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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  October 1, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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today. stick around if all of that. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morng news. and good morning to tony perkins. >> starting off with a good forecast hopefully. >> not a bad forecast. i always feel like once we get to october, you just hurtle to the end of the year. >> let's stretch it out. >> i wanted to. but it happens very fast. >> i'm looking forward to like may. >> today will be a nice day t won't be bad if you want to do some stuff outside. pleasant temperatures later on. getting off to a cool start this morning. hears a look at the satellite- radar composite. big brght old moon out there. it is orange. later on, we'll see a lot of sunshine. our current temperatures at the area airports, we're in the 50s and 40s. 52 at reagan national. 46 at dulles. 49 at bwi marshall so quite the cool start to th day but the
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forecast for today, not bad. temperatures still below normal. mostly sunny skies. mild, high about 70 degrees. a couple of of spots in the 60s. couple of spots into the low 70s. we'll call 70 an average high. >> that sounds like a great way to start off october. >> i would agree. >> let's check in with julie wright. >> i'm with steve. i'm already thinking may. >> when you get to be my age, you'll stop wishing the days away. >> if i have to wear anything heavier than this, i'm done. not looking so bad right now out on the roads. we have the lanes open if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway leaving college park headed around towards 270. overnight roaork cleared. this is a live shot of 118 headed to montgomery village avenue. all of your lanes are open. coming in from the west, the dulles toll road to have a quiet start this morning approaching the greenway making
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your way in from 28. no incidents reported along this stretch. and out on 66, lanes are open as you continue eastbound through manassas working your way in to fair oaks and back out to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. crews are on the scene of a water main break in hyattsville at queensbury and queens chapel roads. sarah simmons joins us live on the scene with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: wssc crews we understand are still trying to get the water shut off to the water main break if you look over here, there are crews that are kind of staked out watching the area. this is not a lot of water in that area. it is actually running down into the neighborhood behind us off of queensbury road where there is the worst of it. we don't know how many homes for sure have been affected but we do know at least one
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basement has been flooded. one person has reported that. it is very early right now. they are expecting more homes to be affected as people do wake up. in talking with wssc crews here, they are telling me that the water mayonnaise 16-inch water main from 1933. we don't know the -- water main is a 16-inch water main from 1933. we don't know the cause of the break. many blocks will be affected. it is still early. people are still waking up, don't even know about the damage that has possibly been done right now. we cantell thought northbound side of queens chapel road is closed off from queensbury road to east-west highway. they expect to have one lane open hopefully by rush hour but they are still trying to get the situation under control here, still trying to get the water shut off. but as you can see, just tons of water, like a river that is running through the neighborhood. so a lot of people are going to
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have quite a vice when they wake up this morning and we hope to have more details as the morning hours progress. back to you. >> thank you. in the meantime, a prince george's county police officer recovering this morning after he was shot in the hand during an attempted carjacking. this happened around 10 last night in the 7 # hundred block of jaywick avenue in temple hills. investigators say two suspects approached the off-duty cop as he was getting out of his car. during the struggle with one of them, the officer was shot in the hand. officer fired back. it is not clear if that person was hit. both suspects ran off. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. also in bridge county, a deadly shooting in riverdale. this happened around midnight along 56th avenue near kenilworth avenue. police say two men were shot, one of them killed. no word on the victim's ages or identities. two men tried to snatch three children but it didn't work and now those men are on the run. it happened in laurel, maryland
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in the area of thomas drive and fair lawn avenue. police say those children ages seven to ninewere playing under a tree. two men in a beat-up pickup truck watched and called out to the children. one of the children ran home. the men followed her. they got a look at the partial tag as you can see on your screen. we are following news of two disasters. more bodies have turned up after two earthquakes rattled independent nearby yasm the death toll now close to 500 but it could soar into the thousands. the first tremor hit sumatra causing fires and cutting off communication. the powerful aftershock rocked the same area creating landslides making it impossible to reach some of the survivors. aid has started to arrive in american samoa now that the white house has declared a major disafter ther in the
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aftermath of a deadly tsunami. nearly 120 people were kied and entire villaged wiped out when the earthquake triggered the killer waves. the government is stepping in with federal aid that could include grants for temporary housing, home repairs and property insurance loans. here at home, members of the local samoan community gathered to pray for loved ones. another story, developments in iran's nuclear program. the united states says it will not make a snap judgment on what to do about growing concerns. the obama administration has indicated it is not in a hurry to slap severe sanctions on iran because of its nuclear ambitions. the state department is hoping six-nation talks will open the door to dialogue. on another front, officials say it may be weeks before president obama announced a decision on whether to modify american strategy in afghanistan or send more troops to the area. we are also following some developing business news this morning. word of a huge deal brewing between two media giants. we'll have the details for you.
