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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you will encounter patchy north fog. be careful especially on the i- 75 corridor. temperatures this morning cooler north of i-4. down in the 50s. a lot of 60s as we get tampa bay area southward with 80s once again in the forecast for many of us this afternoon. but the 82 today, it's gonna feel very dry. still very comfortable. that drier air continues to filter in leading to a cool start tomorrow. i will have a friday forecast for you shaping coming up in about about ten minutes. hot spots at 6:00 on your thursday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. in pasco county in the dade city area there is an accident along i-75. it's in the southbound direction as you approach state road 52. this is the exact area where ashley says there could be some fog. make sure you get your low beams on. coming up in less than ten minutes i will have your interstate drive times and i will also take you to the bridges. your news, your community, and we're putting the news back in the morning.
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at 6. good thursday morning to you. welcome to "10news this morning." i am allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. how does free coffee sound? plus, we are just about two weeks away from black friday, but some stores are starting sales today. overnight thousands of protesters expressed their outrage at the country's decision to elect donald trump as the next president. >> reporter: emerald morrow is live at the courthouse in tampa. we are expecting protests >> reporter: yeah, allison, wow, what a night it has been as people are reacting to electing a brand new president to our united states of america. now, obviously, this has been such a very divisive election cycle, and something that's really divided our nation, but tonight we are expecting that people are going to come right here to the courthouse to protest. >> not my president!
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some of the protests. thousands of people in major cities like chicago, los angeles, and new york have taken to the streets to say they will not stand for some of the sexist and racist rhetoric they say trump has promoted throughout his campaign. in new york people took it as far as protesting right outside of trump's home. some protesters say we made the wrong decision in electing trump to lead the nation and fear the country will later regret their decision. t much grief and i don't know where to put it. >> this is a mistake and i need to show up and show my solidarity. >> we are not going to stand for this. not the fact that he is the president, but we are not going to stand for the racism. we are not going to stand for the xenophobia. we are not going to stand for the miss og any.
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>> you have been on our facebook page and people are not holding back? >> reporter: no, allison, not at all. there is a lot of frustration, a lot of anger, as we all know. a lot of the comments that we have been getting on our facebook page are people saying, look guys, okay, i respect your right to free speech, but you to realize he is our new president and we have to move forward as a country. >> we have to figure out a way to do this together. emerald, thank you. petramala and melania will be meeting with president obama and first lady michelle obama in a few hours. it's a meeting that comes as trump and his transition team prepare to take the white house in january. hillary clinton urged
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assure those worried about the country's future. >> in some ways people think it's forward and others think it's moving back, and that's okay. >> donald trump stayed out of the public's eye yesterday, privately meeting with his staff to go over potential cabinet appointments. his transition team pledged to renew our american dream. wall street rallied following trump's clinton. stocks futures plunged overnight as the results initially came in. some analysts say trump's victory means it's unlikely the federal reserve will raise rates over the next coming tonight. the busiest airports this holiday season. chicago, atlanta, and l.a. they are going to have the most congestion and long lines.
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or christmas. thanksgiving may be two weeks away but some major retailers are starting their black friday sales now. if you downloaded the walmart app you can get these holiday deals today. some deals include a $79 seven foot trampoline, a laptop for 400 bucks and a 64-inch high- def tv. most discounts become available after midnight on thanksgiving day. target, one of the walmart's biggest competitor announcement for black friday sales. they will open at 6:00 at thanksgiving night but they kicked off black friday wednesday. some items includes a hoverboard and 20% off all apple tv models. brad pitt has been cleared of all child abuse allegations. he been under investigation after a family dispute on a private plane back in
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he and jolie's six children ranging in age from 8 to 18. the children are staying in jolie's mailbu home. the los angeles department of children and family services is not saying what led to the investigation. we have been goalie of -- guilty of this one. you send an email and regret it. google is rolling out an update for the ios users and this features an undo send button. you can already do this feature on the desktop, but you have to back the email within five seconds after it's been sent. it also has swipe to archive or delete. this is the biggest overhaul of the gmail app in three years. sprinkles bakery will open its cupcake atms on november 17. this is video of what that atm will most likely look like.
