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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  January 2, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on air, online, and on cell. fox 5. always on. . it's fox 5 news at 6:00. it is a deep freeze in d.c. and all over the region. >> bitter cold and biting winds take over. it's creating serious concerns tonight. hello. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah simmons in for maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. happy new year. what a welcome. during the misdemeanor of an arctic -- midst of an arctic blast, you want to complain but it is potentially very dangerous. our team coverage kicks off with gwen tolbart.
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>> reporter: you're absolutely right, will. this is dangerous cold weather, not to be taken lightly. ps. we have advisories to talk about. a wind advisory in effect for most of our area. all that you see shaded in the brown. expecting winds up to 45 miles per hour. even up to 50 miles per hour is the potential with this advisory. this until sunday at 4:00 a.m. i would not be surprised if that was extended. along with this a windchill advisory as well. areas to the far north and northwest could see windchill values that drop down to the single digits. here's a look at the wind gusts right now. 40 miles per hour wind gusts in the district. 46 at dulles. 36 at bachlt temperatures are into the 20s but it feels a lot colder than that. you factor in the whipped along with the temperatures and here's a look at what the windchill values are. 10 degrees in the district. 6 at dulles.
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9 at baltimore and 6 at hagerstown. to the far noornthd west we have snow. that has created a winter storm warning for areas to the far north and northwest as well as a winter weather advisory. they could see 6 to 12 inches of snowfall. we'll have more in the five-day later on. back to you. the cold weather is a real challenge for local agencies trying to find shelter for the homeless. one homeless man found on christmas day died the next day from exposure. as the district prepares for whatever happens next fox 5's karen gray houston found some russ dents and visitors trying to shield themselves from the deep freeze while others welcome the bite. >> reporter: the wind whipping through the trees had a chill to it that forced just about everybody to bundle up. law requires d.c. to shelter anyone who needs a bed during the hypothermia season but officials have trouble steering the homeless out of the cold. last month's snowstorm is a
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fading memory but these workers were looking forward. >> how is this for a start for the new year. out with the old. getting rid of the old salt trucks and they prepare for the next big snowstorm. >> getting all the salt off the trucks. that will mess the truck up when you leave salt. >> reporter: but the col weather brings out die-hard sports fans. check out this game of ultimate frisbee. >> we played new year's day. it's a new year's day recuperating from drunkenness and had very few people. yesterday, the conditions were great. today it's insane. >> reporter: not too insane for this guy. the one in the shorts and knee highs. >> once you run you don't notice it. the hard part is the fingers. >> reporter: no one at the sculpture garden rink seemed too concerned about cold fingers. >> can you skate?
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>> a little. >> will you show us? >> sure. hope i don't fall. >> reporter: if she can do it why can't i? why am i doing this? >> good learning experience. >> reporter: i was on precarious footing to the amusement of others and with the assistance of josh ortiz from front royal. he's only 12 but a lot better on the ice and didn't mind the cold one little bit. karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> go karen. wind conditions get cold and dangerous you don't have to be away from your tv to stay away from the weather. log on to for the updated forecast. watches, warnings, and advisories that affect your day and your safety. as temperatures take a tumble these young girls are nowhere to be found. they're sisters who have been missing for days now. prince georges count investigators says 14-year-old roxanne and 11
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joeled deja owens disappeared on december 29. they were supposed to be on their y home from a friend's house in capital heights but never made it home. the 11-year-old girl found dead neither delaware line on christmas day was laid to rest today. sarah a fox well disappeared after going to bed december 22nd. she lift with her aunt. that aunt's ex boyfriend, thomas legz, jr. is charged with his kidnapping. the coroner has not said how she died. the washington wizards are playing at home forthe first time since two of its stars were accused of pulling guns on each other. gilbert arenas and tarvaris crittenton pulled guns on each other. >> reporter: the washington wizards are hosting the at the verizon center. the talk of the down is this gun violation charge involving two washington wizards.
