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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  October 5, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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thank you for being with us. we say good morning to tony perkins as well. >> how are you? >> i'm good. i didn't know i was on tv. >> it is a nice day. the moon is beautiful. >> it is gorgeous. we have a few clouds out there. we'll see a good amount of sunshine. we'll start with the current conditions being reported at reagan national airport. right now, it is 57 degrees. relative humidity, 59%. your winds are out of the west at five miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the region. we do have clouds in over us, no precipitation. don't expect to see any today. the clouds that are there will push out later on this morning. a sunny day, little bit breezy. lots of sunshine, highs into the low 70s. hagerstown, 71. fredericksburg, 74. washington, 73 degrees. more on the weather in just a bit.
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>> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her. >> good morning to you all. not so bad on the roads. we do have bumpy pavement we need to watch for on the beltway traveling to ad from the american legion bridge. some of the lanes are uneven as you try to switch from the left to the right so be careful. no accidents to report. smooth trip out of montgomery county. 395 at speed here coming across the 14th street brdge. light volunteer -- volume past landmark. all lanes are open as you continue eastbound in towards wolf trap. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following a developing story this morning as u.s. military officials are brainstorming new strategies after the deadly taliban ambush in northern afghanistan over
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the weekend. 300 insurgents with automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades stormed two outposts near the border of pakistan on saturday killing eight american soldiers and more than 20 afghan security troops. this was the deadliest battle in more than a year. lawmaker now debating over the direction of the war. they planned to move troops into heavily populated areas. it is part of a new plan to focus on protecting afghan civilians. president obama will meet with his afghan war council this week. and iran is apparently shifting from defiant to cooperative on the nuclear materials fronted. the united nations inspectors will get a closer look at iran's newly revealed uranium enrichment site on october 25th. iran says its nuclear ambitions are r energy animal research only.
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some of the suspects in a sweeping two-year taxicab commission bribery case are scheduled to be in federal court today. in all, 39 people were undieted, accused of trying to bribe a city official over licenses for cabbies. ted loza was arrested for allegedly taking $1,500 in a bribe to promote favorable taxicab legislation. councilman graham has not been accused of any wrongdoing. time is running out if you plan on voting for virginia's next governor. today is the last day to register to vote and candidates are pushing for the bases to turn out. both scrambled over the weekend to register voters. republican bob mcdonnell has had the lead since the summer months but democrat creigh deeds has narrowed that lead. you have until 5:00 this afternoon to register that vote. the recession might be turning around but not the unemployment rate. last month, the rate reached
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9.8%, the highest point in 26 areas and it may continue to rise. former federal reserve chairman alan greenspan predicts the jobless rate will pass 10% and stay there for a while. he made the comment during a sunday morning interview. he says a second stim plus u.s. plan is not needed yet. another big stor backlash over took place are layoffs in the d.c. public school system. a number of teachers are being let go to deal with a $44 million budget shortfall. sarah simmons joins us from mckinley school in northeast where a protest is set to take place. >> reporter: that protest is expected to get under way at about 8:30 this morning. the temperature pears have flared over this decision by d.c. public schools to lay off about 388 employees, 229 of those being teachers. we understand they are being
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placed on paid leave through november 2nd. d.c. schools chancellor mielle rhee says the budget constraints left her with no other choice. they were facing a $44 million budget shortfall. some who work here at mckinley tech high scol and were tenured questioned if a budget shortfall is why they were let go in the first place. many are saying a lot of the teachers were over the age of 35 so they were questioning whether it was length of employment and how old they were as to why they were let go. there was a tense scuffle at mckinley high on friday, evidence that the questions still remain out there. the video was shot but a sior at mckinley tech high school on friday. now, a vast majority of the schools we're being told by d.c. public schools were not impacted by this. they are telling us that 60% of of the schools will lose one tea are or less. 80% will lose two teachers are less but a lot of teachers here that worked at mckinley high school are not buying that
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argument. they are really upset about this. some a claiming they are going to file a lawsuit. we do expect to mare more about that and hear more from the teachers coming up at 8:30 when the protest is expected. back to you. >> thank you. we are following more developing news overseas as well as the deadly bombing inside the offices of the world food program in pakistan as several people are confirmed dead there. we'll brung you the details next. another wildfire is raging out west. people are being told to get out. we'll have the late of the from california. a big day for the supreme court. we'll talk about what is happening inside these doors coming up as well when fox 5 morning news continues. using kmart layaway makes me wonder if everything...
