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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 1, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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two deadly earthquakes strike within hours claiming hundreds of lives in independent nearby yasm the frantic search for survivors trapped under debris is under way right now. the death toll expected to continue to rise after tuesday's tsunami in the samoas. here at home, big changes. drivers in maryland need to know about those. they start today. fox 5 morning news continues right now. a nice clear view of the capital and surrounding area this morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey jaime a gurvir dhindsa. we'll get you started on two stories that we're following right now that are developing overseas. the fallout from two deadly disasters. first, indonesia where rescuers are digging through collapsed buildings to try to find survivors of two major earthquakes. the death toll has topped 500
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but that could soar into the thousands. that first temblor hit sumatra causing fires and cutting off communication. here at home, members of the local samoan community gathered at a chapel in arlington to pray for their loved ones in the south pacific. 150 people are dead. entire villages are wiped out from the devastating tsunami that hit the chain of islands on tuesday. the u.s. government is stepping in with federal aid for the 55,000 people living in samoa. >> tony is in with a check of our own weather. we are off to a nice cool start. >> question, we are, indeed. very fall-like conditions for this october 1st. take a look at the satellite- radar composite. we have clouds out there as well very pretty big moon out there. not a fuel moon. but i do want know if you can still see it at this hour. there are some spots of fog
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here and there. more clouds out to the west than to the east and we're going to see a good amount of sunshine during the course of the day today. current temperaturest the area airports. at reagan national, we've dropped down to 51 degrees but we're in the 40s elsewhere. dulles at 43. bwi marshall at 47 degrees. your forecast for today, a lot of sunshine today and a mild day with a high downtown about 70 degrees. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little while. >> thank you. let's check in with julie and see how traffic is moving this morning. >> looks like -- excuse me. looks like we have the crew in sky fox with us this morning. they are checking out your ride over in college park. if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway trying to work around towards college park over to silver spring, you will find at that time lanes here are open. no incidents to report coming southbound off of 95 out of laurel off the bw parkway. there is light traffic volume there as well leaving 198 headed down towards 197. the big story will be the water
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main break that occurred over in hyattsville. last check, we saw a lot of water gushing out on to the highway there. sarah simmons is reporting live on the scene. southbound on queens chapel, you should find all of your lanes open. no accidents to reported south on 270 out of hyattstown starting to get a little busy and slow as you work your way around the curve to the truck scales. all lanes are open northbound i- 95 out of woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. julie just mentioned this story that we're following this morning. crews or the scene of that water main break in prince george's county. right now, the northbound queens chapel road is closed between qeebsbury road and east- west highway because of that 16- inch main break. we do know of at least two
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homes that have flooded basements. wssc says the pipe was built in 1933. new laws are in effect in maryland. they include a ban on sending text messages while driving. and issues related to speed cameras and stricter dui sentencing. anybody convicted twice on drunk driving charges will have their license automatically suspended for one year. anybody caught writing or sending text messages while driving faces fines up to $500 those new speed cameras first tested in montgomery county are now permitted throughout the state but only in school and construct zones. predators on the prowl in our area. they tried to snatch three kids but it didn't work. they are on the run though. this happened yesterday in laurel, maryland in the area of thomas drive and fair lawn avenue. police say the children ages seven to nine played under a tree and two men in an old beat- up pickup truck watched from an ad jace antilot. machine called out to the children. one of the kids ran home.
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men followed her. fairfax county police searching for a man who tried to abduct a teenager. the 15-year-old was walking home when she was approach bid a machine in a white pickup truck. she refused a ride and he apparently grabbed her. he drove off. police are asking for help in locating a suspect in a attempted carjacking that left a officer wounded. the suspects approached an off- duty police officer and they got into a scuffle. the officer was shot in the hand and is expected to be okay. another big story we're following, iran says the nuclear program has peaceful intentions. the u.s. says prove t this week, iran tested missiles capable of reaching u.s. military bases in the middle east, israel and also parts of
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europe. today, the top negotiator meets with the u.s. and five other countries. something a little lighter on the agenda for the president today p he leaves for denmark today where he ill join the first lady in their quest to get the olympics to chicago. president obama will only be in depend mark for five hours. he will be part of tomorrow's final presentation for chicago to hopefully win the bid for the 2016 summer games. first lady michelle obama already is in cape enhaggen meeting with members of the international olympic committee along with oprah winfrey. the triple dose of star power could be the tick tote help chicago become the host city for the olympic games. >> chicago is a wonderful host city, great people, great facilities. it knows about sports and the hospitality is like no other. >> there is nothing like it.
