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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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video from the streets of gatlinburg. you can see some of the trees are still burning. the city's mayor says he lost his house and business in the fire. >> take a good look because you are able to see exactly where the areas are. gatlinburg is right next to the great smoky mountains national park and that is america's most visited national park. fires forced evacuations in gatlinburg. dollywood there and ripley's aquarium. their homes in pigeon forge as well. dollywood and ripley's aquarium were slightly touched by some of the flames and they came close causing damage but i want you to know the animals and the marine life are okay. bill has worked finished touring the hardest work areas. -- hardest hit areas. we learn the fire killed at least three people and responders are going house to house to make sure everyone is
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most terrifying moments as people scramble to evacuate. >> reporter: flames closed in on the park vista hotel in downtown gatlinburg. people trapped inside reported video on their cell phones as the fire burned. the lights flickered on and off as the smoke-filled lobby filled out. logan baker was inside. >> the smoke is really bad. >> at one point at least 30 structures in gatlinburg were burning. a roadside restaurant and lodge were destroyed. >> high winds caused the chimney to fire which began in the smoky mountains last week to descend on surrounding towns. drivers capture the fire cascading down the mountain. as they were forced to evacuate. earlier in the day smoke blanketed gatlinburg and
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difficult situations here in gatlinburg. if you are a person that prays we could use your prayers. >> this red cross shelter is one of many locations where residents stay the night fleeing the fire. 600 registered residents are here and many don't know what they will go home to. for cbs news. you may be feeling overwhelmed by all of the images and information coming take a moment to stop and look at your screen. people took out their phones to record something they thought they would never see and were playing some of that raw video.>> we are here and went to gain -- at wingate resort.
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wow. >> it almost did it looked real. the sky is orange. 10news and partners are staying on top of the story and you can be the 1st to know when the evacuation orders are lifted with alerro 10news app. brazil is morning. the country is reeling after a plane crash that killed most of the popular soccer team. 71 died but listen to this, six survived. the team was headed to columbia for the south american cup finals. we will know what brought down that plane soon. they found two of the black boxes. >> colombian rescue crews
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mountainous terrain. survivors pulled from last night's wreckage were rushed to hospitals. as daylight came scenes from the crash of the damage to fuselage and workers caring bodies of victims of the hillside. 80 people were on board the charter plane including a first division brazilian soccer team. the players recorded a video in sco paulo took off. the club is scheduled to play tomorrow after reaching the finals of a major south american soccer competition for the first time. journalist carl worth rick covers south american soccer. >> to be pull down after all they have done is harrowing and heartbreaking. i think it will take a long time to digest. the plane was five minutes away
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the crew declared an electrical emergency. radar imagery shows the final moments as it circled over an area in central columbia before disappearing. the tragedy is hitting people in brazil very hard. chapeco was in the middle of a fairytale season. the brazilian government has declared three days of mourning. hannah daniels, cbs news. doctors are treating those six survivors and three are soccer players, to our crewmembers, and one is a journalist who was traveling with the team. coverage out of ohio osu campus attack. investigators believe the attacker abdul razak ali artan was likely inspired by ice is propaganda. police say he drove his car into a group of people on campus before attacking them with a butcher knife. he was shot and killed by police. three of the 11 people hurt are still in the hospital tonight.