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out man convicted of killing a 9-year-old florida girl and burying her alive has died. john couey snatched jessica lund strom from her bedroom in 2005. he died of natural causes at a hospital. the pilot of the so-called miracle on the hudson will be back in the sky. he reuniting with first officer jeffy skills in the cockpit. the two are flying from la guardia to charlotte today. this is his first flight since last winter when he safely landed a u.s. airways plane on the hudson following a bird strike. skills has been flying since april. general motors is pulling sad under out of orbit after a deal to sell the automaker went belly up. penske said it would sell the cars if somebody would make
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them. gm will keep making the sat arne aura outlook and vue until 2011. that's it. cable tv giant comcast is denying a report it has completed a deal to buy nbc. a web site called the rap reported last night that comcast was going to pay $35 billion for nbc u.s.s. greeneville which includes the tv and film business. nbc universal has been hit hard with profits down 41% last year. ge has owned nbc since a final some of our nation's top leaders including presidents but the congressional cemetery needs some serious work. we'll take a look at the challenge facing the repair crew. michelle obama looking towards the olympics with bigger star power. we'll tell hua is happening with the today's weather forecast. i think i'll like it. julie wright will be along with a look at this morning's rush hour traffic. don't know if you'll like that or not. stay with us.
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fox 5 morning news will be right back. right now, it is 12 minutes after 5:00.
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what kind of person writes a thesis calling working women "detrimental to the family..." then lies about his opponent to cover up his own record? the post said bob mcdonnell took office and began passing his social agenda... and the post confirmed that he voted to deny access to birth control. they said mcdonnell even opposed equal pay for women. no matter what his ads say, bob mcdonnell can't cover up his record. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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president obama will be in copenhagen tomorrow. first lady my shoal obama already there meeting with members of the international committee. >> they are hoping to help chicago win the bid for the 016 olympic games. oprah winfrey is also there talking up her town. >> chicago is a wonderful host city, great people, great facilities. it knows about sports and the hospitality is like no other. >> there is just nothing like it. i think it is the greatest city in america and i said that even in new york city. >> the windy city is competing against rio, madrid and tokyo. got that star power working, don't they? >> sure do. >> you got oprah. come on now. >> i wonder if tokyo has their oprah there as well. >> we're off to a pretty nice
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start out there. the moon is beautiful. nice crisp morning. >> very fall-like. temperatures in the 50s and in the 40s in parts of the viewing area. very cool start to the day. it will be a very nice day today as well. here we go. current temperatures around the region. 52degrees right now in washington. 48 in baltimore. 45 at dulles airport. frederick at 46 degrees and fredericksburg is at 47 degrees so a very cool start to the day. across the country, let me show you the temperatures. i want to show you this for a couple of reasons. first of all, much of this area here in the northeast up towards michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, there are freeze wantings and frost advisories in effect for much of this area for this morning because of the cold temperatures. check out detroit. 39degrees there right now as you go across country, there is warm air in the nation's midsection at 4:00 in the morning, it is 70 degrees in wichita. 76 at dallas -- in dallas and
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san francisco is at 57 degrees so cool out on the west coast. satellite-radar composite for the nation, look at. this pretty good cold front coming through. the nation's midsection and you can see some rain showers, storm activity as well associated with that. a lot of clouds back through the southern plains here in our area, we've got the clouds up across the interior portions of the northeast and into new england and some clouds across our area as well for the early part of the day. forecast for today looks like this. after some morning clouds, we'll see a lot of sunshine later on today. going to be a very nice day. our high temperature again below normal but it should match yesterday's high of 70 degrees. then for tonight, a cool night, some clouds build in. 5 # for your low in town which means once again we'll see a lot of temperatures in the 40s outside of the city. five-day forecast, tomorrow, friday looks okay but more clouds. 75, a little bit warmer. could be a couple of sprinkles around friday night. saturday, i do think there will be periods of rain and i think some of that rain could be heavy. kind rumble of thunder and
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maybe some lightning as well. 77 for your high. sunday, we try out. maybe a morning shower but then later on, more sunshine and monday, 71 degrees. now, let's get an update on traffic from julie wright. >> you ean the thunder and the lightning? wrote thunder and the lightning. >> for you? >> i was just singing that song. i want to knock, knocks, knock on wood. >> the early -- amy stewart but there was an early version i believe the guy's name was eddy floyd or something like that. >> look at you. >> i can not stump t-perk. no way. >> we're taking out out on the roads. effect behaving nicely between college park and the exit for 270. sarah simmons is reporting live from the huge water main break in prince george's county. that continues to block the northbound side of queensbury between queens chapel and 410.