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froifz player gilbert arenas and javaris crittenton. the associated press is quoting and unnamed nba official that said the league was already investigating an incident between arenas and an unnamed other player. that incident involved carped playing and gambling debts and a heated discussion between the players. no guns were mentioned. the league had begun its investigation into whatever the incident was. then the new york post broke the story on friday that the two men apparently drew guns on each other here in the ocker room at the verizon center. now, neither man has forthrightly answered press inquiries as to what exactly went on. they're sort of clamming up. arenas has twittered a couple of things. what do fans think? we asked a couple on the way into the verizon center. >> i think it's really sad. you know, because they have a lot of fans that look up to them.
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and it's just really not good. especially with people having so much hard times. for them to play or even have guns like that, my phisophy is when you have guns you're going to use them. it's really not good theeven have them. it's really sad and unfortunate, especially for the fans if he gets find and can't play for a while. >> reporter: in his twitters, gilbert arenas has made fun of the story saying he now appears to be the new john wayne. he reminded reporters he has been a goof ball in the past and don't quote do serious things. we don't know what that means but he is scheduled to be a starting player for the washington wizards. there are a lot of eyes on the story. it is now in the hands of d.c. police and the u.s. attorney's office. d.c. has among the strictest gun laughs in the country. back to you. >> john henrehan live at the verizon center. another update at 10:00. on to another d.c. investigation. police just cleared the
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scene across the street from the verizon center where john is at where a bomb squad was investigating a suspicious package. they tell fox 5 it was under a pickup truck on f street. they x-rayed it. determined it was harmless. but they did have to shut down the road during the investigation. secretary of state hillary clinton is condemning the suicide bombing that killed 96 people in northwest pakistan. underway for some of those victims of the attack at a volleyball court yesterday. police believe the bomb was intended for a meeting of tribal men who oversee a militia that fights the taliban but it missed its target entirely. here in the u.s. the questions continue. how do we stay safe on planes in the wake of an attempted bombing on christmas day? soon international airports throughout the country will get visits from federal officials to discuss some measures that could change the way you fly the flight on christmas day did not originate in the u.s. but it is still raising questions about how secure our airlines really
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are. tonight as fox's laura engle reports, president obama is blaming al-qaeda for the attempted bombing. >> we will do whatever it takes to defeat them and defend our country. >> reporter: on vacation with his mind on counter terrorism. president obama vows to protect the country while fighting those who want to attack it. >> our nation is at war against a far-reaching network of violence and hatred. >> reporter: the president blames an arm of al-qaeda in yemen for the failed plot against a u.s. bound airplane on christmas day. the would be attacker, a 23-year-old nigerian man who appeared on an international security list of people considered suspicious. despite warnings from his own father to u.s. officials, the suspect was permitted to board the flight. >> al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula trained him, equipped him with knows explosives and directed him to attack that plane headed for america. >> reporter: the president says he is holding his security teams responsible and will meet with them
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tuesday. >> this includes making sure these communities and the people in them are coordinating effectively and held accountable at every level. >> reporter: the president of delta airlines is demanding answers in the wake of the failed attack. ceo richard anderson says you can be certain we will make our points very clearly in washington. the transportation safety administration has plans to send high level homeland security officials to several international airports. they will discuss security procedures for u.s.-bound flights that include the controversial full body security scanners. in new york, laura engles, fox news. you heard about the health care overhaul in congress. >> but what do the health care workers have to say about it? we'll take you to howard university hospital to hear their take on hospital reform. time square always packed on new year's eve but this year there was something different that might be a bad economic sign. we will introduce you to
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a pair of twins with a unique claim to fame. stick around. we're back in 90 seconds. 
