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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 19, 2016 12:00am-12:35am EDT

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michigan ball. jim: a stop when they needed one. and just the protecting. making a guy go to his left. he slips a little bit. mike brey on the sideline looking for a call. doesn't get it. verne: three-point game. jim: same look. coming this way now. verne: zak irvin. jim: oh, yes. and donnal misses from point -blank range. jim: i thought the pass was a fraction late. he still has to finish that one off. but high screens, motion without the ball. they get exactly what they wanted out of this. verne: 1:45 to go. colton, vasturia. colton was open for a moment.
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air ball. got it! bonzie colson, big basket with 92 seconds to go. jim: and only three seconds on the shot clock when he buried that one from underneath. verne: five-point margin. jim: start going towards the basket if you can if you're michigan. verne: walton. nope. tussle. offensive board. zak irvin, got it to fall! nearing the one-minute mark. irish, up by three. time-out notre dame. they don't get the jump tore go. but now it's time to work the glass. excellent work on the boards.
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verne: if you live in the eastern time zone, welcome to saturday morning. after all the games are over, wally szczerbiak and georgia state head coach ron hunter have all the highlights and analysis on inside march madness presented by buick only on trutv. notre dame has lost 13 straight in the tournament when trailing at the half. they were down 41-29 at the break tonight. jim: and if they can be patient with the basketball out on the spread, what a perfect time for possibly a back-door cut. imbalanced. verne: yes they do.
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55 seconds to go. nine on the shot clock. jackson turns the corner. adjusts. bonzie colson, no. rebound. jim: once again, don't let the three-points dictate your shot attempt right here. verne: notre dame has a couple of fouls to give. 25 seconds remaining. vasturia. 10 on the shot clock. it's in the hands of zak irvin. five on the shot clock. three, no. jim: and a foul. verne: and they do. jim: i don't think that look is what john beilein was trying to pull off on the sidelines. i thought about five seconds ago that he was looking to get a time-out. and that rule has changed now where the coach from last year
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i think john wanted to call a time-out and not get this to be a three-point shot. and i think he wanted to go a whole lot earlier in the sequence than wait for that. verne: you see the notre dame bench reacting down, 49-29 at the half. bonzie colson at the line where he is 2-2 tonight. jim: 76% on the season. verne: nice. one more. perfect. 10 seconds to go. walton. tip. wagner. jumper. no. [whistle]
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jim: it's not going to matter. verne: nope. i guess the answer is yes when we asked if notre dame could come back. jim: uh-huh. i thought mike brey made very, very good adjustments. and obviously the gloomy side of things at the michigan end of the floor, and the adjustments were trying to attack michigan a little bit more off the dribble. and it was the first 3-4 in the second half where they made that strategy adjustment and that's the difference as the half wore on. they that outscored them 40-22 so far. that's why they outscored them 40-22 so far. verne: fighting irish against
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they come from 41-29 down and win it by seven. so notre dame and stephen f. austin will meet at 2:40 eastern time on cbs from brooklyn. the second round begins tomorrow at noon eastern on cbs with wichita state and miami. at 5:00, tnt that is ncaa infinti tip-off show. eight games across tnt, and cbs. the tournament coverage begins at noon. for jim spanarkel and allie
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ice cream was his first sugar of the day. kenny: he got charged up and noise. charles: we're looking for you. greg: and the apple of his eye was the ohio state buckeyes. clark: yeah, for some odd reason. kenny: there was a buckeye in my eye. greg: welcome back to final four. notre dame over michigan by a score of 70-63. clarke, kenny, and charles here at the desk. what a great basketball game. it was terrific. clark: it was terrific. excellent comeback by notre dame. they're down 12. held michigan to 22 points. started playing downhill dribble driving in that second half to create opportunities for high quality shots. greg: are you a believer in the irish, chuck? charles: who do they play next?
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charles: i like them against stephen f. austin. kenny: this was a good matchup. that's why they were able to stay in contention. the perimeter defense on the irish at times could be lacking but they are very good down low and that's probably the biggest difference. but perimeter defense is going to be a key against stephen f. austin again because those guys they shoot the three ball as well. they push the pace. so they're going to have similar problems that they had tonight against michigan if they don't come up with a different game plan. greg: all right. once again the irish on their way to a game on sunday against stephen f. austin. they win it 70-6763. -- 70-63. there was great sound from around the country. >> and syracuse advances. impressive performance. >> we didn't think about it. >> the rainbow warriors hold the first round upset as they stun cal here in spokane.
