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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 20, 2016 11:30pm-12:35am EST

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why? well, it's like you said, i... i was getting cut out. and then i figured, with him out of the way, i could take over the business for myself. what? would you be so kind as to remove your gloves? i'd like to see your hands. well, you haven't said a single true thing to us. that includes your confession. you didn't kill bennett. you just want us to think that you did. i don't understand. holmes: it's a simple enough question. do you pluck between your eyebrows? yeah. i have since junior high. mmm. you have synophrys.
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in addition, you lack hair on the middle segments of your fingers and on the backs of your hands. all three of those conditions are recessive hereditary traits. sharing one in common does not prove a genetic relation, but sharing all three strongly suggests kinship. what does this have to do with my husband's death? it has to do with the confession of one gordie kasdan. pilot. he said he sabotaged your husband's chute. but we think he was covering for someone. holmes: he, like you, has a unibrow, he lacks hair on the middle segments of his fingers and on the backs of his hands. he's your father. watson: we think he confessed to sabotaging bennett's chute to protect you. are we right? the other day, when you said bennett had been shot, part of me was relieved. i hadn't killed him.
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why would you tamper with his chutes? my pregnancy hasn't been easy. lack of sleep, nausea, the hormones... that's not an excuse for trying to murder your husband. a couple weeks ago, i heard him talking on the phone with some woman, late at night. he thought i was asleep. i couldn't find any record of the call on his cell, so i did a little poking around. found one of those disposable phones hidden in his car. there were all these texts between him meone named jaan. two a's. in one of his messages, he promised her he would leave me. so you decided to kill him. i was angry. i called my dad, told him everything. said i could solve the whole thing with a pair of scissors and a trip to bennett's storage shed. i'm guessing that's why he tried to take the blame.
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something changed. i didn't want bennett to die. i tried to get him to call off the jump. but he wouldn't listen. (crying) he never did. well, that explains the sabotaged chute. but we're no closer to the sniper. i think we are. i think the sniper and mrs. nealy were both motivated by bennett's affair. and if i'm right about the sniper's identity, we need to catch him soon. 'cause i'm certain he's gonna strike again. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, aso we know how to cover almost about the sanything.dentity, even a rodent ride-along. [dad] alright, buddy, don't forget anything! [kid] i won't, dad... [captain rod] happy tuesday morning! captain rod here. it's pretty hairy out on the interstate.traffic is literally crawling, but there is some movement
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how 'bout you? publix. where shopping is a pleasure. vandalism, hate speech and harrassment skyrocketing since the presidential election - what the pastor of a st. pete church is telling her congregation after it happened to them. i'm tammie fields - with a tragic story... of what happened to this police officer when he was simply writing a traffic ticket. and a toy truck bursted into flames destroying grandparents "real" truck....what toys r us is doing now. i-i don't understand. why are you showing us these? we found them on the ground where bennett nealy fell. in afghanistan, young lovers give each other tasbihs as a sign of affection, yes? (speaks pashto)
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he just asked you if you think that they're hers, and you said, "oh, i hope not." i'm assuming by "hers," you meant your daughter, zohala. you speak pashto? not fluently. are these your daughter's prayer beads? bennett nealy had a lover. he called her jaan. holmes: "jaan," as you're well aware, is the pashto for "beloved." bennett nealy was having an affair with your daughter. you didn't know? watson: we think the sniper knew. that's why he killed bennett. which brings us back to a question that you refused to answer earlier. where are your children? zohala ran away shortly after marjan and i arrived in new york. she left a letter saying that she wanted to... live her own life, as a modern woman. we thought that she was just being rebellious.
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when my husband was with the taliban, my son fought for them. he learned to shoot, to hide, to stalk his target. and they poured their poison into his ears. what do you think your son would do if he knew that your daughter was sleeping with an american? the taliban preaches the old ways. in traditional culture, when a woman sleeps with a man outside of wedlock, she dishonors her entire family. the only way to restore that honor is through blood. if marjan thought that zohala and bennett were dishonoring our family... he would kill them both. holmes: so, if there's a way you could help us find marjan, his cell phone number, perhaps, be a good time to share it.
