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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. the piece on your left is torqued rift #4, in the center is the sadness, and on the right, of course, nurse debriefing a staircase. nurse debriefing a staircase? baptiste legrand was pretentious, even for a post-impressionist painter. his work is off-putting and overrated, in my opinion, but there's no accounting for taste, is there? gether, these paintings are worth roughly $60 million. gregson: that building was full of people all afternoon. how the hell does somebody steal three paintings and nobody notices? our killer is a flimper. he flimped. it's a pickpocket's trick. you use the distraction of a bustling crowd to plunder your mark. the poisoning of the iao key-holders, the video threat to the financial sector, it was all just a ploy to get the stock exchange chasing its tail while the thief pulled $60 million worth of artwork off the wall without anyone noticing.
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is packed to the gills with security cameras and alarms. distraction or no distraction, you can't just walk out with three canvases under your arm. you can if the entire system is off-line while it's being checked for signs of hacking. i doubt john q. citizen knows the ins and outs of the exchange's security protocols. you got to think somebody on the inside helped them out, huh? we talked to lillian dunbar-- she's the chief of operations over there. she's offered us access to hr files, phone records, even internal e-mails, anything that might help recover the paintings. so we comb through all the files. any luck, we spot a suspect. unfortunately, there isn't enough time for luck. the exchange has a thousand employees. it would take days to consider each one of them in turn, and by the time we've identified a suspect, assuming we do at all, our paintings will have disappeared into the murky depths of the black market, along with our thief. so i think there's a more efficient way to find the needle in this haystack. what's that? well, with your permission, captain, i'd like to burn the haystack down. three stolen masterpieces are on their way back home tonight, after the nypd recovered the modern art
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i don't know what your friend is so upset about. those paintings look just like the real thing. jericho is an art forger par excellence. he usually spends weeks preparing a single counterfeit. and i asked him to do three in ten hours. so needless to say, he doesn't think it's his best work. watson: i think they're convincing. local news thinks they're convincing. because local television reporters are the gold standard for investigative journalism. so now what? we just wait? the publicity surrounding the staged recovery should temporarily kill the market for stolen art. ll have to spend time convincing any potential buyers that he still possesses the real legrands. and how's he gonna do that? the same way that anyone convinces anyone of anything these days: by ranting about it online. i created accounts for us on several dark web sites known to host conversations about black market goods. we'll monitor them for posts of the stolen artwork, and hopefully the thief should reveal himself soon enough. "give to a gracious message a host of tongues,
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why are you quoting antony and cleopatra? there was an oncologist i knew. he used to recite that to himself whenever he had to deliver a bad prognosis. it's just a reminder to speak simply and honestly to a patient and not sugarcoat the bad news. are you going to tell me i have a tumor? no. i was just thinking about what you said about fiona last night. i mean, she's smart, compassionate, beautiful. yet you still think she might not be right for me. is that what you think? i don't know. i just know that you've never been through a breakup before. fake deaths don't count. and besides, moriarty did that to you; you did not do that to her. listen, breakups are never easy, but they don't have to be that bad. so just try and remember: "give to a gracious message a host of tongues, but let ill tidings tell themselves when they be felt."
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silent wolf, hungrybox and doctor bumrush. they are buyers and purveyors of stolen goods all, and they are commiserating about a great fraud perpetrated by their much loathed nemesis tha popo. "tha popo's lying, man. the art on the news is fugazi." "i'm with you. "cops are trying to cover their asses. "the real legrands are still out there. "i got a guy who knows how to get them. "i may just do that. "no chance those paintings are genuine. "just a transparent attempt to thwart the sale of the real legrands." okay. so, if these guys are talking about the art online, then i guess we have three good suspects. except they're not three suspects. they're three screen names owned by one man. (sighs) why don't you just tell me what's going on here. there was a great deal of chatter on the dark web about the heist yesterday.
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e-mails. distinct lexical patterns and phrases from all three recur in correspondence written by the same man: brian beale. hmm. he looks familiar. he should do. we passed him in the lobby yesterday. mr. beale is a cyber security expert, and he works for the firm which ran the stock exchange's systems audit yesterday. so he had access to the building during the robbery, and he would understand the chaos that would be created by an attack on the iao key-holders, and he's out there trying to discredit our art recovery story. marcus is going to meet us at his home in half an hour. if you wish to change your clothes, i would ask that you hurry. landlord says he hasn't seen mr. beale in a couple days. you recall that the back door of arrondissement 21 was a grotesque shade of burgundy? tip of this crowbar is covered in flecks of burgundy paint. perhaps it's the tool used to break into the restaurant so that mr. beale could envenomate the foie gras.
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e your future girlfriend, but professional pride requires recovered paintings, real ones. watson: wherever those paintings are, we're gonna have to find them ourselves. he's gone. still warm. 30 minutes, maybe. i'll call for a bus and csu. watson: coagulopathy in the tear ducts, discoloration of the armpits, swollen glands. venom, no doubt. this time delivered straight from the fangs of a deadly coastal taipan. how can you tell? there's one right behind your foot. (snake hissing) what do i do? i'm gonna look that up. i'd start with "don't get bitten." beatbo, what do you know about rabbits?
