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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 4, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. right now at 10:00, redskins rally after being booed off the field by their own fans. the second half she edged out a win against the buccaneers but just barely. at one point it looked like the coaching quarterback's job could be in real jeopardy. it was down right ugly for a while. i'm will thomas. i'm maureen umeh. first, fox 5's dave feldman here to t us started at 10:00. feldy, you ow what? it wasn't pretty but a win is a win. >> it wasn't. by half time they were down 10- 0 to a winless team with a quarterback making his first n.f.l.
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start. you could have easily forgotten this was a home game. the skins are now 2-2, four games in. started horribly. third play from scrimmage, 3rd and 10 from the 20. fumbles the ball. james adams recovers inside the redskins 10-yard line. the nightmare of a start. josh johnson with the play fake. throws to antonio bryant. 8 yards for the touchdown. two minutes in, the bucs are up 7-0. late near the 3rd quarter, redskins trail 10-3. jason campbell steps up and connects with chris cooley. five catches, 65 yards but the extra point was blocked. skins trail 10-9. yayson campbell, -- jason campbell, his prettiest moment of the day. punt fake and finding santana moss. streaking and in stride. 59 yards for the game-winning touchdown. it wasn't pretty but the redskins regroup in the second half and rally to beat the bucs
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16-13 and even their record to 2-2. >> we did win. i'm not satisfied at all spending the whole first half looking for yardage, looking for success. i'm going to spend this week trying to again come up with the right plan, the right answers. >> at love guys were bouncing around, making play, enjoying it. that's what we have to get back to, get back to having fun and win games the way we want to win games. >> campbell finished 12-22. two touchdowns, three picks. he said it was his first three interception game of his entire football life. that's including peewee football. 'll have much more on geico sports xtra tonight at 11:10. >> thank you for that. it's still touch and go for some redskins fans after last week's loss to the detroit lions. some are still finding it pretty hard to rally behind the burgundy and gold. tisha thompson is working the fan angle. >> reporter: the redskins might
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have won the game but you sure could not tell as plenty of fans poured out of fed ex field. from the stadium to the metro station skins fans had plenty of time to analyze what happened. >> it doesn't feel like a win. we beat one of the worst teams in the league and it's not working for me. >> reporter: despite a few opinions to the contrary. >> yes, we did it, baby. >> i'm so happy. yeah, go redskins. >> reporter: the vast majority of these fans have already started to predict the future of jim zorn. >> i think we need a new coach. >> i think we should keep him. >> reporter: why. >> he's on his second year and still getting to know the players. >> reporter: jeff was one of the few wearing quarterback jason campbell's number 17 jeersy. >> i'm regretting the decision a little bit. he's still a good quarterback.
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he just needs a better offensive line and better receivers. >> reporter: but campbell turned over the ball so many times, even saltman did something he didn't do before. he was alone. >> [ indiscernible ] jason campbell had four turnovers. i couldn't stand that. >> reporter: just before the end of the first half, redskins fans let out a boo so loud, some said they thought the philadelphia eagles were in the house. [ crowd booing ] >> it was bad. i mean, i've never seen that happen at ade skins game. it's -- at a redskins game. it's getting pretty bad. the team is going downhill. >> reporter: did you boo? >> yeah. it was looking pretty bad at half time. i was very happy with my team. >> reporter: even the smallest fans have decided despite today's win, it's owe poe if the skins and their coach are
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going to -- win, if the skins and their coach are going to survive the season, they need to change. a lot of people at home were wonder wrg were the bag heads -- wondering where were the bag heads. a bunch of fans we talked to today say they tried. they brought the bags but security confiscated the bags when they entered the stadium. >> it's getting ugly there. thank so you much for that. we want to hear what you think. go to and sign up on the page. prince george's county police say an off-duty d.c. cop fired at to men when tre tried to take his car. it happened just before 6:30 this morning on brooks drive in capitol heights. police claim the officer was parking when the suspects approached, pulled out a gun and demanded his keys. that's when the officer drew his police-issued gun. police say one of the men fired at the officer as they took off
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and he shot back. the officer wasn't hit, but he believes he may have hit one of the men. both suspects managed to get away. a northeast woman devastated tonight after two pit bulls attacked and killed her dog. she was walking her schnauzer poodle mix named raven about 10:15 friday night when the dogs attacked raven. it happened near houston elementary school. jones tried to save her dog but there just wasn't much he could do. >> i tried to hold her to me but she was trying to pull away. i just let her go and told her to run fas but -- [ indiscernible ] they just pulled her and choked her like a rag doll. >> reporter: jones tells fox 5 she doesn't know who the pits belong to one was later found and retrieved by animal control but the other is still on the loose. the clock is ticking in virginia if you plan to vote in next month's election. tomorrow is the last day to register to vote.