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running out of cupcakes. workers will restock it up to five times a day. they open in april. >> you look at some of the flavors they offer? >> they are a lot. >> lemon coconut and salty caramel. >> those are your favorite? >> you got to try those out. a lot of people are excited about this, too. >> we have been talking about starbucks gearing up for the holiday season, getting ready with the last year's cups caused quite a controversy. >> people were not happy. >> no. there was so much talk about this. this year they are doing things different. they have 13 different holiday cups this year. >> take that. >> candy canes, christmas lights, snowflakes, and even a reindeer. and what's interesting is these 13 cups, these designs were created by customers, that's nice. people were mad they were plain. tell us what you want them to look like, and we will put it on a cup.
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get a buy one get one deal on a holiday drink. that deal is from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. if you use snapchat, look at this filter, that's our 6 a.m. producer bethany on the snapchat filter, be sure to check that out. >> that's awesome. in you know in florida when you don't have the snow, you can use snapchat and kind of feel like, you know, you're drinking a nice holiday drink in the snow somewhere. >> yes, exactly. >> while you sit on the beach. >> that works. >> why not? coming up a candy cane as a holiday accessory. you can't beat this one. >> you wanted to know? >> i was curious. how celebrities are reacting to president-elect trump. and how about getting cash from amazon? now that medical marijuana is going to be legal in florida, what is next? there could be 2,000 new dispensaries opening in your
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tourism coming up at 6:30. it's 608 time right now. here is your bridge update. it's taking you six minutes to cross the howard frankland bridge. on the tampa side we haven't picked up just yet. the sunshine skyway bridge quiet. if you are about to head out the door, it is a good time. we are not seeing the northbound delays like we usually do. drive time 17 minutes from pinellas point drive down to 75 in manatee county. we are in for a sunrise over the next few minutes. that sun is going to get higher. our temperatures are going to come up today. but with drier air filtering in, we are off to a cool start for the morning tomorrow. details on all of that and your seven-day forecast coming up.
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the campaign you probably saw celebrities talking about leaving the country if their candidate didn't win.
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president, are they actually gonna leave? >> we haven't heard of anybody actually leaving. there is a bunch of folks who said they would during the last couple of months, especially as the campaign came closer to november. amy schumer was really vocal the entire campaign. she said she would move to spain. "us weekly" said she was joking. she calls people who leave the country disgusting. lena dunham told the hollywood reporter she would continue to do her work from vancouver. also former dailsh stewart told "people magazine" he would consider getting on a rocket and traveling to another planet. just a couple of the names that we have heard from. others who said they were going to leave include cher. >> and she actually went on twitter. she is calling for everybody to have compassion, peace, and empathy and she is trying to embrace the new president. >> and we are kind of waiting
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have to say about this. we talked about that one website with information about moving to canada, how it crashed because there was interest. another website talks about the expense sometimes associated that and the process involved. >> not as easy as you think it's gonna be. >> right. michael keaton will once again play in a comic book move. marvel studios says he will play vulture, a villain in the spider-man reboot spider-man homecoming. he played batman more than years. spider-man homecoming is expected to be released this july. it will be the first film in the franchise for marvel studios. amazon will pay you to use their dash button. it's an electronic button that allows you to order items from amazon with the press of a button. says not only can amazon prime members get a dash button for 99 cents today, they will pay back a credit for each
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pay you back $4 for each dash button. pretty cool. >> yeah. very easy if you need to refill something. >> makes it quick. there is a new makeup trend in time for your holiday parties. >> candy cane eyeliner. this is a thing. or could be the next big thing, i guess. beauty experts say folks are doing this by using white like wid liner and a red matte lipstick to give them a festive holiday look. >> that looks difficult. >> right. that woulde to make this look right. >> do you think you can eat with candy cane eyeliner. >> you are giving me a hard time about asking that question earlier. i thought it was prepackaged -- >> is that why you're not gonna use it? hilary has traffic for us at 6:15. >> let's hope not. that would be weird. 6:15 is the time right now.
