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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  February 14, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EST

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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations i'm charles osgood and this is "sunday morning." as you may have heard, supreme court just sis antonin scalia died yesterday at the age of 79.
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on his life and on what his passing means for the court in just a few minutes. we'll also be taking time to observe this st. valentine's day. but only after a bit of northern exposure cold as it is in much of the country. can't be cold enough for the creatures lee cowan will take us to visit. >> they are majestic and adorable and terrifying, all rolled into one. polar bears are a rare sight for most of us, but not if you make the trip north to churchill, manitoba, as we did. >> is it safe to walk around churchill? >> i say it's safe to walk around churchill in the day. i wouldn't say so at night. >> polar bears wait for winter ahead on "sunday morning." >> strings of xs and os are valentines. the revival of a play may keep
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alive. >> how do you bring back a play about love letters in the era of e-mail? >> i know you more from your letters than i do inner. >> by reuniting one of hollywood's most famous couples. >> love means never having to say you're sorry. >> ryan o'neal and ale mcgraw story. they remember us. >> ahead this "sunday morning," the love letter standing the test of time. c she writes the songs that many of the big e performers of our time want to sing much her name is diane warren. this morning she and lady gaga are talking with our ben tracy. >> you've worked with everyone, faith him, christina ago layer i can't, celine dion.
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>> you've been called the song whisperer, do you like that? >> i love that. i think i am. >> we sit down with songwriter diane warren talk about her new collaboration with lady gaga. >> i know i feel really and truly like i bared my soul. >> ahead on "sunday morning." >> osgood: here's a question for loving couples to ponder. could anything be better than sex? anna werner has traveled to key west to find out. >> what could be better than sex? one restaurant may just have the answer. >> better than some sex that's for sure. >> unbelievable. >> later on "sunday morning." a restaurant with a tall order. c tracy smith talks love songs
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mo rocca takes in a first families' reunion. steve hartman visits the museum for two. here are the headlines for this sunday morning the 14th of february. 2016. president obama has ordered flags at half staff at federal buildings following the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. scalia, the leader of the court's conservative justices, died yesterday while at a texas hunting resort, of natural causes. he was 79. scalia is survived by his wife and nine children. more on his passing just ahead after a moment of silence to honor the late justice, the six remaining republican presidential contenders were back at it last night. the cbs news debate moderated by "face the nation's" john dickerson, saw clashes on a number of subjects. here's a sampling.
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building a reality tv show, my brother was building a security apparatus to keep us safe. >> world trade center came down during -- >> number of weeks now just been telling lies. ted cruz supported legalizing -- >> that is simply -- only now -- that is simply -- ese attacks some of them are personal. i think we're fixing to lose the election to hillary clinton if we don't stop this. >> osgood: donald trump and marco rubio are john dickerson's guest this morning on "face the nation" along with democratic candidate bernie sanders. the magnitude 5.1 perth quake shook parts of oklahoma and 134 other states yesterday. the more frequent quakes have been linked to fracking in the region. hours later a 5.8 quake shook christchurch, new zealand.
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damage or injuries there. a weather-related chain collision on pennsylvania's interstate 78 left three dead yesterday. the highway was closed for hours. now here is today's weather. arctic air across the east is putting a chill on valentine's day. it's brutally cold, especially in the northeast. there's a chance of ice and snow from minnesota to kentucky. tomorrow, more of the same. but warm and sunny as usual in the southwest. next, remembering justice
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>> osgood: as you heard supreme court justice antonin scalia died yesterday at the age of 79. his passing marks the end of a remarkable career. it also portends a contentious fight to replace him. here's marcia teichner. >> i could be charming and cattive at the same time. what's contradictory between the two. i love to argue. it may well be that i'm something of ashine-kicker. >> antonin scalia has been described as blunt, wit tee,
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his adversaries brilliant. >> he will be remembered as one of the most consequential judges and thinksers to serve on the supremer. >> i care about the original meaning -- >> he believed in what he called originallallism. that the u.s. constitution should be interpreted exactly as the founding fathers understood it. this is what he told lesley stahl in a "60 minutessism" interview. >> i'm not saying no progress, i'm saying we should progress democratically. you think there ought to be a right to abortion, no problem. the constitution says nothing about it. create it the way most rights are created in a democratic seat, pass a law. >> in three decades, on the supreme court scalia shaped conservatism. the 2008 ruling stating for the first time that the 2nd amendment gave americans the right to own a gun for self defense, one of his many
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his dissents were often withering. the opinion legalizing gay marriage he said, "is as preten shall as its content is egotistic." whenever anyone questioned the court's decision in bush versus gore, the case that determined the outcome of the 20000 presidential election, he relied -- >> we did the right thing. so there. [ laughter ] >> born in trenton, new jersey, antonin scalia grew up in new york city in queens. the only child of an immigrant from sicily. he met his wife, maureen, while he was at harvard law school. devoted catholics, they have nine children. president ronald reagan appointed him to the supreme court in 1986. as prickley ascii be, scalia was well liked among his colleagues. >> i attack ideas. i don't attack people. and some very good people have
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>> his best friends on the court, liberal justices elena kagan and ruth bader ginsburg. that's ginsburg and scalia together on an elephant. >> as annoyed as you might be about his zinging dissent he's so utterly charming. so amusing, so sometimes outrageous, you can't help but saying, i'm glad that he's my friend or he's my colleague. >> he always insisted that his judicial philosophy was dictated by the constitution only. but his death instantly turned the political arena bloody. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> another obama supreme court appointment could tip the 5-4 majority from conservative to liberal. the republicans' position,
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g.o.p. debate. in south carolina. >> i think that we ought to let the next president of the united states decide. >> the senate needs to stand strong and say, we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> delay, delay, delay. >> antonin scalia loved a good fight. the battle over who names his successor on the supreme court will be huge. >> osgood: coming up.
