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tv   Fox 5 News at Midday  FOX  September 1, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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two teenagers are fighting for theilive this morning. a teenage girl hit by a car and a teenage boy hit by the same car all while trying to get to school. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm tony perkins. this happened in the 3100 block of brinkly road in temple hills near crossland high school. sarah simons is live there this
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morning with the latest. sarah. >> reporter: tony, this happened on a very busy road. as we noticed since we've been out here. it happened at this metro bus stop where high school kids were being picked up to go to school. we know the two people serio injured, a 14-year-old girl and a teenage boy also taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. now the crash happened as you said just after 7:00 this morning. several teen-agers were waiting at the bus stop heading to school at crossland high when a woman driving a cream colored lincoln town car came up over the hill. the three boys were watching as one of their classmates was hit by a car. >> there were no cars in sight when we were standing this and when she crossed the street, the car over there just came out of nowhere and hit her and she flew in the air and then the car swerved and then it hit
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another car and then the boy, some little kids were right there and he was trying to push them out of the way and the guy got hit too. >> we were just trying to keep her face off the grass so she could breathe. but she tried to move, but it was just -- we were just more concerned that she was breathing. >> reporter: now we understand there were five other people in theother two vehicles that were involved in this crash. we understand they have minor injuries and are expected to be okay. investigators are stiltrying to piece together the evidence and figure out what happened here and why that driver hit that young girl. it's unclear if she just didn't see her. we don't know at this point. but investigators are looking into the fact that this is an area that does not have crosswalks. we have two bus stops here where people come here frequently to try to pick up a bus and there are no ways to get across here safely with the hill just coming up here to this bus stop. so it can be a very dangerous situation for anyone in the
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area. tony, allison, back to you. >> what a terrible thing to wit. sarah simons in temple hills, thank you ry much. meanwhile in a separate incident, several people were taken to the hospital today after an accident involving a metro bus. a spokesperson saythe sbus was clipped by a vehicle on i295 near malcolm x. avenue southeast. there were 50 people on the bus, five passengers were hurt. the jeer -- the injuries are not life-threatening. no word on if either driver was cited. following a developing story out of georgetown, so the called cuddler may have struck again. a woman said she woke up to a strange man lying xt to her around 4:00 in the mog inrnn ino the 3700 block of o. street. now the m.o ois similar to a string of attacks, including one on sunday. karen gray houston is live on the scene with the latest.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning,al soon. the so-called georgetown cuddler has struck again. the latest incident here on campus, 3700 block of o. street as you mentioned. the m.o. is about the same. twice in 24 hours, sunday an incident happened on 33rd street. police and campus security officers are very concerned about this. the m.o., the guy comes in through an unlocked doors and gets close to the victim and then leaves. this is happening as school is just beginning to get started here as georgetown. classes are set to start tomorrow. we spoke to a student who is the roommate of sunday's victim. >> came in through i think an unlocked door and saw that one of my house mates was sleeping on the couch and then he laid with her on the couch and then when she told him to leave, he ran upstairs and when he saw all of the rooms upstairs were
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locked, he sprinted out of the house. >> did she have a good description of him. >> she said he was either light or latino with a close buzz cut. >> reporter: that was on 33rd street. the school today has sent out an e-mail right after that incident happened. the e-mail advises students to please leave doors and windows locked. many of the students that we've spoken to can't believe after everything that's happened that women students on campus are still leaving windows and doors open. and so it's another advisory. there are some people who think that there is not only one cuddler, they think that the cuddler may be more than one person because there have been a number of descriptions of the person. some say he's unshaven and then later he was described as
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having a scruffy beard. some descriptions include a latino and than a black male. police are looking for help from the public. anyone with information is asked to call mpd. thank you very much. four people shot, one dead in the e district. this niormng we're learning more about one of the victims. gunfire was sprayed through an ally on hamilton street northwest last night. michael harris of northwest d.c. died. the group were in the back of a home at the time. sources say one of the victims may have been set to testify as a witness to another shooting. police don't have a description of the suspect at this point. well the fall preview continue this is morning. in fact it was jacket weather early this morning. i wish i had been wearing a jacket. >> nobody told you? >> it was cool outside. >> well tucker is here to tell us how long the fall preview will stick around. >> kind of a surprise out
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the. pe temorratures overnight were in the 40s. in places like winchester it was 40. here in washington in low 60s and now in the 70s. 71 degrees at reagan national. our humidity is 44%. our winds out of the north east rh te1mi0 es plouer . co0 a'secrfatt ect pembination for me. i love this forecast as we mbha a lot of sunshine out there te n igbrno n oorn rn. no rain showers or thunderstorms in the forecast. there is our morning radar and you saw it. just a nice blue sky expected for the day and for the next few days. we'll be featuring a lot of quiet weather. and there is nothing else dor me to do. perhaps we can talk about something else. 78 expected in washington. we'll fall back again tonight but we'll talk about how cool and look at the rest of the workweek coming up. allison. now to developing story. wildfires on the west coast.
