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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  September 18, 2009 6:00pm-6:27pm EDT

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i'm six feet tall. so the water main break is 6 feet tall. it's busted, water is everywhere. you can see these pickures -- pictures from the satellite center. i have ralph richard on the phone and he's from the box and save in richards. and i understand your business has been evacuated. can you tell me what you see? are you in the heart there. >> yes, sir. i can see the wter main break where it broke. it's about 6-foot tall. we're pretty much under water now here. pretty much nobody is getting groceries or their checks cashed tonight. >> and where is the worst of the flooding and do you have a sense of how wide spread it is, how many blocks? >> i would say the worst of it is starting in front of the box and save area, where all of the grocery and businesses are, and it's aready worked it's way down into turner station and back in behind logan village. we have a pretty bad mess down here. >> maybe about a mile long, maybe about -- >> maybe mre than that.
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i mean, the way it's flowing, it doesn't look like its stopping any time soon. >> what do you know about the rescue attempts it. looks like rescue boats going door to door. >> this is busy down here. the county got here pretty quick but it's a matter of getting stopped now so a lot of people don't lose their homes. >> did you talk to anybody whose house is impacted. >> my grandmother lives behind box and save they are getting ready to evacuate her because the water is still rising here in front of box and save. >> for our viewers here in washington not familiar with this neighborhood as i am because i spent many years in baltimore and i know it's very residential and older folks. you mentioned your grandmother there in the area. are they doing okay? >> they're doing okay. it's a matter of getting them out of their houses where the water is. and the way the water is rising it's very hard to get back there and get to them. like you said, it's a lot of older folks and it's hard to get them out of the houses as
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quick as possible like us younger folks. but i have faith they'll get them out. >> and ralph, what is your plan right now? are you going to hop in there and try to help out? >> if i see anybody that needs help, i'll hop in. anybody, if they need help, somebody has to help them. been on the phones l. to get a sense of how other people are handling this. >> from what i know, about a mile or two behind box and save my uncle is back there and they have evacuated him and he has 4- foot of water. >> and a lot of basements in these homes. >> a lot of home finished basements and that will destroy it. >> and we've seen cars under water. we're looking at a swift boat rescue operation. it's strange to see a boat driving down dundalk avenue, isn't it? >> yes, sir. yes, sir.
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yes. you don't see that very much. >> well we're holding out hope for you guys out there. i know it's tough. and as youmentioned, there will be a lot of older folks in their homes stuck tonight and can't get out. >> yes. and i'm sure with them being older folks they are pretty scared right about now because you have a lot of helicopters out here and fire and police. they don't know what is going on. and i live at least 10 miles away from this area and my water pressure in my house is even bad. so i know it's affecting the whole dundalk area. >> ralph richards there at the box and save. we wish you the best. thank you very much for joining us. >> no problem. >> we'll continue watching it. >> thank you very much. you guy have a good day. >> ralph richard from the box and save. he's one of the few businesses down in the heart of this. primarily residential. a lot of middle class homes in this area. it's down towards the end, if you're familiar with the area, down toward brunning highway so at the lower part of dundalk.
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just look at these cars and the reuers there jumping out of their boats. it's hard not to think of catastrophe when you see this kind of thing. the first thing that came to my mind when i saw this video was when hurricane isabel came pushing up the chesapeake and remember the pictures from fells point. it was under water. people are doing what you see now. we had rescue efforts underway along fleet street and you saw boats for the first time for as many years as i've been in this area, boats up and down the street in felts point and the same thing in dundalk. and just anecdotally, fells point is as good as it ever was. and so if you think about the pictures back toize a -- back to isabel, 6-7 years ago, you hope they can get things back together and make sure everybody's homes are okay. unfortunately though, as with many people, we'll look at this and try to take away from it,
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you think you don't need flood insurance, here is an example of people in that area that perhaps do not have flood insurance, because you live in the city and not that close to water and i'm wondering if flood insurance will take care of this or if in fact your regular insurance will. one of many questions we'll continue to ask as we follow the story. very latest on our website, at web welcome back. any new details we'll pass them along in the next half hour. busy night here on the news edge. following a disturbing discovery in montgomery county. a missing woman's body found stuffed inside a plastic bin in her own backyard. a teenager is under arrest. maureen umeh following new developments in silver spring. >> reporter: the 17-year-old suspect was apparently the victim's daughter's boyfriend. we understand that the victim, 35-year-old rosa vasquez did not approve of the young man and an argument between the two of them is what police are saying led to her alleged
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murder at this point. let's show you video where this allegedly happened. detectives found valazquez's body in a plastic container of her silver spring home last night. they say the suspect put vasquez there after killing her. she was reported missing back on september 1st. a bit of a background as to what led up to the murder. they say vasquez's daughter snuck port illa to the home. when she left for work the next day, he hid in the basement and texted the next day so say she may have seen him. >> she was more of a responsible person. not someone to walk away from family or not shun to walk away from her job or the responsibilities of life. and of course initially she didn't fit into a critical missing criteria. >> reporter: now back here live. vasquez's family did report her missing back on september 1st. her body was found last night
