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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 5, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the violence is fueling more urgency in afghanistan. more than # hundred -- 200 d.c. teachers are out a job. a deadline day in the virginia governor's race. from now on out, the race really heats up. fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 right now. start you off with that view of the american legion bridge this morning. it is 6:00 on this monday morning, october 5th. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. tony is in for bring us our forecast for the start to the workweek. we are to have a nice start. >> the moon is beautiful and sun will be beautiful as well when it comes up at 7:08 this
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morning a a . a fine start to the weekend. relative humidity at 60%. win out of the west at six miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. there are some rain showers well to the south across southern virginia. right now, really across north carolina. that remains south of here. it is tracking off to the east and won't impact our area. we do have morning clouds as you can see there but they're pushing off to the east as well. we'll see our sky conditions become mostly clear. so your day planner for today, not a bad one. similar to the weekend when we had highs in the low 70s with a lot of sunshine. same for today, northeastly sunny skies, high about 73 degrees we think downtown. so we'll have a nice one. we'll give you details on the rest of the week coming up in just a little bit. stick with us for that. >> thank you. let's check in with julie
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wright and look at traffic on this monday morning. >> top stretch of the beltway, disabled van we had here before 29 colville road has cleared. so the lane are open as you continue to work your way around towards silver spring. already slowdowns on the top side, outer loop leaving university boulevard headed along toward georgia avenue. lanes are open right now leaving woodbridge north of the prince william parkway headed out towards the occoquan. 395 is in good shape out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we are following a developing story out of pakistan this morning where at least three people have been killed in a suicide bombing at the offices of the world food program in islamabad. the attack comes as pakistani security forces have increased offenses there against al-qaeda andtaliban strongholds in the country. that is in response to increased attacks against foreign interests in pakistan. there could be a new change
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in the direction of the war in afghanistan following the deadly taliban ambush. eight u.s. troops were killed saturday when 300 insurgents with automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades stormed two outposts near the border of pakistan. the obama administration is heading into its second week of negotiations over strategy in afghanistan. the white house now debating the idea of scaling back troops while military leaders are arguing that they need more in order to secure the country. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, army general stanley mcchrystal has asked for up to 40,000 more troops. military families were hoping to get the president's attention way unique candlelight display on the ellipse in clear view of the white house. more than 800 empty combat boopz stood at attention symbolizing the 800 plus soldiers killed in afghanistan since the start of the war eight years ago. the families are protesting the war and calling for change in afghanistan.
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the supreme court begins a new term today with new justice sonya sotomayor, the first hispanic woman on the nation's highest court. three of the profile cases on the court. yesterday, members of the supreme court attended the annual red mass some washington held every year the day the new supreme court term and gives people in the legal profession the current to come together to ask for guidance from the holy spirit. vice president joe biden attended the service. today, the virginia governor's race really heats up. it is the last day to register to vote in virginia ander just one month out from election day. recent poll have shown that mcdonnell's lead against deeds has narrowed. deeds will be campaigning today in arlington. after today's registration has
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passed, the bush for votes will intense identify. >> you will see a lot of talk about bob mcdonnell being too conservative and you will see that in northern virginia with ads perhaps targeting women. you will see bob mcdonnell calling creigh deeds too liberal. >> since this is i not a national race, turnout is expected to be much lower than last year's presidential election inform you live in virginia and have not yet registered to vote, you have to do so before 5:00 p.m. today. our big story this morning. more activity is expected at mckinley tech high school in northeast washington after this chaotic scene on friday. tempers flared after 388 workers, mostly teachers, were laid off. those layoffs are intended to help deal with the school
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system's nearly $44 million budget shortfall. the laid off teachers plan to protesthis morning. they are uestioning what is behind these cuts and whether the layoffs were connected to their length of employment. >> for the most part, the people who have been taken fr this building are all over 35 and all tenured and so that gives me cause on why we were let go. >> clearly, the mayor has always prioritized trying to touch schools last if at all. so i have a tremendous sa. faith that the mayor will, moving forward, try tone sure he can protect the schools budget. >> protest is expected to get under way at mckinley tech high school at 8:30. sarah similar monday is on this story for us. we'll check in with her a little bit
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later on. the long wait is now finally over as the swine flu vaccine will be available to the public this week. but most of the initial shipments will be reserved for health care workers so they stay healthy enough to care for others during a fluout break. inoculations won't gear up for a couple of week when at least 40 million doses are roll the out. less than one week after country was struck by two devastating earthquakes, crews in indonesia are calling for the search for survivors and a setback to aid on its way to victims. eyes that never close watching over a city that never sleeps. details on a new multimillion- dollar security boost for the big apple.  man: i like this one. [ power drill whirring ] thank you. excuse me, sir?! can you tell me which coffee tastes better? man: "a," definitely.