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i think it is the great of the city in america and i said that even in new york city. >> the international olympic commitee will make its decision tomorrow. we should know what that is about 12:30 tomorrow afternoon. coming up next, a big brand falls victim to the bad economy. more on why general motors has decided to shut down saturn and what that means to the thousands of workers employed by the company and the thousands of people would own saturn vehicles. ahead, a desperate search on fay newborn. what led up to an abduction including how the alleged suspect got into this child's mother's home. 
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sit the sear is on for a stolen baby in tennessee. the littleoy's mother says her newborn was snatched from her home on tuesday by a woman posing as an immigration agent. mother was stabbed in the head,
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neck, breast and thigh. relatives worry that it is a boy sign in the fronted yard may have made the home a target. once considered a car of the future, saturn will now become part of general motors' past. a deal to sell the brand fell apart yesterday. now, 350 dealerships will close. it is unclear, however, what will happen to the 13,000 saturn workers. there are reports that they will be offered other work within general motors. gm says it will stop making saturn vehicles as soon as possible. once the dealerships close, you can still take your saturn to gm dealers for service. gm will continue to make saturn parts for some time. cable giant comcast denying reports this morning that it has completed a deal to buy out nbc. a web site called the rap reported that comcast agreed to pay $35 bill wrong for nbc universal which includes its tv and film businesses. nbc universal has been hit hard in the recession with profits down 41% last year. ge has owned nbc since 1985. be in is saying no comment.
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two big names in sports around here making headlines today for their big paychecks. we'll tell you where they rank on the list of the richest americans. time right now is 1 -- 12 minutes past the hour. for drivers in maryland, it is now illegal to write or send text messages behind the wheel. there is a big fine attached to that. stay with us to find out how much. at dunkin' donuts, there's always fresh coffee brewing, made hot and delicious all day long from the highest quality, freshly ground beans, and that's why more folks choose dunkin' donuts coffee to get their day off to a fresh, delicious start. america runs on dunkin'.
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washington nationals owner ted lerner and washington redskins owner dan snyder both on forbes' latest list of the 400 richest people in america. lerner remarking at number 97 tied with george lucas. snyder coming in at 347. bill gates is number one and for the fisk time in the last 7 years, the collective net worth of the list has dropped falling by $300 billion. $10billion of that loss goes to warren buffett, the second richest man in the world. i guess when you go from $50 billion to $40 billion, you can still get your coup of coffee in the morning. >> imagine that. able to with stand a loss of
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$10 billion still be the second richest person. >> it is all relative. on that note. >> we turnour attention to the weather and i have for you weather headlines for today. yes, indeed. mabel, come on into the living room. take a look. here are the weather headlines for today and the next few days. sunny and nice today. not bad at all. i think it will be a decent one. then, come on, clouding up by friday. that is tomorrow. showers and some thunderstorms possible on saturday. and then by sunday, we think it is going to be a pleasant day. not bad at all, maybe a couple of morning showers but other than that, should be nice. curnt temperatures around the region. we've got 51 degrees here in washington. 43 out at dulles airport. 45 in frederick, maryland. patuxent naval aistation is at 56 degrees. owe someone city, maryland, 51
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degrees at this hour. satellite-radar composite for the eastern u.s. upper level low pushing off to the northeast. there are some clouds in our area, particularly out to the west. couple of spots of fog here and there as well. for the most part, things are quiet and it will be a quiet day today for us. the forecast for washington looks like this. a lot of sunshine today. and a nice one. mild, below normal temperure again but still we'll take 70 degrees. some of you will top out in the upper 60s. a couple of you will get up to around 71, 72 degrees. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, warmer, 75. that is one degree above normal. more clouds work their way in here friday. saturday, looks like there will be some periods of rain. thunderstorm is possible. maybe an early shower on sunday. other than that, a nice day. monday of next week looks to be a good one as well. that is what is happen with the weather. now, julie wright joins us to tell us what is happeng on the roads. >> all right. we've been talking about this all morning long. it is the water main break over in hyattsville and that is
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where we'll fine the chopper. sarah simmons is reporting live from the scene northbound along queens chapel road between queensbury and 410 east-west highway in hyattsville. that is where all the action is taking place. sarah is reporting we got this information around # 30 this morning. they have abeen having some trouble since then trying to turn off the water tually lot of ask at this time here. the northbound side is blocked as you try to travel between queensbury and 410. southbound, they do have some traffic able to get by. right now, traffic volume is light enough that there is no delay in the area. this could impact your commute as the morning travel goes on. do keep this in mind, that is northbound that remains closed. outbound is still open. 301 over at cedar lane, we have reports of an accident. woodyard road at rosaryville road for another crash. southbound along 270, lanes are open for those leaving germantown headed south of 118 out towards montgomery village avenue. no accidents to report.
