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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the kid. >> the texan controversy infiltrating local classrooms. >> plus, mes for understanding, compassion, parents desperate to help their children. >> not yesterday, not in two years, now. >> good evening. and the fight to legalize medical marijuana is heating up in florida. >> it is growing in momentum and could soon be available to you if you have a terminal illness. >> the state lawmakers approved anytime the house today and now it face as critical vote in the senate. meanwhile, there is a major local push for the drug and a team led by a group of women. as 10 news explains, they say they've had enough of seeing
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getting access to it. >> reporter: tim, renee, and these are some of the leading facing pushing for legalized medical marijuana in florida. >> i think it would be very worth it to a lot of these people that are sick and suffering. >> reporter: they all have loved one facing a serious disease which they think medical marijuana can help. >> it is going to help you feel better, and it is being to maybe assist in the current treatment plan that they're doing now. >> that's why they joined thousands of other whose are part of women grow, the national group hopes to deliver a unified message. >> women grow revolves around empowering women in this industry. >> a health educator. and she joined the medical marijuana movement believing in a natural path to wellness. >> things like cannabis and essential oils, they ignite a body's own healing ability. >> and the neuroscientist sees the benefits.
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cannabis as a therapeutic agent is as main stream as sign gets. >> reporter: and there is also passion on the other side of the debate. many believe it can lead to substance abuse or addiction problems. >> i understand both sides. i'm the mom of under aged kids, too, and they do realize that it is an illegal drug, but what we do is medicine. it is an all natural medicine. wtsp. medical marijuana will be on the november ballot as a constitutional amendment and some opposed to it fear it will lead to the legallation of all marijuana. you can share your thoughts on facebook another tampa is one step closer to decriminalizing the small a amounts of marijuana. that means if someone is caught with 20-grams or less r, they can face a fib of $75 for a first offense. you wouldn't be arrested until after the fourth offense.
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young people out of jail. the council's final vote is set for march 17. >> new tonight, north korea has effort. the leader, kim junk unhas ordered his country's military weapons made ready for use at a moment's notice that is according to the country's official nows agency. the threats are in a response to the sanctions facted by the united nations in response to the long-range robert launch. and in georgia, gun fire outside of a mall. and police say a man was trying to sell a computer when the potential buyer grabbed it without paying and then took off running. the seller chased the man through the parking lot and shot into the air. the shooter told officers he fired a warning shot to scare the robber. right now an investigation is underway in the hillsboro county after a grusome incident at an elementary school. take a look. this is the hand of a 7-year- old boy who claims his teacher
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dore on his fingers. it happened one week ago today at the magnet school in tampa. his mother and father asked for the child not to be named. they say he needed 12 stitches and they don't know how much lasting damage there will be. >> and i think everybody can answer the question, what would they do if it was their 7-year- old and maybe we can stop it from happening to another child because it already happened to him. >> and i accept her apology. i know accidents happen, but at this point you don't even know if it was an accident. so there is an investigation going on right now. >> the teacher has been with the district for 11 years without a splint and is on paid leave while that investigation is pleated. the parents fed up with the state's standardized testing are taking action by having their children do nothing on test day. 10 news reporter spoke with the leader of one of the area's growing opt out movements. >> reporter: and the standard assessment is meant to test
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using it to test the system. >> we do have our children actually sit for the exam. they just don't answer any questions. >> reporter: and the leader of opt out after her two kids, and she picked them up for school for the duration of the test. >> these assessments don't do anything for my child academically. >> reporter: and the school district says opting out is actually illegal. >> the law says they can't, but there's really -- there's no force in the law that's any consequences. >> reporter: and academically there are not any consequences, but if 5% of the students opt out, then it could affect the school's grade. >> part of the state's formula requires that 95% of the students eligible for testing take the exam. >> reporter: the exams that a growing number of parents believe don't accurately assess the teachers, school quality
