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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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being able to get people when they are at the abuser level for animals, then we would be able to help prevent the escalation two other crimes. >> this ordinance would be the first of its kind in the state of florida. commissioner beck and her hopes eventually it becomes a state law. >> just like we have addressed issues of pill mills, we were the leaders in the first counties to enact ordinances on those types of instances, so i would love to be the leader of this. >> one of cabela's abusers was recently charged with aggravated assault on a childhood friend. in the meantime, kabbalah mayday full recovery and was adopted by a loving family. >> right now the animal cruelty registry is just a proposed law. there are still lots of details to work out before commissioners vote in a few months. >> developing tonight, investigator say they busted at
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the bay area. the burglars were snatching more than $200,000 in electronics, jewelry and other valuables. but investigator say the burglars just got busted in the act this weekend in pascoe county, leading them to all of this loot from a lakeland apartment. victims like cheryl bunton are relieved, she thought her expensive jewelry would be gone for good. >> it is great, i thought i would never see it again. and this stuff is stuff that my mom and my grandma had. >> there could be more arrests. >> health alert. of her scott declares a state of emergency in hillsborough for the zika virus, because two
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been confirmed in the county. today, leaders met to put it plan into motion to try to stop the spread. we asked them what is being done to trap mosquitoes and protect you. >> the stuff currently has testing traps in the field. they are keenly alert to citizens who are calling in. >> commissioner al higginbotham also says you are the first line of defense. if you know of an area that is to be sprayed for mosquitoes, call the county and let them know right away. zika concerns are also going nationwide now that health officials know the virus can be spread through sex. that case was in dallas where the victim got sick after having sex with someone who picked up the virus in venezuela. but the disease is generally spread through mosquito bites. >> the bottom line for the public in the continental us remains the same. it if you are pregnant and
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place where zika is spreading, don't. >> researchers around the world are working hard on a vaccine. right now scientists in brazil are trying to make one using the vaccine for another mosquito borne virus, dengue. >> waste management is taking more action keeping a pile of trash from spilling onto a sarasota set cemetery. waste management replace the fence and now they are working on the fence. >> new at six, ape popular family business has turned to social media to catch the thieves who broke into their store. they posted the surveillance video all over youtube and facebook.
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emily shows you know the difference it can make. >> they were men on aim mission. >> ticket good look at the surveillance video captured around 11:30 p.m. night of generate 26. you can see two suspects gathering up yet he coolers and hats. >> he was shopping for hats. it was kind of funny. he was like, i will take this one and this one. aflac. >> after seeing the video, hensley believes the two suspects knew his store. >> they knew exactly what they wanted and where it was at. >> the timestamp indicates it took these would be thieves about 15 minutes to break the glass on door, but it than it took about two minutes for the suspects to pick up the merchandise they were looking for. and for sure the video on the
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has been viewed 8000 times. thinking, someone will see all not right. >> there is eight chance that sold. >> they could be buying food with money that they sold our coolers with. >> he hopes that the merchandise. >> we want to make it worth somebody's while to help us catch the brooksville yeti bandits. >> taking another look at that video, just open our free app and click on the story. you can search and download it from your device and app store. >> an investigation is stemming from our investigative reporting. investigative reporter noah prensky broke the story last
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>> years of budget cutting basically kept probation officers from doing their job statewide which is to supervise felons living among us. our series exposed help felons without supervision or are more likely to commit violence and sexual crimes. but now, dan rosen from plant city is pushing a effort that would place the officers case load at 30 sexual offenders. that would analyze whether he or she is likely to reoffend. the bill cleared the committee hearing today and we will let you know if the caseload fixes the 2015 probation reforms which are signed into law last summer. >> a dramatic lesson in extreme safety for tampa bay. there you go, port security and tempo police put on an active shooter drill. it all comes from a partnership that takes a look at terrorism
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the drill is designed to prepare businesses in case of a deadly emergency. >> the idea of the demonstration was just to give folks here a realistic appraisal of some of the dynamics that could go on and an actual situation, and get them thinking, so they can better plan and evaluate what they can do for themselves. >> tampa's downtown partnership hopes to hold more training and awareness on security trends and personal safety tips. >> around the state, the for the house is expected to pass to gun bills. one will allow concealed weapons holders to openly carry. the other let's them carry on campus. the open carry bill was credited to allow florida lawmakers to pack heat and budgets late of meetings. we are two and half weeks into the florida python hunt, and so far, hunters have captured 82 burmese pythons in the
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this is the second year the state has allowed hunters to track down and capture the scaly invasive creatures. the goal is to reduce population. the contest and's on february 14. >> police are making it safer for you to make transactions that you set up online. parking spots in front of the police department are dedicated just for you to meet a customer for craigslist or another online classified ad site. and pull county, a turtle, of all things, once you to be careful about what you put down storm water drains. they create at this public service announcement teaching viewers of the dangers of storm water pollution, especially to wildlife. >> good news for some middle and high school students in hillsborough county. the transit county commissioners and public schools are extending their free bus rides for students until the end of the year. the students will now be able
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mall, work or after school programs. >> it's about education for us as always and teaching kids that there are options out there for them. >> depending on how the program works out, the county may extend the free rides through summer break. it almost makes you want to not go to the beach. >> what if you could actually skip it altogether? >> it's hard to find anything wrong with the beaches along ana maria island. except for this. >> terrible. it gets worse every year. >> a gorgeous day today, nice start to the evening as temperatures climb in the low 80's and upper 70s again. but i am tracking rain and it
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>> tonight on cbs 10news at 8:00, to broke girls. than 8:30 p.m., mike and molly, 9:00 criminal minds, and then stay up for the late show with stephen colbert. tonight's guest, good old doctor phil. >> ana maria island is popular with visitors and locals alike. but the 7-mile long island is running out of room on the road. >> now businesses have teamed up to try to find solutions.