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>> osgood: appreciating one of our continent's most remarkable creatures requires a little northern exposure. our cover story reported now by lee cowan. >> on the edge of canada's arctic along the western shore of hudson bay, it's easy to think you've reached the end of the earth. in fact you can feel like you're utterly alone up here. but then, out in all that white, a pair of sleepy dark eyes slowly open.
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way to see. and apparently, the world's largest land predator, came to see us, too. i mean, for me, this is mind blowing. how rare is this to see here? >> well, it's pretty common to see polar bears out here this time of year. but it's not as common to see a big old male like that come ray down next to the buggy. it's pretty impressive sight. >> the buggy is a tundra buggy, a cross between a tour bus and monster truck. and it's where steve amstrup does much of his work as chief scientist for polar bears international. a private group campaigning for the bear's conservation. >> look at here he's getting up. >> what do you think when that?
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working with polar bears for 35 years now. and i still, every time i see them it's, holy cow there's a real wild polar bear. they're just incredible creatures. >> we're near churchill, manitoba, a frontier town that calls its the polar bear capital of the world. it is isolated to be sure, you can't even get to this town by road. but every fall these giants of the north come here in droves to wait for hudson bay to frees back over so they can start eating again. the polar bear's main source of food is seal meat, the eastiest way to hunt from the ice above. they're choi line grows on land, another migration rolls up to
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a quiet stampede of eco-tourists anxious to catch a glimpse of an animal whose future is as hotly debated as climate change itself. >> in the united states, we have listed polar bears as a threatened species under the u.s. endangered species act. they were listed as threatened not necessarily because of their current status, but because of what we anticipate their future status to be. >> and what he anticipates their future status might be has amstrup worried, but he knows not everyone is wringing their hands. currently it's estimated there are between 0-25,000 polar business in the wild. to many that's a sizable number and some of the bears, especially in the upper reaches of the arctic seem to be doing quite well. >> they lose about a kilogram of body weight or two pounds of body weight for every day they're on land. >> every day. >> what concerns amstrup the most are the bears here. who he says are experiencing the
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now. >> these guys are on land now a whole month longer than they were just 30 years ago. we could say, well, yeah, one population might be doing well now but we know that soon, all of the populations will have less sea ice than they do now, some of them will have no sea ice. >> those who track sea ice levels, like the national snow and ice data center, say the seasonal ice here in the southern most region of the polar bear's habitat is already melting earlier and freezing later. that means bears are marooned on land longer and getting hungrier. >> how long has he gone without eating a full meal? >> they came ashore this year i think about the middle of july. so he really hasn't had much to eat since then. >> in november, when weep were there, the bears were spend can most of their time just lounging about, trying to conserve energy, which makes them pretty
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let's face it, nothing makes for better photo op than a scratching, relaxing polar bear. while they look as friendly as they are fuzzy, truth is, they are one of nature's perfect killing machines. they're enormous size and strength are part of the allure. >> so many people have told me now this is their bucket list. >> kevin burke one of churchill's few locals and he takes great joy in showing tourists his frozen back yard. >> a loft activity lately as the new ice forms in the bears are out checking the ice, let's go down there and check it out. >> he drives one of those tundra buggies for frontiers north an adventure tourism company providing bungled-up enthusiast the chance of a lifetime. >> oh, my, god.