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one blaze has destroyed more than 50 homes in southern california. and it's threatening thousands more. >> the flames are raging on with temperatures above 100 degrees and with humidity hurting firefighters. adam housely is in tujunga, california. >> reporter: this morning we got here and this hill is burning. firefighters like to say its backing down or burning downhill and burns slower and gives firefighters a chance to get in there and knock the flames down. and to the right is an area flurrying up. you have hand crews down there. you ve a firefighter engine in every neighborhood. this is not the wildland.
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this is a neighborhood that has been here 33 years. most of the areas haven't burned in about 60 years and when you add severe drought to california and then the hot temperatures, triple digits and the low humidity which is down around 8 or 9%, it's ripe for fire. normally we show you the fire coverage here in california, it's all having to do with santa ana winds but those winds don't come up until late september, early october. look at that flare-up right there. and you have firefighters just below the tree going up. probably only 20-30 yards away. but that's what they're looking at and facing. it's just this fuel of extremely brittle. it's like putting a match to a straw is the best way to complain it. and it's extremely smoky out here and you can see on camera that the embers and the ashes falling almost like a snowfall
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out here and that's what firefighter have to do bat -- battle in. only 5% contained. >> and you're standing there. surely all of the home have been evacuated, we're sure. >> well they're spposed to be evacuated. it's under mondaytory -- mandatory evacuation. they knock on your door and they won't force you out. and if you do leave, yo come back in and so many stay. the sheriff said about 85% of the people got out. those who stayed, their cars are parked in a driveway backing out in case they had to rush out. these homeowners stayed and they have been spraying down eaves and plants and trees but firefighters would like people to leave. that's the ideal situation. yesterday we had five people trapped and as of this morning they were still there as the
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fire burned around them. >> adam, thank you very much for that report. some people have been injured because they chose to stay. thank you, adam. tujunga is 15 miles north of downtown los angeles. this is one of several destructive wildfires raging in california. northeast of sacramento flames destroyed dozens of homes over the weekend and wildfires force evacuations in several communities near the san bernardino mountains. another victory for gay rights. same-sex marriage is now legal in vermont. a new law went into affect at midnight. vermont joins massachusetts, connecticut, new hampshire and iowa in allowing same-sex marriage. one group is pushing for d.c. residents to vote on same- sex marriage. the group called stand for coalition is filing a bol ott with the board of elections today to preserve
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traditional marriage in washington. they're goal is for residents to vote in neither november 2010 or as part oa special election. back in may the city allowed same-sex marriages performed elsewhere to be allowed in the district. a grad school thesis now getting a lot of attention because bob mcdonnell wrote this thesis paper 20 years ago. it attacked working mothers and it attacks homosexuals. but mcdonnell says that was a long time ago and his views have changed. we talked to him this morning to see where he stands now. >> my opponent is trying to make that an issue, looking 20 years backwards and talking about former presidents and governors and i said very clearly, i strongly support women in the workplace. i have a daughter in iraq. my wife has worked. i strongly support making sure that we hire people based on
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their merits and not on any other considerations. >> an official with the campaign of creigh deeds says mcdowell has given no reason that this is not how he will govern if elected. federal workers, changes are coming to your paycheck and it might not be the changes you're hoping for. the governor of massachusetts makes a move or replacing the seat of kennedy. and a pin ball heaven on, just look at the off beat section. much more ahead on the midday show. we're back in just minutes. fios guy! what is this? this...oh...this is nothing... this is just a flyer i've been putting all over town. warning, fios installation