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bell: police! don't move! lower the gun, marjan. man: target in sight. three o'clock. we have visual. bell: your parents sent us. they want you to live. they want you both to live. (sirens wailing) (wailing stops) man 2: inside! quick! this way, please. move! move! nobody here wants to hurt you. just put the gun down. (indistinct police transmission) (handcuffs clacking) (elevator dings)
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zohala. ? mmm... ? ? ? ? mmm... ? (phone chimes) ? a sigh went across my bones ? (knocking) ? didn't i tell you, shut the door? ? come in. been a while. it has. i heard you had a conversation with an old friend of mine. i did. he said that you reached out to him. is that true? say it was. okay, well,
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nging out with tall boy? tall boy is not your problem. neither am i. not no more. okay, but you asked me for my help. and now i know better. you can't help me. really? you think you know everything. you don't. you just walked into a criminal's apartment in the middle of the night. a basement apartment. you can shoot a gun down here-- nobody'll hear it. it's not your world. it's mine. it's where i have to live, and it's where i have to survive. why are you saying this? because this world's not safe. not for me. and especially not for you. so get out. while you still can. (loud crashing) (exhales) it's now or never, doc. ? what did you wish on that storm? ? ? was it worth it ?
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oo is 39 degrees and it is 40 in crystal river. and 51 in clear water. so by monday morning. code-cold we -- we are not used to these temperatures here in when you
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looking at temperatures in your 30s. we will have more on your forecast that is coming up. we have to watch closely to see if you need to take steps to watch your plants. and we spoke to the today in plant city. >> reporter: sure it is cool but not too cool for a cone. is perfect weather. for what they are famous for. is the kind of weather that help produce what you want.
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air they don't look good or taste good.. >> a treat for farmers who are always that mercy of mother nature. >> farmers are not very worried about the forest. still 5-10 degrees below and they turn on the strange spring strangelers -- sprinklers. we are looking at efforts to keep the president elect and secure
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of the panhandle. >> today we are learned all of the windows are going to be replaced with bullet proof glass and a big announcement for the future family and their 10-year-old son are not moving into the white house on igaugeration day and the family doesn't want him toe switch schools in the middle of the school year. expect to see more of it this in the next coming days. today he spoke with former new york mayor and chris chrisy. . the first service took
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the drawings scribbled on their drive way and the alarming trend is that is gripping the country. >> the peace at this church was inturupted. >> that is not stopping members of the church from worshiping. >> i believe we were targeted >> on sunday he didn't shy away, and saying she was not going to live in fear and that love will triism. >> umph. >> they found cases of hate speech and harassment since then
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three-days of the election. >> the ugly discourse of the election didn't end on election day. >> new governor addressed the church as well saying the hate crimes need to stop. >> the acts of division are the opposite of what they stand for. >> i hope that those whopeople that do that type o that type of thing come talk to us. >> i will not fear someone who sprawls hate on the side walk. the southern poverty says 40% of the cases happened at school and we have our full report on our website. >> a suspect in custody accused
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he was shot during a traffic stop and is now in the hospital. this is not the vi -- violence. investigators are saying that detective was in his car and writing a ticket and he was shot in the head all of this headquarters. >> investigator say this man is the person of interest. and they are no longer conducting traffic stops a loan until the a -- alone until the killer is captured. shocking cell phone video
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people are scrambling to get of out ofwater the ramp for the ferry collapses and doesn't of people were hurt. >> someone pulled me out and we looked for our other friends and found them and luckily we were all together. >> firefighters michael curry was helping pull people from the water and suffered medical emergency. he worked for 13 years and is a single father to an 8-year-old boy. >> a consumer alert you need to know about this tonka truck burst into flames and the
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saying this appeared to be an isolated incident. >> hums is being recalled for a listeria out break. >> your turkey day dinner will be cheaper this year. the farm bureau the serving 10 people cost less. >> for tips on how to cook, go to our website and look for tips. >> a local hero the oldest
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amazing legacy lives on. >> we have a right to fight for our country and the same as over other american. >> hollywood's version of world war ii and u.s. military recruited a fearless group of pilots to reclaim the skies over europe. >> he was there the nonstop battle. >> when i came through it was rough. because it was prejudice and segregated. >> he worked on the ground, and he was so low key about his participation men in a his on family didn't know about the extent of his service until later in his life. >> we define ourselves not be
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but how we respond to it. >> mayor remembers the key to the city and the special proclamation last -- year and the integrity and class. >> we are all god's children
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babe tease safety aies to -- babies to safety. families separated by the border and they are able to see their loved ones through a steel wall and it is the only place the border they are how areed. -- allowed. >> reporter: we have a lot to talking about in weather today if you are not been out side,
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quitea surprise. we have the plummeting temperatures. >> it is real chilly eve -- really chilly evening out side. take a looked this video here this is from minnesota thoreb weekend and it was near white out conditions and that snow is out of the area now and the the grip. look that temperatures. in the region where the snow is falling. we have 20s. and the 40s in atlanta and we are in the 40s in our viewing area and some in the upper 30s.