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just volume delays. outer loop starts to slow leaving university boulevard headed around towards colesville road. out on 66, you will fine lanes are open. no incidents, typical i don't slowns out in manassas, centreville. 50 to 123. 95 now stacking up in woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- typical slowdowns out in manassas, centreville. toys r us plans to hire 35,000 seasonal employees nationwide to this season. that is the same number of holiday workers that toys r us hired the past two years. to see which jobs e ilae being you can go to and click on web links. we are here to try to help you found new job all the time. go to and click on the job shop tab at the top of the page. our business beat is coming up next. we are talking more about general motors' decision to shut down saturn. michael vick on the road to redemption with one big brand. details on his new deal with
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michael vick back in business. the nfl quarter back who spent a year and a half in prison for his involvement in a dogfighting ring is back on the field playing for the philadelphia eagles. now, he has apparently agreed to a new deal with nike. nike terminated a deal with vick two ears ago once the dogfighting charges came to light. we don't have any word now on how much the new deal might be worth. in our business beat, a lot to talk about. bank of america's ceo says he is stepping down. saturn is being shut down and the markets, they're just down. chris cotter with fox business network joins us from new york with our business beat. let's start with the market now that we can put the wraps on quarter number three. >> i want to start with michael vick and say it is strange that they would sign a third string
6:24 am
quarterback. makes you want to scratch your head as to why they would do that. maybe that shows you what the state of the quarterback situation in the nfl. and d.c., you don't want to get into that. >> let's move on. >> it's been ugly lately. the market has been up and but yesterday, he were down 133 points in the first half hour of trading. you started to think this is going to get bad but then we rebounded into the green before dropping 30 points. it is just nervousness about all the economic data that we are getting and we have a lot coming out today. yesterday, we had some employment data that wasn't very good. purchasing managers survey that wasn't very good on the manufacturing side. today, we get just about everything from consumer spending to construction spending to the weekly employment report, all leading up to tomorrow's employment report and that is why throughout the course of the day, this news will be trickling in. people will still be nervous. it really needs to be goods or you could get another sell-off.
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>> i want to get to the whole deal with saturn and general motors but first let's touch on the bank of america. what is the latest in. >> ken lewis is going to step down at the end of the year. they will replace him internally and the board says they will to it by the end of the year. ken lewis was voted out as chairman last april by the shareholders. he has been embattled from the way he handled the merrill lynch acquisition lastier. they are still under several government probes. it may be seen as a positive. they are down one and a half percent yesterday. they may actually climb today. >> keeping an eye on general motors too. let us know how this whole teal with not being able to unload saturn, how that is going to affect general motors? >> penske said last night they are not interested anymore. they couldn't get the supply chain situation worked out with saturn. they are got fog to buy sad der. general motors will now have to shutter the brand like he did
6:26 am
with pontiac. they will close about 350 saturn dealerships and let go about 1,000 employees and we will no longer see saturns on the road or at least new sat you weres being sold here coming soon. >> tough news there. apparently, you will still able to bet your car serviced iyou had it but you won't find any new ones. coming up next, two neighborhoods on edge after three children and a teenager targeted in an attempted abduction. also ahead, the late of the developments from overseas after two deadly earthquakes in indonesiaened a tsunami that struck the samoas on tuesday. a look at help on its way from here at home. that is coming up. .