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11:15. welcome back. we're learning more about the woman arrested in the murder of a local pizza shop owner who was found beaten to death in the pizza mart in northeast d.c. this month. 26-year-old shanika robinson married his brother in exchange
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for money so the man could get a green card. but when the payments stopped she hsshowed up with two men to settle the score. police found the body the next day. talk about a terrifying trip to the atm. two men wearing halloween masks robbed a woman at the atm drive through in severna park on friday night. she said they came up from behind the car and pulled out what appeared to be a fake handgun. police are warning atm users to be extra cautious. it is nothing short of a big day for swine flu preps across the area. kim cain and members of his cabinet and health officials are meeting in alexandria to discuss how to fight the spread of the virus. health official have been urging people to stay home from school or work if they suspect they are getting the flu. and the swine flu just one of the topics that emergency preparedness talks will be concentrating on for the d.c.
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region. the mayor and maryland governor alley are meeting with homeland security secretary janet napolitano this afternoo they will discuss a coordinated response in case of a natural disaster, an act of terrorism or swine flu pandemic. are you still in the dark about the virus. the fairfax county health department is hosting the first series of town halls on what to expect this flu season. tonight it starts at 7:00 at the drainsville district government center on balls hill road in mclean. and alexandria has a backup plan in case of an outbreak. we talked about that that this morn with school superintendent martian and talked about new student led conferences. >> if you go to a school and sit down with a parent, one person is listening and that's the child. and so the child will sit with the parents and teacher and say
11:18 am
this is what i've learned and this is what i can do better on this year. and they say stay home if you are sick and there say plan to replace staff as well. a work to clear up remaining high school scheduling problems. most of the 8,000 students who began the new year last week without class schedules are back in class today. it was blamed on a computer glitch. a few cases that are impacted are those who attended summer school. federal workers should expect less on their paychecks. the president is reducing cost of living costs next year. federal employees will see a 2% increase, that's down from the 2.4% imposed. the president says he is invoking special authority that
11:19 am
allows him to implement a scheduled pay plan for serious economic conditions. just one week after the death of senator ted kennedy there are questions over whether someone will temporaly replace him. the governor of massachutts has announced plans for a special election come january to fill the seat. but a hearing is scheduled next week on a bill to change state law, giving the governor the power to appoint an interim senator. among the names being thrown into the ring, the senator's widow. and his nephew, former congressman, joseph kennedy ii. >> my job right now is to think about the best interest of the commonwealth. and i think that having a full complement, two voices, is about the best interest of the commonwealth. >> that's governor duvall patrick of massachusetts speaking. before he died, the senator had asked massachusetts lawmakers
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to change state law to let the governor appoint a temporary senator until a new one can be elected. the lockerbie bomber was released because of oil deals with libia. it shows him in a hospital bed in libia. he was replaced from a -- released from a scottish prison because he has cancer. he was serving for the 1988 pan am bombing. families of those killed plan to protest next month. more news about the man accused of kidnapping casey dugard. garrityo said he often prowled through neighborhoods as a
11:21 am
peeping tom and had rape thoughts. cary prejean was fired in june and they claim she missed scheduled appearances but her attorney says she was ousted because of her controversial remarks during the pageant that marriage should be between a man and a woman. she is suing for libel, slander and religious discrimination. they say she was told to stop mentioning god. we're following some breaking news out of massachusetts this morning. this is i--495 in norton, massachusetts. a small plane made an emergency landing on the highway. early reports say no one was hurt. this happened just about 20 minutes ago and this is live pictures. from the scene, again in norton, massachusetts, a small plane making an emergency landing. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it.
