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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 6, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EST

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smell what? the gas. pilot went out. then i found a corroded pipe. had to change it out. oh, no. the air smells fine. mm. it's funny, i'm supposed to be helping with repairs around the building, but so far, most of the broken-down stuff is in here. i got your text. you said you want to talk about something? uh, yeah. a job. i told you that i was gonna take a break from interviewing. well, you would not need to interview for this job. it would be with me. i thought i could teach you to do what i do. (chuckles) you want to teach me... to be a private eye? i think you'd be great at it-- you're smart, you know how to read people. you were a great help when we were looking for the bensonhurst bomber. we would not have been able to find him without you. i was a help because i'm an ex-con. that don't mean i'm good at detecting stuff. i knew a guy who knew a guy. you would be surprised how important those connections are
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(scoffs) you should try going to prison for a while. listen, sherlock and i have experience with teaching. you'd be paid a stipend, which is more than you make at the gym. but the work is hard. you'd have to be available 24/7. and you'd have to study harder than you've ever studied in your life. but in the end, i think it would be worth it. you'd be your own boss. and it's work that your daughter could be proud of. no. no. all that you're doing. you know i do. but that doesn't mean i'm always gonna agree with you. i don't expect you to. i know, it just feels that way sometimes. thank you for the offer. of course. all right, listen, you have a good night, okay? (door opens)
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what are you doing? i'm just typing. i mean with the glasses. oh, i-i forgot i had those on. they're, uh, they're just helping me get into character. (computer beeps) oh, my god, you have your own trueromantix account? no, wade applewhite has his own trueromantix account. he's one of my aliases. florida-born, moved to the city in '07, systems analyst with big dreams, enjoys wind surfing. i thought i would take a page out of damien novak's book what do you mean? i've been romancing a secretary who works at the investment firm which backed yvette ingram's lawsuit. we've been chatting for almost an hour. i think she's a hair's breadth from sending me a list of the individuals who profited. wow, that's pretty low. well, it is and it isn't. i mean, i chose her based on certain beliefs she's espoused on social media. for example, she started her own chapter of the ayn rand appreciation society because the new york chapter was too charitable,
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for line dancing tomorrow night, i'm not going to lose much sleep. oh, i spoke to shinwell tonight. and? you're right... not a detective. not for everyone, watson. in fact... (computer pings) oh. the biscuit is in the basket. sorry. that's just something that wade would say. his would-be girlfriend has sent a list of investors. tell me you don't have to catfish any of them tonight. i don't think any additional subterfuge will be necessary. one of these names is quite familiar. you met him the other day. you should know, i've advised my client not to answer any questions. bell: that's okay, he can just listen. we know you lied to us the other day, mr. lerner. when we said there was evidence that suggested your brother-in-law was a sex predator, you couldn't get on board fast enough. but the truth is he was hunting men like that. and you knew it. you said you talked to damien after your sister thought he was having an affair.
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e fortuitous. you'd invested rather heavily in a sexual harassment suit being brought by a woman named yvette ingram. and those depositions were not going as you'd hoped. so you created a phony trueromantix profile for yvette's former boss, jack mcgill, and struck up a conversation with one of damien's alter egos. not long after, damien assaulted mcgill, and posted a video that branded him a sex predator. a big cash settlement for yvette went from being a long shot to a sure thing. you made your money back times ten. a loose end, however, so you tied him up. garrett: wait. what do y-- what do you mean? garrett. no, no, uh... are-are you saying i killed him? the other day, you let your sister think that her freshly-murdered husband was a habitual seducer of teenagers, so it's not hard for us to see you make the leap to murder. have you said anything to stephanie about this? garrett, i thought we agreed... no, no, no, no. they think i killed damien. do you know what that would do to my sister?
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yet. okay, yes. i tricked damien into going after mcgill, but i did not kill him. mr. lerner, after everything that's happened, why should we believe a word you say? because... i needed him alive. explain that to us. when i communicated with him as jack mcgill, i did it from a library near my house. if he ever caught on to me, i didn't want him to trace it back to my home computer. the night that he was killed, i was at the library again. i had invested in another sexual harassment case. i figured i could use damien again o the way i wanted. i was creating a phony profile, okay, in the name of the new defendant, to get damien to go after him. there's cameras at the library. go see. i'm-i'm telling the truth. am i a despicable person? yes. did i trick damien? yes. but i'm telling you, i never would have hurt him.
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watson: how'd it go at the library?