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and both gubernatorial candidates are pushing hard for voters to turn out. jennifer davis is i the newsroom with what tomorrow's deadline means. >> reporter: tomorrow is a milestone for both campaigns. it's the last chance to convince virginians they want to vote on november 3. it's a reminder time is running out. both candidates have been scrambling to register folks to vote. it isn't a national race so there is a voter drop and voter turnout is expected to be far less than last year. but the stakes are just as high this time around. bob mcdonald -- bob mcdonnell has led the race but the lead has narrowed as creigh deeds popularity continues to climb. the attacks will intensify as the campaigns race to the november 3 finish line. >> you're going to see a lot of talk about bob mcdonnell being
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too conservative. you'll see that in northern virginia with ads targeting women. you'll see perhaps what's called the google search among female oriented websites in northern virginia on behalf of creigh deeds and you'll see bob mcdonnell calling deeds too liberal and linking him to barack obama. >> reporter: tomorrow you'll see a push when you're out and about especially near colleges and areas where lots of young people congregate. if you live in virginia and have not registered to vote yet, you have until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow to do so. >> thank you for that. coming up at 11:00, we'll show you how folks working for both mcdonnell and deeds campaigns spent the day at registration -- as the registration dade fast -- day fast approaches. in all 39 people were indicted in the taxicab bribery case in d.c. ted loza the chief of aff for d.c. councilman jim graham was arrested for allegedly taking a
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$1500 bribe to promote favorable taxicab legislation. graham has not been accused of any wrongdoing. the u.s. attorney's office declined to comment on the connection between the indictments and the charges against loza. a traffic alert if you drive on i-95 in maryland. beginning early it will be completely shut down for about 15-minute intervals. here are the details. it will be happening between maryland routes 198 and 212. the closures ben around midnight automobile 4:30 on the northbound lanes. the southbound lane will be hut down until 3:30. officials say this pattern of closures will happen periodically through the spring as crews set structural steel for the new icc bridges. the work is in addition to the occasional lane closures in that area overnight. we're following a developing story right now. a state of emergency after a dangerous wildfire breaks out. californians put on high alert. thousands of residents told to get out before it's too late. we are on the front lines.
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plus, a deadly attack killing eight american soldiers in afghanistan. who's claiming responsibility and is the country in danger falling to militants. counting calories by looking at product labels if you're brave enough. but not so fast. why some could be deceiving. we're investigating just ahead. gwen, you don't have anything to worry about when it comes to the calorie department. >> thank you. i have to tell you something. mother nature has been on us. plenty of sunshine. details coming up. keep it on fox 5. your 90 mince of news -- 90 minutes of news is just getting started. 
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what kind of person writes a thesis calling working women "detrimental to the family..." then lies about his opponent to cover up his own record? the post said bob mcdonnell took office and began passing his social agenda... and the post confirmed that he voted to deny access to birth control. they said mcdonnell even opposed equal pay for women. no matter what his ads say, bob mcdonnell can't cover up his record. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad.