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welcome back. fox 5 is following two developing stories overseas. fits in indonesia where the search is on for survivors following two powerful earthquakes that hit within hours of each other. so far, more than 500 lives
6:30 am
have been lost. that is expected to go up into the thousands. countless homes and buildings collapsed, trapping people inside. aid has begun arriving in american samoa now that the white house has declared a major disaster. more than 100 people were killed when an earthquake triggered the killer waves. >> time to check in with tony to find out about our weather for today. >> we have fine conditions today. we'll have more clouds around tomorrow and things change as we head into the weekend. let's take a look at at current temperatures reported in our area. relative humidity, 77%. wind out of the north ic miles per hour. >> here is a look at the sat- rad. it is not bad looking. there is a little bit of fog
6:31 am
out there here and there. not widespread by any means. some clouds out there particularly in the western skies. but that is not going to stop us from having plenty of sunshine during the course of the day today. your day planner for today, temperatures increase from the 40s and 50s into the 60s to around 70 generally speaking. highs today will range from the upper 60s to the low 70s. we think it will be 70 degrees if a highway good amount of sunshine. coming up in just about 15 inutes, today's edition of ask the weather guy. today's question is appropriate considering that today is the first day of october. it has to do with the time of the year. >> okay. >> all right. we'll look forward to that. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic out there this morning. >> it is appropriate for the first day of october and this time of year. yes, i like pumpkin pie. >> me too. me too. >> all right. out on the roads this morning, nothing too sweet to talk about unfortunately.
6:32 am
we are dealing with sky fox. they are above a mess right now over in hyattsville. it is the water main break. a 16-inch break which occurred ound 2:30 this morning that continues to tie up our commute. if you are independent bound, that is northbound queens chapel between yensbury and 410, the road remains blocked. all traffic coming inbound is forced to make a left hand turn over on to bellcrest. it is the northbound side that remains closed between yensbury and 410. still light in this traffic area. not too much of a backup. a lot of activity here. sarah similar monday is reporting live from the scene. at last check, they were still having trouble trying to turn off the water. all unbound traffic is forced to make a left-hand turn off of queens chapel because of this closure.
6:33 am
>> we're still in a backup leaving father hurly boulevard headed out towards mva, slow traffic down at the split. top side of te beltway outer loop slows 95 to georgia avenue. no accidents to report on 95. you are below speed out of woodbridge headed up to lakeshore don. 359, traffic is flowing north of duke street headed up to seminary road. you will find the beltway between annandale and merrifield uneventful. prince george's county residents waking up to flooded- out basements because of a water main break. >> this is happening on queensbury and queens chapel road. sarah simmons joins wuts latest. any new developments out there. >> reporter: wssc crews are still out here working on the hydrant in the area where the pipe actually broke. you can see them working right now. we understand the water has been shut off. but reason we are still seeing water robbing through the roadways is they still have to drain the pipe of all the water
6:34 am
in there and it is a decent- sized pipe, about a 16-minute. main that we're talking about here. it occurred about 2:30 this morning. the pipe dates back to 1933. that is a pretty old pipe. as you know, as we have talked about in water ma breaks in the past, age does sometimes play a factor in the the water main breaks but we don't know if that is the cause of the break here. we don't know for sure how many homes are affected right now but we understand that one family was just evacuated from their home. >> right now, we understand two homes are affected. one home on queensbury has about the to four feet of water in the basement and the other one has a couple inches at this point. and public works and police are working to get those folks out to ensure their safety. >> reporter: as you heard her say right there, two homes that are affected at least as far as we know right now. it is possible if things get going on throughout the morning, there may be others
6:35 am
affected. at this point, it appears to be focused on two homes at this point. now, the road is still closed here on northbound queens chapel road. they are hoping to open one lane for rush hour traffic. at this int, it is still closed down. southbound lane are open at this time. but again, they are still in the process of just trying to figure out exactly what they need to do to repair the roadway. they are still out here examining it. the water is shut off. seventeen customers affected but we'll have more details as they do come to us about how exactly this water main break was caused. back to you. we are following a developing story out of the south pacific this morning where residents of american samoa are coping with the devastation caused bay a tsunami that struck on tuesday. they are trigger by an 8.0 earthquake. more than 100 deaths have been reported. >> the news is causing widespread grief including in