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whatsoever. it does not determine his placement for the next year. it doesn't affect his grade. they just want the data so they can evaluate the teachers and give the school a grade. >> reporter: the area districts say they don't track the number of opt out students, but they don't believe enough students are opting out to hurt any school's overall grade. 10 news, wtsp. >> according to the education officials, over a million and a half student also be taking exams between now and mid may. so far, though, no signs of the major problems with the online version that plagued the florida assessment last year. time for the headlines world. this is your 60-second scan. in pasedena, california, a suspected gunman was arrested after leading police on a wild high-speed chase. at one point the suspect's car crashed into a white mercedes. running. he tried to hide inside of a honey baked ham store. the officers surrounded the building and minutes later the
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grand and handcuffed. a university of south maine student has been diagnosed with mumps. the officials are investigating whether there's a link between the maine case and an outbreak in new hampshire. now six harvard students also have mumps now. the most people are vaccinated against it, however, you can still contract the virus. >> and the flag is flying into the railroad books. it has completed the longest distance commercial passenger flight ever. the airbus threw from dubai to new deland. that is a trip of 8,824 miles. the non-stop flight took a little more than 17 hours. the new route reduces the current travel time by three hours, and that is your 60- second scan. and a hostile stage at tonight's republican debates. donald trump faces off against rivals and his media nemesis megan kelly. >> a national poll where he is at 15, 14 and i'm at 14, so
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mean that 80% of the people don't dig you and i'm back down to 50. >> of ill of the people on the stage, he performs the worst against hillary clinton. >> wrong. i beat hillary clinton in many polls. i beat hillary clinton in many polls. >> hold on. hold on. >> i'm talking. >> excuse me. >> i beat hillary clinton in many polls. >> hold on! >> whew. the billionaire businessman also got blasted today from mtv. -- mitt romney. and mark, believe it or not, four years ago romney actually wanted trump's endorsement. >> yes, trump says he begged him for it and now that has all changed, donald trump having to fend all all of those attacks on all sides, ted cruz, marco rubio, throwing every grenade they have at him and we now have reports of mitt romney taking a serious look at trying to stop trump at the republican in himself. >> if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects fora safe and
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>> reporter: and while he wasn't on the detroit debate stage, romney's comments sparked the first fireworks. >> rom nee ontrump, quote, the showing off. >> look, he was a failed candidate. obama very easy. >> reporter: but it looks like the beginning of the bitter end for marco rubio. he and ted cruz teaming up for a trump take down hammering trump's interview tape that may contradict his promise to build a wall among mexico. >> if he didn't say, that he has an easy viewings. simply reduce the tape. >> do you see what happens when you challenge him on a policy issue. the first thing he does is launch into an attack. >> reporter: so with an aggressive performance from rubio, but still no clear establishment candidate. 10 news political expert says it may come down to the republican convention no matter what the delegate count. and that's why. >> trump is trying to tack a little more towards the middle
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going to be the general election candidate. now. >> we're going to find out if cruz, rubio or kasich can pull it out on tuesday, but all three did just say, this is just in, will support trump if he is the republican nominee. right now we're less than two weeks away from your primary 10 news, wtsp. >> and make sure you wake up with 10 news this morning. we'll have so many more of those high and low points as well as analysis on how this primary. still to come -- >> forget the insect repellent, and your laundry can keep the pets away and fight zika at the same time. service. one company. >> and are you violating your child's privacy by posting their picture on social media? >> we're just in the last hour have started to see showers pop
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this is the front we have been talking about. what it means for your forecast on friday. and be sure to stay up for an all new late show with stephen colbert.