5:19 am
you can see the water still gushing out into the highway from sarah's live shot. the southbound lanes are open along queensbury but they have no idea what to do with the northbound traffic at this point. if you can avoid this area410 does remain open. coming eastbound on 66, no accidents to report. this is a live shot from 50 headed eastbound towards 123. all of your lanes here are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in the morning, several new laws are in effect in maryland including a texting ban. new peed speed cameras an stricter du incident sentences. the pep alts are fierce. upon a second drunk driving conviction, your license would automatically be suspended for one year and o more pbj appear or probation before judgment for anybody getting a second dui within a 10-year period. anybody caught quite t writing or sending text messages face as a fine of up to $500. the law does not ban reading text messages while driving,
5:20 am
just sending them. >> i don't think it went far enough. you get out of the car, send the text message. but you don't have to answer it right now. that is the convenience, can you get to it later. >> it is a bad habit, really bad. i just don't know how they'll enforce it. >> as for the new speed cameras, they are now permitted throughout the state but only in school and construction zones. it's final resting place for members of congress and even former fbi director j. edgar hoover but the conditions at the congressional cemetery are deteriorating. we have a report. >> reporter: these gates have opened and closed on a lot of history. now, anthropologists and archaeologys are sorting through the remains of some of those buried here doing it out of necessity.
5:21 am
>> we used to have 60 burial vaults. we now have 40. p. >> with hope from the smithsonian, they are working to preserve the remaining vaults. nineteen members. the keyworth family are buried here, some in old wooden coffins dating back to 1838. over time, the coffins collapsed on each other so works removed the wood and carefully sort through remains. in this case, their work reveals a tibia or shinbone. in another vault, the iron coffin of a child. >> this was an expensive coffin in its day. >> reporter: the work is done with the permission of the families. crews are not just preserving what is here. they are also respecting it. >> these are human remains. these were people. they had good days like us, they had bad days. >> just like you can read a book, if you are expensed in this field and you work on it all the time, you can read a skeleton. >> reporter: the remains will be separated and each set will be returned to an individual grave. that is after stonemasons have made their repairs.
5:22 am
now, a lot of the work being done is happening right along the ceremonial walkway. if you were buried here, odds are you were among washington's elite. if you were buried over here, odds are you were more working class. >> the found ares of washington, d.c. are all along this walkway. these vaults represent the heritage of the city. >> reporter: a past that is being preserved and also prepared for the next century. in southeast washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> thank you. top honors for the d.c. area this morning in a category you might not have thought of. it turns out d.c. is in fact a pretty hip city to be in. we have details of a new ranking coming up. >> we'll tell you what make our city the hottest, hippest place to live for young people. >> there is such excitement going on in our city now, the new administration, the restaurant scene is almost rivalling new york now. there is lots of really good things happening in the district of columbia. ohh...
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when you think of hot, hip places to live, you oftentimes think of new york, lay. >> a new survey says k street is the new wall street. claudia coffey has more. >> reporter: when you think booming economy -- >> i think that for young people, it is a great place to start out your career. >> reporter: cosmopolitan living and hip and cutting edge. >> we have a left restaurants here. >> d.c. is now the place to be.
