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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  October 9, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sit a nobel peace prize surprise. the honor is bestowed on president obama. if you plan on using metro this weekend, prepare for big- time delays as three separate stations will be shut down for the holiday weekend. we're remembering the life of a local icon this morning. ben's chili bowl founder ben aly. has died. we'll take a look back at a legacy that stretched far beyond chili fries. we'll start off this hour with a view of the washington montana. it is friday morning, october 9th, 2009. 63degrees at #:00. thank you for being up with us early this morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we'll have our eyes to the skies today. not to check out the weather but to witness a fascinating space mision. >> in just about an hour and a
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half, two unmanned nasa spacecraft will deliberately crash on the moon. at mission to see if there s any sign of water on the moon. the impact set for 7:31 our time. we'll show it to you live right here on fox 5 morning news. we'll stream the coverage live on we'll take you out to the newseum where there is a big watch party happening this morning and we'll get more insight into this mission from nasa. >> really fascinating stuff. >> i never heard of that before. >> neither have i. >> i am keeping my eyes to the sky. >> okay. there were some broke p clouds up there. >> yeah, a couple of light showers as well. we've got warm are air moving in. that will be the theme around here today. a summery day autopsy head of our cold front and maybe even a thunderstorm. later today, low 80s. we'll get to the satellite- radar. you will see for yourself the light showers that moved through.
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i'm he not sure if you'll see the broken clouds on this satellite-radar but if you look outdoors, you might. that will be the theme around here. i think there will be periods of sunshine and that will help push the temperature up. that is a warm front that brought us the overnight light shower activity. you can see it lifting up into pennsylvania out towards philadelphia. out to the west, this is a cold front. that gets in here later. that will cause us to deal with some shower activity overnight tonight into the first part of our saturday. could be a thunderstorm as well and cooler air will object the way behind that front. 62 in town. 61 in new york city. pittsburgh, 53 and look out to the west, lexington, kentucky, 65 still ahead of that front. so big changes behind it. mix of sun and clouds. a very warm, humid afternoon as well with highs in he low 80s. wind will be out of the south at five to the showers get ear tonight. i'll have more details on the weekend forecast coming up in a few. >> some major changes to metro for the holiday weekend as crews begin track maintenance. the waterfront and archives navy memorial station will be
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closed from 10:30 tonight through monday morning. the green line will not run at the l'enfant plaza station. crews are rerouting the yellow line to make up for the changes. you can find a living to metro appear web site by going to our web site at we want to check in with julie to find out how things are looking on the roads. >> there is a pedestrian that was struck on the inner loop of the beltway. it was a 28-year-old female who has been transported away from the scene and her injure usc are unknown. the inner loop of the beltway, temporary closures are what we find because they have to maneuver some equipment around at the scene. they block the inner loop and reopen it again. i believe the crew in sky fox is with us this morning. again, they do temporarily block traffic to maneuver some equipment at the scene and then they release it again and then on the outer loop of the beltway, we had another crash tying up the two left lanes. big delays on the inner loop
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from before georgia avenue beginning back near connecticut avenue headed eastbound 495. outer loop will slow from 95 college park headed west. inner loop of the beltway, that is where we had the accident activity involving a pedestrian. we were told she was walking around 495. we know that a vehicle struck her and that person has been transported away from the scene. they have released the traffic on the inner loop. left side of your screen, a separate accident altogether. this one tying up the two left lanes an we hav delays on the beltway leaving college park headed around towards silver spring. randolph road north of the beltway is working well as an alternative for you. 410 the east-west highway south of the beltway. if you can, avoid this area but again, randolph road, 410, options to avoid the capital beltway. taking it back inside, we'll update the ride elsewhere around town. you will find lanes are open if you are traveling eastbound along 66 headed in from 50 fair