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fox 5 following a developing story on the west coast. a wildfire in california continues to burn out of control and is gaining ground. flames have already destroyed several homes and burned over 73500 acres of the san gabriel mountains. as the fire creeps towards more homes, firefighters are warning residents to move to safer
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ground but not everyone is ready to leave just yet. >> i see the flames coming up on the back over here. i want to see that the firemen are going to make a stand. >> more than a thousand firefighters are battling the flames. the cause of the fire is unknown. governor arnold schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency. >> seems like california just can't get a break lately. another natural disaster continues to unfold across the pacific. nature's wrath causing angry path of destruction in parts of the philippines, samoa and indonesia. >> earthquake, tsunamis and typhoons over the past week cause massive flooding and deaths. we take a closer look at the recovery effort. >> reporter: earthquake, typhoons and tsunamis make for a week of killer weather. villages along the southern coast of samoa are entirely swallowed by last week's tsunami which left more than
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170 people dead. >> we live like this the whole life. we need to start again. >> reporter: in one american samoa village, hope of recovering anyone alive has given way to reality that loved ones are gone for good. one mother tried to save her six-year-old daughter but cldn't. >> when she started floating away i heard her say mom, please. and i just -- i lost it. i went under and she went under and it was really hard. >> reporter: from samoa to the philippines where last weekend's deadly tropical storm caused massive flooding in the manila area killing more than 300 people and forcing tens of thousands to flee to higher ground. then on friday typhoon parma began to head to the northern philippines bringing winds more than a hundred miles an hour. officials report at least four dead and a massive cleanup underway. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: an earthquake wednesday in indonesia killed more than 700 people. rescuers are sifting through tons of mud in an effort to
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recover bodies. countries around the world are sending millions of dollars of food, clothing and water to help the survivors and from the pope, prayers for the people of indonesia, samoa and the philippines. chris foster, fox news. >> as you just saw during the weekly homily, the pope led a prayer for the victim. he's also calling for more international support to help the survivors recover and rebuild. eight american soldiers are dead after a aliban ambush in northern afghanistan. it happened yesterday morning. 300 insurgents with automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades stormed two outpests near the border of pakistan. a retired general and national security advisor is taking some troops away from the u.s. commander's request for 40,000 more soldiers in afghanistan. general james jones said that issue of development and governance have to be addressed rather than approaching it by the number of boots on the ground t. is a hot button issue being discussed in congress
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right now. >> i would not commit to more combat troops at this time. there are a lot of other things that need to be done to show resolve. what we need a surge of is afghan troops. there's a marine captain in hillman prove finishes who put it this way. our achilles heel is a shortage of afghan troops. >> i sent a letter to the president a number days ago spelling out in great detail six pages of the letter spelling out basically give the general what he needs. you have to have security in afghanistan. you have to have governance in afghanistan. if you don't have both of them, your whole strategy falls apart. >> general jones also said it is better for military advice to come up through the ranks than a public forum that was a reference to a special general mcchrystal made -- speech general mcchrystal made last week in london. in congress there is definitely some tough talk. as fox 5's sarah simmons
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explains, some are ready to crack down if iran doesn't fall in line with inspections immediately. >> reporter: iran's testing of its nuclear missiles is testing the world's patience. the test fire came just three days before the iranian government was set to sit down with the u.s. and other nations to discuss its nuclear program. members of the senate are ready to take action. >> i think just continuing the dialogue with him -- with him and threatening the sang, the. is going -- sanctions, the president is going to take that attitude, i don't think we'll get anywhere. >> we need to have real dead lienls and consequences if they don't live up to their word because they have lied repeatedly in the past. we are on a path toward a nuclear iran which is an unacceptable course. >> reporter: the obama administration is saying not so fast. the president's national security advisor says the u.s. is seeing positive signs that iran may be willing to cooperate. >> the issue of proliferation is one that really keeps us up