5:26 am
>> d.c. has always been a cool and hip place. >> reporter: the nation's capital is expected to emerge as the number one post- recession hot spot tying with seattle. according to a study conducted by the "wall street journal," d.c. takes the crown for hottest, hippest destinations for educated workers in their 20s. >> apts good place to live. it is an exciting place to live. >> reporter: william frye with the brookings institution, a washington, d.c.-based thank think tank was one of the panelists that rarchgd the cities. says d.c. beat out others because of its job opportunities. >> with the downturn in the financial sector in new york city, the government looks much more attractive to people. >> reporter: many are calling k street the new wall street. the corridor is bustling with lobbying, law and accounting firms. barbara lange, the c the eo of the chamber of commerce says the city's cultural scene sets it above the rest. >> there is such excitement going on in our city now.
5:27 am
the new administration, the restaurant scene is almost rivalling new york now. there is lots of really good things happening in the district of columbia. >> reporter: the ranking certainly gives d.c. some serious bragging rights but the ultimate compliment will be if all the positive publicity turns into tourism and more industry relocating to the region. along the new wall street, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> d.c. tied with seat follow the top spot. new york, portland and also opportunity being texas round out the top five. coming up in our 7:00 hour, "washington post" style writer monica hess and lifestyle consultant selena gil will be joining us to talk about what makes d.c. so hip. some people waking up to a flooded mess this morning. >> a water main break is impacting basements, neighborhood streets an large commuter routes. we'll take you there live just ahead. .
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we are following developing new overseas involving two disasters. it is a mad rush to find any survivors of a deadly disaster in indonesia. close to 500 people have died but officials expect that number to soar into the thousands. the quake trig ired fires and landslides. survivors fear more aftershocks because indonesia sits on top after a ring of fire which is a
5:31 am
stretch of seismic fury responsible for most of the world's tremors and volcanos. more bodies expected to turn up in samoa. so far, the death toll has reached 120. entire villages were wiped out when an earthquake tiggered the flooding. >> it is a disaster, very bad. >> i hear from my brother all they could do is just quickly go uphill. >> federal aid could include grants for temporary housing, home repairs and property insurance loans for some 65,000 people living on the island in the south pacific. coming up on 5:32 right now. tony is in with our forecast. off to a pretty nice start. >> not bad. it is cool out. it is definitely jacket weather if you are getting the kids ready u need to do that. because our temperatures in much.
5:32 am
the area are in the 40s at this point. not so much downtown. let's take a look at the temperatures around the region. here in d.c., it is 52 degrees at this hour. but most of the area in the 40s and as you look at this map, you can see pittsburgh is 41 degrees there. roanoke, virginia, 45 degrees. up in new york city, 51. similar to here. boston, 45 with warmer air down to our south. here is your satellite-radar composite. no precipitation. there are some of the clouds moving. i should point out that you may find some fog in spots. coming across the american legion bridge, that was fogged in when i drove in earlier this morning. but it was just right there. that is your satelle-radar. some clouds. latter on, those will burn off and we'll see a good a sunshine. the forecast for today, morning clouds but becoming, i believe, mostly sunny today with a high of about 70 degrees. not a bad day at all. think you'll like t the average high for this date is 74 degrees so we're a little bit
5:33 am
below normal. let me double-check that. maybe it has changed. >> the average high? >> nope, 74. >> one other thing too. you mentioned the fog but there is a lot of construction out there to watch out for. >> yeah. i didn't talk about that because it is not weather- related. >> i know. julie is going to talk about that. >> actually, i was going to talk about the weather. >> i love it whenpeople see me out on the street and they go you do the weather, oh, no, you're sunny and 5. there is lingering construction. it should be cleared by now because they were picking it up at 5:00 at the american legion bridge. that was a stuff spot to get through. you should find the work zones cleared and again, top side of the beltway behaving nicely leaving colesville road and continuing around towards the exits towards 270.