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crews in indonesia have
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call off their searches. two powerful quake rocked sumatra burying thousands of people under rubble. crews are now focused on stopping the outbreak of any diseases because of the conditions there and delivering aid to survivors. torrential rain is hampering those efforts. the weather gives firefighters a break in southern call as they try to beat back the flames. wildfires burning in san bernardino county and inching towards a popular resort town. thousands have been evacuated and the governor issued a state of emergency. today, the humidity is up and temperatures are down. that is actually good news for the fire fighting crews. new york says it can't afford to be come placent with recent terror plots reveefld so the department of homeland security has given the big apple a grant to istall thousands of surveillance cameras in the financial district. those cameras can zoom in on license plates and scan traffic for suspicious vehicles. coming up next, it wasn't looking too good at the start. the redskins down by 10 with no score at the half yesterday. >> but this morning, the
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winless bucs are still the winless bucs. we'll hear what head coach jim zorn has to say about the game coming up after the break. you wanted more. you wanted videos and photos... email and broadband. you wanted to run your business from anywhere... and instant messaging to stay in touch with everyone. you wanted apps to find music, news, or the way home. ok your wireless companies... grow your world.
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the man accused of taking nod vied video of espn anchor
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david andrew is expected nobody court today. he is accused of filming and views through awe peephole and trying to sell that to tmz. things got to have a bad start to the redskins against the bucs yesterday at fedex field. by half time with the bucs leading a 10-0 count, washington w -- was looking so bad they good beed off the field at half time. head scotch jim zorn still not quite so happy. >> we did win. i'm not satisfied at all spending the whole first half looking for yardage, looking for success. and i'm going to spend this
6:16 am
week trying to again come up with the right plan, right answers. >> our defense, you saw a lot of guys bouncing around, making plays an enjoying it. we had to get back to having fun and winning games the way we're going to win games and not try to win games the wa people want us to win games. >> i'm just going to take it for what it is. it is a win. we'll move forward. hopefully, it is a good thing. >> they are 2-2. >> that and the fact that clinton pour is is going to be here in a couple hours and i'm not going to say anything bad gentleman he is scheduled to be here. >> we'll talk to him about the game and a fundraiser he is involved with compass great cause. >> we turn our attention on the weather now. we have temperatures in the 40s. check it out. bwi marshall, 49 degrees. dulles international at 51 degrees. reagan national, 57 degrees
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this morning. here are temperatures across the country. rochester, new york, 45 degrees. cincinnati at 42 degrees this morning. 4 # in denver. you might have expected them to be colder than that with our temperatures in the 40s here. -- 43 in denver. here is a look at the satellite- radar for the nation. what i can show you is a couple of systems down to our south. you have i pretty vigorous rain system moving across the utheast states. it is all all suppressed to the south. we have rain and snow this morning in portions of the northwestern united states. montana, idaho, seeing some of the first snow of the season. >> the forecast for washington for today, mostly sunny. not bad. breezy at times. 73degrees for your high in town. we'll see cool temperatures once again in the 50s and in