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meanwhile police need your help solving a brutal crime. what happened to one herndon man that has police worried about another attack. and he's a strong category five storm and is heading to the baja peninsula. so when and where will the hu uook.t?
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welcome back to what's cooking. and a very special guest and a
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very freak went guest and somebody we like to see, steven lucas of wildfire restaurant in tysons galleria. and you'll cook up something fun tay and sort of end of summer and something i love. and tony, you'll love this too. >> i have a new toy at the restaurant, a little panini machine or a sandwich press. but i thought i would make a roasted vegetable salad using the summers bounty. it's winding down so i have some zucchini and yellow squash, from peppers and mushrooms and i'll do a little roasted vegetable. >> and you're going to let me help you with this >> absolutely. >> and so what else. talk about the main course. >> we're going to do a blt and tick it the extra step by using white cheddar, arugola and a homemade mayonnaise and then we'll put it on a pan and roast it down. >> got something to look
11:27 am
forward to. allison, salad for you, and blt and tony for myself. >> and i'm starving. so we'll appreciate it. very fall like conditions out there. >> and you could even have a little sweater. >> sure. >> tucker will be up next with more on how long we can expect the chillier temperatures to stick around. it's comfortable. i don't want to say it's cool. >> you should read this. >> you're clearly calling me fat. >> no. most of us experienced this, the freshman 15. it doesn't have to be a college requirement. holly. >> reporter: school is back in session. chances are maybe your schedule is more busy as we head into the fall. it's why we are at george washington university this morning where we have signed up for the dorm room workout, courtesy of washington sports club. five exercises you can do that will make you fit and not cost
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you any money. it's up next on fox 5 midday news. is responsible for 76% of divorces. fios hates puppies. oh...that's evil! fios steals your youth. none of this is true. so what do you want; the truth? ideally...yes! so you would have me tell people that fios uses 100% fiber optics straight to your home and we don't? that's true. ...that you have more bandwidth than cable and can deliver more hd channels and better picture quality? also true. whatever dude. you got to get into people's heads, confuse them; that's marketing 101. wait a minute, you took marketing? yea, from a guy. what guy? from a guy in the market? put that back where you found it. fios is the best in home entertainment. end of argument. for the facts call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v
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here are s oef omthe top stories we're following this morning. it appears the so-called georgetown cuddler has struck again. a woman woke up to a strange man lying next to her a r t 004:his morning. it happened on the home of 00th 3700 block of o. street on the georgetown campusch the m.o. is similar to a string of attacks in the past year, including one on sunday. folks in rndon need your help to solve a similar crime. a man awoke to find three men standing over him. one had a gun. they kicked him in the face and upper body and he was able to jump out of a window and run to neighbor's house to call police. if you know anything about this, call 8666-411-tips. >> hurricane jimena has winds
11:32 am
near 155 miles per hour. it is expected to hit baja california peninsula tonight. rain is moving across los cabos. workers are evacuating neby village where's some 10,000 people live in shacks. >> tucker barns is here with us. here is the question. could this storm provide much- needed rain to southern california. >> we'll have to watch it carefully. it will drift to the north. and the air will get more moist across southn california over the next couple of days because of the hurricane. whether or not it brings rain to southern california, we'll have to wait and see. it's interesting that a category four hurricane in close proximity to wildfires that are out of control. so it would be nice to get rain there. >> it would be. out it's perfect. this is perfect weather. l nyedtornean i aompt onmort tony learned an important leson and other people did as well. >>isten to tucker. >> that's t.e ora jack.