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oak continuing in towards 13. had some tea lays here. no accidents, just volume delays as you continue towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we have breaking news this morning. we found out just about an hour ago that president barack obama is this year's winner of the nobel peace prize. the nobel committee commended mr. obama for, quote, his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. t committee said it attached special importance to the president's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons. the president's name had been mentioned leading up to today's announcement but odds makers had thoughts human rights activist colombia, china or zimbabwe would take home the prize. our other big story, d.c. police are investigating a shooting that left a teenaged girl critically injured. it happened last night outside an apartment in the 500 block of edgewood street in northeast washington. that 17-year-old was on a play browned way friend talking to
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security guards when police say two masked gunmen and and stted yelling and then shooting. one. the guards fired back. both of the men ran away. it is not clear whose bullet hit the girl or what prompted that attack. now, to montgomery county where police are now looking for whomever shot a man in his garage. the man had just pulled up to his home on millwood road in bethesda last night. he was still in his car when a gop came up and shot him. victim was rushed to ban hospital where he is suffering from life-threatening injuries. police say the shooting could be related to an attempted robbery. after much talk and waiting, the swine flu vaccine is now available in two local counties. an h1n1 clinic opens this morning at 9:00 this montgomery county. this is at the dennis avenue health center in silver spring. only the nasal mist vaccine is available. healthy children between the ages of two and 18. healthy adults up to age 49 who take care of infants younger
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than six months and health care workers up to age 4-9d take priority at this particular clinic. children at dodge park elementary school will be among the first in the state to get the nasal spray form of the vaccine. it is free to students with permission from parents. the founder of ben's chili bowl has died of natural causes at his home on wednesday night. he opened ben's chili bowl in 1958 and it became a d.c. manned lark serving famous customers -- landmark serving famous customers. we'll have more on his life and impact on the d.c. community coming up later this morning. we are less than a month out from the election day in virginia and the lead is widening in a very heated race. a shift of plans for the war in afghanistan. why there may be a move to give some of the power back to the taliban as the war moves forward there. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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wear less than a month out and a new poll shows the rip candidate is widening his lead in the race for virginia's next governor. this is according to a wash post poll -- a "washington post" poll. that puts bob mcdonnell ahead with a 9% lead. election day is november 3rd. the future of afghanistan back on the white house agenda today. president obama will meet with his national security team to formulate a new strategy in afghanistan. sources say the president is focused on al-qaeda, not the taliban. a senior white house official says the president will determine how many more troops to send based only on keeping al-qaeda at bay. and mr. obama may accept some taliban involvement in afghanistan's political future. we're talking about making a move now. a big local employer set to shut its doors. a new face in the redskins
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organization. a lot of buzz this week. what is the addition of an offensive consultant mean for head coach jim zorn's future. we are talking with the junkies from 106.7 the fan coming up. 
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welcome back. this is a look at the beltway in the silver spring area where we had a couple of accidents happening on the inner loop. a pedestrian was struck there. a separate accident on the outer loop. traffic was shut down for quite a while. moving now but moving slowly. so there are lengthy backups on the beltway. we'll check in with julie in a few minutes to see how that is progressing. >> add to that a few wet roads because of the showers overnight. might be awe few trouble spots out there. >> i can tell that you today will be a decent day. it will be nice later this afternoon. we'll have temperatures near about 80 or so. get outside and enjoy lunch because we're in the expecting much in the way of rain showers today. the rain will return as well as the cooler weather. much cooler for the weekend. let's get started with a look at our current conditions. we did have a couple life showers move through during the overnight hours. those have moved north an east of us for the most part. we are starting to bask in the glow of warmer, more mild air. 62, that is not bad downtown.
