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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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leg while she was sleeping. >> her boyfriend chased him out the door and down the street before he got away. >> now, if you think that's scary, listen to this. something similar happened in the neighborhood along maryland northeast in shore acres. 10news reporter phil buck sits down with a single mom who wants you to hear her frightening experience. >> around 3:30 in the morning cat got up and jumped off the bed. nothing abnormal. for some reason when ground it woke me up and i decided to sit up and see why he got out of bed, and when i looked up i could see the shadow of a person standing at the end of my bed. he didn't say anything. didn't look up at me immediately. it took him a few seconds and he looked up at me and i yelled as loud and firmly as i could and i stood up and all he -- he was very calm. all he said was, hey, i got up and followed him out of the house and he calmly walked out and walked out the side door
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i have a toddler. there is always lots of toys and all kinds of stuff. the fact that he didn't trip over anything on his way into my bedroom is mind boggling to me. as he was standing there staring at me before i woke up, what was he contemplating doing? you know, was i about to get raped? was he about to kill me? i want to put sensors on all of the windows around the house. there is such a strong sense of community here. you really don't think that you're unsafe. you never in a million years think that sure my gun was loaded next to my bed or check the doors and windows before i went to sleep. as cliche as it is, you don't think something like that is going to happen to you until it does. >> we should point out she reported everything to police and that guy is still on the loose tonight. klein is angry more than anything that she now has to sleep with her loaded gun next to her while her 2-year-old daughter is in the house.
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is sharing how he was in the right place at the right time to save her life. now, michael hicken heard the teen age girl crying for help in the woods next to his house in dundee. he got her out, told his mom to call 911. now, the sheriff says she might have died if he didn't find her when he did. hickens says the girl looked hungry and like she had been badly beaten. >> she had a stab wound on her she had scratch marks on her back. she had wounds on her feet. looked like cigarette burns. unimaginable. >> chris and melissa peters have been charged with aggravated child abuse. the teenager is still in the hospital recovering. deputies say she has a brother, but it doesn't appear he was abused. a social media post from the pasco county sheriff's office has set off a firestorm of opinions. it shows a picture of a
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with the headline sad criminal of the day. now, some of you say don't break the law and you won't be humiliated. others say it's dehumanizing. casey cumley takes your concerns straight to the sheriff's office. >> if you break the law in pasco county, we will put your picture on social media. >> here is the post to prove it. it got the attention of more than 600 people who commented on the pasco sheriff's office facebook page. it shows marquis porter in tears with the title sad criminal of the day. they say he was dealing drugs and tried to ram a deputy's cruiser with his car. >> i don't think anybody should be showing off like that on social media. >> i don't feel bad for anybody trying to hurt cops. >> i don't think any behavior like that is good if he is criminal. but their job is to go out there and do their job. >> reporter: this controversy social media post doesn't only have people on the street fired up. check out the conversation on
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jennifer writes, i don't feel bad for him. if he would have seriously hurt someone or killed them, nobody would have seen this as humiliation. jamie says, simple, don't break the law, then you won't be publicly humiliated. missy says innocent until proven guilty is one of our core values. >> of course. at this point our evidence indicates that these crimes were committed and he was charged with them. we have increased our use of humor over the last couple of months. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says humor is a way for deputies the community, and it's working. >> as you can see in the photo, he was crying. that was a description that was used in the post itself. but we stand behind is. >> reporter: casey cumley, 10news wtsp. >> now we want to know what you think about the use of social media by law enforcement. just head to our 10news facebook page and leave your comments right there.