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behind her sill sale home. the 17-year-old suspect is charged as an adult for murder. and we'll have the very latest tonight on the fox 5 news at 10:00 but for now, brian, back into you. an nba star busted on the beltway. police pulled over cleveland cavaliers guard delonte west for speeding on a motorcycle. it's what officers found on him that landed him in handcuffs. he was caring two handguns. he was charged with speeding and weapons counts. released on personal recognizance. cab drivers in the district are being targeted been an armed robber that struck three times in recent days. tonight d.c. police have a sketch of a possible suspect. bob barnard working the story from the northeast. >> well police don't have a suspect by names, but they do by face. and this is it. a man believed to be in his 40s who has stolen cash by gunpoint
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at least three times here in northeast this month it appears to be open season on cab drivers in the district. at least those who work the streets of northeast washington. d.c. police are investigating a series of armed robberies and believe one man, as depicted in this just-released composite sketch, that's committed at least three of the crimes. >> he's taking a cab and once inside he goes to a particular area of the 5th district and then he's demanding, he has the cab stop and then demands the money, displays a weapon or appears to display a weapon. >> report: then he takes the money. the cabby's keys also and then runs off. police are warning taxi drivers to be alert. >> do you feel vulnerable when you're driving. >> sometimes. sometimes ... it's very hard. you have to be careful where
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you go and who you pick up. >> but have you to pick up. >> you have to pick up anybody that flags you down. >> this is the law. there is no discrimination. >> reporter: most cabbies haven't heard about the crime spree. >> i don't work at night. don't work at night. >> reporter: but police say one of the robber i was at 3:30 in the afternoon. d.c. detective paul shelton is heading up the investigation. >> what we're asking for the community at large is that they would please, if anyone has any information relative to this individual, or if they see the composite sketch and think they might know who this person is to please give us a call. >> if you think you can help police solve this crime and identify this person, give them a call at 1-866-411-tips. in northeast washington, bob barnard, fox 5 news. staying on top ofthe breaking story up in dundalk, maryland. in baltimore county, look at
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those pictures. live from baltimore county, a 6- foot water main break has busted and it is flooding blocks and blocks. we don't have a good handle on if it's upwards of a mile or more. but blocks and blocks of this residential neighborhood. there are rescue attempts underway right now to get people out of their homes. very latest details and we'll hook up with one of the residents that's in the middle of that on the other side. ♪
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back out to our top story tonight in dundalk, maryland. just outside of baltimore, the east side of the city, a water main has broke. flooding blocks. lynn moore kind enough to join us. lynn, how close are you to the situation and what do you see? lynn, are you there? >> okay, are you all hearing me. >> we have you, lynn, how close
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are you and what do you see? >> i'm not lynn, i'm miranda stevens with fox 45. >> okay. >> i'll tell you where i am. i'm around logan view drive and liberty parkway. that's about a couple of blocks away from where the center of this is happening, where the water main broke. i guess that was around 3:30 this afternoon. but we are on the street that is completely flooded. to give you an idea how massive this water main break is, the street we're on is completely flooded right now. cars that are parked along the street are not completely submerged in water but halfway. we have residents all around us, wading. some have been complaining they're not able to get to their homes and check on family members. we even saw one man take his truck and -- his pickup truck and try to drive down the street but police quickly stopped him and told him to turn around. they want people to keep safe and stay safe right now.
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but it's a very hectic situation and people are standing around not sure what to do. that's the situation and still no calls as to what cause this massive water main break. >> miranda, do you get a sense of the scale of the rescue operations and the urgency? perhaps it's just where our helicopter is stationed, but it's hard to get a sense of the rescue attempts underway. >> yeah, we've heard and if fact we talked to a resident, a woman concerned about her 11- year-old daughter. she was concerned about her and lost contact through the cell phone with her but found out she was being rescued on a boat. so she was being taken to a relative's house. so we are aware that there are boat rescues taking place. we cannot see that from our view point. but people are being escorted out of their homes and being turned around, not to come down the streets. >> we have mir anda stevens with our fox 45 sister station in baltimore and you're looking at live pictures of the scene
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in dundalk, maryland. miranda, i know you're -- this is such an enormous scene and you're a tad removed in a sense because everybody is scattered. >> right. >> but are they asking people to stay in their homes, are they trying to get everybody out of the homes? is the water still rising? have they cut it off? >> it doesn't look like the water is rising any more. when we were doinour live hits for our own newscast earlier, it was at that point looking like the water was growing and rising but now it seems steady. we do see people standing out on their porches but i'm not sure who is being told -- i guess farther in you can see water is higher. maybe those people further down the street are being told to get out of their homes. we've been seen people being escorted but some of the people around the perimeter, they're clearly right in front of their homes and kind of watching all happen. >> miranda stevens from fox 45 in baltimore. i appreciate you joining us tonight angiving us the
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update. the live pictures along dundalk avenue and dunn haven road in dundalk, maryland where a water main break, 72-inch water main broke flooding blocks upon blocks. hard to get a sense, and i'm sure you're figuring this out by now, how large this is. we know it's blocks and blocks. you can see people standing on the road so there is sense perhaps that the worst is over. they're staying on higher ground but watching their property and homes flooded, their basements and cars waiting for somebody to come by and give them a sense of what is going on. the electricity we're sure is off in the area. so it's an enormous situation that the baltimore county authority have on their hands up there. and this is just dundalk neighborhood. and if you were with us you heard bill richards saying that box and save was flooded, and turn station is flooded. that wraps into the back end of dundalk. and this is an enormous scene
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and we're staying on top of it and we are live streaming on we'll take a break and be right back.