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the 40s in the suburbs. 52 downunto, clear and cool tonight. your five-day forecast, tomorrow not bad. 72degrees. rain showers like to move in tomorrow evening during the overnight hours as well into early wednesday. by friday, we cool off. highs in the upper 60s and maybe some more rain howers in the latter part of the day on friday. that is the latest on the weather. now, here is julie wright with the latest on the morning rush hour. >> better news, top stretch of the beltway. disabled vehicle cleared as you work your way around towards colesville road. southbound 270 now starting to stack up in hyattstown south of 109. no incidents to report out of germantown as you work your way south of 118 headed out towards mva. route one north of lockheed boulevard, dent activity there with only the right lane getting through. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. it is a daunting enough number to bring down even the
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despite jobless rate still hovering near 10%, there are some employers having a tough time filling positions. economists say there is currently a mismatch between available work and people qualified to do that work. analysts say it has become especially difficult to fi
6:23 am
accountants, health care workers, software sales representatives, physical therapists and electrical engineers. experts say some of the unemployed should also be loing for a new industry to help bridge the gap. the former fed chair giving his take on where unemployment in the u.s. is headed. it is not looking good. chris cotter joins us from fox business network in new york with our business beat this morning. let's talk first about that since we've mentioned it now. alan greenspan on theson morning talk shows yesterday saying he expects us to not only hit 10% but stay above that for some time. what s your take on that, chris? >> it is still a very respected economist, alan greenspan, so when he speaks, people tend to listen. he believes we'll get above 10% and you will get this snap back in the fact that you will get some production gains finally from manufacturing, for example here in this country. thnd a thrill -- and they will have to go back and hire some people. but that will be a while. he made sure he reminded
6:24 am
effect, we are don't break even when we're at zero jobs gained or lost. we break even at 100,000 jobs gained because of the increase in work force. we are down 253,000 jobs last month as opposed to needing to gain 100,000 just to break even. he said he doesn't believe any new stimulus is necessary right now because he wants to wait until this first stimulus package gets spent to evaluate it. >> the dow dropped another 2 # points on friday. what do we look for this week? >> the big reason why we only dropped 22 on friday after that jobs report was because we had dropped 200 on thursday as well. down 2% for the week on the s&p last week. this week, we are at a situation where we're not looking at economic data like we were last week because nobody liked any of that. we are looking more at court earning this week. how will the companies meet
6:25 am
expectations that are already much lower. will they be able to grow top line growth, revenue as opposed to just cutting costs to make the earning numbers. alcoa kicks it off on wednesday. so we'll keep an eye on that. >> thank you so much. have a great monday. it is now 6:25. more than # hundred d.c. teachers found out on friday they are out of aob. but the students they teach are vowing not to let that happen without a fight. fox 5's sarah simmons with more on what is happening at one local high school this morning. >> reporter: teachers an students are angry and are expected to protest those layoffs. why d.c. schools says it that no choice but to let them go. i'm sarah simmons. i'll have the details in a live report coming up when fox 5 morning news returns. my doctor told me i had to start doing things for my heart,
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( doorbell rings ) honey, it's the pizza guy. sure. me again. okay, now this is the last time alright? thanks, you know we don't deliver anything like this. this crispy flatbread. mmmm. mmmmm! so delicious! are you like havin' a party or somethin'? ( slam ) hello? introducing the taste that's never been delivered. digiorno crispy flatbread pizza. for deliciously italian-inspired toppings on crispy flatbread crust, it's not delivery, it's digiorno. hello, i don't think we have met. the nobel bridess are being handed out this week. first up is medicine and three americans including a johns