9:21 am
the in trucks in fact many are down right curious of the continue bra buggies. on occasion a bit too curious. >> a lot of times through the years i've watched they will push back get on the ground and walk along stuff like that. my opinion is, i don't think we smell all that appealing to them. >> we night not smell too appealing but the food in town does. they're warning signs posted everywhere, reminding the town's residents to be "bear aware" as they call it and we quickly found out why. to mike now. >> this mom and her two cubs wandered right up behind us on a busy road just outside of town. >> mike. mike. >> she came within few feet of our camera, don't need to be chased by another car of lookie
9:22 am
is it safe to walk around churchill? >> i'd say it's safe to walk around churchill in the day. i wouldn't say so at night. >> brett wlock is a mother conservation officer. >> right over here you can see them walking. >> his job? to keep polar bears away from people. >> which is a good sign. >> we want that to happen. >> if they can't scare the nuisance bears away, they capture them. >> so back here is where we keep one of our traps. 50-06% of the bears that we capture have been at this trap. >> the wayward bears are brought here to what the locals call, polar bear jail. to make sure they're not tempted to come back to up to again the bears are given no food. just water. >> we don't want them to
9:23 am
or to that building. we're going to hold them nor 30 days. that's 30 days closer to the time the ice is going to form on the bay which is when they are going to hunt seals. also 0 days away from the problem behavior that caused them to go there in the first place. >> when their sentence is up they're tranquilized then airlifted back out into the tundra. not lost on anyone here is the carbon footprint left behind by those who travel all this way to witness all things polar bear. >> all l the tourists that show up does that help or snort. >> i think that for many people seeing something in person, seeing how things are now and hearing how they used to be. in seeing the magnificent species of the polar bear right
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can become inspired in a way that they might never have become inspired before. i studied polar bears in alaska for most of my adult life. and one of the last things that i did was predict that they were going to disappear. so, it's a little hard for me to talk about to think that they might be gone. i don't want to think about that. so i want to do what i can to stop it. and i think we are, i think we are making progress. >> most agree progress was made at the global climate change conference in paris l year. when representatives of 195 nations agreed, for the very first time to, lower planet-warming greenhouse gasses. in the meantime, the polar bears here, and all around the vast reaches of the arctic, will continue to do what they have always done.
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can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at >> osgood: our nation's first family have particular reason to celebrate presidents' day tomorrow. even as they look forward to the
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mo rocca looks ahead. >> welcome do marshfield, missouri. home of the missouri cherry blossom festival. >> sit back, enjoy the goodies. >> what exactly is the missouri cherry blossom festival. >> a hodge-podge of american history and culture. >> from football to heehaw. >> i think it's a slice of america that will surprise you. >> if you war presidential dissenn dent will you stand? >> for starters it's the annual meeting place for relatives of past u.s. presidents. >> i'm the great granddaughter of president calvin coolidge. >> migrate, great grandfather was the first cousin of james k.polz i'm the nine generation descendent of thomas jefferson. >> every spinning presidential descendants descend on this quaint town.
9:29 am
father, roger clinton my grand fare roy clinton's little brother. >> see the resemblance. its you and mary todd lincoln. >> yes. >> they all come to celebrate their heritage. partisanship is put on hold. >> this is really the one day a year that a half brother-in-law of president john f. kennedy can rubble bows with the niece of president richard nixon? >> yes. >> i think it's pretty special. >> what happens there, though is -- >> in marshfield, all presidential progeny are welcome. >> i'm bertram hayes-davis i'm a great, great grandson of jefferson davis president of the confederate states of america. >> and old grievances are set aside. this is a great scene. you have descendent of thomas jefferson with a descendent of jefferson davis. you guys are friendly? >> we got to know each other. we were just talking about him coming to visit us in new york.
9:30 am
>> it involves very fond. >> george cleveland is president grover cleveland's grandson. ournd and -- >> and 24th president. >> that's right. it crews up the whole account. >> there's something abut being a presidential descendent that only presidential descendants can understand. >> it was reverend nicholas inman's idea. >> they found camaraderie between one another that is pretty amazing, you know. it was kind of a story of, my grandpa beat your grand pennsylvania but we can be friends now. >> inman was in the fourth grade when our 41st president came to town. >> president george h.w. bush visited marshfield july of 1991. i really became interested in the president. >> wait a minute, who is that over there? why it's karolyn grimes. zuzu from "it's a wonderful
9:31 am
>> daddy. an angel gets his wings. >> she's here because the missouri mary blossom festival also honors stars of classic films and sitcoms. just go with it. >> legend is being pretty lucky. >> there's maguey petersen she played charlene on the "andy griffith show". >> over there that's lulu roman from hee haw. >> the did a president ever appear on hee haw? >> jimmy carter did. >> and yes, that's marry mcdonough two of the daughters from the wall tons. >> virginia not even contiguous with missouri, just saying. >> , no but the ozarks are hills. mountains are hills. >> it's like you took u.s.