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humidity, 62%. you won't notice the dew point temperatures but you will notice the humidity will be a little bit higher today. we'll have the warmer air. winds out of the south at 12 miles per hour. let's take a tour around the country. there is lots to talk about. i mentioned the 62 here in washington. 5 # in rochester. we'll open this up and you will notice a lot of purple on the map. first, let's talk about the heat up ahead of the cold front. 81 in new orleans. that is nice and comfortable. out to the west, 4 right now in bismarck. 4 in minneapolis. 29 in denver. denver is hosting a major league baseball playoff game tomorrow. the forecast calls for temperatures below freezing with a possibility of snow. we'll see if that game happens. you can see unseasonably cold air across central sections of the country. we'll get a taste of cooler a as we get in here. we have problems with flooding along that frontal system as it
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continues to push off to the east. lots of flash floods and flood warnings currently across sections of arkansas pushing up into missouri and indiana at this point. our weather doesn't look bad. today will be very mild. we'll have highs about 08 or so. maybe a few degrees above 08 and a mix of sun and clouds. tonight and during the morning hours, that frontal system will push through the morning hours. this will hang up just south of us during the day tomorrow. so tomorrow is not going to be a beautiful day although much of our saturday should be dry. that is a bright spot in the forecast. mix of sun and clouds. get out and enjoy today. 81 for an afternoon high. wind will be out of the south for much of today. tonight, the showers return and i mentioned there could be a thunderstorm overnight. overnight low, 6 # degrees here in town. upper 50s off to the north an west. let's talk weekend. clouds to start the day tomorrow but much of saturday should be dry. maybe some peeks of sunshine during the afternoon. sunday look great. highs in the upper 60s and then by early next week, i showed you the cold air out to the
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west. that will start to get in here by monday and notice tuesday's high temperature only 63 degrees. we could have upper 50s for parts of the area by wednesday so cooler air on the way. lets get to on-time traffic with julie wright. >> this started back around ten minutes after 5:00 is when we antiotic the call in that a pedestrian had been struck on the inner loop of the beltway. we are told it is a 28-year-old female who has been transported away from the scene. no word on her injuries. we do know the inner loop along the right side of your screen is now open as you continue around from georgia avenue. now, a separate incident occurred on the outer loop of the beltway along the left side of your screen. now, the beltway through lanes are open but it is that on- ramp, that transition lane if you will as you make where you are way around from colesville road on to the beltway that remains closed on the outer loop of the beltway. we do have lane open there as well. traffic is already slowing early this morning from 95
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college park head around the curve to get over to university boulevard. inare loop is slowing after connecticut avenue but before jim moran avenue. if you plan to traveling north of the beltway, randolph road could save you a little bit of time. unusual delays for the inner loop of of the beltway as you travel east out of bethesda leaving connecticut avenue and georgia avenue headed around towards silver spring and beyond. taking it back inside, we'll update your ride elsewhere around town. northbound i-95 where lane are open. already a slow start to the morning commute. delays out of woodbridge coming across the occoquan. slow traffic in springfield continues across the beltway up towards duke street on 395. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. walter reed army medical center and the district are launching an effort to help find jobs for walter reed moiees. the hospital will close and move to the naval medical center in bethesda in 2011. to help employees now, the city
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and hospital have opened a career transition center with counselors, resources an computers. employees can get one on one career help and training. hospital officials say they've already received hundreds of inquiries about that facility. the time is 6:20. retail sales do something they haven't done in over a year. the landmark hotel washington is back and hipper than ever complete way new name. we'll go inside the new w hotel coming up after the break.