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hopkins scientist are the winners. the prize is shared among elizabeth breaburn and carol guider. they along with jack sosak were hon foird cancer and aging research. fantastic. >> great work -- honored for cancer and aging research. >> fantastic. >> not off to a bad start with the weather. >> today will be similar to yesterday. yesterday's high was 72. today, about 73. so that is pretty close. take a look at the regional temperatures now. you can see where the warmer air is. norfolk, virginia, 63. cool are air to the north. pittsburgh-- cooler air to the north. some areas in the suburbs are in the 40s. in baltimore, it is 49 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. can you see some of the clouds over us but they are pushing out as we speak. you can see that happening. clouds pushing off to the east
6:30 am
and that will leave us with mostly clear skies today and a mostly sunny day. so your forecast for today looks like this. high today in the 70s. 70 in front royal. 72 in columbia. 73 here in washington. fredericksburg will look if a high of 74 degrees. it will be a little bit breezy with your winds out of the west between five to 15 miles per hour. now, want to mention that coming up in about 15 minutes, we've got ask the weather guy. if you are watching friday, you know what today's subject is. friday, someone asked us what songs that are related to weather tend to get stuck in our heads more than others. i said walking on sunshine. what it you say? >> some obscure song. >> my girl. >> not a weather song but because of a got sunshine. so then we turned around to hearwhat yours were. people did respond over the weekend so we'll have those responses coming up. >> that should be fun. >> let's find out what is happening out on the roads with
6:31 am
julie wright. >> it is busy as you travel the outer loop of the beltway at ritchie marlboro road. on the outer loop, we have delays from college park into silver spring. this is the beltway at 295. for those working their way from oxon hill headed into maryland, it is not so bad at 210 and 295 as you leave maryland headed into virginia. once you commit to the wilson bridge being we have major tie- ups to report right now. the problem is in virginia and the local lanes at route one. at telegraph road, before a stalled car tying up the right side of the road. that make it very slow as you smoke war way past 210 and continue over in towards virginia. no accidents to report if you are northbound on 395 leaving the beltway conning up and across the 14th street bridge. traffic volume is slowing at duke street and again at seminary road. that's a check of your fox 5
6:32 am
on-time traffic. now to our big story. more activity is expected at mckinley tech high school in northeast washington today following this chaotic scene on friday. that prott stemmed from a decision to lay offself teachers in order to deal with the nearly $44 million budet shortfall. >> sir asimilar monday joins us live from mckinley tech with more. >> reporter: we're expected to hear more from tudents and teachers again at 8:30 this morning. a protest is expected here again here at mckinley tech high school. this after d.c. public schools laid off 388 employees last week. 229 of those being teachers. we understand that they will be placed on paid leave until november 2nd. but the news really got tempers flaring last week for both the students and teachers. can you see from the video they were very upset after learning about the news. d.c. scols chancellor michelle rhee says the budget constraints left her with no other choice.
6:33 am
they were facing nearly $44 million budge the shortfall. but some of the employees who were laid off question if a budget shortfall is really the reason they were let go. >> for the most part, the people who have been riffed from th building are all over 35 and all tenured. so that gives me cause onwy we were let go. >> clearly, the mayor has always prioritized trying to touch schools last if at all. so i have a tremendous amount of faith that the mayor will, moving forward, try to ensure that he can protect the schools budget. >> reporter: now, the school district is trying to put this in perspective saying vast majority of schools were unaffected by these layoffs saying that 60% of them would lose one teacher. 80% would lose two teachers or less. coming up later o we are expected to hear from the teachers about possibly filing a lawsuit with regards to the
6:34 am