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at night and should keep us up at night. whether it's north korea or iran and on both fronts we're seeing some movement in a positive direction. >> reporter: the national security advisor made the comment today after word came down that international inspectors would be allowed to visit tehran's newly revealed uranium inretchment -- enrichment side and more encouraging news. >> they said they would come back to the table in the month of october. we'll look and see whether those steps are indeed fulfilled. >> reporter: the thought on capitol hill, talk is cheap. >> what matters ultimately is not what they say but what they do. so will they allow the inspections to go forward? will they actual send the uranium out ever the country? what about other hidden facilities they may have? >> reporter: the u.s. may find the answers to some of those questions on october 25, the day inspectors may get a closer look at tehran's uranium enrichment site. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> the u.n. doesn't have concrete proof that there's an
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ongoing nuclear program inside iran but there is proof of uranium enrichment. thousands will are trained on lower manhattan looing for signs of terrorism. new york police are installing 3,000 cameras in the financial district. the goal is to have them all up by 2011. they will become part of the high-tech way the police department keeps tabs on what are called high value terror targets. one of the features is a huge map that pin points 911 calls from cell phones in real time. >> it is an error that includes penn station, grand central station, the empire state and chrysler building, the united nations and other highly visible buildings and institutions that people around the world would identify with our city. >> homeland security grant will pay for the cameras and will also help improve the equipment the city already has. it's being called an innovative approach to health care. we're talking about coaches but not like jim zorn. these health coaches are enlisted before people get sick and prevent problems down the
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road. we'll take you to a local community where the idea is now being put to the test. first, keep the spare change handy. where it's going to cost you to park even on the weekends. we're back right after this. more and more, the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs,
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if you're parking in parts of rockville, you better carry a little take cash. new rules. you'll have to fork over a dollar an hour between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and that includes saturdays. sundays are still free. rockville city officials think this will bring in about $400,000 a year. the money would be used to help pay for the three parking garages the city owns. rockville residents, you are getting a bit of a break. you can still get a code from the city that will give you 12 free passes to one of those garages. couldn't ask for a better day from the weather department. sunny and warm. right now outside 61 degrees. a clear night as we take a live look at the beautiful washington monument. let's head over to gwen tolbart live in the fox 5 weather
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center. it was a day to be outside enjoying the glorious weather. hope you got to do the same. >> absolutely. the thing is we had two great days this weekend that were fantastic. like a repeat performance. love mother nature when she does that. conditions were nice. we had a little bit of a breeze but it was still very, very comfortable out there. humidity was bearable. nothing to really complain about hopefully. let's take a look at where we stand now in terms of our temperatures. it's 61 degrees officially at national airport. 57 at dulles. we've got 54 at baltimore. 50 to the north at frederick and 59 at fredricksburg. skies mostly clear because we've got a ridge of high pressure that's dominating our weather pattern. you can see just a few high level clouds that are moving in. really nothing that's going to disturb the night at all. it will be mostly clear skies with just a few clouds. a cool night. 51 degrees for your overnight low. a chilly start to the morning but your five-day forecast doesn't look too bad at all. i'll have the details what you can expect and the back-to-
10:26 pm
school forecast as well when he come back upstairs. next at 10:00, your best defense against swine flu arriving in just days. >> doctors receiving doses of the new vaccine. what you need to know before getting a shot. that is coming up next. alan green greenspan's sobering prediction on the economy. how high he thinks unemployment could go. traveling deals that may be too good to pass up. the news at 10:00 continues. 
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get online payroll and put hours back in your day suntrust. live solid. bank solid. the choice in this election for governor is really pretty simple: do we move virginia forward by continuing the pro-business economic policies that i helped put in place... or do we go backwards with the failed economic approach that ruined our economy? creigh deeds kno keeping taxes low and controlling spending
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is the right way to keep virginia the best place to do business. and i agree. because rebuilding confidence in our economy starts with responsible leadership from a new governor like creigh deeds.