6:36 am
the samoan community here at home. robey chavez has more. >> reporter: in their native language and a long way from hair homeland, prayers and hope from the lal samoan community at a tiny chapel el in the fort myer army base in arlington being family members wait for word. >> my family's home is gone. i have a beloved aunt that died ha her nome. there were six people that died in my village. >> when you lose relatives, when you lose friends and people that you grew up together with, it is always a loss. >> reporter: the images are tough to see. when the four waves struck the island, residents had only minutes to get out. >> it's disaster, bad, very bad. >> i hear from my brother all they could do is just quickly go uphill. >> reporter: at the american red cross disaster headquarters in d.c., officials are already coordinating help. on the ground in american samoa, a team already stations
6:37 am
on the island is experiencing tough conditions. >> conditions are pretty difficult right now. about half of the largest island has no power at all. and the other half still has widespread damage. we are hearing that entire villages have been destroyed. >> reporter: with many of the residents living near the shore, the outlook is grim. the american red cross as a warehouse on the island filled with critical supplies. it won't last long. >> we're looking to supplement that with an additional push of volunteers and an additional push of supplies. >> reporter: in the meantime, songs of hope and prayers for families torn apart by the tsunami. still, the strong samoan hope is intact. >> when i asked how they were doing, she said they were shaken and it is worse than they thought. but they just seem real resolved to the fact that they
6:38 am
will get through this. >> if you would like to help victim of the tsunami, you can. go to myfoxdc.m and click on web links for more on how you can make a donation. now to some of another top stories here in our area. in prince george's county, police are investigate a deadly shooting in riverdale. it happened about mid night along 56th avenue near kenilworth avenue. police say two men p shot, one of them killed. no word yet on the victims' ages or identities. police have a lookout for thee white or hispanic men in a grey honda. police also searching for two men trying to abduct three children. the boys along with a 7-year- old girl were playing outside when the men started calling out to the children trying to coax them into a truck. they started to follow the girl as she ran away. police are looking for a light blue mazda pickup with a partial tag of 41641 w.
6:39 am
fairfax county police looking for a man they say tried to abduct a teenager on her way home from school. i the 15-year-old was walking home along from school from woodson high school when police say she was approached by a man in a white pickup truck. she refused a ride and he apparently grabbed her. she was able to break free. his truck had a pittsburgh steelers sticker on the back bumper and a steelers flag on the back glass. the deadly effects of the swine flu are hitting close to home. a 14-year-old girl in maryland has tied from the illness. destiny parker's family said she died on tuesday after going to the hospital last week. she had the swine flu and double pneumonia. state health officials report this is the ninth death in maryland connected to the h1n1 virus. find out what has tonight show haute conan o'brien banned from one of this country's busiest airport. if you plan on heading to the doctor soon to get a swine flu shot, there is something else you might want to ask if that protects against another potentially deadly illness. that is coming up.
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the pilot in the so-called miracle on the hudson is back in the sky today. captain chesley sullenberger is back in the cockpit. this is his first flight since last winter when he safely land a u.s. a wares plane on the hudson following a bird strike. everybody survived that emergency landing. tonight show host conan o'brien has been banned from newark airport. it all started with a joke he made in a monologue last week about the city of newark. nurse arc's mayor wasn't so happy and poeted his response on youtube. the bottom line sounds serious. >> this is mayor corey booker sitting in the mayor oops office in newark, new jersey. last week, conan owe bind took a swing on the our city. he said the mayor of newark,
6:44 am
new jersey wants it set up a city-wide program to improve president tents' health. that is good. the health care prom would consist of a because ticket out of new ash. n ewark. you fail to understand we have strong neighborhoods, strong people, record reductions in violent crime. we have a city on the rise. conan, i want you to hear directly from the people of newark what they think of you and your joke. >> did you hear what conan o'brien said about the city? >> no, what did he senay. >> who is conan o'brien? >> you tonight mess with newark like that. >> i'm also mayor a city with one of the largest airports in the united states. so now, according to the powers invested in me by the people of the city of newark i am officially putting you on the newark, new jersey no-fly list. try jfk, buddy. >> that was good.
