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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  November 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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i could use a hand. hey! we hear you! it's why a-a-r-p is supporting lyarivers like you with free tools and resources. and we're making our community an even better place to live, work and play for people of all ages. if you don't think "this is right for me" "10news at 5:30" starts right now. >> good evening. i am courtney robi. protests have broken out all over the country and even right here in the bay area. >> from los angeles to knoxville, students marched and shouted protesting the outcome of this election. crowds gathered near usc while a love trump hate rally attracted others at ucla. university of tennessee students chanted. racism has got to fall.
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asking you do these protests unite or divide our nation? you have been weighing in on the results have been coming in for about half an hour. usually, we have them up here on the bottom of the screen. about 500 of you have voted. there they are. and you can see about 85% say that they are dividing the country while 15% say it is uniting the country. again we are going to keep this polyp for the next 30 minutes. if you would like to vote in this, we want to hear from on your phone, computer, or tablet. mark rivera is taking the polls to tampa bay and found out things may not be so black and white. >> reporter: this country has centuries of protests under its belt from the boston tea party to the march on washington, but we wanted to know what you think today about the folks that are out there protesting donald trump as president. are they dividing or uniting our country? >> i think it's dividing the
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i think we should come together as a nation. we have been through so many elections before, and i don't think it should divide us any more. >> reporter: ma'am, do you have time to talk? we spent the day asking people like you about the folks protesting the results of this election. come on over. do you think they are uniting or dividing? >> i feel they are dividing, but i'd like to elaborate, if i could? >> reporter: please. >> i don't feel that that is going to help our protesting that you or your person lost an election. i think it's time to come together and accept the fact and accept our form of government, our democracy, and move on. >> i am gonna say dividing but i am going to clarify why it might be uniting. as long as we can come together as a country and figure out what we want,ston the hate -- stop the hate and unify as one, i think that's helpful. >> reporter: not everyone thinks that lumping protesters into two camps, dividing or
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simple. >> i walked by and saw people holding up the sign that said divided or united. it kind of make me think that's dividing us even more having people, you know, take a stance is important, but everybody has their way of feeling and dealing with things. >> reporter: but one thing everyone we talked to agreed on whether through protest or not. they want this country united for a future. in st. petersburg, mark rivera, 10news wtsp. >> all want to unite together. again we have been asking you what you think, and on the bottom of the screen -- you heard from mark and the folks that he spoke with saying it isn't so black and white. but on the bottom of your screen you can see the results of our poll asking to you think the trump protests are dividing or uniting the country? 85%, that hasn't really moved, say they are dividing the
5:34 pm we will check on these results again on "10news at 6". distracted or a murderer? right now jurors are considering whether a georgia father should be held responsible for leaving his small toddler in a hot car. now, for three days now jurors have been going through more than 1,000 pieces of evidence and considering the testimony of about 70 witnesses in the ross harris trial. that's it right there. now, a verdict could come down at any minute. we will keep court isn't convening tomorrow due to veterans day. there has been no recall, but drivers of large suvs say their gms are making them sick. a michigan family says there is no solution. that family contacted our station in grand rapids for help. >> i had vertigo, nausea, migraines the whole way down, the whole way back. part of it would be like a
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like when you are driving, you have one window that you open in the back and you get that sound. it was just that whole thing wrapped into one. it's just miserable. >> reporter: for barb francis it started in november of 2014. she and her husband paid just over $60,000 for a new 2015 suburban. >> we loved the car. we still love the car. bu like your ears start to hurt after a while. >> reporter: the couple says it got worse after they took their grandchildren on a trip to florida. barb and her granddaughter got sick. >> does she get car sick on her own? >> she never did. if she is not in the suburban, she was not sick. >> reporter: they brushed it off at first. the next time they went on a long trip her husband got sick. >> and he does not get car
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doesn't have that kind of thing. he had vertigo. he had nausea. he had headaches. okay. this is weird. >> reporter: it was then that they decided to search the word gm suv making me sick. >> 13 on your side also discovered numerous complaints to the national highway traffic safety administration in both 2015 and '16. they included remarks like, severe headaches, experiencing pressure in my ears, and makes me nauseous and dizzy. we decided to test it out ourselves. because i am prone to motion sickness, i didn't think it was a good idea to go for a ride. we have our producer emma who has never gotten sick in a car before. we are going to have her go for a ride and she is going to tell us how she feels during and
