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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10news starts right now. anin the bear tax a woman. -- in angry bear attacks this woman. you have got to hear her call for help. how people are turning passion into profit. i did not know what was going to happen. >> the video is clear and it is crazy as a car plows into people and a bar. crazy video, the guy behind the wheel took off and has not been arrested yet. good evening. >> we talk with the victim hit and we walk you through the malay. >> reporter: you can see the group fighting on the street surrounding that car. watch this, this is the victim
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check out how it starts rocking before plowing onto the sidewalk, hitting this guy, and slimming this guy slamming this guy into the entryway of "the bad monkey." the driver then takes off not thinking twice about the injured victim has to fall over the car. >> my ribs are bruised. >> reporter: he tells me he and fr morning when he says, unprovoked, this group jumped them. >> five people got out of the car and got into our face. i remember seeing the car. it hit me and it flew me into the wall. it does look like it was intentional. >> he was trying to run him
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>> reporter: police tell me the driver had been trying to turn but not got stuck on the curb. you can actually see the wheels are spinning. police tell me, this guy, is a friend of the driver and don't believe the driver would almost hit his friend. maybe he did not mean to hit these guys but depending on the outcome of the investigation he is likely facing charges for leaving the scene of an accident. back to you. >> on top of all this police say violence and property crimes are down 38% from last year. right now investigators are tracking down the driver and say he has still not come forward to claim his car or tell his side of the story. the search is on for an escaped inmate in polk county. joseph flanagin stole a truck and took off. he was working in bartow and
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he was 66 days on a sentence for probation violation for theft. police found the truck but they are still looking for joseph flanagin. if you see him call 911. last month another inmate escaped them bartow's corrections. the man was later captured in st. petersburg. for the first time you are about to hear the 911 call made by a woman moments after she was viciously attacked by a black bear. the woman survived but, as you are about to hear there were moments she thought she wouldn't. >> i can't move. i am bleeding. i am going to die. >> we will send help as soon as possible. >> here he comes.
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>> the woman was walking her dog when another dog chased a bear up a tree and that must of upset the other bear who then went after the woman. she was left with 80 stitches and a broken arm. i say to anyone who wants to earn a little cash, find a hobby and make money out of it. >> it is that time of year when we can use extra money. taking a part-time a part-time job is one option, but if that is such a not your cup of tea there are other things. jenny has three interesting ways you can start making money right now. >> reporter: she has turned her passion into profit. >> ii have written two books on
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i now do make up as a profession. >> reporter: what started as videos is now making her an average of $5000 a year and her business is growing. >> they say do what you love. i am a time example. i love doing makeup. >> reporter: maybe it isn't for you, how about network marketing? there are dozens of businesses set up for you to step in and start making money. >> this is a popular product. >> reporter: she is a loyal customer and finally took the leap to start selling it. >> within my first three months i made $1200. since then much more. >> reporter: she now no longer has to work full time since out extra income pays all of her bills. >> believing in what you are selling is important. >> reporter: finally, michelle
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deliver a. she says as an independent contractor she has the ability to work when she wants to. there are many more ways to make money, just look for the story on the 10news app. an exciting new program wants to provide a risk-free environment on culinary training for some of the best chefs across the area. the culinary center offers free programs. opening up new doors these students never imagined. >> reporter: this 21-year old always loved food. now, he is getting a chance to a chance to work alongside some of the best in tampa bay. >> it is fine dining. it is fine detail. the way you learn, you have to watch. >> reporter: he is among 12 students to make up the
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a six course dinner at the theater to raise money for the new school. >> this is an opportunity that comes a once in a once in a lifetime for them. they have all the support they need behind them. >> get them off the streets. >> reporter: he is the executive chef at the restaurant in downtown st. pete. he came up with the idea to get at risk kids off of the street and into the kitchen. >> the biggest upside for us is try to crech >> reporter: at the end of the training the students will be placed at some of the best restaurants in the tampa bay area. >> for me that is the greatest feeling in the world. >> reporter: he has no doubt the program will be a huge success. >> i am excited. >> reporter: he dreams to one they day open up his own restaurant. perhaps mentoring future young
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>> i want to make a mold for the generation coming up. >> reporter: bowl is similar, 10news. >> i had a chance to sample that food. it was so good. i almost did not come back to do the show. that young man said he grew up a run games and violence and all it took was one person to change his life. >> so many lives can be changed given the opportunity. a little love and compassion and things can turn around. the center plans to post updates on where their students are working, tracking the progress of their cooking careers. this is a story of kindness. it is actually two stories. how facebook of all things brought them together. >> reporter: as if being a kid
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fall day in saint pete wasn't enough. blake and his sisters are about to find out someone else's here. to make their day even brighter. little blake does not usually go to the beach. >> he has had four surgery so far. two on his back. >> reporter: on this day tampa bay's f to get him all excited. but the surprises don't stop here. because superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. >> about to give back. >> reporter: this one is tyler thompson. tyler has spina bifida himself but his superpower, raising money to give kids wheelchairs and with a little help flying them all the way in from
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it is a moment a moment many months in the making. emotional enough to take your breath away. >> it is definitely worth every bit of it. i love it. >> reporter: you see, patricia, blake and his family saw tyler on our air. the first time he came to tampa bay to deliver the first wheelchair to another boy. >> i sawi saw the video an >> reporter: tyler saw blake needed a wheelchair after seeing stories about the foundation. the rest is history. >> we are lucky these people have come together to do this for him. it is amazing. i am going to start crying. >> reporter: the wheelchair
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he can also forget about his disease, even if it is just one afternoon at a time. >> it means the world to us. there are good people in this world. >> there is so much good out there. i am happy i am happy we could share set with everyone. -- i am happy we could share that with everyone. such good people. the superheroes go to hospitals and they are even making a little girl a robotic arm. >> they hope to someday give every child a beach a wheelchair. minutes away the best excuse and time to call in sick. a couple of warm days ahead of us, friday and saturday but big time changes on saturday night. i will let you know how low it will go in the forecast.