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a veteran says he was humiliated over a "free meal" offer at a popular restaurant... i'm tammie fields - dead - why this isn't the fime there's been a death at this fraternity house... plus. what's being done to stop a huge surge in undocumented children and families trying to cross into the u.s. from mexico. details after from mexico. details after elementary. hey, this just came for you. oh.
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alk while we sublet his terrarium. watson: i-is that... oxyuranuss cutellatus. yes, the very same coastal taipan from brian beale's apartment. the venom from that snake killed eight people, including the last person who kept it as a pet. i thought that animal control was impounding it. an animal shelter is no place for an exotic reptile. it would be destroyed. we're just looking after it until i can deliver it to a friend at the zoo. in the meantime, i'm just enjoying its company. it's quite beautiful, don't you think? and dangerous. in my experience, those two traits are often a package deal. oh, you're still obsessing about your theory, huh? it's more than a theory; it's a likelihood. brian beale had a partner. we found the blueprints to the u.s. stock exchange on beale's desk; we found the crowbar that he used to break into the restaurant to poison the iao key-holders; we found the source of the poison. i'm not disputing that brian beale was involved. i'm disputing that he acted alone. i don't think that snake belonged to him.
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he had snake food. he even had snake medication. all easy enough to plant. have a whiff of that snake. you'll notice a very distinctive musk. and i only mention it because... mr. beale's apartment did not smell of musk in the slightest. yeah, i'm gonna have to take your word on that. yes, the optimal temperature for a coastal taipan is 75 degrees fahrenheit. mr. beale's thermostat kept his home at a crisp 67 degrees. it's much too chilly for a tropical snake. that only proves he's an inconsiderate roommate to reptiles. it does not prove that he had a partner who framed and killed him. you must admit the timing of his death is highly suspicious; we're meant to believe that he successfully milked a deadly snake for months, only to be bitten one day after he fenced the stolen paintings? okay, so who's the missing thief? who's trying to frame brian beale? when this argument began, i wasn't sure. but that was before a friend of mine at columbia's herpetology department lent me the skeleton of a coastal taipan.
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on the fangs of a live one. but now i know. i've seen these exact same markings before. this is ridiculous. h-how did you even get a warrant? we looked through the trash you put out on the curb last night, mr. lima. we found pet store receipts that show you purchased the supplies needed to house and feed a coastal taipan. watson: the venom from that species poisoned seven people at arrondissement 21 and killed your friend brian beale. i don't even know who that is. sure you do. you went to gracely high together. you signed his yearbook. we found it at his apartment. go tigers. bell: you also got a parking ticket down the block from the restaurant at 3:15 a.m. on the night the place was broken into. holmes: we're certain that you were the burglar that evening. you staged a robbery at your own kitchen to throw suspicion off other members of staff such as yourself. i ate some of that foie gras, remember? i was sick for two days.
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with snake venom? because you're immune. holmes: as you well know, there's a process called mithridatism. it's named after king mithridates vi, ruler of ancient pontus. he was so afraid of being poisoned that he would regularly ingest very small doses of various toxins in order to build up an immunity. i-i think you may have seen the princess bride one too many times. except that iocane powder is fictional. immunizing yourself against snake venom is a scientific reality. unity to examine the jaws of a coastal taipan. i realized that the scars on your hands, scars i initially attributed to your work as a line cook, were in fact a perfect match for the taipan's symmetrical bite pattern. and it makes sense that you've been bitten. you'd been handling that snake for months, milking it to draw out its venom. hard work pays off. you managed to poison the key-holder lunch without anybody looking in your direction. and it set up your next play-- robbing those paintings from the stock exchange.
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with brian, though. up until that point, pretty tight plan. mateo: all your, uh... evidence is circumstantial. i mean... i went to high school with brian beale. so did 900 other people. and, yeah, i got a parking ticket that night. that happened a half a dozen other nights, too. i leave my car at work and take the subway home if i have too much to drink after hours. you may have had enough for a... a warrant, but if you had enough to arrest me, you already would have. i'm right, aren't i? we're not quite ready to answer that question just yet, mr. lima. uh, what are you doing? something's preventing the water from soaking into the soil here. don't worry. tree pythons are... nocturnal, right?