9:32 am
and put them all in a a blender. >> they exploded. >> adding to the excitement, marshfield has its own walk of fame. >> really was supposed to be a three hour tour. >> where we caught up with none other than dawn wells. >> imagine. >> mary anne from "gilligan's island." >> i'm right here. >> pretty good. who am i next to? >> two stars away from charles lindbergh. pretty great. you like flying, i hope. >> better than sailing. >> and this april, it will happen all over again. >> they have become a family now. >> and who knows what new connections might be made. maybe i'm related to thomas jefferson, too. >> he did have a loft kids. you never know. >> you're part of the family,
9:33 am
>> one big family. >> osgood: still to come. chris isaak sings his heart out. and later, lady gaga with
9:34 am
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>> osgood: "wicked game" was a 1990 chris isaak hit about obsessive love. all these years later songs about love still draw a crowd. tracy smith talks with chris isaak for the record. >> on a bone-chilling day in san francisco a few weeks back, hundreds of people stood in the cold just to see local boy, chris isaak, run through a sound check. the show was still hours away, but isaak was at his mellow
9:36 am
i bet you never even know they do but somebody's crying >> for more than 30 years the 59-year-old singer has been making hits and breaking hearts. crooning about bad break ups and lost love with the signature sound that's part rock, part elvis and all sexy. so many of your songs are about heartache. why is that? >> that's what brings out the most emotion in this world. love or lack of. when you're heart's broken i think that's about as most emotional as it gets. isaak says this song, his
9:37 am
game" came to him one night in a flash. >> it was very fast i wrote that song. >> how fast? >> between the time i talked to a certain woman and hung up the phone and the time she rang the front door bell in the middle of the night. i had written that song. >> knock it off, really? >> it was very fast. very fast. >> the song was first big hit and helped make him an instant sex symbol. but the steamy music video that went with it shot on location in hawaii with model helena christianson was even hotter than it looked. >> behind us people thought it was like a smoke added in the back projection or something like that. that's actually -- we're
9:38 am
water on a lava flo it was flowing boot ocean behind us and boiling up, steam. we could have got killed. we could have got killed. it was blowing up big like thongs of molmet like lava. every once in awhile we go -- like into the air everybody was like, heads up. >> oh, my, goodness. you risked your life for that video. >> yeah. i learned something. just because there's a camera running doesn't mean you won't get killed. >> truth is not much scares him any more. chris isaak grew up on the tough side of stockton, california, the youngest of three boys. dad drove a forklift. mom was a factory worker who stretched every paycheck by shopping at the local thrift store. >> wasn't just going for fun we would -- that's where we got our clothes and we got everything. my grandparents grew up here. my great grandparents are here.
9:39 am
in a town when you have somebody's great grandparents there, they own the town. in my town we managed to stay broke for generation after generation. i don't know, that was -- excuse that might fit. >> try it. >> not me. >> i got a big head. >> he's worn a lot of different hats. in college he was an amateur boxer and made amateur music with a guitar his big brother, nick, had taught him to play. >> one night he says, teach me what you know. and i taught him everything i know. it took 15 minutes. >> those guitar lessons stuck. isaak has been touring since the '80s still plays every show like it's his last. he's taking a break for the occasional movie and tv role.
9:40 am
>> i'll be right back. adios. >> how close was showtime chris isaak to the real chris isaak? >> how close is bullwinkle to a real moose? >> spanned times when he's not singing for a crowd, chris isaak sings here. at his boyhood home in stockton. with his now 85-year-old mom, dorothy. >> then usually at the end she dances for quarters. >> he still comes home and does things around the house for you. >> cleans the yard. >> he cleans the yard? >> i miss that. that's true. >> when he's on the road you don't get that treatment. >> i'm a good yard worker. his own back yard is a few miles away in san francisco.
9:41 am
>> how much time do you spend out here? >> i try to get out as often as i can. not like i'm a brain surge surgeon, i'm a songwriter, nobody needs me during the day. >> he is usually out here alone he's never been married but that doesn't mean he can't commit. isaak has been with some of the guys in his band for something like 30 years. drummer kenny dale johnson never missed a gig until an illness nearly broke up the act. >> kenny got cancer he took off a little while and he's come back. there's happy ending to it. he's good. he's over it. >> cancer free? >> cancer free. >> that gets you.
