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tv   10 News Sunday Morning With The Tampa Bay Times  CBS  March 13, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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0001announcer: this is 10 news. good morning, and welcome. so news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. i'm mark rivera and we're so happy to have you with us this weekend. coming up on sunday morning with the tampa bay times, an author and journal i felt investigation into his brother's tragic abduction. what he's learned nearly five decades later. and rev up your engines, the race for the win happening in downtown st. pete. and an artist on our streets, we go on the road to meet the boy behind the murals you can see
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now, you make your choice in the presidential primary in florida on tuesday. we're starting with politics this morning. look at what's making today lines on your sunday. we're just two days away from the florida primary and republican presidential candidate donald trump is hosting three rallies today, including one in boca raton, florida. this comes after a weekend of protests and violence at his rallies overshadowing the campaign. a brawl injured three at a raleigh in chicago and turned the blame on supporters of democratic candidate bernie sanders. >> you want me to tell my my people are nice. >> trump's g.o.p. rivals did criticize the candidate.
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>> the candidate who has in fact violence. >> trump's g.o.p. rivals did fault those protesters and the violence for the rally. >> donald trump created a toxic environment. >> it is also true in any campaign, responsibility moves is at the top. >> i support the republican nominee, but it's getting harder every day. >> south carolina governor nikki haley is using the protests where the republicans should vote for marco rubio. hailey was the keynote speaker -- haley was the keynote speaker of the luncheon fundraiser saturday night. >> we want somebody that's going to unite each other, that's what i think marco rubio can do. >> reporter: haley said no matter who the republican nominee is, even if it is donald trump, she will support them in the november election.
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candidate marco rubio is putting everything on the line this week. the results of tuesday's primary will determine not just whether he can win the republican nomination, but the future of his political career. he continues his campaign in florida today, meeting with volunteers in orlando and campaigning in the villages. rubio stopped in palm harbor saturday. he's focused on winning florida despite what some speculate about his future in the race. in the race for the white house for the democrats, hillary clinton picked up more super delegates after winning the northern marietta islands caucus on saturday. super delegates are party officials who can back any candidate they wish. over 30 shelters are open across the south after a storm system brought torrential rain and historic floods. the system is finally weakening, but flood watches and warnings
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roads and cars have been submerged. bridges washed out and homeowners have been forced to leave everything behind. the storm is being blamed for three deaths in louisiana. 42 years ago, the abduction and murder of an 11-year-old tampa bay, jonathan cusmner made national -- cushner made national news. now five decades later, david cushner, author and journalist, releasing a new book "alligator candy," as he reports his brother's own murder. ten news reporter beau turner sits down with the ten news conversation.
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a painful time in the cushner's family life, just unknowledge uponable things they would -- unimaginable things they would have gone through. what do you think would encourage him to write a book about his brother's murder 40 years later? >> when it happened, david was only four years old and couldn't really comprehend what was really going on, and to a large degree, his family of course protected him from what happened, and often didn't talk about it. he writes that the family never said "murdered." they said "died" when they talked about it. when he was a teenager and rewent to the university of tampa library and read newspaper stories about the murder, but he still didn't know that much. as an adult, he became a journalist. he's written a number of books and is a contributing editor of rolling stone, he teaches
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journalism at princeton and wrote other stories and books about crimes and always wanted to look at his brother's death. i think what really moved him finally to write the book was his father gilbert cushner died in 2010, and he felt that he wanted to really know the story, and he ended up -- this is an unusual memoire, in it's reported he reported his brother's death as a journalist would, so it's both a personal memoire and a kind of reported true crimes story and he said to me i finally solved this mystery for myself. >> reporter: that's got to make this book very unique. >> it is. >> reporter: from that perspective. tell me about the book's title. >> reporter: algator condy, the
