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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  December 5, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm CST

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it's december 5th. time for great viral videos "right this minute". heavily armed trying to kidnap victims. >> chained to the walls of this cave. >> stories bind an amazing rescue in the nick of time. some guys show when you make a bet, you have to put your money to where your mouth is. the crazy reason connected to that football. >> no! >> searchers spend days in the heat looking for an injured elephant until they finally find him. the amazing effort to save a fantastic beast. the best on the web, including the tea server's instagram spot that spawns a music video sensation. how a chance meeting led to the chance of a lifetime.
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serving tea, the next day everybody is sipping tea and your name is all over it. >> you quickly notice they don't appear to be equipped at all for this mission. jeans, sneakers, flashlights, even a flash of a barrel of a rifle. these are not sspelunkers. these are cops and look what they find a man who's been handcuffed, shackled, and chained to the walls of this cave. this happened in the mexican state, 12 days earlier the man you see in this video, he was kidnapped and hidden in this cave. the kidnappers requested nearly a million dollars in ransom. instead of panicking, the family went to police instead of paying the ransom and this is the moment police finally find the
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manage to find him in a cave? >> i wish i had the answer to the question, oli. they are keeping details close to the vest, i think, until they complete their investigation, but yes. look at that. the handcuffs were so tight around this man's wrists, they created wounds that got infected. now, the officers here gather him up and are very careful with him as they trek through this cave to get him back out. once they are mouth of the cave, it ain't easy there either. this cave looks like it was located in a jungle. they have to fight through all of this vegetation. eventually, they find their way out to a heli pad, where he's air lifted to the hospital. >> it's clear the kidnappers went to great lengths to hide them. >> is he going to be okay? that could be really serious. >> only information on the man's condition is he was transferred
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hypothermia, but police believe if the family had paid the ransom, the kidnappers would have let him die in the cave and never would have returned him. thankfully, the police have tracked down two of the kidnappers and they have been arrested. >> make a bet, you've got to stick to your word. >> yes, you do. >> and that's exactly what's happening in this video. >> i promise if the cubs won the world es of my teeth out. >> no! >> you don't bet your teeth, boy. >> no way the cubs would win a world series. they haven't for, like, a century. put your money where your mouth is. i guess in this case he's got his quarterback-like friend all ready to go and the great thing about the video, just as he goes to throw it, kick into super
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the guy throws the ball and -- >> no, no. you would have to be a brett favre gun slinger to do that. that and his mother would kill him. >> the string would break. it's cute, but i'm calling fake. >> no drop back, please. >> up in the air whether these guys think it's true or not. second one, though, i'm sure isn't a fake one. this fella, i think he's at the set up, guns it! >> open mouth to perfection and that's how you pull a loose tooth. >> on a life saving mission looking for nya. they've gotten reports this poor elephant has a snare around its
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help it, but this is problematic for them, because they don't know exactly where it is. after two days of searching in high heat with confusing clues, they finally find him and they are able to tranquilize him. these guys triage and operate on site. >>. >> carrying all the equipment for two days to be ready to treat it. >> they had a lot of equipment, but also people in certain areas where they could come to you wouldn't believe the tools at their disposal. they say this is why they need donations for their group, because of rescues like this. >> oh, dude! >> that's horrible. >> that's the snare, they pulled it out of his leg. we don't know how long that's been on his leg, but they do know they have to clean it, so they have to haul gallons and gallons of water because they need to clean it off. as you can see, first thing they have to do is stabilize him.
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once they clean the wound and get him ready, there's another thing they have to do. they have to take x-rays. again, they do this on site. they have equipment where they can x-ray his leg to make sure that the necrosis hasn't set in farther and make sure there aren't other issues. >> this is impressive what they are able to do in the field. >> purple stuff on there, that's because they are going to let him go. they throw water on him because he hasn't been able to get water. they want to make sure he's able to get hydration, and they want to wake him up. the important thing is, he needs to get up on his own. >> come on, little guy. >> and he is up on all fours. all on his own. what's even better is they say he can even put a little weight on that injured foot, so the good thing is, all that team effort at the end of two days, they were able to help this
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passengers aboard this train are comparing it to the arctic express. you see people bundled up because they are cold as -- >> snow and ice inside the train. not just cold, it's frozen. >> the coal burning furnace went out on this 24-hour train ride. they rode more than 934 miles from moscow to odessa in ukraine. they did complain and as a result they are all getting their money just a ridiculous situation. >> i can ride on this train again, right? >> while this video might be ice cold, this next is hot like fire. that truck is on fire and it's transporting chickens. >> think of it this way, the chickens were most likely dead before they caught fire. >> wasn't transporting live chickens, but that's not why everybody is talking about this video. they are talking about the people in the video and how they came together to help the truck driver.
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if you can't shut down at bedtime... closed captioning provided closed captioning provided by -- fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. new yor the nypd, the toughest guys in the business, right? >> oh, yeah. >> they got all the cool tools to do the job right, including this new accessory. >> the smart car? >> oh, yeah. >> this is the perfect car for new york. >> you, my friend, are exactly right. small enough to ride on the trails, small enough to cut through traffic and stuff like that. it's safer and it's much more
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they give you parking tickets and you're only there for a little bit. >> this isn't for apprehending criminals, it's much more for patrol and observation. >> clown car. >> people take it seriously or will they be like -- >> people will take it sey.riousl look at that, running away with it. >> this is a huge, huge upgrade. those things were unsafe, didn't have airbags, didn't have air conditionind patrol officers to work with those things. it really is an improvement. >> scooters, they should sell to high school kids who need their first car. hey, buddy, this is it. >> nine-month-old dora, she's still a puppy. but do you see that look of shame on her face? >> dora been exploring? >> yeah, she explored mommy's closet.