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a virus square at a virginia assisted living facility has forced the place to shut its doors. visitors are being turned away from potomac place. a number of residents have gotten sick in the last few days. something that seems
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flu-like. administrators aren't exactly sure what it is. the health department recommend ready visitors be kept out until the residents recover. health care reform has been approved in both the house and senate. but how will the proposed bills affect hospitals? >> especially the hospitals treating low income patients. fox's molly hinenburg went to howard university hostal to find out. >> reporter: at howard university hospital in washington d.c., also a level one trauma center, about 20% of patients walk in the door uninsured. although many may ultimately qualify for medicaid, leaving the hospital stuck with much of the bills. doctors here say health legislation, expanding insurance coverage via the private sector or taxpayer funded private plan may alleviate some of the hospital's financial burden. >> we expect to get reimbursed for the services we provide and i think that with health care refm it's going to be better than having nothing. and hopefully the patients we provide the services to will be able to make any
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extra payments they need to make. >> reporter: dr. mutan is concerned that the legislation may cut medicare reimbursement rates to this and other hospitals as well as cut the additional government subsidies howard receives for treating so many uninsured patients. >> we're just going to go over our game plan again. >> reporter: still as more people have health insurance and are able to build a relationship with a primary care physician doctors hope this will mean fewer expensive late stage treatments. >> the idea of having insurance will at least insure that those patients or those people have at least access to more preventive care. >> if they are entering the health care arena earlier, seeing their primary care physician and not utilizing the high resources of an emergency room, then that's also better for hospitals. >> reporter: provided that there are enough primary care physicians to handle the expected increase in patients. currently there is a shortage of these docs. more medical students are
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going into lurative specialties. med schools such as howard are trying to change that. >> here at howard and other medical schools across the country we've been trying to increase enrollment and the number of students going into primary care careers. >> reporter: doctors hope congress will include financial incentives and bonuseso medical students who go into primary care medicine. in washington, molly hinenburg, fox news. >> a long road ahead on that. many people are still struggling to make ends meet as the recession continues. >> one gas station figures into the end of the worries at least for one person. you're going to like this one. it's all coming up.
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another sign of the times in times square this year. the official numbers are not in but indications are there were fewer revellers this ear. the city also says fewer people flew through the airports. broadway had more empty seats this year. as to why the numbers are down, new york official believes that travelers are reducing their budget. >> my cousin said he's to just wait for a couple months. >> i would never be on the
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fence about coming to new york. it's a beautiful city. there is lots to do. you can make it example al if you need to. >> i was there and i did make it economical. a set of teen boys made history. the first of the twins, marcelleo. was born in 2009. the other twin was born in 2010. doctors say the boys and their motherare doing fine. >> i turned to miss roebels and said do you want them to have the same birthday or different birthdays? >> doctors say one of the babies was not receiving as much nutrition so they decided to deliver the twins early. >> i would go for same birthday. bigger party. >> i think so. i think it would get confusing would you have one-on-one day?
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you're twins. except when you're like 18, 19, they'll start the night before and continue, 24 hours. >> i think either way it's a big party for a couple days. the only party people are celebrating here is one indoors i imagine. >> i know. >> it's cold. >> it is that bone-chilling cold. you said you were in new york. >> got off the train this afternoon and it was that whipping wind. >> i was in chicago. minus 15 windchill. i thought i was coming home to warmer weather. but look at the winds? biting cold for sure. the winds are nothing to be playing around with, folks. it's dangerous conditions as we take a seris note on all this. we've got significant windchills. a wind advisory in effect. winds gusting over 45 miles per hour, even up to 50 miles per hour. and some of our areas we're seeing some of that as well to the far northwest we're we're going to see the windchills into the single
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digits. do be careful out there. here's a look at some of the peak winds recorded at national airport. 46 miles per hour wind gusts, 47 at dulles, 43 at baltimore and 44 miles per hour wind gusts so far at hagerstown. that's a pretty good example. right now sustained winds at 26 miles at dulles, 24 at national, 23 at baltimore, 28 at frederick and 23 at hagerstown. but as we take a look at the wind gusts, right now they're at 33 miles per hour in the district. 38 at dulles, 36 at frederick and 33 at hagerstown. you factor in the winds and look at the temperatures. we'll put all that together. temperature wise, 25 degrees. 19 at gaithersburg. 23 at dullesand baltimore. you put in the winds along with that and it's going to feel a lot colder. that's what we're talking about, the windchills with temperatures of 13 in pittsburgh. here's what a look at what it feels like when you step outside. 10 degrees in the district.