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with online cash manager, you can do it all. suntrust. live solid. bank solid. the swine flu vaccine finally heading to doctors' offices this week. more than 30,000 doses have arrived in maryland already. 200 million doses should be available by the end ever the year. doctors say children under 10 will need two doses to be fully protected. those doses should come 21 days apart. the federal government is picking up the tab for the
10:30 pm
vaccine, but you may still be charged in add -- charged an administration fee. an innovative program in maryland is king a new approach on health care reform. it doesn't focus on treating people once they get sick, though. it is a preventative approach that makes participants get a health coach. not like jim zorn. this is a health coach. kind of different here. as sherri ly explains, the results so far show big time savings. >> reporter: working at a bakery, the smell of fresh cookies and bread can smack you english. so as the fast food on his delivery route. then he got a health coach. >> i have to go to her and look her in the face and say yeah, i had some fast food last week. >> reporter: he agreed to meet with the coach and follow a health plan as part of the healthy howard program which provides low cost health care. >> she set me up with a program with the columbia association and a gym. it's really just getting an attainable goal, talking with them every month but that goal. >> repoer: howard county
10:31 pm
health officer dr. peter billings says it's the only program that requires health coaches. take the 26-year-old smoker who went to bed at 3:00 a.m., didn't eat breakfast and felt sluggish. >> he says to the health coach, don't even talk to me about stopping smoking. >> reporter: so the coach suggest add bowl of oatmeal at breakfast and going to bed earlier. >> he comes back and has lost 5 to 7 pounds, is feeling considerably better. >> reporter: now he's ready to to quit smoking. healthy howard had only had two hospitalizations and a handful of emergency visits. >> we've been very good at preventing emergency room situations and hospital use. >> i've cut out sodas, trying to eat leaf any greens. they give you very attainable goals. i do feel healthier. >> reporter: healthy howard figures investing in people's health will save us all money
10:32 pm
down the road. in columbia, fox 5 news. no one is being kicked out of the healthy howard program for failing to comply with health coach. even people who are resistant to the idea at first usually come around. nursing homes across the country need a shot in the arm. many are in a budget crunch and on the verge of laying off workers cutting services or closing all together. industry experts blame the recession and deep federal spending cuts. experts predict a new medicare rate adjustment would cut about $16 billion from nurses homes over the next ten years. the crisis comes as the nation's baby boomers inch closer toward needing nursing home care. the recession may be turning around but not the unemployment rate. last month the rate reached 9.8%, the highest it's been in 26 years. and it may continue to rise. the former federal reserve chairperson alan greenspan predicts the jobless rate will pass 10% and stay there for quite a while. greenspan made the comment this morning during an interview. he also believes a second stimulus plan isn't needed just
10:33 pm
yet, but he did back the president's plan to extend unemployment benefits and tax credits for health insurance. money worries have a lot of us skipping those out of town vacations, unfortunately wouldn't you like to be in miami right now. but taking a trip may not be as far out of reach as you think. airfare and hotel rates are dropping. so get those bags packed and take me with you. fox 5's brenda butner shows you how to sco the deals. >> reporter: attention, travelers. fall deals are yours for the taking w. hotel rates up to 40% lower than last year, you don't need to take a staycation. >> there are crazy deals to be had during the fall, mostly because tese hotels have vacancies and they really want to bring people in. >> reporter: roommates in san diego are seeing some of the steepest declines in the country. >> one great example is a four- star resort and spa with rates of $119 this fall. that's 35% off last year's rates. >> reporter: your dream vacation to hawaii can now be a reality.
10:34 pm
airfare to island there is is down 14% from last year. >> the grand walala which is a five-star resort gives a $500 resort credit when you book a five-night or longer stay this fall. >> reporter: save the money on your hotel at the tables in sin city. >> las vegas's hotel rate has falling upon that more than any other domestic vacation. circus circus has roommates this fall from $25 a night. >> reporter: the republic has several all inclusive resorts so no surprises at checkout. >> the dominican beach all inclusive resort with rates from $104 a night. you can't beat those prices. >> reporter: check out the fall foliage in vermont without spending too much green. >> we found a deal at snow flake mountain resort and spa. this is $199 per person. you get your absolutely gorgeous room, a full country breakfast every morning, 25% off of the spa treatments and they also give you maps so you
10:35 pm
can go out and do some leaf peeping on your own. >> reporter: for your shopper's market, fox news. >> they look pretty good. >> i'm with you. take me, too. if you're counting calories, chances are you probably check the label. >> but the information on the back of the box may be wrong. we're exposing the label lies. animals being pressed. we'll tell what you this one is all about. moms making a living without having to leave their living room. sound too good to be true? you'll see how they're making it happen still ahead tonight. you wanted more. you wanted videos and photos... email and broadband. you wanted to run your business from anywhere... and instant messaging to stay in touch with everyone. you wanted apps to find music, news, or the way home. ok your wireless companies... grow your world.
