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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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many people upset, mad, and confused. a man allegedly tossed his dog off of this pier causing him to drown. one post shows the man being questioned by police. >> you are hearing about that. that's messed up. >> reporter: gulfport police haven't charged him with anything, adding more fuel to the fire. so what really happened? i tracked down the the dog. >> i love my dog. >> reporter: joe bradford had his put bull rock since it was little. he says he is not the man being portrayed on social media. he was trying to get rock in the water to clean him. >> i dump him in like that. the first time he came back and swum to me. this time i forgot the chain was too heavy and end up i am looking at him like, damn, he is drowning.
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running, did the best i could, the fastest i can to save him. when i got him, i did cpr and i pretoriaed into his nose and his -- i breathed into his nose and mouth and he didn't come back. >> reporter: do you feel like this was a big mistake? >> of course it was a mistake. >> reporter: joe opened up to me because he said he wanted people know he has nothing to hide and truly loved his dog. >> i am a human. everyone makes mistakes. and i didn't -- i dogs. i am like no michael vick going to fight dogs and none of that. >> reporter: he says his sincerity is why police believed him and let him go. we are told the investigation hasn't been closed, and he could still face charges. >> he may have accidentally caused the dog to drown. it was not enough for us to charge him at that point. we will meet with the prosecutors and then we will have a discussion to make a decision at that point. >> reporter: joe has cooperated with police. in gulfport, garin flowers, 10news wtsp. >> now, we will keep checking
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you know once they close the case. the fbi and atf are investigating tonight a possible act of terrorism at ohio state university. here is what we know. 11 people were hurt in that campus attack. the suspect who was killed is abdul artan. he was an osu student of somali descent. a campus police officer, alan horujko, shot him after he drove up onto a curb into a group of people on the sidewalk and started attacking them with a knife. most of those victims ar a faculty member and a staff member were also hurt. >> people like really running and like really screaming. i am like, oh, this is like something's going on. then i heard the three gunshots. from about that same area there, i was like, crap, like what do i do? >> the university police chief says they were fortunate to have an officer that took quick action. it's a law you might not
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and some say it could have saved a tow truck driver's life. there is a renewedert to raise awareness about -- renewed effort to raise aawareness about the move over law. a drunk driver lost control of his car and then crashed into him. under the move over law, you are supposed to move over a lane or slow down, but not many follow it. another tow truck driver we spoke with has been hit tw on the job. >> people understand that we lost three drivers in the last six months from drunk drivers hitting and killing them. >> f hp strives to get the word out about the move over law any chance they get. whether through social media or talking with people in the community, but still many are unaware the law exists.
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reasons because they are not paying attention, they don't know about the law. they don't care. >> fhp says they hand out tickets for those breaking the law. a man described by some as the leader of a sovereign citizens group in polk is in jail charged with armed kidnapping. sovereign citizens don't believe in state or federal laws and in this case the group says the charges are false and people are being misled. >> reporter: at the end of a dirt road in polk city, two dozen people stay in or visit a home described by some as a compound. headquarters of the bear's law and forensic science team, a group on the fbi's domestic terror list. >> as far as, you know, them having us on a watch list, i really don't care. >> reporter: tom nelson takes
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them as sovereign citizens. they are activists, he says. advising people whose families have been investigated or separated by government agencies like cps. >> it would go higher but cps, but yeah. >> reporter: that's he suggests is what is behind the arrest of the group's leader. government retribution. davis spoke to us exclusively from the polk county jail charged with armed kidnapping and false imprisonment. according to the arrest affidavit yeager came to learn about the group in july but was later told she would become davis' wife. she claims davis instills fear in everyone who doesn't follow his rules and the only way to leave is in a body bag or, at a minimum, on crutches. >> i would like a formal inquiry and investigation done in my case to validate my name. angela yeager lied. >> reporter: yeager said she was able to escape the residence on october 24th or
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from behind bars, davis denies all of it. >> more than 30 people saw her come in and out of the house. >> reporter: and his supporters say davis is the one in danger. >> honestly, i expect them one day to try to kill him. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is familiar with the group and has had no trouble with them in the past, but the allegations against davis warrant further investigation. eric glasser, 10news wtsp. >> at last check davis was still being held without bond at the polk trump wants to see a better deal between the u.s. and cuba. that's just part of the wave of emotions following fidel castro's death. the president-elect says he is willing to terminate the deal if the u.s. can't negotiate better terms. president barack obama used executive orders to reverse u.s. policy two years ago. okay. i want you to think back to your high school days when you have to strive to score the best on the s.a.t.
