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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. developing this investigators in looking into what train to derail and plunge into a creek. at least nine people were hurt -- four seriously hurt. crews say it's a "miracle" no one was killed.
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happened after the train reportedly hit a tree on the tracks... about 50 miles outside of san francisco. passengers say the scene was chaotic. butted to buses drove passengers who weren't hurt to their destinations. passengers who weren't hurt to their destinations. service on the line where the accident happened has been cancelled today. several other parts of the state got pounded with flooding. take a look at this video out of santa cruz, california. some places getting 10 inches of rain. stormy weather is also bringing dangerous surf to the southern coastline. lifeguards at seal beach are asking people to stay out of the water until at least this afternoon, because waves are so big. right now parts of texas are getting slammed with more storms after a possible tornado hit monday night. it happened in the
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fort worth. you can see debris all over major roads. several homes have been destroyed. there were also reports of high water and flooding in the area. the good news though, no one was hurt. in just a few hours-- hulk hogan will be back inside a pinellas county courtroom for day 2 in his trial against gawker. it all centers around a leaked sex tape. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is outside the pinellas county courthouse. sarah, hogan will take the stand again this morning and this time face tough questions from the defense. today they're expected to continue grilling hogan about the sex tape-- pressing on to find out if he knew there were cameras in the room and if he "invited" gawker's coverage of his sex life by boasting publicly about his sexual prowess for years. hogan told a packed courtroom he is "completely humiliated" by the 41-second video posted 4 years ago on gawker's website. and now he wants $100 million from the blogsite for damages. the video showed hogan having consensual sex with
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hogan's lawyer says the video shattered hogan's reputation and relationship with his kids. gawker sees its post as protected speech under the first amendment of the u.s. constitution, and contends it was reporting on a celebrity who publicly discussed his sex life. here's what i'm digging into next-- can gawker really claim 1st amendment protection? does the 1st amendment protect their right to post a sex tape without permission? live at pinellas country courthouse,
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10news wtsp voters in michigan, mississippi, hawaii and idaho have primaries or caucuses today. at least 150 republican delegates are up for grabs. campaigning in mississippi monday night, donald trump kept rival ted cruz in his cross hairs, but cruz says he's the only republican candidate who can beat trump. butted to on the democratic side, hillary clinton sanders by more than 600 delegates. she campaigned in night. michigan election officials are expecting record turnout today. congress is once again requesting to department staffer who helped out hillary clinton with server. this comes after
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bryan pag-liano immunity last week. pag-liano invoked his fifth amendment when he was questioned last year. the immunity grant means quote, "the fifth amendment privilege is no longer applicable." until midnight to sign a bill that would save dogs from death row. inspired by padi the dog...who is in trouble once again. trouble for biting another dog. it happened in bradenton at the pet owner works as a veterinarian. emerald morrow is right now. emerald, this is the second time padi has attacked in less than a year. - yes...and this 4- month-old puppy in training to be a service dog is padi's latest victim. - here's a better look at his injuries - you can see all the bite marks around the puppy's nose - his trainer says they were checking out after getting the puppy's vaccinations when padi came out into the waiting room and attacked just a few months ago that padi got off the hook for biting a child's ear... - thousands of
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rallied behind padi on social media to keep him from getting euthanized... - and a judge ruled that the state's "bite law," which requires a dog to be put down if it severely injures a person was unconstitutional but padi and his owner are still facing some trouble...i'm looking into what could happen next, coming up at 5:30. live in bradenton, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp today marks two years since malaysia airlines flight m-h- 3-70 disappeared. parliament held a moment of silence today to honor the victims. the plane disappeared with 239 people on board. even though they cannot confirm what happened, the boeing 777 crashed in a remote southern indian investigators believe everyone was plane flew off course and likely ran out of fuel. as the nation continues to mourn the death of nancy reagan, funeral arrangements have been made for the former first lady. her body will lie
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presidential library in simi valley, california tomorrow and thursday for the public to pay their respects. then she will be buried next to her husband on friday after a private funeral. about a thousand people are expected to attend the outdoor service. the funeral is closed to the public, but will be televised. an investigation is underway this morning after russian tennis star maria sharapova admitted she tested positive on a drug test. the five-time major champion says she has been taking "mildronate"- a heart medication, for the last decade. she was unaware it was placed on the banned substance list at the start of the year. as of right now, the international tennis federation has yet to announce a penalty. remember the video of the garbage truck that drove off i-95 in miami? we have new video this morning that takes you inside that truck. here it is. you see the man driving on the highway when he crashes through a concrete barrier and starts falling to the ground. the driver was thrown from the truck and seriously hurt in the crash. investigators are still trying to figure
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control of the truck. and take a look at this video. police in illinois have a lot of questions for this driver they pulled over in january. this officer's dash cam video shows the driver had a tree sticking right in the grill of her car. when he asked the driver about it, she said she didn't remember hitting the tree. the officer smelled alcohol on her breath, and she is charged with drunk driving. coming up, a story you'll only see on 10 news. a bay area mother is outraged after her daughter was thrown from a house...and dragged. the questions she has over the riding stables regulations. but first, how four snowmobilers survived after they were left stranded in colorado! make sure you watch ten news this morning this week for your chance to win a v i p prize pack to the april 2nd tampa bay lightning versus the new jersey devils game. all you have to do is watch 10 news this morning for the
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then enter to win through our facebook page. live from tampa international airport this
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here's a look at other headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan... a bomb explosion at a somalia airport has the u-s worried. that's because officials have learned the device was inside of a laptop. the bomb went off at an airport check point on monday hurting three people.
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printer, but was defused. the terror group al shabaab is suspected. u-s government studies found mock explosives routinely make it through security checkpoints. if you're thinking of opening a new checking account.. here's something to consider. credit unions are more than twice as likely than banks to offer free checking accounts. bankrate dot com surveyed 50 of the nations largest credit unions and found 76 percent of them have no service or transaction fees. only 37 percent of the banks surveyed offer that same service. children whose mothers didn't get enough vitamin d during pregnancy may be at greater risk for multiple sclerosis.. that's according to researchers at harvard. they found the risk of developing ms was 90 percent higher in children whose mothers were vitamin d-deficient during the first trimester. four snowmobilers are back with their friends and family after a long night lost in colorado's back-country. rescuers in grand county say they feared the worst when the four men got caught in a storm in an area known for deadly avalanches. using cell phone pings and a little luck, search teams
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group and guide them in. the snowmobilers had taken a survival kit with them that helped them start a fire and build a small shelter. rescuers say that was the difference between life and death for the men. you can get 10 weather updates on
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any time in the next couple of weeks, you'll want to pay attention to this. the t-s-a is warning passengers to expect longer lines at the airport. who is to blame? millions of people headed to spring break. the number of passengers is up more than seven percent compared to this time last year. t-s-a's best advice is for you to get to the airport early. this may make many of us feel old. microsoft's windows 95 may seem ancient to us now, but if you sat your teenager in front of it, they may not know what to do! and that's exactly what one group
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teens were sat in front of a dell computer, complete with a seperate hard drive and a large monitor. they were asked questions ranging from how do you turn the computer on and what is a modem. before you head out the door this morning, a story to make you smile. parents of a toddler find a deputy at their door saying their toddler had a fashion emergency. we'll explain. but first, with a week into spring training, fans may need to be extra careful now when watching their
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i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. today hulk hogan will be back in court and on the stand -- as gawker attorneys continue their cross-examination. hogan is suing the blog for 100 million dollars after they published a sex tape featuring hogan and the wife of his former best friend. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the pinellas county judicial building. sarah, gawker claims their first amendment rights protect them in


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