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more than 21,000 runners hit the road for the army ten miler. i think our web producer emily in the crowd there somewhere. it starts and ends at the pentagon and benefits soldiers and their families. a good day for a run and not a bad day for baseball >> pretty much everyone was paying attention to the redskins game. they did it. the nats were playing their last game of the '09 season.
10:39 pm
dave feldman back with sports. >> a silver lining today at the end a very tough season. the nationals started the season with a seven-game losing streak. they finish with a seven-game winning streak and 103-loss season. today the longest game of the season 15 innings. nats and braves top of the 7th. two runners on for big adam dunn who rips the base hit to right field. alberto gone disolless is going to -- gonzalez is going to motor all the way around and score. game tied at 1. move to the top of the 15, tied 1-1. alberto gonlez, base hit to center field. elijah dukes score cans. nats up 2-1. in the bottom of the 15th, still 2-1, the braves on with two on, two outs. max logan with the breaking ball. called out toandz the game and -- to end the game and end the season. the nats become the first team
10:40 pm
to lose their first seven games and win their last seven. redskins rallied to score163rd quarter points. the game highlighted by the 59- yard connection from jason campbell to santana moss. it may have saved the job of the quarterback. >> we wanted to get a win to show the fans we understand what you're all feeling and what you're going through but just believe, we're going through the same thing. you think we want to play the way we've been playing? no. the only way to come out of it is to go out there and do what we do good clinton portis has a big day and jason campbell reflects on one of his worst days that ended up a great day because they still won. talk about a roller coaster ride that jason campbell had to endure. >> these guys aren't used to playing through boos but they managed to get a win. >> they're starting to get used
10:41 pm
to boos. >> let me just say your pink ribbon is not lost on us in honor of breast cancer awareness month for the month of october. >> the redskins sponsored a special day today called crucial catch which was very nice. chris cooley wore pink cleats and pink gloves. so did clinton portis. it hits close with chris cooley. his mom is battling cancer and dan snyder's wife. nice job by the redskins. there was a lot of pink and the redskins won so it's good for everyone. >> real men wear pink so there you go. >> i'm sure the viewers appreciate you honoring them. gwen tolbart is looking ahead to the workweek forecast. your five-day is up next.  ring ring ring ring.
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some health experts claim current calorie estimates are basted on flawed and outdated science and the numbers could be off by as much as 25%. fox's rob olson breaks down those numbers. >> reporter: when it comes to shopping for food no matter who you are at some point in your life you've probably done it. >> i check the back of the labels on just about everything i pick up and compare it with. >> reporter: sam does it every time she picked upa food item. checks the calories. >> the older i get, i guess i need to watch my calories more and more. >> reporter: you can just imagine her reaction when we told her about new research saying those calories could be off as much as 25%. >> i take for granted what the package says is what it means. >> it's probably true that there are inaccuracies in the calorie ntent that shows up on the package labels. >> reporter: dr. gillford partly specializes in preparing people for weight loss surgery. he says we should focus on the percentage of calories that comes from fat instead of overall calories. >> there are pieces to the
10:46 pm
information on the nutrition label that can be usedful but i think the calorie content is not one of them. >> it's tough to determine exactly how many calories somebody needs. >> reporter: this dietician agrees, people should not focus on those calories but instead choose healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. >> the calorie information on the label may not be all that useful anyway. >> reporter: compare a typical pasta against the whole grain one of the calories might be the same but the whole grain provides more nutrients but in the end she believes the calorie label is still the best guideline. >> if we're going to use calorie information, we're going to do better by looking at that label and seeing maybe we want to think about it more as an estimate but it's the best estimate that we have. what alternative do we have? >> i dot know about you but i'm always in denial. i never want to look at the calorie count. >> my motto is if it's -- is if it tastes good, spit it out.