5:34 am
sarah simmons is reporting live from the water main break at queensbury and 410. we still have problems with the water gushing out on to the highway. northbound side remains closed. southbound, sls some traffic to get through. no accidents to report along 66. lanes are opens you guys travel eastbound heading into 13. picking up the usual suspects but no incidents to report all the way in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we are following breaking news this morning as crews are on the scene of a water main break in prince george's county. this is i hyattsville at queensbury and queens chapel road. sarah simmons joins us now with more. >> reporter: i just spoke with wssc crews out here on the scene. they say they are still in the process of trying to make sure they have the water main valve shut oven tirely. there is still water rushing through the neighborhood. as you said here at queensbury and queens chapel road. if you look over here, you can
5:35 am
see where the break actually occurred i'm told. there is still some debris in areas where the pipe actually broke. how many homes right now that are affected by this, we still do not know for sure. i am hearing from some police officers here at the scene that there are two basements that appear to be flooded right now, that they are still looking into that and still trying to get people out of the homes. as the morning hours go on, they believe they will be hearing more from people as they wake up and see if there has been any more damage. there has bain lot of water rushing through the roadways. in talk with the crews out here, they it would me it is a 16-inch water main from 1933. we don't know the cause of the break right now. in past breaks, age has been a factor. this is not a new pipe, as you know, being built back in 1933 but we don't know if age is a factor in the break or how many flocks are affected. it appears there could be many. they are still in the preliminary stages of just trying to get the water shut
5:36 am
off. as julie wright just told you during traffic, the northbound lanes are still shut down on queens chapel road starting from queensbury road here going to east-west highway. they hope to have one lane open for rush hour but at this point, northbound is still entirely shut down and southbound is still open at this point. so we hope to get more details, find out how many people exactly have been affected by this as the morning hours progress. steve, back to you. >> thank you. a prince george's county police officer is recovering this morning after getting shot during an attempted carjacking. police say he was approached by two suspects while getting out of his car in the 7200 block of jaywick avenue in temple hills. he got 199scuffle and was shot in the hand. the officer fired back but it is not clear if anybody was hit. both of the suspects fled the scene. and now police are asking anybody with information to give them a call. in riverdale, maryland, police are looking for suspects following a deadly shooting. it happened about midnight along 56th avenue near kenilworth avenue. police say two men were shot, one of them killed.
5:37 am
the survivor's injuries were not life-threatening. as far as the suspects go, police have i look outfor three white or hispanic men in a gray honda. police also on the hunt to find men who tried to abduct some children in laurel. two boys ages eight and nine and one girl aged eafn were playing under a tree and they didn't have any idea that predators were watching from a nearby parking lot. the men started calling out the kids trying to coax them inside a truck. the little girl then ran home. one child's mom got a good look at the men and gave police a partial license plate number for the truck a light blue mazda with a partial tag of 41641 w. fairfax county police searching for a man they say tried to abduct a teenager on her way me from school. this happened tuesday on braeburn drive in annandale. the 15-year-old was walking home alone from wood soon high school when police say she was approached bya man in a white pickup truck. she refused a ride so he grabbed her. she was able to break free and
5:38 am
the suspect drove off. he is described as a white man in his 40s, 5'8", with brown hair and a goatee. his struck had a pittsburgh steelier sticker on the back bumper and steelier flag on the back glass. a father is accused of introducing his daughter to a life of crime. police say theater olds used his 17-year-old to recruit gang members. informants eventually gave up olds. one said he charged gang members monthly dues of $80. he is in jail without bond. his daughter is charged as a juvenile. the united states saying it will not make a snap judgment this week on iran's nuclear program. the obama administration has indicated it is not in a surey to slap sanction ozzie ron because of its nuclear ambitions. the state department says it is hoping six-nation talks will open the door to dialogue. on another front, officials say it may be weeks before the president announces a decision
5:39 am
on whether to modify u.s. strategy in afghanistan or send more troops. there is controversy this morning involving the empire state building and a colorful tribute coming up next. what has people so angry over a red and yellow display on top of a new york skyscraper sow. does secretary. state hillary clinton still have thoughts of being president. we'll hear funny comments she medicine at a united nations meeting. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ♪