age and tenure of some of the teachers. there are some that are questioning whether that was really a reason as to why they were let go or if it was budget constraints. so we expect to hear more about that possibly coming up during that 8:30 protest. back to you. >> all right. thank you. soy the suspects accused of trying to influence the d.c. taxi industry will face a judge today. they are charged with trying to bribe a city official to licenses for cabbies. ted loza is accused of pocketing $1,500. councilman graham has not been accused of any wrongdoing. the investigate has spanned two years with 39 people up dieted. the supreme court begins a new term today and all eyes will be on new justice sonya sotomayor, the first latino woman on the bench. three of the high profile cases, a challenge to limits on corporate spending in political campaigns, a lawsuit to strike down handgun bans in the chicago area and challenges to handing out life sentences to people young are than age 18. yesterday, members of the
6:35 am
supreme court attended the annual red mass at st. matthew's cathedral in northwest. five of the six catholic justices along with vice president i don't biden were there. the red mass has been held every year since 1953. today is an important deadline for the virginia governor's race. it is the last day to register to vote in virginia if you haven't done so already. you ve until 5:00 this afternoon to do it. with one month to go until the election, recent polls show the lead over creigh deeds is narrowing. deeds' popularity in northern virginia continues to climb. he will make a campaign stop in arlington later today. now, to a developing story p a possible change ahead when it comes to the direction of the war in afghanistan. eight u.s. troops were killed saturday when 300 insurgents with automatic rifles and rocket-propelled grenades stormed two outposts near the border of pakistan. it was the deadliest bat follow u.s. troops in afghanistan in more than a year. the obama administration continues to negotiate the
6:36 am
strategy in afghanistan. the white house is debating the idea of scaling back troops while military leaders are arguing that they need more in order to secure the country. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, army general stanley mcchrystal has asked for up to 40,000 more troops. military families were hoping to get the president's attention way unique candlelight display on the ellipse this weekend in clear view of the white house. more than 800 empty combat boots stood at attention symbolizing the 800-plus soldiers killed in afghanistan since the start of the war eight years ago. the families are protesting the war and calling for change in afghanistan. new this more than, a have you to attack american forces and their pakistani count are parts from the new leader of the taliban in pakistan. new numbers are showing that ought niche the united states is much mother common
6:37 am
than originallythought. a win for the redskins 16- 13. but you probably won't hear fans celebrating the sunday showdown at work this morning. dave ross is here to break it down this morning. taking a beautiful shot of the national harbor this morning. the temperature, 57 degrees. we are back with more after this as fox 5 morning news continues. spars
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made hot and delicious all day long from the highest quality, freshly ground beans, and that's why more folks choose dunkin' donuts coffee to get their day off to a fresh, delicious start. erica runs on dunkin'. the final score redskins 16, bucs 1. that is all you need to know. dave ross with us. >> not pretty. not aesthetically appealing to there were a couple of big plays that i thought really set the tone because the redskins cooperate have played a worst
6:41 am
first half. the players will tell you, they heard the boos by the way. they all heard them. >> everybody in the d.c. area heard them. >> jason campbell said he was going to hibernate today had necessity not come back. it worked out fine i thought the key play was a interception by the defense, by deangelo hall. look at the fans. absolutely nothing to cheer for. it is josh johnson trying to go deep down feel. this change the complexion of the game. a 22-yard return back into tampa bay territory. this is just a little field go but that got them back on the board. >> you think he was excited. >> love the reaction there. that made it 10-3 right there and got some light into the fedex energy crowd. players themselves and i thought that was -- it set the tone for the second half.
