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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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out a few sprinkles. rain chances to go up tomorrow but we will see a bigger impact from tomorrow's cold front on the temperatures. i will break that coming up. your the hotspots at 6:00. i am road warrior hilary zalla. hit-and-run accident in pinellas county through clearwater on us 19 and whitney road. this is not blocking main lanes shoulder. police are on scene. we had an accident reported on 275 in hillsboro. coming up i will take you to bartow where we see fog and get you a drive time. good morning and welcome to 10news this morning. i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. new overnight, deadly storms and possible tornadoes hit the south and we know that three
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overnight. there working to control the fire is burning in eastern tennessee. president-elect trump said that people who burn the american flag should they still time. allison kropff is in the newsroom with this comment.>> people really get fired up over this and on both sides for and against. the big issue is what mister trump is proposing because is thissi flagburning back in 1984 to give you background, there was a protester who was at the 1984 republican national convention and he doused the flag and kerosene and lit it on fire and it caused a big uproar and turned into a case that made it to the supreme court. the court ruled that flagburning is indeed an act that is protected under the
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came right back with the flag protection act of 1989 which the higher court struck down as well. >> he didn't just impose aforementioned jail time. he's talking about taking away citizenship as well.>> that is another issue. the government can't just take away certain things because a person decided to burn a flag. people are fired up about this. you have some people like kaelin who says this is a slippery slope to try and take in -- and others like dorothy who said flagburning is disrespectful and deserves punishment. >> people have different opinions on both sides. you actually told us that clinton cosponsored a bill in the same idea. >> back in 2005 she cosponsored a bill that would have made flagburning illegal however there was a little bit of difference between what she
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her proposal got around the amendment five targeting flagburning that were very specific to inciting violence however obviously that did not go through and again people do have the right to burn a flag whether it is right or not. 6:03 am. over the next few hours here are a few more announcements from trump about his cabinet. steven mnuchin as the treasury secretary. mister trump also announced that romney secretary of state nominee. governor mike pence is giving trump preys on his selection process. >> things you are witnessing here is a leader in president- elect trump who wants to take in all the options. >> in case you miss this, mister trump and his team named georgia congressman tom price the department of health and
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affected about minimum wage. the group was arrested after they refused to leave the roadway where they were blocking traffic. they asked to be removed three times before being arrested. on top of those devastating wildfires in eastern tennessee. crews are fighting the fires but they could get relief today and folks are hoping for some rain. >> it is unbelievab that mother nature helps them out. it is supposed to get rain in the area and they needed. high winds over the last two days have fanned the flames on the fire that started on monday. hundreds of buildings have been destroyed and three people are dead. listen to how people who live in the area describe how scary it was when the flames got close. >> it's movement like i've never felt. these buildings are on stilts. but the doors were actually rocking inward and outward with
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thinking that everything was fine and the next thing we knew firemen came in and said you have to leave, there is a fire close. >> gatlinburg officials are still doing search and rescue. if you feel like you want to help out we have a link with several ways you can donate>> gatlinburg officials are still doing search and rescue. if you feel like you want to help out we have a link with several ways you can download the free 10news app and you can get information there. this is something that tennessee does not need. possible tornadoes. and rosalie, three people killed and several others hurt. there have been reports of possible tornadoes across several counters -- counties in tennessee. the winds were so strong at times cars were thrown around and he doesn't buildings destroyed. much different story in north dakota. this is what people are waking
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and a jackknifed semitruck blocked part of the highway. that caused the mess. several drivers got stuck in ditches from the slick roads of the ice and snow. they needed to get help from troopers to get their cars free. in several parts of the country, a lot of different weather and a lot of devastating things for so many people. >> you look at some of that video and you think about how personal those fires are for a number of folks. the fire crews talked about how a number of the firefighters, their homes may have been in jeopardy but they were helping others. >> unbelievable. the attack at ohio state university. this is what we know. investigators are looking into whether the student responsible was inspired by radical messages. students came together at a memorial to honor the victims. three of the 11 victims still remain in the hospital. they are all expected to make a full recovery. our spirit was tested many wonderful things that happened
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every day. we celebrate those things every day. but from time to time things happen that are unfortunate or that are hurtful. with those things happen we come together in a spirit of unity. >> on monday investigators say a student deliberately plowed his car into a group on campus and started stabbing people. and officer shot and killed him. brazil and the soccer world are morning after a flight crash the team was scheduled to play in the championship game today. only six of the 77 people on the board -- on the plane survived. investigation is still underway to figure out what caused the crash but columbia aviation officials said the plane was experiencing electrical problems . if you haven't picked out your christmas tree yet be prepared to pay more this year.