9:42 am
>> turns out the great loves of chris isaak's life, besides his family, are his band mates. and the feeling that comes from singing his heart out. you were joking with your mom about how you guys wept out and played and some guy said, oh, yeast, that's chris isaak. >> that's a true story. >> what did you say. >> my brother said, girls turns to the guy says, that's chris isaak. the guy said, yeah, he used to be big. >> he used to be big. does that bug you? >> not at all. i think it's fun. it's funny. i'm not at all bothered, i'm really happy with the way my life has gone. >> because you joke -- don't want to tempt the gods down here because if they do they look, that guy, he's had
9:43 am
everything good here, boss. everybody good here. you look at other people, i'm doing great. >> osgood: just ahead, comedian, paul reiser. >> it's valentine's day again. >> osgood: not quite feeling the love. with non-insulin victoza . p for a while, i took a pill tor lower my blood sugar. t but it didn'tr get me to my goal. p so i asked my doctor about victoza . r he said victoza works differently than pills. and comes in a pen. p victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. victoza is not for weight loss, but it may help you lose some weight. rvictoza is an injectable prescription medicine tthat may improve blood sugar in adults p with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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9:46 am
demonstrate it on this day in the following ways. unless you're in the flower, chocolate, jewelry or greeting card business, i don't see how you benefit if you're a grown up anyway. if you're in second grade, sure. why not give a sweetheart shaped card and piece of candy to the cute girl two rows behind you. that's been ruined by the whole mandatory, we don't want anyone to feel left out so give cards to the whole class approach. because nothing says, i think you're special, i made 34 of these. for young people it's sweet. because they don't know anything yet. but for grownups, i've learned that these grand, lovely gestures invariably mean nothing. yes, forgetting spread can be bad. but remembering it not that much better. the half life of lovely gestures is shockingly short. whatever goodwill you think you'll entender only lasts until it all goes bad. guys are always surprised by this.
9:47 am
thoughtful and your loved one is moved. and demonstrably affectionate in return, all good. next day, one carelessly worded comment and you're right back where you started. you think, what about the flowers and the candy? yeah, that was yesterday. i didn't care for what you said this morning. you have to ask, what's the point of a great sunday if it's all shot to hell by monday? it's like vacuuming the beach. you never really make any progress. fortunately one of the first things my wife and i bonded over when we first met, ironically, was our mutual distaste for valentine's day. we both felt it's far more meaningful to be affectionate, tholeful and considered the other 364 days of the year. that's the more noble challenge. in our house we don't even celebrate valentine's day which is great relief. having said that, i'm going to pick up some flowers anyway,
9:48 am
pro coming up the stars of "love story." on love letters. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing americans work hard, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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>> osgood: xs and os are the marks of a football play, a game of tic-tac-toe or a love letter. serena altschul now sells us keeping the love letter alive is the goal of stage play with uniquely qualified cast. >> my father says everyone should write letters as much as they can. it's a dying art. he says letters are a way of presenting yourself in the best possible light to another person. i think that, too. >> forget about texts and tweets. the old-fashioned love letter is having its moment again in a national tour of ar gurney's 1989 play "love letters."
9:51 am
you're all i have left. >> audience around the country have been lining up to see ali mcgraw and ryan o'neil, cleverley cast as the show's star-crossed lovers melissa and andy. >> i went to a psychiatrist i'd talk about you. seriously, i would. i think about you quite often. >> it's the first time the two have worked together since "love story" the legendary 1970 tear jerker that was a box office smash. >> i'm sorry. love means never having to say you're sorry. >> we step out, the audience murmurs. us. they remember us. their lives changed inman aways when they saw that movie. they married or they had children or they named their children after us. >> please hold me. >> i believe that the
9:52 am
conscious or subconscious are throwing themselves back those 40 years, which for most of us was so much more innocent, so much more romantic, so much more full of hope than it is right now. >> nostalgia is in the air as o'neil and mcgraw play characters reading the letters they sent one another over the course of 50 years. >> merry christmas and happy new year and much love. >> much love? much love? god, andy, how sexy. >> playwright ar gurney. if you think their relationship could exist today over text and e-mails? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. >> how is a letter written by e-mail different than a handwritten ink -- >> because it doesn't have the personal nature of the
9:53 am
it doesn't have the sense of thought, since when you're writing with a pen, you're thinking about what you're doing. >> handwriting, the smell of the page are very powerful essences for me. >> like poetry. and truth. and guts about feelings. >> real courage. not just platitude. >> i wrote you every day for a year. >> you wrote me? >> yes. from the notebook. >> it was you to cyrano de bergerac who understood the power of words. >> the dear foolish words. that was you. >> love letters have long had special place in our hearts. but in this era of always on, instant communication, are love letters destined to go the way of the rotary phone. dennis depcik worries they are. he and his wife, maggie, were married for 41 years.