11:33 am
>> in the morning a cket jamoto jacket. one too. one too. 68 at reagan national. -- actually we bumped up to 71. this computer is low to update. i'm not going to play with it. 68 here at reagan national. 67 in baltimore. mid-60s here off to the north and west. frederick is 66. hagerstown too. winchester 62. winchester this morning, currently 63, they were 49- degree this is morning and we're going to do upper 40s and low 50s off to the north and west of town during the overnight hours. so north cool one. 69 right now at patuxent naval air station. and ocean city, maryland, checking in what warm temperature of 77 there. a nice looking day. nice looking from the mountains to the beaches today. and for the next several days as we're not expecting much in the way of changes here. our air pattern will stay very much the same. we're not the only ones enjoying the cool temperatures across the upper midwest into new england. tempertures are well below where they should be for this
11:34 am
time of year. 63 in cincinnati. 64 in detroit. out to the west, denver is 62. dallas is 73. and 85 in las vegas. our weather looks fantastic. look at the clear ies. i showed you the cool temperatures. out toward cincinnati and detroit, there is nothing happening. that's high pressure that will build in and continue to drift to the east for the next several days. so our next chance for any shower activity would be friday. and right now, i haven't even put it in the forecast because it's passed to the south so we'll be in for a few days of sunny, dry weather. and so that will lead to another cool evening tonight. down to the tropics we go and this is a tropical disturbance, not yet a tropical depression or storm, but the hurricane center will fly a plane in here in the next couple of hours and don't be surprised if this doesn't become tropical storm
11:35 am
erica. and it's off to the west northwest and we'll watch that path as the peak of hurricane season comes. 78 for an afternoon high. winds out of the north at 5 miles per hour. and tonight clear skies and cool again overnight. you'll probably need a jacket. 66 here in town. upper 40s and low 50s off to the north and west. five-day forecast, i can't that i remember a five-day forecast that looks this nice. upper 70s and low 80s. no rain in sight. we'll have to watch friday, but i think we'll stay dry right now. upper 50s and low 60s for the overnight lows. so save some money on the air- conditioning. >> the windows are open at my house already and it feel goes. >> i don't want to complain, but it could be warmer for the last week of summer. >> it's too cool. >> but it will be 80s.
11:36 am
that will feel nice. good enough. you hear about us all of the time on college campuses, the dreaded freshman 15. >> you say only women get it. >> well isn't it more typical for women. i'm asking. >> there are ways to avoid it. i knew some men that beefed up. holly is up next with how to get exercise in your dorm room.
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have you heard about miralax? miralax relieves constipation with no bloating. no cramping. no sudden urgency. announcer: only miralax is clinically proven to work like that. restore your body's natural rhythm with miralax.
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well college classes are starting back up again and one of the most dreaded freshman events. the freshman 15. >> it affects men and women equally. holly morris is at george washington university learning how to turn a dorm room into a workout area to fight the freshman 15. >> reporter: well to some new digs at george washington university. we're in south hall and it's
11:40 am
one of the new dorms. and we're hanging out with marissa who is a senior here. are you exited for your senior year. >> very. >> reporter: and this morning we have invited jen feldman who is a trainer with washington sports club and they've come up with a dorm room workout. tell us about that. >> if you have some cans and your desk or chair and that's all you need. >> reporter: we're going to go through five exercises that you are going to be doing that will help you stay fit, won't take up much time, right. >> total body workout. >> reporter: okay. ready exercise number one. >> go in here and do a close grip pushup, add a progression and also when you go up, you want to work the shoulders, increase the shoulder stability and go up like this. >> reporter: you try it, marissa. and as you do that, show me the
11:41 am