10:47 pm
beautiful day. don't want to take anything back. >> beautiful weekend. >> we sure had like a summer weekend. i was saying this all day yesterday. it's more like summer than fall. amazing. >> definitely. we've got a great shot outside to show you because the skies absolutely wonderful. take a look at that. how beautiful is that. absolutely wonderful weekend. clear skies tonight. just a few clouds. not a whole lot to be concerned with at all. so far it looks like we're going to start off the workweek pretty nicely as well. let's begin with a look at our weather headlines. the high pressure system remaining in control. that will sets us up for some sunshine as we head into tomorrow and the beginning of tuesday. the week starting out nice and sunny. can't complain about that. chance of rain showers are in the forecast. fall temperatures, they are going to continue. so means early mornings definitely a sweater or at least a light jacket. 72 degrees our high today at national airport. 71 dulles. a lot closer to where we should be temperature wise than we were yesterday where we were
10:48 pm
well above seasonal. it's 61 degrees right now in the district. 57 at dulles and 48 degrees at frederick. 54 at baltimore. along the mid-atlantic 66 degrees at norfolk. 64 degrees this hour as far as new york is concerned. here's a look at where we expect to be tonight temperature wise. a little cool. temperures into the upper 40s and low 50s and over areas of the potomac highlands could see some patchy frost there and a lot more clouds definitely in t forecast. so speaking of clouds, some very high level clouds scooting their way in across the south of us across the area. but other than that, not much happening. let's take a look at radar for you. to the south, poor georgia once again getting hit with plenty of rainfall. they've had flash flood watched throughout the entire area. this is all continuing to push its way out towards area of the east and to the west a totally different story. take a look at this. in the western portion of the country, that's where we're actually seeing some snow. let's have a look at the western portion. one to 3 feet of snow in the
10:49 pm
high err elevations. -- higher elevations. let's go back to our weather maps. ridge of high pressure building in. that's going to hold us stead into tomorrow as well we're going toandz up seeing plenty of -- to end up seeing plenty of sunshine. a couple of frontal systems we'll have to deal w looks like we'll see some rain as a result of it as we move into the tuesday-wednesday period. tomorrow morning around 50 degrees. sunny skies and cool as far as the early morning hours are for the children going to school. so make sure they're dressed appropriately. and as far as our temperature trends are concerned, we're going to continue to see us staying pretty much into the 70s and the upper 60s right aoss the board. our next chance of rain looks like it's going to be as i said tuesday night into wednesday. and that's all associated with a couple of frontal systems. what we're going to end up having is one front that's going to move in from the south as a warm front. another ld front from the west that will set us up. tuesday night in wednesday,
10:50 pm
gusty winds to deal with as well. behind the frontal system we get back to a ridge of high pressure and another front by the end of the week. e got word as well on our wires we have a tropical system that's now developed name grace and it's just off the northeast coast of the adisors. we'll keep -- azores. we'll keep an eye on that. >> we know you're watching. thank so you much for that. a beautiful day for this year's blessing of the animals. dozens of pets and their owners packed the lawn outside the national cathedral to receive a blessing. the service is in conjunction with the festival day of st. francis of asisi. a georgetown family turned their job hunt into a nationwide road trip calling it 30 ballparks and a baby. >> this one is going to wear you out, especially if you're not a parent. this mom and dad drove thousands of miles all with a seven-month-old baby in tow. beth parker tagged along with the family as their cross-
10:51 pm
country swing wrapped up. >> reporter: seven-month-old sophia has gotten a taste of baseball. more than a taste actually. you see, her parents had both finished up temporary government work. dad had a job interview in indiana. the family hit a few major league ballparks on the road trip. >> she usually takes her nap around the 5th inning and wakes up in time for the 7th inning stretch. >> reporter: dad thout it would be a good idea to visit every major league football. >> i was like really? >> reporter: yes, really, a 14 14,000-mile road trip with an infant. they called it 30 ballparks and a baby. they officially kicked off the tour on father's day. >> i caught the first foul ball. >> reporter: in every city they rooted for the home team. >> from the beginning we were very committed that if we are in their home turf and in their park visiting them, we root for the home team. so we'll be rooting for the orioles tonight. >> reporter: among the