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i love clothes! so my girlfriend says, "shop tj maxx." "their buyers deal directly with designers... the savings come directly to me!" behold a fashionista... who's now a maxxinista! tj maxx. cyst it was a star-studded fair in d.c. last night as the former hotel washington officially opened its doors as the w hotel. john legend, emmy rossum and president obama's aide reggie love all came out to the grand opening. it was shut down for 18 months for a face-lift. with the w so close to the white house, the nod owners, the starwood hotel group are
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hoping it become a hot spot for d.c.'s dignitaries and power players. retail number rise for the first time in over a year. so can we expect this to continued in let's found out and check in with chris cotter up in new york and fox business network. >> what is the deal with the retail sales numbers? >> welsh here we have it. yesterday, the international council of shopping centers/goldman sachs actually came in positive. this is a basket of retailers of i think it is about 30 of them. they gave us their same store sales numbers for the month of september so all in all, positive. now, some were down. some actually had a decrease in same store sales like penney's, macy's, target but they were better than expected. it was a very good month. we had a later labor day, later start to some of thcool
6:25 am
season so back to school is a little bit more into september than it typically is. we did havea good september. it's positive sign as we move towards the holiday shopping season. >> looking for any positive signs we can. weekly joble claims are out now. can we find anything positive there? >> you know, there is a very little positive there, steve. that is the fact that they went down and they went down more than we had thought they would. we were expecting about 55,000 initial claims. they came it at 5 # 1 for last week. it is down but in typical recessions during the recovery period, what you have an accelerating drop in claims. so they would go from 520 to 450 to 415 to 380. that sort of thing. and we aren't seeing that drop right new and we need to. >> real wick, market activity yesterday, it was up for quite a bit for most of the day. took a little off the top. what are we looking at today?
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>> it was up exactly by the end of the day, finished up 61. still very good though. we had a good week. very little in terms of economic data and earnings. i would watch the airlines. they've been screaming this week. not sure if they can continue that. they've also reported their metrics for september and also tech names likee-bay, dell, google, apple, all should be in play today. >> chris cotter up in new york for us. we are checking out the day's top sister usc plus more on that is' plan to bomb the moon -- on nasa's plan to bomb the moon this morning. we are live with more on what this means for future trips to space. ohh... how many friends does a person need, sharon ?
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the nobel peace prize surprise as president obama is selected as this year's ward winner. the nobel committee commended mr. obama for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.
6:30 am
the committee said it attached the special importance to th president's vision and vork for a world without nuclear weapons. the president's name had bmaker thought others would take the prize. another big story today, nasa planning to bomb the moon. well, it is nothing out of science fiction. moon will be okay. we just want to find out if there may be water up there. >> two spacecraft are barreling toward the moon right now. one will make impact in the name of research. another one will hopefully get some great image space. stacy cohan this morning is live at the newseum in northwest washington where they're vague watch party this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the. cross mission is rapidly reaching the final stage in that collision with the moon, all of this in the name of science and the search for water on the moon. here to plain it in a much better fashion than i possibly could, we have nasa scientist jim garvin tell me what is this
6:31 am
mission about in a nutshell? >> this is the ultimate fittics experiment. we'll whack the moon with 2300 kilograms of stuff and see if we can excavate, dig up from tens of feet deep evidence of water or other stuff we don't know about the moon. this is kind of the ultimate digging experiment to see if we could learn to live off the moon. >> reporter: this ihappening in two stages. there is the initial collision and some pictures being sent back and i guess what will happen is the final imaging equipment itself will collide. >> exactly. the big 20-foot rocket that used to be full of fuel will hit the moon spice as fast as a speeding bullet and it will kick up and make a crater. that plume of dust and gas will be followed by a shepherding spacecraft. and then it will get bang nd make its own little crater. we'll be watching all of this from earth and from our spacecraft in orbit. >> reporter: you were explaining earlier to some of us, this is sort of final experiment after lots of
6:32 am
similar experiments happened previously. >> this is the first time we've coordinated effect across the world, object itsers, observe thriz tries, we are all watching this event carefully to understand what does the moon really, how does it beckon us as people and explorers? while we've done it before, we've never done it this way. >> we are all looking forward to that. that is supposed to appear happen about 7:31 eastern time. you will be able to see the images live and i will be standing here live with the scientists and crowds to get reaction to this exciting event. >> thank you. we'll be showing that live here on fox 5 morning news and also can you see it on our web site. >> go to can you keep it streaming there. >> got to love how the scientists are always so pumped about this kind of thing. >> they sort of get us excited about it too. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> i'm just wondering if you can actually see it. >> i think aren't we going to be see some sort of flash.