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how they have come up with a plan to help those frustrated drivers. >> a trip to bradenton beach is often met with this. >> it was bumper to bumper all the way through. >> traffic to get on and get through ana maria island. >> it's terrible, it gets worse every year. >> once there, good luck finding it parking space. >> business owners say that the traffic problem is driving new customers away. >> it is clearly starting to affect our ability to grow. >> that is why businesses have come up with a plan. ride ami. >> we have used in multimodal approach to transportation. >> starting the very 15, walter is offering a park and ride service and will and saw five like share stations on the island.
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started for the season, so there is a need today. >> instead of adding more parking spaces, low says more are being taken away. soon this parking lot will be replaced with stores illuminating about 60 spaces on bridge street. >> the taxi will stop at four restaurants, seven days per week, from to until 10:00 p.m. >> we want to give people the opportunity to get right on the island and enjoy what we think are some of the most pitiful areas and all of florida without having to worry about the challenges of parking and traffic. >> on ana maria island, isabel mass grayness. >> you can check out our complete list of services at, seen under the tv section there. >> tracking storms and alerting
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it is time for ten weather. >> we are expecting some rain? >> yes. early morning? >> no. this is looking to be more of a midday event, and anytime we have talked about fronts in january or february, we will break each one down. i will tell you as we get into the forecast tonight, this is the same system tearing up the northeast, and four us, that's actually a better thing, that that low is tracking north. just by looking at the network, you can see the hint of the change here with gorgeous blue skies. they are the overcast skies in just offshore. so you can see that this is coming in and we are tracking the leading edge of this rain out here in the middle of the gulf. the tonight is a rain free day coming your way and the main low tracking into the great lakes and the northeast. this low which is the main
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down here, and i think we would see a situation that could produce severe weather. but that is not the case with this low. this set up features and much quieter round of rain and storms than similar ones that have passed through in the month of january. they are actually moving more east with the cold air, and we will get some clouds and the front will come through to drop the temperature a little bit, what a little change in temperature won't be in much from where we should be this time of year. it is a marginal risk of severe weather over the interstate ten quarter or, and we are just in eight general scattered risk of storms from the storm protection center in norman which basically keeps us out of the risk and threat of severe weather. it would be very isolated, anything that you see. and we will track it every step of the way.
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and warm and sticky. patchy clouds in the morning hours, and we look for rain and storms not so much at daybreak for us, but more midday, the way things are timing out. the heavier showers and rain and the upper 60's and 70s are looking to become more lunchtime. the organization starts to come in and around 11:00 a.m., noon, and 1:00. it's probably about the 5:00 whistle. and, the severe weather threat, not a bad system at all. there is an moderate risk of straight-line winds up being anywhere from 35 to 65 miles per hour,
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doesn't have the lift in the atmosphere and four tomorrow night, and rain will be moving out, and, they want to take it jacket more for the cooler temperatures in the 60's and 50's then so much for the rain. they start off southeast and, the high tides are around one in the afternoon, low tide around 5:30 p.m. in the evening and four that system, we might have a few showers lingering, but i expect most of the day to be dry. more clouds build in, and for saturday and super bowl sunday, that looks to be some energy that could give us scattered showers, mainly
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and in the first half of the day sunday. for your super bowl parties late afternoon and evening, any rain we do see will be gone. but of course, we will make some tweaks likely for the weekend but, that's the timing and placement of rain for the weekend. >> i never thought about this, but what happens when rays picture chris archer plays carnival games with chef paula
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>> now live from the suncoast
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it's time for ten sports. >> the biggest recruit in the bay area is leaving the state. why craig myers of teva catholic and did a hot recruiting battle with this announcement area. >> auburn university. >> pause for effect. 6-foot 2 inches, 205 pounds, he narrowed his choices to north carolina and auburn and finally decided on the auburn tigers. >> leaving the state of florida, you don't have all the distractions, you know, a lot of your friends and family are here. for the most part it will be all right. >> amp us berkeley prep had three players sign letters. john tickell and edison graham to davidson college.
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he really likes the head coach. >> just being an honest and genuine upfront and real person. at the end of the day i understand it is their job but, i would say the owners a deftly handled everything, just in a different kind of light. >> the eagles had three players sign football letters. linebacker jake patton is going to play in the big ten of illinois, and that's offense of lineman julian santos. also three players earned soccer scholarships. and at usf has the second ranked recruiting class in the conference. they had five, four star recruits and quitting five kids from the bay area and the number one recruiting class in the country, florida state. the on? >> watch the news at 5:30 p.m. for your chance to call in and when a $500 gold and diamond source gift card. >> studio ten live is having
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sunday's big game. >> all right. michael clayton is guest hosting all week long, and today rays pitcher, their ace, chris archer, and to take part in a special super challenge tomorrow. paula deen will be cooking healthy party food in the studio ten live kitchen, right here at 9:00. >> lots of butter and bacon.
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