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a prince george's county police officer is recovering this morning after he was struck by bullets apparently there was some sort of altercation and two suspects apparently started firing. that officer fired back. he was struck in the hand. it is not clear if any of the two suspects were struck. police are on the look outfor those two people right now. also making headlines this morning, new york's tribute to cna causing some feelings of pride and downquite anger at the same time. the top of the empire state building, the lights were changed to light up in the colors of yellow and red instead of red, white and blue. it is to celebrate china's 60th anniversary under come knit rule. new york stills say it is paying tribute out of respect to its relationship with china but critics say it is wrong considering china's history when it comes to human rights. the other story that we're following, secretary of the state hillary clinton says she
5:43 am
likes being president even if it is just president of the u.n. security council. mrs.clinton made the joke at a council meeting. the former presidential candidatjoked that she intends to relish the experience. >> thank you so much. i resume now my function as president of the council. i kind of like being a president. this may go on a little longer than anticipated. >> the u.s. held the council presidency for the month of september. >> what a difference a few months makes for michael vick. he is now out of prison being back on the football field and now he's received some more good news. there are changes coming to a new soft drink. hear how coca-cola wants to help you control your waistline. tony is keeping track of weather. we are five nice school start on the first day of october. we are off to a -- we are off
5:44 am
to a nice cool start on the first day of october. you wanted more. you wanted videos and photos... email and broadband. you wanted to run your business from anywhere... and instant messaging to stay in touch with everyone. you wanted apps to find music, news, or the way home. ok your wireless companies... grow your world.
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michael vick is back in the endorsement business. the nfl quarterback who spent a year and a half in prison has apparently agreed to a new deal with nike according to vick's agent.
5:47 am
nike terminated a contract two years ago. at that time, nike called the animal abuse inhumane and unacceptable. we don't have any word on how much the new deal is worth. let's check in with tony once again with a look at the forecast for this thursday. >> it is not bad. it is cool this morning. going to be a mild day today. so i think it will be a fine one, folks. i think you'll like t your bus stop forecast as you are getting the kids ready for school. our skies will become clear. right now, there some clouds out there. cool temperatures in the 50s. but in many parts of the viewing area, temperatures are in the 40s. so dress the kids warmly. they will need jackets. sunrise is at 7:04. should be a pretty sunrise this morning. here is a look at our temperatures. 52 in town. 48 in baltimore. 46 in frederick. 45 at dulles airport. let's take a look at satellite- much clearing we've got going on. you've got some of the clouds there. things are looking pretty good. more clouds out to the west.
5:48 am
there is a little bit of fog here and there as well early this morning. we'll get the cloud scouring out of here and we'll see a good a sunshine during the course of the day today. here what is is going to be happening during the next 24 hours as we take a look at the surface map for today. as i said, a chilly start to the day with those clouds. that will push out and burn off. high pressure off the coast and out to the west, a little bit of a warm front that will gradually make its way through here over the course of the weekend and that could bring some showers with it. but for today, lots of sunshine. forecast for washington for today, as i said, plenty of sunshine. a nice day. 70-degree for your high. for tonight, your overnight low will be about 5 # degrees in town, 40s elsewhere. tomorrow, more clouds build in. 75, slight chance of a shower or two tomorrow night. saturday, better chance of rain, maybe some thunderstorm activity. 77 for your high sunday. i believe we dry out aside from a few showers early in the day and then there is monday and
5:49 am
that looks good, 71 degrees for your high. now, here is julie wright with the latest on the morning rush hour traffic. >> we are talking about the water main break right now over in hyattsville. sarah simmons is reporting live from the scene. no change as far as the traffic goes. if you are traveling northbound along queens chapel, it is should down -- or queens queensbury rather, it is shut downand it will be like that until further notice. we have water gushing out on to the highway at this point. the northbound lanes are closed. if you are traveling southbound, all of the lane remain open. no incidents to report southbound 270 leaving germantown headed into rockville. all land are open headed out towards the split. top side of the beltway behaving nicely between college park and bethesda with no incidents to report. coming in from the west, 66 a little busy right now out in manassas. lanes are open but traffic has slowed between the two 234 interchains. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. investors will be watching for the weekly unemployment numbers later today along with
