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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  September 11, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we'll take a lack the. at 7:00, today is the inaugural 9-11 national day of seven us and remembrance. that is a call for you to lend your time volunteering. we'll it would you some ways that you can do that. looking ahead to the 8:00 hour, a teacher and student at a landlord middle school died in the 9-11 tax. we'll talk live with the principal of that school with a look at what they're doing today to remember those instruct timbes. good morning to you. it is friday morning, september 11th. there is a live look at traffic moving across the american legn bridge. i would bet you most of those folks have their windshield wipers on even if it is just intermittently because there are some showers out there. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm tony perkins. there are some showers and heavy rains as well. tucker barnes joins us with all of that.
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>> if you are to the east, it is a downpour, torrential downpour. if you e arartothe west, intermittment wind shield wipers. check out the radar. look the that circulation to developing off of oweship city. i think they might come back and revisit this -- look at that circulation developing off of ocean city. there is a tornado watch for the entire city of delaware and asch of southern new jersey this storm system continues to lyslano owthe nort to the henorth and east. let's go to the radar and see if we cn cfind anything else. we see some flashes out there. there is ghlig o tninttheaviest the city. we'll continue to watch e th ttgg roinethwn back to the thwashington area.
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out to the ds cl. st go clouds. to the east, dealing with extremely heavy rain at this moment and we'll continue to watch that for the next self hours. temperature, it is cool. i have for idea what my next map is going to be. there you go. later this afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy here in town. more sunshine to the west, less sunshine to the east. so this forecast is very dependent on where you're located. the high temperature here in washington in the low it mid- 70s. more details on the forecast and a brighter looking forecast for the weekend. >> now, we go to julie wright. >> the wipers may be working
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intermittmently this morning but it is wet pavement. the crews along 270 were able to get a little work down done last night. they are in the process of picking up the cones and barrels. not so busy as you travel south of clarksburg. lanere pen on the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following a developing story this morning in prince george's county where hazmat crews are trying to figure out what caused several drums of chemicals to explode. this happened late last night in a building in the 9000 block of hampton overlook in capitol heights. the force blew out windows and doors. nobody was injured. metro want to know if a miscommunication led to a train accident that left one of its workers injured. the injuries were so is he
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veered, he had to be rescued and airlifted to the hospital. metro says it is possible that train operators were not given a heads up about the worker on the track which is why they did not slow down. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly hit and run that happened around 8:00 last night on anpolis road in lanham. police say a man was hit and killed by a car. the driver showed up at a local police station. no word on charges just yet. eight years ago on this day, terrorists hijacked airplanes and crashed those planes into new york city's twin towers. the pentagon in arlington and a field in rural pennsylvania were also hit. nearly 3,000 people were killed in those attacks. >> today marks the eighth anniversary of the attacks. people around the nation and here at home are honoring the memory of those killed. holly morris is joining us live
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from the pentagon, which is home to the first dedicated national 9-11 memorial. >> reporter: good morning. i don't know what is going through your morning but i just keep thinking it is hard to believe that it has been eight years and on this dreary morning, there are so man emotions and feelings that come along with honoring and remembering this tragic anniversary. somehow, the weather seems fitting. but as i stand next to the pentagon memorial here and the benches are all lit up, there is a real sense of peace that emanates from this memorial too which was one of the goals of this aleourimo that was officially dedicated just one year ago. today, in terms of what is going to happen here at the pentagon, the ceremony will be relatively low key come pardon to what was planned for the official dedication. they are going to have a remembrance event. it will be hosted by secretary of defense robert gates. the event is not open to the public. it is for family members of the
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victims only of the 184 people would lost their lives here eight years ago. again, as you said, it is not open to the public. it is supposed to be a personal and more intimate care moan you. president obama will be in attendance. this is husband first anniversary of the september 11th attacks as -- this is his first anniversary of the september 11th attacks as president of our country. they are expecting the service to begin around 9:30 this morning t will include a wreath laying and the president will speak. they expect the ceremony to last not even an hour. they are expecting the family members to start arriving around 8:45 this morning so she have a chance to kind of be here at the memorial and have some time alone and some time to see each other as well as many of them get together on this day each and every year. our plans for the morning include several different guests coming out, people that