9:54 am
found a mysterious box in the closet. >> i brought the box down and put it on the bed and opened it. and stood there absolutely stunned. in that box were all the letters that maggie and i had written to each other when i was in the army. there were 119 letters in that box. please don't apologize for not being able to answer all my lettersy want to you feel that you owe me a letter. i write you because i enjoy it, silly. and just seeing that handwriting and knowing that it was always there through our entire married life just brought her back to me. my hands were shaking. tears were rolling down my eyes. it was -- just amazing. >> patrick geraghty and christie da mel never wrote letters to one another but that didn't stop
9:55 am
when it came time to find a gift for the couple's first anniversary, patrick got creative. >> full history by text. >> patrick printed those text messages and had them bound in a hard cover album. thousands of messages chronicling their entire relationship from the day they first met to their first anniversary. >> this is two weeks in. you're amazing. how do we manage this. this is so unreal. then you can retain me. we said that, that's so embarrassing. >> is that something important to you that you have this concrete thing now? >> i think so. i think it's a nice little history, especially, one day when we're not here you know our kids have this -- they can kinda look back how mom and dad met and the conversation, is that they had.
9:56 am
>> no. >> even if writing love letters is going out of style, love letters, the play, seems as popular as ever. in the 5 years since it first appeared on broadway, it's been staged hundreds of times in more than 40 countries. and then the show came to boston this month. o'neil and mcgraw returned to harvard. >> remember us? >> where that other couple they're famous for playing first met and fell in love. >> i like to go to the movies rather than watching it on my laptop. >> speaking to students, some still glued to their smart phones, they made the case for the old-fashioned way. >> only with letter writing could it be communicated, i don't see how you could text this story to each other. >> this letter, which i'm
9:57 am
my own pen in my own penmanship comes from me and no one else. >> i don't think they're going to go away. i don't think as a decades accrue that there are lot of put that time in. but there are some of us. >> you can tear me up and they me out or keep me. and read me. today, tomorrow, any time you want until you die. >> oh, boy, andy. love melissa. >> osgood: next, steve hartman
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> osgood: we celebrate love in any number of ways. steve hartman takes us to a museum for two.
10:00 am
mississippi, retired mail carrier charles evans is known mostly for his questionable taste in lawn furnishings. but i came here for something undeniable beautiful. >> the man with the plan. >> charles met his wife louise back in 1949. >> when you looked at her it was like electrical shock. >> really? >> i guess it's love. >> to charles true love is so powerful nothing can stop it. >> it's a big four letter word. >> nothing. which is why after she died in 2011, after 60 years of marriage, he decide a grave marker wasn't enough. that their love deserved more than a monument, what their love needed was a museum. and so, in a little outbuilding behind his house, charles evans built just that. >> this is our memorabilia area. >> inside he's got the shoe shine stand he was working at when he met her. he's got all the music they used
10:01 am
and got four walls packed solid with pictures, documenting every significant occasion. >> this is when we went out to lunch. >> and most every insignificant. need goes to say he doesn't get whole lot of visitors which is fine by charles. >> the last dance. >> you get the sense he almost enjoys his alone time more. on slow days he slow dances with louise. i guess i'm trying to relive our life, wouldn't you think? >> maybe. >>| it's so hard to -- it's not a suffering memory, it's a beautiful memory. >> sometimes people try to tell charles to move on. but in his mind, why would you want to make a bunch of new memories when the old ones are
10:02 am
>> yeah, she was lovely. that's a beautiful picture there, too. >> osgood: still to come, vocals by lady gaga. words and music by diane warren. later, david edelstein looks at
10:03 am
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>> it's "sunday morning" on cbs. here again is charles osgood. >> osgood: lady gaga won two grammys nor 2009 hit "bad romance" come tomorrow night's grammy awards here on cbs a new song is in contention, song with words and music by diane warren she writes the songs that people remember. and talk about. ben tracy tells us more. >> lady gaga p. her haunting new song at billboard's recent women
10:05 am
till it happens to you >> "till it happens to you" is about surviving sexual assault. it was a work in progress by legendary songwriter diane warren for the documentary "the hunting ground" about rape on college campuses. but when gaga came on board she wanted to make the song even more powerful. >> the melody was beautiful but maybe it didn't go to the place that i felt that it needed to go for it to, at the end, arrive in a fry um pant place. >> you wanted this to be epic in >> till it happens to you, happens to you. happens to you >> that's a warrior singing that. that's a warrior. that's a warrior.