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for the coldest morning of the 7 day period ask the-coldest morning we have seen in a long time. the cooler spots right now and 3 in temple terrace and most of us are in the 50s. so it is chilly. temperatures in the 40s but some of us in the 30s tomorrow morning. if you take the jacket the 50s by tomorrow evening. and a 7 day forecast is nice. clear skys a cross florida and look at the freeze warnings. we are talking upper 20s and freezing conditions in the northern part of florida and a beautiful day.
12:04 am
but it was fantastic. going forward here. the winds tomorrow continue out the north. 5-10 miles an our and we head into tomorrow night we see a few more clouds and some spotty rain chances but we stay dry and no rain in the next seven days and watching this tropical the national hurricane center is saying it more organized and if it developed into a tropical system we think it will not affect us in any way the models are taking it to the west and it is a nice 7-day forecast and sunshine on tuesday as that warm up begins and 77 for the high
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0. i told you i was great . you see how we play as a family. you see the coach. -- >> he is in a giving mood and also giving out letters to teammates and his work as an other. the chiefs have not lost a home game in ten contests.
12:10 am
the second pick and buccaneers up two and who? the first nfl touch down and if you don't know the name let me introduce you. 14 touch downs for the tigers and promoted jenkins is cut. idiot kicker. these struggling rookie struggling no more. hit his loan extra point and was 4-4 on the field goal and a big reason why the buccaneers one.
12:11 am
fans are consistently inconsistent with their emotions. look at the buccaneerss. this was back on october when he waw strawingling -- was struggling now today, they call him mvp. 13 points and the huge in the win but he has been a target of the fans. garbage. he has done nothing. nothing at all. and today, i love you chris. the man bobby loves on his game
12:12 am
and my first reaction was whoa i am trying to get as many as i can get but i was too tired to get more than that. >> apparently this man can write he gave every single teammate a letter and read it to them and that can be the key chapter. >> he sat letter and how grateful he was to play ball with us. and we also want to play for a quarterback like that to be a leader and stand up like that he is a born leader. >> growing up right in front of us. >> the reason the chief fans like fsu do the tomahawk chop a
12:13 am
cancer at the age of 59. >> dedicate this game to him. he passed way 12 this morning and he meant lot to me. so if the family is listening. thank you and i love you. >> he is truly maturing in front of our eyes and he is >> we will be back in just
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[music] >> joel osteen: god bless you. it's a joy to come into your homes, and if you're ever in our area, please stop by, be a part of one of our rv i promise you, we'll make you feel right at home. i like to start with something funny. i heard about this pastor. he found a small box hidden in his wife's closet.
12:22 am
dollar bills. he asked his wife about it. she explained how every time he preached a bad sermon, she put an egg in the box. after 35 years of ministering, he felt pretty good about himself, only six hesk wt the $1,000 was. she said, "every time i got a dozen eggs, i sold them for a dollar." say it like you mean it. "this is my bible. i am what it says i am. i have what it says i have. i can do what it says i can do. today i will be taught the word of god. i boldly confess, my mind is alert, my heart is receptive, i will never be the same. in jesus' name." god bless you. i wanna talk to you today about prepared in the process. when victoria and i found out we were pregnant with our first son, jonathan, we were so excited.