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causing prices to go up. according to the usda, christmas tree growers cut and sold for .5 million trees last year and that is down 20% from 2010. the christmas tree industry has been tough over the past few years. a lot to get to on 10news this morning. a disturbing story about a cover-up by veterans affairs. we will have a coming up. first a piece of fundraising history has been found -- has found a place at the smithsonian. >> big plans to bring you to downtown clearwater. how the water plans to try to make you want to come down here and spend time with your family coming up. we want to put you in the stands to see a lightning game. join us tonight at 11:00 for the secret were to enter to win lower level tickets to the lightning's penguins game saturday, december 10. it is 6:08 am. we're getting into the beginning of the morning rush hour and the howard frankland bridge is picking up.
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the lanes near the hump are starting to slow down a little bit so the drive time
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adoption and that helps find families for children in foster care. they have done this before. they're bringing it back and trying to help some folks out through this campaign. >> universal and nintendo art teaming up to bring a world to the orlando theme park. >> it will make an entire area for the nintendo game including heroes and villains. how cool is this. highly interactive with attractions and restaurants and shops. you are supposed to feel like you are inside the videogame. gh when they will open. if you games they mentioned, legends of zelda, and super mario brothers. it makes you feel like you are in the game. how cool is that. now you can feel like you are in the game. >> i spoke a challenge. very popular a few years back. you may have been one of the 17 million people that dumped a bucket of ice on your head to raise money for als.
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here as well. it raised $100 million. check this out. the original blue mop bucket that jeanette used to start the truck because her husband suffers from the disease is now in the smithsonian. >> you look at this and think by with the smithsonian collect a bucket. it helps us tell the story that objects can really help us understand our history. >> one thing changed so much for people figh a march of dimes can is there to show progress and donations. >> all the people that did it and the research they were able to do, it is incredible to think what a difference it did make. >> we were able to find out the details of the research they were able to do from that campaign. it is so great.
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how the forecast is shaping up. around the bay area at no issues but if you are in polk county or inland citrus county we're seeing some pretty dense fog out there. be careful and be aware of that. overall the pattern will be that we are pretty clear this morning. with more cloud cover arriving as we look ahead to the afternoon. we are tracking this frontal boundary which will have minimal impact to florida but we're seeing significant severe weather across alabama and southern mississippi and now over into northwestern georgia and tennessee. strong winds ahead of this could cause more problems for wildfires. we are watching this line closely and closer are quiet and once it arrives here it is not going to have that same spark that it does as it moves through the deep south. 71 now in tampa. we are clear as we look out over downtown st. petersburg. no issues for you. we are warm. we will go toasty as we had to the day. along with more cloud cover. southwinds will continue to pump in the moisture. round after round of cloud
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bit of a sprinkle possible after midday. especially after 2 pm but as early as lunch time a sprinkle moves through. then we continue with that pattern at 10 to 15% of us getting anything but what we will see, it is light and in and out quickly and will be causing issues. everything should wind down around 8:00 tonight. we will warm up to 83 today with the mix of clouds and sunshine and at times a sprinkle but only a 10% coverage. we stay warm and muggy see this all over again tomorrow. starting tomorrow around midday we upgrade chances with the next front. we don't up them by much. notice that most of the moisture kind of fizzles at the tail end of the front and there is not enough to work with to trigger widespread rain chances. our luck may come back as we headed to the next system that will be moving in early monday. we backed up on the timing so sunday we're in the clear. it will be in the panhandle but
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can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm and we may have some of that hanging on into early tuesday morning. around 30% coverage for now. we may be able to up that and models come into better agreement. don't want to get hopes of about rain just yet. either way the next front does bring cooler temperatures and we are back with highs in the lows in the 50s on saturday. check out the forecast with a 10 weather radio partners. najaq 94 point i. wsrq and spanish maxima 92.5. 6:17 am. here is the traffic update. into the morning rush we do have more accidents. the newest in pinellas county on park boulevard.