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were actively involved in making this memorial a reality. we talk to them about this last year and how the memorial has been received and, of course, their thoughts and feelings as they go through this very difficult day for them. so we're live he at the pentagon memorial which is the first official dedicated memorial to the september 11th attacks and plan to have continual coverage for you throughout the morning. >> thank you very much. people in knick are remembering the victims of september 11th. tribute lights are shining over the city. there is video from last year's tribute. the lights are located near ground zero in lower manhattan. today, the official ceremony will take place at a park near the former world trade center site. in shanksville, pennsylvania, they will mark the september 11th tragedy with the site where a permanent memorial will be built. forty people died there. it is believe that plane was
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headed to d.c. when passengers fought with the hijackers. south a day of mourning become a day of service. more than 100 volunteer whose worked at the world trade center site after the 2001 attack will read names of victim at today's ceremony near ground zero. this is the first year 9-11 has been declared a national day of service. dozens of volunteer projects are planned across our area. straight ahead, a man armed with weapons approached capitol hill while the president was speaking to congress. we'll have an update on that situation which unfolded wednesday night. and still ahead, efforts to honor a woman killed while riding her bike he now turned into a nasty battle and one man says he is not backing down. a repuget sounder that starting on monday, you will get an extra hour of fox 5 morning news. we will be on from 4:55 in the morning until 10 dlk in the
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checking headlines arc woman handed her purse over it
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a robber and he still taxed her. it happened as the woman was walk ago long east-west highway wednesday night. the man demanded the woman's bag. she gave it to him and he stabbed her. the instruct tim fought back and left scratches on the man's face. the man who drove to capitol hill with two guns will not face felony charges but he is still not in the clear. capitol police asked to search his car, they found a shotgun being rifle and ammunition in the trunk. federal prosecutors dropped felony charges but city prosecutors plan to pursue three misdemeanor charges. the incident happened around the same time president obama was speaking to congress. next week, the president will turn his attention to the financial crisis. mr.obama is scheduled to speak on wall street on monday about the latest efforts fr the government to help save lives
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of the financial sector. treasury secretary tim geithner says conditions have improved in the past year. nearly two dozen bikes are on display in a busy d.c. neighborhood. it is one man's way of paying tribute to an accident victim. >> but it has turned into a nasty battle with city officials. we'll explain. more showers on the way. you will see them on the radar coming up. we'll look at the all-important weekend forecast as well and julie wright has a look at your on-time traffic right after the (announcer) what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in people. in ideas. seeking, teaching, building.
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welcome back. it is wet outside. >> it is getting wetter here by the minute here in washington. it is kind of funny. you look to the west, you say it's just cloudy. you look to the e, i've been up for hours and it's been pouring rain out towards annapolis. it is one of those days.
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let's get to the bus stop forecast. your little ones going to school today? >> not yet. >> they're not old enough. >> don't they get to go to montessori school or something? >> oh, my goodness. >> you're rushing things. >> i want to keep them babies for a while. >> you are going to want to bring along a jacket. low 60s here. sunrise at 6:46. watch the satellite-radar. this is really impressive if you are into weather. watch the showers push to the west during the overinstitute hours. the worst of the rain is to the east of washington so bridge county up towards baltimore, annapolis, edgewater, you are getting extremely heavy rain and across the bay as well. we have a tornado watch for all of delaware, much of new jersey and you can see the center of circulation.
5:18 am
this is not a tropical storm or not even a subtropical storm at this moment but it looks like it is trying to get a nice center of circulation n charlottesville, some sunshine today. here in washington, it will be a mix. we'll start with rain showers and i think we'll end the day with some clouds. temperatures on the cool side as the storm continues to push off to the north and east. cool to start the day. we are now 50 degrees at reagan national. 58 in baltimore. we'll see highs as mentioned in the low to mid-70s here in washington. you might touch 80 well out to the west. we get a lot of sunshine out towards winchester and point west. here is your forecast. early rain showers particularly to the east. cool temperatures expected. 73 for an afternoon high. for the most part tonight, it should be dry. clouds will lynner with the storm system. ornight low about 6 #. let's talk about the ekend. saturday, wake up with some