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with more potential members of his cabinet. former texas governor and one- time gop rival with perry met with mr. trump this morning at trump tower. so did current oklahoma governor marry fallon, who said she wasn't offered a job for the new administration. >> we have a wide range of issues and his plan and agenda for america and how i might be able to help. it was a wonderful discussion. really enjoyed it. very excited about the administration. >> over the weekend mr. hosted other high-profile republicans at his new jersey golf course, including that state's governor chris christie and 2012 gop nominee mitt romney. red tide, it's target our beaches, sea life, breathing and tourism. now a scientist may unravel another potential cause for the nasty algae bloom. the answer may be in florida's river mud. 10news sarasota newsroom reporter isabel mascarenas explains what's lying deep if
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>> that's good mud. >> reporter: specifically the iron found in florida's black river mud. scientist dr. jordan bechler says it may hold a piece of the puzzle to predicting red tide blooms, like the one gripping sarasota's waterways since september 19. the bloom has washed up tons of dead fish, turned the gulf water reddish brown and caused respiratory problems that left beaches desolate and homeowners holding their breath. >> you can see how fine gr it's very dark. this is pretty good mud. this has a lot of iron in it and this is likely where we're going to target our efforts. >> reporter: he is using a $76,000 grant to help prove his hypothesis. >> what i'm trying to show is another potential source of iron that should be considered in addition to that. >> reporter: iron-rich dust from africa also found here in
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bacteria. he thinks florida's river mud does the same. >> but this iron allows trichodesium to do a cool trick. >> reporter: it turns iron. >> something like two dozen hypotheses. and some of them have actually been proven. but there is no magic formula for what causes red tide. >> right, scientists will be one step closer to predicting red tide blooms. in sarasota, isabel mascarenas, 10news wtsp. >> bechler will be doing the first phase of his two-year- long study the week before christmas. florida tourism is on track for a record year in 2016 despite the threat of the zika virus and two hurricanes hitting the state. the governor announced 85 million tourists visited florida in the first nine
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total ever. the governor gives lots of credit to visit florida, the state's tourism marketing arm. families around the bay area are making plans for their thanksgiving meal, and the salvation army is providing the main course for many. volunteers helped the salvation army in st. petersburg with a giveaway of about a thousand turkeys this afternoon. families in need just drove up with their cars to receive thanksgiving staple. several people tell 10news it's been a tough year money-wise and getting a turkey really helps them. >> it means a warm meal for our family, which is something we need right now. and it means that we get to be as a family for thanksgiving, which makes us very happy. >> salvation army units around the tampa bay area are distributing turkeys and other food items this week. the salvation army will help about 10,000 families from our area this year with
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grateful for this year. deflation. the cost of your thanksgiving feast actually going down. we will crunch the numbers. that's coming up. any average joe can throw one strike. can you get 11 more and pull off a perfect game? a 300. a local high school kid just did it despite not being able to see the pins. coming up i am going to find out how many takes it took him to do that. also, i am going to talk about our local weather including we will have your travel
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happy thanksgiving from publix.
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when new port richey teen brian sphinx started bowling he needed bumpers to roll a score of 86. four years later he now averages 209. 10news reporter bobby lewis out on the road with an up and down or up and coming bowler who just obtained a major goal. one that he never saw coming. >> not great. not great at all. >> reporter: 119 just isn't good enough. not numbers. >> should have fell. >> reporter: 10 up. 10 down. what brian sphinx lives there. >> it is the thing i am most passionate about. i come every day and pretty much do the same thing every single day. i work harder than most people. >> he goes in there and practices for hours. >> reporter: other bowlers love to watch the 14-year-old rack up strikes. a sight brian himself has never
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face? or is it blurry? >> it's a little hard. >> reporter: we are about four feet away? >> yeah. if i had my glasses off, i couldn't see you at all. >> reporter: legally blind since birth, brian d can only see a foot in front of his face. 60 feet short of the pins, which is why this is so incredible. >> a lot of people are amazed truly at just the scores i am putting up. >> he has had his fair share. >> reporter: brian has been bowling four years, but accomplished his biggest bowl in the sport on lane 21 this past summer. he bold 12 strikes in a row for a perfect score of 300. that reassured him he is on the right path. he wants to become a professional bowler one day and knows that will accomplish a few things, and the biggest one is proving to everybody out there that just because you have a limitation doesn't mean you can't turn your passion into a career. >> everyone has a purpose. i guess god just gave me the gift of almost no vision.