6:45 am
>> that was great. well done. >> you don't want to go to newark. >> i'm telling you. you guys are going to be put on that list. >> that's all right. >> a great response. a funny joke too. >> i guess they must have a lot of money in their budget to be able to do that. >> that is the beauty of youtube. it doesn't cost much to put anything on there. good response. >> take a look at what is going on with the weather conditions around the region. it is a cool start to the day. we are at 51 degrees here in d.c. a lot of spots in the 40s. check out pittsburgh now has dropped off to 39 degrees, steve. quite cold there. new york city, 5 #. newark, probably right around that temperature as well. norfolk, virginia is at # 1 degree at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar combo. we can show you a couple of things. first of all, some of the clouds out there off to the north and west. we have a clot of clear skies from washington to points east and we'll get a lot of sunshine in here during the course of
6:46 am
the the day today. don't expect precipitation today. that will be nice. the other thing that we're looking for is a mild day. take a look at the forecast for washington for today. high about 70 degrees. lots of sunshine and a nice day, i believe. our high will be a little bit below our normal high for this date. five-day forecast for tomorrow, more clouds build in. wait a minute. how did that get in there? for tonight, increasing clouds and cool, 5 # degrees for your overnight low. then the five-day forecast, there we go. friday, some more clouds build in. high into the mid-70s. saturday, warmer but with clouds and rain on saturday. may not rain all day long. but there will be some periods of rain. and sunday looked to be a pretty d.c.ment day after morning showers. monday looks to be decent as well. all right. i like this question. time to ask the weather guy. i do want to make it a point that both tucker and i work hard on this question every
6:47 am
day. it is not just tucker. he is not the brains of the operation as allison seymour said yesterday. i did hear it. >> it has that appearance on an ongoing basis so it's tough. >> today's question is from rhonda. she says i was wondering why they call the tenth month of the year october when the prefix octo usually refers to the number eight. how come the eighth month is august and not october. >> how come being tuck officer. >> can i start with this? >> i justant to say i did all the research on this. tuck are, why do you think october -- he did nothing. >> you can explain it? >> i don't know the answer. only tony knows the answer today. >> is this back to the old mayan calendar again. >> it is the roman calendar. >> yes, you are a smart woman. >> only on certain things. i retain knowledge on certain things.
6:48 am
>> on the old roman calendar, october was the eighth month, september as the sentth, november was the ninth and december was the 10th. that calendar was inaccurate. it was a 10-month calendar. >> which ones weren't there? it only went to 10, not 11. a little spinal tap joke. the winter season wasn't included in the calendar. >> that is the kind of calendar you and julie wright -- >> that's true. >> we have julius caesar. he came long and said this is crazy. i'm going to fix it. first, said i need a month. so he changed the name of the fisk month, which was quintillius to july to honor himself. later on the name of the sixth month was changed to august to honor his nephew august it is us caesar. he added january and february.
6:49 am
originally, march was the first month of the year. he added january and february and that calendar is known as the julian calendar and that is the one that we use today. it has had some other adjustments, mainly the leap area added every four years to further correct it. but it is not a previce instrument. >> tony? i don't get it. so how did october become the tenth month? >> because with you added january an february, it pushes he go down two months. >> he just wanded to prove you actually are the brains of the operation. >> well play by tucker. >> a great question and one that puzzles everybody i think at some time or another. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. i want to take 10 seconds to say something. kids, if you are researching something on the internet, don't go to one source and use that as your source. because there is a lot of bad information on the internet. that's right. >> inaccurate information. you got to really do your homework. >> thank you for the public
6:50 am
service announcement. >> i liked your quotation from caesar too. this is crazy. >> that was a direct quote. >> i'm sure it was. julie wright, back me up here. let's go back to that calendar. let's get rid of january and febary and go straight to march. >> absolutely. i am with you 150%. if this is the coldest it got, it would be good enough for me. there should be a room, december 26th, it goes back up to at least 75 degrees. >> we'll work on that one for you. >> that will be the writian calendar. the crew if sky fox with us. they've been checking out the water main break on the northbound side of queens chapel road between queensbury and 410. all traffic at the bottom of your screen is forced to make a left-hand turn onto bellcrest. not too much of a backup in the area but it is a 16-inch water main break. they've had trouble trying to turn off the water and it has
6:51 am
been a mess all morning long. for traffic coming outbound alonqueens chapel, you do so. it is the unbound commute that we are concerned with -- it is the inbound commute that we're concerned with at this point. all traffic therforced to make the left-hand turn at bellcrest. southbound 95 slowing at 212. we have delays on the bw parkway at 410. that is due it a fender bender on the shoulder in riverdale. if you are traveling inbound new york avenue, it is heavy and slow approaching bladensburg road and right here trying to make your way past the traffic light at florida avenue and continue in towards the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. this one is just for you. it is time for hockey now. washington capitals with the regular season opener tonight. they one be up in boston taking on the bruins. the home opener is saturday against the toronto maple leafs.