5:19 am
clouds. hoping we'll get sun in here later in the afternoon. sunday looks like the best day ofhe weekend. 8 # with plenty of sunshine. monday and tuesday look nice as well. we'll have temperatures back into the upper range. mid-80s-- 82 with plenty of sunshine. we'll get to julie wright with the traffic. >> outer loop of the beltway, car spun out along the left side of the road and checking on the outer loop of the beltway before the mean for an incident along the left sued as well. this is a close-in shot of the bridge. all of your lanes are open. -- they are checking on the outer loop of the beltway before the american legion bridge for an incident along the left side as well. no accidents to report here at
5:20 am
395 coming across the 14th street bridge. all of your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. residents say a ghost bike memorial sevens as a warning about a very dangerous intersection but d.c. police say this memorial is a hazard. >> they removed a single bike from a sidewalk on dupont circle wednesday morning. twenty-two more bikes popped up all around the area. they are in honor of alice swanson. a trash truck hit and killed her last year. roz plater has more. >> reporter: twenty-two bicycles painted white surround the area of connecticut and r fear where 22-year-old alice swanson died july of last year. the biker was struck by a garbage truck. soon after a d.c. bike group put up a single white ghost bike as a tribute but the year later, the city took it down. >> i don't like grave robbing. >> he put up this new tribute, one ghost bike for each year
5:21 am
swanson lived. >> i think we live in a culture that needs to engage in public acts of mourning. this is public space. i think it should be for public use. >> reporter: the department of public works says it is just following policy and that memorials have to come down within 0 days. he says, if that happens this time gorks they would ago right back up. i have a whole backyard full of white bicycles and locks. railroad but some dupont circle residents say enough is enough. >> i think this is overkill. it is maudlin. it has been over a year and i'm very sorry for the woman and her family but i think of course just needs to some of on and maybe express their points of view in a more constructive way. >> reporter: cyclists say the ghost bikes are more than just a memorial. >> having these buybacks around sort of the raised awareness that somebody died and you have to take day lot more seriously. >> it also keeps it in mind that people need to be both mindful of bicyclistened and bicyclists need to be mindful of the interactive traffic as
5:22 am
well. >> reporter: swanson's family says that is why they had hoped the memorial could stay, as a vivid reminder of the danger. >> alice was in a bike lane with a helmet and the light was green and still, it happened. that is a dangerous corner and that is what the ghost bikes are all about. >> some other cities have allowed these fwoaft bikes to become permanent memorials. some cyclists want the d.c. city council to change the rules. this might sound unbelievable but imagine doctors being able to cure a patient's breast cancer in one day. still ahead, we'll tell you about awe new breakthrough treatment being tested that promises to do just that. i am going to be the new judge on american idol. >> love it. >> and ellen degeneres is coming to american idol and she always has strong words for simon. hear what she has to say and how she says she landed the gig next on fox 5 morning news.
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i'm creigh deeds, candidate for vernor i think this may have been a shocker to a lot of people. the producers of american idol have named paula abdul's replacement. >> it is comedian and talk show host ellen degeneres. would saw this coming? she is helping to brung a real person's perspective to the hit show. we have more in this report.
5:26 am
>> reporter: she's finally coming back to network tv but not in the way anyone would have guessed. >> i am going to be the new judge on american idol. >> reporter: actress, comedian, talk show host and amateur dancer, ellen degeneres will take paula's seat at the judge's table for american idol season nine. she told ryan is he crest she can't wait to get started gentleman you hope to bring the voice of everybody el when i come home at night and watch the show the way i normally do. i guess i'm just watching with make-up on. >> from posh surprise to neil patrick harris, stars from across the entertainment spectrum filled in for paula during auditions. everyone wants to know how did ellen wind up with the job? i was a guess judge on so you think can you dance over the summer which was just a favorite show of mine. i called a friend of mine who works at fox and i said can i get tickets, can i come see the show. and she says sure.
5:27 am
would you like to be backstage or in the front row or a judge. you want oh, those are my options? then i guess that is better seating to be a judge. i'd like it be a judge. >> reporter: of course, we had to ask how she thinks she'll get along with a certain british coworker. >> simon and i tell him all the time, he is mean. i usually agree with simon. i think he is pretty right on with a lot of it but sometimes he is harsh and i think you can be honest without being mean. >> she has a few months before the show gets rolling and ellen will use that time to prepare for the heavy responsibility. >> i really don't know what is going to happen but i think it will e fun. >> reporter: tune in for the brand-new season of american idol this january only on fox. in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. >> i think it is great. >> she is pretty good at everything she does. should work out well. >> stay with us. we are following the developing news. >> an explosive scene overnight.