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pinellas park area and this crashes at 60th street. if you're heading this way you have police on scene but no lanes are blocked. no injuries reported. we are dealing with fog this morning in polk county. specifically bartow. because of visibility is affected, have low beams on and take it slow. drive times between bartow and lake wales on state road 60 is 17 minutes between us 98 and us 27. hillsborough county, the first delay for morning rush. no surprise on 275 heading south to downtown interchange. down 25 miles per hour not affecting the drive time yet. you are still 15 minutes from the apex down to i-4 but let's go live more north of their on 275 at busch boulevard. you can see in the southbound direction traffic is picking up but we're not seeing delays yet. give it another 30 minutes. >> on i-75 at fowler avenue right here you can see
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, some brake lights here. i checked the drive time and it is taking 17 minutes to drive from state road 56 down to the selmon expressway. in sarasota and manatee county is now no major accidents and construction has wrapped up on 75 at university parkway. if you have problems on the roads or questions for me i can answer them for you. my email, road warrior at, some brake lights here. i checked the drive time and from state road 56 down to the selmon expressway. in sarasota and manatee county is now no major accidents and construction has wrapped up on 75 at university parkway. if you have problems on the roads or questions for me i can answer them for you. my email,>> three straight wins for the box. i am ryan bass with a weeks us home team huddle. sunday put them back on the map. now out west to take on a talented chargers team despite the record. tampa bay revitalized defense will have to find a way to stop them. college football. fsu and usf will await their destinations. the gators are often atlanta. they will face unbeaten alabama saturday on 10news. the side of the last five over the florida gators including
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in the month of november, the gators are 24 points underdogs. i am ryan bass and that was your buick home team huddle. right here on 10news. a christmas decoration for the hipster in all of us. you need to see this. how much do americans spend on cyber monday. we will have the numbers coming up. you are on the goat and did some shopping you can also download the 10news app. it is free. go to the app store. there are changes in the weather pattern. access to live waiter -- radar
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the big prize. this same group buying $120 worth of tickets just to support education and the state. if you are trying to figure out the secret, that must be it. >> they have been doing it for eight years and it paid off. >> a ton of money. >> under $3.5 million was spent online on cyber monday, a new record. >> retailers hit the jackpot this year. >> th 12.5% more than last year. it also be black friday online sales by $110 million. if you are looking forward for skinny jeans, we had this. it is a hipster decoration. >> you won't recognize the selfie taking mary and joseph. joseph decked out.
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making a database. the wisemen are on segues. [ laughter ]. >> the animals are also there. >> the animals are gluten-free? what does that mean? are the edible animals? >> they just provide gluten- free meals. >> they are fed gluten-free diets. >> this will cost you $130. that's all. it is so popular, modern nativity is limiting per person. >> a conversation starter. i can think of better ways to throw away my money. >> this is so odd. i've never heard of this. >> what do you do with it? >> put it in your decorations. >> typical things but i don't know. >> right now we have an accident in pinellas park on us 19 and we are also going to get life look at the morning rush.
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75 there may be patchy fog. watch out for that to the next few hours. >> there is the police department. let's get this. it's a form of punishment. stick around for this story.
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happy wednesday. coming up on 6:30 am. you are off to a quiet start and we're starting to see a little bit of sunshine coming up over tampa. lakeland is saying fog and wesley chapel. we're seeing some of that east of i-75. please be careful if you encounter that. around the bay area temperatures in the 70s and heading to near 80 for everyone, 83 today in tampa, i have a cool down on friday. we will look at that coming up. good morning, here are the hotspots at 6:30 am. i am road warrior hilary zalla. an accident in hillsborough county in the sun city center area on 301 at sun city center boulevard. the middle lane is blocked.