6:52 am
baseball season being head to nationals park last night. the nats' justin maxwell finishing the season in style. take a listen. >> way back, warning warn -- warning track! way back! >> that gives the nats a 7-4 win for the last game of the season. they will wrap up the season on sunday if atlanta. right now, we do want to take a look at what we have coming up on fox 5 morning news. at 7:00, new york? no. hollywood, forget about it. tease topping the list of hippest cities in the america. we are talking more about why we are number one. the weather is turning cooler. the leaves are starting to fall. you can still have fun digging in the dirt. this week's garden grow segment is all about fall container gardens. health care workers in new york state required to get the swine flu vaccine or face losing their jobs.
6:53 am
now, the military is making it mandatory soviet will you expect your employer to follow suit? we'll talk details with dr. ivan walks from the maryland swine flu advisory board. we're talking more about the swine flu this morning. the swine flu vaccine is scheduled to start rolling out income week. but doctors are urging everybody to get more than just the h1n1 and the seasonal flu vaccine. they also want you to get a third shot. pneumococcal vaccine that prevents the bacteria that causes pneumonia. the cdc says nearly 30% of people who died had a bacterial unnext as well. yesterday, president obama toured the national institutes of health where he announced $5 billion in new government grants to international monetary fund physical research. it is part of the $787 billion economic stimulus package. he says it will help 1,000
6:54 am
research projects and create jobs. get a taste of country living university a couple of miles outside of.c. >> holly is live in centreville, virginia to show us what the fall festival has in store this year. ♪ save up to an extra 30% when you use your jcpenney card. stores open early saturday with doorbusters. sweaters for her are just $14.99. st. john's bay sueded polos are $12.99. go to and see everything on sale. jcpenney
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e [ power drill whirring ] thank you. excuse me, sir?! can you tell me which coffee tastes better? man: "a," definitely. this one. thank you. in a national taste test, more hardworking americans preferred the taste of dunkin' donuts over starbucks. try the coffee that won. excuse me, sir! thank you. america runs on dunkin'. get a great deal today on any of our new biscuit sandwiches,
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and pair it with america's favorite coffee. storz good morning. i'm holly mris. it feels like fall. it smells like fall, and there is no better place to celebrate fall than cox farms where we are live and our fall festival is underway. it's the largest fall festival in the d.c. area.
6:58 am
90 acorrs of farm-filled fun for you and your familiarly. we're going to chck it out. we're starting with the cornfield can none drum. they say it's not a corn maize. they have a new thing coming up. that doesn't start until the middle of october. but it's called -- i only agreed to check it out during the daytime. but those of you that are a little more brave than me can come out at night. and something more my speed. this year they have a kid zone and an animal helper zone and you can't come to cox farms and not pick out your pumpkin. and we're going to give you information you need to know. you can come out and see it yourself. >> we're going to see you at 7:00. it's time to say good-bying to allison and steve. coming up on fox 5 morning
6:59 am
news, two natural disasters claiming hundreds of lives on the islands of the indian and pacific oceans. what is hindering res co cue efforts. >> and some of your neighbors woke up to water gushing. and impacting your commute. plus forgot new york and los angeles. >> forgot it. >> who cares. the wall street journal says d.c. is the new hippest place to be y. the bright, young, and talented are all flocking to the district. we're going to tell you why. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. this is fox 5 morning news. >> it is thurses morning, tober 1st, 2009 in this hip city, usa. washington monument front and center in that beautiful shot. thanks, everybody for the nice pictures. i'm steve. >


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