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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  December 14, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm CST

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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your today. a state republican wants to require all high school students participating in extracurricular activities to be subject to random drug testing.representative joel kleefisch's proposal is one of several coming from a task force he convened looking at ways to combat heroin use. the proposal would also require random testing for students who park vehicles on school grounds.some school district
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one day left before the deadline to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. if you have any questions or concerns-- a special enrollment event is taking place tomorrow at "independence first" in milwaukee. it runs from 9 in the morning until 4 in the a wind chill advisory will go into effect tonight. make sure you bundle up before heading outside. you should cover any exposed skin... including your fingers, nose and ears.and minimize the time you spend outside.when traveling, make sure you ve foods. with a clear sky, and snow on the ground, temps dropped quickly last night with lows near zero and wind chills to - 15. temps have been rising into the teens this morning ahead of the next cold front
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afternoon. today will have sunshine, temps droppingi nto the single digits, a 30 mph wind, and wind chills around -10. actual temps will drop to -3 along the lake, to -9 inland by thursday morning with wind chills to -25. a wind chill advisory is in effect for all of se wisconsin from 9pm
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president elect donald trump continues his thank you tour this week after making a stop here in wisconsin. opinions are pouring in on his choice for secretary of state, exxon-mobil c-e-o rex tillerson. but the ones that matter most for now are the 19 men and women who will question him in january. tracie potts reports. touting jobs and lower energy prices in texas, president- this morning: former texas governor rick perry is his nominee for secretary of energy. at a rally last night, trump talked about his choice for secretary of state, exxon- mobil ceo rex tillerson."rex is friendly with many of the leaders in the world that we don't get along with and some people don't like that." tillerson's close relationship with russian president vladimir putin is already being scrutinized on capitol hill."the coziness with vladimir putin is very
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eliminated him frankly." lawmakers poised to question tillerson want to know if his ties to russia are an asset or a liability."we're gonna have to drill down during the confirmation hearings to understand his relationship with mr. "i don't hold it against someone that they have relationships that can in fact in many cases establish a level of trust."here's what tillerson said himself last year about putin:"i have a very close relationship with hi everything he's doing." congress is preparing to evaluate tillerson and montana congressman ryan zinke, who trump's tapped to serve as secretary of the interior. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. federal reserve officials are likely to raise short-term interest rates when their two-day meeting ends today. it'll be the only increase this year and just the second since june 2006.the rate hike could mean a boost for your savings expect to
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this will be the feds first policy meeting since the election of donald trump-- who has pledge tax cuts and new spending. more news now-- today marks the fourth anniversary of one of the deadliest mass shootings in u-s history. 20-students and six-adults were gunned down at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut in 20-12. connecticut flying flags at half-staff today to honor the victims.newtown marked the anniversary with 15-minutes of reflective silence this a minnesota be alive after driving her car into a frozen pond.she was trapped in the car as it started to sink.that's when some good samaritans came to the cameras caught them rushing to the scene to help. "i said eyes' because a lot of glass and we pushed the rest of the glass out of the way and pulled her out of the vehicle.""they are fantastic. good samaritans willing to get involved to take action and help somebody in need."the
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driver will be okay. a mail carrier and a good samaritan performed a christmas miracle for some people in north carolina ... as they rushed to pull packages from a burning delivery truck. firefighters arrived quickly to extinguish the blaze.many of the rescued parcels were amazon deliveries. amazon was so impressed that they're donating some money to the local fire department. amazon says it's made its first-ever prime air drone delivery... with the launch of a private the u-k.the service promises to get packages up to five pounds to consumers in 30 minutes or less using drones. it took 13 minutes from customer click to package is starting the service with two customers within miles of its u-k facility for the initial phase of this trial with plans to expand to hundreds more. today's tmj4 is also proud to partner with the hunger task force and raymond james investments on "home 4 the holidays." its a virtual food
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taking a look at the market right now...dow:nasdaq:s and p: hanukkah is fast approaching... and the harry and rose samson family... jewish community center hopes everyone will join them at a community celebration once again this year. rabbi shari shamah from the jcc is with us this noon to talk a little bit
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hanukkah begins at sundown on december 24th... but the community party at the jcc is next monday... december 19th. for information on what's happening and how to attend... check out the link on our
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quickly last night with lows near zero and wind chills to - 15. temps have been rising into the teens th ahead of the next cold front that arrives early this afternoon. today will have
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the single digits, a 30 mph wind, and wind chills around -10. actual temps will drop to -3 along the lake, to -9 inland by thursday morning with wind chills to -25. a wind chill advisory is in
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thursday.despite a lot of sun, thursday is only 9 degrees with gusty winds and wind chills stayin day. morning starts off near zero once again, warm up to 23 with increasing clouds. those clouds will bring snow showers by afternoon and evening with lows staying near 20. the snow continues on saturday with highs in the mid to upper 20s, and then another cold front brings sunny, breezy and cold conditions for sunday with a
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here's your prime time lineup on tmj4. the mike mccarthy show at 6:30.followed by "a pentatonix christmas special" at seven and a "sda special" at eight.then it's more local news on live check out this decorated home in colorado.the owners went all out with holiday lights this year.instead of the typical trimming, this home has lights everywhere including the roof, siding and even the plants and trees out front.the display has become quite an attraction for people
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