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wear following developing news in pakistan this morning. police say a suicide bomber carried out he tax on the world food program offices in the pakistani capital. police say three people were killed in the blast an iraqi working there. the attacker blew himself up in the lobby of the heavily guarded and fortified building. an aggressive ground and air assault in california as
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crews are working tirelessly to knock out a wildfire. the governor has declared a state of emergency and manned evacuations are under way. in incident nearby i can't, rescuers have called off the search in the rubble. they are focusing on bringing aid to the survivors in the remote hills of western indonesia where several villages were wiped out. heavy rain is hampering efforts. there is no clear word on the death toll now but the united nations puts the figure at 1100. in the south pacific, people gather to mourn victims of the tsunami that obliterated villages on the shores of american samoa and samoa. it claimed 17 # lives. the supreme court starts a new term today. all eyes will be on the judge
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sonya sotomayor. five of the six catholic justices were at a mass yesterday. the red mass has been held the day before the new supreme curt term ery year since 1953. it is now 11 minutes after 5:00. don't trust everything you read on food labels. that is the word from some health officials. coming up next, a warning on some information about food labels that could be way off the mark. the redskins rebound. we'll have highlights of the big win over the buccaneers yesterday. in just a few moments, we'll bring you the latest on today's weatr forecast. julie wright will be along to tell us what is happening on the roads. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. .
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makes. the redskins beat the tampa bay buccaneers yesterday. the final was 16-13. jason campbell with two touchdowns as the skins improved to 2-2. just when the team and the fans needed. >> we wanted to get a win here just so the fans, yeah, we hear you all. we understand what you're going through. just believe we're going through the same thing. you think he want to play the way we've been playing? no. >> a little bit later, dave ross will join us live for our monday morning quarterback. coming up in our 9:00 hour, running back clinton portis is scheduled to join us live here in the studio. the washington nationals wrapped up their season yesterday with a 2-1 win over the atlanta braves in 15 innings. alberto gonzales throws in the winning run. they finished the season 59 wins, 103 losses. >> for the first seven and last
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sent, they finished okay. >> nice to see them end on a winning note. >> only in the middle they had a problem. >> hi! how are you? >> i'm good. >> it is a nice start to our workweek. >> not bad at all. i think it ill with be a decent workweek. a fall rain showers here and there but today will be a dry day with lots of sunshine. here are your weather headlines for today and the next few days. today, mostly sunny and quite nice. highs in the low 70s. mild really all week long. next rain chances tuesday evening in the first part of wednesday. and then want to let you know there is a new tropical storm. it is tropical orm grace. i will show it to you later in the morning. it will have no impact on the u.s. it is way out in the
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portions of the atlantic. likely to impact ireland. 52 at dulles airport. 50 in baltimore. patuxent naval air station, 55. in hagerstown, it is 5 # degrees at this hour. hears a look at the sat-rad for the region. clouds in over us. you can see, as we speak, they are pushing off to the east and you have clearer skis out here. we'll see a good amount of sunshine during the day. this precipitation stays well to the south, mainly in the carolinas and other places to the south. that is pushing off to the east as well. so for today, here what is the forecast looks like. mostly sunny. breezy at times. those winds will be out of the west, 10 to 15 miles per hour. high today about 37 degrees. our normal high for today would be 72 degrees so we're right there. then for tonight, clear and cool. 52 for your low downtown. many of you will be in the 40s during the overnight hours. not a bad day. 72degrees. more clouds building in. chance of some rain showers into each life a little rain must fall. tuesday night into the first