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that just busted up everybody's bracket? >> in my bracket i had us winning. all my friends and family had us winning too. i don't know about everybody else. >> and the rams advance with a 75-67 win over oregon state. >> with the matchup against buddy hield, what's your thoughts at guarding him and shutting him down? >> that's on the coaches -- i mean for the most -- [laughter] >> he has 40, it's on me. >> middle tennessee, a 15 seed is going to take down the michigan state spartans. >> you know, there are three guys here that gave me every single thing they had. and i don't care about next year. i don't even care about tomorrow right now. >> when you're in this position and everybody's looking at you, you have to come through. i didn't come through today. and i'll remember that for the rest of my life.
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games continuing on tbs and on trutv tonight. first of all, on tbs, right now west region oklahoma city. texas with a one-point lead on northern iowa. 36.5 seconds to play. texas leading the panthers, 70-69. on trutv, west region in spokane, st. joe's with a four-point lead on the bearcats of cincinnati with just over two and a half minutes to play in that game. that is on trutv. a reminder for you tonight after your local news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert," followed by "the late late show"." but for now we're done. second round action on cbs tomorrow with wichita state and miami. we thank you for joining us. from all of us here in new york,
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he is exceptionally happy. >> known as the former wrestler hulk hogan body slams his latest opponent in court over a leaked sex tape. walking away with $115 million. good evening.
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>> and we'll get to that story the a moment. breaking news coming out of russia. a plane carrying more than 50 passengers has crashed killing everyone on board. the investigators say the flight was traveling from dubai to russia when something went wrong during landing. we are hearing reports bad weather could have played a role during that crash. another big story, a victory for long-time clearwater resident hulk hogan. >> hogan got even more money that he asked for in his sex tape web site gawker. tonight we explain why the jury believes celebrity's invasion of privacy is more than freedom of speech. >> this is not only his victory, but also anyone else who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. >> reporter: the once tough in the ring wrestler hulk hogan appeared to cry in court as the
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economic loss he suffered over the past three years. that's when the gossip web site posted a video of holing hogan having sex with a local's wife. >> i am confident that we would have prevailed at trial if we had been allowed to present the full case to the jury. >> reporter: gawker founder, nick denton, argued that bubba never got to answer questions in front of the jury whether hogan knew about the cameras in the home and if hogan knew they were being reported. >> that's why we feel very positive about the appeal that we have already been preparing. >> reporter: the court documents show hogan's motives may not have been to hide the sex on the tape but the racial remarks he made. >> reporter: he is reportedly shown on the video saying to his wife, if we did want to retire, all we have to the is use that footage of him talking about people and hogan insisted he didn't know he was being recorded yet there are fbi notes saying you are being
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play he knew. >> how do you feel? >> reporter: a typically boisterous hogan didn't have anything to say about the jury's decision, and that's because they will be back in curt on monday considering whether to punish gawk were punitive damage resulting in more money for hogan. 10 news, wtsp. tonight hogan tweeted, quote, told you i was going to slam another giant, end of quote. the jury deliberated just six hours after the two-week hearing. and new tonight, a fire breaks out at an apartment complex on vero beach. this was the scene on pelican lane just a few hours ago. evacuated white the anymores out. started. several restaurants were put on lockdown tonight. this comes after a fight involving at least 20 people broke out in a parking lot. at one point a witness said they saw someone drop a gun, but the investigators are still
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and an amazing outpouring of support today for a hillsboro county deputy killed in the line of duty. thousands of people attended the funeral for the 30-year- old, including the governor and attorney general. and he is remembered as a brave and ambitious deputy. his dedication to law enforcement ran generations deep. his father, brother, uncle and grandfather all served on the force. and he died saturday after a wrong way driver crashed into him head on on the expressway. but in a final act of courage, he gave his life to save another. a woman says she was the one about to get hit by that wrong way driver when he got in front of her. new information on the search for a man who stole a car with a child inside. and the polk county deputies have made an arrest. the 44-year-old is accused of stealing a car that was parked outside of the pharmacy yesterday. a woman who was supposed to be watching the 2-year-old boy
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the car while she went inside to the pharmacy, but she also left the keys in the ignition. thankfully the deputies found the car and the child just down the block. the child was unharmed. tonight a tampa airport remains closed as the investigators try to figure out what caused a deadly plane crash on davis island. it happened late this morning at the peter oh knight airport. the big question, though, was there another plane involved? courtney robinson has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: you can see the wreckage under that tarp is what is left of a twin engine cessna. this was the scene just the crash around 11:30 this morning killing the pilot and passenger. >> when i came out, there was a big plane on the ground -- ball of anymore on the ground. the men had crashed. the flames and the smoke were unbelievable. >> reporter: tonight the federal investigators are trying to figure out what brought down the small plane. initial reports were that two planes collided but the faa and
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they say they're only investigating this single plane. roberto canseco lives on the water right at the end of the runway. he watched the plane take off and later saw smoke from the other side of the airport. >> you see them coming in and out. >> reporter: but this has happened here before. in 2006, a pilot died after his plane crashed into this house on davis island. >> i'm so sorry. only the pilot and the co- pilot. they perished. >> reporter: we reached out to the faa but they're' yet releasing the identity. some even leaving flowers to pay their respects. the airport will remain closed until that wreckage is removed, but it could be months before we know exactly why this plane crashed. from davis island, courtney robinson, 10 news, wtsp. and rain will be pushing
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let's get a check with 10 weather chief meteorologist. i'm already tracking showers. let's get to storm tracker 10 and then we'll talk about what is new. the showers are moving pretty quickly at about 45 to 50 miles per hour so you'll hear rain in the next 15 minutes on your roof in palm harbor and heavier showers around crystal river moving to the east-northeast at around 50 miles per hour. for the next five to 10 minutes, likely to get the light rain and briefly go to a moderate shower. we are tracking a lot of rain offshore and the newer models in the last couple of hours really indicate a pretty decent flair-up over the gulf overnight tonight. and what that would mean is an earlier start to the storm. look at 10:00 a.m., just off of the coastline. that's what is new tonight. i'll walk you through what that means for your weekend after the rest of your top stories. a shocking story out of venice.