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louboutin. an $800 louboutin. >> no. sees red, doesn't she? >> the owner saved for months to buy this pair of shoes. she did wear them once. >> no. >> some dogs like shoes, some like purses. in this video you can see this that handbag. and that dog slowly walks under it. >> that dog is on a date. i want anything to make me feel that good. turn around.
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do here at "right this minute" and now every single week, without fail, my son asks me, dad, do you know where that is, have you met zach cain? zach cain is his absolute number one favorite on youtube. he's huge because he pulls stuff like this. >> you think your kids can fill us in on what you do here? >> he's a wizard when it comes to magic tris effects. this is something you've probably seen around. >> art gallery. >> picture it. it's like he's helping himself out, quickly grabs the flags. this definitely isn't anne hathaway, but looks like her. jumps in, quick, people are coming. freeze! then the effect is even more compelling as the camera moves away.
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hours -- weeks, weeks of your life, go to zach's youtube and instagram. my kids watch and watch and watch. they always, so clever, so imaginative, and so funny. >> i'm astonished and amazed. i could watch for hours and hours. that is really, really, really cool. >> he's one of the superstars of the internet. >> i can at least go ahead and tell my son we did a zach cain video today. cash. >> i don't know what to do right here. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, traffic's getting backed up. then this. >> the story behind the jam that's actually pretty romantic. plus, the puppets try the mannequin challenge, but -- >> they have a mannequin with a gopro on top of a building. >> see why their twist on the
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promotional considerations provided by -- on the highway in vladivostok in russia, slow moving traffic. you wonder what's going on here. gets even weirder as they continue along, eventually kind of blocking the road. as you can see right here. up ahead, suddenly. >> wait, is that supposed to happen? or is that on fire? >> what's going on right here, you're seeing something
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tell me he got a permit. >> that's the thing, really. you can see they got the attention of the local cops. apparently caused eight miles of traffic, which caused a bit of trouble. they got fined about $20 each. got up, gets down on one knee, she says yes. you know what, interesting story. >> ideal because the people stuck in traffic for eight miles are back there s >> in this next video, similar situation, but also completely different in every way. this fellow right here, you can see epcot center in the background, they are crazy about disney. let's go to disney world. if you're going to go there and going to go big, might as well pick that right moment to make her your forever friend. reached into his pocket, pulls
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down on one knee. trips that woman up. doesn't realize he's walking into the middle of the magical moment. pops the question, music's blaring in the background. almost like a disney movie because just as he finishes, music cuts out and the crowd -- were no animals congratulating in their heads. ?? >> take you, piggy. >> we've seen a lot of mannequin challenge videos. many of them are funny.
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educated and opened the minds, but this one is from my youtube favorite. >> this is the glove and boots mannequin challenge. >> oh, yes. they have a mannequin with a gopro on top of a building. how is this mannequin challenge going to go? >> down. >> yes. >> thought about this, so glad somebody's this fails. >> not a fail in any way. hopefully this will be the exclamation point on the mannequin challenge. will this put an end to it? >> no, continues. just change in form. >> might evolve. let's see what the puppets have to say. i we did this wrong.
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>> i don't care. these guys crack me up every time, but you do get to see the gopro video from a mannequin's perspective. >> base jump gone wrong. it's brevity, multiple angles, done. >> up p ets. >> can't go wrong with puppets. >> i >> he's the tea seller turned internet sensation. >> people are so smitten with his good looks. >> find out how a chance instagram snap has him serving
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aarp medicarecomplete plan are right for you. ?? >> fun in the snow. >> is it the first snow? first snow, huh, girl?
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that's a snow beagle. that's a snow beagle. that's a snow beagle. that a girl. yeah. nothing like a first snow of the season, huh, girl? yeah, make a little snow angel? little snow beagle? that a way. that's how you do it. yeah. >> we know how it goes, somebody goes viral, then boom, it's done. not for tom here. this picture went viral after a photo blogger took it and posted it to her instagram. a person who prepares at different marketplaces and roadsides, so the woman took the picture, posted it, and boom. >> slum dog millionaire? he was one. >> got it. >> from there he's taken off. >> i remember seeing after it happened he got signed by a
3:57 pm
>> people are so smitten with his good looks. >> blue eyes, hair, handsome man. >> he's gotten a lot of kickback from this one instagram picture. this one landed himself in a music video, as well. ?? several bollywood actors and actresses are also acknowledging him. he's the star, he has groupies, too. >> must be so weird for him. it was just like working, tea shop in pakistan, goes viral, and suddenly here he is shooting a music video. must feel like his head is spinning. >> exactly. imagine one day you're serving tea, next day everyone is shipping tea with your name all over it. that's does it for today's "right this minute."
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porch pirates have struck again.. plus. the winter weather has arrived. when we may see single digit windchills.. i'm shannon sims. and i'm steve chamraz. live at
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. that breaking news now... milwaukee county's district attorney has made a decision whether a police officer will be charged with the shooting death of jay anderson. we do not yet know what that decision is... but could learn it shortly when we hear from anderson's family. they met with the d-a earlier this morning. this is a live picture from
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was shot by a wauwatosa officer in june while sitting in his car. for months -- the family has called for the officer to be charged. saying body camera video shown to them did not match up with the officer's claim anderson was a threat. but first.. day five of the wisconsin recount -- and no major issues so far. six counties across the state have finished their work -- rikki mitchell is live from the milwaukee county recount things are going recount workers here took a break yesterday -- resuming counting this morning. today they are focusing on ballots from wauwatosa -- west


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