12:23 am
over the next few weeks, we started getting the baby's room together, movin' furniture around. all we could think about was this baby was on the way. six months later, victoria's feet started swelling. her back started hurting. she couldn't sleep well at night. some mornings, she was nauseated. suppose we went back to the doctor and said, "doctor, something's wrong with victoria. she's gaining all this weight. her feet are swelling. she's uncomfortable. will you give us somethin' to make it go away?" he'd say, "no, i'm sorry. it's all a part of the process. if you're goin' to give birth, ya have to go through a season of bein' uncomfortable. you may not like gainin' the weight, but it's necessary. it's makin' room for what's comin'. your feet may swell. your back may hurt. it's uncomfortable, but it's not unusual. without the process, you
12:24 am
it's the same principle in life. we all have dreams god's placed in our heart, goals we wanna accomplish. we know we're pregnant, but too often we get discouraged by the process. it's takin' longer than we thought. we had some bad breaks. we went through a loss. somebody did us wrong. we think, "this couldn't be right. i'm uncomfortabl" but like a pregnancy, it's a part of the process. everything you go through, every struggle, every disappointment, every delay, if you'll keep the right attitude, that's depositing something in you. it's makin' you stronger, it's developing your character, it's growin' you up. here's the key: you're anointed before you're appointed. there's going to be a preparation period between the time puts the dream in hrt the te that it comes to pass.
12:25 am
is going to come. it's up to us to pass these tests, to be willing to go through the pregnancy, the uncomfortable seasons, the lonely times when we don't understand it. we're doin' the right thing, but we're not makin' progress. this is when many people give up on their dreams. they were pregnant, they were anointed, but because they preparatn esheyough the never gave birth. they never saw the appointing in the scripture, david was anointed to be the next king of israel at the age of 17. the prophet samuel traveled to his house, chose david out all the other bthers, poured the oil on his head. david was excited. it was a destiny moment. but what's interesting is, after david was anointed, after he was given this incredible promise, where did david go?to t pace? to get his royal robe?
12:26 am
he went back to the shepherd fields. he was anointed but not appointed. he found out he was pregnant, so to speak, but he had to go through the preparation process. he had to pass the test of doing a menial task, taking care of his father's sheep, feeding them day in and day out, shoveling their waste, smell badly. it was lonely. it seemed unfair anointed by samuel, they were in the military. they had prestigious positions. everyone looked up to them. david could've thought, "i'm not goin' back to the shepherds' fields. i'm the next king." but david understood this principle. he had to show god he would be faithful when it wasn't exciting. he had to pass the test of being good to king saul, even though saul was jealous and
12:27 am
this isn't right. look at him. you gotta get rid of saul. i'm uncomfortable." instead, david kept doin' the right thing year after year. he was anointed at 17, but he didn't take the throne until he was 30. it took 13 years for his anointing to catch up to his appointing. but without those 13 years of keepin' a good attitude, doin' the right thing, overlookin' insults, he wodn have been prepared for where god was takin' him. and god knows what's in your future. he knows what it's going to take to keep you there. and you may not understand why it's takin' so long, why it hasn't turned out t way you thought, why're in a lonely season, a discouraged season, a stagnant season, but everything you've been through was to strengthen you, to develop you, to prepare you.