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part offed with, early part of the day. 75 on wednesday. another chance of rain late friday night into saturday. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic with julie wright. >> getting all depend and philosophical on us early this morning. >> that is me. >> as long as it doesn't fall during rush hour, we have no problem with it. 66 eastbound, all of the lanes are open. nice, easy ride shaping up right now as traffic merges onto fair observation. no problems reported out of manassas. we have light traffic volume traveling between the two 234 interchains. top side of the beltw still at speed between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it will now cost you a little bit extra to park in rockville as new rules start
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today for those park pa,ing at rockville town center. it is $1-you're and that includes saturday. city officials think this will bring in about $400,000 a year. the money would be used to help pay for the three parking garages the city owns. the swine flu vaccine finally heading to doctors' offices this week. the vaccine expected to begin arriving at the nation's hospitals, clinic and schools tomorrow. more than 30,000 doses have arrived in maryland. 200million doses should be available by the end of the year. doctors say children under the age of 10 will need two doses to be fully protected. those should come 21 days apart. the federal government is picking up the tab for the vaccine. you may still be charged an administration fee. we have awe word of warning if you use food label to help count calories. some health experts claim current calorie estimates are based on flawed and outdated science and those numbers could
5:20 am
be off by as much as 25%. fox's rob olsen breaks down the numbers in this morning's on call. no matter who you are, at some point in your life, you've probably done it. >> i check the back o the labels on just about everything i pick up and compare it. >> reporter: sam does it every tomshe picks up awe food item, check the calories. >> the old are i get, i need to watch mychal rid more and more. >> reporter: you can just imagine her reaction when we tolder about new research saying those calories could be off as much as 25%. >> i take for granted that what the package says is what it means. >> it is probably true that there are inaccuracies in the calorie content that shows occupy the package labels. >> reporter: dr. hartley specializes in preparing people for weight loss surgery. dr.hartley says we should focus on the percentage of calories that comes from fat instead of overall calories. >> there are pieces to the information on the nutrition label that can be useful but i think the calorie content is not one them.
5:21 am
>> it is tough to determine exactly how many calories somebody needs. >> reporter: susan dino agrees. people should not focus on those calories but unstead choose healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. >> the calorie information may not be all that useful for people anyway. >> compare a typical pasta against a whole grain one. kal rays might be the same but the whole grain provides more nutrients. but in the en, she believes the calorie guideline is still the best guideline. >> : officer going to use calorie information, we'll do better by looking at that label and maybe we want to think about it. it is the best estimate that we have. what alternative do we have? >> rob olsen reporting. big brother on alert in new york city as a new high-tech effort to fight terrorism. >> we'll have details and tell you one new way planned to track down suspicious activity. we all hate being stuck at
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the airport. hear why one man is traveling all over the country without stepping foot outside airport terminals. we'll tell you what this is all about, coming up. every single day in aruba is a nice day. i mean how do you people get anything done? you're in a meeting and you say, "the fourth quarter report is -- " "wow, what a nice day." and everyone agrees, and the meeting's over. i mean, how do you do anything? well, it is a nice day. yeah. it is a nice day. there! see?! i have no idea what we were talking about!!