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of the codex seraphinianus in 2011 and never returned it. and they refused access to their security footage until i settled up. $463 later, marcus and i were able to confirm garrett lerner's alibi. he did not kill his brother-in-law. watson: i had a feeling it was going that way, so i dug back into the men that damien novak shamed. and? well, you and i both don't like jack mcgill for the murder, so i put him to the side. jerome chun is still in a coma, and reuben welker is still in prison. so that just leaves ignacio gomez and shane fitzhugh. both of whom fled the country. yeah. that why you were crying, watson? excuse me? you've been crying sometime in the last hour. okay, first of all, i did not cry, i teared up, and second of all, it wasn't because we weren't able to pin one of these guys to the murder. it was because of these. oh, these are the statements
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was one of fitzhugh's victims, nadia swain. he was her j.v. field hockey coach. over the course of a year, he abused her over a hundred times. she was 14. 20 when she wrote this. yeah, it took her that long to come forward. when she was a kid, he convinced her that no one was gonna believe her and it was all her fault. when she went to college, she knew better. hmm. told you it was tough to read. ms. swain writes that for years she's required a daily cocktail of anti-depressants who knows how long she's gonna have to take those for? (sighs) is there a problem? well, the problem is, i don't just know who killed damien novak, watson. but i liked her. miss parsons, please have a seat. if you need more data from trueromantix, i can't help you. i gave my notice two days ago. no, that's not why we asked you here.
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why you were interested in my conversation with your boss. i thought you were eavesdropping because you didn't like him, but in truth, you wanted to know how much the police knew about damien novak's murder. i'm sorry. um... damien novak? the man you shot the other night. we know your real name is nadia swain. we also know that in 2009 you were victimized by a man named shane fitzhugh. last year, you worked up the courage to tell the new jersey police about it. holmes: you gave them a very detailed statement, and in that you explained how you needed a, uh, certain regimen of medications now. sertraline, 150 milligrams, once a day. aripiprazole, five milligrams, twice a day. clonazepam, one-half milligram, once a day. now, when i approached your desk the other day, i saw that very same combination of medications in your pill organizer. you own a white toyota camry, right? so? we have video of a white camry tearing out of the parking lot where damien novak was shot. a lot of people own white camrys. how many of them
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it's the same caliber gun used to kill damien novak. at first we... we didn't get it. why kill novak? i mean, he shamed sex predators, including the one that hurt you. but then we reached out to jersey city pd. all of a sudden, everything made sense. after you came forward, they started an investigation into mr. fitzhugh. they took what you said very seriously. but after so much time had passed, there wasn't any evidence. bell: it took them a few months, ... then a third. holmes: so they were on the verge of making an arrest, and then mr. novak muscles his way into the equation. he shames your tormentor. he does such a good job, the man has to leave the country. so, all of a sudden, your quest for justice... over. you got angry, you wanted revenge, but the man who cost you a shot at fitzhugh was anonymous. all anyone knew about him
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holmes: so you dropped out of college. you got a job there, undercover, right? you got access to their files, and then all of a sudden, this hunter, he becomes the hunted. bell: it took you some time, but you managed to identify novak's newest phony accounts. you monitored them, and when you saw he was going to meet winston utz at a motel a few nights ago, you acted. i wanted him to understand what he'd done. i wanted to shame him. i was gonna make a video of my own. him on his knees apologizing. he was on his way to that man's room when i came up behind him and put the gun to his back. (crying) made him tie his own hands. but then, when he turned around, when he saw me... ...he wasn't afraid anymore. he said
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...but he wasn't gonna stop. it's like when he looked at me, he saw what shane saw. a victim. (crying) i didn't mean to kill him. (footsteps) watson: what are you doing? well, you don't have your glasses on, so i'm guessing you're not wade applewhite right now. i am not. bali. isn't that where shane fitzhugh fled to? indonesia has no extradition treaty with the united states. in my early days as a detective, i lost many suspects to such countries. didn't sit well, so i began to develop friendships
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okay. shane fitzhugh's going to be arrested by the balinese police tomorrow morning. did he hurt someone there? gonna find ten kilograms of uncut cocaine in his home. your friend is gonna plant it. drug laws in that part of the world... quite severe. he'll be spending the rest of his life in an indonesian prison. i typically don't like such measures, but there's ample evidence that fitzhugh's a threat to young women wherever he resides. if you feel i'm acting rashly... i didn't say anything. (indistinct voices in distance)
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uldn't find a better hiding place for this thing? hey, if i can find it, so can your parole officer. why are you here? heard about your new friend, ms. watson. i understand you two been spending a lot of time together. what do you care? (laughing) you are aware that she works for the police, aren't you? you and me, shinwell, we got big plans. be a shame if you die before we see them through. (door opens) (door closes) [ bells jingling ] whoa. the holidays are coming. [ barks ] you're right. we need to get ready for the big show.
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hey iron man can you run up for the lights? you got it. oh, hey. what do you think? tall enough? definitely taller. it's starting to click guys. woo-hoo. yes. [ instrumental music ] we're gonna make this... [ barks ] yeah, spectacular.