6:30 am
on top of a crash in hillsborough avenue and 56th street. we have sky 10 heading that way and will get more information and drive times. good morning, wednesday, november 30. i am allison kropff gross i am 10news morning anchor ian reitz. this is your eye-opener. it is the largest fire in tennessee in 100 years. the deadly wildfire has forced thousands to evacuate. wildfire has destroyed hundreds of homes and a resort in the smoky mountains. the time in jail would into anybody any harm. they have to respect the flag and the united states. >> it is symbolic and as such you can pledge allegiance to it or if you want to and you are
6:31 am
>> president-elect donald trump ignites a firestorm on social media with his tweet about flagburning. he wrote no one should be allowed to burn the american flag and if they do there must be consequences and perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. he continues with a message of bringing people together. >> mister trump elected for more cabinet members. tonight is your last chance to weigh in to completely renovate the waterfront in clearwater. sarah hollenbeck joins us live on for street. we're getting a first look at the plans. the big question about the project is who will pay for it. >> that is the part that city leaders still cannot answer for us. they want to make sure this downtown area and this waterfront are a big focus in the new plan but they said they are not going to worry about financing until they figure out what they want to put into this plan. a lot of people go to the beach but there is not a lot of
6:32 am
problem they are working to alleviate. they have a lot of plans in the works and clearwater leaders are pretty desperate to bring more people to downtown. they have struggled for two decades to make downtown more of a destination and they realized that the waterfront is by far the biggest draw. so here is a few of the changes that could be in store. a waterfront restaurant for the kids. a park and a garden and walking trails. and because the clearwater holiday has been so popular muc the downtown plan. with a bandshell that will be three times bigger than the one you are used to at coachman park. they will call it a matching -- imagine clearwater and the hope this will finally sit. there's a last opportunity to weigh in on the plans and changes. that will be tonight right here at the downtown library in clearwater. >> you've done stories about the way to ease traffic down
6:33 am
is that still in the works? >> yes. that is something they also will figure out with this new plan. this is what we've been talking about. that is the cable car that will go over the top of the water. you can imagine it being here by this bridge because that is one of the options. but that is still in the works t they want to make sure you will write it and how to work it into all of this. one of many ways they hope to increase the number of people coming to downtown.>> we will be there and let you know what happens. 10news spent a week this month dedicated to exposing jaw-dropping problems facing veterans. that included problems right here in tampa bay. 10 investigates noah pransky continues his watchdog efforts.>> reporter: the va does a lot of good for a lot of veterans and families but a recent mistake and the cover-up cast a shadow over bay pines
6:34 am
we looked at an incident earlier this year when an elderly veteran passed away after his body was prepared for the morgue it was forgotten and a shower room for 10 hours. a review of the incident not only concluded negligence but a lack of respect for the deceased veteran. and even though all names and titles and everything else was redacted in the report, for privacy, concerted efforts by employees to hide the mistakes through false reports. not only did they acted appropriately but they knew they did and try to cover it up. >> we honor american veterans. we view this finding unacceptable. and have taken appropriate actions to mitigate. >> taken from employee discipline but we will never know how much. they redacted that as well. a spokesman tells us they pines has adopted new policies and procedures to make sure this kind of dishonor never happens
6:35 am
outcome we would've wanted but it is something in the va when we identify an issue it's an opportunity to learn and move forward. >> we can't expose these problems and keep pushing for fixes without your help. this came from a viewer email and you can do the same confidentially, noah pransky. starr 6:35 am. you probably get texts from numbers that you don't recognize and they may want you to these are techs like you have one $100, we're sending you a gift card. others that asked the questions do you accept credit cards. these are examples of what is called smishing. like any thing the end goal is to get personal information whether you click on a link or answer a few questions. >> when you click on the links or anything like that, that is where you can open yourself up and give away personal
6:36 am
he alerted us to this because he did see texts every month. he said the best back is to delete the messages. don't get sucked into a conversation. >> if you plan on spending time in canada do not drink and drive or you will have a pretty unusual consequence. kensington police will enforce a nickel back punishment for people they catch who are drunk driving. the officers will force you to listen to the canadian rock group in the ck cruiser all the way to jail. on top of that you will face a large fine and criminal charges in years of driving suspension. >> i like they said don't make us ruin and an open copy of nickel back.>> some people are like what is the big deal but this is a thing that people are like it is bad. >> when it comes up there is so much of an opinion about the
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is using it. the next-door is a reminder that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. >> this is a nine-year-old from houston and his rescue puppy. there helping more dogs find forever homes. you see johnny and he has severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy. sarah got him a rescue dog and they have been inseparable. they found lexi through a rescue called golden beginnings. >> he smiles when she is up there with them. he will crack up and laugh just because lexi is licking his hand. >> they have a big petco foundation to do more rescues in houston. volunteers will use the money on vet bills to get more rescues ready to go home. >> there so happy. when they are together. >> positive message is huge and it makes a difference every day. the worst songs in 2016. we were surprised by a few of these. a little karaoke?