5:28 am
we will have the latest on that. >> reporter: i'm live this morning at the pentagon memorial. we'll take a look at the ceremony that is set it take place here to remember the 184 lives that were lost here eight years ago today. that is straight ahead on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ♪
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like redness, pain, firmness, swelling or bumps. smooth, natural. everyone will notice but no one will know. ask your doctor about juvéderm®. there is a live look at the roads. this is just at the american
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legion bridge i-495, just north of the american legion bridge. traffic is moving okay, all things considered. you got some wet spots out there. >> it wasn't really bad coming in from the west but i noticed the closer in a got, the heavier the rain got. >> getting heavier by the moment. the weather has gone wild this morning. >> you will show us the system that we have to the east because it is very interesting looking? >> it is fascinating. we'll go right to it. >> fascinating. >> it is. we've been watching it fodays here and it is making every ki effort to take on tropical characteristics. yo can see it trying to wrap around itself there and create area of low pressure that perhaps has some tropicalee characteristics. either way, it is bringing heavy rain to points east of washington. here in washington, it is just a steady rain but out towards annapolis and across the bay, we've had heavy rain the last couple of hours. the best chance for rain will be washington and points east uicwaking up to the southwest, just some cloud
5:32 am
cover and you may sesome sunshine later today. if you r e ni delaware or imuhc into jersey, you are unde r a tornado watch until wtatveel noon. i'll show you the bands veof heavy rain. washingtoissiftle side of ofyour screen there to the , wo ea. ea talking talking about the dsllows and ards se ,rnn aipaow trk dsna everna park, annapolis.nerally llra pushing off to the west s that system continues to wrap around that apressuretlo erhe suesre off the coast of delaware. cool temperatures to start the day. right now we are in the 60s here in washington. 53 in pittsburgh. here is your forecast for today. f yo uiare waking stot u out towards front royal and winchester, you will see sunshine and temperature near 80. wakg upin in annapolis an points east being it will be cloudy and rainy much of the day with temperatures in the low 70s. >> the weekend looking a little
5:33 am
better. >> i'll have details coming up. >> let's get to julie wright to find out what is happening on the roads. >> a lot going on right now. if you are traveling the outer loop of the beltway, accident activity involving a car which pun out now facing the wrong side of the direction on the left side of the highway. an incident here outer loop of the beltway at university boulevard. again, the activity off the road to the right. but you can see here a lot of road spray. the road is saturated with all the moisture we have out here this morning and very, very slick. sallow yourself some extra time out on the roads. watch your speed. southbound 270, no accidents to report. land are coming in headed for the lane divide. this is the inbound stretch of 66 and again, the lane are open leaving vienna headed eastbound
5:34 am
to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we're on top of a developing story out of prince george's county where there has azse a chemical explosion deasir h t macrews are on the scene. it happened late last night in capitol heights. that is where sherry ly is live now with an update. sherry? >> reporter: well, you can see right now, the hazardous material crews are still out here still cleaning up. prince george's county fire department says there was a 55- gallon drum of chemicals that contained a corrosive chemical used for cleaning that exploded inside one of the warehouse buildings. right now, hazmat teams are still trying to contain the chemicals. the explosion plow out two large overhead garage doors and windows and heavily damaged a van inside. firefighters say the drum exploded inside a one-story building around 11:15 last night spilling about 0 to 35-
5:35 am
gallons of chemicals into the marking lot. it was used by the company to clean things like industrial boilers or water towers. hazmat crews are on the scene. they have contained the chemicals inside the parking lot and inside the building and are in the process of cleaning everything up. several other chemical drums inside were also exposed due to the explosion and firefighters are trying to secure those right now. no one was inside the building at the time because it was closed. as a precaution, two buildings nearby were asked to shelter in place. at this point though, effect has been cleared for those two buildings and police and firefighters here tell us those buildings will be allowed and are being allowed to open at this time. this is not expected to cause too much of a disruption in this area because this is at the end of a cul-de-sac in this industrial park so there are only a few warehouses here. the crews will be out here trying to lean this up for much of the morning. we are alive in capitol heights
5:36 am
with the latest. sherry ly, fox 5 news. back to you. today marks the eighth anniversary of the attacks of september 11th. it was on this day in 2001 that terrorists hijacked airplanes setting the stage for a tragic turn of events at new york city's twin towers, the pentagon in arlington and on a field in rural pennsylvania. today being people from around the country and here at home will honor the memory of the nearly 3,000 people killed on that day. fox 5's holly morrisdowns us live from the pentagon this morning, home of the first dedicated national 9-11 memorial. holly? >> reporter: good morning to both of you. what an amazing memorial this really is. it was a year ago that they officially dedicated it and this is a memorial that is open 4 hours so you could come any time of the day to pay your respects here. any time you do come, it is a very moving experience. but i would suggest to you that at some point come either in the morning or at thiet when the sun is not up because, as
