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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  March 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. in just a few hours...loved ones will honor the fallen hillsborough crash. 10news reporter live at the hillsborough county sheriff's office law enforcement memorial in ybor city. emerald, we're expecting a huge turnout of people paying their respects.
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enforcement from all over the country will be in town today....showing their support for deputy john kot-fee- lah....whose life ended tragically over the weekend in the line of duty. - it's never easy for deputies to bury one of their own...but it's especially tough when the death involves tragedy as it did in this case - part of what makes deputy kot-fee-lahs death such a difficult one to come to grips with is how he died... - he worked as a traffic crash investigator and was leaving tampa general hospital when a wrong-way driver--who officials suspect had been drinking--barreled into him head on...sending the deputy right back to the hospital he had just left...where he then died. - you can see here at the sheriff's fallen heroes memorial that there are already some flowers here in honor of the deputy....some of you might want to send your condolences with an arrangement or cards.... - officials say you can do that here or at the blount and curry funeral home
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in ybor city, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp. supreme court nominee merrick garland has a long day ahead of him as he continues to make courtesy calls to senators today. he met with key democratic leaders including senate minority leader harry reid on thursday. the 63-year-old moderate appellate judge also sat down with ranking democrat patrick leahy ...during his first official visit to capitol hill. leahy wants a vote on merrick by memorial day. florida senator marco rubio is ready to move on after dropping out of the presidential race this week.. and he says he's leaving politics altogether. butted to he says that frontrunner donald trump could be damaging to the republican party and hopes that he can still be stopped. closing arguments will begin this morning in hulk hogan's trial against the website, gawker. the former
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a leaked sex tape. on thursday, attorneys for both sides worked with the judge to figure out what evidence will be submitted to deliberations. it was determined the jury will only see the edited version of the sex tape. court starts at and 10 news will be to watch the trial live, download our 10 news app. kicks off at macdill air force base. get ready for the best show on in years. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the air force sarah, organizers are making a big push to keep this show around. yes, the future isn't guaranteed for the air show. beyond this weekend, organizers never know if they'll have enough money to keep putting this free show on, but they say either way this year's show is not one to miss. macdill air force base is rolling out the welcome mat this weekend. the event is free and open to everyone. gates open at 8 a.m. saturday and sunday and performances
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get there early, though, because with some 200,000 people expected to pass through the gates of macdill, you are going to want to leave plenty of time to get in and park. organizers say battling the crowds will be worth it. here's some things you should definitely bring: sunscreen sealed bottled water ear plugs foldable chairs/ small umbrellas what not to bring toy weapons, stun guns, tasers, knifes or weapons of any kind laser uavs and remote coolers coming up-- we mentioned drones. out $25-hundred tickets right here this weekend for
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i'm looking into security-- since this event is open to the public-- what the base is doing to keep you safe, and its campus secure. live in tampa, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp scary moments on a flight from raleigh, north carolina to laguardia. the pilot made an emergency landing after reporting a lightning strike. these are pictures after the plane landed safely at j-f- k. none of the 55 passengers and four crew members were hurt.. but some said they heard a loud bang during some rough turbulence. that's when the pilot made an announcement that everything was o-k, but they would need to land at j-f-k.. only 10 miles from laguardia. the f-a-a is investigating the plane. in pasco county, the newest elementary school opening this fall finally has a name. our newspartners at the tampa bay times are reporting the school board picked wiregrass elementary after looking over 30 submissions. the school is on mansfield boulevard, near the area of wiregrass ranch high and john long middle schools. if you want to continue celebrating st. patrick's day into the weekend, you'll want to head to downtown tampa. the city will dye the hillsborough river kelly green tomorrow for the
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the non-toxic and biodegradable dye will be used between the cass street and kennedy bridges. it begins at 11 in the morning. in a couple of rays will be traveling to cuba for a historic game. they will become league team to play the eyes of the baseball world will be on the rays as president barack obama plans on attending the big event. 10 sports caught up with some of the players to see how their big game. i caught up with a few others players in port charlottee -- we'll hear from them about the trip tonight at 5. and as the rays head to cuba... i will be traveling there as well. i'll bring you reports from the rays' history making game in havana.. and the presidents visit... starting sunday night.