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so far is along i-75 in pasco county where we are seeing a little bit of fog. this is near dade city and this crash is southbound i-75. you will see it in the shoulder. police are on scene there. get your low beams on if you run into a patch or two of fog. ashley will talk about that in a little bit. it's nothing major to roar which about. 75 through eastern hillsborough county is in the green. the sun city center area or apollo beach heading over to 75 from 275 to the selman expressway with speeds at 68 miles per hour. let's go live to sky ten and check out the i-4 corridor. this is i-4 and thonotosassa road. we are picking up a little bit in the westbound direction, but we are not seeing any stop-and- go traffic. if you can get out the door in the next 30 minutes or so, you will save yourself some time. drive time 15 minutes from polk parkway to 75.
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along u.s. 19 in the southbound direction between alternate 19 and tampa road, your drive time is 10 minutes there. no accidents reported in that area. polk county very quiet for you. polk parkway, i-4, and state road 60, all of the majors are in the green. sarasota and manatee county, good morning to you, that car fire on 75 at u.s. 301 in the ellenton area has cleared and 75 hasn't picked up past university and road send me an email. i am your road warrior and i will help you with any traffic safety issues. email me at we have to get rid of a little patchy fog. if you are traveling along the i-75 corridor through hernando, pasco, citrus countries, you may encounter some of that. in the bay area not a problem. that cloud cover sinking to the
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i am gonna step out of the way for a second. take a look at this gorgeous sunrise. also note not a cloud in the sky as we look out over tampa. get the cameras ready. it will be a great shot this morning. remember that with this much sunshine we are going to warm things up. starting off at 64 degrees in tampa, 58 in carrollwood, 52 in brookville. let me walk you through your day today. here's what you can expect in terms of those temperatures. by 9:00 they are starting to rebound pretty quickly. again, not much cloud cover in shower activity, that's going to stay well offshore, not gonna be an issue for us. those temperatures warming up to the upper 70s by the time you are heading outside for lunch, and i recommend an outdoor lunch. it's gonna be dry. there is gonna be a nice gentle breeze. it's gonna be bright and sunny. as the kids get off the school bus 78, 80 degrees. cooling down by the time you
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evening commute. it's after that temperatures start to drop very, very quickly, and we are already -- notice by the time we head to the 11:00 hour, as many of us are hitting the sack there, low 60s already, upper 50s for the nature coast and we keep right on falling. so as you're getting out the door tomorrow, if you are an early riser, temperatures a few in the upper 40s for the nature coast and then we will income the upper 50s for much of the bay area. pinellas especially coastal spots probably low 60s, but all in all a really nice start to the day tomorrow and tomorrow kicks off rim fest. huey lewis and the news and the news at 8:30. a great day from start to finish and the weekend just continues to be great for the tampa greek festival. all three days looking bright, looking sunny, temperatures in upper 70s for south tampa. then the bucs-bears at ray jay 1:00 sunday. that's your kickoff. 77 degrees is looking pretty good. not really tracking any rain chances until we head into tuesday, and even then we
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bit more widespread. the coverage is definitely backed off and down to a 30% chance of showers for tuesday. dry wednesday. check out our radio partners. a new deal has been reached. >> does that mean that you're go to have to pay more to use uber and 6:35. who is melania trump? coming up we are getting to know the you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you cagemo of what you love. so you can find something else to not love.
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with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages.
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we are taking on whether you stake with cable or cut the cord. >> there is no righter wrong answer. you can save money by cutting the cable or dumping satellite. those providers have a lot of
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flexible and portable, especially since many of us just watch everything on our phones, right? satellite providers are trying to be more affordable. a recent example is the hopper go. >> it is a flash drive but, yes, it is a hard drive. it creates a wi-fi hotspot and you can connect your iphone and ipad to the wi-fi hotspot by hopper go and watch all the content from this hard drive. >> new technology is making your ho bigger. there is a new sports bar mode where you can watch four different shows at the same time. >> four different football games? >> not a show. sports. so some companies are shifting to voice commands instead of using a remote control. >> some of these solutions do involve upfront costs. so technology continues to change. >> i have a roku stick. i love it.