10:06 am
>> the song is deeply personal to to both women because "it" happened to them. both of you have survived sexual assault. >> yeah. >> how emotional was this to record this song? >> i mean, i know i feel really and truly like i bared my soul. it wasn't until i am almost 27 years old that i didn't even acknowledge that this happened in my life. oh, yeah, that. >> both women say writing the song was a spiritual experience and it also led to a grammy and an oscar nomination. it is diane warren's eighth academy award nomination in a remarkable three decade long career. >> if i could turn back time. >> you may not know her name, you do know her songs.
10:07 am
>> diane warren has provided the words and melodies for some of the biggest voices in music. >> every time someone sings my song i'm excited, it sounds lot better than me. because i suck. >> loved >> i know what my job s. i know what my gig is. my job is to write a great song. >> she is a song writing machine. warren has written more than 50 top 100 hits, 70 of them have cracked the top ten. you've worked with everyone, faith hill, christina ago layer i can't, celine dion. >> there is country people, pop people, r&d people. >> this is the studio? >> yeah.
10:08 am
she told us she writes at least one new song every week. how many unrecorded hits do you think you have? >> lot. a lot. i really do. >> like hundreds, dozens? >> dozens. dozens. yeah. that are better than some of the songs that i've had hits with. >> really? >> yeah. >> her songs tend to touch on some common themes. >> how do i live without you >> associated with all these love songs. but romance is not your particular strong suit. >> no, i sleep with a cat. i do. i love my cat. >> that's very direct. >> i just haven't been like, in love like i want to sit and hear you breathe. i don't want somebody to hear me breathe, either, really? >> i could stay awake just
10:09 am
>> but it sounds good in the song. great opening live. like, i could stay awake just to hear you breathing. ew. >> her true love is her work. she's been writing songs since she was 14 while growing up in a suburb of los angeles. warren was always intrigued by the unfamiliar names on records and realized those were the songwriters. her dad bought her a guitar but her mom did not think song writing was a real career. that only fueled warren's ambition. >> i know a place where we can dance the whole night away underneath electric stars >> her first big break out hit came in 1985 when she helped motown group debarge find the rhythm of the night. >> feel the beat of the writ i am of the night dance until the morning light. >> for 30 years now, warren has written many of her songs inside
10:10 am
los angeles. this is intense. >> i've been here a long time. >> this is like episode of songwriter hoarders. >> i love that. >> this is a time capsule. that black shelf was knocked down during an earthquake in 1994. she says she doesn't move anything because of a combination of superstition and laziness. >> thank you for showing us this because i understand you don't let people come in here. >> no. you guys are like -- this doesn't happen. this is an exclusive. >> don't want to fall asleep, because i don't want to miss a thing >> you've been called the song whisperer. do you like that? >> i love that. because i think i am. you know, i think when i meet with an artist i kinda can feel it.
10:11 am
>> even when the artist doesn't. cher had no time for what would become one of her signature songs. >> cher hated it. hated the song. i got on my knees i will not let go. you will try this song. she goes, f you, diane. i can turn back time. >> you know when i believe in something, i can't stop, i don't know how to stop. >> warren doesn't seem to mind that lady gaga turned out to be just as tenacious. >> i'm always trying to make people uncomfortable and take them out of the comfort zone of what they create. and try to encourage them to change their process, to see what will happen when you are doing something that you don't expect of yourself. and that's i think what made this song great in the end is there's -- there's like a chaos, but a resolve.
10:12 am
chaos. >> absolutely. and resolve. >> she's just insanely talented. >> i thought she was going to -- she's just insanely talented. >> that crazy tall sent what has made diane warren such a force in music without ever singing a note. >> but it's always going to be that one thing. >> what? >> the song. it comes down to the song and always will. >> osgood: next -- delicious. >> osgood: a hot, juicy, sexy serving of dessert. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent.
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>> osgood: could dessert possibly be better than sex? anna werner has visited a couple who say, just maybe. >> in key west, florida, as the sun sinks low it's time to light the candles and set the mood at a restaurant perfect for valentine's day. last week for most people was the super bowl. but you say this week is your super bowl.% >> absolutely. >> because -- we just fit the theme of romance. >> because learn and dani johnson's romantic restaurant specializes in desserts. >> delicious. >> creamy, caramel and chocolate confections that just might be the best you've ever had. the same of your restaurant is
10:16 am
>> better than sex, a dessert restaurant. >> and is it -- no. well, no. nothing some be. >> we did talk to some people here who said that it was better than some of the sex. >> oh, boy. >> it's a restaurant born out of a love story. len and dani met while working in the restaurant business then decided to open a dessert restaurant after dani made her husband an oreo cookie cake from scratch. what was his reaction when he tried it. >> his jaw dropped. he was silent, which is rare. he said the words, i'll never forget. if you dock this what else can you do? >> this is delicious. >> turns out, a lot. and in keeping with the restaurant's theme, these tempting trees come with names to arouse your interest. >> called the morning after?
