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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> i'm getting worried. i feel pleatly not protected. >> reporter: l narks a wolf is more worried after seeing the video of 2 men working together to place a skimmer on the inside of a florida gas station. >> what else can people do? >> reporter: the emergency of this gas station checks his pumps regularly for skimmers but never imagined he would now have to monitor the inside card readers. >> we'll keep checking that device and outside as always. >> look at the device itself. and it wouldn't hurt to give it a shake. >> reporter: if the device seems loose-fitting, don't use the card reader. >> are relying on public to be conscious of their environment. >> reporter: so what's next?
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checkout lanes or your local grocery stores? the hell hillsbo rorks sheriff's office recommends however... >> not many stores use it it. >> reporter: as technology keeps increasing and thieves get more brazen, perhaps the best way to protect your information is to go old school and pay with cold, hard cash. >> what do gas stations need to do to keep your information safe? a new bill will require gas stations to secure your information. it will also make it possible for felony charges to be brought against people who use card skimmers. a series of purse snatchings and thefts spanning
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all of the victims are over the age of 65. police say the most recent snatching left a 71-year-old woman with a broken wrist. police say a group of men who stole an suv outside of an suv are all bind these incidents. authorities have linked 7 cases to these suspects since march 11, all of them outside of p butlicious x stovers, walmartens, and a mall. this is the car they're linking to the crimes, a o gold jeep cheer key with the license plate pm947r.
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for 2016 in the florida presidential primary. donald trump taking it all. hillary clinton beat bernie sanders with 64%. and mark rivera is breaking down what's sure to be a battle for the finish. >> reporter: where do you go to talk politics? the barbershop. we qenlt to carly's shop to take a barber's poll. who wins in a head to head mapup, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> hillary. >> reporter: why do you say that? >> because she's a better person and i will vote for her. >> trump for the simple reason that the young people that are coming out to vote want a voice and they're hearing a voice and it's donald trump.
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clinton would unfortunately be tough to beat. >> >> there it is, your informal poll. but here's what we're seeing nationally. back in mid-february, donald trump was ahead of clinton by 2 points. at the beginning of march, clinton was up by 13. average them themselves out, and you get clinton up by 6, and that's what political expert laura haffner said. at first, the guessty in large states will favor clinton. >> what the republicans have to work for and trump has to hope for is getting some of the disenchanted so-called iowa began democrats. >> reporter: but katherine mccoy hasn't miss an election since her vote for izen hour. >> they haven't told us enough about what they would do. they're too business be bickering among themselves. if they were your children, you would give them a spanking. >> our governor rick scott is
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republican race for president. he took to facebook to endorse donald trump and encourage unity in the republican party. you never know what will happen at the hulk hogan and gawker trial. the woman in the case said she recorded. they also had sex a few times, once at her house, once at hogan's house, and once in a hotel room. she says she only had sex with hogan when b but ba the love sponge asked her to. she said when she found out the recording destroyed. a man was arrested for a dui earlier this week. the same officer has been investigated 5 other times. some people are asking why is
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our sarasota newsroom reporter is digging deeper. >> reporter: florida's aclu vice president pi call barciel says sarasota police officer juan himes is a product of the bad labor negotiations. >> it's virtually impossible to get rid of a bad cop in this city. >> reporter: 2 years ago, the safer sew that police officer and former marine sergeant led sarasota's memorial day parade. the iraq and afghanistan war veteran now serves his community. >> write can help people and make a better community for my kids and future generations. >> reporter: 10 news featured him again when he rescued a dog troop trapped in the trailer, but his 4 and a half years with spd has been riddled with 6 administrative investigations and 6 internal affairs investigations, most reinly for
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we refused a breathalyzer test. he said, "you see how blanked up i am." he wassed on paid administrative leave after another suspected case of drinking and driving although he wasn't charged. >> the philosophy is if you're on-duty or off-duty, you are being held to a higher standard since you are always representing the city. >> reporter: himes and 2 other officers were cleared in an excessive use of force case. himes has triggered more inquiries than any other spd officer. >> this is all the more reason why we need stringent rules when there is a baa bad cop. >> reporter: >> the officer was given darks ui suspension in august. the other cases were unfounded.
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6 administrative investigations. the police belief will decide what action to take regarding his di arrest. florida polity technic is ready to stand on its own without the help of the university of florida. florida poly relied on u.s. to run its payroll and budgeting department. the son moshings a public library will temporarily close for repairs. the line area will shut down from march 30 to april 1. you want to salsa, don't you r gerks? >> always. >> this time, reagan wright will bring you reporters from the rays' history-making game in havana and the president's president vit that is starting sunday fight.
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>> it's florida versus gator in a war over a beloved reptile. >> his name is rambo and the owner says he's not a pet, but the state says he's got to go. i'm marcus grayson. i'll have that story. >> beautiful and bright and sunny in tampa. but that is not the case. take a look. the sea fog rolling in to clearwater beach right now. it is thick.