6:42 am
>> much-need life. >> the big of the play of the game arguably is always the game-winning play. they've got to get this guy involved. when they get him involved, they seem to win. here it was. jason campbell ark thing of beauty. he has three picks on the day. all three of them went to the guy that santana moss beats right there like a drum. this was a huge, huge play to put them up 16-10 at that point. when santana moss, you get the little guy involved. he is the only guy that seem to be ableto stretch the defense deep. you are getting nothing out of malcolm kelly. when they win, it seems like santana moss shows up. >> you give him the credit. so why don't they go more down the field to santana moss. >> i think teams try to take
6:43 am
him away for that very reason. you saw that jason campbell had single coverage. if you get single coverage with santana moss, throw it up. he will make a play. that is the chance you have to take. good quarterbacks in the league. single coverage, you got to take advantage of that situation. >> how does this win change the attitude at camp as you look forward to carolina. >> it is huge. this they lost, i think it would be very terrible. we would have been talking about a quarterback change today. >> regardless of what he with think, for the players, does this give them the confidence? >> absolutely. they needed some momentum. they had none of it. carolina has not won a game yet but an unsung hero, the kicker
6:44 am
turned punter coming in. hunt you are smith pulled a groin. so sean sw he want ezum had to come in and bunt. he hit it here inside the 20- yard line. you got to give him yards who had to punt the rest of the day. if this is an issue for hunter smith, you got to get a real punter. >> is it true you got a call. >> true story. they said they could kick it further that sean. >> props to sean sw he want ezum kicked it. >> sean has been good to us so we've got to be good to him. great job on spot duty. >> good to see effect with the smiles on their faces once again. back to you. >> thank you. the nats wrapped up their season yesterday with a 2-1 win over the atlanta braves. went 15 innings though. albert ore gonzales drove in the winning run. the nats were the first in the
6:45 am
league to lose their first seven games an win that was last seven. the caps won their season home opener saturday night. the match-up against toronto started with the red rolling out their second consecutive southeast championship banner. the caps took it 6-4. their eightateth consecutive home opening victory. very good. >> 6-4. a lot of scoring. >> yes, it was. >> i've got weather headlines if you and they're all good actually. they're not bad. >> we like that especially on a monday. >> you're right. here are your weather headlines for today and for the week. mostly sunny and nice today. not bad at all. let's see. next headline, come on, get in there. mild all week. next chance of rain will be tuesday night into wednesday. and then new tropical storm. there is a new tropical storm,
6:46 am
grace, located in the eastern atlantic t will have no -- it will have no impact on us. 57degrees here in d.c. 51 at dulles airport. 51 in winchester. off it our east, ocean city is at 58 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. i keep mentioning these rain showers that are well to the south off virginia. couple of spots of heavy rain right near raleigh, north carolina and near wilmington as well. we've just got the clouds and those clouds are pushing out as wspeak. so the forecast for washington for today likes like this. mostly sunny. breezy at times. high about 73 degrees. five-day forecast, tomorrow, not a bad day. high temperature tomorrow about 7 #. more clouds build in. chance of some rain showers tuesday night into early wednesday. -- high temperature tomorrow about 72. another chance of rain showers moving in here for the latter
6:47 am
part of friday. now, it is time for ask the weather guy. it is the suggestment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. friday, we asked you to share what weather-related song gets stuck in your head the most. we got quite a few responses on our facebook page. katherine willis says rihanna's umbrellis her pick. >> pretty good. >> i have to admit, that song irritated me. >> it took a long time for me to be okay with it. it irtated me because it would get stuck in my head. i understand her point. >> it is catchy. cynthia mclean is going old school. shays a want to go outside in the rain by the dram attics. this is an old classic.
6:48 am
check this out. -- by the dramatics. it is from the '70s. tucker, you want to do some of these. >> two viewers, madeline and austin picked rock me like a hurricane. that is a classic. and tina pictured one of our favorites here at fox 5. it's raining men. >> that is julie's song. >> i want to mention after an exhaustive search, i was unable to find your song anywhere on the internet. >> what was yours again? >> it was keep on the sunny side of life. >> i'm surprised that nobody picked u 2's beautiful day gentleman so i'm actually. >> maybe we need ore beautiful days. >> i like that one too. >> how about onzen verdict's sunshine on my shoulders. >> there are so many out there. weather a popular theme in popular music. >> it is. >> thank you for writing in.
