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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10news at 11:00 starts right now. we begin with breaking news. right now police responding to a possible a possible hostage situation inside of this walmart. this is in boynton beach. the store was evacuated after their he reports that someone was held up inside of the store making threats to shoot peop we will bring you more information as we get it. good evening everyone. in tonights top story fidel castro has died at the age of 90. for many, this is personal, the island the nation is only 90 miles away from florida. tonight on champion is in miami where emotions are running high. >> reporter: huge crowds celebrated into the night in
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her father was a political prisoner and her family fled to america when she was 11. >> this is a very meaningful day. >> reporter: there are mixed emotions in the crowd. some people say castro castro kept their family suppressed for decades. fidel castro ruled cuba for 50 years him to hand over power to his brother raul castro. known as a timing for imprisoning critics and committing human rights abuses, others looked at him as a a roof is -- as a revolutionary. >> he was loved around the world because he stood up to american power. >> reporter: in cuba, ely in gonzales, is among those
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became like a father figure a father figure to him. memorials are everywhere on the island. students with a giant flag in his honor, the nation is now observing nine days of mourning. the funeral will be held december 4th. on champion, cbs news. >> we want to take you live to miami where celebrations are spilling out into the streets. people have been waving flags and crowds continue to grow. it was 60 years ago that fidel castro was here to gain support and money to overthrow the cuban government. we walked at the same streets of the dictator did more than a half-century ago. >> reporter: 60 years ago a young fidel castro was getting ready to do who sleep at a home
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he stayed here for five days to raise money for his revolution and his city. a cigar connoisseur it makes sense the cigar factory was the first stop for fidel castro on his tour around the city. it is also where another famous cuban revolutionary gave a speech in the 18 hundreds and a block away from the cuban club. for his own revolution to succeed he needed money so he stopped here to inte which was here, inside of this famous union hall. about 300 people were inside to hear fidel castro speak. several others gathered around the sidewalk listening to the speech. fidel castro was clean-cut, wearing a suit, you can see a small pile of cash on the table in front of him. he raised only $200 here.
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time here in tampa. while he never returned a park, dedicated to his revolutionary hero, is still owned by the cuban government to this day. walking in his footsteps jonathan petra wallace, wtsp news. pres. obama said the u.s. is extending a hand of friendship to the cuban fee people. "the relationship between the u.s. and cuba was marked by discord, during my presidency we have worked hard to put the past behind us." president obama's easing of travel restrictions were down the through executive order with the next president could
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today donald trump said his administration will do all it can to ensure the cuban people can finally begin their journey towards prosperity and liberty. tampa has one of the largest cuban populations in the country. we talked with people of cuban descent had a lot to say about the death. >> reporter: tampa has a robust cuban population. the waves of excitement could be heard following the death of fidel castro. i stopped by to get a feel for the pulse of the cuban community. this time the death is not a false alarm. at this cigar store a ran into a woman, a passionate person who grew up in canada and moved here ten years ago. -- who grew up in cuba and moved here ten years ago. >> i am very happy. i am happy because it is one less dictator in cuba. he was a bad guy. >> reporter: are you glad the
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>> no, i don't want to say nothing. the embargo has to continue. >> reporter: i also talked to a cuban who works at the store. do you think it will be good for cuba? >> i hope it will be. i hope it is good for cubans. >> reporter: she did not go up in cuba but translated for me as i spoke i spoke to this man, who did. what is your reaction? >> he is happy. >> reporter: the death seems symbolic at this point. he handed over power to his brother years ago but it gives admitting from the nation a sense of a new beginning. back to you. >> again cuba will observe nine days of mourning for fidel castro. for a look back at more details
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developing tonight hillary clinton's campaign team says it will participate in a recount of the election results in wisconsin. jill stein is calling for recounts in several states that helped donald trump to win the white house. the other is michigan, and pennsylvania. today donald trump called the recount okay a scam." the family of a texas man killed in a walmart parking lot said he died trying to save a woman from abuse. that shooting happened in san antonio yesterday. the family of the 39-year old say he stopped his car, yelled at a man who was pulling a woman's hair. that man pulled out a gun and shot him. the gunman was arrested a short time later.
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peacefully. police say a man, who they believe was armed, barricaded himself inside of a home on marhem avenue. they say he violated a protective order and made threats against police. eventually he surrendered. a deputy recoveringa deputy recovering after she shot herself on accident. police tell us the officer was responding to a call in hudson about the dog attack. they say when she got to there the dog try to attack her too. she fired the weapon, killing the dog and hurting herself in the process. she is expected to be okay. first responders had to make an unusual rescue today. police say a man wanted to get a better look at the town so he decided to climb to the top of the water tower. he got stuck, firefighters had
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when it came to holiday shopping the spotlight was on small businesses today. people broke away from the big box stores to shop locally. at the cigar store the cigar rollers were busy all day rolling all day. small businesses are seeing a renaissance recently and days like today can help. >> they want to have more purpose when they are spending their money. everyone is complaining about it is made in china. this is a good opportunity to support us. >> there are eight families whose livelihood depend on these cigar store. -- there are eight families whose livelihood depend on us the dock -- there are eight families whose livelihood
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a homecoming service in st. petersburg for air american hero . friends and family said there finally goodbye to willie rogers at the church in saint pete where he was a member. our news partner shot these images. rogers died last friday night due to complications from a a stroke. he was 101 years old. now to the big college football showdown. we caught up with fans before the game. one of them was our very own sports anchor. there were lots of excited fans. >> we are not here to make enemies. we are here to have fun.