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live streams on there. >> what works for you. >> right. >> and what timeframe you want. if you want to watch stuff on demand, you have flexibility with these. >> and lots of times no commercials. >> that's always a win. we are going up in the air to give you live looks at our hot spots. we are picking up on the interstates. and so far so good out the door around tampa bay. a beautiful sunrise in the works. that is going to warm us up a lot today. without cloud cover overnight we are going to cool down tomorrow areas? >> yes. a popular band is coming back to tampa bay after a while and a lot of people are excited about it. live at the nation's capitol this morning. a live look at the white house where this two hours president- elect trump and wife melania will visit with president obama and first lady michelle obama. the two are set to meet here later today to discuss the
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good morning. coming up on 6:30 where we are off to a great start this morning. slightly cooler temperatures if you are getting out the door, and beautiful, beautiful shot from our sky 10 networks this morning. if you are north of i-4 you are running a little bit cooler. down to 52 in brooksville, but 63 lakewood ranch and a lot of mid-60s for the bay area, too.
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similar temperatures for our daytime highs through the weekend, but overnight lows are gonna get a lot cooler starting tomorrow. i will have more on that coming up in about 10 minutes. good morning. here are your hot spots at 6:29 on your thursday. i am road warrior hilary zalla. this is a live look as we fly over with sky 10. the veterans expressway at lime ball avenue, southbound is picking up. i will get you a drive time here coming up. live quickly to i-4. we are seeing the fog. i-4 along the corridor throug road, get those low beams on. coming up in less than 10 minutes i will have drive times for you. good morning. it's thursday, november 10. i am allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. this is your eye opener. a look at today's top stories at 6:30. >> [ crowd chanting ]. >> from new york to los angeles, thousands protest
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wednesday night. another protest is planned tonight in tampa. because we are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country. >> today president obama meets with president-elect trump as he begins his transition to the white house. florida legalizes medical marijuana. for amendment 2, the strongest support in the bay area was in pinellas county. today president-elect trump will head to the white house to meet with our current commander in chief, but his visit comes on the heels of nationwide protests against trump's new position as the leader of our country. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live in downtown tampa. emerald, we are expecting protests of our own here in the area. >> reporter: that's right. at 6:00 this evening protesters are going to gather to express their frustration just like thousands and thousands of
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the country. people are using #notmypresident to organize their demonstrations, and people in major cities like chicago, los angeles, new orleans, and new york have come together to express their outrage with the country's new direction. many protesters say they are angry what a candidate that encouraged and has displayed racism and sexism during the campaign has made it to the highest office of the land. but many of yo page are not really feeling this backlash. janet said happy or not with the results, you are going to have to live with it. this will not make anything better. you got to use the energy for something better. working together to stop all this hate and name-calling. how about that? but some of you all do not have any problem with the protests. nancy said they are quiet, they are peaceful, and they just want their feelings to be known. now, there has been one protest and that took place in ybor city last night.
6:32 am
protest and we are gonna be here for this one and we will keep you posted. >> we wanted to hear from the bay area's youngest voters. students sounded off after replacing a dry erase board in the center of campus and asked them to give us one-word reactions to donald trump. a lot of responses. now, one student wrote that she was >> you take astounded and bewildered, put them on high. >> other wrote optimistic. wednesday after the election was a big day for donald trump for another reason. his two books shot to the top of movers and shakers list. the 1980s best-seller art of the deal went to number 24. his recent work great again went from number 5,000 on the list to 172. and we have learned so much
6:33 am
election season, but not a lot about his wife melania. >> she really hasn't been in the spotlight. she has stayed in the background. she is about to have that all change as she becomes the next first lady. melania will be the first first lady to be born in a communist country. she became an american citizen in 2006. she is fluent in five languages. in the past, melania has described herself as being like former first lady jackie o. but more trit the white house battling cyberbullying and she said herself if she could change one thing about trump, it would be his tweeting. >> all right. 6:33 is the time. 2000 medical marijuana dispensaries could soon open their doors in florida. the state overwhelmingly approved amendment 2 on tuesday. you might be wondering, what happens next? sarah, some tourism experts say that this could give tampa bay
6:34 am