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did you see it? the boat that got annapolis buzzing. johnny depps yacht spotted around the chesapeake bay this weekend. the 156-foot retro yacht is named baja rio. here is the boat yachted tuesday. and then yesterday it was seen in st. michaels arena. is captain jack sparrow on deck? if he's on board, he's hanging out down below and i think the boat show may be in town. perhaps it's just to show off his beautiful ride. >> pain he's trying to sell it. but good boating weekend.
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>> and you say it will last all weekend. >> i think we'll see some sunday afternoon but i think it will hold off until next week. we'll worry about that next week. on ward to the weekend. bright skies over d.c. lat tonight we may see a brief interruption in our skies for clouds to roll in and maybe a shower here or there but it won't be a big deal. what is going on is a frontal sit -- system will get closer to us and we may briefly cloud up and perhaps a briesprinkle around 9:00 or 10:00. let's talk about that in a moment and focus on max hd headlines. for the weekend, saturday 75 degrees. it looks like a beautiful day. notice a low sarday night into sunday morning drops to 57 degrees. there will be frost up across the interior new england sunday. sunday 75 degrees. we'll have the high thin clouds starting to come in late in the day so watch for that. but i think the rain will hold off and we'll talk about that
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with our computer modeling in a moment. 79 at dulles right now. d.c., 77, baltimore is 75. our forecast for tonight, a few clouds out there. maybe a brief sprinkle. and if you see it, it won't be the beginning of something we can't handle. it's just a front coming through. 50s in the suburbs. 62 for us downtown as the winds shift and become north. it will be a sunny day tomorrow. comfortable temperatures. a little below average for this time of year. 75 degrees. so nice looking forecast and around the region we go. hagerstown, 73. winchester 74, chantilly 76. fredericksberg 76 and columbia 74 is what we're inspecting tomorrow. max hd satellite radar we do have some high thin clouds down to the south. we had clouds earlier today. they've been breaking out. but we still have quite a bit of moisture across the deep south into the carolinas and maybe even into southwestern virginia. but high pressure will do it's best to hold that at ay. but that is some of the moisture we'll be watching for later this weekend and into next week.
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max hd future cast shows you a couple of little sprinkles tonight with that patch of clouds coming on through. we'll run this through saturday and check it out, there are clouds out there but they'll stay out in ohio and western pennsylvaniand we get through thiweekend on a sunny note. here is your five-day forecast. 75 degrees tomorrow. 75 on sunday. it's looking good for the last official weekend of summer. fall officially begins on tuesday. next week we'll have probably spotty showers monday and then better chances tuesday and wednesday. wednesday warms up. it will be nice to feel 80s for a change but it does look like an unsettled week next monday. >> the boat show isn't until three weeks. so if you're looking for saw palka tonight, she'll be down around the annapolis boat dock. >> i'll do his forecasting for free. capitals back on the ice and the redskins two days away from the home opener. are they ready for the rams? sports edge is next.
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sunday afternoon the st. louis rams will march into fedex field feeling pretty confident. after all the team wasinless last year when they beat the redskins who at the time were 4- 1 of the last week the skins offense scored just one touchdown and it was late in the fourth quarter. jason campbell and the skins need to get the offense moving early and often if they want to beat the rams. it starts with the run game and establishing clinton portis as a threat. last week he broke off a 34- yard run on the very first play but held to just 28 yards for the rest of the game. aybe a bigger role for c.p. ans a win for the redskins. >> can carry this organization and do everything but i think we have a lot of people who feel they are capable of helping us out. so i can't sit and be oh, i'm selfish, give me the all. you know i want the ball. the coach knows i want the
6:26 pm
ball. but we don't have the plays, there isn't nothing he can do about it. the terps struggled so far this year. the too many says they know what they have to do to improve on that side of the ball. >> there is no way you can say that one person made or broke a play. it's a matter of the entire defense getting there and actually creating less space. if they have less space to run and they have bodies around them, if you watch teams like the ravens, you never find one guy out there standing in a play. you have three or four guys around that person. >> no rest for boudreau, and the caps back on the ice continuing training today. ovechkin did not play in the preseason opener last night but the rest of the regulars hit the ice hard today. the head coach says he never needs a reason to do what he does best. >> any time you get a chance to come on the ice and do the job you love is really good.
6:27 pm
like everybody else, you might be going oh, man i'm tired and once you get on the ice you get invigorated. it's such a good group of guys to work with that they are willing to work hard that it makes it good. >> that's sports. i'm lindsey murphy. brian take it away. one last look at live pictures from dundalk, maryland where a six foot water main break has busted. you can see blocks and blocks under water. streaming live on


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