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have the story. this is a cafi funded completely by good deeds. it is called the carr cafi. tonight, survivor at 8:00 followed by criminal minds at
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z26prz zy6z
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it is 6:41 am. here is the bridge update into the morning rush. howard frankland bridge is picking up into tampa. this is a live look near the hump and these are the northbound lanes of 275. this is southbound. cross into tampa and the same into pinellas. no major delays yet. let's go live to the courtney campbell causeway. state road 60 into tampa is definitely picking up as well. but we are not seeing stop and go traffic yet. that happens around 7:30 am. the drive time is seven minutes. weather hasn't been a huge issue around the bay area but inland areas are seeing patchy five. be careful. around the bay area we are warm and we are soupy.
6:42 am
degrees this morning. meaning off to a few muggy starts. with gusty winds and picking up in terms of the choppiness on the bay. moderate shop and 4 foot seas. allergy levels still in the moderate range over the next few days. rain chances early next week could help drop some of these numbers. more on the timing and when we could see more widespread showers coming up. a new restaurant in new mexico is taking the message of paying it forward to a whole new level. kh c breakfast but as a pay as you feel style restaurant. >> the first thing you will notice when you look at the menu, it doesn't have any set menu prices. this subject came from dave mccullough during a trip to australia. he learned about the pay as you feel model and brought it back to the united states.
6:43 am
support for the community he officially opened it up for business. he says the philosophy he has for the restaurant confirms his belief that people just want to do good. >> most people are fair and honest when contributing. even if people are homeless or struggling, they still want to contribute or pay what they can.>> he says there are some slow days but the reason he continues is because he wants people to have a safe place where they can come and have something to eat. customers have been very loyal. they have been with him for three years. they keep coming back. some on a more frequent basis but he says folks want to give what they can when they come in.>> that is a longim giving something. whatever they feel like giving. >> he is making it work. he wants to stick to the business model. >> one minnesota minister is putting out yard signs. she made a sign with a simple message reading love your neighbor. the last round immigrant religiously different lbgtq fully human neighbor. she hopes that sign will open eyes and change hearts.>> i remember driving around during
6:44 am
i noticed a lot of people getting upset. it started out as i wanted to do something. i came up the idea for two reasons. one was put a message of love out there which would maybe help to bring people back together and feel some of that division. >> she believes the signs are working. her facebook inbox has been flooded with messages from people all over the country looking to get th she's had trouble keeping up with the demand so now she has a printing company taking care of that. does a stories trending. here is a look at morning sports. good morning. i am ryan bass. this is what is coming up tonight. the bucs turn their attention to the chargers. three tease to a buccaneer victory this sunday. also morgan is looking for head football coach. could willie taggart, be there guy. why bolts fans should be worried about losing coach t.
6:45 am
they have struggled so much. how they can turn it around. check this out. the athletes from around the world last weekend, they competed in the 12th annual antarctic ice marathon. ice snow in -4 degrees. they were running 600 miles from the south pole. i don't know about you but i don't run a marathon and 80 degree weather. >> it goes down to like 40 run outside here.>> a marathon in the snow. >> full head to toe covered up. you have to train for that i imagine. >> time magazine has released the top 10 of everything in 2016. the top tv shows and jk rowling's haircare revolution. it is everything you can find. what really got us talking and when we saw these lists was the
6:46 am
you will be surprised. will run to the top five. bad things by machine gun kelly. ghostbusters, i'm not afraid to fall. some of these will be terrible. also team, the azalea. mom, by megan trainor. people were like that was terrible. number one, this is why we're doing this story. number one, feeling by justin timberlake. did we love that song? >> am i the only one that loved this? >> right.>> really catchy song but was it a good song? that is -- that got stuck in your head for days. >> that is the only one that stuck in my head. >> it is the only one you recognize. that was a popular song.>> that was the worst of the years songs.