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a.c.t. is 36 and a balance of 1600 students got a perfect score of the roughly two million who took it in 2015. now, if you think that's impressive, one sarasota eighth grader made that prestigious list, too. 10news sarasota newsroom reporter isabel mascarenas shows you why those who know her aren't surprise. >> reporter: julia's curiosity for learning started as a baby. by the time she was 20 months old. >> she knew i showed her baby books. at two she was reading. by three she was reading full chapter box. >> chapter books. >> reporter: by five she was doing multiplication. >> she taught herself. >> how much does the value of 3x square -- >> whether a friend decided to take the a.c.t. last month, the 14-year-old eighth grader did, too. three years earlier than most
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fun. >> reporter: she knew she did well. but not this well. >> i got a 36 composite. the best score. >> reporter: to be clear, that's a perfect score. >> how do you challenge her? >> well, that's definitely a challenge for me. >> identify all of these parts. >> reporter: did you get any of that math problem? julia did. julia attends pineview school she is taking algebra 2 with 11th graders. >> just got a strong curiosity about knowledge and learning. >> it's always good to keep learning. once you have the drive to learn, you can do whatever you want it your life. >> reporter: in sarasota, isabel mascarenas, 10news wtsp. >> i am in awe of people like that because algebra and all of that stuff is not -- >> hmm-um.
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>> lost in the woods. so smart. you know, we should point out julia is a typical teenager. she has a boyfriend, is part of the rowing team. also loves reading sci-fi. now she is reading about genetics. >> she wouldn't like me. [ laughter ] no, she wouldn't. we wouldn't be able to go out. julia wants to attend and -- become a biomedical engineer in genetics. specifically, dna computing. >> good for her. brilliant. >> her list is so long. all right. cyber monday almost over. still though there is time to score a great deal. >> your best bet for getting deep discounts. i chose that. it would be a true challenge. [ laughter ]. >> today on the road, how she is taking on the world's highest mountain to help special students here at home. tracking showers. some big time thunderstorms as well across the deep south.
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our way. how much rain will be left over? that's what i will talk about in my full forecast. 10news and the tampa bay lightning want to put you in the stands. we don't hand out cheap tickets here. make sure you watch "10news at 11" for the secret words. enter and win two lower-level tickets to the tampa bay
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six years ago nancy harris was having back pain. her doctor suggested she take up walking to kind of build up
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diagnosis took it to the extreme. 10news reporter bobby lewis on the road in south tampa where friends are helping carry one another through life's peaks and the valleys. >> [ laughter ] how far do you think we should be going. >> reporter: the first word that comes to mind probably isn't rickerous. >> yes. but this is more than just a leisurely stroll. >> this is a little more realistic. >> reporter: it's training. >> i love this group. these are my hiking sisters. >> reporter: nancy harris, brenda trainer, elizabeth harris, and jennifer baldwin. four friends. five mountains. >> these are serious treks. that's what we want. we want a challenge. >> reporter: the challenges started with nancy conquering kilimanjaro. building bonds with every step. >> we were crossing rivers,
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>> every single day was hard. every single day was a challenge. >> you are only there because you got yourself there. >> on the trip we had a motto that was something like, i'd rather feel exhausted than disappointed. so even though it was killing us that day, we would have been disappointed if we didn't finish it. >> reporter: the views from the top of the world are memories they won't forget. the bonds they formed and tested on earth's highest peaks may be more memorable. >> it's no it's how you get up. >> absolutely. our first trip was just a teaser. now i can't wait to go on the next trip. >> reporter: set for 2017 in the bhutan mountains. another chance to see what's important in the world. >> puts things in perspective. >> reporter: bobby lewis, 10news wtsp. >> nancy pledged to raise money for academy prep school in
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it's a great school. since 2010. she has been able to give the school, get this, over $40,000. tracking storms. alerting you. protecting your family. it's time for 10weather. >> tracking showers. or at least some sprinkles out there this afternoon. we don't get to say that very often this time of year. we certainly have not with this dry stuff we have been in. right now they are falling apart. they came up through eastern parts through eastern pasco. now they are moving into eastern parts of hernando and sumpter county. dade city, a couple sprinkles left over. they are going to drift off to rodelle and off to the north. they are going to be falling apart as well, too. quick moving. 20, 25 miles per hour, and very, very light. now, last half hour we were tracking the showers towards
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that has to be watched because i think some of these are going to get towards the venice area and southern parts of sarasota county towards englewood. a couple of sprinkles. man, could we use the rain. we have been very dry out there. clouds form today. they are falling apart as we lose the daytime heating. partly cloudy overnight. we will do it again tomorrow, bring more clouds out in the afternoon hours. a big line of showers and thunderstorms. like how thin that line is. right there that's the main line through the day today or tonight and into tomorrow as well and then kind of reload over the next couple of days. we are on the warm side of that, guys. lower 70s right now after topping out about 80 degrees. it's 71 still in riverview, 74 tampa. the sun has set. a beautiful day out there. we are going to have another beautiful one tomorrow. so far tonight falling back down through the 70s into the 60s, but not very far. mid-and-upper 60s for overnight lows.
