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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  November 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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10 news at 11:00 starts now. >> on campus, a student on the rampage, tonight what we have uncovered about the man who attacked. tonight >> honoring the musician, son, father, and friend. >> his heroic act turned be a con. now one marine is under water after stealing a wartime veteran's story. tonight, honoring the son, father and friend, he turned out to be a con, now one marine is in hot water after stealing a story. now those men -- when you knowrd one of those men could be facing prison time. >> and i'm beyond limits.
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cash not guilty on a battlefield injury, an injury he now admits to lying about. here is tonya. >> some gave all. >> the marine lost his leg from an humve. >> he stepped up. that's >> to know that a fellow marine stole casey's valor. >> he may have been listed in the marine corps, but he is not a marine. marines don't act like this. >> he made a mistake of showing the mangled humve. the friend knew it was a lie. this is a youtube video of black
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unemployable. >> he pled guilty, admitting he lied about the purple heart in order to con them into giving him a free house. >> also disability checks for almost a decade. >> i wish i could relay to this individual the hell that we've lived through. >> casey is seen here in this iconic photo at george w. bush's inauguration fought hard to live. >> he just lived under so much grief for the loss of his leg, his dream. >> he killed himself in 2013. his service dog was with him. black could get up to 20 years in prison.
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they are proud of him. that's what matters most to me. >> and would like to ask black stone why did he try to steal her brother's valor, something he couldn't take. >> sister and mother plan to be in court the day black stone is sentenced. take a good look at this police officer here, a hero. his nap is alan saruko. he saved many lives, less than 60 seconds after calls about an attack on campus. he shot and killed the suspect. and tonight tony robinson shows ugh yo who that man is, a somali born citizen and fellow ohio state student. >> reporter: this is abdul razak ali artan in may graduating with honors from a community college.
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to this august profile in ohio state's student publication the lantern. he acts alone. if they see me praying, i don't know what's going to happen. three months later he snapped, ramming his car into a crowd on campus and stabbing his knife others. >> 11 were wunted -- wounded. >> i first thought it was a joke. until i saw their faces. >> what did it look like. >> terrified . >> within one minute police officer responded shooting and killing him. now agents is searching his
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big name graduates of ohio state are sharing their sympathies, thoughts and prayers are with ifrn at ohio -- everyone at ohio state. condemning the attack by him tonight. >> americans, we are dishearted this has nothing to do with our faith. or their culture or heritage. >> artan recently posteded on facebook he is upset about how muslims are treated. and 2007, a man was
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prior to that shooting. adam killed 27, including 7 children at sandy hook. and murdering 12 students and 1 teacher at column bine high school. they all killed themselveses. >> i had to realize the possibility happen. >> the worst thing happened, her son, a popular musician died when hit. news reporter jonathan petramala spoke to his family and hopes his legacy will live on through his music. >> before he was the fiddler in the bearded breer's van --
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list. >> he tried it and he sounded awful. >> but something about this instrument struck a cord in rob. it rarely left his hand during his life. rob's music held with him and eventually played fiddle to fiddle with the best, charlie daniels. >> and he went across the bay area weeks ago in his mother's classroom where she teaches special edden students. >> he was just about to the point he could say yeah, i am good. >> ron ruz riding his motorcycle when a driver turned in front of him. >> i realized i am never going to see my father again.
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heart strings for a family that still wants there to be an encore for their friends and family. >> i do not want the music to ever stop. >> reporter: in tampa, jonathan petramala. tomorrow will make funeral arrangements. pit bulls, defend yourself, the deputy was trying to contact the owner because the animal is accused of attacking a homeless man. the pit bull breaks free and charge it is deputy in order to throw her down. she fired two shots at the dog. >> shot my finger off. >> huh? >> i just shot my finger.
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shot her finger off, it only grazed her finger. treated at the hospital, the deputy is owner of three pit bulls herself and familiar with the breed. many people are shopping online cyber monday, many using commute computer to find holiday deals, but also crooks breaking into your personal information. news reporter tells vik tips are falling prey to the scams. >> you are online and a message pops up that your computer has been infected by a virus. call this number. don't do it. >> all at once the alarms went off and it was going crazy.
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she called the crooks, thinking they were tech support. >> you can see my stuff, bank cards, everything. of course i'm panicking and they are saying it was like 200 and some dollars, we need your bank card. >> thankfully her bank declined theha and then they asked for her credit card. once they give them that, they got you. >> and she told them don't call. that i get violent and start cursing at me. microsoft has heard these complaints by people targeted by the phony tech support. brenda paid the real experts a
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her computer and wants to warn everyone to be aware. >> i don't want to ever go through that. >> protect yourself, never call a number on a pop-up and never give a stranger access to your computer and make sure you update your anti-virus program. and warning the holidays are busy time for those scammers. and santa deliver presents, but what about pizza. >> plus customer service horror story to talk about? stuck on hold or dealt with a rude representative?