10:52 pm
highlights watching derek jeter break lou gehrig's order for career hits. they got a kick out of elvis night in chicago. the hardest part? packing and unpack be the car at each stop, but it's worth t. they've asked each major league team for an autographed item to be auctioned off. all of the money raised from auctioning off the memorabilia will go to charity. they're not sure exactly what charity yet, but they do know it will be something that promotes girls in sports. >> girls are very underserved when it comes to sports. they're underserved in the world of sports and they're underserved in the game of life so basically what we want to do is we want to find an organization that focuses on specifically girls. >> reporter: they've learned how nice people can be, especially when you're job hunting. >> we've gotten e-mails from folks that say such and such a place is looking. >> reprter: no job offers yet but the summer together was a home run. in washington, beth parker, fox
10:53 pm
5 news. >> feeling sophia is going to be playing softball in no time. the 30th and final ballpark, baltimore's camden yards. if you'd like to see the rest of their photos, visit our website right there, 14,000 miles with little sophia. >> what do you want to bet a movie might be in the works. 30 ballparks and a baby. >> i think a scrapbook is in order. >> at least that. making a living without leaving the living room. we'll -- we're showing you how moms are doing it. that's next at 10:00. stay with us. more and more, the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information, and connect with family and friends. it's the spark that drives innovation,
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with the all-new low-fat buffalo chicken sub at subway. now part of a subway fresh fit meal. it's a simple way to enjoy eating better. subway. eat fresh.
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they do tons of work but the pay just isn't there. we're talking about stay at home moms but plenty are pulling in cash while the kids play or nap. all it takes is a computer. keith yaskin shows us how these mom entrepreneurs are doing it. >> reporter: with four kids,
10:57 pm
life can sometimes seem crazy. >> if you're in the in the room, you're going to have bad consequences. ready? one, two, three. thank you. >> reporter: amy doesn't have extra hours in the day. but she found time to step into a world beyond her family. if you think it's tough enough raising four kids and one on the way, consider that amis part of a growing trend across the country. she is a mom-pruneur. they're moms who are entrepreneurs. >> sometimes i'm have six or seven orders. sometimes i'll have one order. >> reporter: her company is called modest middles. >> i do the packaging for the whole thing. >> reporter: she sells undershirts helping nursing moms cover stretch marks or extra baby weight while still wearing normal clothing. >> you put the nursing bra on and then the modest middle
10:58 pm
which is this part here. >> reporter: folding, packaging, filling orders. >> so a lot of the initial work i had to do late at night because the kids were asleep. >> reporter: big family, small business good having my own business i think is a great example for my kids. >> it's followingour dream. you get to have your home life with your kids. >> we play cards. >> reporter: julie's business is free birthday, a website showing companies across the country giving away free stuff on your birthday. advertising on the site makes this mom her money. >> i think there's a lot of women out there building businesses because of the economy. i'm still here for the kids but i'm in here a lot. >> reporter: she works on running her business about eight hours a day. >> it also allows me to be with the kids. if my kids are sick, my husband doesn't have to take off. you don't have the fight with the corporate world that you're not there. but i'm also here if they need a right, if they're not feeling
10:59 pm
well from school, mom taxi. being a mom and also being an entrepreneur from home, it's two jobs. >> i have seen it empower my kids what can they invent, what type of business could they have. >> reporter: being a parent and a professional despite the background noise. it's a lot for one mom to manage. i'm keith yaskin, fox news. >> she's got her hands full there. >> just a little bit. >> if only my mom could get paid watching qvc. we'd be reich. the news is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starting right now. a rush to register state virginia voters for a statewide race that's gaining attention. >> the


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