12:28 am
ift wa't part ofhe process. without it, you couldn't give birth to what's in you. and if you'll do like david, not try to figure it all out, not live bitter, negative, instead, keep passin' the test. keep doin' the right thing, givi, serving, loving, then your time is coming. your baby is on the way. what god promised, he will bring to pass. and, one day, while david was in those lonely shepherds' to take nch his broths who were out on the battlefield. david could've said, "dad, you saw samuel anoint me. you saw him choose me over all my brothers, and you want me to be a errand boy, a deliry service i n't think so if david would've been too proud, not willing to serve others and do somethin' that seemed insignificant, he
12:29 am
these are tests that we must to humity to take s brothers lunch. his oldest brother, when he showed up, made fun of david, caused a big scene, tried to embarrass him. david overlooked it, kept doin' the right thing. on one of those trips, takin' his brothers lunch, davisaw goliath taunting the people of israel. somethin' rose up in david. he said, "i'll take care of that giant." but had david not been faithful where he was, doin' what his father asked him to do, even though it was small he would've missed his destiny. he would've never seen goliath. and it's easy to think, "i'm not goin' to do this insignificant thing. joel, when somethin' big comes my way, somethin' impressive, then i'll step up then i'll give it best." how do you know your destiny is not tied to the small
12:30 am
once you do that insignificant thing, where maybe you have to swallow your pride and serve somebody at's under you, then the door to the big thing god has in store, will open up. it can be uncomfortable to have to humble ourselves. we think, "god, that's not right. i have more training than skl." more education, more pass the test. it's a part of the process. it's getting you prepared. when i used to do the television production here a lakewood, one sunday, the lady that did my father's makeup for television, put powder on him, helped him th h hai-she didn't show u and victoria was there in the back. she said to my father, "let me do it." nobody asked her to. she just stepped up. and she thought she was goin' to do it just that one movin' tanotr ci.ady ended up my father liked it so much, he asked victoria to do it
12:31 am
any training in that area. her background was in the jewelry business. jewelry ore.wns a prestigious victia grew up sellin' diamonds, rubies, to influential, wealthy people, a sophisticated business. and she could've thought, "i don't think i'm gon' be a makeup person." she could've seen that as bein' insignificant, but when my father aske sheever thought twice. for years on sunday, she'd go up, bring him to church, help him with his hair, with his makeup. she spent years behind the scenes, helpin' make my father look good, never dreamin', one day, she would be up here in front of people, makin' me look good. when you're faithful in the small, you're passing the test. that's getting you prepared for the big things god has in stor and you may be doin' somethin' that seems
12:32 am
you know you have much more in you, but don't despise the day of small beginnings. keep bein' faithful. here's the key: do it with a good attitude. it's one thing to do it negative, mplaing. "i can't snd this job. i'm smarter than my boss. my supervisor, he doesn't have half the talent that i have." that may be true, but the reason god has you there is he's doin' a work in you. if you complain, you'll get stuck. it w never supposed to be it's just a step along the way. but all those years david was in the lonely shepherds' fields, it didn't look like anything was happening. didn't seem like he was baby is developing on the inside where nobody can see. in those tough times where you're uncomfortable, you're doin' the right thing but the wrong thing is happening, somethin' is developing in
12:33 am
you're getting closer to the birth. if you'll keep passin' the test, at the right time, your anointing will meet up with your appointing. and this is the reason many people never give birth what's in them. they don't understand the process. god will put a dream in your heart. he'll give you the anointing, then he'll send ya back to the shepherds' fields. the appointing will come later. you know you're going to you've been ointed for it, but he'll send ya back to that part-time job with a grouchy boss and coworkers that you don't like. you know you're goin' to move into that new house. the promise is in you, but he'll send ya back tthat small aparent th loud neighbors and no wi-fi. you know you're gonna meet the right person. you're anointed to have a blessed family, but he'll send ya back to that lonely
12:34 am
how we respond in the wilderness will determine whether or not we make it in to our promised land. and right now, there are promises that god has put in you. you are pregnant with potential, pregnant with portity, with health, with abundance. you've been anointed. my question is, will you go through the process so you see your appointing come? will ya pass thees it's uncomfortable, wh it doesn't like it's gonna work out, when you can't see anything changing? just because ya don't see anything happening doesn't mean god is not working. you don't see it on the outside, but on the inside, where it morimportant, you're growin', you're developing. it's just a matter of time before your appointing shows up. my father gave his life to christ at the age of 17.
12:35 am
going to pastor a church with thousands of people. and at w unheard of back then in the 1930s, but god put this dream in his heart as a teenager. he was anointed for it, but it took years for the appointing to come. my parents started lakewood 195with 90 people. they were in abandoned feed store. it was this old, run-down building. and for 13 years, lakewood my father was bein' his best. he knew he had bigr thgs himbut in spite of everything he did, even after 10 years, lakewood still had less than 200 people. he could've thought, "god, i must've heard ya wrong. i thought you said i'd have a church with thousands." instead, he kept doin' his best, bein' faithful, day in and day out. in 1972, 13 years later, it


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