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it can be a major break through in the fight to stop the zika virus. they have developed an insect repellent that can be used in the laundry detergent. it interrupts the mosquito's reproductive system. they still have the do for tests, but if it is approved, it would be ready for the market immediately. the zika virus has now been confirmed in 24 states, including florida. from hero to suspect, an american airlines flight attendant is out of a job and facing federal charges tonight. here is why. the fbi says he claimed to have put out a fire in the bathroom of an american airlines flight heading from detroit last month. it. the 23-year-old is charged with destruction of an aircraft and
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it is something all parents struggle with these days. should we post pictures of our kids, their cute little faces, online. >> are you violating your child's privacy? >> the french authorities say yes. so now they are urging parents to stop warning that under the country's law, when children grow up, they can sue their parents for privacy or even jeopardizing their security. penalties could include a year in jail or a $50,000 fine. and so what do you think? is this a violation of your child's privacy to post photos online? are these penalties too extreme? you can join the conversation. and what to watch for this week. the florida strawberry feast value in full swing. that's right. the sweet annual tradition is back in beautiful plant city. the fair draws crowds from around the world, including canada, and tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children. kids under 6 can get in free.
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but getting there may be a little bit of a challenge. the construction barrels and barrier walls at the exit. to down load a free wtsp app, we'll help you navigate the best route. our road warrior will show you the ultimate way the get to the strawberry festival. so thursday night means we weekend. >> we started that monday. >> and that's how we do it in florida. tracking a cold front. already seeing showers develop in the gulf. is it going to wake us up in the middle of the night? >> and some like the rain. >> it is soothing. >> let's talk about it as we wish you good evening. a warm -- warm and muggy, indeed. 64 degrees still in tampa. 66 in sebring and tracking some showers that are continuing to just really get developed. they're offshore by a pretty good distance. as most of this has just
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hours to watch it, and we're now, let's talk about the timing in a moment. i want to show you what is going on with this cold front. it is actually up in the panhandle, the actual front up to the north around new orleans, pensacola, and it is associated with a low that is going to wind up pulling a lot honestly. where we were going to see the strongest part of that low around the i-10 corridor, i would think we might be in for a very, very rough night. but that is not the case. this is going to be the main low. it is quite a bit north, and it is already east of us. so, yes, we have some rain coming in the middle of the night and northwesterly the morning. but not a severe threat that is concerning to us at all. it looks like mainly the showers. what looks to be a discome boplated system will be that one and wind up offshore of the northeast. now we still are tracking rain
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storm tracker 10. quite a bit of ways offshore. there is lightning in here. so is there a chance by the time it gets to us, you hear the rumble of thunder, it is possible, but i think that is also because it is over much warmer gulf waters. as this hits the cooler shelf waters, that should weaken that some to where it would be less frequent lightning. we're talking about four to five hours away before we see this over tampa. about four u hours away before we see it on the gulf beaches. so this is going to ramp up about 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. future cast i think showing the timing pretty well. some of these will be a little are indicating. other also be weaker. the bottom line will be some of these could have a little bit of heavy rain to them. a.m. that's it. so what that will mean, some the morning. maybe a remaining shower if
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the road, 5:00 and 6:00 and 7:00. but after that, this front is gone. the sunshine is here and the reason being again, the main low is winding up out hoar off of the carolina coast and just offshore of new england. so we're getting the trailing end of that front, and that will be all we see of it. the rest of the day we'll get you back to sunshine and a very pretty friday. from 3:00 to 7:00 a.m., that is the window for showers. 62 to start. 75 for a high temperature. and for tampa, and as you take a look around the bay area, 82 for plant city a nice day for the strawberry festival. 81 new tampa. 74 in st. pete. around the coast, it will be warm, too. east of highway 19. we're looking at upper 70s and low 80s. 75 in crystal river. the warm spot will definitely be the heartland. hardy county, 81 to 84 degrees
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and care seta counties, a lovely day. 73 for a high temperature in sarasota and bradenton. 77 in lakewood ranch. now, as far as the winds will go, northwest wind also run the day, and that will give us a little bit of a breeze. hour. strawberry festival. on the water, moderate chop with those winds with waves around two to four feet. you can see our high tide around 12:35. 5:00 a.m. so the one thing we'll have to watch is the allergy report. lit stay high. oak, point and cedar that's what is in the air now. and through the weekend, a little bit of rain helps us out for the first couple of hours in the morning friday. and by the afternoon, it is back up again. the seven-day forecast, no other systems really on the horizon, just a windy day tuesday and wednesday. so we'll have some showers we'll track for you, 3:00 to 7:00 a.m. and 10 news at 5:30 gets started. or if you hear rain outside and it wakes you up, you have the 10 news app.