6:33 am
>> i i'm not sure if you can see it here. here in washington, we're waking up with a decent looking start to the day. we do have clouds here. a couple of light showers overnight but if you hang in there, this is a summery day. this is julie wright weather as we'll have highs later this afternoon into -- into the low 80s later this afternoon. so about 10 degrees above average. warm front pushing through overnight. that will be responsible for bringing warm are air in here. look at all the rain out towards detroit, chicago, pushing down into india. very, very wet conditions. that will bet in here tonight. if you have outdoor plans tonight, bring along an umbrella. thrill within some showers out there laer tonight and during the overnight hours. maybe other than a rumble of thunder as well as this is a cold front and we're bringing cool are air for the start of our weekend. 62 right now in town. 59 at dulles. 59 at baltimore. 54 if you are watching this
6:34 am
were nothing winchester. our afternoon high temperatures with a mix of sun and clouds and again no shower activity expected during the day today, we'll top out in the low to mid- 80s. 81 here in town with a mix of sun and clouds. humid as well. >> changes for the weekend. >> changes for the weekend. i'll have those details in just a minute. it is i holiday weekend too and there are major changes that metro will go will you this weekend. crews are starting track maintenance society water front and navy archives stations will be closed from 10:0 tonight and the green line will not run at the l'enfant plaza station. crews are rerouting the yellow line to make up for the changes. let's check some with julie wright to find out what i happening out on the roads. >> the beltway is the story right now with three separate accidents tying up your ride. we'll start off with the crew in sky fox and take a look at what is happening in prince george's county. this is the exit ramp that would take you inside the
6:35 am
beltway towards the city and this is where we've got the crash that is blocking the left lane and the ramp to exit ton 450 to continue inside the capital beltway. it likes police are still maneuvering some equipment around at the scene so they are blocking traffic as needed. the exit ramp to head inbound along 450 remains closed. we've got delays on the outer loop heading northbound from route 50, the john hanson highway trying to make that trip through landover and head back around towards greenbelt. once you get past that, you will slow again 95 college park headed around to colesville road. accident activity there on the shoulder. inner loop is where we had the first accident about an hour ago. inner loop just past colville road. this one involving a pedestrian. the inner loop is now open with a delay leaving georgia avenue out towards silver spring. outer loop. the beltway slowing well before route 50 the john hansen highway.
6:36 am
take it back inside. northbound i-95, no accidents to report out of dale city. you do slow coming across the okay qop and then 359 on the brake leaving the beltway trying to bet past duke street up towards seminar way road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. -- up towards seminary road. a teenaged girl hospitalized in critical condition after being shot in the head. >> it happened outside an apartment in the 500 block of edgewood street in northeast washington. the 17-year-old was on a playground with a friend talking to security guards when police say two masked gunmen got there and started yelling and shooting. one of the guards fired back. both of the men ran away. it is not clear why you rite now whose bullet hit the girl or what prompted that attack. police in montgomery county are looking for whomever shot a man while parked inside his own garage. sherry ly is joining us live with the latest on this investigation. >> reporter: that man was shot right over there in his garage of this home on millwood road. there is a police officer
6:37 am
stationed in the driveway right now. this morning, that man, a 54- year-old, remains in the hospital. the person who shot him is still outhere. police locked down the neighborhood and nearby walt whitman high school for a brief period s&ping for the gunman last night but to no avail. the man had just arrived home around 7:30 and pulled into the garage. he was still in the car when police say the gunman came oust dark and fired at least one shot. the 54-year-old was rushed to suburban hospital where life- threatening injuries. the gunman escaped despite a widespread search by officers, k-9 units and a helicopter. the suspect was last seen running towards goldsboro road wearing all dark clothing and carrying a handgun. neighbors say they can't remember the last time this was a shooting around here. >> it is a terrible thing to have happen. this is very safe neighborhood and vry quiet neighborhood and we one of the don't have things like this happen here. i guess it goes to show that it
6:38 am
