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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> reporter: everything is on the line for marco rubio in this one. he is not only playing for his political future as the republican nominee but he is trying to win his political future here in florida as we go forward. he is facing tough odds against donald trump. supporters say he can pull it out. we caught up with a few at a local political hot spot in miami. it is where major political canidates stop to ask you for your vote. and where folks like you and me stop to grab a cup of coffee in the morning. the versailles cuban restaurant in miami. what is on the plate today? politics. >> we need serious canidates with serious proposals that could win the white house in november and pull the republican party today. >> reporter: bobby sanchez says marco rubio is his man. he is not alone at the outdoor cafe.
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he is a good friend. he still doesn't have all the support he is looking for. >> trump. >> why you like donald trump? >> i like him. that's its. i'm a male and i like women but i like trump. >> why not marco rubio? >> i like marco rubio for senate but not for president. >> reporter: rubio and his campaign deflected questions and calls before the march 15 primary. he has a long way to go. his last hope to sway voters is to go after donald trump on his home turf. we'll see if that happens tonight in miami. if marco rubio ends uptaking the high road he could know he is not in it to win it. if he goes after donald trump fighting on both sides marco off. mark rivera live in miami 10 news wtsp.
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democrats they were all around tampa today. 10 news reporter eric glasser is live at the fairgrounds are thousands of people are waiting to see bernie sanders. >> reporter: if this all gets started on time it will get underway at 7:00. that's when bernie sanders is expected to take the stage at this rally where thousands are in attendance. many have been waiting since 1:00 p.m. in fact, let me show you some of the pictures of what it looked like outside when we first got here. folks were waiting to feel the bern. it was more line sunshine. temperatures above 80 degrees. the line winding its way not just around the building but the fairgrounds property itself. this marks the first week the sanders campaign visited the state of florida. today his first big rally in the tampa bay area. i got to tell you based upon the size of this crowd, he perhaps should have considered
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>> i'm so excited. this is the beginning of something huge for america. i'm happy to be in the front of the line for it. >> he sees where our country is struggling the most and he wants to make it better. not just for the people that are rich but the people who need it the most. i totally stand behind him on that. >> reporter: i have spoke within a lot of people out here. they are aware of what the poll situation is as far as bernie sanders and hillary clinton and clinton leading sanders in the state of florida by 20-plus points. they point to michigan. they say if he was able to close the gap and get a win the same here. bernie sanders expected to address this rally at 7:00. life in tampa eric glasser 10 news wtsp. >> thank you very much tampa! wow! more than a thousand hillary clinton supporters packed the ritz at ybor city today to see who they hope will
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clinton's speech focused on the economy and creating jobs. and she was specific about what she wants for the tampa bay area. high speed rail from here to orlando. >> i mean that would increase tourism, it would increase commerce. it would increase the opportunity for people to go quickly back and forth. >> it is no surprise clinton was specific about the i-4 corridor. she and the other canidates she and the other canidates know if you win the most votes from tampa to daytona you'll likely win the state. time for these canidates is running out. take a look. there are just five days until florida's presidential primary. we are staying on top of every single development before and after those votes are cast. looking at this calendar here, this is the next date you need to focus on. next primary and caucus with
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you can watch the debate on cnn at 8:00 p.m. we'll have a wrap up on 10 news at 11:00. search is on for someone who drove by a home and then started shooting. it happened a few hours ago on 10 avenue south in st. pete. that's near tropicanna field. we know a 3-year-old child was hurt. so was a 23-year-old man. we are told they are going to be okay. there were several people out on the porch of the home when this all happened. >> to the person who did this, who is a coward and would shoot a child, we are going to find you. we are going to prosecute you. and we'll put you away. and to the community this isn't tolerated. this has to stop. >> police say the car involved is possibly a white dodge challenger. new video in a startling case of child abuse in lake wales. a special needs student seen
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own way home not once but twice. investigators say the 13-year- old from our children's academy left the bus through an emergency window. then he walked and hitchhiked 30-miles back home to davenport. investigators say days later same thing happened again. now the bus driver and attendant are in big trouble for not following protocal. >> they both admitted oh yeah, we didn't check the bus like we were supposed to. like we were trained. yes, the alarm system was turned off. all the protocals were in place. >> the driver and the attendant are on administrative leave as the school district investigates the case. it is day four in the unpredictable hulk hogan gawker sex tape trial. you never know what will happen or who will take the stand. today certainly no exception. 10 news reporter jennifer titus is on top of the proceedings. get us up to speed today.
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a journalism professor to take the stand today but also video deposition of a sex tape broker. yes, it is a real job. a person that sales sex tapes. kevin black is known as hollywood's sex tape broker. he wrote a letter to hulk hogan wanting to sell his sex tape. hogan said he claims he never knew one existed and didn't want to make money off it. mike foley was on the stand struggling when talking about the first amendment and freedom of press. court adjourned today and will start back up tomorrowing at 9:00 a.m. we'll be there live as hogan's team has two more witnesses to take the stand before they rest. jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. new information in polk county an abduction near a school bus stop turned out to be a fake.
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the story because she didn't want to walk a mile home. he'll be charged with reporting a false alarm. partners at the times report the legislators plan to set aside a million dollars to move the church building from palm avenue. tampa heights junior civic association is inside this church. the building owned by fdot is slated to be demolished so the department is expand i-275. this all needs approval from governor rick scott. in sarasota a new home for books that used to be in a moving library. hamilton office building will be the new home. the venice library was overcome by mold and closed a few weeks ago. in polk county how could you forget these puppies abandoned in a box a month ago?