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as today. maybe a little bit drier. not that we saw a lot of rain today, but we saw a few sprinkles. less than that for tomorrow. a couple will be out there. same thing on wednesday. then finally by thursday that big line of storms is back to the north and the west. here is all that's left of it by the time it gets here, and it will be falling apart. that's 2:00 on thursday afternoon. so i do think we get some cooler air with it. the good news of this is not necessarily for us, because that is the hard-hit area for the drought. look how dry it is from atlanta that is where they are going to get some of the heaviest rainfall over the next couple of days. you can see that on european model. look at this. this is our chance for rain, or at least the amount of rain on the european model towards thursday. it is slim pickings, folks. a 20% chance. let's talk about the weekend. saturday i think looks good. sunday creates a problem in the models. we always talk about the models. one is the gfs. another one we use is the
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tropical season. look what the european does. it kind of brings it towards new orleans. but the european has it all across the southeast. much quicker solution, i think it will be a little bit slower. so we are going to try to lean to the gfs at this point. what that means for the weekend now, saturday's fantastic. sunday i think is good for the most part. it will be cooler. we are going to be in the low 80s through thursday. close to 80 on thursday. mid-70s for friday, saturday. sunday is the ti i think we will be okay, but we have got time to watch it. so just stay tuned to the forecast right here on 10news and my facebook page bobby deskins weather. other than, guys, a good looking forecast. >> thank you, sir. this is going to touch your heart. just days after his father's passing, one bucs player provides us with a moment we
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now live from the suncoast hyundai dealer sports desk it's time for 10sports. >> my dad is my best friend. she is my hero, mentor. he has been sundays i was a little boy. as i have grown older we have grown closer. it pains me to imagine the heartbreak bucs corner alterraun verner was playing sundays after losing his father
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justin granit captured the emotional sunday at raymond james. >> he would have been very, very proud. i was just thinking about how he was reacting. so, yeah, i was definitely thinking about him. >> reporter: if it's conceivable to create a fairy tale in the face of tragedy, alterraun verner did that at raymond james stadium tonight. his first interception in over a year. two days after the passing of his to his knees. >> all he ever asked from me every game is just to play my hardest. i didn't need to get touchdowns or interceptions. he loved me the same. you know, it's a blessing how i am happy to get the win, but he just wanted me to play hard and that's what i did. >> reporter: alterraun's loss is the bucs' loss. hugs and kisses were a common sight. gerald mccoy, who lost his mother when he was in college,
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dedication of the verner family. >> a brother is hurting. go out there and show him he does have family. when he is hurting, he can lean on us. guys play like that. >> that was more than football. it had nothing do with football. we could have been down 21 and it would have been special. >> reporter: alterraun verner gave his biggest fan something to smile about. >> it means everything to me. i am happy him proud while he looks down on a me. >> he wore a t-shirt with a picture of his dad on it to carry his close to his heart. less than six hours left of cyber monday buying left. if today's deals aren't doing it for you, hold out for december 21st. according to real simple, that's when things like tvs and furniture and jewelry get
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get desperate to sell. the average shopper will spend $800 on their holiday gifts. the more you save, the more you can stretch the budget. >> i like it. i want them to feel the heat. >> it's on! >> got to get my money. that's it for "10news at 6." we will see you right here on "10news at 11". >> breaking news 24/7, live
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> o'donnell: attack at ohio state. >> we have man with a knife running around killing people. >> o'donnell: a student from somalia targets pedestrians as others rush to safety. >> i heard a loud noise, like a running. >> o'donnell: also tonight... >> i'm charlie rose in havana on a day of remembrance and reflection on the fiery and controversial leader of the cuban revolution. >> o'donnell: a warning on cyber monday: thieves are targeting smartphone apps. >> we found that there were hundreds of fake apps -- hundreds. >> o'donnell: and... >> i panicked. i thought she was gone. >> o'donnell: tossed 30 feet


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