5:37 am
you can see with the benches all lit up over the reflecting pools, it just has an extra special feeling to it. the goal here to this memorial was not only to get a sense of solace and peace but also to provide a place of healing. and i would say that i think that they most certainly accomplished that. as far as what is going to happen here today at the pentagon, the service that is set for later this morning is a relatively simple one. it is small, not open to the public. only family members of the victims are invite to attend today. family members expected to arrive between 8:00 and 8:45 this morning. the actual service will be at 90 this morning. it will be hosted by tase secretary robert gates. president obama is expected to be present as well. there will be a wreath laying
5:38 am
during the ceremony and some official remarks. the president himself is going to speak. and they say they don't expect the ceremony to last even an hour. so obviously, very at this aren't from last year's official dedication with all the pomp and circumstance that came along with it. just you of how the memorial is set up, there are 18benches here. each represents someone would lost their life that day. the time line is in order of the ages, the first being a 3- year-old, the last being a 71- year-old and the space between them helps give people an idea of the tenth and how broad the lives were that were lost that day. we'll have more continuing coverage throughout the morning with some special guests coming to talk about their thoughts on this difficult day. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you. we'll have more from the pentagon a little bit later. people in new york city are remembering the victims of 9-
5:39 am
11. tribute lights are shining over the city at this hour. the lights are located near ground zero in lower manhattan. in pen been, they will mark a 9-11 memorial at the site where a memorial will be built. it is believed the plane was headed to d.c. when passengers fought with hijackers. colin powell and tom ridge will be at the shanksville ceremony. straight ahead, she blew away the competition an faced a bizarre controversy. there are questions about her gender. coming up next, the test results are in and i suspect this is going o have a lot of people talking. we'll get an update on that vicinitier from south africa. the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally. >> you lie! >> more uproar over this heckling incident. congressman joe wilson has t apologized but he is still facing serious heat.
5:40 am
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5:43 am
the president after his outburst wednesday night and mr. obama has accepted the congressman's apology. wilson says that settles the issue. but house majority whip is now pushing for a resolution of public disapproval unless wilson apologizes to the house by tuesday. >> a strange story gets stranger. she blew away the competition at last month's world track and field championship. her competitors accused her of being a man. now, australian newspapers report gender tests show caster senenya has male and female sex organizes meaning she is what is known as a hermaphrodite. a new treatment aims to cure breast cancer in just one day. medical experts are testing a procedure called intraoperative radiation therapy where the surgeon removes the tumor from the breast, make sure it has not spread and gives the pay shouldn't a strong dose of targeted radiation in the area
5:44 am
where the tumor was removed. some froms are skeptical saying one tumor could miss some cells. today, america marks one of the most tragic days in recent history. it is the eighth anniversary of the 9-11 toror attacks. coming up on fox 5 morning news, we'll head live to new york to find out how the city is paying tribute to the victims of the attack and those who rushed into help. we'll get a check on our road conditions and tucker is standing by withecwith a look a forecast. stay with us. fox 5 morning news returns right after the break. -- ( birds chirping )
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the washington nationals taking time out to honor the victims of the september 11th terrorist attack. first stopper the d.c. area were recognized. today, the nation will pause to remember the nearly 3,000 people killed in the 9-11 attacks. >> there is a lot happening in our area and at ground zero where the twin towers fell eight years ago today. fox's dick brennan is joining is live with more on what is
5:48 am
going on there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. excuse me, i'm fighting the elements here. we have heavy winds and heavy rain here. i am standing in front of ground zero where they will be holding the ceremonies in just a couple of hours. i can tell you, they will have trouble because of the weather but i'm told by many of the family members that, regardless, they say they will turn out. >> i miss him every single day of my life. >> reporter: it has been eight agonizing areas for phyllis frank whose son motory worked at the world trade center. >> i say morty is lost. and my husband says no, he died. >> reporter: more than 2700 dade, families come here as they do every year reading names, saying prayers, fighting tears. stevie esposito mourns her husband billy. >> he is in my conversation at
5:49 am