struck me, the department of health says this could have a $1.3 billion impact. think about that. $1.3billion. that means a lot more dispensaries like this one could be opening soon. some even in your own neighborhood. but more new differences like this could be a couple months away from popping up in your neighbor. by october the state must start registering growers, dispensaries, and other facilities. they will give out patients approved to use marijuana. 26 states now have officially legalized medical marijuana, but said florida is the very first state in the south to approve this change. that could mean more people flocking here to get the treatment they need. >> florida would be the new place to go for those that can't afford to go up to colorado. >> if somebody can access to that here to manage their healthcare where they can't elsewhere, that's a draw to had area. >> reporter: i checked in with
6:35 am
trying to figure out how they are going to approve these new dispensaries. one idea is a 180-day wait time. if a business like this wants to open, the city or county would have that long to consider things like the location and the proximity to the neighborhoods. another thing i found really interesting. they are saying this could increase taxes. they are saying about 67 million extra dollars a year that could be coming into our local and state governments because of this change to medical marijuana. >> sarah, it is important to note this does not change the law for recreational marijuana? >> reporter: absolutely. so you could still go to jail if you are out smoking on the sidewalk, per se. and also places like this, they are not selling joints or anything like that. in fact, a lot of the products that they are selling, ian, they are low thc, which means that they won't even get you high if you try to use those products. >> sarah hollenbeck live in clearwater this morning? if you use uber or lyft to get
6:36 am
changing. ridesharing companies can now legally operate in hillsborough county after reaching a deal with the public transportation commission, but it also opens up competition. you could see better fares and safer rides down the road. [ inaudible ] >> i think it's good service. >> reporter: he is the first at the airport. he is ready to pick you up. as of wednesday, he can do so without looking shoulder. the public transportation commission meeting halfway with ridesharing companies uber and lyft approving a deal to keep them legal. >> helps me financially because i am on social security. >> reporter: that's good news for the drivers. the good news for you, the ptc also voted to allow competitors of uber and lyft to offer ridesharing services as well. >> the more competition, the better the price and service. >> reporter: the chairman negotiated the deal with the
6:37 am
safety for you. it requires an enhanced background check on drives. they have to carry additional insurance and have their cars inspected each year. the commissioner says this is a big deal because our area might forecast the future of these companies. the new regulations here might spark statewide rules and maybe even nationwide. >> why not have what bits and pieces they have agreed to here, there, and everywhere in one tightly designed package here at home? >> reporter: in st both uber and lyft said they are hoping for statewide regulations to keep them moving forward. not in reverse. in tampa, garin flowers, 10news wtsp. >> as part of the deal in hillsborough, uber must pay the ptc $250,000 a year, and lyft has to pay $125,000. both say it will not increase your costs to ride. 6:37 is the time. during the campaign season a man spent most of his days going house to house trying to get votes for his candidate in georgetown, kentucky.
6:38 am
certainly didn't expect to see this. there was a house that was on fire. when he saw that he rushed to the house. you see he it right here. he started pounding on the door. the owner of the home was sleeping. after finishing his second shift job there. >> i heard somebody knocking on the door, just pounding away at it, like they were trying to, you know, bust down the wall. he quickly came to when he realized we were coming in the house to pull him out. >> you see some of the damage right here. firefighters got the flames under control and they were able belongings. johnson did not try to pitch his candidate. he let the man deal with the situation and continued on down the street. this has a lot of people excited this morning. the red hot chili peppers are coming back. they will be playing at amy arena april 27 at 8:00. tickets go on sale tomorrow. they start at $49. this is the first time they have been back to the bay area since 2012. and this will get new the holiday spirit. the tampa theater released
6:39 am
they include miracle on 34th street, holiday inn, white christmas, it's a wonderful life, and love actually. we have the show titles for you at can't wait for this. >> it's cool to see it on a big screen, too. to watch it in the theater. >> right. you go to the tampa theater which is gorgeous and you watch this holiday classic. >> gets you feeling like the holidays. >> yeah. the election may be over, but a lot of people are saying what if when it comes to bernie sanders. what his supporters have to happens to president obama's twitter handle when donald trump takes over. and the man behind this muscle manequin challenge coming up after the break. tonight on 10news and cbs
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good morning. it is 6:42 on your thursday, and here is your bridge update. so as you head into the beginning parts of morning rush hour we are seeing a delay on the howard frankland bridge right as you get off at the kennedy airport exit. you're down to 39 miles per hour. so if you're getting off at that exit, stay in the two right lanes so you are not merging over.
