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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's i'm jenny dean.
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and i'm ian reitz. right now polk county deputies needou tracking down a criminal who escaped custody thursday. he was working in fleet maintenance at the time. 10news reporter emerald morrow is tracking the search from the newsroom. emerald, it's pretty scary to hear about an inmate escape. any idea how often this happens? yeah, although we might see an occasional escape, those types of breaches are often isolated. i looked up some numbers from the florida department of corrections and
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report from shows that from 2014 to 2015, there were 73 escapes from correctional institutions statewide...with most happening while an inmate was on work release. this man---joseph flanagin---was not on work release, but was working at the county's fleet maintenance building when he stole a white pickup truck similar to this one and took off. it's kind of like what happened just a month ago in bartow. in that case, an inmate used a makeshift weapon to kidnap a correc officer. that inmate then escaped in a truck before leading officials on a manhunt that ended in pinellas county. the department of corrections says it has zero tolerance for escapes... so that means flanagin will likely extend his stay behind bars... he was already nearly a quarter way through his sentence...which was not even a year long. flanagin was in jail for theft and violating probation. and at 6:00, we'll take a look at how soon these fugutives are usually caught after they escape.
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governor rick scott says he he won't be a part of president-elect donald trump's administration. the two met on thursday -- and looks like they even snapped a selfie. governor scott tweeted this out after a meeting in new york "great seeing my friend donlad trump today." he said he would help the president with the transition process. you've heard about the new ferry service between st pete and tampa. if you haven't given it a try yet, city leaders hope a few new programs will perk your interest. sarah hollenbeck is live in downtown st pete. sarah, city leaders are anxious to keep the new cross bay ferry service afloat... yes, this ferry is part of 6-month pilot program, and to keep you to ride it the city is willing to make one change
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beer, wine and liquor on board-- that will start this weekend. a second big change also came from your feedback. if you work in either downtown st pete or downtown tampa, you may consider hopping in a ferry to get to work. but riders kept asking the same question, "what if i have to work late and i miss the last boat?" there's a new change for you, too. not only did the city knock off the price to $5 each way for regular riders, but now if you miss that last ferry, they'll also pay for your cab ride home. and pay attention to this-- there are three days where you can try the ferry for free. this sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday, you can walk up and get a free ticket. you won't be able to make a reservation though, so show up early. coming up at 6-30-- will the cities be able to keep this ferry around after the 6 month trial ends and is it really worth your tax dollars? i'm
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an exciting new program aims to provide at-risk youth top notch culinary training from some of the best chefs across the bay area. the brand new st. pete culinary center offers a free 16 week program. chefs from a number of restaurants along with students hosted a six-course black tie event thursday night. this was at the mahaffey theater in st. petersburg...and it raised money for the new program. many of the young adults involvay their life on a new path. he hopes to one day open his own restaurant and mentor other young chefs. st. pete culinary
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working. and track their progress as they advance in their cooking careers. a judge in west virginia is handing out unique sentences to people who break certain laws and it's going viral. take a look at this.. instead of a fine or jailtime for crimes like shoplifting or a d- u-i.. judge travis copenhaver is having violators stand at a busy intersection holding a sign explaining what they did wrong. the punishment is being called "sign shaming" and works because it spreads the message easier on social media. most people on social media agree with a majority of the comments saying they are all for it. it is important to note that this is only for small crimes. if you have an animal lover on your christmas list this year.. how about buying them a zoo? the bayou wildlife zoo near alvin, texas is for sale.
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the 80 acre zoo on the market.. the asking price? seven million dollars. it has everything from white rhinos to zebras. fans of the zoo say they hope someone will buy it, so that it won't have to be closed for good. lowe's hardware stores have a new piece of hardware. a helpful robot called "lo-bot" wandering the isles approaching people to find stuff. take a look. so here's how it works. when you ask him something, it communicates with the stores central computer for an items location using lazers and cameras
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where the item is. you have to be specific when asking lo bot for an item. for now the robots are only available in lowes' stores in california. lowe's executive director says lo bot will not replace workers. he says it was designed to be an assistant to the store helper. by now, you've probably seen or even done the mannequin challenge. it has taken over the internet. it's been done by sports teams, celebrities and even by first lady michelle obama. but one in particular involving a dog has absolutely blown caught up with the owner and his best friend.
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if your dog gets lost, you would do anything to get him back. coming up... we'll tell you the unusual reward a man is offering for his lost dog. coming up tonight on 10 news
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and c-b-s. starting at 8:00, macgyver, followed by hawaii five o at 9. at 10:00, blue bloods. then tune in to 10
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if you have a minute.. take a look at this story. a jacksonville man is offering up his truck for the safe return of his missing dog, buddy boy. james o'sicky came home on wednesday around lunch time and realized that buddy boy was gone. he set up this post on swip swap jacksonville the next day with his 2002 gmc pickup valued at 35- hundred dollars. so far.. no one has come forward. forward.
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stephen hawking made headlines this week -- while giving a speech in britain. --according to usa today, he said the "only way humankind can escape mass extinction is to find another planet". --he went on to talk about what we've learned about our planet and the universe over the past 50 years. --he also talked about the need for more space exploration. --hawking went on to s t "in a given year may be quite low" -- but he said it "adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years." would you pick
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someone who is disgusted by you? well... that's exactly what a texas woman did for the people sitting at the table behind her. natalie woods could hear them talking about how disgusted they felt by liberal and gay people. and natalie is both. she felt frustrated and ashamed of herself, and then turned her anger into love. not only she paid for their dinner, but she sent them this message. natalie took a picture of the natalie took a picture of the receipt and decided to post it on social media. hours later, her message got shared all around the world. the restaurant released a statement saying quote " thoughtful gestures like this are needed more than ever, especially when we
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the ledger we have a lot to get to here on 10 news this morning. airline ticket prices can be outrageous, but this morning we're revealing some airline secrets to make sure you get the best deals. and we are so excited to be at stewart middle magnet school this morning! we'll tell you about their incredible science classes, it's really cool you won't want to miss it. we are working on all those stories, plus ashley
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how the morning commute looks, all
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york lit up in blue to mark the 25th anniversary of the blue man group. members of the group took part in the ceremonial lightning. blue man group combines music, comedy in its shows, and of course the element of surprise. the king kong franchise is getting a reboot with a twist. the new trailer for kong: skull island is getting a lot of buzz. scientist and soldiers quickly discover that kong is not the only giant creature on an island in the pacific. the all-star cast includes tom hiddlestone, samuel l jackson, brie larson and john
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theaters next march.
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we are moments away from starting off the 6:00 hour. we are off to a great quiet start around the bay area with comfortable temperatures and nothing going on on stormtracker. that is always, always nice to see. 60 degrees in tampa. we will briefly dip down to the upper 50s for the next check, and then 46 is what we're
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brookville. clear skies over downtown tampa. we will talk about the next cold front that's slated to arrive tomorrow evening, how it will impact our rain chances and the big impact on our temperatures. i will have that forecast in about ten minutes. your hot spots at 6 toomey on your friday. i am heat advisory heat advisory. in hillsborough county there is an accident in tampa blocking lanes at the intersection of 56th streets and hillsborough avenue. you have some northbound lanes blocked there. in i-5 there is a crash in the northbound direction between clark road and bee ridge road. in ten minutes, i will take you to the bridges. we had an accident on the howard howard earlier. i have a drive time for you. your news, your community, and we're putting the news back in the morning.


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