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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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war. he took time to talk to the rays. the president has a busy schedule and left in the fourth inning to keep up with the diplomatic visit. president obama made his first speech to the cuban people but he did not talk about his remarks and start remarks by talking about cuba or the us. instead he took that opportunity to speak about terror attacks in brussels. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support friend and ally belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible. this is yet another reminder the world must unite. we must be together. regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> we have been staying on top
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>> even though the numbers are changing minute by minute, 31 people are dead. 200 hz. two bombs went off at the airport in another at dead -- downtown metro. isis is claiming responsibility. two suicide bombers carried out the attacks but they are looking for a third suspect. a home was raided in a brussels neighborhood and they found an explosive device. and an islamic state flag. the brussels airport will stay closed until tomorrow and the prime minister will have three days of national mourning. >> please stop for a moment and taken but it was like in the minutes following the attacks. >> everyone was scared and running. i just saw a little bit of smoke and didn't know where the explosions happen.
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lots of people were covered in blood. >> i was in the metro headed to malbec and we received a big blast of air and the train stopped. we waited and then enter the carriages. >> you heard and saw the chaos with a look at where this happen. belgium is a small country in between france, germany and the netherlands. is capital is brussels and because the country is so small it is 164 miles between brussels this is the same distance between tampa and jacksonville. take a look at why brussels is
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that is close to the headquarters of nato, the military alliance. the other spot that metro station, close to the european union brussels is a center for international politics. it has a huge immigrant population. people from outside of belcher make up 70% of the brussels population. united nations said belgium has per capita the highest number of citizens traveling to fight in syria and iraq. 500 belgians have gone to the middle east to fight. something you may not a part about. the last flight out of the airport before this happened was headed to florida. passengers landed a few hours ago.
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i feel blessed to be back. >> they didn't learn about the they claim there was no announcement and they did not have wi-fi. we are getting reports that parts of the main terminal at denver international airport reports of a possible security details. we are told that the evacuations were happening near the check-in areas for american airlines and that is the area before the checkpoint. flights have not been affected. we will let you know as soon as we get more information. security has increased at airports and subway systems and train stations across the united states. police are patrolling the outside of airports with bomb sniffing dogs. even with increased patrols, us
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terror alert level. two usf faculty are safe. usf said doctor sam stone and ebola al keck are in brussels on a trip with the global engagement office. it is possible they are doing everything to make sure faculty stay safe when traveling to other countries. like we saw after the attacks in paris, support is pouring in for belgium from around the world. the eiffel tower lit in the colors of belgium. all the way in dubai, the world's largest skyscraper, lit up in the same colors. flags are at half staff at home including the american flag outside the 10 news studio . we are staying on top of the brussel terror attacks for you and as soon as there is new information we will bring it to
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get it for free. for the third time in weeks another dui driver was arrested after a crash. the most recent case was a scary one. hillsborough deputies say a man from arizona backed his rental car into a wawa gas pump on nebraska avenue. the pump caught fire and was doused. no one was hurt. over the weekend and tampa offices arrested this mother on dui charges. dashcam video shows were nearly slamming head- on into a tampa police officer. the weekend before hillsborough county deputy was not as fortunate. a wrong way driver on the selmon expressway hit deputy john kotfila head-on. killing him. these are preventable. why are there not tougher penalties to keep people from getting behind the wheel when they are drunk? tammie fields is digging deeper tonight.
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presence and even knowing the penalties, thousands of people continue to drink and drive risking their lives and yours. >> have you had anything to drink? >> allison hoffman at three dui arrest and still driving with a valid license when she plowed into a driver killing him. >> with record she should have been put away a long time ago. >> there are more than 100,003 time dui offenders still driving and in florida defense attorneys are able to get almost 40% of the dui arrest charges dropped directly or dismissed entirely. vince kill specializes in dui cases. have a high probability of not being convicted if they've never been in trouble with the law before. unless there is a serious injury or death.
