white out.
9:54 am
on get in there get all of the nooks and crannies which a lot of strips can't reach. leave it on for two minutes it foams up it is really nice it tastes great leave it on five minutes done. >> so you're not covering it up you are just leaving your mouth do you have to make sure t just not do anything? >> leave it on for a minute or two it will foam up
9:55 am
travel with to maintain your white bright smile. i just did it because i'm on the road all the time. pop it in your purse or briefcase. if you have a glass of wine you can do it in the bathroom. >> it's like a tide stick for your teeth. >> exactly. >> i love that yes. >> if you drink a lot of tea, wine, chocolate, berries. you use that right away afterward? >> exactly. you swab it on leave it minute it will help maintain for you what power swabs is doing in the morning. >> people can get this for the holidays. the low sensitivity is so great. doing it at home. having these whiter teeth for the holidays you get those holiday pictures you want them to look good. especially on new year's too. the morning blend special, you can get up to 60% off of power swabs plus a free quick stick and free shipping. all of that by mentioning the
9:56 am
power is the website for more. get ready for the holidays look great for the new year and start it off right. >> thank you for having me. john, we're giving you a raise. that's fantastic! but i'm gonna pass. who says no to more? time warner cable internet gives you more of what you and those little data hoggers want. like ultra-fast speeds up to 50 megs. that's 8x faster than dsl. this internet speed is sick. get 15 meg internet with no data cap starting at $39.99 a month. call now. would rex pass up more beef stew? i don't think so.
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tomorrow great gift ideas
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?? this morning on "take's take," natalie portman on her new movie getting oscar buzz. and find out why photos of selena gomez are the talk of the internet. and counting down to christmas with your must-have holiday checklist and a performance to put you in the spirit, coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's ke," liverom studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thursday morning, december 1st, 2016. look at that tree. >> she's a beauty. >> everything about it, is curves, the lines. >> you know. you covered it.


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