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welcome back. a man from arizona is going on a rather bizarre adventure. he has been traveling the cities across the country without stepping outside the
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airport. >> he is being called terminal man. >> reporter: in the last four week, brendan ross has been everywhere. >san francisco, seattle, portland, denver, phoenix, houston. >> reporter: traveling on someone el's dime. >> ft. lauderdale, tampa, jacksonville, char lot. >> reporter: and blogging and tweeting about it for wired magazine. >> austin is where i started at. >> reporter: is it started ad a joke. with a month between jobs be, he put an ad on-line. >> saying you buy this pass for me, you'll fly around and do what you want. follow your husband to his business meetings. >> wire took him up on in exchange for him blogging about his experience. >> that was one big rule and that was i can't leave airport property. >> reporter: today, he is stuck at phoenix airport for 13 hours. >> can you give me a grande mocha frappucino. >> reporter: he says the worst part is trying to get some sleep. >> even late at night, there
5:26 am
are announcements, cleaning crews, people coming through. >> reporter: in san jose, i had to sleep behind a visitor information booth. >> in burbank, i got caught by police and they made me go outside. our big story, there is more backlash over the d.c. teacher layoffs. >> tempers flared after more than 200 d.c. teachers were laid off. >> reporter: emotions are still running high after d.c. public schools hand out loads of pink slips. coming up, how touchers are firing back. i'm sarah simmons. i'm have the detail in a live report coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. ♪
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my goal is to evolve our customers from fashionistas... to maxxinistas! tj maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you! welcome back. coming up on 5:30 now as we take a look at traffic out there. pretty light in a lot of places. folks hopefully take august chance to rest up before begiing the workweek. >> we are off to a pretty nice start after just a beautiful weekend. got to say thank you for the lovely weather on saturday for the country fair for youth for tomorrow. big turnout and a lot of people bidding on a lot of great items. >> that is great. >> don't have any final figures on how much money we raised but i'll find out and let you know. >> good the weather cooperated. >> it was a nice weekend. >> as a weather forecaster, i have to say i got up saturday morning and it s beautiful
5:30 am
and i thought come on! we had talked about morning rain. >> that is okay. nobody was complaining. i can tell you that. >> let's take a look at what is going on with our temperatures across the region. we are in the 50s for the most part. 56degrees here in d.c. heading out to the west, pittsburgh, 44 degrees there. 44 in cincinnati. 45 in lexington,entucky. temperatures generally in the throw mid-50s right around the washington area. here is a look at the local satellite-radar. we do have clouds this morning but they're pushing off to the east and gradually they will push out of here and we'll be left with mostly sunny skies later on this morning and for the bulk of the day. today, precipitation remains well to the south and that is where it shall stay. it will not impact us for today. mostly sunny skies. breezy at times. that is the main weather feature of today. winds out of the west 10 to 15 miles per hour. high today about 73 degrees. right about where we should fob
5:31 am
this time of year. there you go. enjoy the day, folk. >> lovely. thank you. let's check in with julie and get a look at traffic. >> did gurvir bring back a caramel apple, any kettle corn. >> i haven't seen anything yet. >> hello, gurvir. you went to the fair. >> she didn't bring anything. >> it is all about the food. >> i did bid on that trip to paris for you but unfortunately, i just barely lost out. >> just missed. >> i know. >> here we go. wrapping ourselves around the beltway right now. we've got all lanes open with no accidents to report approaching and passing 29. 95 and 395 are in great shape out of baltimore in to the capital beltway. if you are traveling along 66, this is the camera at gallows road just east of nutley
5:32 am
street. pace is good as you continue through vienna. a tough decision for d.c. public schools is getting backlash. last week, the system announced it is laying off teachers to deal with the budget shortfall. now, those teachers are planning to protest. sarah simmons joins us love from northeast with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the teachers are expected to protest at about 8:30 this morning. tempers are flared and they were even last week after d.c. public schools announced they were going to do 388 layoffs, 229 of those being teachers. we understand they will be on paid administrative leave until november 2nd. d.c. schools chancellor michelle rhee says the budget constraints left her with no other choice. they were facing a $44 million shortfall but some who worked at mckinley high that were tenured question why they were let go. the tense scuffle you are seeing at mckinley is evidence
5:33 am