can happen anywhere. >> reporter: police are still investigating a motive. they say there is no evidence of a robbery but that remains a possibility. now, neighbors say that the man lived here with his wife. he has two sons would are away in college. and with the suspect still out there, people in this neighborhood are understandably very, very nervous. live in bethesda, sherry ly, fox 5 news. back to you. >> laid off d.c. teacher says they are not backing down. they still want answers. they held another rally at freedom plaza yesterday. the district let go of 400 d.c. public school employees earlier this week, 229 of them teachers. the cools chancellor says the cuts will help close a $44 million budge the shortfall. we'll be talking with her during fox 5 morning news. at #:00, we'll sit down with the washington teachers union president george parker. -- at 8:00. two maryland counties say
6:39 am
they are ready to start distributing swine flu vaccine. in prince george's county, dodge park elementary will offer the nasal mist version of the vaccine. in montgomery county, an h1n1 linnik will open the dennis avenue health center. that begins at 9:00. the top priorities are for healthy chin between two and 18, healthy adults up to age 49 who take care of infants younger than six months and health care workers up to the age of 49. we are remembering the life of a local icon this morning. ben's chili bowl has lost its founder. >> ben al incident started the diner in 1958 with his wife at his side. the restaurant turned ali into a legend in the district's black business community and captured the affects of stars like duke ellington, ella
6:40 am
fitzgerald over the years, ben's chili bowl stayed the same. everything inside is original. the product of a man whose daughter-in-law says was a kirk with an incredible head for business. ben ali was 82. the redskins head into week five preparing to take on the carolina pan shares. >> soy far, the buzz has been surrounding an addition to the sidelines if the form of a consultant. we'll talk to the junkies about what this means to the fan and also the head coach, jim zorn. that is coming up next. love to save? shop with your giant card and save on thousands of deals, like healthy choice entrees, 5 for $10, 12 double rolls of quilted northern, now $5.99, and other weekly specials and real deal savings. enjoy more savings -- only with your giant card. tightening your purse strings?
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the redskins getting ready for another winle opponent. let's go live to the sports junkies on 106.7 the fan. what is going on at redskin park, first sherm lewis and
6:44 am
greg blache tea siding to give effect the silent treatment. >> it is out are chaos. people are just ready to jump ship. we'll play jim zorn's theme music at this point. they're playing the taps for jim zo. he is a dead man walking. he is sean penn and sherm lewis is susan sarandon. >> do you realize he was calling big owe games a week ago? he was calling bingo games and they said why tonight you look at the offense? that is how bad the phone has been throughout the zorn tenure. they don't have one game over 30. >> can you imagine if somebody said -- your news director said you're not doing the job right. we'll bring in a consultant to teach you how to read the news. >> a fresh set of eyes. >> it is just a disaster over there. >> the ship is going down. >> not exactly a confidence booster. what can he do though? will he have an impact on the offense? >> no!
6:45 am
no! >> not until the redskins trade for peyton manning. >> let's see, a quarterback, he is not tom brady. our receiver, he is not randy moss. i mean they're limited. >> usually when i consultant comes in, they know nothing. they're usually just a paid hack but he knows more about the west coast offense than jim zorn will ever know about it. he is one of the main architects under bill walsh of the west coast offense. it is kind of a 180 where the consult an knows more. >> nobody wants to listen to the consultant. everybody wants to sort of prove and validate their own worth and they have their own system and it works. i think zorn has gone on record saying he will not be involved in the game planning. he won't be running practice. >> he was running bingo games. >> he is just sort of there. he is window dressing y can he make clinton portis a game- breaking running back again? i don't think so. whoever they bring in as a consultant won't thing change it. >> jim zorn c't say he
6:46 am
doesn't wanted him around because then he is gone immediately. how long do you guys put your bets on sticking around? >> the best chance is to one these next couple of games before the bye week. if he can make it through the bye week, he will probably way ke it through the season. but if they lose this week or next week, i don't see any reason why he would be here after the bye week. >> unless you want sherm lewis calling plays, i don't see them firing zorn until the end of the year. >> i think zorn will last throughout the season. they could win this game and the following week. they're not an awful team, i don't think. >> although they did lose to the lions. >> our colleague mike wise pointed out yesterday in his column that zorn has the best record of any coach here in town in 10 years. he is actually 500. >> that just speaks to the ineptitude of the franchise over the last decade. >> there are a number of people who said if zorn gets blown out, best in-house replacement might be greg blache. now, he says he is not going to talk anymore.