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but we are here to have fun. thank you for coming over from orlando. >> we are excited today. >> you flaws -- usaf won the game. -- usaf won the game. we will have more on that coming up. a trip to the everglades takes a scary turn when a hunter find out he is the one being hounded. -- a trip to the everglades takes a scary turn when a hunter find out he is the one
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fires are burning across israel forcing thousands of people to leave their homes. police have arrested one dozen people on suspicion of arson. air support has come from russia, turkey, italy and cyprus. 2016 has2016 has claimed the life of another hollywood star. longtime television actor ron glass has died. ron glass start in countless television shows including "barney miller." his agent said he died last night at his home in los angeles. he was 71 years old. a hunter became the hunted friday in the everglades. police say the man was hunting when he was bitten by an alligator. the bite left a 10-inch gash on his side but he is expected to be okay.
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is time for weather. >> i heard you talking about the possibility of a cold front. >> yes, we are tracking a cold front across the bay area. don't get pretty excited if you are hoping for a big blast of cold air. this one will be a little more subtle. let me show you this gorgeous time lapse from sarasota. we sought mostly sunny skies today. at times some clouds making way for a gorgeous sunset tonight. it was a warm one today, 81 81 was the high. the average is 76. we were above average but by tomorrow morning those temperatures are going to be dropping. current readings now, 63 in tampa. 47 in jacksonville.
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almost a 300 spread from north florida all the way down to the keys. here is the cold front, high pressure building in across the southeast united states, the weak front will bring in cooler temperatures on sunday morning. the wind will quickly move to the east. so, a little bit cooler for the nature coast. you will definitely want a a coat if you live in those areas. for the bay area a light jacket or sweater. it will be slightly cool.
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across polk county those temperatures dropping to the mid-50s. 55 in lakeland. sunday afternoon really nice for you. temperatures about 78. a little breezy throughout the day and partly cloudy on sunday evening. some locations will hit the low range of the 80s, the nature coast stays in the upper 70s. as we look to the air force base 81 on -- as we look to the air force base 81 there. bradenton 80. high temperatures in the upper range of the 70s in polk county. if you are hoping to take the boat out sunday it is not too bad out there. waters will find a mod getting chilly, 69. high tide at 1:50 in the afternoon. the tampa bay buccaneers are playing the seahawks, it is going to be a really nice day for football. i want to show you what is going to happen, that front is pushing to the south and washing out. quickly we are going to see the wind moved to the east
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monday we are going to warm up. the next front moving into the panhandle tuesday and it could bring us some showers. wind speed coming up as we head into monday up to 50 miles per hour. here is your seven-day forecast. it is a nice a nice one. dry for the next few days, warming up for the work week with highs in the low 80s. the best a chance of showers i love publix digital coupons... i signed up for them at and i just clip them like this... that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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ohio state will almost certainly play for a spot in
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it is a rivalry week and no state does it better than florida. florida state and florida, currently seminoles lead in the 4th quarter. this afternoon it was usf and ucf. the real fight started after the game. ucf gets its tenth victory. -- usf gets its ten the victory. i am not sure if that is great ball protection but that is a great one. the bulls take the lead on that one. not to be outdone flowers, with a great play. -- not to be out done, flowers, with a great play. usf ran up the score two weeks
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do you think they would take the dia but against the rival? no. johnson is in. 48-31. that did not sit well with the knights. the teams tussle at the end. usf gets the win but they don't get the title. they needed a temple lost to play for the championships against navy. let's go back to that touchdown. check out that the defensive lineman here. his name is tyreek hill. he will get excited because the refuses to go down. on his way he will make four other knights miss. this is an absolutely unbelievable run. not the first a jaw-dropping touchdown we have seen from this team. do you remember flowers against yukon making every defender miss on this play. that is a 56-yard touchdown. so, which is better?
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personally i like the flowers for from against yukon. but 85% love that and touchdown. usf would not have been able to keep up with pittsburgh and syracuse today. get this, a record 137 points, the panthers get the win. 18 offve switching gears now. countless fled cuba in pursuit of a major-league baseball career. josi canseco is one of them. he went to twitter saying "i can't say i feel anything for his death. there is a reason many came to the u.s." mike lowell's parents were born in cuba.
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promise i won't shed a tear." there are five nfl players that were cuban born both in the hall of fame. on the same day castro died robert verner died as well. he passed away in tampa. all of the players and he plans on playing tomorrow again seattle in honor of his father. he is playing with a heavy heart tomorrow. i am secure his dad would be proud of him. we are back in just a moment.
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the tampa bay lightning and 10news want to send you to a game. make sure to watch for the secret word to enter to win two tickets versus the pittsburg
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