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n select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. why can't someone do something about the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs? that is the question we have been asking all week and trying to get you some answers.
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political. the pharmaceutical industry spends a lot of money trying to make sure that lawmakers are on their side. >> reporter: each year americans consume millions of prescription drugs to stay healthy for even stay alive. the rising prices are taking a serious toll on american families. this woman is a transplant patient, the dramatic cost increase in the dr forced her and her husband to alter their retirement dreams. she blames the drug manufacturers and congress. >> it is hard to have faith in washington. >> reporter: she is not exaggerating when she talks about the influence the pharmaceutical industry has on washington. although each year big pharmaceuticals poor out
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out millions of dollars into the campaigns of elected officials in hopes of that they will pass legislation that will help the industry maximize its profits. >> the most political powerful lobby in washington is pharmaceutical corporations. they have maximized their profits at the expense of the american taxpayer. >> reporter: this we separatist -- th industry spends on campaign contributions to members of congress. as well as of the 186 million they spend on lobbyists. she received lesson $4000. have you felt pressure from pharmaceutical companies? >> they want to operate like it is the wild west. >> reporter: part of the problem is the bill that congress passed prohibiting medicare from negotiating drug prices with pharmaceutical
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>> it is something that we can re-examine. >> reporter: marco rubio, who received $221,000 in campaign contributions says, medicare is not the answer. he believes, the fda needs to approve drug prices quicker leading to more competition which he says will lead to lower prices. you are in the top ten iv from big pharmacy companies. how does that influence? >> people buy into my agenda. >> reporter: marco rubio is talking about this letter which says, allowing medicare to negotiate with drug companies would not necessarily lower the prices. rubio says you have to look at it from the drug companies point of view. >> you need to have companies willing to risk money to innovate new medicines. they expect to make their money back with a profit.
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aware they have to make profits but has introduced legislation will prohibit excessive profits. >> to allow medicare to negotiate, that would save taxpayers billions of dollars. >> reporter: but still many patients feel like janet snyder. the problem she says is compounded by politics and money. >> the way things go with congress and the senate, it is controlled by who is giving them the most mo >> reporter: the pop top three house members from florida of patrick murphy, who was just defeated in his bid, and sarasota's burned buchanan. unlike marco rubio, bill nelson, was on the low end of pharmaceutical contributions receiving just $10,000.
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>> it is bothersome how they play with peoples lives. >> it is kind of disgusting. >> something has to be done. that is why we are trying to get something done. have you ever called in sick when you weren't really sick? not that i have ever done that. i was just curious about you. >> i don't know. answer yes to that question. if you are about to think about calling in sick anytime soon research companies say, wait and do it on a tuesday. the best time to call is at 6:38 in the morning. the best excuse is stomach problems, you will not be asked to elaborate. we want to know what the best excuse you have given or you have heard.
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facebook page. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family, it is time for 10news weather. >> you want to put the idea in their head that someone at home is sick, perhaps you are starting to feel sick. that is a good idea. 66 out there right now. it is nice and quiet. but we have had tremendous weather. tonight is another night just like that. tomorrow morning at the bus stop we will need a light jacket. we will be in the mid-50s. 66 in tampa. 51 in crystal river. 69 in lakeland. 63 in sarasota. treasure island you are at 65.
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nice and dry with no rain. we have got a a friend saturday and i don't expect any rain but that. the beach is cooling off. this is tomorrow morning in the low 60s right at the beach. a couple of spots in citrus county back in the 40s. tomorrow and saturday sunny skies most of the day. i don't think we will have any issues. look what happens friday afternoon looking great, saturday afternoon, still looks good but late in the day here comes at front. that front. just a couple of showers saturday night. we will track it for you. it will be right along the coast and i don't expect a lot. if you like 80 you will like tomorrow.
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we won't get out of the 60s on sunday. if you are in kansas city on sunday it is going to be in the 40s. we will be back -- we will have 40s on monday morning. thanksgiving looks great. thanksgiving night another front. black friday shopping, 40s and 50s. >> i would like to see you sit outside that store at 3:00 in the morning now. how do tonight we have another bolt injured.
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at least there was something good on television in the recovery room. tonight, the lightning captain, steven stamkos underwent surgery and will miss at least lf when he woke up he saw this happen in buffalo. they do not skip a beat without their best player. unfortunately, they had to do this before. as if his surgery wasn't enough for one night, watch the left side of your screen. the puck catches him in the head. taken to the locker room and
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jon cooper called this ben bishop's show. he made 32 saves. check it out. he looked like a short step out there. -- he looked like a short stop out there. take a look at this 70-yard field goal. the kicker is kicking too much and it has got him in trouble with the law. he is facing a charge for damaging scooters knocked over and ripped off mirrors of two scooters that were next to his on campus. a spokesman said his status has not changed for saturday's game on saturday. >> still a week left of deer hunting in pennsylvania. check this out. cross country in pennsylvania, deer on the loose.
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the gwyneed mercy senior running his final race. he got up after and ran the final 2 miles. his friend captured the video and we spoke with him tonight. >> when the deer came out i had never seen anything like it before. it was crazy that it was happening. when i found i found out he was all right i was relieved. said, that was the craziest thing he had ever seen. >> that was bad. >> like they are dealing with enough. >> i thought bambi was gentle and kind. >> not invert -- not in pennsylvania. he is all right, he did not get injured.
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don't forget the concert in downtown st. pete. i will be there to help to hosted. >> you have a good time when you do these. >> i always do.
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