6:47 am
>> he just doesn't want to be here. he wants to go fishing. >> he doesn't like the criticism eating engineer here is what greg blache wants, not to talk to the peed i can't and go bag a 1-point buck at his hunting lodge. >> he needs to go hunted for a defensive end. >> maybe this is a time where they just clean house and get effect new. >> that is coming, steve. >> that's coming. >> it appears every season or sometimes multiple times within the season. we'llsee you again next hour and we'll actually talk about what they can do to beat carolina this weekend. thank you. the junkies on 106.7 the fap and you can watch the redskins game day at 11:00 on unday and the geico redskin pregame at 11:30. kickoff against the panthers set for 1:00. >> those guys are brutal. >> well, she jars. >> i think they share the same feelings that so many of the
6:48 am
fans share. >> absolutely. the panthers aren't a very good team. >> they're a dangerous bad team. >> they've had a week off too. >> we'll have highs later this afternoon into the low 80s and showers will arrive tonight in the form of a cold front. let's get started with a look at our current temperatures across the area. thereou go. here in town, we are now 62 degrees. we are at 63 this morning in annapolis. notice the mild start across the region. temperatures a good 10-degree or so warmer than they were yesterday at this hour. 59 out at dulles. 64, good morning to new fredericksburg. winds have shifted. we had awarm front come through during the nighttime hours and highs later this afternoon, how about low 80s. get out an enjoy today because here comes some cooler air and wet weather as well as we get
6:49 am
into the nighttime hours. warm front lifting through. that brought us some shower activity overnight. a mix of sun and clouds. the main event out to the west bringing very heavy rain to central sections of the country. for us, we'll see the showers break out here during the evening hours and overnight tonight and they will linger into tomorrow morning. so not a great looking start to our weekend. we'll have a lot of clouds around for much of saturday and the possibility of some morning showers although i think much of saturday should be dry and if can you just hang in there until sunday, we'll be nice and sunny and cool by sunday afternoon. the forecast as we get into the weekend, not all bad. today, mix of sun and clouds out there. some sunshine this morning. a warm afternoon. humid as well. you notice the humidity, high temperature about 81 degrees. wind will be out of the south here at five to 10 miles per hour. tonight believing the showers move in. check it out. could be a thunderstorm overnight as well. overnight low, 63 here in town p winds out the south at about five miles per hour. this is your five-day forecast. much cooler tomorrow, 70 with a mix of sun and clouds again
6:50 am
tomorrow. maybe some sunshine late tomorrow. sunday looks great. 6 #. cooler next week. -- sunday looks great, 67. my friend tony is off today so ask the weather guy is taking a break. we'll bring it back on upon, i promise. if you have a question, please send it to us. click on the weather tab. we like weather questions, all questions you can imagine as long as your last name is not wright as in j. wright. you can't ask a question because you've already asked too many. >> that is so not fair. >> why not? >> i hay question for today. >> talk to me in the 8:00 hour. maybe i can answer it. >> it with ill take you that long to figure it out. >> it will take a while. >> you really to need two heads for this segment, don't you? >> yeah, this is big. >> we'll go up to the crew in sky fox checking out your ride on long 95. the latest fender bender was report ad long the left side of the road. the accident activity off to the road to the left shoulder. the lane are open but the
6:51 am
damage is done. delays southbound on 95 building out of laurel leaving 198 headed down to the beltway. it remains slow to merge onto the outer loop. live shots of 95 in maryland. parring lot ride now from 198 all the way down to the capital beltway. inner loop still slows between georgia avenue and university boulevard in the 5:00 hour we had an accident involving a pedestrian. that activity has cleared. outer loop slowly recovering in prince george's couy between 50 and 450. earlier stent there moved to the shuler. we'll take it back up side and update your ride right now in virginia. 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. what a difference this makes. it is nice a pretty right now. lane are open in each intersection down at the wilson bridge. eastbound braddock road approaching the beltway, we do have reports of a stalled car there stay to the left to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. on call this morning, here is the reason for men to stock