that those questions still remain out there. the video was shot by a senior here at mckinley tech high school. we do expect to see possibly more of this. it it is unclear whether it will be as emotional as it was last week. the school district is saying that a vast majority of the schools were really not impacted, saying that # 0% of the schools will lose one teach are or less. 60% of the schools will lose one teacher or less. 80% will lose two or less. some think there is age discrimination going on here. that is a possibility that they may file a lawsuit here. we do expect to hear a lot of angry voices coming up here at 80 when a protest is planned here at mckinley tech high school over those layoffs. back to you. >> thank you. we call it you decide but you will not if you're not
5:34 am
registered to vote. tay ithe last day to do so to help decide virginia's next governor. the elect is less than a month away. both candidates pushing hard for vote ares to turn out. bob mcdonnell leads creigh deeds so far. once today's deadline passes, the race will intensify. the suspects in a bribery case are due in court today. in all, 9 people have been indicted accused of trying to bribe a city official over licenses for cabbies. ted loza was arrested for allegedly taking a $1,500 prescribe. graham has not been accused of any wrongdoing. some would-be carjackers targeted the wrong guy. he is an officer and he had a gun. this happened sand morning on brooks drive in capitol heights. the officer works in d.c. and was off duty at the time. he said the machine fired at him and he shot back with his
5:35 am
police-issued gun. he does believe he shot one of the carjackers. we're following developing news on this monday morning. this weekend's deadly taliban ambush in northern afghanistan has american military officials brainstorming new strategies today. 300 insurgents with autotic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades stormed two outposts near the border of pakistan on saturday. eight american soldiers were killed and more than 20 afghan security troops captured. this was the deadliest battle for u.s. troops in afghanistan since more than one year ago. and back here at home, lawmakers are now debating over the next of the war. the top u.s. and nato commander in afghanistan plans to move u.s. troops into heavily populated areas instead keeping them at remote outposts which are ofn difficult to defend. part of a new plan to help protect afghan civilians. while the recession might be turned around being tough ties are still ahead on the job front. that is the word from former
5:36 am
fed chair alan greenspan in a sunday morning tv interview. the unemployment rate reached 9.8% last month and it may continue to rise. greenspan predict it will pass 10% and stay there for a while. he says that is bad for people who have been out of work for six months or longer because they start to lose their job skills. >> the economy loses skills. people who are out of work for very protracted pertdz of time lose their skills eventually and remember that what makes an economy great is a combination of the capital assets of the economy and the people who run it. >> the who you has reportedly started preliminary talks with congressional democratic leaders on ways to ease the financial burden of the unemployed. still ahead, get those bags packed. it is time to forget staycations and venture out. we are talking five-star pa resorts if a little over $100 a night. using cameras to target
5:37 am
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i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. and no candy, gladys. (announcer) perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. in indonesia, rescue workers have called off the search for survivors.
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instead, they are focusing on bringing aid to survivors. there is no clear word on the death toll but the united nations puts the figure at 1100. the new leader of the pakistani taliban has vowed to attack u.s. forces. he met with reporters in the country's to be aal areas and threatened to strike at the united states and pakistan in retaliation for drop atacks being carried out along the afghan border. his appear ended any speculation that he was killed in a leadership battle within taliban. new york city is now installing 3,000 surveillance cameras in the financial district as part of a high-tech method of keeping tabs on what police are calling high-value terror targets. a huge map is one of the features that pinpoints 911 calls in real time. new this morning, more children may have autism than we realize. two new government stoweddies showed that about one in 100 children have autism disorders. that is high are than the previous one that was one in 150. federal health officials are
5:41 am
trying to determine if there is a true increase in the numbers which they say could up because of greater awareness and broader definitions of autism. the summer is over officially but you can still enjoy awe sizzling hot vacation that won't break your bank account. we'll run down travel deals that can be yours for a little over a hundred dollars a night. we are checking your monday morning commute. here is a look at the american legion bridge. also, tone you has a check of your forecast. we are off to a pretty good start. temperatures around 56, 57 degrees right now. we are back with bhoar fox 5 morning news right after -- with more fox 5 morning news right after this. ♪ out for breakfast..."