5:50 am
reports on august personal income and spending for the commerce department. yesterday, the dow dropped about 0 points. nasdaq saw a slight one and a half point drop. in tokyo today, the nikkei down nearly 155 points. on call this morning, you're soon going to get help counting the calories in your coca-cola. the company is now prominently displaying calorie information on the labels of most of its sodas. those new labels come as congress consider as a possible tax on soda as a way to decrease the deficit and the rise in obesity. the swine flu vaccine is scheduled to start rolling out next week. doctors are urging anybody to get more than just the h1n1 and the seasonal flu vaccine. they also want you to get a third shot. it prevents the bacteria that causes pneumonia. the cdc says nearly 0% of swine flu victims who died had some sort of bacterial infect as well. no doubt, it has not been a
5:51 am
good season for the washington nationals but they do know w to send the fans home in style. a late inning thriller in the home finale. the redskins have a message for fans. stop panicking. it is only week four. we'll hear from a few of the players coming up next right here on fox 5 news. growing up we didn't have much, but education was always a priority. my mom sent me off to college with just four 20-dollar bills. so i know that education is the best investment virginia can make for our children and in our future. narrator: endorsed for governor by classroom teachers for his record protecting our schools... creigh deeds' plan to rebuild our economy starts with education. more accountability... and expanded college opportunities. creigh deeds. no one more committed to our children's future.
5:52 am
no leader more prepared to move virginia forward.
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5:54 am
3-29 count on maxwell. rodriguez sets. runners go. the pitch. swing and deep left field, way back, warning track! and the nationals! >> it is just like how they opened the stadium. they close it out the same way this season. the nats' justin maxwell with a walk-off grand slam home run again the mets last night. that gives the nats a 7-4 win in the final home game of the season. >> we had a losing record and for the fans to come out here and keep on supporting us, i think that is a great way to send off this year. they're sticking around and we'll give them something special here in the next couple of years. i think they've gun great. >> the washington caps have their regular season opener tonight. they are this boston to face the bruins. face-off time is 7:00. the home opener is saturday against the toronto maple leafs. football now, running back clinton portis, albert haynesworth carlos rogers and mike sellers all sat out yesterday's practice with various injuries.
5:55 am
not expected to miss the game sunday. last sunday, it was difficult for the redskins to hide their frustration in the loss to the lions. clinton portis coming up short on fourth and goal. the redskins had numerous third down pass completions that came up just short of the first down marker. three days removed from the loss, the starting quarterback not panicking. >> forget about all of that. now, it is the time for us to start having fun again, to win games, play with a sense of urgency, push each other a little bit harder and let it all go. let it hang out. >> here is our sunday line-up. redskin game day at 11:00 a.m. geico redskins pregame at 11:30. the reds skins defeat the tampa bay buccaneers starting at 1:00. flip saunders and the wizards continue training camp in richmond today. gilbert arenas is healthy and ready to go. he says he will not speak to the media for the rest of the year. the health of the team's big three has been a miamior concern the last two years.
5:56 am
this year, t team begins camp without any health issues and they have huge goals. >> go to the title. that is our goal. we have to compete for the title. >> jack nicklaus in town yesterday talking about unwith of his newest projects, the magnificent golf club at creighton farms. it's beautiful course. he took questions if the media and club members. this is one of over # hundred courses worldwide that he has designed. after the press are, we had a chance to ask the 18-time major winner about tiger woods catching his record mark. tilinger with 14 majors but went winle in 2009 in all majors. >> i think tiger will probably break my record. tiger is terrific. i have great respect to him and his ability and work ethic. he can really play. but the only thing is he still has to do it.
5:57 am
and so it is not that far to go but he still has to do it. i hope i'm around to shake his hand when he does it. >> that is sportsmanship. >> class act. a beautiful area too. straight ahead, we are following that big water main break. we'll be live. plus there is more bleak news from the auto industry. general motors is shutting down saturn. >> how many jobs will be lost because of that move? how quickly will it happen? and why did the deal fall through? we'll tax a closer look at 6:20 in our -- we'll take a closer look at 6:20 in our business beat. ♪
5:58 am
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