6:47 am
traffic. hillary is keeping a close eye. it is 6:47 am. we have a serious accident involving a motorcyclist in tampa. long 56 street at hillsborough avenue. let's go live to the intersection. this involves a motorcyclist and we're hearing very serious injuries. southbound 56 is being detoured onto hillsborough avenue. you can see there left-hand side of your screen. you will have to use 40th street or boreas road instead of 56 and hillsborough avenue is affected because this crash is right in the middle of this intersection. give yourself time or avoid it. we have a lot of other alternates. back to the maps. other than that, that is the most serious accident. in southern hillsborough county in the sun city aarons are -- area, i found out this is in
6:48 am
center boulevard. no heavy delay. the center lane is blocked so we might but hopefully they will be able to move that out of the center lane and into the shoulder shortly. we are getting into rush hour now. pinellas county, so far no major accidents for you. us 19 and east lake road in the green. a little bit of a delay on eastlake south towards keystone. in polk county, a little bit of fog in bartow. no delays on your roads at least. total area near bartow and florida avenue. sarasota and manatee counties right now, it is pretty quiet accident wise. picking up a little bit across the bridges between palmetto and manatee river. i-75 is still in the green. first let's talk about the fog we're seeing out there. this is florida southern college. visibility has dropped in the last 15 minutes. this fog is likely to stick
6:49 am
out. it is about much of polk county. those are big trouble spots this morning. be careful as you are out on the roadways. temperatures around the bay area, around 70 degrees. we are very warm out the door this morning. and you have noticed little bit soupy out there. big trouble spot near bartow in terms of visibility. near zero. lakeland over the airport right now, still doing fine. but this is patchy. at florida southern things are messy and inverness down to a quarter-mile. we will see again soupy and then we will get a mix of clouds and sunshine even though we are quiet right now. we will see more gray skies later on. possibly even if you stray
6:50 am
although we are quiet to the morning. look what happens around midday. a few sprinkles try to work their way on sure. that will not be a widespread rain event but what we see in the last two days and what we will likely see again, these little quick hits of moisture coming in especially for coastal areas in areas along i- 75 inland. less likely to deal with this but a a few sprinkles possible. better rain chances as early as 10 to 15% for the western spots. 83 today. that is with a slight rain chances and a good amount of cloud cover coming will warm things that. ahead of the next frontal boundary which isn't going to bring much of the way of rain chances back into the mix. 20% coverage. starting around midday tomorrow and going through late afternoon and early evening. coverages only around 20%. lower for sunday. the best chance for widespread showers will be coming up on
6:51 am
chances, 30% coverage in the forecast for now. optimistic this could go up and we could use some rain. a few good weeks since we've had a nice soaking rain fall. make sure you check out the 10 weather forecast with the newspaper partners, check that out in your copy of the tampa bay times and if you live in polk county, in the ledger. it is that time of the week , we are revealing the 10news school of the week powered by duke energy. >> we had the announcement coming up after the break. live back to clearwater there are a lot of birds this morning. hopefully you are having a
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carrabba's new meatball magnifico. our gigantic meatball topped with parmesan cream sauce and stuffed with delicious melted mozzarella.
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president-elect donald trump. he just tweeted he will be holding a major news conference in new york city to discuss the fact that he will be leaving his business in order to fully focus on running the country even though he has not mandated to. we will let you know more on our website. morning rush hour on 275, really heavy right now as you head south. fr the stretch from the apex to i- 4. the drive time is 31 minutes from the apex down to i-4. make sure you leave early because that is a 15 minute delay. for part of the day you will need the shades. a mix of clouds and sunshine throughout the day. higher rain chances tomorrow and cloud cover. not going to be a huge rainmaker. we could see showers becoming more widespread as we look
6:56 am
frontal boundary coming through. either way even though it won't bring rain we will knock out some of the heat and humidity for friday. you have a nice long run planned, friday is the day. i don't know what to say. [ laughter ]. >> it is time to reveal our school of the week. powered by duke energy florida. >> if you are a fan of our facebook page, this is the hint we gave you. this was taken inside the front offices of the school which is kind of blurry. but the big reveal. . good morning. we will learn about a police officer classes and the partnership the school has with the harrison school of the arts. >> it made our day. >> tune in friday morning to check it out. we will introduce you to a teacher at the high school that is making a huge impact. we can't make it -- way to be
6:57 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 30th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a possible three people as powerful storms rock alabama and deadly wildfires tear through tourist town, destroying homes and businesses near the great smoky mountains. >> president-elect trump hits the down with former rival mitt romney as speculation swirls about a secretary of state announcement. plus, we are in indianapolis where air-conditioning giant carrier says it's reached a deal with mr. trump to keep 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico.


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