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the man who shot abdul razak ali artan saved lives. >> he has a lot to cope with in the days to come. he has to live with this. but he did the right thing.>> when abdul razak ali artan came to the university he said he was afraid to pay -- pray in public on campus. they found some critical statements he posted online about the way he feels are treated. they are treating the case as a possible terror attack. something you probably noticed yesterday, it took a while to get to the bottom of what really happened in that attack. lots of misinformation flying around stations along with major networks and police and even students who were there. we are taking a closer look at what led to the confusion and we want to hear from you, which is more important when it comes to breaking news, getting information as fast as possible were waiting for it to be accurate. log on to our interactive site,
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choice. speed or accuracy. so far 100% accuracy. a smash-and-grabs that affects your safety because this happened at a gun store. the surveillance clip is hard to see. you can see it is very dark. let me walk you through what is about to happen. that is glass shattering as an suv rammed into the store. it soon you will start to see a bunch of guys running in and their faces are covered. they cleaned the store out. deputies say they stole 40 weapons. this gun shop on waters avenue -- eight people were involved. the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives is offering a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest. call hillsborough county deputies if you know anything. president-elect donald
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cabinet tonight. former labor secretary elaine chao is his pick for transportation secretary. she served under george w. bush and is married to majority leader mitch mcconnell. georgia congressman tom price, a fierce critic of obama care shows he will lead the department of human and health services. >> one little boy with a big heart is showing you how easy it is to lean in and get polk county newsroom reporter grady trimble shows you despite all the birthday presents he got and he got a lot, he didn't keep a single one. >> ethan chapman had two wishes. a roller skate party and lots of presents. both came through. which when was your favorite? >> he clutches tightly onto paddington bear. he likes him a lot. has been which is what makes
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he is giving away all of these presents. donating them to the lakeland police department toy drive. >> because some kids don't have toys.>> the idea came when ethan and his mom were at the dry cleaner and saw a poster. before mom knew it ethan was asking if he could collect gifts for cops for kids. >> my heart melted of course. i was proud. i told him >> you are crazy.>> the department has seen a lot of acts of kindness but never anything like this. >> you don't see that today. >> he is learning to focus less on himself and more and others and that is a big thing that a lot of adults and kids need to learn. >> sometimes it takes a little kid to teach us that lesson. grady trimble, 10news. ethan does really want you to donate as well. lakeland fire are collecting
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padding bear to him. >> he would give it right back. >> i love this. fire burnings all around you what would you do to get out alive. a close call for two men trying to escape gatlinburg. a thanksgiving meal ends in tragedy. several people sick and three people dead. what went so wrong. a reminder to make sure to watch 10news at 11:00 and enter to win tickets to the tampa bay
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you have been enjoying the warm weather but it is pretty dry. metereologist bobby deskins is coming at you next with a small chance of rain. intense flames from the gatlinburg wildfire raged in many narrowly escaped. winds whipped them close to roads. two men are sharing their journey. >> go, go. >> any race, against -- >> everything. >> a 15 minute drive down a mountain turned into a life or death escape.>> stepbrothers mike and anthony said they had no warning of what was coming. other than read embers flying through the air. >> i said we have to go and when we went, i could not believe what i saw. everything was on fire. everything was on fire.
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>> running into down power lines and trees blocking the road.>> going to that tree and being stuck there for that one or two minutes or so it felt like 10. >> looking back -- >> after watching the video it's amazing to even think we made it down. >> they try to keep level going up in flames. >> stay calm. do what you do. drive. and get the hell off this mountain. we thought if you don't get out of here, please lord let us get off this mountain. >> as their prayers were answered. >> it would be a blessing if the house had burned down. >> i am still wondering is my house burning, burning down.
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of gatlinburg. there is where the fire is. i will talk more about this in 30 minutes. the reason behind it and what is coming out. that was a good dose of rain last night. there is more rain getting its act together across louisiana and arkansas and mississippi. tornado watches. that will send rain later tonigh up in 30 minutes. now let's go closer to home and a quieter stormtracker 10. we need it to wake up a little bit because we could use a little bit of this rain. not going to see much. i can't rule out a sprinkle but most of us will stay dry so if you have evening plans you are looking at. a few showers offshore. this right here though, these are high cloud streaming in
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this evening. that is from the hotel camera at the beach. that grabs the oranges and reds as it sets. a good one this evening. 70s on the coast. the wind has come in off the water. the water is 71 degrees. we still have 80s for inland locations. tampa at 77. 81 lakeland. sarasota 78. 79 holiday and hudson. and 82 in new tampa. it is warm out there. riverview still in the lo the winds, it has been breezy today. that has come down a little bit as well and winds around 5 to 10. low 20s earlier today. the forecast is quite. temperatures will fall to 70s and eventually only into the upper 60s. south and southeast winds there, a warm wind. and a muggy wind.