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people to strive for what they do best, i guess. >> reporter: on the road in new port richey, i am bobby lewis, 10news wtsp. >> way to go, brian. instead of pins, brian sees a fuzzy white glob at the end of the rain. beside that he has won 15 amateur tournaments already. the next tournament is december 10th in orlando. good luck. tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time whole story we were cheering for him. you can overcome anything. >> it's amazing. glad he is out there. that's amazing. all right. a lot going on. we have thanksgiving, of course. beautiful sunset. >> looks like a christmas thing. >> gorgeous. >> the bright north star is shining. >> it almost does. >> look at it. >> i like your forecast, reggie. >> top of the tree sticking up. >> yeah, that's clearwater
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looking towards pier 60 right our there. you can see so the planes flying out there. beautiful sunset. clear skies. dry air. good cooling. those temperatures are going to drop down quickly. we are in the mid-50s now. 58 is one of our warmer spots in tampa. 60 in st. pete. manatee, sarasota county we are in the low 60s. it won't be long. we are dropping down into the 50s. lakeland 59 degrees. clear skies. very, very dry atmosphere. all the way up. very dry here. drier as you go it's going to be cool. mid-30s for brooksville, crystal river. this is a couple degrees warmer than last night, but if you protected the pets and the plants, do it again tonight. tomorrow morning -- excuse me, tomorrow night into wednesday morning will be warmer. we won't have to do it then. most areas in the mid-40s and a couple of spots near 50 degrees at the beach. 53, 54 for st. pete. the forecast tomorrow starts the warm-up. 77 degrees. that's close to average for
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and northeasterly winds. travel weather. we have that system back out west. this is going to start to move off towards the east. red eying it tonight, shouldn't be too bad. scattered showers and a little bit of snow in the higher elevations. tonight have some great lake effect snow. this is the time of year when the lakes aren't frozen. that cold air puts a lot of snow down. that's happening now. this should wind down tonight and tomorrow. travel-wise right now we are looking good. the blue on the side is what's trending. in bad. new york still with issues. a lot of that is mainly traffic, although there are some -- there is some snow. most that have is in the upstate part of the state. tomorrow the system moves into the central plains. most of this is rain. wednesday it moves through chicago, which usually causes some issues, but most of that looks to be rain as well, too. snow in the u.p., northern michigan, milwaukee, and then the east on thanksgiving. if you are traveling that day,
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it's not going to be terrible and most of it will be rain. now lets go to the flip-flop side of that. let's go tropical. 80 plus degree water down here. that right there, guys, is tropical storm otto. the 15th named storm of the season. it has 50-mile-per-hour winds. it's stationary. the track is tough at first. eventually it's coming west. look at this. by wednesday we could have a hurricane on our hands. not for us. we won't deal with it. it's headed central america. active there in the tropics. the water here is way too cold for that. if we saw anything, it would have to form and move up. fortunately, this is moving to the west. all right. weekend forecast. there is a front coming through friday evening. we are going in be in the upper 70s to 80 wednesday, thursday, friday. yeah. the weekend is a little bit cooler in the mid-70s. black friday looks fantastic. if fact, there you go, thanksgiving 80 degrees with sunshine. friday morning in the upper 50s
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shoppers out there. dry through the weekend. a small rain chance by monday. okay. talking about thanksgiving, if you haven't gone shopping for your feast, you're in for a surprise. it actually looks like you will be able to afford a bigger helping this year. according to new figures from the american farm bureau federation a classic thanksgiving dinner will cost $49.87 for ten people. do the math, and that's less than $5 a serving. now, the biggest expense, at at $22.74. that is 30 cents last than last year. to make your pumpkin pie you need 3.13 for the mix, 2.59 for the pie shells, and $2 for the whipped cream. fresh cranberries 2.39. sweet potatoes 3.60. >> looks good. >> i know. >> a dozen dinner rolls 2.46. dow the math and add it up, the entire meal is nearly a quarter
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>> i got all kinds of pies. it is a christmas decoration to see. >> it is the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your holiday. wait until you hear how much it cost. and don't forget to check z26lfz zy6z y26lfy yy6y
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hyundai dealer sports desk it's time for 10sports. >> if it's on wikipedia, it must be true. someone updated jimbo fischer's twitter. but it could be true after he coaches fsu against florida this weekend. things are heating up in baton rouge. his top choice. according to the local paper, he is, quote, very interested. jimbo sa comment. therefore, i guess that's a comment unto itself, adding he is extremely happy at fsu. the war on i-4 is this weekend. the usf-ucf game has a catch think title. growing up in liberty city, miami, death surrounded quentin. he needed a new life. he created one in tampa.
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struggling team into the highlight. on pace for a top four rushing season. he could have gone to a bigger, brighter school, but tragedy shaped his decision. quentin's father was killed by a stray bullet. his mother died of cancer. flowers knew usf needed a transformation just like he did. >> i was that kid that wanted my mom to feel happy. you know, just to show that i'm thankful for everything that she done for me, she didn't lead me in the wrong path. now that i had my chance to pick my college on my own without my mom or dad, i picked it because i felt like i could help it and change the program around. >> he is a remarkable young man. we will have much more or quentin flowers' story in the coming weeks on 10news. taking you out tonight, here is one sure way to out- decorate your neighbors for the holidays.
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stratosphere. a japanese jewelry company unveiled this solid cold christmas tree. reg? >> that's a little much. >> $1.8 million. 42 pounds of pure gold processed into gold wire. you better love somebody a lot. >> that's beyond love. [ laughter ]. >> not part of our list. all right. that's it for "10news at 6."
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go.
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where shopping is a pleasure. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: breaking news: children have been killed in a school bus crash in tennessee. also tonight, a contender for secretary of homeland security failed to secureis enforce a major trump campaign promise. >> i've got an officer down in from the of headquarters. >> pelley: the manhunt for a cop killer. and one of the most dangerous places to be this holiday season. >> how well do you think people drive in parking lots? >> not very well at all. i think it's cut-throat. >> this is this is the "cbs evening news"


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