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spent waiting and customer service calls. >> too many. >> and we will show you how 140 characters will get you a lot more than calling 1-80. >> press 2. >> three minutes to get somebody on the line. >> so instead of dialing 1-800, jennifer opened her twitter app. >> i was get w you or an automated response. so i got frustrate and why not tweet. and every single time i would get somewhere. >> that includes the time she bought a want to get away ticket. when she called customer service, she was told they couldn't do anything for her. >> at southwest air, we need to talk. missed my flight for the first
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legs of my flight and will not give credit for the flight? hashtag, sorry to disappoint. they must cancel 24 hours. were you not able to cancel. >> no. i was at a prenatal doctor's appointment. >> at jennifer, can you forward your flight information and additional information so we can discuss further. >> tre their services. so the best companies will be responsive on social media. >> because people always have their phones or tablets with them, it's easy to post about problems. >> it can spiral out of control on special media, for one person to retweet and another person to comment and before you know it, you have a crisis.
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hours a day. >> alaska airlines is the fastest with an average time of minutes 34 seconds and it makes way for a positive post. >> if it does respond, they can see this is a company that addresses situations and tries to make things better. >> not having to listen to that elevator music, jennifer got much more than a direct message situation and got an understanding of what happened and i ended up getting a full refund and it was $700 refund. >> allison kropff, 10 news. companying know when they respond and it's a positive experience for you, it creates loyalty and you are likely to report that on social media.
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tonight. not everybody, but especially along the coast got to see some rain. it is now falling apart across the area. it's dried up across pinellas county. it's moving apart, around hudson. we don't have much rain leftover. that should continue. all the rain should dry up, stay dry overnight. couple showers on the southeast coast and the clouds to clear up a little bit. .03, 3/100 inch of rain in bradenton beach. seminole only 200ths. it will help the grass a little bit, but we need more rain. currently low 70s into upper 60s. we will end up in the upper 60s tomorrow morning. tuesday is another great day, a
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of the day and a few clouds developing in that south wind. that will push us to the low 80s, an isolated shower on wednesday, slightly cooler by wednesday afternoon, initially warmer and thursday, there it is, weak front coming through and that will be our best chance of rain, so 20, 30%, so not talking a lot. join the warm and muggy weather out there, about 83 degrees. look at that storm system across the dakotas just west of atlanta and talking on my facebook page about gatlinburg, that smokes, extending very gusty winds and you can see the rain came in this evening and that should really help the fire because you can see rain upstream and another system come in wednesday as well.
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that situation. there is a sensor there. gatlinburg backs up to the smoky mountains national forest. recorded 118 degrees with 46 miles per hour winds sustained at 16 miles per hour gusts, probably the last thing coming out of that sensor because it probably got ate up in the fire. this is very, very dry. and look where the rain is going to be over the next several days. tonight into tomorrow, wednesday evening and little break into saturday and into monday. for us isolated thursday and then the thing says we are going to get it on sunday or monday or not? >> the european says yes, this says no. i will go 20% chance on sunday and 30% monday. stay tuned because that is likely to change. pretty nice thursday, slightly
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weekend. >> we know santa delivers, but now they deliver pizza. >> dominos pizza is training rain deer to help with delivery. they want rain deer to deliver pizza in really snowy places in japan. they are exploring several options like a mounted delivery case on the animal's back or having the rain deer drag a with the pizza. dominos are making sure the animals are safe by limiting the weight that they deliver. i guess they can carry big old santa, they could carry pizza. >> a lot. >> they would wear gps devices so the customers can track their pizzas with computer, it may be already in december. >> might see rudolph.
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and this weekend,. >> gators and crimson tide, these are very familiar with each other and gators say an upset could be brewing. and guys, lightning, put you in the stands for the big game, giving away two lower level tickets against the carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella.
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now, live from the hyundai sports desk, it's time for 10 sports. >> give it up for the seminoles. i'm serious. fsu have beat the kings and gators, so they are selling this shirt. they are playing an actual championship game in atlanta, the championship in vegas, a chance to bring the title back to g it is now up to 24 points. that's the biggest spread. but one gator thinks they can tumble the tie. >> i think we are the type of team that can beat alabama. we just need to fix some things here and there, learn 100% from this last game, and not make so many mistakes. >> all right.
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8, that's how many starters expected to miss this game including hillsborough alum. and others will be sidelined as well. thursday the 8th that's how long it has been, nobody scored a td on alabama defense in november. they were able to cross the goal line against the not good news for a struggling gator offense. and nine, this will be the ninth time florida and alabama will face off in atlanta for the sec title. in the past 11 years the gators have tied. both have won four games each with dating back to 2009.
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we will be your home and all coverage leading up to and before the kickoff. as for the hoops, since 2014 off to the start and ranked 25th in the nation after beating miami on sunday. check out these custom kicks. and a few player wear sunday. they will each display positive and inspiri messages with each going to each player's charity of choice. he is going to be supporting juvenile diabetes and there is anti-gun violence. the nfl allowing them to wear these. >> what sport do you need
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all right.
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you with this adorable video. a dog a helping bangle cub twins. they were abandon abandoned by their mother and now adopted by the zoo keeper's dog. she also helped raise lyon cubs. >> take them home.
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>> stephen: hi. >> can't go in. >> stephen: i just want to say hello to flotus. i brought her a lotus. >> flotus is on the phone with potus. >> stephen: she'll wan s >> stephen: i want to see flotus, and you can quote us. >> i'ma kick you in the scrotus. >> stephen: i'm going to get your name. okay? you're on notice. >> it's otis. ? ? ? >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes first lady michelle obama. and america ferrera. featuring jon batiste and stay


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