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man, the 38-year-old scott brad bury for allegedly getting naked and touching himself inappropriately at the beach. all of this right in front of several families. one woman told investigators that brad bury approached her and her two teenager daughters and started touching himself so aggressively they thought he was going to hurt himself. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60-second scan. five people are now in custody, including a man suspected in the paris terror attacks. he was on the run but today police caught up with him in belgian. they also arrested three people who helped hide him. a prosecutor says he did not immediately obey orders and the police shot him in the leg. that investigation continues. the world's busiest airport, atlanta's hart field jackson airport wants the rules for uber drivers picking up passengers. the airport wants the drivers fingerprinted as part of a background check. unr says the proposal goes
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with other airports. take a look. and this space capsule launched from a russian capsule today. they are heading to the international space station for the next six months. after this trip american astronaut jeff williams's total time spent in space will be 534 days. that is a few weeks more than the recent record set by astronaut scott kelly. and that is your 60-second scan. tampa bay air fest is back at the air force force -- air force base. there will be acrobats and fighter jets shooting through the sky. air fest is free to get in and free to park. the gates open at 8:00 a.m. saturday and also sunday. if you want to continue celebrating st. patty's day into the weekend, you want to head to downtown tarpa. the city will dye the hillsboro river kelly green for the
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still to come -- naked and under arrest. the latest behind this shocking video. and no kids allowed. why some movie theatres want little customers left at home. and how the withering middle class can take back its lost wealth. and make sure you stay up for an all new late show with
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welcome back. an arizona woman who sent police into her home and handcuffed her while maked getting a settlement. the city of chandler will pay her $125,000 for this incident from last year. this video shows an officer handcuffing her while she struggled to keep herself covered with a towel. she was never charged with a crime and an internal investigation revealed the officer did enter the home illegally. and new tonight in your money, the disappearing middle class a pretty shocking study shows american wealth is actually shrinking. the pugh research center studied 21 developed countries
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is at the top, mexico in the center and on this list, the u.s. is dead last at the bottom right there with the lowest share of wealth. you can see there, just 19% of the population. economists blame the housing bubble, difficulty in accessing credit and little increase in wages for all of this. you can visit our web site, for ways we can get that wealth back in our country. as you get ready to plan for your weekend, we know where of you will be heading to the movies for perhaps date night or a family outing, they just announced no kids under 6 will be allowed into r. rated movies. the reporter explains what you need to know before you pack your kids in the car. >> reporter: if you go to scope out the latest r. rated flick and you've got these, several theatres will refuse your admission. >> i think it is probably better for patrons too. >> reporter: one of the largest
12:35 am
country is banning kids under 6 from all r. rated movies. >> i would tend to agree with that. i don't necessarily think kids need to be in rated r. movies. >> reporter: the parents we spoke to thought it was a good idea, not just for kids, but for adults. >> if i'm an adult and i'm going to an adult movie, i wouldn't want to have to worry about little kids running around. >> reporter: and regan is not the only one, and amc and a no 6 after 6:00 policy. online most agree with the policy, but is it overstepping? >> and we did to "star wars," but i think that is pg or pg- 13. >> their dad has a difference. he wants to take them like to "star wars." >> and daddy also gives us a lot of candy! [ laughter ] >> as long as there's no been on candy.


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