6:52 am
up on whole drains. a new study reveals fellows with the highest whole grain consumption were 19% less likely to have high blood pressure. research all shows women who eat more whole grains are less likely to have high blood pressure too. there is a potential break in the fight against breast cancer. for the first time, scientist have mapped the dna of a tumor that causes about 10% of all cases. they've also identified mew degrees that allow it to metastasize. froms hope this could unlock the secrets of how the cancer forms and how it spreads. and guys, you may want to tone down the macho factor to meet where you are mate. a new study out of the united kingdom reveals women who take birth control are less attracted to masculine men. researchers say the pill's hormones make women prefer more boyish faces and caring personalities. trait ahead, when you think about art, painting and sculpting, maybe even dabs and theater come to mind. but certainly you can find art in the ask tech tour and
6:53 am
details of buildings all around the washington, d.c. area. coming up, holly is taking us to the national building museum. when i first saw the new outback
6:54 am
it looked so different to me. but when i got back from my first trip... ...the look was unmistakable. more room for adventure. the all-new subaru outback.
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this is humiliating. stand still so we can get an accurate reading. pounds and a smidge. a smidge? y'know, there's really no need to weigh packages under 70 pounds. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. cool. you know this scale is off by a good 7, 8 pounds. maybe five. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
6:56 am
>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. and aren't we glad it's friday? and i have another idea to find yourself involved in on saturday. we are live in one of the greatest buildings in d.c. the national building. it's so beautiful here. but this weekend on saturday, they're going to be having the
6:57 am
festival for the building arts at the national building museum. and what they're going to show case your kids and teach your kids are the a, b, c's of building arts. artist, builders, contractors, designers and decorators. ailders right here. what that and why to make it part of your weekend plans all later in the morning. gurvir. >> holly, thank you so much. we'll see you at 7:00. the finals are set in the fox rocks competition. the rock showdown happens next wednesday at the clarendon grill next wednesday. thank you for getting up early with us. we have a lot going on this morning, so stick around for that. allison is in now to join
6:58 am
steve. >> thank you, gurvir. still ahead. three big stories. >> first the nobel peace prize and some seem surprised as to who won. and then a gun masked man shoots a teenager in a park and a bethesda man in his own garage. we'll share new details. and we're half an hour away from anction-packed nuclear crash when nasa bombs the moon in search of water. we'll bring you those stories when fox 5 morning news continues right now. nice shot from sky fox. it is friday morning, october 9th, 2009. going to be a hot one today. going to warm up nicely. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. we have so much to bring you today. you won't want to leave your tv set. here is what else is womaning up. [ chanting ] >> protests over the layoff of 400 d.c. public school
6:59 am
employees seem to get bigger each day with redands more answers. michelle rhee is here and she'll join us in the studio in a few minutes. and we'll head to prince george's county where elementary students will be among the first in maryland to get the swine flu vaccine. there is also a clinic open to the public in montgomery county today and we'll share those details. coming up, jewel will join us with live yodling. >> i'm ready for that. >> tuer barns is here with our forecast. the low 80s


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