least once a day if not more. and it will be eight years later. >> reporter: eight years later and still no 9-11 memorial. in fact, there has been more bickering than building. i didn't dream that this thing would take more than 10 years. >> reporter: vice president biden will be here today on what is now a day of national service. later, entertainer jay-z will hold a benefit concert. >> the pride i felt and the self-lessness that family members made for all of us, i just thought it was the right thing to do. i am a new yorker through and through. >> reporter: remembrances will conclude tonight with the annual tribute in lights an many, including stevie esposito, look it the future. >> my life is good today. i never thought i would say that. and it is. i believe he is watching us. >> reporter: now, no doubt she will be me today along with thousands of other people reading those names and, as you
5:50 am
heard, vice president biden along with many dignitaries from the new york area will join them, no drought braving the elements. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you. they are getting that terrible weather up in the new york area. >> sure are. up and down the coast from new york to new jersey and delaware and now here in washington. it will be a messy day up and down the eastern seaboard as we get into the morning hours. i want to start with a look at our vipir radar. yo will see a very impressive system here. it really has been cranking up overnight. you can see the moisture trying to wrap around that center. it is showing some signs of tropical development. we'll see swa hurricane center says. nothing yet. but got to be honest with you, it looks very p pressive. some of that rain is being thrown back foot washington area. if you are waking up well to the west, out towards winchester and front royal, just clouds for you. here in washington, it is a
5:51 am
steady rain. if you are east of us, towards annapolis across the bay, you can see extremely heavy rain. the center is off the coast of delaware. delaware, much of new jersey under a tornado watcuntil twelve noon today and th forecast calls for up to six inches of rain in places like atlantic city up towards philadelphia. so if you are headed north and east up to floirk city over the next couple of hours, be prepared if a very slow go of it as this heavy rain is set to continue for the ne several hours. let's push on to te satellite- rad. i'll give give you another view of t let me get out of your way. you can see the line there is very well defined. you will see some sunshine and the thinking is this will very slowly lift off to the north and east. the further south and west you are, the better chance of seeing sunshine. the further north and east up towards northeastern portions of maryland, it will be cloudy an rainy for you for much of
5:52 am
the day. temperatures are on the cool side as we have that storm system lurking nearby. 58 at this hour in baltimore. 61 in fredericksburg. our high temperatures here in washington, low to mid-70s. you might see an 80 out to the west as you get sunshine. early rain showers, partly to mostly cloudy. depends on your neighborhood. cool temperatures expected. high about 73 degrees. know everybody is interested in the weekend forecast. here is how it will work. tomorrow, we'll wake up with cloudiness and temperatures in the upper 70s. sunday is my recommendation if a really nice looking weekend day. early income week looks nice. that will do it for traffic. back to gurvir and tony back at the desk. we do want to look at the markets. stock prices have gained ground for five straight days and begin trading in positive territory today. the dow rose 80 points to 96 # 7. the nasdaq added nearly 4
5:53 am
points and asian markets are headed higher except japan's nikkei is down 69. we're just a few days away now from the redskin opening day. coming up income, quarterback jason campbell will leave the burgundy and gold into new york on sunday. but he is already getting high praises from coach zorn. the defending champs faced a tough test last night. the steelers versus the titans. we'll have the highlights coming up next. 
5:54 am
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5:56 am
in sports, the ffl regular season is under way. the pittsburgh steelers picked up where they left off with a win. they beat the tenton titans last night in overtime 1-10 on jeff reed's 33-yard field goal -- in ertime 13-10. the redskins made no secret of eir interest in trading to cutler or sanchez. but campbelling still the skins' quarterback. >> i think that he is a grown man and i think he acted like a grown man and i was very rod of how he has come through this situation and he is still our starting quarterback and he is hoping to have a great year and we're right behind him hoping
5:57 am
he does as well. >> we sure do. to college football now where 15th ranked georgia tech hosted clemson last night. tigers setting up for a long field goal and unstead, they decide to punt. that was their mistake. tech takes it 85 yards for a touchdown and end up winning. to baseball now, short stop ian desmond making his major league debut with the nats. des monday way base hit to right center field. that is an rbi double for his first career hit. he went two for four with four rbis in his major league debut. president obama welcomed the stanley cup pittsburgh penguins to the white house yesterday. he was given a penguins jersey. by the way, the washington caps training camp begins tomorrow. >> already. >> yeah. straight ahead at 6:00, years after the 9-11 attacks, osama bin laden is still on the loose. buthat about some of the other key players in al-qaeda.
5:58 am
we'll take a look. we'll check out your friday morning commute and the weekend forecast. a little wet out there. tucker tells us the rain is going to stick around. stay with us. fox 5 morning news is back in two. ouncer) what the world needs now is energy. the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in people. in ideas. seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world, to move us all ahead. th ithe power of human energy. chevron.
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