6:49 am
if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on weather tab. >> we want to go to julie wright because we're playing her tunes. >> my theme song? >> yeah. >> i like that song. tony has all the moves for that, don't you? tony is like i never have that much energy early in the morning. here with go. coming across the wilson bridge right now, this is leaving maryland headed into virginia. and that is why we're so slow right now as you travel from before 295 out of oxon hill headed to alexandria. crew in sky fox with us this morning checking out your ride at the springfield interchange. if you are traveling northbound on i-95, you will find delays leaving dale city headed up towards lorton and slow traffic as you continue northbound working your way into the mixing bowl. delays as you travel north of the franconia springfield parkway and continue north on #
6:50 am
95 and head up toward duke street. the northbound side of 95 along the left side of your serena, all of those headlights headed northbound leaving springfield headed up to landmark. traveling eastbound 66 before you reach 50 fair oaks, this is a live shot at monument drive just east of 7100. heavy volume continues in towards 123. 66 is backed up in manassas traveling between the two 234 interchanges. southbound 95 in maryland, the accident at 19 #th off the road to the shoulder. you will find spotty delays headed south from 32. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the pictures really tell the story. come take a look at. this strong winds whipped up a dust storm in eastern washington state yesterday. you can barely just make out the video there. it caused several multivehicle accidents, one involving two big rigs an a carren police are
6:51 am
forced to close the interstate for much of sunday. the supreme court begins a new term today with a new justice. coming up at 7:00, a look at what is on the docket. we've talked a lot about this the last couple of days. more than 200 d.c. public school teachers now out of a job. we are going to talk this morning with the president of the washington teachers union who is going to join us to talk about how these cuts may affect people. at 8:00 this morning, an athlete way prising future. he was nearly killed in a car accident when he was 18 years old and his comeback is nothing short of incredible. a true testament to the power of sheer will. brian boyle is the american red cross spokesperson of the year and he chronicles his recovery in a new book. he will be joining us. we have a star in the house. clinton portis scheduled to join us this morning as he teams up with a local organization to help fight domestic violence. he will be here to talk more about how you can help out.
6:52 am
this morning, fox 5 is on call with new numbers in on the issue of autism in the united states. two new government studies indicate the autism rate is higher than previously thought affecting about one in 100 children. previous estimates had it at one in 150. federal health officials say the increase could be up because of a greater awareness and broader definitions of autism solve the a swedish study has uncovered a link between social status and long- term health. rapes are focus specifically at levels of popularity and status. both boys and girl who reported lower levels of social standing in their teens tended to be at high are risk of serious health issues. the allergy and asthma foundation released its 100 ports cities for fall allergies and topping the list is mcallen, texas, witch dark kansas and louisville, kept
6:53 am
ken. virginia beach took the 0th spot. richmond 32, and d.c. 53. doctors from across the country are going to join president obama at the white house later today. mr.obama ihoping that they will join in his push for health care reform. right now, five separate plans are in the works. a version being debated by the senate finance committee could be approved next week. holly this morning going on a safari. >> but it is not animals she will be spotting. it is pretty amazing art. she is live in alexandria to explain. stay with us. fox 5 morning news is coming back right after the break. ( piano music playing )
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good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris and you know what i say on monday? it's never too early to start planning for the next weekend. and that's why we are live this morning at the torpedo factory in old town where you on saturday can go on a safari. it's its 14th annual alexandria art safari and it is a day of creativity designed just for kids and their families. but they can find themselves involved in everything from painting to paper mishay and or ago amie. and we'll find out what they have planned on into the fall and talk about the history as well. but since we are talking about kids and art, we'll talk about
6:58 am
the importance of getting your kids involved in art at a young age. and gurvir, did i it will you the festival is free. those are all the best kind. >> absolutely. and that's a great place. we featured that when we took the show on the road to alexandria. >> absolutely. >> we'll see you at 7:00. record fall at the run from pentagon and back to arlington. new best times were set. this benefits soldiers and their family. and a runner stopping just short of the finish line at the race and to propose to his fiance. they went on a 5-mile run on
6:59 am
the first date. either way he's a winner. it's time to say good morning to allison. he won in the long run. >> yes. coming up, the decision to layoff teachers sparking protests. we are live with the latest. plus we're talking with the wash teachers union. and voters in virginia face an important deadline today. what to do to make sure your vote counts. plus a deadly attack on troops in afghanistan, the worst in a year. as the president continues to weigh the options on whether thousands more troops should be sent to help efforts in that country. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. starting you off with a nice view over the water this morning. it is


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