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let's jump ahead to wednesday. southeast wind, warm and muggy. partly cloudy skies and isolated showers for wednesday. wednesday into thursday, look at his -- look at this. getting up and going to work and school, a few showers possible north of i-4 and even through midday. this is 4:00 in the afternoon and this will fall apart and come through with a cold front thursday night. that will cool us but will bring a small chance of rain. we could have more rain the citrus county. we will wait and see. i have a 30% chance for rain. tomorrow, 10% tops, 82 degrees for a daytime high. boating with the wind is not the best so 15 not winds. 2 to 4 foot seas. moderate shop on the bay. it will be bumpy. 71 degrees in the gulf. high tide is just after midnight around 1 am. tomorrow's high tide is 3:46 pm.
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has about 30%. more of an onshore wind on thursday so we will be cooler. upper 70s but the cooler and drier air arrives for the weekend which is good news which means a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the mid- 70s. mornings will start cooler in the upper 50s to low 60s. next rain chance, small on one -- small one on monday. that is the best rain chance on wednesday. i will talk about that and 50 minutes. thanksgiving dinner. it is in california and that is where a mission to find out how some of the gas at a holiday meal got sick. >> the annual thanksgiving dinner at the american legion hall in antioch is a joyful community of their. but this year three people who attended ended up dead. officials say more than 800 came to eat turkey and stuffing
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there were homeless people and elderly folks from around antioch. beginning friday and saturday people started showing up at sutter delta medical center with food poisoning. of the eight hospitalize, three died. one is still here. three others released. >> nausea and donald -- and diarrhea. a foodborne illness appears to be the culprit. it will take detective work to find out what happened. go to the same thanksgiving dinner and they also to all live in the same assisted- living facility. and there may still be other victims who haven't come to light. >> we are interviewing people that we know are ill and also trying to find people who may have been -- had symptoms and didn't seek healthcare. >> the dinner was prepared by golden hills community church.
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others are donated by volunteers and my understanding is most of the other items are prepared there. >> officials are not releasing the names of the victims nor the name of the assisted-living facility but they say that no one else at the facility has reported getting sick so far.>> we are looking out for safety see you could check out our
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twitter is having a field day over donald trump and his tweet on flagburning. they haven't declared it to be a constitutionally protected form of free speech, trump said today he still wants to make it illegal. he tweeted quote, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag and if they do there must be consequences. perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. here is a slic are saying. rhoda rights to say thank you trump for showing world leaders your lack of knowledge of our laws and our constitution. tina says no one should be allowed to burn the flag. if people are so upset and hit the country they should leave. many men and women have fought and many have died to protect freedom. charles says i despite -- despise golf and british comedy but i don't think it should be
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them. >> i can already hear that the music to super mario brothers. a whole new world is coming to universal orlando based on some of the most famous nintendo characters. there will be mario and friends. at the restaurant, you will feel like you were in the game. a dog may pop out. maybe you will go castle to castle finding the princess. we are working to find out when
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fire is on the and in front of us. and we had to go out of a fire
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>> we were literally on fire. driving through the fire. >> we are dealing with very difficult situations here. and if you are a person that prays we can use your prayers. >> they just want to go home. most have no idea whether their homes are still there and any staff was spared from the flames. the fire is burning near gatlinburg tennessee and their huge. you're seeing the smoke here. it is everywhere. the fires are fast and dangerous and deadly. three have died. in addition to the homes that are in danger, there are hotels and rental cabins. this area is a big draw for tourists. these are some of the biggest local attractions around gatlinburg at pigeon forge. there is the great smoky national park. dollywood as well as the ripley aquarium. >> you for that right. and aquarium in the past. the animals had to be left


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