6:43 am
little worse. and the gandy bridge is taking you five minutes. no delays there. the courtney campbell cause way is at 7 minutes. we are off to a great start this morning. it's a little bit cooler if you are north of i-4 than south, but we are enjoying this nice gorgeous sunrise. the water has lightened up. a light chop on the bay, one to two foot seas, and the gulf temperatures are down around 73 degrees. one thing that levels, especially with ragweed. moderate range the next several days. a cool start to your friday morning. details on how the cold front impacts you coming up? just a few minutes. election season is over, but that hasn't stopped people from posting about it on social media. one of the big topics being discussed is bernie sanders. allison, he was eliminated as the democratic nominee months ago. why is he trending? >> they talked about him
6:44 am
could he have beaten donald trump. remember he was leading trump in polls back in may and june, even higher than hillary clinton was. so a lot of people talking about this on facebook. jillian preston says i am 100% anti-trump. sanders was the right choice. joshua says i think a lot of people jumped camp when clinton beat out sanders. and joe says and bernie called unelectable. of course, keep in mind at one time trump was also called unelectable, too. this has a lot of people saying what if this morning. really, after the election once trump was elected, a lot of people were posting about those exact things that people were talking about, what if bernie sanders was running against him. >> you are seeing that on social media no matter what platform you are on. there is a lot of talk about the election continuing more than 24 hours after the results. >> yeah, we talked to a woman who says she still stands
6:45 am
>> yeah. a lot of talk. a lot of talk online this morning. do want to take a break from politics for just a minute for you. time to check your morning sports. >> good morning. i am ryan bass. coming up tonight on 10sports, the bolts are back in action hosting the aisles at amalie arena. one week ago the bolts whooped the islanders 6-1. what you need to know. also, will muschamp's homecoming at the swamp on a preview of bucs-bears as tampa bay looks for the first home win of the season. allison, i saw your mannequin challenge. it was great, but i raise this one. michigan's gymnastics team taking the cake. come on, guys, this is just impressive, don't you think? >> that's pretty impressive. we were talking about how impressive it was to see some of these athletes and the poses they have been able do. you saw the entire gym filled
6:46 am
positions like that. >> no. that's tough. >> that ab workout. abs of steel. >> you wonder if it was a one take. >> they are moving a little bit. that is hard. >> give them a pass. i mean, they are not just sitting there like you said. >> exactly. >> a lot of talk about social media and the role in this. president obama was the first president to have a twitter handle. also the first president to go live on facebook from the oval office. people are kind of asking happens now to those accounts? well, the white house says they plan to preserve and pass on the digital history of the obama administration. any material that has been created on twitter, on snapchat, on facebook is gonna be preserved with the national archives and records administration, and it's pretty similar to what you see done with handwritten notes, emails, faxes, that kind of thing over the past several decades. in terms of the actual account, at at potus on twitter, they
6:47 am
they will retain their followers, but they will have no tweets or content. it starts from scratch. all that content is gonna be preserved. the first lady's handle, the press secretary and the vice president as well. they will retain their followers, but again start from scratch on january 20. >> that will be interesting. it starts all over. >> starts all over again. you can still, you know, have access to some of that history. >> i wonder what @realdonaldtrump. >> yeah, i don't know if they use that, use the potus one. wait and see. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla. keeping an eye on the roadways. closer to seven, which means it's getting busy? >> exactly. so this is 6:37. we are this morning rush hour and we are feeling it. we have accidents. in manatee county there is one blocking the right lane on southbound u.s. 41 at florida boulevard. so you may see a delay there as we pick up for rush hour.
6:48 am
the i-4 corridor because we are seeing fog here and it really has picked up right in time for rush hour. your drive time is 20 minutes from polk parkway to 75, and you can see speeds are at 54 miles per hour. so let's go live to sky 10 and check out, first of all, a live look at 275 in hillsborough county heading south. heavy delays. not so much fog, but morning rush hour. also our live look from sky 10 along the i-4 corridor, we thonotosassa road here. you can see westbound lanes are a little slow. get the low beams on. make sure you are driving a little slower than the posted speed limit because that fog can definitely reduce visibility a little bit. back to our maps. let's get you a drive time along 275. 27 minutes for you. that's from the apex down to i- 4. that's picking up. you can see you're in the red down to 15 miles per hour as you pass fowler and fletcher.