10:17 am
>> when my red velvet seats cheese cake. >> i am a dark chocolate lover. >> this dark chocolate cake with chocolate filling infused with guinness stout proofed too irresistible not to try. >> oh, my. >> how long does it take to you make all of this? >> days. >> each valentine's day dani goes all out with a special dessert plate loaded with as many variations as you could ever want. appropriately named -- >> this is the nymphomaniac. >> it is. >> and it looks like a dessert lover's dream. >> thank you. >> it's a plate to share, we think. >> i have actually in years past had people finish it themselves. to each his own. whatever makes them happy. >> and why stop with dessert? here, even the wine glasses are dipped in chocolate.
10:18 am
and this is delicious. >> it seems people just can't get enough. better than sex has become so popular, johnsons opened a second restaurant in orlando in december. just try to resist, we dare you. the. >> the restaurant is better than sex but it sound like people consider this very roman glike absolutely. that's what we want. that's what we're trying to portray. that's what dessert is, it gives you pleasure. and dessert is a reason to celebrate. >> osgood: ahead.
10:19 am
10:20 am
you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> osgood: remember that perfect valentine's day movie that you share with someone
10:21 am
david edelstein would just love to offer some suggestions. >> some less well-known recent love stories to watch this valentine's day in theaters or on video, but nothing in the nicholas sparks factory warehouse stirred my fancy. that said, love, true love, transcends time, right? in the three films i picked with a vengeance. i'll start with the most recent, from 2004 "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" a sci-fi comedy with jim carrey and kate winslet that begins most nasty break up. and shows how impossible it is to purge the love of your life from your mind even if the technology existed. and how you shouldn't want to, no matter how much you want to kill them. even more transcendental is 1908s "somewhere in time" a time travel fantasy where playwright christopher reeve
10:22 am
actress played by jane see mother, except she's long dead. his journey into the past his heart stirring and heartbreaking. it the has one of the most romantic first kisses ever.n and, okay, it's kinda drippy, just go with it. finally when people ask, what's your favorite movie ever? i say preston sturges' crew ball masterpiece "the lady leave" from 1941. >> see anything you like? >> barbara stanwyck is the steamboat conartist who snares henry fonda as a poor little rich egghead. she falls for him for real and loses him and got him back by -- it's complicated. and hilarious. and nightmarish, too, because juvenile infatuation is great, but there's more to love than what we see. >> you see, you don't know very much about girls.
10:23 am
you probably think they are the bad ones aren't as bad. not nearly as bad. >> there you are, three movies about having to jump through a lot of hoops, temporal, logical to learn the meaning of love. they will lipper in your mind long after the roses have turned to dust. this thing is actually pretty fast. over. very funny. oh look, a farmer's market. we should get some flowers for the car. yeah! holly! toyota. let's go places. (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can' t put it in like that... ... you have to rinse it first. that' s baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it' s never gonna work. dish issues? trust your dishwasher with cascade platinum.
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10:25 am
>> osgood: we go now to john dickerson in greenville, south carolina. where he hosted also night's republican debate. for a look what's ahead on "face the nation." good morning, john. >> dickerson: good morning, charles. we're going to talk to donald trump and marco rubio about the brawling debate also night then on the democratic side, we'll talk to bernie sanders. >> osgood: we'll be watching. and next week here on "sunday morning." >> we see them relaxing and doing something that we enjoy doing. >> seth bone shows us a little
10:26 am
captioned by media access group at wgbh >> osgood: i'm charles osgood please join us again next sunday morning. until then i'll see you on the radio. if afib-an irregular that may put you at five times greater risk of stroke they can pool together in the heart, forming a clot that can break free and travel upstream to the brain, where it can block blood flow and cause a stroke. but if you have afib that's not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa can help stop clots from forming. pradaxa was even proven superior to warfarin at reducing the risk of stroke, in a clinical trial without the need for regular blood tests. and, in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa is the only oral blood thinner other than warfarin with a specific reversal treatment to help your body clot
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>> dickerson: today on "face the nation," we're in greenville, south carolina. morning after what turned into a very raucous republican debate. >> let me just tell you this, jeb is so wrong. jeb is absolutely so wrong. >> great negotiator in -- this is a man who -- >> it was political slug fest at some point. >> why do you lie? >> donald adults learn not to interrupt. >> i know. >> the lines are very, very


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