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a number. heroes remembered sunday at the national firefighters memorial in emmitsburg, maryland. the ceremony honored 122 firefighters killein the line of duty in 2008 and before. the name of the 122 will be added to a monume on the campus of the national emergency training center. soldiers and their families got quite a boost from thousands of runners. more than 21,000 run ares hit the road for the 25th annual army ten-miler.
5:45 am
>> pretty nice day to be out if a run too. >> uh-huh. >> not a bad weekend at all. >> temperatures were perfect. and more of the same today. we'll start with the bus stop forecast as you are getting the kids ready for school this morning. we'll see sunny skies eventually. there are clouds out there now. skies are being reported as mostly cloudy at reagan national airport. cool temperatures, sunrise today is at 7:08. now, let's take a look at the current temperatures around the region. 56-degree here in d.c. 50 in baltimore. frederick is at 52 degrees. so is fredericksburg at 52 degrees. a look at the satellite-radar composite for the region. we'll show the clouds we have in over us. they're prime you'rely south of the washington area but they are seeing -- we are seeing some of that cloud cover and it is all pushing off to the east as you can see. we'll see improvement as this continues to happen during the course of the morning hours. your surface map for today,
5:46 am
we'll show you for the day today think high pressure bill settle in here. that is what is helping to push the cloud cover out of here and even the rain that is well to the south across southern virginia and the carolinas. that is pushing off to the east. we'll see a lot of sunshine for those ofwaiting on a sunny day. here is the forecast for washington for today. mostly sunny, breezy at times. wind out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. 73degrees. for your five-day forecast, tonight, a cool night. lows in the 50s but in the 40s in parts of the suburbs. clouds build in. chance of some rain showers late in the day. tuesday night into the first part of wednesday. 57 on wednesday. thursday looks nice. friday looks cooler with a chance of rain showers in the latter part of the day. now, we go to julie wright for the latest on traffic. >> all right. they're checking for a crash right now along 295 at i-195. heads up there if you are heading out towards bwi. you got a flight this morning. top stretch of the outer loop
5:47 am
before you reach colesville road, that is where we have a stalled van. motorists coming around the curve here from university boulevard. crowded right now because of the stalled vehicle. no accidents to report on 395 from the beltway head northbound up towards landmark. all of the lanes are open. we're still at speed up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. money worries are i lot of us skipping out of town vacations but taking a trip might not be as far out of reach as you think. >> air fare and hotel rates are actually dropping. brenda butner shows us how to score nice deals. >> reporter: attention travelers, fall deals are yours for the taking with hotel rates up to 40% lower than last year, you don't need to take a staycation. >> these hotels have vacancies and want to bring people in. room rats in san diego are sighing some of the steepest
5:48 am
declines in the country. >> one great resort has rates of $117 this fall. railroad your dream vacation to hawaii can now be a reality. air fare to eyelands there is down 14% from last year. >> the five-star resort gives a $500 resort credit when you book a five-night or longer stay this fall. >> reporter: spend the money you save on your hotel at the tables in sin city. >> las vegas room rates have fallen more than any other domestic destination. the thee-star circus circus is a three-scar hotel at the heart of the las vegas strip has room rates this fall from $25 a night. >> reporter: the dominican republic has several all- inclusive reports. >> the beach has rates from $104 a night. >> reporter: check out fall told yag in vermont without spending too much green. >> we found a deal. this is $199 per person.
5:49 am
you get yr absolutely gorgeous room, a full country breakfast every morning, 25% off of the spa treatments and they also give you maps so you can go out and do some leaf peeping on your own. fedex field tued out to be a pretty good place to be yesterday. redskins fans can go to work with smiles on their faces. >> the skips pulled out a win. >> dave ross is up next with our monday morning quarter back as we continue with fox 5 morning news.