second exercise. >> and then we're going to do squats. you have to make sure you have the right lines. this one to your back and then push up. just like your sitting back. don't think sitting down, think sitting back. >> squats are so good. somehow squats seem to be intertwined with everything. and you do exercise number three. >> crunches. ju some long arm crunches and we'll go straight up and down. >> reporter: and what is the extra weight adding. >> just resistance. you can do a much heavier weight. i don't feel this one personally. >> it's only peanut butter. >> reporter: okay. marissa down. crunches and number four. >> do some lunges. and good core for the body. and up and down vertical motion
11:42 am
and the knee does not go over the toe. 90-degree angle, a little bit forward on the upper, up and down. and you can speed this up, turn it into cardio. >> reporter: make it more high impact. okay. marissa up, do your lunges, do exercise five. >> and now for the cardio blast. you should be the trainer. and everything tight, look at the spine. knees up and then you stop. you do it back up again. >> reporter: this is marissa's favorite. >> now here is the fun thing. there is two people in the dorm room so you can do it with a friend that, will help motivation. and i would say add music. >> that's a necessity. i need that. >> reporter: how was the work out. >> feeling good. i'm ready to take on the day. >> reporter: no going back to bed. is our website. we have a link to washington
11:43 am
sports club and to george washington university. thank you for letting us invade your dorm room. back to you guys. >> that is a really good workout. it's a big day for music and movies. tony is up next with a look at what is new in entertainment today and includes a long- awaited comeback. >> big cd release today. and plus we'll head over to studio b. to see what our friends from ldfire are cooking up for us this morning. do go anywhere. we'll be right back.
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11:46 am
it's a big day in the entertainment world. some much anticipated music hits store shelves and there are new dvds to pick up tonight. tony perkins is here with a look. hi tony. >> hi allison. he music release.
11:47 am
first let's start with the dvds out today. disney's exploration earth kicks off new dvds documenting a year on the planet through a star of live animals with james earl jones narration. >> so you want to be paid to help solve the murder. >> russell crowe is a reporter investigating a high profile murder in stay of play. co-starring ben after flack. >> welcome to america, son. >> a baseball player in the dominican republic who hopes to play in the big leagues. >> cooking class friend kirk. >> if he's kirk, i'm spock. >> dvd offerings are heating up, starting with dennis leery leading his new york fire fighting crew through the fx series rescue me. >> i always loved you. >> the super powered action of
11:48 am
heroes season 3 heads to a six- disk set and 2.5 men brings laughs and a gag reel. >> she's back. >> the women of wiftieria lynn have a season that jumped into the future. >> hi. >> while brothers and sisters dive into the drama of season 3 on a six-disk set that includes a trip to a real family-run wine business. >> that movie earth that i told you about, beautifully shot. not necessarily for young kids. there is stuff in there that could scare them. >> i went to that. i can attest to that. and the most anticipated releases, whitney houston is back. her album hit shelves today. this is the first album in 7 years. it features a wide array of
11:49 am
lists, eric hudson, diane warn, and it's highly anticipated review have been mixed. the first two singles have done so-so. everyone is hoping that they release a third single, a duet with alicia keys called million dollar something -- million dollar baby or something. it's pretty good. i heard it today. meanwhile, what's it called -- colby killay brings in new sounds. she's shaken up her sound bringing in a wide array of producers and picking up the tempo at times from her debut efforts signature ballots. and a country icon releasing new music. willie nelson returns for american classic. it includes several guest duets, including nora jones and diana croft. and collective soul is back with a new album. it was recorded in 45 days in
11:50 am
their home studio in georgia. it was produced by ed roland, the member of the group. it has their mainstream music. >> my mother would love that willie nelson. i should pick that up. >> he's done some standards in the past so it's a natural for him. but whitney houston, a lot riding on this. clyde davis pulled together a big team. she's going to be on oprah next week and we'll see how this album does. >> who does she play on now? >> the programmers say we'll take each single as it warrants it and we'll see how it is when it comes out. seven years is a long time in the business to be out.