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6 at dulle 4 at frederick and 7 at baltimore. we're talking dangerous conditions. highs struggling to reach the 30-degree mark at national airport. and at baltimore only 28 and 29 respectively. the cold air is sticking around. look at this cold air mass that has settled in across the northern plains all the way to the east coast. that is what's going to be affecting us as we move into the extended period. talk about snow. areas to the far north and northwest could see some snow and as a result of that they are under a winter warning and winter weather advisory. areas to the far northwest seeing some of that. 6 to 12 inches of snowfall accumulation very possible there and with the advisory area anywhere from about 5 to 6 inches of snowfall. the coldest air so far for the season and a real chilly start to the new year. low pressure system to the northeast. ridge of high pressure to the west of us. that's going to hold us right through into the beginning of the week. tonight look at the overnight lows. only in the teens. do not leave your pets
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outside in this weather. please bring them in. this is really dangerous cold weather. check a your neighbors for sure. wind advisory until 4:00 a.m. i will not be surprised if it gets extended into tomorrow. the overnight low to the teens. winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. tomorrow, partly sunny, winds at 34. your five-day forecast i can't give you a warm day at all. i can give you sunshine but as far as temperatures are concerned, well, from 13 to 14 degrees below what they should be. >> the way you said it, it's bone-chilling >> and dangerous. >> you're not giving us snow on top of that. >> it wouldn't be snowing when it's that cold. >> enough to last a while. three people started the new year right. how about a million dollars richer. they had the winning numbers in the new year's ralph. one of the win -- raffle. six people won a $25,000 prize and 300 folks won a $500
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prize. if they're not collected within six months the money will be put into virginia's literacy fund, helping adul read. somehow i think in this economy the winnings will get scooped up pretty quick. >> i think people will look at their tickets closely. a big weekend for football and a couple of local basketball teamsn action as well. >> george mason trying to rebound from one of the most devastating losses in its history. lindsay murphy is up next with sports. stay with us.
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good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. the capitals hope to end the first half of their season with a win. they are on a two-game losing skid out west against the king. final minute of the first period no score. kings on a power play. the initial shot stopped by michael neuwirth. ryan smith scores the rebound. los angeles up 1-0. second period the caps on the power play of their own have an answer. mike green tease it up, scores his tenth goal of the season. in the third party the capitals trail 2-1. to college hoops, george mason coming off its worst lost in six years by rad forward. how would the patriots start the new year? their opponent old dominion who defeated georgetown two weeks ago. game tied at 28, cam long to luke hancock gets it at the buzzer. may have been led by 3 at the
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half. second half the patriots trail by one. mike morrison, the beautiful alley-oop dunk to give mavent lead for good. morrison had 15 points. later in the game old dominion with a wild shot. mason goes n the fast break. shirad wright finishes it off with a team high 17 points. george mason cruises back old dominion 71-55. howard in blue taking on george washington. he misses the free throw. bias on downy 4. lazon croma draws the foul. the cloelans led by 8. then gw pulls away. hol i wills banks home two of the 18 points. george washington defeats howard 81-63 improving to 10-3. the buy son 1-13. the one other local score, american beats brown 76-68.
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tomorrow afternoon marks the end of the of season for the redskins. changes are expected around redskins park following the season finale tomorrow. players like jason campbell, carlos rogers, may be wearing the burgundy and gold for the tienl time along with jim zorn. it's hard not to think about the future. >> you can't control it so i'm not going to stress myself about it. if it's meant for me to be here, i'll be here, if it's not, then i won't. all you can do is, you put good stuff out there on sunday. >> a lot of guys haven't been talking that much about it. a lot of guys are like okay, let's get to san diego and play as hard as we can and wherever the chips fall after that, there are sure to be a lot of quick decisions coming up soon. >> reporter: a couple other
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notes, mississippi beats oklahoma state 21-7 in the cotton bowl and wizards in action against the spurs tonight. will, sarah? >> thanks, lindsay. one more look at the cold five-day torque forecast. >> temperatures continue to be well below seasonal, bundle up and stay warm. we have a challenge to stay warm. we are back tonight at 10:00 for another weather update, sports and news and also the "news edge" at 11:00. >> fox 5 news is always on.  
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