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last -- alligator candy, the last person to speak to him had was david. jonathan was going to 7-eleven and david asked him to getting some called snappy gator gum, which was a plastic algaton head with chewing gum in it and -- alligator head with chewing gum in it and he of course never brought it and assumed his brother never made it to the convenience store. part of what david reports is his brother did buy that candy for him and what's more, it would end up being a vital clue that would lead to the arrest of the two men who were convicted of the crime. >> reporter: your thoughts on the book? >> it's a really terrific book. it's very well reported from a journalistic standpoint, and written -- it reads sort of like a crime thriller, almost like crime fiction, but it's true. and it's also a really moving personal story of how this
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family found a way to go on and make good lives for themselves after such a tragic event. >> we look forward to your look back at this horrific story from 1973? >> that's right. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. coming up on sunday morning with the tampa bay times, tropicana field gets a transformation. why you'll find boats instead of bats when we take a look at what's happening in the community. and you may have seen his murals on the streets, the up and coming artist who is making waves and he's only in high school. good morning tampa bay, we're taking a live look over san key at this beautiful start to our sunday morning. taking a look over clear water there, just a few clouds in the sky. you can see we have a storm heading our way. ashley beaty will have the full
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. coming up on cbs sunday morning with lee, a special broadcast today looking at guns in america. we'll speak with the n.r.a. about the issue of whether americans would be safer if more
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trained to use them. ted coppell reports on the gun culture in cody wyoming where owning guns is part of life. and michelle miller shows you a chicago program where military veterans work with teens to try violence. today kicks off the final day for fast cars and world class drivers on the streets of downtown st. pete. racers are getting ready right now for the final race of this year's final store grand prix. as drivers speed up to 200 miles-per-hour on the course, thousands of others will take the streets on the side. >> a couple flights in st. pete were full of fans, so everybody's looking forward for sure. >> today's main race will be watched by more than 1 million people in 200 countries. you're heading out to the race, big electronic floors and maps will help you find the best
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places to park, shop, and eat during the event. that all kicks off at 12:45. now let's get a check of the forecast. our 10 weather meteorologist ashley beaty, a few storms in the forecast today? >> mainly showers, but we can't rule out a couple thunderstorms, as well. right now a lot of cloud cover, but all the rain is still offshore. you can see that activity just off the coast on storm tracker 10 and this is a very slow mover, so it's going to be still a few hours before we really staring traing anything in the way of even rain around the bay area. it is gloomy, it is dark, it is gray. looking out over clear water beach, and it's also breezy. that is not going to change as we head through the day today, but our temperatures will. we're still going to work our way into the upper 70s to near 80 degrees this afternoon. 70 now tampa, 68 st. pete. cooler along the coast. it is going to stay that way all throughout the day today because that's where we're going to see the higher rain chances. 68 in largo. by the time you're heading out
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for sunday brunch we anticipate those temperatures to start warming up. by 11 or so if you're going to be on the earlier side of things you should be fine in terms of rain, but gloomy and gray. we'll expect showers into the forecast and we could get some embedded thunderstorms in the batch, as well. although our coverage of those showers and thunderstorms is going to be less than 50% especially east of i-75. 79 today in tampa, still keeping things warm and humid through the overnight hours and that's when our shower activity begins to taper off. so highs today right along the coast about 80 degrees the upper 70s throughout pinellas, and manatee, and sarasota, 79 today, bradenton, and sarasota. break down the timing, about 2:00 we'll see this activity really starting to get going, and right now, it's along the coast where we're seeing the real thick clouds.