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thanks to these guys. the human society of tampa bay. they put the dogs up for adoption at noontime today. puppies were adopted. okay by them. >> if you are looking to get a pet humane society says there pet humane society says there are plenty more all already for adoption. a city's new tough cop ready to take on issues that matter to you.
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let's bottle this day up. it is beautiful out there. she rose through the ranks of the st. petersburg police department and is now the top cop with bradenton police picked from among 118 applicants.
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mascareas explains she represents a small group less than 2% of the police chiefs nationwide who are women. >> reporter: bradenton police she says. >> i feel like i'm home. >> reporter: bevon's the city's first female police chief says she would prefer you look past her leadership. >> i'm not sure if gender can define leadership even in policing. >> reporter: she spent her 29 year career as a police officer with st. petersburg police. a cop at 19. too young to drink or buy her own bullets. >> i still tell everybody it is the best job in the world. >> reporter: she rose to assistant chief while being a mother of two boys she adopted in russia 60 years ago. >> a mom. full-time work. part-time student. it is all a balance. life is a balance.
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she sees a need for more community policing. >> i'm interested in seeing officers getting out of the cars more and talking to residents and finding out what quality of life issues are impacting them the most. >> reporter: during her first days on the job, bevon's launched into a press conference on a major drug bust. she said he is one of the many issues to tackle together with her officers as a team. her message to them. >> make common sense your judgement with everything you do. >> reporter: she wants to make sure her officers go home every night. >> when the they stay safe the community says safe. >> reporter: in bradenton isabel mascareas 10 news wtsp. >> bevon says the won part of the job that stresses her out is she is throwing the opening pitch at the pittsburgh pirates spring training game friday night. her boys told her don't
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it will stress you out to throw the first pitch. >> we have all done it before. it is 60 feet down the middle. >> i want to show you, we know pollen has been in the air. look at this shot. you can see the haze. it is humidity and pollen. a little bit of everything. we are zoomed in looking across the bay. perspective this is from the tower at 10 news on the pinellas side. look at if yellow tint to the air. the pollen at the highest is oak. but the pine pollen has the yellow tint to it. sunshine skyway bridge overlooking from our new camera on the beaches.
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wind gusts, as we expected will be clocked around 30 miles per hour. flags are blowing. you can see the indy race is ready for this weekend. it will be a busy weekend for all kinds of activities. you can see 33 miles per hour over a lot of the sky 10 networks from sarasota to clearwater today. if you have not seen a forecast in a couple days i'll show you what we are tracking. with the warm temperatures we had a big storm winding up and going out around northern mexico. we have high pressure to the east. being wedged between these two is creating that wind. this is a cut off low. it means the jet stream is up to the north. it has nothing to push it along. it rains one round after another and after another. what you are looking at is 24 hours of rain totals. what is impressive is that it is not just one area.
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pockets here from south of memphis to just north of the i-10 corridor west of i-49 on the texas louisiana state line. we are seeing over ten inches of rain. not far from it around brian, college station area around texas a&m north of there on the road to dallas. this is winding up and eventually will start moving east. jet stream is up here. it has nothing pushing it along. that's why we are seeing the storms for the last couple days and why we had the squeeze play wedged between the two with all the wind. eventually the high will move north. low will slide east. it gives us shower chances but not for a couple days. low 70s. winds backing up this evening. breezy tonight and tomorrow. not as windy as the last couple days. we'll start warm. 64 degrees first thing in the morning.
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looks like another clear day with sunshine. if winds are light enough in the morning we might have isolated patchy fog east of i- 75. overall a gorgeous friday. and extremely warm. i'm looking at temperatures to top 83 degrees around tampa. which means suburbs will be warmer. like today, just about as warm for you with the winds not as strong as they have been. seven-day forecast as we take a look i want to show you we are the next couple days. we'll reach around 82 on saturday. not bad on sunday either. 79 degrees. that's the chance of showers. off and on showers between 3:00 and 7:00. on sunday. looks fantastic. we'll see the winds backing down.
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winds tuesday and wednesday are the best days over the next seven. 40 minutes until bernie
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many thing. many complained about the today. jordan spieth didn't complain. he just shot lousy. keegan branly is tied for the lead despite winds blowing 20 miles per hour. here's 47-year-old ken duke. here's keegan bradley shot his best round of the year today a 67 for birdie at four. he did a great job for playing that win on the copper head. >> there is big gusts. you have to time it between those. you have to be committed in this wind. i hit some really, really solid shots into the wind. >> now the lightning are back on the ice today after they did it was picture day. season. they are tied with the bruins for first place.
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bolts are ranked 26th in the league. they are getting desperate. >> we are willing to try some things. we need to find a way. i know it has been masked because we have been winning. you can see the games we could have won but lost earlier this year. >> they host flyers tomorrow. gators won over arkansas. casey hill hit a key layup in the final minute 68-61 winners texas a&m is next tomorrow. one of your choices for 2016 is right here in the bay area. we have been covering it for you all day. bernie sanders preparing to speak at a huge crowd. fairgrounds. he is already addressed
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university of florida and at our rally in kissimmee. tonight's so-called future to believe in rally gets underway in 30 minutes. free wtsp app. >> big crowd out there. that's it for "10 news at 6:00". we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00. for breaking news anytime, is always on.
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>> pelley: dishonorably discharged it's two top men at wounded warrior project are fired after a cbs news expoas a on lavish spending by the veterans' charity. also tonight, deadly floodwaters in the south force thousands from their homes. more rain is on the way. violence at a trump rally. a protester is sucker punched. and a koala is killed at the l.a. zoo. "60 minutes" introduced you to the prime suspect. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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