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tracker 10 will show you exactly what is going on. >> in your tech news tonight, if you have questions for apple, you can now head to twitter for an answer. apple just launched a twitter account dedicated the fielding customer service issues. the handle is at app l support. the lightning going for eight in a row tonight, and anybody a share of first place. a monster shot today by one of the new guys in the rays' lineup. and i sit down with another tampa guy who is being inducted
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one of the amazing facts about this age-game winning streak about the lightning, besides that it tie as franchise record, six of the wins have come on the road. like tonight's win in ottawa. 4-1 over the senators and that puts the lightning in the first place tie fending upon what the panthers do later on tonight. score unless the second. the goal there. and he is back handed in the rebound and then it is palat, he puts in his own rebound for a 2-0 lead, and that's all they needed. that's it. a 4-1 win over the bolts. they are home to carolina on saturday. after eight straight wins. wow. and the rays banged out 17 hits today, none bigger than this one from corey dickerson. second inning, and he just unloaded. it is better than deep the right. it landed ton boardwalk and bounced on top of the rays' offices. 569 feet away, and the rays smoked the orioles 10-3. and that is the ball right there. all right. and crystal scored the only
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to lead the u.s. women's national team to a 1-nil victory over england tonight in the she believes cup. it was played tonight before 13,000 fans. jo and three years ago it was warren sapp induct spotted the hall of fame and two queers ago, and this year two more football players, guys we consider tampa guys are being inducted, tony dungy and eddie debart low who i sat down with today the talk about entering the hall. >> eddie debart low! >> reporter: being named to the hall of fame is something he rarely thought about. >> and one of the lucky ones to go into canton with the immortals of this sport, and i am so humbled and so honored that -- it is almost impossible to put it into words.
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his home in tampa to talk about the journey to canton, his reign as owner of the ultra successful san francisco 49ers with five lins lombardi trophies, but there is someone missing from all of the joy. eddie's dear friend, the late freddy solomon. >> that weekend that it all happened super bowl weekend, freddy had to be on your mind. >> the thing that bothered me the most is freddy wasn't there with me. because he had become without question just one of my greatest friends, and he was like a brother to me. >> eddie became known as players' owner. he wanted the organization to be family. everyone was special to him. >> and when our players got hurt, i went with him to the hospital. on birthdays, i recognized birthdays. >> and i just did that because that's what we did indownstown that's what i was taught.
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my mother taught me that. >> yeah, a native ofdownstown, ohio that's where the family is from. and over his career he has provided the induction speech to five different 49ers quo ing into the hall of fame, so this time it is his turn. who does he choose? because he is so much into family, he chose his eldest daughter. >> outstanding. [ and so she is going to give the induction speech for dad. >> well done there too. >> good to have them in tampa. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. tonight's lottery numbers
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you're ononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononon finally tonight, about a new thrill ride, but it won't be at a theme park, it will be in a skyscraper in los angeles. a new glass slide will be built on the u.s. bank tower. it is currently the tallest building on the l.a. skyline. now, the slide will take people from the 70th down to the 69th floor.
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inches of glass between them and a 1,000-foot drop. it will cost $25 for a ride. >> only in los angeles. >> only in l. a., baby! it is expected the open up in june. >> why? >> not me. >> a bank building. >> they need more floors. >> $25. >> yeah, you can put the money the bank. >> unbelievable. >> that's it. thank you for joining us, everybody that is 10 news at 11:00. >> be sure to join us at 4:30 a.m. sharp. we leave you tonight with a time lapse with a gorgeous shot of the beach.
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(cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show!" i am stephen colbert. thanks, everybody!


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