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a lakeland woman is fighting to cheaper pet alligator. she loves him so much, she keeps him inside her house, even in her bed. >> 10 news reporter ma cost grayson talked to the woman who said losing her pet day to would kill her. >> reporter: mary thorn admits her alligator named rambo has not lived a normal gator life. wearing a riding jacket, he rides with her on a motorcycle and poses for mixture. he even goes to the grocery store. mary says he's too xyst in kateed and wouldn't survive in the wild. >> he only knows the house. if you bring him out, he's scared of birds. >> reporter: mary and rambo live inside this home. state says that has got to stop. mary sew sai ifs the state
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>> if he goes, i done know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: battle with the state began when inspectors from the fwc came by and noted rambo had grown by 2 feet. >> they say he has to go poippedz said he can't. his skin's too stive. >> reporter: mary doesn't have the required acres, and he she says sun easy e e-exposure would cause blisters like this to form all over ram rambo's body. >> he's shaded and has sunscreen on. >> reporter: she treats this alligator like it's her baby. she says she'll fight until the pend. >> i'm going to cover cover you up. hold on. i know. >> reporter: marcus grayson, 10 news wtsp. >> that thing is so calm.
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>> if he she loses rambo, she has made encounters with close encounter in tampa to take him in. the 10 community welcoming a special, special guest to the station today. everybody, there she is. meet rosie delgado. rosie isn't just my friend, but she is a superfan of channel 10. she watches every single newscast of ours. she is our official ambassador for the best but days friendship walk on april 16. there you see she's taking a tour around the station. she she loves every single minute.
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rosie that has is weather with a cowboy. >> she calls you a cuety. >> she's acoral doacial. she let her -- we let her try the weather wall and she was a natural. animation. spring breakers got a better day for a moment. this. that's about 4:30 to 6. the sea fog shows it rolling in. bam. it overtakes the camera this is live right now at dawn as we look at the beach. can you see as it thickens up. we're looking at the d.o.t. crawling along in places. but other parts are still moving. wesley chapel, amazing.
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it's not overtaking the beach. that's what's moving it north. we saw the someone beautiful, a lot of people out on the beach. the sea fog just overtaking that. and the thicks that we're seeing, look at this. it's so thick, we're getting a mist on the camera lens. we've lost pretty much all of our visibility. down on the ground, probably seeing at least a little bit better than this. by far, sarasota county our thickest sea fog has rolled in. we'll see this on and off tonight and again through the morning, you can see the moisture overtaking the beaches of panty and sarasota county. pockets are clear in areas of pinellas. some high moisture is taking over e a good part of sis zit us are and hair in an doe county. this happens in pockets.
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temperatures from sea fog at 72 in sarasota to sunshine baking lake wells and sebring. 83 in tam. 73 in st. pete, which tell us some of that sea fog is overtaking areas downtown and the skyway too. this is in the mix for a warm, muggy evening. patchy fog on and off again tonight. be mindful that it will be a touch and go call. that patchy fog is burning off in the mid-morning. mostly cloudy for your evening plans, and some isolated showers will be possible tomorrow.
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a couple of pop-up showers are possible. not overly concerned about big storms, just want give you the heads up that some showers are possible. 85 in land of lakes, around 78 in st. pete. where we done see fog, the water will be great. as you saw with it rolling in and out, it's mare more of a safety issue. the winds and chop are fantastic for boating, but you need to figure out whether is the sea fog and how is it moving? low tide is around 5 in the morning. same for the afternoon. our models are hinting at a round of possible morning
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ill keep checking back on the friday forecast. it's 2 to 3 rounds of rain for friday friday and the weekend. i'll have an update on those
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one team came out twoip a hockey game, one team came out to win a hockey game. that's what john cooper said. the first two maple leaf goals were the first of the year for connor krarks r kirks k and ben smith. not exactly all-stars yet. there were errors in front of the goally. 12 games left now. they need 12 games of effort. florida gunfire center tom obunu is missing the lest rest of postseason. he tried to play in the tournament, but -- in the conference tournament but it's hard to play with only one thumb. the mocks are 8th in the --
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the first time in 4 years. their coach is still in disbelief that they advanced this far. she said the men's national title run inspeared them. >> they're enjoying it. and luvey smith's contract has been approved by the university of illinois. reg? >> how did dow get that employment? it's march madness. we want to see photos of your superstitious tradition, whether it's wearing a pair of lucky socks or undies or
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you have some? >> some interesting ones. make sure you enter for a chance to win. >> i want to scup but i'm not going fop that's it for 10 news at 6. we'll see you back here tonight at 11. >> they are colorful. breaking news, 24/7 live local radar, is always here, always on.
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>> this is the greatest honor of my life. >> pelley: a choice and now a challenge to the senate. >> i have fulfilled my constitutional duty. now it's time for the nat to do theirs. >> pelley: also tonight... >> hillary, hillary, hillary! >> pelley: the front-runners are tasting victory, but trump has a warning about a challenge to him at the convention. >> i think you'd have riots. >> pelley: an alleged drug addict working in a hospital may have put 3,000 patients at risk of hepatitis and h.i.v. and norma at 90 having the time of her life. captioning sponsored by cbs


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