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initial duis, the penalty gets harsher. >> a second eur -- dui, mandatory jail. of your drivers license. >> those are considered to misdemeanors and drivers can base a felony charge if arrested for a third dui within a 10 year period. >> most of times you hear they are involved in an suspended. they are not following the law. >> tammie fields. 10 news. a federal grant has helped the tempo police get 100 more dui drivers off the roads as compared to this time last year. a crime alert. sarasota deputies need your help finding a man who stole from an elderly woman. take a look at the suspect. caught on camera at a bank of america. deputies say the man
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woman as she was using the atm. they say he told her he was working and stepped in front of her and the suspect still $800 from her account call. if you recognize the guy call sarasota deputies. 62nd scan. former toronto mayor former toronto mayor rob ford practiced away today after fighting cancer. he was 46 years old. his time in office was overshadowed by headlines with problems of drug and alcohol. voters right now are deciding who should be their party's presidential nominee. hillary clinton and donald trump are looking to extend their leaves for the 200 delegates up for grabs. today. disney world animal kingdom shows a festival of the line king today. video shows smoke coming out of
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ethier -- fbi may have found a way to unlock the san bernardino shoot yourself that they would not need apple to get what they are looking for. apple and the fbi were supposed to face off today. they should know by early april whether the new method unlocks the iphone. that is your 60. that is your 62nd scan. >> a gorgeous day at the valley museum in downtown. spring off to a chilly start but we will let you know when it will warm up. get weather alerts anytime by downloading the 10 news app. it is free from your app store. search wtsp. custody battle getting attention. >> you probably never heard of the law that for a six-year-old girl from the only family she's ever known. twice in the same day. a man accused of impersonating
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and arrest in largo has put drivers on alert. this man posed a pinellas county sheriff's deputy price of 24 hours. he was seen walking around his apartment complex introducing himself as an undercover deputy. the second case is more scary. he tried to pull over a woman along us 19 using a red flashing light in his car. this is not the first case of
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jennifer titus takes a closer look at what you should do if you kill someone suspicious is trying to pull you over. >> reporter:'s name is todd blumencranz and while police know who years he has never been a cop. he pretended to be one price. arrested both times. >> people like to talk about them being an officer. it's another thing to get in a vehicle and actually try to stop somebody or take action. that is where the problems began. >> it could of been a big problem the one driver sunday morning when blumencranz tried to pull her over with a fake red light on his car. >> sergeant. mike lentz is right. we went online and there are hundreds of options. a few clicks and the red light shift. >> we ask you to a precaution if it is a unmarked car. look for. >> you want to be as visible as
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even in the unmarked cars we really want to be more visible in those cars. >> if you aren't sure you can call 911. >> explain what is going on and that you are being stopped and they were we let information to local agencies and coordinate efforts to make sure it is an officer. >> jennifer titus. 10 news. police say blumencranz was also arrested a few times at 2014 also for impersonating an officer. today felt like spring. >> we earned it after the day a little chilly this morning for one of the first few days of spring. lots of sunshine now. from bradenton beach back to
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comfortable temperatures. great sunny skies and nothing going on on storm tracker 10. again. the numbers, 71 now in tampa. 74 in st. petersburg. 73 mulberry. 60s hanging down right now. overall the are looking good. mainly things too much lighter winds today. out of the north still that between 5 to 10 miles per hour. at times please year. with that we had yesterday we're seeing 15 to 20 miles per hour gusts not driving" there any northwoods keeping it dry air in place for next few hours but we will start to see those as we had to the overnight. we will pull in more moisture and warmer temperatures. we will heat things up a little bit into tomorrow and the big difference is not starting off
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in the 50s with a few 40s into the nature coast. dropping 257 tomorrow and tampa. not as cold as it was this morning where we saw mid-30s and hernando and citrus county. 56 tonight in palm harbor. 58 palm springs. 56 in bradenton. inland spots run cooler during the overnight to the low 50s. 52 lakeland. great day tomorrow. lie chop on the bay and 1 to 2 foot seas and lighter southeast winds at 5 to 10 kn. high tide coming up at 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and low tide shortly before 9 am. starting tomorrow we're on the warming trend. southeast winds back in the forecast things too high pressure to the east but looking to the, there is the
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thursday. notice by that point where you will see stray showers in the afternoon. not widespread but the warming trend is happening and that could show thunderstorm activity. more likely as we look ahead to the weekend. keep that in mind. saturday especially and likely easter sunday we will track scattered showers and thunderstorms a few of which could be on the strong side. something we are watching carefully for that possibility of severe weather. faucet until we head into tuesday. busy weekend ahead. out. download it before we get there.
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as easy as you think. >> warming us relations and now a cruise to cuba. before you go booking your reservation you may want to hear what the travel expert has to say. a crackdown. more rules in place to protect you from damaging uv rays. tripp choosing a secure password can be tricky. we're breaking down the to you can use to keep your information safe. the stories and more coming up next at 5:30 pm. a wild chase between police and a cement mixer. the crazy part is who was behind the wheel. march madness and we want to see photos of superstitious traditions you use to keep. from now until march 30, share your photos on our facebook page . make sure to enter for your
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beautiful right there. check this out. this is a live look at havana, cuba. the tampa bay rays are playing cuba right now. the bottom of the ninth. new video of a high-speed chase that would make you do a double take. a cement mixer flying down the highway in minnesota and you can see police right behind. even more shocking, guess who
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an 11-year-old boy. he still that cement mixer from a contractor and was going as fast as 71 miles per hour. he blew a tire on the track but he didn't stop. it caused damage. during the chase. no one got hurt. something else that is making people matt. pictures of a dog in the flat bed of the moving truck. the pictures were taken on sunday in texas. the truck was reportedly going 65 miles per hour even though thousands of people share the pictures and outrage. it is legal in texas to transport animals like this. >> this is an extremely dangerous situation that the start was put in by someone that is supposed to be his caregiver and provider. and somebody that is supposed to love him and take care of
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>> police say if the doctor had gotten hurt then it would be considered a crime. the humane society this is an example of the need for stricter animal laws in texas. you've heard about carnival planning purposes to cuba but we are breaking down the reality of what likely will be moved -- no vacation at all. the first home game of the year right behind me.
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i am reginald roundtree. i am courtney robinson. breaking news at the denver international airport. parts of the main terminal are still evacuated after reports
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this is near the check-in area for american airlines. >> this is affecting other ticket counters including air canada, and british airways. it would be before the tsa security checkpoint. flights are continuing. three the stories happening now. learning more about the brussels explosions. three mormon missionaries from you talk or in the hospital after they were hurt at the airport. there are expected to be okay. the us service center and his family were part of the tragedy but no word on their injuries. since the texas state trooper who pulled over sandra bland last summer said he is not guilty of perjury. the two printer that plea for that charge stemming from her jailhouse death. he said he has been getting


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