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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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history in havana. president obama met with cuban president castro. the leaders talked about issues from agriculture to human rights and of course the half-century old us traded -- trade embargo. the majority of americans restoring diplomatic ties, 52% approved on how the president is handling the relations with the eye the nation. chris martinez is in havana. >> reporter: this is a new day. >> president obama and cuban president raul castro address reporters after their first summit meeting. both men said that while the road to a normalized relation between the cold war adversaries would not be easy it is possible for both countries to work together. protester, that means an end to the embargo. >> the most important obstacle
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the well-being of the cuban people. >> president obama and havana was do its share. >> to show that it is ready to do more business. which includes allowing joint ventures and allowing foreign companies to hire cubans directly. >> they promise to continue the dialogue in the months to come.>> it is forcing changes in the preparation for tomorrow's baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team and a reminder that not all cubans are giving the president a sunny reception. more than 50 people were arrested during a protest by the group known as the ladies in white. overwhelmingly cubans see the visit as a way to celebrate. >> we are very proud. >> we need relations with north america in the united states
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>> chris martinez, cbs news. president obama and castro praised the work both nations have done so far in resuming the relations. later this year more regular commercial flights will return to the cuban sky. here is more of the story on why there has been so little interaction between the us and cuba. the dells took over. he took away land and oil refineries. following year before cutting ties in january 1961. pigs invasion a year later. the cuban missile crisis. john f. kennedy attempted to talk. a decade later the us revealed there were eight failed assassination attempts on castro. in the early 80s the us put cuba on their state-sponsored terrorism list.
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dialogue between the countries. fast-forward to 2006 and castro has heart surgery so his brother takes over as acting president. he took on that will a year later. in 2009 president obama lifted restrictions on families traveling between the countries. last april the president to cuba off the terrorism list. by july they were open embassies in dc and havana. coming up, 10 news this morning anchor ian reitz joins us from cuba and shows us how the tampa bay rays are part of this trip. a wrong way driver that nearly hit a tampa police cruiser. temple police said the woman behind the wheel here is 34- year-old aja cancela. the 34-year-old nearly hit a police officer i-275 who is what on his way home. cancela was speeding south in
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got off where she was arrested. to 75 in tampa is one of the most common spots for roadway crashes. we are learning the wrong way driver who hit and killed a deputy and had a blood alcohol level iii times the legal limit. 31-year-old erik mcbeth was driving when he hit deputy john could feel you have on. deputy kotfila is being laid to rest of this week. the question stands, was -- what is it going to take to make roads safer. we are asking fdot tough questions. we know the names of the men killed in this fiery plane crash on davis island on friday. friends and relatives identified 54-year-old capri see and kevin grano. the transportation safety board said they are interviewing the pilot of another plane that took off with peter overnight airport.
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went wrong. the only survivor of a crash is spending his 21st birthday recovering in the hospital. three young men were killed in this crash. cyr said officers say they were headed on university parkway between or bradenton and desoto road when they crashed into a tree. investigators tell us they were going so fast the crash caused the car to split in half. >> the officers how to tell the families that three >> the officers how to tell the families that 321-year-old lives were cut short. it is heartbreaking for anyone to have to do that and the families were grieving. >> police are looking into whether alcohol or drugs could of been a factor. they are continuing the investigation. this houck hogan deserve more money? these would be punitive damages on top of the 156 these would be punitive damages on top of the $156 million that he was awarded on friday.
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>> reporter: hogan's lawyers telling them that this is their judgment. they awarded hogan $115 million in economic damages and emotional stress. the jury began deliberating around 1:45 pm today to decide how gawker should be punished. gawker's lawyer said haven't they suffered enough. lawyer michael berry said the verdict rendered will be financially devastating for gawker founder nick denton. the $115 million message has already been heard loud and clear. >> your verdict is punishing my clients. they will know now deter others . your verdict will send a chill down the spine of publishers, producers, and it sent the message of deterrence already. >> they are still deliberating
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be and we are monitoring it coming up at 6:00. jennifer titus. the tampa bay rays. for the first time since 1999 an mlb team is playing in cuba. the team arrived last night and so did anchor ian reitz joining the on and off rain that you event. >> reporter: it looks like in is on a little bit of a delay. can you hear us? we do have signal with ian
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that signal back. he has a story of how things are going in havana. all of the presidential candidates spent time today in the nation's capital making a must stop for those seeking the white house. four of the five candidates are addressing the largest pro- israel political action group. frank boswell shows you what it means for the road to the white house. >> reporter: donald trump is expected to dodge deeper into his foreign-policy plans with the israel american public affairs conference. >> i want to speak to governmental people in israel and here and i want to speak to various senators and people. >> hillary clinton address the crowd monday morning and called out trumps campaign rhetoric even though she never mentioned his name. >> america should be better than this. and i believe it is our responsibility as citizens to say so. if you see bigotry and
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>> time stay in washington included a tour of his new hotel on pennsylvania avenue and a meeting with lawmakers on capitol hill. >> i think he has the clearest class -- path to the nomination and it makes sense to unify the him. >> the only candidate not to address apec is the only jewish candidate. bernie sanders chose to campaign west. craig boswell. voters head to the person arizona, and utah and idaho. 10 news has learned the city is not a finalist for the federal grant. the plan was to build a gondola from the st. pete pier all the way to treasure island in pasadena. the city will have to find other ways to relieve traffic and transportation problems in