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(chuckles) i have to give you credit for devising such a clever hiding place, mr. lima. he will be arresting you now. (footsteps approaching) watson: oh, there you are. i just heard from marcus. the curator at the whitney took a look at the painting you found in the python terrarium. it's the real mccoy. or legrand, as it were. that's one down. mateo lima's case went federal. he took a deal and gave up the name of the guy who bought them. wise move. the u.s. government could inject him with poisons he's not inoculated against. i'm going out for coffee. you want to join? i can't. i have a video chat with fiona. you know, i bet she'd love to hear about this case. (computer chiming)
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10news news at 11:00 starts now. tonight, the interview watched from coast to coast. one on one with the next pres. president of the united states. >> i don't want to be plus, fans fire back after a buccaneers refuses to stand for the national anthem. tonight donald trump gave the country a glimpse into the next four years. he every -- he reaffirmed some of his campaign promises. >> reporter: will people be surprised how you conduct yourself as president? >> i will conduct myself in a
11:25 pm
on the situation. sometimes you have to be rougher. when i look at the world and how various places are taking advantage of our country, i say it i say it proudly, it will be america first. >> as far as keeping his promise to locking up hillary clinton he did not give a a yes or no answer to that question. the president-elect also spoke about one of the first decisions he will have to make, appointing a supreme court justice. he has already released a list of nominees, all of them are conservative. >> they will be pro-life. in terms of the gun situation we know the second and meant and everyone is talking about the second and bent and they are trying to change it. they are going to be for the second amendment. but having to do with abortion, if it were overturned it would
11:26 pm
>> reporter: some women won't will be able to get an abortion? >> no, it will go back to the states. perhaps they will have to go to another state. >> as a for same-sex marriage he said the issue has already been settled. tonight you also heard from melania trump. she was asked how she would respond if her husband got out of line. >> reporter: if he does something that you seek crosses the wind will you tell him? >> yes, i tell him all the time. >> reporter: does he listen? >> i think he hears me but he will do what he wants in the end. he is an adult and he knows the consequences. >> melania trump said she will focus on fighting cyberbullying. did the interview change anyone's mind?
11:27 pm
>> >> reporter: it is an interview that made people listen. donald trump's first interview on "60 minutes" 60 minutes" had his supporters and others interested. mr. trump doubling down on some of his campaign promises, possibly softening on others like completely repealing obamacare. covered. >> he got the job. >> reporter: impressions seem to be donald trump is slightly softening. >> he is becoming more civilized. >> reporter: supporters say they were not surprised by anything they heard. >> he sounded a little more presidential. i think before he was using more harsh language to get
11:28 pm
>> reporter: it worked as protest continued in st. petersburg several hundreds marching downtown chanting their displeasure at the results but supporting someone else in the election does not mean some art willing to give him a chance. >> he is our pres. it is time for me to step back and support him. i hope he is successful. >> reporter: back to you. different type of protest. this one happened at the football game today. fans are really upset about this. >> reporter: mike evans -- this is real life and that is why he set out during the national anthem today in protest of donald trump. after the game he explained why. >> i am not big on politics but
11:29 pm
>> reporter: it is not going to be doomed. i said this a long time ago. when he ran i thought it was a joke. the joke continues. i have got common sense. >> reporter: a fan lit his jersey on fire when he got home from the game. coming up in sports why he was compelled to burn the jersey. we will also hear from the buccaneers organization. turning back to other news. take a look at this, a boat fire off of the beach sent smoke billowing into the sky today. we are told a family had to be rescued from the boat. no word on what started the fire. a terrible accident in pinellas county that left a
11:30 pm
blaise gamba and her husband were diving 5 miles off of madeira beach beach when blaise gamba started having a medical emergency on the boat. her husband flag someone down who performed cpr. by the time police are able to get for her blaise gamba died. they believe this might be a diving accident. killed riding in a tv with his father this weekend. police say josh joshua heard had his son sitting in front of him when a part of the atv broke. it flipped several times and they were thrown off. two birds have died after someone dumped sewage into the bay.
11:31 pm
black 48 black birds died after the sewer started flowing. heavy rains prompted a number of cities to dump of the sewer into the waterways. police trying to find out what led to the death of an oklahoma state university student. students called police when they could not wake him. this is the first time there has been a -- this is not the first time there has been a death hurricane matthew is gone but its impact will be felt for years in haiti. the storm took thousands of lives. the un says 750,000 people are in desperate need of lifesaving assistance. >> reporter: five weeks since
11:32 pm
need in haiti is just as great. darrell brown, visited earlier this month. >> their homes are completely destroyed. they have nothing up there. there animals are gone. >> reporter: brown lived in haiti until he left for college at the age of 19. >> these are some of the most a loving people that i know. i want to help. >> reporter: he has found help in this water filter. poisons, it takes out e. coli. >> reporter: he has delivered 500 filters to haiti. the groups goal is 175,000 175,000 filters. one for every ten people. >> you can put it on top of a water bottle. >> reporter: brown says the filters last ten years are ten
11:33 pm
the challenge, he says, is getting the people to accept the new method. >> it is one way we can open up the doors of their hearts to let them listen and maybe they will be willing to make new changes. >> reporter: to ease their doubts he drank the filtered water himself, others followed. it gives them a fighting chance. >> exactly, now they have hope. >> account and are hoping to raise a $3 a $3 million to by the bottle filters. a band delivers a gift to one buccaneers player. that story is coming up in sports. aa major fall out over a veterans day free be. a manager of a popular restaurant humiliated a veteran
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we are tracking some cooler temperatures to the north. right now it is 58 in 58 in
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? know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. ? ?


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