5:50 am
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the washington nationals wrapped up their season yesterday with a win against the braves in 15 innings. the nats the first team in major league history to lose their first seven games and win that was layer seven games. they finish the season with 59 wins, 103 losses, the latter the worst in the majors. well, we're only four week into the nfl season. the redskins two up, two down. a little redemption yesterday. >> we finally realized, you don't boo wined anymore. >> you take wins. >> they are hard to come by. so for the skins, 2-2, not so bad. of this a tough part of the schedule coming up but so far, so good at least yesterday. i don't know if you saw this yesterday but the first half
5:53 am
was as dismal a performance as you can possibly have. this is the third play of the game. jason campbell going to get sacked, fumbled and this is the way you respond after losing to detroit a week ago. you were thinking this cannot be happening. two plays later, the rookie josh johnson, never heard of him, beats carlos rogers. skins down two minutes in the me 7-0 and you thought oh, no. down 10-0 at the half. chris cooley had a monster game over the middle, 17 yards. the extra point gets blocked and you think that will come back and bite them. campbell will go up top and when they have success offensively, it normally comes from number 89 stretching the defense, a great throw and catch right there. the skin would hold on. the defense would get a big- time stop late and hold on to win this thing 1-13. i think the fans, you almost sensed it.
5:54 am
they were booing the redskin as they went off the field. they had every right to. ic in the end, the redskins showed they could come back in the second half with 16 points. it is not a huge offensive performance but it was enough and finally, find ways to win, not ways to lose. so i think the fans would be happy with that. 2-2, not so bad. >> i was up in new jersey yesterday and i could hear the fans booing in jersey. >> absolutely. >> i was trying to follow it on- line. they picked up the win. there are 11 teams that have a worst record than the redskins do. at this point, does it matter who they are playing or do we just say let's just hope the confidence there is knowing they can go out and pick up a couple wins. >> they have to get some momentum as they go into the tougher part of the schedule. they play winless who is winless but they are pretty good. it's winnable game but if they play like they have the last two week, they won't win it.
5:55 am
they do have to play better. after the game, let's list tonight head coach and quarterback. almost a sense of relief and listen to campbell closely. >> we did win. i'm not satisfied at all spending the whole first half looking for yardage, looking for success and i'm going to spend this week trying to again come up with the right plan, the right answers. >> our defense, we saw a lot of guys bouncing around,aking plays and enjoying t we had to get back to having fun and winning games it is way we're going to win games and not trying to win games the way people want us to win games. >> very interesting there from campbell. they weren't having fun. the locker room was a tough locker room to work this past week. it will be a much easier locker room. they're like we have to have fun, he lax, enjoy the game. we can't word yankee about what
5:56 am
everybody else thinks. what we think in the media, what fans want us to do. they have to figure out a ay to win for them. if it happens to be 16-13 or by two points against the rams 9-7 then so be it. they'll take it any way they can get it. the plays are know how hard tots win in this league so they don't care how it looks. yeah, sure they want to go and blow people out. they'll tech them the any way they can get it. when the offense does get better, and you heard jim zorn say, they will work on that this week and maybe they'll have more success and maybe they will score more points. they have to rely on the defense and make enough plays like they did yesterday to figure out ways to win. >> you know how you have fun in any competitive environment. yes. >> you win. >> they have to enjoy the win. it wasn't i loss. you didn't lose to the rams. so enjoy t the players are going to try to deal with it. >> if you win a few more, they be people don't care. you forget it was a rough game
5:57 am
against the rams or the bucs. >> they won't remember how you win won in december. >> thank you very much. that is our monday morning quarterback. we'll see davagain next hour. also, coming up at #:00, we are following a developing story out of pakistan. a deadly bombing at the offices of the world food program in islamabad. a discouraging reminder from alan greenspan. why he believes we will have a long way to go to get out of this financial mess. we are checking your monday morning commute and your forecast. we'll check in with tony at the top of the hour. there is a look at the american legion bridge. steady but still okay if you are on your way to work. ring ring ring ring ring ring progresso. we have a bit of a bad connection. oh hang on. is that better? much better. we love your weight watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago.
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