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let's take a look outside at sky to network traffic cameras. you can see, is this the correct camera? >> i-4 and not the howard frankland bridge. we had a little bit of slow down because of traffic. looking like the howard frankland is a little bit backed up. >> look outside. it is beautiful. a little cooler. >> how cold it will get tonight we will find that out. traffic and weather alerts anytime of the day. demo the 10 news at the app store. cars with electronic gear shifts going haywire. >> by the feds are investigating and why you should look out for your ride, next. the same window that can treat -- change your life in a
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will not the time that any of us would look forward to. the start of hurricane season two months away. >> many may have or plan to install hurricane windows. the windows could also trap you inside. avery coffman is live in the newsroom with a store you will see here. >> reporter: these windows, they are strong enough to protect you from flying debris during hurricane winds but if they are strong enough to keep things like tree limbs and pieces of metal out, how is
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fire department. today the fire department showed 10 news have a have been trained to get with these windows. they use a small handful like axis and chainsaws. that takes quite a chunk of time. you can see how thick the planes are in the with three different layers of laminated glass. they are dying -- they break inside the frame and that is where there could be a big problem when first responders have to get in quickly. >> trying to get out with just handtools is time consuming when you are wearing the gear and you are in an environment that is unsafe. time is of the essence. >> are these windows going to slow down firefighters? they say yes but want you to know having hurricane windows
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you have to adapt to changing technology and training. jobs to keep you safe. you have heard stories recently of hoverboards exploding or catching on fire. alternate. they made a new hoverboard called the 10 and it is past united states. the breakthrough is according to the designers is made only of samsung components. they have not said when you can buy one. talking about the weather, a lot of parts of the country would kill to have the first day of spring we had. >> we are spoiled and we are looking at this like where is
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>> we are seeing a lot of sunshine right now. we looked out across the board and seeing-clouds. as we look to the beach, looking gorgeous. while it looks pretty and we are not tracking storm tracker 10 models, it sets us up for a big chill overnight tonight. we're down to 63 in tampa and 62 st. pete. 60 new port richey. 58 in tarpon springs. we have chilly temperatures for you are inland of citrus or frost advisory that goes into effect at 4:00. you would think that we make it into spring,
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those inside tonight. you will see temperatures in the 30s. when we will have the die down, they will be doing that along the coast. still greasy, 17 mile-per-hour wind gusts in clearwater. even breezy are now in tampa. that is when the passage of the cold front happens. it creates an environment where we have that dry air in place for the passage of the front. the temperatures are going to be dropping with the winds come down. into the mid-50s by midnight and then we will see a chilly start to the day tomorrow. over the next 48 hours we will see changes. notice how low the two points are overnight. a lot of times these are good indicators of how low the temperatures could get. in this case we haven't spring working for us. we will run out at night and it will keep the temperatures up. while the temperature stay low we will see a rebound in the numbers.
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tomorrow and these come way up by wednesday. the warm sticky feeling for springtime is coming back. quickly dropping temperatures and potential for patchy frost for citrus and hernando county's and around the bay area. how close are we talking about? 48 at mcdill, 43 loose -- lutz. 38 tonight in inverness. sarasota, 47 overnight tonight. temperatures into the low 40s as we get you into the inland spots. not a great day on the water. a heavy chop on the bay. that will ease over the next 24 to 48 hours. the winds will relax a little bit. isolated chances on thursday with a big rain chance moving in for the weekend.
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later and if you haven't already downloaded our 10 news app it is free. you will get access to storm tracker 10. not everyone is excited about the president's trip to cuba. although at 5:30 pm, why cuban- nothing will change as long as the same regime is in charge. apple and playing -- unveiling new gadgets. how to cash in when you trade in. white, camera, action means more to a seminal high school teenager after his dream came true after meeting his hollywood hero. >> the stories and more coming up at 5:30 pm. it is march madness. >> these games have been killing me. >> we do want to see your photos on superstitious
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we will share those later. you could wear a pair of lucky socks or maybe a lucky chair. from now until march 30, share a picture of you and your superstition on our 10 news facebook page and while you are there make sure you enter for a chance to when the mac a
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thank you for staying with us. let's try this. we are going to 10 news this morning anchor in
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the wi-fi signal in the country in cuba is spotty. >> reporter: yes. it is spotty. there is a lot of excitement on the eve of the historic baseball game. between the tampa bay rays have the cuban national team. so much has gone into getting to this moment. less than 24 hours away from the big game and lots of crap for the stadium. i want to show you the finishing touches. this is the latin americano, where they have been working sure that everything is in order. those in attendance at tomorrow's historic game and you see here is are finishing baseball game featuring the tampa bay rays. first the major league teams in havana cuba since 1989. they arrived last night taking -- tampa to havana.
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around and get used to things. they put in one practice and had a baseball clinic with children. we talked with a few players this morning on the team about who made the roster. the individuals that are here today to make that game happen. there is one outfielder who was born in cuba. he is back with the team. the team lobbied and makes its return trip with them. we will hear from them coming up later. he said he was moved by the fact that so many team members went to managers and said they wanted to make sure that he made this trip because it was personal. he was reunited with family members he hasn't seen for years last night. it was an emotional moment. when he takes the field tomorrow he will be one of the starting players and the walkout to 55,000 people packed that stadium. we have more on this trip to cuba and we will see it throughout the night.
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i am excited to see the game . it is really nice to see glimpses of what the country looks like. >> that was a beautiful background. >> despite the rain on and off during the day it is gorgeous. just ahead, putting convenience over safety. y and automaker is taking steps to avoid crashes. >> the president of the united states and baseball in cuba.
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thank you for sticking with us. >> three big stories happening


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