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all the details, a microphone picks up what many described as that buffeting noise. almost like a window is partially rolled down. >> pressure. you know, like -- it's constantly going like this. >> reporter: after about 30 minutes the test came to an end. we asked emma how she felt. >> midway through i started to get a pressure headache. i would say it was sort of when you are drowsy, that feeling. that's what i had. a little bit -- it's like tense right here. i didn't have any -- i didn't have anything with my ears. it was just my head. >> reporter: barb has taken the suburban back and they made several attempts to fix it. >> they did the headliner. they changed the canceling system. they drove our car around for 37 days. they put 20,000 some miles on
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>> putting the dealership in the middle. we value the customer and we value our partnership with the manufacture as well. >> reporter: he says the dealership did offer the family a similar vehicle, but they declined. >> all the gm products though, it's the yukon, the tahoe, the denali, it's the escalade. it's all of them. >> reporter: barsch and her husband are paying over $700 a month for the vehicle. a this point they want the lease. >> the lien is with the bank. as far as absolving the lease, we don't have the ability because we don't own the contract. >> reporter: the francis have haired a lemon law attorney. several months later they are still negotiating with gm. the company declined to do an interview and sent us this statement. gm is aware of customers' concerns regarding a buffeting noise in certain previous model
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vehicles. gm does not believe this is a safety issue. the company went on to say if someone has a similar problem to take it to their gm dealer for potential repair under warranty. >> i want to be done with it. take it back and be done with it. we are not driving it. >> reporter: barb says with the help of their attorney they are working with general motors on a sentiment to buy back the vehicle. meantime, they continue making lease payments and the suburban sits >> now that you have heard that noise and you know what to look for if you are looking to buy one of these cars when you are on a test drive. barb asked general motors several times if the problem has been identified and fixed in later models, but they would not answer that question directly. they would only send the statement that you saw in that
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something pretty cool happening this week called the left warrior. top athletes from around the country will compete on beautiful clearwater beach. bobby lewis back out on the road in bradenton with one of those athletes who won't let a missing limb hold him back.
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fast. some would say furious. the crossfit community is a special bunch. >> it really is a community. >> reporter: mike gallardo isn't afraid of a little sweat. the army veteran isn't afraid of much at all even after all he's been through. >> when they say i can't do something, i am like, yeah, you can. that's why negativity feeds negativity. i never do it. >> they make movies about these kinds of people. you think they don't exist, but they do, and mike is >> reporter: was it depressing to lose your leg? >> at first. especially when the doctor tells you are aren't going to be able to walk, you know? so i got a little emotional. i was like depressed at first. i wanted for a split second, i wanted to like give up. >> reporter: imagine the weight of the decision on mike's shoulders the day he lost his leg. he was in a humvee with fellow army guys. they are rolling down the road and see patrollers walking near
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purpose saving anyone on foot from stepping on it. it's a decision that cost him his leg. he said he would make the same choice in a heartbeat if it meant saving the life of a fellow shoulder. >> if it was your brother, wouldn't you give your life up for your brother? i know i would. if it was my brother, i would give my life up in an instant. >> reporter: doctors said he would only be able to walk. so he started crossfit to prove them wrong and says it saved his life, giving community feeling he lost when returning from war. now despite the missing limb crossfit made him whole. >> yes, mike is a special guy. he is as selfless as they come. he only cares about other people. >> reporter: on the road in bradenton, bobby lewis, 10news wtsp. >> that's the kind of guy you want standing beside you when you are in battle. mike made the decision to join the army on his 17th birthday,
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with served from 2004 to 2009. tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> just about quarter to six on our thursday evening, and it is gorgeous out there. if you've got any plans out there tonight, the radar is dry. the satellite is clear. the weather is nice as can be. temperatures in the 70s out there. sun is setting now. actually, just set, by the way. we still have plenty of light out there. we will be temperature-wise it's comfortable right now. we have got most areas in the mid-to-upper 70s. tampa at 79. the dew point, that's the big difference today. that went from about 61 yesterday down to about 50 right now, and look at the humidity. 36%. winds light down north about 5 to 7 miles per hour. now, temps elsewhere around the area generally in the mid-70s. it's almost already in the 60s
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right around 70 degrees. so we are looking at temperatures falling down through the 70s as we go through the evening hours. it's 80 at macdill air force base. riverview at 77. largo, seminole 73, 74 along with clearwater. if you are headed out to the lightning game, you want to hang out outside first. drink a cold one and then go inside because mid-70s. hockey game's on. islanders in of course. by tomorrow morning we will be a little bit on the cooler side, and that means 40s. brooksville at 50. 49 in crystal river. 59 for tampa. that's not far from where we were this morning. 58 for sarasota. mid-50s for polk county. this area here, polk county, eastern especially and central hernando and citrus counties, fog first thing tomorrow. wesley chapel down i-75 in the morning we will see a couple patches.