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kind of lucky over clear water right now. that spreads inland by early afternoon and then we start seeing some showers hugging the coastline about 2:00. spreading inland from there, but still notice that most of the activity is going to be right along the coastline with a few little streamer showers east of i-75, beginning to taper off by 11:00 tonight. looking ahead to st. patrick day, we are expecting dry things out, 82 degrees. it will be warm and humid, and that's out ahead of our next system that looks to bring another dose of rain for us next weekend. now friday we're going to him the our coverage to around 20%. by saturday we'll see more widespread act with our next system and that'll likely linger into sunday, as well. something we're keeping a close eye on. none of these systems indicating the big potential for severe storms but certainly some garden variety thunderstorms that would need you to move on inside until those storms pass. for today and ahead until next
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you're going to be outside, you need to move it into some temporary shelter. an isolated shower could dry things out nicely by tuesday. with those showers in the forecast, make sure you download the 10 news app for iphone or android. you'll get that access to storm tracker 10 and you'll know those showers are headed in your direction and we'll get any updates as far as the forecast goes as we look ahead to next weekend, as well, mark? >> and if you're looking for something to do, our 10 communicated kathryn burst has some suggestions from musical notes to boats. >> good morning, here are some options for fun today. the gasparilla music festival continues in downtown tampa, long the river front with five stages, there's really something for every musical taste here, and there's kids' area, too. the headliner this evening and steven marley. there's big boat show at tropicana field. the main floor is filled with new boats and trailers, all
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sorts of outdoors equipment. parking. and here's something a little different. at the coliseum in st. petersburg, there's huge book fair with more than 100 dealers, and i'm kathryn berrslf10 community. still ahead on 10 news sunday morning a colorful story day. the artist in our own backyard on the streets. good morning, tampa bay, we're taking a live look over lake land and florida's southern college on your sunday morning. a few clouds in the skies like ashley was talking about, but that's not stopping us from having a good morning here. if you remember to turn those
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unless we level the playing field. . finally this morning, a colorful on the road story. four years ago, justin couldn't draw at all, now everyone in st. pete seeing his talents on the streets. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is
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on the road with the young artist on the rise. >> reporter: if you're driving around downtown st. petersburg you've definitely seen them. street art, mural of every shape and size, some old, some new. you probably have no idea how new one of the painers is. >> before you knew it -- painters is. >> before you knew it he was trying this and that, and now look around, he's got ten giant murals. he's got as many as i do, i think. >> this is especially challenging especially because of the texture of the wall. >> you've probably seen justin's his accomplishments are getting taller. >> i've always wanted to do it and i just think my senior year was the right time to kind of burst out and try something a little bit bigger. >> as in senior year of high school, wager is a gibbs high student just like his mentor,
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>> i've been doing this a long time, my whole life, and he's already at that level. he's just a prime example of somebody that wanted something, chased t tried it, and really -- it, tried it and ended up being very good at it. >> reporter: as a freshman, he wondered into the groom art center in downtown st. pete with no art skills at all. he picked up a can and new tricks and four years later he's stopped on the streets and recognized for his amazing work. >> it's something that's just starting to happen. just being at shows and people being like you're the one that did that, it's definitely a great feeling. >> reporter: when you see a wall, do you just see a wall or do you see what that wall could become? >> i seeing some -- like i could put something there, you know. >> reporter: justin's latest piece can be seen on top of a popular downtown restaurant,
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>> some of the reactions people are a little bit taken back from me being 17 years old. >> reporter: on the road in st. st. pete, 10 news wtsp. >> justin will turn 18 in april, and he'll graduate from gibbs this spring. then he plans to pursue a career in art, where ever that art will take him. and talk -- >> sounds like a good career choice for him. >> talk about somebody who is just packed with talent at only 17 years old. that's incredible. >> and i expect to see good things from him. >> weather wise, what can we expect today? >> we've got a lot of cloud cover along the coast. some of us are seeing some sunshine but after 2:00 especially if you live along the coast do expect to see some scattered showers, and isolated thunderstorms will be possible, as well. if you're the heading to the gasparilla music festival, it's unlikely we're going to see these lingering. we could see a quick hit of rain, but if you do hear that thunder, find a place to move it
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on inside, wait for it to work out. we'll looking at a 40% coverage of showers today. >> okay. definitely bring the umbrella there just in case. that's it for 10 news sunday morning with the tampa bay times. thank you for joining us. the commentings on today's news stories like -- comments on today's stories, like wtsp on facebook, and you can find ashley and me. before we go we want to leave you with a beautiful sunrise
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> cowan: good morning, charles osgood is off today i'm lee cowan and this is a special edition of "sunday morning." a program about guns and america. our intent is not to take sides or pass judgment this morning but rather to take stock and cast light on a debate that seems to be growing ever louder with committed and sincere advocates on both sides. as we will see in our cover


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