11:51 am
>> the beatles will be out next week. we'll tell you about that then. and tucker is in studio b. >> and this is our guest chef. i've rolled up my sleeves. we'll woron the ultimate blt and you have a great end of the summer salad. >> and i'll let you make the blt and i'll make a salad for allison because she doesn't like bacon. >> and we'll make her a sandwich without meat and we'll make the ultimate blt for me and tony. >> we'll start with the parchment paper. >> and what did you put on here? >> butter and olive oil. and that will help it cook? >> exactly. and not stick to the parchment. so we'll put mayo on there. >> and this is not going to qualify as good for me but that's okay. because you have to get all five food groups, right. >> yeah. >> all right. is allison allowed to have mayonnaise on hers.
11:52 am
>> she'll love that. >> and now dress it with arugola on one side to give it a peppery flavor. >> i'm loving this so far. gnaw what will take the blt to the next level? >> it will be the mesquite smoked bacon. >> how many slices? >> like 10 or 12? >> whatever you think. you're making it. >> and what kind of cheese? >> this is white cheddar. >> a couple of slices of that. >> and some heirloom tomatoes. >> and allison, i washed my hands before i did this. >> and wrap it up. >> why are you wrapping it. >> it keep it's from scorching the bread. >> because you're going to cook
11:53 am
it. >> we'll cook it in the pan. >> and you don't have to have the special panini machine. >> you can do it in a pan or a grill outside. >> what is this paper called? >> parment paper. >> okay. i have to remember that, because that's for me. >> and we'll finish this up here. and will the paper light on fire? >> no. that's the cool part. that's the trick of it. >> i'm not an expert in this stuff. and then how long do we cook it on each side? >> we'll cook it for two minutes on each side. we just want the stuff to melt inside and get arm through. and then you see we have the carpallized vegetables that we started here. >> this is what -- that is the finished product. >> that's what we were dicing up earlier. so we have yellow squash, zucchini and mushrooms. >> and what did you do to make it look like this? >> i carmellized it with oil and vinegar. >> and perfect end of the summer salad because all of this is in season.
11:54 am
>> it is all coming out of the yard. >> hand me that plate of mixed greens right there. >> okay. >> and i want to finish this off. >> and it goes on top? sweet. >> so something for everybody here. some of us get the blt and the people that are not interested will have a fine salad. >> and finish that off with some goat cheese and season right there. >> and so you're telling me could do this at home? >> absolutely. >> for more information go to, click on the morning tab and we'll have the information on you can make a blt at home. and an awesome salad. and coming up we'll have a taste test. allison, i've been working hard for you. i think you'll love it. 
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weckombae . we'll look at the five-day forecast and then get right to the most important part of the day and that is the food tasting. but as far as perfect forecast, that is a perfect forecast. look at that, the nextfive days temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. the humidity is long gone. it's on vacation this week as we decided. overnight lows in the 50s and low 60s. it will be cool tomorrow morning. 56 in town and 40s off to the north and west. but you may need a jacket again tomorrow. >> not only that, but some will need to turn your heat on. in the 40s and low 50s. >> you think so? >> how about just keep the windows closed and no air. >> it can get cold in some people's homes. >> tony is a little sensitive to the teams. [ laughter ] we're joined by steven lucas of wildfire. that looks good. now i want to try this.
11:59 am
tucker says he's a little under the weather. >> well i haven't been feeling sick for weeks. it's my way of saying you can't eat mine. no, i'm fine. >> and you made a vegetarian one for allison. >> yeah. >> and i put this together and i don't know -- oh, that's the tomato, the yellow tomato. >> the fancy blt. >> i put it together and i wasn't sure what it was. all right. >> i'll have a little salad. >> the goat cheese salad. i don't have a for >> is it yum? >> after tasting that, that's incredible. >> i love eggplant. >> is this on your menu? >> it is. it's one of our new toys. we have a sandwich press so we have five or six different sandwiches that we've added to the menu and it's kind of fun, a new toy to play with. >> it's fantastic. >> oh, this salad is so good. a warm salad. this is something you might not like. >> if i know it's going to be warm, i can


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