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afternoon. i mean, just a few high clouds in the afternoon. that's about 6, 6:30. saturday same deal. beautiful out there. now, sunday we will start to bring in a few clouds from the north and east and eventually we will be watching some moisture from monday into tuesday coming in from the gulf of mexico. so weekend plans? no worries out there. i would say 80 tomorrow. that's going to be a temporary 80. most of the day will be spent in the 70s. the humidity is going to remain low all the way through. and that dry air, all the brown you see here, that means tough to make clouds with that dry air. it's really tough to make rain, which actually we could use a little bit of. if you are taking a boat out, east-southeast winds 5 to 10 knots. that's a big switch, but that's because it's light. that's a little bit of a sea breeze developing in the afternoon. one to two foot seas, a light chop on the bay and temperatures 75 degrees. that's going to take a hit the next couple of days and next week because we will be cooler at night. temperatures probably in the
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degrees. weekend looks great. tot trot. in fact, it's beautiful. courtney is going to be out there tomorrow. saturday morning for that. and running, i mean, perfect in the morning. sunday looks good. today is the marine corps birthday. 241st birthday. and then tomorrow is veterans day, and we thank you for your service. and i got only water. >> it's those allergies, you know? they get away, but some major retailers are already starting their black friday sales. i love the music. i can't get enough of it. if you have downloaded the walmart app, you can start getting those holiday deals today. deals include a $79 trampoline, seven-foot trampoline, a laptop for less than $400, and a 55- inch 4k tv for 298 bucks.
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chances are you heard of the rock and roll hall of fame, but did you know there is one >> and a tough decision to make to pick three new inductees from 12 finalists like care bears, coloring books, bubble wrap. >> bubble wrap. >> here is what made the cut this year of truly iconic toys. first up, you can't forget these, these are still popular. fisher-price little people. this toy dates back to 1959.
5:55 pm
were little. sort of -- anyway. many kids have let their imaginations run wild over the years creating little communities with these little guys right here. >> next up the game that allowed you to take on monsters and solve puzzles. >> oh, yeah. >> dungeons and dragons. the original used pen and paper. hasbro has launched a newer edition that's engaging a younger audience. >> this is classic. around for a century. kids spend hours on playground on swings. it's one of the few fixtures that you will see at your park or your school that's stayed the same and encouraged you and children to enjoy the outdoors. >> i love playing on the swing. >> oh, yeah. it's the popular thing at the park still. other classics that previously made the toy hall of fame include monopoly, mr. potato head. >> i never liked mr. potato head. >> did your kids?
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>> you didn't like putting in the ears and eyes? scrabble and nintendo game boy. >> game boy was good. >> the best. >> good.
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now at havertys furniture, it's our veterans day preview. where you can create the perfect home. from now until november 14th, you'll save an extra one-hundred to one-thousand dollars. it's our gift to you.
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can be perfect, even when life isn't. mom...have you seen my iguana? the veterans day preview is on now at havertys. life looks good. as trump's team plans to take over the white house, protesters all over the country are taking over the streets. we have got 10news team coverage. deputies putting their
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trying to get away from them. and we have the whole thing on tape. you have seen the division left behind by a heated election, but we found a room full of people excited to see what the next four years brings. "10news at 6" starts right now. good evening. i am reginald roundtree. >> and i am dion lim. when the sun set after president-elect donald trump's victory, protesters you see quickly took to the streets. >> all of this from ar country. oregon, california, washington, texas, and new york just to name a few. >> and now you can add tampa to the list. protests started late last night and are getting underway again right now. our 10news team coverage is seconds away. >> but first we want to you take part in our interactive poll. head to >> 798 of you have voted so far. here is the question. are these protests uniting or dividing the country?
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decision and throughout the newscast you can vote yes or no in the next few minutes. tonight we are looking at the trump protests through the eyes of police and protesters. 10news reporter eric glasser is with officers as they use their tested tactics to keep everyone and everything calm, but first shannon valladolid spent the day with protesters. shannon, you learned each of them has a reason for being there? >> reporter: women, african-americans, and muslims, and you can just see the fear and the hurt in their eyes. they tell me that fear comes from the unknown. not knowing what a trump presidency is going to look like. protesters are now starting to trickle in here in downtown tampa. i did speak to some of them, and they tell me they are not here because they are sore losers. they are here because they feel that minorities, african- americans and the lbgt community has made such great


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