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company behind the popular m-t-v t-v show that brought you snooki, j-woww and the looking for another spot! the possible location could be right here in florida! after the break...a man's quick thinking helped save a couple of dogs trapped in a fire! here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, march madness continues with west virginia vs. stephen f. austin. at 9:30, notre dame vs. michigan 10 news at 11 with follow after the games. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests helen mirren and j.j. abrams. make sure you watch "10news this morning" all next
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florida lottery scratch office tickets. it's the new "$10 million fortune "game. 10th caller will also wins a fifty dollar home depot gift card. one grand prize winner will also win a 55 inch t.v. live look at florida southern
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friends, and officers from across the country will say goodbye to a a hillsborough deputy killed in a wrong- way crash. 30-year-old john kotfila was killed on saturday on the leroy selmon expressway. if you'd like to pay your respects to deputy kotfila, there's an open visitation starting at 11 this morning at
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lutz. the service will follow at 1:00 p-m. the deputy will be buried in his home state of massachusetts. president obama's choice to replace the late justice antonin scalia continues making courtesy calls on capitol hill today. on thursday merrick garland met with key senate democrats, including senate minority leader harry reid...but steered clear of meeting republicans. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell maintains he won't consider garland's nomination. but some in the gop have signaled they're open to meeting with him. after one year off..the tampa bay airfest is back this weekend! thousands will head to macdill air force base in south tampa for the big event. you'll be able to watch tons of performances including some by the air force thunderbirds and the geico skytypers. one the ground, you can check out some aircrafts as well. gates open at 8:00 a-m tomorrow. remember the mtv reality show the
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"the situation, jwoww, and snooki." --the producers are scouting for another location, this time in the state of florida. --news partners at the tampa bay times reports the show will be called "beach house." --producers are looking for people to live in the house. --they are looking for people who "embody diversity and an international spirit of abandonment." --we can apply on our website a couple of dogs are safe this morning after a man rescued them from this welding shop that went up in flames in los angeles. man there grabbing running off. the roof voltage wires came spread. the cause of the
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and
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the ledger be sure to put 10news sunday morning on your must watch list. mark rivera will have your top stories of the morning and ashley batey will have your sunday forecast. this week we're recapping the highs and lows of the florida legislative session. that's with our news partners at the tampa bay times. you'll also get a look at events happening in your community. 10news sunday morning where we take the time to tell great local stories. we'll see you at 8:30. workers at one pennsylvania store were shocked to find out a certain woman was stealing from their store... after the break...who this woman is...that may
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live look from the tampa bay downs
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johns hopkins have made a discovery that sheds light on portion control. they found a new type of nerve cell in the brains of mice that appears to control feeding behaviors. scientists hope their findings lead to new ways to fight obesity. money you pay to uber drivers could hit their wallets faster. the ride sharing company is launching a program with gobank, so that
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immediately. right now, uber pays its drivers once a week. this new program should also fend off paylenders who target drivers in financial crisis. this story may have you scratching your head this morning. a pennsylvania woman is caught on surveillance cameras stealing from a store. get this...the woman is a nun. police say she stole 23-dollars worth of food and toiletries. you can see as she puts the items into her bags and walks out...without paying for anything! police caught up with her and she's faces a minor charge. if she pleads guilty, she will only have to pay a fine. coming up on 10
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march madness is underway! and it's not just brackets breaking, the history that was made during thursday night's game that you may have missed. and check this out, a massive gator wanders onto a lakeland school
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. 5:59, good friday morning everyone. 10 news meteorologist is here, spring starts on sunday. great news out there this morning, only a couple patches of fog. most of us are clear right now, including the bridges and more importantly the skyway. mid- to upper 60s. and i'm tracking showers. i'm going to be tracking showers all weekend long. i'll have that with and a -- have that with a look at my 3- day forecast in a couple minutes. we have an accident in bradenton on 9th street and 57
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the intersection is partially blocked from this. other than that, we're pretty quiet this morning. coming up in less than 10 minutes, i'll give you drive times because we're about to head into morning rush hour. from the station putting the news back in the morning, this is 10 news this morning. >> good friday morning to you, welcome to 10 news this morning, i'm allison kropff. >> and family and friends will kotfila. we are at the fallen heroes memorial. told's service is closed but people can pay their respects. >> reporter: that's right. if you come here to the fallen heroes memorial, you'll see the names of 15 different sheriffs officials who have lost their lives in the line of duty, and


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