6:49 am
red there. in pinellas county, clearwater there is a crash reported along u.s. 19. this is in the southbound direction at drew street. and if you are traveling in pasco county remember you are seeing fog here, as well. ashley. do be aware of that. it's primarily along and north of the i-75 corridor. up into the nature coast counties as well. most of the bay area not dealing with that this morning. we are looking good looking out over downtown st. pete and our temperatures are coming down in many areas, but they are about to start springboarding back up. 64 riverview and tampa international. 67 in st. pete. with the cloud cover, very little if, for many of us, at all. our dew points continue to come down. we are continuing to drive in that cooler, drier air. so it's really going to be solidified in place by the time we head into this evening, which means we are gonna warm up during the day, but we are going to cool down big time overnight tonight and we will
6:50 am
tomorrow. some areas may dip down into the upper 40s. let me time this out for you. for today rapidly rising temperatures through the day. all the cloud cover you're gonna see, high thin clouds, not gonna be producing anything in the way of rain. as we head into your lunch hour, great day to sit outside and enjoy things because we are gonna see temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s. as you are picking up the kiddos from school right around 78 to 80 degrees throughout much of the bay area. there will be a few cooler spots, about 75 to 76, and commute we are looking great there as well. after that our temperatures are gonna start to drop and they are going to start to drop quickly. notice we are already well into the 70s by 8:00, and then as you are heading to bed tonight some of us already down in the 50s and we keep falling from there. as you are heading out the door tomorrow morning, don't be surprised if some parts of the nature coast do briefly see upper 40s in the mix. we will see a lot of 50s for the bay area as you're getting out the door tomorrow morning.
6:51 am
heat up a good bit during the day tomorrow and for the next several days. with all of the events going on, we are in great shape for the weekend. friday 10% chance. a quick little sprinkle similar to what we saw earlier in the week. same story both days this weekend. then looking ahead into next week, start to get those moisture levels coming back. that's when you can tell because those temperatures start coming back up from the upper 50s to the mid-60s, and shortly following thereafter we get a slight chance of not gonna be a washout at this point. it looks like we dry things out quickly and drop the rain chances by wednesday. make sure you check out our 10weather forecast with our newspaper partners. you can see it in your copy of the "tampa bay times" and if you live in polk county flip through your copy of "the ledger." let's take you live outside to lakeland. a very pretty sky across tampa bay this morning. we know you probably have some good sunrise photos. we want to see them.
6:52 am
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too much time on your phone could interrupt your beauty sleep. researchers in san francisco tracked hundreds of people for about a month. the average screen time was 3.7 minutes per hour. the longer they were on their ph bedtime, the worse their sleep quality and the less sleep they actually got. so there is a hall of fame for the kid in all of us. >> so the strongs national toy hall of fame has announced the finalists for the class. they have swings and coloring books. >> swings? >> there are a couple others here that i was curious about. you got the rock and sock 'em robots, nerds, and bubble wrap.
6:56 am
one. >> you have fun with that. >> it's like saying a stick is a toy. like we still hit each other with them and it's fun. >> you know, they are only going to pick two or three. these are same of the finalists. >> out of all the awesome toys we have out there. my goodness. >> boxes were fun, you know? easy stuff. >> you buy the tie and he plays with the -- the toy and he plays with the box longer. >> we are talking about too. that's fun my. live this sky 10. we are getting into morning rush hour in the i-4 corridor in tampa. this is orient road. so you have the hard rocks casino right there. drive time 12 minutes from i-75 to 275. be aware of patchy fog out there, especially along and north of i-4. around the bay area haven't seen too many issues. we are in for a nice cool weekend with daytime highs near 80. overnight lows tomorrow morning
6:57 am
you may drop into the upper 40s. >> wow, a little bit of a jacket weather. >> yeah. thanks for joining us this morning. hope you have a great day. weather and traffic for you 7:26. we will see you back first there is shaving.
6:58 am
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