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good evening, i'm tammie fields. we're glad you're here. with only 2 days to go... good evening. i am tammy and am glad you are here and a brand new poll showing donald trump and hillary clinton are tied neck and neck ipflainwith 45% of -- in florida
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private e-mailer and donald trump said the fbi got wrong. >> hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi go combo it and -- the fbi knows it and it up to the people to go to the ballot box. >> and trump's tumperment. >> in the last two-days they had so little confidence in his self control they said we will taking way your twitter. if someone can't handle a twitter account.
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voed -- handle the nuclear codes. >> a record number of floridaens have voted early. half of all registered voters casted their ballots. >> 6 million have taken the steps to vote early and this year is special important to get out and -- especially to get out and thereand make sure my -- there and make sure my vote counts. >> my vote wouldn't have counted if i wasn't able to early vote. >> all during a campaign causing concern that it could spill over on election day. >> i am sure there will be
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>> a poll found that voters are worried about violence on election day. the crowds are another reason. >> a country divided and a country united by their desire to vote. >> there is no excuse not to get to the polls they are offering free chill child care. check with your ymca and see if they are offering. >> if you never used uber before. the company will give you a $20 discount. put in the promo code vote today. >> and zip car is opening
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to be a member. don't forget to sign up for services. most public buses will give you a free ride just show you voter id ask the cant and to the candidate florida house. and explaining which counties could decide the election. >> the way they go tends to go the united states. so we will be watching tampa, hillsborough and st. petersburg. and orange county and the counties to watch. those trends will tell us probably not early on. but will be the first signs as
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>> florida is so critical donald trump is making one last stop and will be in sarasota tomorrow for a rally and biden and buffet will also be in florida tomorrow for hillary clinton. >> this car caught fire in the southbound lane and a mother and her two childrenwer in the vehicle and were able -- children were in the vehicle and able to escape just in time. >> the children's mother was inside this car and was the only one to survive. and tonight investigators are piecing tomorrow a time line of what happens to the hours leading up to the crash and the
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>>. >> reporter: many are grieving. >> when they said the kids make the i knew it was him. >> reporter: he stopped by the scene of the deadly car crash. >> i couldn't believe it. i just talk to him not even 14 hours ago. >> mcdaniels said his brenned was the drive -- friend was the driver. and the c children. 9 and 5 years old. >> it is unusual too have your kids in the car around this time of night. he would always take them to someone's half. >> he was driving north around 2:30 in the morning. and he lost control smashing into this guard rail. flailed over and land -- flipped
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the only survivor was taken to tampa general seriously hurt. >> reporter: they said that alcohol played a role but they can't see if he was impaired behind the wheel until the tox report -- toxicology report is complete. >> it hit home. >> ten news wtsp. >> a scary moment and one of the gunman opened fire at the internet cafe and the internet
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that. the suspect eventually let the woman go and no one was hurt here. >> deputies shot and killed man after they say he charged them with a knife. deputies say they saw 49-year-old behind the wheel of the pick up truck. and taking out the front pillar of the home. when they they said he said you will have to kill me, they have captured a serial curl in south carolina -- killer in south carolina. he was back in court today for the second time in 48 hours facing four charges off murder. he is connected to a case that
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the county sheriff said they admited a crime and revealing details on lathe killerred with havedying -- only the kill would have known. >> he was arrested after a woman was found tied up dog on his property. he said she watched him shoot her boyfriend for they replied to an on line ad to a cleaning job. >> the u quake was felt -- earthquake was felt as far as way of little rock. and oklahoma was fit with another quake last week as well.
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field -- on the field and off the field battle and now getting the kids to help around the house because they want to. >> it is a really nice weekend across the bay area and we stay nice and dry but we are tracking the possibility of some rain as we head into work weak.
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? ? you hear my voice, you hear that sound ? ? like thunder, gonna shake your ground ? ? you held me down ? ? but i got up ? ? get ready 'cause i've had enough ?
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? dancing through the fire ? ? 'cause i am the champion ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? ? ? roar, oh, oh, oh ? ? roar ? ? i got the eye of the tiger, a fighter ? ? dancing through the fire ? ? 'cause i am the champion ? ou're gonna hear me roar ? ? oh, louder ? ? and you're gonna hear me roar ? i'm hillary clinton
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0. getting kids to do their chores can be a real strugt but
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>> for cleaning my bed room i get $four. >> her chores are managed and paid for with a site called hourly dot help. >> when it is interactive and on a device it seems to make them more excited to do it. >> she takes before and after photos to and he approvals the job and money is sent to the online account. >> small tasks are getting done and it gives them some is aauthority. >> chore monster, patched make a list and kids -- parent make a list of chores and kids get points. >> in the you rule app you can
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>> every thing they do is digital. so we are how areing parent to understand if -- allowing parent to understand they can use this system. >> it is a fun and easier way to do chores. >> charges for the app vary, hourly charges a small fee when the account is reloaded. and lively said, it is well worth it. >> reporter: had a wonderful weekend i want to get you started and out the door tomorrow morning as you get the kids out and ready for school. it will be mild.


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